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    Re: Self-defence or murder?

    I agree 100%.

    Its only natural to do whatever possible when your life is right on the line like that.

    I hope this guy gets off, its a terrible shame that they even have to question it.
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    Re: Beware of -

    I just remember it being someone worthless service in which I wasn't able to sublet my apartment.

    No leads from that site at all. this goes back nearly 3 years ago.
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    Re: Johnny Depp actor is total ripoff -Overpaid sa

    Holy shit, just because he's criticizing someone who is successful he must be jealous?

    I'm not saying I agree with him, I didn't do any research. I'm just browsing.

    One of the finest actors...
  4. Which hotel booking websites would you not use?

    and why (I'm mostly curious about the scam ones)

    If its just some site that nobody has heard of like some foreign site that specializes in hotels in X city or country, I don't think that's worth...
  5. Re: Movies Capital Review - Is It A Scam Or Real D

    You're just speaking positively of the website because you're an affiliate, aren't you?
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