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  1. [email protected] is SCAM

    I tried to find a "cheaper" accommodation for my holiday in Paris, but I found an offer that was almost get all my holiday money.
    I got in touch with a "host" or "property manager" and I...
  2. reported as SCAM

    Hello everyone.
    While trying to find a "cheaper" accommodation, I found and interesting offer on 9flats, homeescape and pandabed. The "owner" was desperately asking to visit the website, which I...
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    Re: [email protected]

    What's the point? Where is the scam?
  4. Re: Vacation Rental Scammer [email protected]

    Anyway, I would never use the mentioned website for any rental from now on. I don't believe anything there is for real.
  5. Re: Vacation Rental Scammer [email protected]

    Thx for the info. It was very useful. I got in touch with them also by texting some messages on the phone. I also Google searched their email address and found a lot of red flags.
  6. Re: Amsterdam NYE 2016 Craigslist Apartment Rental Serenehomes

    Anyway, Craigslist does not encourage wiring any money and do the deal in person.
  7. Re: Amsterdam NYE 2016 Craigslist Apartment Rental Serenehomes

    I got a similar message while looking for an apartment in Amsterdam. But the PayPal email address was the same.
    I figured out and did not wire any money.
    If everyone is reading this, you should do...
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