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    Poll: Re: Trying Sell My TimeShare But have a question

    You say that you are looking to get rid of it quickly...

    Some people think you will be lucky if you can get rid of it at all without just giving it away.

    Good luck!
  2. Re: TSA Mistakes Fresh Poop In Granny's Depends Fo

    Seems like "USA" is heading towards standing for "United Socialized America"

    And that is so sad for our future generations if we let it happen.
  3. Re: Is lying to congress an impeachable offense?

    So why should a politician that will lie, saying anything necessary to GET elected, be expected to tell the truth, whole truth and nutin' but once he has been BEEN elected?

    BHO reminds me of...
  4. Re: TSA Mistakes Fresh Poop In Granny's Depends Fo

    I didn't say to not search her, just suggested that there MIGHT be a way to not have to humiliate and strip-search her.

    How would you feel if it was your grandmother treated that way, wouldn't...
  5. Re: TSA Mistakes Fresh Poop In Granny's Depends Fo

    Feed it to YOU, let YOUR taste buds tell whether it was poop or C4.

    They could have chosen a less offensive way to do it and still gotten what they needed to know.

    And who thought she was a...
  6. Re: TSA Mistakes Fresh Poop In Granny's Depends Fo

    Rules or no rules, THAT was uncalled for, and totally unexcuseable to humiliate ANY old lady like that!
  7. Re: Are we insane? If you agree with me. Reply.

    Are we, here on, insane ???


    Also, with so many replies to most threads, multilevel insanity.

    A sane person couldn't stand it here for very long.
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    Re: Hugo Chavez is f**ked!

    Couldn't happen to a more deserving

    Go to hell Hugo baby!
  9. Re: 3 Marines assaulted, robbed in downtown St. Lo

    I know some too, I was just speaking conservatively.

    Those Jean-Claude Van Damme/Steven Seagal/Nicholas Cage moves DO work - if you know how to make them.

    Being drunk definitely slows one...
  10. Thread: Ebay Scams

    by PatrickinGa

    Poll: Re: THIEF : James A Riley ebay id ( jamesa.riley )

    He may be a scammer now, but he didn't get to 112 feedback @100% by scamming people.

    Are you sure that there isn't more to this?

    Maybe he follows the rules inside eBay and scams those who are...
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    Re: WHO Called the Palestinians Trash?

    If someone was gonna give the world an enema, Willy Joe is a good place to insert the tube.

    Just sayin'
  12. Re: 3 Marines assaulted, robbed in downtown St. Lo

    So much for the quality of hand-to-hand combat training at Parris Island.

    If those Marine soldiers can't handle thugs in streets of St Louis, may God help them against trained opponents overseas....
  13. Re: *** Enjoy UNLIMITED Web Hosting for full 12 Mo

    Bet YOU won't be here long....

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    Re: WHO Called the Palestinians Trash?

    WHO would call them trash ????

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck....
  15. Re: What Is The Best Web Hosting Site For A Small

    You asked for the BEST website hosting for your business, and many people are answering with the cheapest.

    Cheapest isn't always best, especially when it comes to the online reputation of your...
  16. Re: RAJA AZIZ & CO (wants to give me $19 million)

    I get these all the time. Many are addressed to my business name, used as a personal name. Haven't had one yet who even KNOWS my real last name and uses it.

    Let's just say my business name...
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    Re: Eureka Forbes Scammed me in 7 Digits INR

    Sorry, but I don't download ANYTHING provided by someone who only has one post.

    My PC might get a gift that keeps on

    Maybe it's okay, but I will let someone else take that...
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    Re: Top 400 MLM Earners

    $100,000 per month is fine, if yuo can do it, but being realistic, how many people out there would be THRILLED just to be able to make $10,000 per month, and would settle for that and be extatically...
  19. Re: Is D.C. Fawcett, Foreclosure Wealth Machine a

    Type " D C Fawcett scam " into your favorite internet search engine and see what you get....

    You can do that for almost any supposed scam and get tons of information, you just have to ignore the...
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    Re: Live scammer on the hook???

    Wow, imagine that. A scammer from the trusty country of Nigeria...

    Nigeria has such a bad reputation that I would do absolutely ZERO business if the country of Nigeria had anything at all to do...
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    Re: Live scammer on the hook???

    Didn't say it wasn't real money, said funds will be bogus.

    Could be from a stolen CC, or a CC that was funded with bogus or stolen funds or fake cashier's check.

    These cockroaches have all...
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    Re: Live scammer on the hook???

    He will send you $14,750, then you will deduct your fees of $4,000 or so, then you will forward the remainder of the money to his "travel agent" a/k/a HIM.

    By then he will have YOUR money, and...
  23. Re: Anybody heard of "Home Wealth Formula" ???

    Thanks guys!

    I had already noticed the hidden registration and recent date on the record.

    Found lots of information containing Home, and Wealth Formula, but didn't see much containing all...
  24. Anybody heard of "Home Wealth Formula" ???

    I have gotten the following email several times recently -

    The email comes from -

    [email protected]

    And the text of the email is -

    hello I just wanted to share this opportunity...
  25. Guess what DID NOT happen today @6pm on 05/21/2011

    Guess what DID NOT happen at 6pm on 05/21/2011? Told ya so, that it would not happen.

    Only God knows when this will happen, not even Jesus knows when He will return.

    How will all those false...
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    Re: School punished child for witnessing sex!

    " LIKE " ala Facebook...

    Now THAT'S funny!
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    Re: Internet love scam

    Sorry for your loss, but these scumbags prey on the emotional weaknesses of their future suckers, and will tell you exactly what you want to hear to part you from your money.

    You got screwed, but...
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    Re: The temptation of less than 1 $

    I reported it as spam right after it posted this morning.
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    Re: 2012 The end of the world?

    I wouldn't go quoting the Bible here, there are far too many people who disagree with our believing what it says. But we will never meet them in person in this life, or the next.

    You cannot...
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    Re: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!

    He died from US troops - on the ground, NOT from the air, and we have his body to feed to the pigeons.

    Whomever pulled the trigger - may GOD BLESS YOU!

    Osama yo mama - time for your eternal...
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    Re: Trump Stared Down Obama And Obama Blinked

    Mebbe it wasn't the Trump who got it done after all, he has been yakking about it for awhile now.

    Tommy Tuberville (head football coach at Texas Tech) went on Hannity and mentioned it, and...
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    When a scammer wants to "send you money"

    When any of these scamming jerks wants to send me some money, once they have my email address, they don't really need anything else in the form of an ID. They have already done their research or...
  33. Thread: Ban Ki Mon

    by PatrickinGa

    Re: Ban Ki Mon

    If any of these scamming jerks want to send me some money, once they have my email address, they don't really need anything else in the form of an ID.

    Who needs Western Union, save those steps...
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    Re: Eat the Rich

    Why not EVERYONE who makes a dollar, pay 10% of that dollar in income taxes?

    If you, me, General Motors and Microsoft all paid 10% of their income we would have plenty of money for our Government...
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    Re: Jodie Andrews = Scam

    Why would anyone who "needs a car immediately" buy one that they have to ship from somewhere else?

    If they "need a car immediately" so badly, and already have cash, ready to buy, methinks they...
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    Re: The bare truth about Elena Petrova

    Isn't is interesting that the positive reports to suspected scams always seem to come from newbies with only one or two posts ?????
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    Re: "Windows Repair" Virus- BEWARE Its Nasty

    Yeah, we all appreciate it if you are simply trying to warn us, but the text of the post, along with it being your first, just seemed kind of fishy to me.

    Why would someone here on be as...
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    Re: "Windows Repair" Virus- BEWARE Its Nasty

    So, you expect me to click on an unknown link, when this is your very first post?

    How do I know that the link doesn't actually connect me TO the virus you mention, as you try to propogate it here...
  39. Re: **BEWARE**Online PET SCAM

    Obviously a scam.

    Do an internet search for the telephone number, that area code shows as being in the Savannah, Ga. area, and shows some other results as being a scam.
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    Re: What's The Absolute Stupidest Drug To Do?

    Good post, adding to it -

    Or alters consciousness, or physical control of reflexes, memory, and other faculties.
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    Re: What's The Absolute Stupidest Drug To Do?

    Allowing one's self to become addicted to any substance, whether it be caffiene, sugar, tobacco, alcohol, or worse isn't such a smart thing to do if you can exercise a choice not to do so.

  42. Re: Has Anyone Heard of My Millionaire Mentor?

    They contacted me, said they found my resume online, and I don't even have a resume online, never have.

    If it quacks like a duck...
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    Re: A REAL Feel-Good Story!

    After shooting to disable him, instead of killing him, she could have just shot him between the legs 2-3 times, where he couldn't rape anyone else afterwards, and from then on, he would leak like a...
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    Re: My Mom was told my son was arrested!

    They tried it on me as well, told me my son was in real trouble.

    ...but I don't have a son.
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    Re: Filthy Liar LIES About Oil Production

    WHY would you expect Obummer to have any honor, integrity, honesty, or be able or even willing to tell us the truth, just because he is our President?

    Dream on!

    Just like Pinocchio's nose...
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    Re: The price of food today

    And the frightening thing, to me, is that I am not totally convinced that there are not enough stupid voters to re-elect Obummer.

    That's ALL we need....
  47. Re: We could wipe Quackdaffy's AF in one hour.

    Reagan would ask Fancy Nancy what they said while he was napping, and what he should do about it.
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    Re: Strange Call, Possible Scam?

    I get those frequently, hang on long enough and you will get a real human scammerperson.

    When I ask for them to specify which of my credit cards they are referring to, or which CC company they...
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    Re: Mikelang Taylor Stealing Money

    Since this idiot hails from Worick Rhode Island - does he not know that there is no such place?

    EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS information smells fishy, like it is coming from a scammer....
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    Re: Scam!!! Watch Out For This One!!!

    Yeah, cut down on THEIR costs. Paying via PayPal with recipient of cash having to pay so much fees to PayPal is RIDICULOUS, and should be a red flag that something is not copacetic.
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