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    Re: The election voter recount scam

    He's pointing out the ridiculousness of the current campaign for recounts of only Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigian, which just happen to be the three states he won with the smallest margins and...
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    Re: Islam is a scam

    I never said I am for using religion to deny social safety nets to americans, you're using the same rhetorical trick to paint me a bigot for not letting refugees in. It's not because they're Muslim,...
  3. Thread: Last post wins

    by rock246

    Re: Last post wins

    Although I was raised in a nominally Christian household, my parents were pretty non-observant, so the only exposure I had was at my Church of England primary school (and elderly and extended...
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    Re: If you didn't vote then SHUT UP !!!!

    CNN sucks. Backtracking scumbags. Fire all the media. Lied to America. ZERO credibility. They put their failing news network on the line betting on the Hillary horse, now guess what? You are screwed
  5. Re: Thanks To all the users who worked so hard to expose Corrupt Hillary Clinton

    I blame everyone who voted for the establishment. If you voted for either established party you're voting for the establishment. Don't think one of the two oldest parties controlling the president...
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    Re: melania trump broke the law

    It sounds like Trump really likes to cheat on Melania. It's too bad she probably signed a prenup
  7. Re: Help Expose the MSM (Main Stream Media) Deception - Send this link to your friends!

    It's all having a numbing effect on me, personally.

    And that's the win. Russia tarnishing the US elections and media as just as corrupt as they are
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    Re: Trump is going to win the election

    Not the best, but he is far better than Hillary. I like all his plans and policies but sometimes he just says things very stupidly. But I'm hoping trump is our next president
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    Re: when will trump stop lying

    Trump doesn't lie he exxagerates sometimes.
  10. Re: Should War Criminal Hillary Clinton Be Allowed To Run For President or Prison?

    Salty tears! I love it!

    Hillary is going to prison whether you like it or not, friend!
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    Re: What are the worst movies ?

    Just the entire plot of suicide squad was bad, let's be honest here. I mean it wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, it was just .... random (I guess). It was just too many things and people being...
  12. Re: Congressman Paul Ryan caught by Wikileaks negotiating with Hillary Clinton's staff...

    The Access Hollywood tape was their final weapon. How do we know this? Because Paul Ryan is a **coward**, and never would have jumped off the Trump Train if he thought there was any chance of Trump...
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    Re: Are you Athiest or religious ???

    the reason why she cant get anyone in this country to describe her favorably and you describe me as a troll..."

    Except for the millions of people who wholeheartedly support her. But they don't...
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    Re: Was the zika virus made by the government?

    In unrelated news, the 81% male US Congress approves $10,000,000,000 for Zika research.
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    Re: Raising the minimum wage scam

    It's more or less the same I guess, nothing much changes, just the wage is better now.

    Also maid are paid so low because most of the time the employer will provide housing and food so they get...
  16. Re: What is Comey trying to do before the election ?

    Investigated fairly like the DOJ trying to stop the FBI from doing their jobs? Like FBI official's spouses getting 500k?

    Comey isn't "doing what he wants," he's doing what's right.

    We do have...
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    Re: screw trump i'm voting for Gary Johnson

    Generalizing Bernie Sanders supporters. And Trump is not an option for us. The real election is local and state representation of the independent progressive ideals. Also Bernie becomes the majority...
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    Re: Ebay Buyer scammer List

    I require a minimum feedback like 20 and all positives for sales like this. Even still, I'll get a bunch of lame ass 0 and 1 feedback buyers (which are obvious scams). When this happens I go to a...
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    Re: The Biggest Loser Scam

    Several reasons but the two biggest, in my opinion, being that 1) we don't have the option to not look confident. If you do, you are the loser like in the movies. It creates this mindset that you are...
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    Re: Is Tim Kaine a closet homosexual ?

    Tim Kaine is a closeted homosexual and that kind of persistent weakness (as a politician) is something I cannot endorse.
  21. Re: It Works marketing...anyone know?

    The FBI could have found exculpatory evidence. Like evidence that Hillary is an alien and therefore not bound by our laws.

    Seriously, though it sounds like FBI internally decide not to be dragged...
  22. Re: America owes Howard Stern a big round of applause !!

    Trump was on the Howard Stern Show before he went on a subscriber base. Especially in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state region on public radio with a Classic Rock Channel, and this is going back like 20 years...
  23. Re: George Soros caught rigging voting machines for Hillary Clinton in 16 states! Scam Ale

    And take a guess as to who funded the Arab spring. Yep, Mr. George Soros
  24. Re: Hilary Clinton will be impeached her first year if she is elected

    I'm not calling anyone a hypocrite. I'm pointing out stupidity. It's stupid to say you're not voting for republicans ever again because of trump. Trump is just the dickhead face of the same party...
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