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  1. Re: "We Are The 32%" Demonrats Fall to All-Time Lo

    IN the link I posted, Obama's approval ratings are 1. a bit higher than is being reported here. Not good by any measure, but not abysmal.
    And more importantly: 2. Congresses approval rating is...
  2. Re: "We Are The 32%" Demonrats Fall to All-Time Lo

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    Re: Kim Jong Il Dead

    Did they actually decide who his successor is actually going to be? Last I checked his oldest son fell out of favor after he got caught sneaking into Disney Land in Japan, and they hadn't confirmed...
  4. Re: The Protestor - Time Person of the Year 2011

    Also bear in mind that the Tea Party protesters are included in this.
  5. Re: Conservative Crazy Train Headed Over A Cliff A

    Two of the people on Mt. Rushmore clearly aren't American enough.
  6. Re: Obama Losing To Romney and Gingrich in Polls

    Nation wide though he still seems to have a reasonable lead.

    Republicans are good at making...
  7. Re: Thanks, obama! Libya to Go Full Sharia

    So... have conservatives always been a fan of Gaddafi?
  8. Re: Majority Of Americans Blame Obama For Economy

    Majority of Americans also apparently hate the Republicans even more.

    Not trying to defend...
  9. Re: Another GOP Anti-Gay Family Values Perv Outed

    "I want to make gay sex illegal, so I can feel dirty while doing it"

    This particular event isn't new though; from mid August.
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    Re: Congress wasting even more money

    All known Arab tanks in existence are knock-offs of the T-72M. Please notice the M. The T-72M and T-72 were completely different machines. The M1 Abrams only ever confronted the T-72M and its...
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    Re: Congress wasting even more money

    Can't resist the temptation.
    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. Re: Atheist Leader Calls for Eradication of Christ

    3 pages of... stuff. Haven't read it all, don't plan on reading it all. I'll just say:

    The original blog post written was pointlessly ambiguous and vague in its meaning, the fact the had to...
  13. Re: Atheist Leader Calls for Eradication of Christ

    I find it amusing that we're still arguing what he meant by the word "exterminate" when he clearly defined his position very soon afterwards and has been posted on this thread already.
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    Re: The Effect.

    Though not explicitly written, threads specifically targeting other members are not allowed, or at least they don't seem to be. I got banned for making one about oneway, oneway got permabanned after...
  15. Re: Atheist Leader Calls for Eradication of Christ

    I suppose it wouldn't take too much time out of your day to actually look into it just a tad further.

    -Al Stefanelli.

    By the way, I actually took time to read the blog post that your source is...
  16. Re: Cherokees expel descendants of slaves from tri

    There are a lot of mostly white members of the Haudenosaunee near my area. Some of their top leaders have apparently been considering similar things, but its not a politically popular idea within the...
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    Poll: Re: Hate Crimes

    I gotta imagine that hate crimes that are a result of race, gender, etc are more likely to involve repeat offenders.
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    Re: Naive Bachmann pomises $2 gas

    Maybe she'll donate all the money that she and her husband gets from Medicare and farm subsidies to subsidize the price of oil.

    And I really like the conservative mentality that simply drilling...
  19. Re: Muslims More Popular Than The GOP Tea Bag Wank

    LOL as if this is just a liberal thing.
    May I remind you of the 4 or more "Obama's birth certificate" threads?
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    Re: Blacks Riot in London

    Somehow the fact that white people are rioting and looting too seems to be evading some people.
  21. Re: The Country Is Dying And Its Obamas Fault

    Usually "just stating facts" usually involves stating actual facts and not just unsupported rhetoric.
  22. Re: The Country Is Dying And Its Obamas Fault

    I really like all of these threads Line08 has been making.
    First the title "[something bad] because OBAMA!"
    And then proceeds to not write a single supporting statement. The OP is just "Yeah 'caus...
  23. Re: U.S. Gets Downgraded and Its All Obamas Fault

    Oh is that why? It's not because there was a huge fiasco over getting the debt ceiling raised?
  24. Re: Norway Cops Need Note From Mom to Check Out We

    Clearly the only reason Hitler didn't win WWII is because we have a huge redneck population who loves their guns.
  25. Re: Europe: Kill 90 people, Get 21 Years. Maybe.

    apparently not Alaska though.
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    Re: Atheism and Mass Murder

    And I really need to ask this question:
    Is anyone here stupid enough to honestly believe Adolf Hitler was an Atheist?
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    Re: Atheism and Mass Murder

    Yeah, progressives and Communists agree on extremely vague and meaningless things like government regulation of business. You know, kind of like how Conservatives [and a lot of self-proclaimed...
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    Re: Atheism and Mass Murder

    This is not a quote mine. It is only a quote mine if it is done in such a way as to change the original meaning of a statement. In your original statement you explicitly stated that Conservapedia was...
  29. Re: Europe: Kill 90 people, Get 21 Years. Maybe.

    I was very surprised, and disappointed when I read this too. To be fair though, the USA isn't in a position to judge too harshly with a crime rate per capita that is grievously high in comparison.
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    Re: Atheism and Mass Murder

    I think a distinction between Atheism and Communism needs to be made.
    Communism rejects Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc etc etc but is a religion in of itself. The Communist Manifesto is the holy...
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    Re: Muslim American Excecuted.

    LMAO it looks like someone missed the point.
    ...and is inordinately disappointed.
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    Muslim American Excecuted.

    So, several years ago some Arab Muslim guy charged into a convenience store in an attempt to shoot a bunch of white Christians. Unfortunately he had an error in judgement and shot a bunch of Black...
  33. I guess Osama didn't like our Muslim President.

    Al Qaeda doesn't like Obama
    You don't like Obama.
    So, b_y Glenn Beck logic, does that mean that...
  34. Re: Racist Tea Bag Loons Issue Pro-Slavery Declara

    I don't 100% believe that this statement was intentionally racist, but I do believe that it was just stupid and incorrect.

    There was no legal marriage within slavery.
    Slaves had no right to exist...
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    Re: Hello everyone!

    I think you jumped the gun a bit :spin2:
    Hello to you too anyway!
  36. 97% of scientists believe in climate chang

    I'm surprised no one brought this up yet.

    And here's a little more info on the study itself (since the NPR...
  37. Re: Meat industry = holocaust deniers

    Swai and Talapia are, to my knowledge, the only sources of "meat" which can overcome this problem.
  38. Re: Meat industry = holocaust deniers

    I'm an environmentalist and I love animals, but I don't like PETA and I fail to see the consumption of meat as a bad thing. My pet tegu sure as hell eats plenty of it. For that matter, my pet tegu is...
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    Re: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!

    That makes no sense from his point of view. If Obama wanted to use this as a political stunt during the 2012 elections he probably would have waited another several months so it would be more...
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    Re: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!

    I don't think anything like that is going to change. It's just... we had a score to settle. Killing Osama may not end terrorism, but it certainly isn't a setback either. This could end up having huge...
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    Re: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!

    That's nothing new. Chemical and Biological plots have been around for decades. They *knock on wood* haven't gotten anywhere so far.
    In the future though, please write in a smaller font unless you...
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    Re: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!

    I'm sure they'll try. Whether or not they'll succeed is an entirely different matter.
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    Re: Osama Bin Laden Is Dead!
    Can't think of any other picture to post.
    Today is a good day indeed.
  44. Re: What? No Birth Certificate thread yet???

    I feel the need to quote the second part here for emphasis. Is there any actual evidence that he was born somewhere else?
  45. Re: Trump Stared Down Obama And Obama Blinked

    I don't see it that way. My impression was that Obama bitchslapped Trump across the face and told him to STFU. Well see how this pans out now that Trump actually has to talk about something important.
  46. Re: Liberal Climate Conspiracy Flattens Tuscaloosa

    Yeah sorry, I'm not taking your word for it.

    If forests and jungles throughout the world weren't shrinking maybe you'd have a point.
  47. Re: Weird problem with Himalayan glaciers

    Nope, the glaciers are still shrinking. A few exceptions.
  48. Re: Liberal lies documented, MSNBC lies more than

    Nowhere is there ANY indication that MSNBC lies more than Fox News.
    For that matter.
    That's a lot of NOT DEMOCRATS.
  49. Re: Liberal Climate Conspiracy Flattens Tuscaloosa

    Watch this video
    And then let me point a few things out to you.
    The video above doesn't specifically address the sources you provided, but it doesn't...
  50. Re: Liberal Climate Conspiracy Flattens Tuscaloosa

    I've heard these kind of things before, and they're always wrong. Where exactly did you get the information that the Earth is cooling?
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