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  1. Re: Milk Alternatives for Lactose Intolerant People

    Oat milk is quite difficult to find or make. But I really enjoy the almond one. :)
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    Re: Milk Drinking makes for future felons

    I've heard that the cow milk is only good to the calfs and not to other species. And to not forget about lactose intolerance. Maybe our bodies are trying to say something.
    As for the poster itself -...
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    Re: Psychological scams

    I am not sure there is a strict line where the behavior is considered normal or abnormal. Such thing as normality (is that even a word idk) is often seen as impossible to place upon someone's state...
  4. Re: The limited data available on Einstein's brain revealed

    iI guess it is sometimes easier to prove scientists are wrong because you are able to conduct another experiment or test a theory practically. Unlike religion.
  5. Re: Illuminati Cosmology: Based on THEIR religion's KEYWORD, the opposite of LIGHT

    I am not sure I understood what I have read here. But what are the proofs of these theory? Are there any?
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    Sticky: Re: Introduce Yourself

    Hi, all. I am just another forum user, even more like a forum reader. Found this resource via googling about some mlm company and decided to join the community.
    I think the more people have the...
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