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Yes, Joe, there folks out there that will tell you that 2+2= 3....or 5...or 17. That is their truth.

My job, as I see it, is to find my own truth, as it relates to reality. Constantly measuring my beliefs against that which may work better....without bias. If it stands up to the scrutiny, it becomes stronger. If it fails at any test I give it, it gradually becomes weaker, taken over by that which works better.

All real truth is only personal. Just ask someone who disagrees with you on any subject if what they tell you is really true. They will probably tell you that it is true, or they will tell you that they think it is true. Even if you know for all certainty that what they tell you is a lie. That is their truth....and it is personal to them, as yours is to you.

All that we can ever really know is our own experiences. Oh sure..we know that 2+2=4...we can also prove this.

But to some people their personal truth tells them that 2+2=3....or 5..or 17....and also that the Earth is definitely flat. And guess what? They usually refuse to examine their truth unbiasedly against reality, or they will lie, stating that they have and it works for them.

Most folks just want something, anything to believe in. Mostly its a security issue for them.

When you finally learn for yourself that there is no such thing as security, anywhere or anytime, you will have lost a little more of your "child."

It is so important to always test your truth without any bias whatsoever.
so if we say that KNOWLEDGE is the KEy to a BETTER life here and WHATEVER then if we can GAIN knowledge from ANOTHER without GOING thru the TEST every step method what would we LABEL such LEAPS of FAITH?! and how are THEY acheived!? 1rst we can sayto UNDERSTAND what someone ELSE is CONVEYING to us may be dependent on our CAPABILITY to DIGEST it so to speak1? is this STRICTLY a 0 sum game for EVERYONE or does GENETICS play a ROLE in this ABILITY to UNDERSTAND and if NOT, then WHAT explains it!? some kind of MATERNALLY allowed/PATERNALLY GUIDED ExPOSURE to LIFE!? lets say in a PRE-important learning PHASE that PRE-EMPTS the LATER DEMANDS of age related KNOWLEDGE requirements by LEGAL/social LAWS!? :nervouss: :bah: :judges: