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    Re: where's trumps tax returns

    his lawyers and accountants advised him to wait til after the audit. how many times must this come up?
  2. Re: Still No VERIFIABLE Proof Of Life Of Wikileaks Julian Assange after 29 days!

    *Dear Mr. President, Mr. Obama, would you care to comment about the whereabouts, safety, and or apparent disappearance of Julian Assange?*
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    Re: Last post wins

    The last post wins, it is a scam
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    Re: Electoral College, Why?

    People are in fact people, but here's the thing. Different communities, economic spheres, and areas would be drowned without the electoral college
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    Re: Hillary Clinton is on suicide watch

    Suck on it you wormy liberals. She thought this Presidency was to be served on a silver platter. Guess what, you got TRUMPED
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    Re: Beware: The Cult of Hillary

    Fuck this piece of shit. He uses his medical degree to do nothing but lend underserved legitimacy to to his shitty, harmful beliefs. A few years ago, I heard him on the radio saying that if he were...
  7. Re: Is the Clinton Foundation a clever scam or legit?

    Successful non-finance billionaire has nothing to back up his claims of being a good leader?

    Unlike Hillary who is a self-made millionaire trading state favor for Clinton foundation donations and...
  8. Re: Hillary Clinton Does Not Deserve Ethnic Votes - Hillary doesn't like "N Word" but tole

    Good lord, all these pro-Hillary supporters just can't get enough of the kool-aid. And let the downvoting commence. It's well known that the Clintons are criminals, and the Clinton Foundation is...
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    Re: Ending The New World Order! (Good read).

    But she has so many more faults, please allow:

    Chinagate: Sale of high-tech secrets, Nuclear secrets for cash

    Emailgate: She should go to prison for this'

    DNCLeaks: sabotaging American...
  10. Re: Question: If Hillary Clinton steals the White House with election fraud, would you...

    Hillary put a lot of black people in jail for minor offences with her support of the intensified War on Drugs.
  11. Re: FBI Director & Senator Hillary Clinton TOLD ON 9/15/01 about Saudi funders of 911 - F

    Pragmatically, I can't vote Hillary; the sitting FBI director confirmed seven different specific statements that she lied about.

    I had just assumed she would eventually be president back in...
  12. Re: INDEX: WikiLeaks " Strategic Infrastructure " List

    Please point out the election fraud for me. And just saying "Wikileaks" doesn't cut it. Did the DNC prefer Clinton to Sanders? Yes they did. Clinton has been a Democrat for 40 years and has actively...
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    Re: Liberals push to give vote to felons

    And the emails about voter fraud;

    and the emails about coercion and manipulation of 184 super delegates (Bernie lost by 180 delegates);

    and the emails of Soros' unprecedented control based on...
  14. Re: Reddit Caught Red Handed Censoring Over 1,800 Posts To Favor Hillary Clinton...

    Reddit bit so hard on the apocolympics narrative im glad they proved them wrong.

    I'll throw the apolcolympics in the pile with the hard sensationalist scandals along with Hillary Clinton going to...
  15. Re: Hillary Clinton millions of fake twitter followers: what really matters is the number

    Clinton isn't brilliant. She may have been well above average at one point but not brilliant. She's connected, funded, ambitious, and morally ambiguous. I agree that you need evidence, but the types...
  16. Re: The Hillary Clinton - Saudi Arabia - 911 - Clinton Foundation - Seized Manuscripts - C

    And yet there "isn't enough evidence" against Hillary Clinton to indict her. What a fucking racket our justice system is. Have money and influence? Get out of jail free, pass Go, collect $200. Don't...
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    Chinese scandal

    A strawman is a specious argument intended to confuse the audience. I took the extreme case to make a point but that's not a fallacy. Illegal is illegal regardless of how likely it is that you'll get...
  18. Re: WTF?!? The U.S. Justice Department is doing dirty tricks for Hilary Clinton online!

    I believe in the LoA. I'm just sick of the fact that parasitic frauds and other individuals who should probably be in jail, have made a for-profit industry out of it.

    One other thing that I'm...
  19. Re: Watch the full CLINTON CASH MOVIE for FREE on-line or download - Awesome Disclosures!

    This is only the beginning Hillary sheep, more details about Hillary are going to come out before the election in November and there will be two outcomes. She either drops out the race or gets thrown...
  20. Re: Should War Criminal Hillary Clinton Be Allowed To Run For President or Prison?

    Hillary Clinton, and her disbarred, grand jury perjuring, sex assaulting, money laundering, drug dealing, peddler of U.S. resources, and military and industrial secrets for their own profit, serial...
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    Re: is like... is like a box of chocolates, never know what you are gunna git

  22. Re: Seth Rich Murdered to Protect the Clintons?

    The sky will be bluer than blue. The sky was at a low blue level the past 8 years with Obama, He will make the sky, the clouds, and heaven, great again.
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    Re: Hillary Being Propped Up During Speech

    Donald Trump's back is perfect, no better than perfect. It is strong and tough Big League. His doctor was amazed . he never saw a more perfect back. Hillary's back?.....not so good. She is more low...
  24. Re: Hillary Makes Her Wife Walk 10 Paces Behind!

    Oh if it is the National Enquirer, then it is true. I heard all the lesbo rumors too. The arab is attractive.
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    Re: Hillary Emails: What's She Hiding?

    They found at least 5 bad emails (the ones that slipped through the cracks when she was deleting), but to think there's 30,000+ and what was on that?! Unreal.

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