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  1. Poll: Obama Iraq War Troops Withdrawal Promise

    President Barack Obama's Iraq War troops withdrawal promise is still not being kept. President Obama promised in the last presidential campaign to end the Iraq War and to withdraw ALL US troops by...
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    Texas Governor Rick Perry - Millionaire

    Did Texas Governor Rick Perry become a millionaire while serving 25 years in public office? Yes! See
  3. Re: Favorite GOP Lies For Dummies:Tax Cuts Create

    Yes, President Bush actually had three large tax cuts, all aimed primarily at the rich. These were supposed to have been temporary. Now when the Democrats want to let them expire the Republicans cry...
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    Free Sermon - Baptism in the Holy Spirit

    How you can receive the Baptism in the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues today. See**.html
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    Casey Anthony Ordered Back To Florida

    For probation. Wasn't this a free country at one time? She's found not guilty despite the best efforts of Nancy Graceless, Dr. Drew and others and now they still seem to be trying to punish her and...
  6. Free Sermon: "A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break"

    Check out my new free sermon for you "A Bruised Reed Shall He Not Break" at
  7. George W. Bush's New World Order Is Now Unfolding

    Stew Webb claims he received two emails from Rockefeller Global Communications in which they told him their exact plans about how they will bring about their New World Order, which seems to be now...
  8. Casey Anthony Surfaces in Ohio - First Photos

    It appears Casey Anthony has surfaced near Columbus, Ohio, shopping and wearing a baseball cap. See
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    Did HAARP Weapon Cause Japan Earthquake?

    Probably. This area of Japan just "happened" to store Japan's huge supply of spent fuel rods. These would likely have been used had Japan ever wanted to develop nuclear weapons. That option now...
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    Donnie Swaggart To Divorce Second Wife

    I have followed the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for many years. I've even been to his church and enjoyed it. But lately I heard that Donnie Swaggart was divorced, then remarried and now he's divorcing...
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    Is Pope Benedict Secretly a Satanist?

    I've attended Catholic services numerous times, and it may be hard to see much wrong. You spend a lot of time on your knees. But exactly what or who are you bowing down to? Isn't there usually a big...
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    The Myth Of Al Qaeda and Tora Bora

    Jason Burke wrote a book entitled "Al Qaeda" in which he states that Al Qaeda is a myth. There is no network of 15,000 people in 60 countries in sleeper cells. There was never a Tora Bora underground...
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    Re: "Preach The Word"

    We should be still at times, but also preach the word at times, and to be able to preach the word we need to know the word by meditating on it day and night. "Out of the abundance of the heart the...
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    "Preach The Word"

    "Preach the word; be instant (constant) in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine." 2 Timothy 4:2. I'm thankful that I happen to have a local pastor who...
  15. Nobama & Shrillary: Democrats But Not Democratic

    I was reading in the Globe magazine about how the Obama's are getting known for their wild boozing parties at the White House and their very extravagant trips to Hawaii, Spain and elsewhere. Then...
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    "Follow peace with all men"

    ... "without which no man shall see the Lord." Hebrews 12:14. But is the modern church doing this? How many are supporting this "War on Terror," "War on Iraq," and "War on Pakistan?" Most. One modern...
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    Is Barack Obama Secretly Jewish?

    In doing some research I found that the word "Barack" is an Africanized version of the Jewish name "Baruch." So is he really a black Jew? He has surrounded himself with literally dozens of Jews such...
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    How To Get To Heaven

    First buy a King James Version Bible if you don't already have one at Dollar General or somewhere like that. tells you where you can read a free King James Bible...
  19. Catholic Church For Illegal Alien US Invasion

    Catholics, Jews, and Gays now pretty much run all aspects of the United States. Take, for example, the Supreme Court. Please! This is now made up of six Catholics, three Jews, two to three of these...
  20. Is God Really Against Abortion? Probably Not!

    I'm a Christian who goes strictly by the Bible. My Bible has about 970 pages and I see no direct references to abortion at all. You could say the Bible says "Thou shalt not kill" then in another...
  21. B. Hinn, P. Crouch, K. Hagin, K. Copeland: Masons

    We could add Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Robert Schuller, Adrian Rogers, Charles Stanley and many others to the list. Is Christianity compatible with Masonry? Famous evangelist Charles Finney didn't...
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    Re: Is the Bible the Word of God?

    The King James Bible is the word of God. Start reading it daily and before long you WILL have some faith.
  23. Re: BBC Reported Bldg. 7 Collapse BEFORE IT HAPPEN

    So then all of you know it alls please explain to me why Building 7 ever collapsed at all, exactly as in a controlled demolition, when it was never hit by anything? Or why the hole in the Pentagon...
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    How Not To Be A Christian Pharisee

    If you've ever read the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John you know that Jesus Christ had many confrontations with the unbelieving Jewish Pharisees, regardless of what the modern Christian...
  25. BBC Reported Bldg. 7 Collapse BEFORE IT HAPPENED!

    Of course the same people that run our government, including both major parties, also now control almost the entirety of OUR news media. And these guys are big time liars with absolutely no morals...
  26. Was Sen. Stevens Assassinated By HAARP Weapon?

    Probably. Here's what happened. Friend of Ted Stevens, bush pilot Terry Smith, approached Stevens with questions that maybe his son in law, coast Guard Major Aaron Malone, was killed by the...
  27. Re: Some Modern Ministers Preach Another Jesus

    I read a book about why the King James Version is the ONLY accurate translation. The King James translators used the CORRECT original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts while ALL of the modern versions...
  28. Some Modern Ministers Preach Another Jesus

    Yes, I think they are. The Apostle Paul was writing to the Corinthian church in 2 Corinthians 11:2-4 and said, "For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy: for I have espoused you to one husband,...
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    Chelsea Clinton's $5,000,000 Wedding

    While a lot of Americans are now suffering, former president Bill Clinton reportedly had $3,000,000 to blow on a hugely extravagant wedding for 500 A-list attendees, for daughter Chelsea. Another...
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    What's Wrong With The Modern Churches?

    The Bible said in the last days there would be a great falling away from the faith into apostasy. That's one of the signs of the last days. So what do we have today?
    Priests going after little boys...
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    Proof Jesus Is The Christ

    Is Jesus the Christ? Yes He is. "Therefore the Lord himself shall send you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." Isaiah 7:14. Mary of Nazareth...
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    Is The Battle Of Armageddon Near?

    Yes, I think it is. It's pretty obvious we're in the last days. David Wilkerson came out with his "The Vision" years ago, but it seems this is finally happening now. It seems we're having...
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    The FDIC Is Broke!

    High unemployment rates and record bank failures were hallmarks of the Great Depression. In recent years the United States of America has had numerous waves of unemployment where the unemployment...
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    Worst May For Dow Since 1940!

    The stock market in the United States had it's worst performance in May since 1940, according to the Wall Street Journal. See...
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    If Jesus Came To Your House

    If Jesus Came To Your House
    If Jesus came to your house, To spend a day or two.
    If he came without warning, I wonder what you'd do.
    Yes if Jesus came to your house, To spend a day or two.
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    Are You A Wise Or Foolish Virgin?

    Matthew 25:1-13 talks about ten virgins waiting for the Lord to come back. Five were wise and five were foolish. The wise took oil with their lamps, while the foolish didn't. This could represent...
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    US Building Secret Bases To Strike Russia

    A part of the swap of spys between Russia and the US story is that Russia found out that the US is secretly building 13 bases in Afghanistan aimed at a pre-emptive attack on Russia. See...
  38. Is The Rapture of the Bride of Christ Near?

    Well, I had a dream about this last night, of the Rapture of the Bride of Christ/Second Coming, and I think this is a time that God is speaking to people in dreams. The Spirit is being poured out on...
  39. Obama 2007: Out Of Iraq "The First Thing I Do."

    Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama promised in October of 2007 that getting out of Iraq would be "the first thing I do. You can take that to the bank." See...
  40. Obama Wants Mass Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

    Does it seems like the American government since 2001 or so have been doing everything exactly opposite to the way they should? They are, because they are now Antichrist. They are doing everything...
  41. Come Out From Among Them, And Be Ye Separate

    Modern Christianity today is a lot like Baskin Robbins ice cream - there's 101 varieties. Unfortunately a number of these varieties of Christianity aren't going to lead one to heaven in the end. So...
  42. Illuminati Card Game Predicted 9/11 - In 1995!

    Steven Jackson, an Illuminati insider, came out with a role playing card game in 1995. Strangely enough, one of the nine cards seems to show the Twin Towers being hit by "terrorists" and calling it a...
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    Is The End Of The World At Hand?

    Yes it is. Some say there will be no end of the world, but Jesus Christ said there would be. The Bible says when Jesus comes back He will burn up this old world. There will be a new heaven and a new...
  44. Reporters Dispute Israeli Account of Raid

    So the Israeli video we've been seeing over and over again shows several aid workers beating an Israeli commando with some kind of rod or baton. But why is this clip so short? What happened before...
  45. Honor Veterans But We Shouldn't Be In Afghanistan

    This Memorial Day weekend we should honor the service of our veterans. But it's now an all volunteer military. We shouldn't be volunteering to go somewhere where we're killing innocent people. Like...
  46. "Will the REAL Terrorists PLEASE STAND UP?"

    "Will the REAL Terrorists PLEASE STAND UP?"

    Setting the record straight once and for all....
    By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-
    In my...
  47. Will The United States Be Destroyed Shortly?

    Yes, I'm afraid so. Because the United States is the Babylon of Bible prophecies, of Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51 and Revelation chapters 17 and 18. The name "Babylon" should tell us something....
  48. Oil, Gold Real Reason For US Occupation Of Haiti

    Is black US president Barack Hussein Obama, working for the New World Order billionaires, trying to rip off the black people of Haiti of their enormous oil, gold, and iridium resources with his HAARP...
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    Antichristian Jesuit Oath

    "I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to...
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    Kagan On Court Makes 3 Jews, 5 Catholics,

    [b]Barack Hussein Obama's appointment of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court would mean three Jews on the Supreme Court, five Roman Catholics, and now for the first time ever zero Protestants. See...
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