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    Re: Will Hillary Clinton Steal The Presidency ?

    Hillary is such a whiner and yes she is spending millions on trying to steal the Presidency. And I agree, CIVIL WAR. States can succeed.

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    Re: Will Hillary Clinton Steal The Presidency ?

    No friggin way it was rigged . And a landslide for that matter. THEIR WORDS HERE FOLKS

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    Re: Anybody seen "cons lie"???

    Wish there were 1000 more solid people like Carl and Lexxx here, love it all :hippy
  4. Re: Another good reason to boycott Google and switch to NOW!

    (webmasters get this)

    Google was great til 4 years ago.

    I'll bite on this site, since I run this part. If there's any ins with...
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    Re: where's trumps tax returns

    I will say no matter what, if Trump didn't pay federal taxes or got a refund from the government, I admire that geniusness.

    Now he can change that, He knows the angles.
    That's why we elected him...
  6. Re: Another good reason to boycott Google and switch to NOW!

    I am not 100% against this.
  7. Re: Donald Trump secretly working For Hillary Clinton

    Well another one of your goofy conspiracies debunked brother. Idiot
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    Re: Electoral College, Why?

    Superdelegates and the Electoral College is outdated. Early voting (un-reported results) and voting by fingerprint or passport.

    I am a popular vote guy. Whomever has more votes should win. It's...
  9. Re: Is Mitt Romney going to become the Secretary of State ?

    Secretary of State John Bolton would blow leftie minds. But he's who I'd pick. Widely respected and feared amongst foreign policy experts. Candid and effective. I'm skeptical of Gingrich in this role...
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    Re: Hillary 95% chance of winning White House !!

    It totally is a strategy to keep the lazy kids and minorities from leaving their house because they are smoking weed and think Shilary has it in the bag.

    When was the media ever right during the...
  11. Re: Russia cannot lose either way with our election results

    Russia totally cannot lose either way. They are always think 2 , 3 , 4 steps ahead while the US plays catch up. The US invented the friggin internet and we couldn't stop all these hacks? Come on....
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    Re: Are you Athiest or religious ???

    Its like that Annie song which illuminates the American spirit of procrastination.

    Tomorrow is just a day away!:puke
  13. Re: Reddit Moderators Are Biased Towards PM Stephen Harper - Deleting Links Related To Har

    This has been going on a long time at reddit. I am glad they are getting called out:

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  14. Re: Is Reddit The King of Censorship Owned By Queen Hillary Clinton?

    The are either threatened or paid for or both: Nothing is inconceivable now

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  15. Re: Reddit Scam Allert! Reddit caught red-handed again censorsing and deleting to help Hi

    Reddit's loss is's victory!

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  16. Re: Beating The Establiishment's Censorsship Machine 101 - Stop being part of the problem!

    Along with the liberal media, is losing members left and right with the threats and/or bribes from the Clintons:

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  17. Re: WTF?!? The U.S. Justice Department is doing dirty tricks for Hilary Clinton online!

    They have some SERIOUS juice if they control Reddit:

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  18. Re: Scam Alert! Do NOT register at REDDIT until you read this confession from a Reddit em

    Reddit's sellout is's VICTORY!

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  19. Re: Reddit Caught Red Handed Censoring Over 1,800 Posts To Favor Hillary Clinton...

    I am sick of reddit, but love the new members here!!!

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    Re: Obama golfing while Louisiana is flooded

    I know I put this fake picture of Obama in another thread, but I think is more appropriate here:
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    Re: CNN Lies yet again

    Jesus Lexx, come on. The original poster added in the video wrong it was a 404 file. I don't know what he was doing, but it was a coding problem. If someone misspells an important title tag I will...
  22. Barack Obama don't care about White People !

    This reminds me of when Bush dropped the ball during Hurricane Katrina, and that Kayne phrase that resonated:
    George Bush don't care about black people.

    Now it should be with the Louisiana:...
  23. Re: President Obama lied to the public about the 400 million dollar ransom paid to Iran

    This looks bad for many reasons. First of all, our President LIED 100%. We knew it was a line of bullshit from the get go. It was right about to be over in the news, and then this atomic bombs...
  24. Re: Paul Manafort resigns with Donald Trump what the hell is going on

    I think this is because of his tight involvement with Russia. There's a scandal a brewing with this shark. He stepped down so when the truth comes out, Donald is protected.
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    Re: Obama golfing while Louisiana is flooded

    This guy had every chance to be amazing, and always ended up falling short. He disgusts me. Prayers to the people of Louisiana.

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    Re: can pence help trump?

    I think pens has been doing a great job in interviews. He's very composed very calm and seems like a Pollet polished politician. He admits that they don't agree I don't on some things but that's...
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    Re: Hillary Is A Liar

    I made this at, Anti-Hilary and Pro-Trump

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    Re: Powtoon is awesome

    I just made a new powtoon video about Hillary and Trump:

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    Re: Attention: Market America reps

    Hey guys come on back we need posts in MLM. The Market America reps is crushing it

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  30. Re: The father of the Orlando shootings stood behind hillary at rally

    Looks like Hillary didn't know about the Orlando shooters Dad:

    “The rally was a 3,000-person, open-door event for the public. This individual wasn’t invited as a guest, and the campaign was...
  31. Re: Donald Trump NRA death threat to Hillary Clinton ?

    What that meme said is true. The media is a circus, they are just as slimy as Trump. But to insinuate taking her out with the guns she wants to get rid of is way over the line
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