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  1. Who really wrote those Ron Paul papers? see here

    Nothing better than the horses mouth...
  2. Re: Ron Paul unfit to be Commander in Chief

    Look back at our past, non have been any good for a very long time. If Paul makes it, he will be another Jimmy Carter, too damn honest for the job.
  3. Re: Ron Paul will be the first REAL AMERICAN PRESI

    The President is the Comander in Chief and can order the troops home. That is one thing he can 100% do. He can close every base we have overseas and bring all those troops with all their money back...
  4. Re: Protest Scum Still Trying to Screw the USA

    It is sad that so many believe mankind uncapeable of haveing a world that provides for the many rather than one that allows a few to rule and live elite lives. They do so on our backs and we gladly...
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    Re: Whats wrong here?

    OWS will transform into what I suggest IMO. It seems like a natural start to what I dicribe, less gap between rich and poor in a non socialist enviroment. Repeals will be vonentary as global prices...
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    Re: Whats wrong here?

    Thats why he mumbles, nothing he says makes much sence.

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    Re: Whats wrong here?

    Japan and Germany had the United States to buy their cars, who do we have? Japan and Germany had our Honey Bees to pollenate their food, who do we have? Japan and Germany had 5 cent gas and $2 per...
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    Re: Whats wrong here?

    The problem is that it can't last much longer and we will leave our children a dead planet. Profits before nature is going to kill us all. I raise Honey Bees, or at least I used to, now I just spend...
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    Whats wrong here?

    This board should be at the forefront of the Occupy movement, but instead it is almost totally ignored. You are all so brain washed by Empire it is pathetic, accepting poverty for the masses while a...
  10. Poll: Re: very clear, Al'quran is to perfecting the prev

    [QUOTE=yyy123;1097751]Mormons have a long history of violence... just like Islam and Christianity.

    The Morman Church ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints ) has never condoned...
  11. Re: Thanks, obama! Libya to Go Full Sharia

    What do you call the dead terrorist leaders he has taken out with his drone attacks the Rep. said was a flawed policy? Ya I guess anything that works would be considered "flawed" by the Rep. Party....
  12. Poll: Re: very clear, Al'quran is to perfecting the prev

    The Book of Morman is the last testament from our saviour Jesus Christ. The proof is in every copy, read and see!

  13. Re: obama Continues Stealing Money for Green Scums

    Very true, George and Dick did more to destroy this country than all past polititions combined. I doubt we will ever recover, certainly not if we remain an Imperial, two Party country. How can a...
  14. don't know what Occupy Wall Street stand for?

    From ""

    Very well writen I think.

    "Here's a helpful tip: if you are...
  15. Re: Occupation Wall Street Vs. Fascist Tea Bag Big

    We have been raised to accept as fact that some rule and some follow. 2012, the end of an age the Mayans put it. Why not get away from a greed based sytem to one of fairness to all. Why should some...
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    Re: anti-wall street loons = SA goons

    They are protesting the top 2% destroying America and the World. We need to move away from greed as our main business motivation. These people know the government will do noting so they have decided...
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    Congress wasting even more money

    When will the crap end???

    One third or our wonderful government is going to spend the next week or two debateing a bill that their counterpart has stated they will not even bring up. Why spend our...
  18. Rep., Dems, neither will fix our problems.

    When will Americans wake up and throw the bums out? Damn media, we vote in a Rep. in a district that has been Dem. for ever and they say it is a verification of the Rep. party, bull, we hate em all....
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    Re: Islamic Law Comes to Michigan

    I have a friend that is from Lebanon, she said this is a repete of what they did when Muslims first came to Lebanon, now the Muslums have destoryed her once Christian country. Killing thousands of...
  20. Re: Looking for thread with a post on origin of Sa

    Nope, not there. I am looking for a thread that says Satin was corupted by is dealings with other Angles or something like that.
  21. Looking for thread with a post on origin of Satan

    A few weeks ago I read a thread that had a response that gave a refernce about the time betwwen the Earths creation and the creation of man. It had a thread about Satan being corupted by his trading...
  22. Thank you George W. for almost free Heroin!

    What a guy, sending our troops over there so our kids can get the cheapest, most powerful Heroin ever to hit our streets! GOP means Grow Opium Poppies! :1crysad:
  23. Re: Federal obligations exceed world GDP

    Stage 1. Nixon irresponsible, dumps gold, U.S starts spending binge

    Richard Nixon's gold policies get Stockman's first assault, for defaulting "on American obligations under the 1944 Bretton Woods...
  24. Reagan insider: 'GOP destroyed U.S. economy'

    By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

    ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) -- "How my G.O.P. destroyed the U.S....
  25. Ever notice the more we fight Al-Qaeda?

    Ever notice the more we fight Al-Qaeda the bigger they get?

    Perhaps we should leave them alone and they will go back to killing each other, oh they never stopped doing that we just gave them some...
  26. Re: I dont understand: Detroit plane bomb and more

    Campaign for and vote for Ron Paul for 2012.
  27. Re: US Military Kills 8 Afghani Children Over the

    War is Hell, or at least it used to be.

    No one cried foul when we carpet bombed Germany and thousands of children died. If you are not prepared for the consequences of War then accept Sharia Law,...
  28. The true cost of the War in Afghanistan

    The true cost of the War in Afghanistan is far worse then the billions of dollars in cost, the real cost of this War is the unbelievable increase in the use of Heroin all over our country. Someone I...
  29. Re: Obamacare: Congressman why won't you?

    Send support to Ron Paul. Convince him to run in 2012 and then campaign for him and vote for him.

    He is the only one I see making any sense.

    Closing foreign military bases will save 54% of the...
  30. Re: Where 50% of the Federal Budget goes.

    Mumbles, you are wrong, do a little research. 1 in 8 Americans do not get enough to eat and over 50% of every penny the Fed takes in go to Military Bases, Troops, and Financial Aid in other...
  31. Where 50% of the Federal Budget goes.

    Foreign countries.

    In the form of Military Bases, Troops, and Financial Aid. Half of everything the Fed's take in goes to other countries while one in eight of all Americans go without enough to...
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    Re: Israel and Opinions:

    Isn't it odd you get no reply. I think they just like to bitch and blame others for their own problems? I personally would like to Israel give Iran 9 or 10 nukes and shut them up. I think everyone...
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    Re: Serious Healthcare discussion

    Copy and pasted from an editorial, I like it!:rryumy:

    My personal view is that a public option for health care will eventually end up killing off the majority of private health care companies. ...
  34. Re: If Americans only knew what Israel is...

    I would like to see all foreign aid stopped until we are back on our feet. Same with importing cars, stop until we are in good shape. But that makes too much sense, can't have any of that in...
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    Re: Will the lies ever end?

    This is America, the lies never end.
  36. Re: Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    I put 295,000 miles on my Dodge Truck, my wife got 225,000 on her Olds Cutlass, My Jeep went over 400,000 miles. My GMC truck has 224,000 and still runs great. Humm
  37. Re: Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    Say what you like all the way to the unemployment office.

    Also they were/are forced to compete against a stacked deck, foreign manufactures have state health care, the big three have to pay it...
  38. Save America, outlaw foriegn cars!

    We imported 600,000 cars from South Korea in 2008 while they only allowed us to export 7000 cars into their country. If you, your children or a friend is being hurt by the recent financial problems...
  39. Re: Rescue of Capt Phillips happened in spite of O

    "Having spoken to some SEAL pals..."

    Seals would never say what you claim, it is just not what they do. Having been in the Navy I know a little about this. When Seals came on board we were not...
  40. Re: Jews to Receive Jesus as Israel's King!

    Do you always talk to yourself?

    You do know when you begin answering yourself that is a sign of be mad, right?
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    Re: Dead Mormons

    I am a "Mormon" and every one of us accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We know and teach that Jehovah of the Old Testament is Christ. To think "Mormons" ( Latter Day Saints is the proper term ) do...
  42. Re: Quickly! Kill these "pirates" before obama...

    Looks like Obama really bowed down to those Pirates, NOT!

    Boy this is gona hurt some ego's here, Obama took care of business, I guess he forgot to be a wimpy President, maybe next time.

  43. Re: Muslim Schools

    So you think I'm hot and want to marry me, damn I have too many already, but I might fit you in if you got money, lots of money!
  44. Re: how many people know about fairtrade?

    I buy Fairtrade Coco butter online from a company in Washington state.
  45. Re: Muslim Schools

    Yes, all the 911 terrorists started there.
  46. Re: HIV-AIDS Rate in D.C. 'Higher Than West Africa

    If the Drugs kill the people as you say, why are AIDS victims living almost normal lives here in the U.S.? Years ago they lived one to five years tops, now they live 30 years, many wont even tie as a...
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    42 Points of the True Church

    42 Points of the True Church

    The Godhead consists of three separate and distinct beings - God the Father, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
    Genesis 1:26-27;3:22
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    Re: Dead Mormons

    You make too many errors to even answer. For one we do not believe Joseph Smith was Elijah. Perhaps you should know a little more about what your talking about before exposing your ignorance.

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    Re: Spooks

    People want to justify their deviant behavior, this is just one form.

    Many see themselves as failures and this gives them power, real or imagined makes no difference, they still get the power...
  50. Re: HIV-AIDS Rate in D.C. 'Higher Than West Africa

    While in DC over the Christmas holidays I talked with the head of the fight against aids here in the U.S. She told me that 80% of 14 year old Asian girls in the DC area that have sex carry the HIV...
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