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    Re: UPS Delivery Service

    If you receive any communication, in email or otherwise, that includes the words "Therefore" or "hence"--or similar--and concerns money you are soon to be without if you do what the communication...

    You might also include every single Website that promises to register your "emotional support animal." They do the registration; that's not the scam. The scam is that an emotional support animal does...
  3. Re: Dr. Shemesh Alleged Tinnitus “Cure” / Fake-Cure False-Hope “Fallacy”

    Thank you for writing this. I, too, suffer from tinnitis. My life has been such that I've had little time to do the kind of research you have done, but now that you have done it I can be more sure...
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    Re: The Oscars are a scam

    So see other movies and don't watch the Oscars on TV. What moves should be winning?
  5. Re: Was Slumdog Millionaire worth the Oscars?

    So what movies should have won?
  6. Re: Hillary Clinton was wired during the debate

    Almost every public speaker and sportscaster and TV newsperson and so forth wears an earpiece. It would be impossible for a person to receive a lot of direction through such an earpiece, simply...
  7. Re: Marshall Woodard AKA Maurice Woodard

    He is now in Puerto Vallarta, having scammed me out of a house there. I am in hiding from him. And he still claims to have a PhD in religious studies even though that has been proven to be a fake. I...
  8. Re: Marshall Woodard AKA Maurice Woodard

    He was living near Ashland, OR. He's now, in September 2016,in Puerto Vallarta, having used his fake PhD in relgious studies and his silver tongue to scam me out of a house there. He has progressed...
  9. Re: Marshall Woodard AKA Maurice Woodard

    I'm glad you posted this, but I read it only after being scammed by the infamous Maurice Marshall Woodard. I am now in hiding from him after being threatened with death if I try any more to try to do...
  10. Maurice Marshall Woodard: Con Artist, Scammer, Defrauder

    "Maurice Woodard" AKA "Marshall Woodard" is a religious scammer from way back. For many years he has claimed to have a PhD in "Old Testment Hebrew" from Trinity International Unversity in Deerfield,...
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