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    Re: Stuffing Envelopes?

    I myself have been conned into paying for scams over the past 5 years and i can name a few and on top of those lists are:

    Type at Home Jobs
    Data Entry Workers

    But saying that not all type at home jobs are a scam in a way, yes it is misleading, but i cuurently make approx. $2500 U.S from one, and that is CLICKBANK, if you put your mind and a little more investment into this, it can be successful, just watch what products that YOU promote.

    But as mentioned, there are great resources out there to find great LEGITIMATE work from home opportunities. And yes making crafts, Chritms Ornaments Etc. is egit, My wife does it. She had to pay a small fee which was refunded after her fisrt $800 in earnings. I am currently working on my own version of LEGITIMATE work at home jobs and my website will be up and running soon, i'll keep you posted.

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    Re: Stuffing Envelopes?

    ]400 Enverloipes=$800.00

    The name of the company is Choice in Calgary, AB. Seems like it's a scam. The Canadian Homeworker Review is the name of the company who was supposed to do research into these companies saying that there legit. Another one that's in this book is MateJewellery.com. I've done some research of my own and found that all of these comapanies in this book are not legit companies. So please when reading the newspaper and you see these words The Canadian Homeworker Review. Please don't send them any money because they only way you can get your money back is if a company says no. Well there's no way they can say no because they don't exist.

    This is the Grand Daddy of all Scams.

    There going to be charging here right away $99.00 for these books. Please again I can't say again how important this is. Don't send any money.

    Back to Choice all it is, is a UPS mailbox and UPS doesn't even know how to get in touch with those people.
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    Re: Stuffing Envelopes?

    Save your money. Who have you ever heard of that makes money stuffing envelopes. Come on!

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