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    Re: whats wrong with this picture

    Did Trump figure out how to mass hypnotize people? Is that why he likes these rallies?
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    Re: I want Donald Trump to run for President

    HA, wrong thread
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    Re: Barron Trump Autistic ?

    Jeopardy 6:30 yeah yeah definitely Jeopardy.
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    Re: Barron Trump

    Kasich didn't really have his own linguistic killshot name. Instead he was routinely mocked for how hungry he was and how disgusting it was watching him eat.

    "Little Bites, Barron" was as close...
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    Re: Trump Keeps Carrier In Indiana As Promised

    I just caught the headline on the Carrier thing. I was kinda suspicious that it was a publicity stunt. Looks like the gut feeling was right.

    Like I said, I'm not a Trump supporter. I wasn't happy...
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    Re: The Illuminati lost the election

    It's a conspiracy. IllUMinati!
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    Re: the TRUMP EFFECT

    No state votes as a monolith. Trump got 1/3 of the vote in California and 37.5% in New York. The electoral college doesn't protect the interests of small states. It magnifies narrow margin victories...
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    Re: Last post wins

    you are going to hell. i win
  9. Re: Ford not leaving Kentucky because of President Trump

    The new Lincoln Continental looks awesome. I think if they carry that design language across the other vehicles (i.e., lose the awkward grills they have on everything now) they will have some great...
  10. Re: Donald Trump is working for FREE as President

    I think this is a step in the right direction. He could have donated it to a charity like the veterans.
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    Re: If you didn't vote then SHUT UP !!!!

    These protesters are simply looking for attention. Peaceful protests are fine, but I agree.....if you didn't vote you have NO right complaining.
  12. Re: Thanks To all the users who worked so hard to expose Corrupt Hillary Clinton

    *4 years.

    And really, with Trump as president there's a good chance of Democrats doing well in the midterms in 2018, so they may be able to block any nominee in the last two years. So there's...
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    Re: Hillary Clinton is on suicide watch

    this is a terrible thread. i cried all morning and seeing Hillary speak really tore me up
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    Re: Trump is going to win the election

    I'm not going to lie and say Hillary's policies are in line with progressives across the board. Her domestic and foreign 'security' policies are terrible from a progressive standpoint, and Bernie...
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    Re: melania trump broke the law

    "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself..." -Melania Trump "...specifically the fear of orange"
    "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself..." -Melania Trump "...specifically the fear of...
  16. Re: Help Expose the MSM (Main Stream Media) Deception - Send this link to your friends!

    That's a symptom of a system that disenfranchises, not of a corrupt populace. If the media did an adequate job of informing people about these candidates and promoting ones with ideals instead of...
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    Re: Trump is going to win the election

    We'll see if this plays out, but as a longtime cynic I'm actually provisionally encouraged by these numbers. People almost never vote against their own interests, but if his support from white *men*...
  18. Re: Should War Criminal Hillary Clinton Be Allowed To Run For President or Prison?

    Oh I agree she would elude actual prison time. In my imagination she'll be fleeing law enforcement and be on the run with dramatic escapes using the connections she still has with the shadow...
  19. Re: Hillary Clinton & George Soros will use voting machine fraud to steal elections...

    The election isn't rigged (would a rigged system have ever given the GOP Trump?), and we elected the Government we think is so corrupt.

    The answer is... be a more informed citizen and do a...
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    Re: What are the worst movies ?

    Back to the Future. And it pains me to say it because I love those movies so much.

    In Back to the Future: Part II, Doc tells Marty that encountering your future self: *could create a time paradox,...
  21. Re: Ex federal agent documents how Hillary Clinton committed TREASON 3 Times...

    Hillary has committed treason. Trump hasn't. I'm voting Johnson, but if Trump wins because Johnson or Stein pulls a decent percentage I will be ok with it. No matter how hateful he is, he hasn't...
  22. Re: Congressman Paul Ryan caught by Wikileaks negotiating with Hillary Clinton's staff...

    Ha!! To add insult to injury, the dems take the senate and Bernie Sanders leads the budget committee too. Paul Ryan would bleed from his ear holes
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    Re: Was the zika virus made by the government?

    Aren't mosquitoes an important part of the ecosystem? Do we understand the effects of decimating their population several times over? Yes, Zika is terrible. But aren't we close to mass producing a...
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    Re: Raising the minimum wage scam

    I work with a lot of minimum wage moms, most of their kids have ps3 or xbox 360, so i dont know who they are targeting.
  25. Re: What is Comey trying to do before the election ?

    Yes because back in September when Comey held another meeting with Congress he was asked if anything else came up would you consider reopening the investigation and his reply was something along the...
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    Re: screw trump i'm voting for Gary Johnson

    Third party candidates like you and Gary Johnson actually make Hillary look like a competent candidate.

    She IS the most competent candidate in the race.
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    Re: Ebay Buyer scammer List

    You're going to encounter many more scams. So you know, eBay doesn't work like this buyer suggested. You don't give someone your email address so that eBay can contact you. eBay doesn't do that and...
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Scam

    I think Trump might end up being the most famous loser in Presidential history. Certainly the biggest since Dewey
  29. Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

    I don't think the FBI *didn't* prove she broke the law. In fact, I think they made it crystal fucking clear...the collusion between Hillary, Bill, Lynch Comey is why they didn't recommend that she be...
  30. Re: George Soros caught rigging voting machines for Hillary Clinton in 16 states! Scam Ale

    It is too bad all this is too little too late. Why did he wait so long. People can't marinate all this, this close.
  31. Re: Hilary Clinton will be impeached her first year if she is elected

    As someone that leans left I completely agree. As bad as Trump has made the Republican party looked (in some people's eyes) it's also really "opened" my eyes to a lot of Republicans. That is, I have...
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