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  • 03-29-2016, 12:14 AM

    Re: Your Holiday Getaway/Gateway

    Mastercard responded and credited back the credit card. We still must go through a final step but at least we got the money back. My wife has power of attorney so they did not ignore us.
    Nevertheless the seller continued to push the sale and asked for my credit card details just for confirmation. record the victim saying they agree to pay an amount for a trip
  • 09-12-2011, 09:17 PM

    Re: Your Holiday Getaway/Gateway

    I've heard about the scam organization called Paradise Canyon Vacations. A friend of mine went to their presentation and the the requirement was to take some 3,000 with you. You were "offered" hotels, cruises and have to pay some sort of a fee monthly. It sounded great if true.. You can cancel at any time but of course you don't get your..
  • 07-18-2011, 04:21 PM

    Re: Your Holiday Getaway/Gateway

    Okay, I know I spelled "Police" was late and I am two-finger typer. That being said, I am a detective with OPD in Orlando. We just hit this comapny with a State search warrant and took all the computers and contracts/documents. Anyone that has been scammed ** these guys, please e-mail me or call me at 407-246-2971. Also, I'll try to type slower and use spell check in the future.
  • 04-25-2011, 02:53 PM

    Re: Your Holiday Getaway/Gateway

    Here's is more on how they pull off their trickery. It seems that they use a third party to record the victim saying they agree to pay an amount for a trip and understand the terms and conditions that were explained to them. Of course, the victim thinks they are agreeing to pay the taxes for the promised free trip but none of that is part of the recording these guys carefully script. Here is the exact carefully worded response they sent to the BBB and to the police to try to create doubt in our case:

    " The confirmation of the verification tape records that this is a legitimate sale..customer responded in the affirmative to all terms, conditions, and requirements of sale..customer was aware and agreed to the charges...This sale is non-refundable, but transferable."

    Less than 5% of fraud against the elderly is reported and that allows these types to operate since every complaint is treated as an individual dispute rather than a ring's pattern of deception. Every victim needs to immediately do a police report and file reports to the Florida Consumer division as well as to the Central Florida BBB. Failure to do that is contributing to the wolf in sheep's clothing tactics they use.
  • 04-07-2011, 01:46 PM

    Re: Your Holiday Getaway/Gateway

    John, after much pressure and a threat to go to the media about apathy over senior fraud, Mastercard responded and credited back the credit card. We still must go through a final affadavit step but at least we got the money back. My wife has power of attorney so they did not ignore us. We did do the right things especially the police report. I also reported them to the Better Business Bureau in Central Florida as well as to the Florida Consumers Division

    All travel sellers need to be registered with them and there is a strict code of conduct. No surprise that these guys do not seem to be registered under this name though they claimed they were on the documents they sent to her. My guess is that they actually operate out of Mexico and Orlando is just a virtual address. Check out Timeout for Vacations which is how they are registered and search the internet for the many complaints. They are also registered as Your Vacation Planners. Names are obviously used only until too much noise to offset with posted hype.

    Has anybody recently moved in close to your father that has taken an unusual interest in him? They get their targets somehow and I would guess it is through local representatives.

    Everybody... please chat with your elderly relatives and warn them to never give out their credit card information to a stranger on the phone. You cannot win a prize when you never entered a contest.
  • 04-06-2011, 05:03 AM
    John Brighton

    Re: Your Holiday Getaway/Gateway

    My 83 year old father also received a telephone call from Your Holiday Getaway in Orlando and was told that he had won a free holiday. He was asked if he was within the 25-68 year age range which would make him eligible and replied that he was 'way over' that age. Nevertheless the seller continued to push the sale and asked for my father's credit card details just for confirmation. My father is not in the best mental health and became confused so gave his details as requested. He lives in England and is unable to travel due to ill health so he did not knowingly agree to accept a 'free' holiday and was not aware of any mention of a payment being required. The next day $1076 was taken from my father's account.
    Surely there is someone out there who can stop these people preying on the frail and elderly. How can we get the message broadcast that people should stay away from this company? Can the state authorities not intervene?
  • 03-31-2011, 04:39 AM

    Your Holiday Getaway/Gateway

    Beware of sweet talking calls from Your Holiday Getaway or Your Holiday Gateway in Orlando at 4401 East Colonial Drive, Suite 203, Orlando. My 90-year-old mother-in-law received a call from a nice fellow who told her she won a trip to Barbados. No longer able to travel due to health, she asked if her daughter could use the free trip. Of course, the nice fellow said. You just need to give me a credit card to charge the $998 in taxes, everything else is free. She naively gave the credit card assuming nothing would be charged until the free trip arrangements were confirmed. An hour later, she realized the mistake and called Mastercard only to find out the card had already been charged. A week later a package arrived by courier stating that she had purchased hotel only accommodations in Orlando for $998. If any readers now are thinking it was the elderly lady who who was confused, think again. The daughter she thought she was getting a free fully paid Caribbean trip for lives here in Orlando, so this very frugal woman would never have agreed to purchase hotel accommodations in Orlando as the received package states. These people who prey on the elderly are despicable and without conscience. They caused this poor woman to hyperventilate and we were afraid she would have a heart attack or stroke. Shame on you, Your Holiday Scam Artists!

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