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  1. Woodbridge Robert Shapiro John Darer Ponzi Scheme Ordered to Pay Back 100 Million Dollars

    According to a Securities and Exchange Commission release Woodbridge's Ponzi scheme has come to a final resolution. With the Florida based company Woodbridge Group of Companies LLC and it's owner...
  2. internal control over financial reporting Grupo Simec & 3 Others

    Year over year Grupo Simec, Lifeway Foods Inc., Digital Turbine Inc, and CytoDyn Inc have all shown and now publicly disclosed material weaknesses in Internal control over financial reporting...
  3. 750k Super Bowl Scam Involves Mother

    Ketan Shah from Gwinnet County, Georgia has disappeared after scamming $750,000 dollars by selling the dream on fake Super Bowl LIII tickets that he had no intention of ever delivering. One of the...
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