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    Re: Wealthy Affiliate

    Please give me a link to the specific article.
  2. Scams Offering a "FREE" $9k Govt Grant to trigger a "YES" response

    I keep getting calls from Indian/Chinese voices telling me that due to the fact that I haven't claimed bankruptcy, or any felony, that I'm qualified for a free, NO PAY BACK govt grant of $9,000 from...
  3. Facebook Ads with CashForAccounts - Is it a Scam?

    OK, here's the link that was emailed to me from a company called The link to their website is

    I responded to their ad on CraigsList, which...
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    Is "Get Paid 4 Typing Jobs" a Scam?

    I saw their app to download cuz I would obviously like this kind of work. "Get Paid 4 Typing Jobs"
    Anyone heard if it's a scam?
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