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  • 12-24-2014, 10:21 AM
    Rush Limbaugh

    Re: She's a witch!

    I prefer to call the most obnoxious feminists what they really are: feminazis. Tom Hazlett, a good friend who is an esteemed and highly regarded professor of economics at the University of California at Davis, coined the term to describe any female who is intolerant of any point of view that challenges militant feminism.
  • 09-10-2008, 01:44 PM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Wow, a muslim quotes half a book, and only one or two negataive comments that I could see about his opinion on how a sorceress must die. But wow, A guy says a nation has a right to enforce it's own laws, and all the comments about that, and then Christianity came up..all the narrow minded, judgemental comments about Christians coming from open-minded enlightened ones..... it's hard to tell who is more ignorant. How did such enlightened, open-minded people come to believe the rest of the world is so worthless. Seems like being open-minded is quite exclusive these days. Liberalism makes me want to vomit.
  • 02-19-2008, 12:03 PM
    S. Holmes

    Re: She's a witch!

    The illiterate woman was detained by religious police in 2005 and allegedly beaten and forced to fingerprint a confession that she could not read.

    Among her accusers was a man who alleged she made him impotent.
    Sounds to me like someone needed a scapegoat for his impotency...????!!!!

    :spin2: :spin2: :spin2: :spin2: :spin2:
  • 02-19-2008, 01:12 AM

    Re: She's a witch!

    You're a nut case for believing in muhammy or w.e.
  • 02-18-2008, 12:55 PM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Originally Posted by Sharky
    Which one would you rather serve?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawud View Post
    Muhammad by far is the best choice!!!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawud View Post
    Again, I just said I believe in Muhammad.

    Though Sharky took it a bit to the extreme......, do you understand what you did?

    Please read this site Dawud:
  • 02-18-2008, 11:06 AM

    Re: She's a witch!

    OK, whatever you say Satan .

    In the name of Yeshua, the Christ, get thee behind me Satan
  • 02-18-2008, 09:53 AM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Sharky you are such a nut case.

    All I said was that I followed Muhammad's teachings.

    I NEVER said that I agreed with all of the slanderous items that you listed.

    Or that any of them were correct.

    Again, I just said I believe in Muhammad.

    That's all!! Nothing else.
  • 02-18-2008, 09:25 AM

    Re: She's a witch!

    I asked him severa; questions that refused to answer.
    This was the only real way to see where he stood on matters of Love and hate.
    I didn't want any kind of confrontation, just knowledge and comparing the difference.
    I know for a fact that we will know the Evil one by his lies to humanity . We forget that the Evil One rules the Air.
    America is not a Christian Nation!
    This country has the lie inside there brains that they are right in their ways.
    They to have had their minds Washed by the Spirit of darkness.
    How can this Nation judge others when we have done much evil and support evil.
    There is a Speech that Charles Chaplin wrote and performed in "The Great Dictator" 1940 that was so correct in describing the thoughts of real freedom that should be stated by or leaders if they where truly not controlled by the dark force.
    But, all humans are week willed and are doomed to ignorance of their brothers needs and only theirs. As under my name says "The Right Might over the Wrong Right" in Gullivers travels the fought and hated over what side of the egg was right to open first! so, Gulliver mentioned that they could open it from the Middle. But, both kings said that that was barbaric!
    I find after living through 10 presidents that they can't open the egg in the middle.
    I am glad to one day soon, leave this country for a truly peaceful nation of Social justice that is neutral and gives that tax monies back to the people in forms of education and health care and does not support a Military industrial complex as most do.
    Relax here while you can.
    Enjoy your life and have concern for others.
    Seek out Evil and nothing to do with it.
    But, we have to seek it out in order to keep it from our house.
    If you know anyone seeking a most beautiful home in the Smoky mountains below appraised value, let me know.
    was built for B&B use, with a Rental Cottage also.
    i am leaving it behind and will have a property management company keeping a watch. No real hurry.
  • 02-18-2008, 12:29 AM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Lets not forget the killing in Iraq by a 'Christian' nation.

    The united states used its power over the UN to murderer 1 million Iraqi civilians dies, 500000 of them where children under 5

    They even stoped medical supplies, food and other items of humanitarian necessity. This is a crime against humanity.

    Are you Proud to be Americans now? Pigs!
    These numbers now tell us exactly who the #1 mass murderer is of the 21st Century–A Christian nation …and is there now a question about genocide? Gen Betrayous has convinced the pusilamous Congress to go longer and do it harder…so by the time your finished in Iraq and have your new oil fields secured, there won’t Iraqi alive to care! Whoopee! Ain’t we good! Nobody does this sort of thing better than we do (talk out of both sides of our mouths and lie, lie, lie…nothing like being an American in this day and age!! (snort, snort!–disgusting!)

    Remember: We Don’t Do Bodycounts…
    …as required by the Geneva Convention!
    That would be like following the Rules of Law - your Outlaws now - led by the world’s greatest evildoers. Alas.

    First gulf war civ death toll was around 1 million
    And if I do remember correctly The religious TV station 'Christians' Of the US where all for the gulf war

    The policy being pursued by the United States is systematic genocide. 1.2 Iraqis million have died in the 2nd gulf war , more than 2 million have fled the country. 68 percent of Iragis are unemployed, not even allowed to participate in the “rebuilding” of their country by foreign labor.

    In addition to all the Iraqis who’ve been killed, over a million have been crippled for life. Lots of little children are included in those figures.

    Sadly, the USA, like some places in the middle east is the world headquarters for horror and ugliness. The darkness of the world is apparently focused on capital hill and the white house. They always cloak their foul and vulgar deeds in fair words.

    We need a revolution! Dennis Kucinich would be enough of a revolution for me. He can turn it all around.
    Want to do something about it?

    Put everything on hold until this crime wave is stamped out.

    Go to your elected official’s offices, pull them out by there scruffy necks and parade them to the Hague, where they will stand on trial for their criminal acts against humanity, and then to where we care not if God has mercy on their miserable souls

    This is not an accident. It is a plan to depopulate and fragment the country, insuring that Big Oil prevails. George W. Bush and all those who enable him to continue with this policy are war criminals and that includes a substantial number of Democrats.
    10 years of sanctions and bombing prior to 2003 killed well over a million, mostly women and children. add 1 million then Add on the 1.2 million since 2003 out of a puopulation of 4 million. To me that looks like over half the population. Regardless it is mass genocde. Rwanda, Concentration camps of Nazi Germany, the US now ranks up their with the greatest purveyors of genocide. A modern day holocaust is going on and WE are letting it happen. Now Americans know what the German people felt like during the reign of Hitler. Why is it so hard for people to see that they are commiting the same attrocities in Iraq that our fathers and grandfathers fought against in WW2. Who are the agressors people!! GWB always says that history will be the judge. If there is then any truth to “his-story” then he will go down as a war criminal and a mass murderer.

    I dont care what your religion is, what army or government you are in or what race you are, if you touch a women or child you deserve to be fukced up.

    In the Christian’s bible there’s a line saying something about, ‘God knows when even a little sparrow falls dead to earth.’
    - That being the case, then certainly ‘Big G’ knows (and cares a real lot) every time a little Iraq being is murdered. or when a women is hang.
    And knows, (and actually cares just as much) when a [misled] little American ’soldier’ falls to earth.
    No human murder goes unrecorded.
    - All are noticed.
    All are recorded, and the circumstances too are faithfully written down on what might be termed ‘heaven’s scrolls’.

    And those who have been primarily responsible for causing EVERY SINGLE **unnecessary** murder, and act of maiming: their names are written in different colored ink, they are marked down for special attention; -as in: ‘Remedial Schooling’…

    No one forced our crazed leaders to do and think as they have done, -they did it of their own volition, for their own VERY WRONG reasons, and brought their terrible future demise to themselves. Not one iota of their earthly misdemeanours have gone unnoticed.

    *They chose to countermand heaven’s writ*, ~ and so will repay in full measure for every last drop of blood ruinously spilled on the distant sands and streets… An ocean of agony, (mental and emotion torment) awaits them, and likewise, ~ for all those who vaingloriously, -stupidly, supported them in their vile, illegal, murderous enterprise.

    For the rest of us, our duty, (to ourselves, to our fellows, to our nations, to what ever we might hold as ‘holy’) - we have to do all we can to put right the wrongs, standing up on every occasion, in any / every way we can, to roll back the tide of menace threatening peaceful coexistence our world. We who are too far distant from yr shores are *very much with you in spirit*.

    To you who have pledged to stand up and be counted: *Bless you!* –you have the powers of LIGHT on your side, (- it’s maybe worth bearing that inspiring notion in your hearts as you act?) :)

    “Blessed are the peacemakers…”
  • 02-17-2008, 11:23 PM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Jesus stood for unity, compassion, understanding and peace not separation and conflict.

    Maybe we should be try to serve humanity and follow the light within instead of playing god games and things that separate

    everyone is the sons of god.
    Jesus, Hitler, Manson, Muhammad, are all sons of god, all different aspects of the god force. no different to me or you. 'all I do you will do and more'
  • 02-17-2008, 11:16 PM

    Re: She's a witch!

    We think you need some Psycho analysis.

    You never saw this test coming to get the answers you refused to give to all here. Got ya Dawud!

    Thanks for answering what I asked on other threads.

    Charles kinda the same though. :crazy1:
    A murder of innocent humans.
    Who such as Muhammad is a psychotic:crazy1: who hears voices and desperately crying out for help such as oneself.

    Why would Christ teachings be worse
    then a psychotic, Sadistic, Pedafil?
    The Evil One is the greatest of liers and deceivers of men.

    So Hatred is your truth.
    No room for love of mankind.

    I really feel sorry for you :crap:, you of no love and tolerance.

    Who or what in this world made you so vengeful ?

    I knew you would have such an answer finally your true colors have come through.

    you would refuse help from Gay men and Women for your children if they had AIDS . You would rather have them suffer a horrible death. Sadist!

    , you would turn your child over to be whipped and stoned for supposed adultery( you would probably throw the first stone)
    You of no sin! Sadist!

    you would beat your wife into submission for not obeying your commands. Sadist!

    The only real problem for you, is that you need to change our laws in order for you to do what you wish!
    Well, you will never succeed in The good old USA.
    Get while the getting is good for they will come for you when they, in this country truly Fear your Kind.



    You answered all my previous questions with this reply , that you had refused to answer previously, THANKS.
    Satan speaks fluently through you!:crazy1:
  • 02-17-2008, 10:56 PM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharky View Post
    Which one would you rather serve?
    Muhammad by far is the best choice!!!!!!!!
  • 02-17-2008, 07:21 PM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Lets compare:

    Charles Manson:
    Born from Mans seed!
    Thought God talked to him!
    He was told to kill all who didn't believe his teachings!
    He thinks he is correct in all his teachings!
    Convinced others to kill for him!
    In prison for life an wrote His book of beliefs!
    Has a Nazi Swastika tattooed on his frontal bone!

    Born from Mans seed!
    Thought God talked to Him!
    He was told to kill all who didn't believe his teachings!
    Thinks he is correct in all his teachings!
    Convinced others to kill for him!
    Died and didn't write the Quaran!
    Didn't wear a head covering under the Sun!
    Promises you virgins and fruit!
    He was a pedafile!

    Yeshua "the Christ"
    Born of Spirit seed from God the father!
    He was the Word of the Father!
    He taught to Love your neighbor and enemy.
    He taught to feed the widows and orphans and have-nots!
    He died on a tree as prophesied!
    To free us from sins!
    He didn't write a book.
    He healed many!
    Cast out demons!
    Raised the Dead!
    Taught to turn the other check!
    Fulfilled 36 prophesies at his death!
    Believers will reign with Him!
    He doesn't reward for killing in war!
    He adhored all evil in mens hearts!
    He is the Loving Son of God not a Prophet.
    He Lives today!
    He will be coming to judge all Antichrists. And cast them to Hell.

    Which one would you rather serve?
  • 02-17-2008, 01:36 PM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Quote Originally Posted by coontie View Post
    [have to continue this way, as if I try too long a post I get cut-off? Don't know why?]
    Anyhow, this Mohammed character is able to bring about a truce between these two factions and persuades them to come to Medina and punish those that threw him out.
    The Quran still wasn't written. For that matter wasn't written until about two-hundred years after Mohammed's death. Some say they witnessed him leap into the sky on a White Horse and disappear into the heavens...:crazy1:
    THe most holy religious place today of Islam is in Mecca, where the Muslim Pilgrims go each year - it is required of EVERy Muslim to make a least one pilgirmage there. THe object shrouded in the black drapery that they all walk in a circle around is thought to be the remains of a Meteorite.
    I made a typo in this post: I commented: "Muhammed persuades them to come to MEDINA". I actually meant MECCA, which is where he was evicted from.
  • 02-16-2008, 10:29 PM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Lmao @ Dawud. You continue to make me 'lol' when i read some of your posts. Get a clue.
  • 02-16-2008, 10:17 PM

    Re: She's a witch!

    Suffer not a witch to live, was old testament.
    That was under the old covenant and it wasn't so much
    about the person's belief system, as the effects of the
    belief system on the person's genetics and spirit.

    it seems there was an attempt, thousands of years ago,
    to breed and otherwise modify the humanity out of humans.
    one of the ways this was achieved
    was via pharmacopeia (the meaning of sorcery is the use
    of drugs to expand the mind, which in essence allows the
    individual to be inhabited, either completely, partially or
    intermittently, by beings who apparently had tried to wipe
    us out before, as a species).

    It's not abiding concern for the well being of nature, or the
    interest in knowing more than we already know, but the
    opening of oneself to forces and entities that do not have our
    best interests at heart, as a species. this was why all the
    admonitions against it and why it was taken so seriously:
    the two things seemed to go hand in hand.

    this is one of the reasons why the ufo question and ET question
    are so mired in secrecy. it's all part of the same problem, and
    if they were revealed before the bulk of the population was prepared
    to accept, the revealing wouldn't be successful. it'd backfire on them.

    history is long and they are patient. so to prepare us for this, they first had to remove all consideration of their existence, by selecting key people in history with the best chance of influencing others. this included professors, scientists, historians, rulers of various kinds, brotherhoods,
    and various other orgs.

    then, they waited until there was little if any
    remaining textual support for their existence (around
    the time of the Enlightenment, end of the dark ages) and the show was on.

    All the ancient texts
    were ruled unreliable, with the exception of ancient Egyptia texts, which hadn't been
    translated as yet. this was also the beginning of archaeology and the complete
    rewriting of history as we know it. it's effects are still felt today. because archaeology was so new, not much had been found yet, AND because the new emphasis was to ignore the other texts, anything that supported the other texts was avoided.

    then, once the history books had been significantly altered and the teachers
    had free reign to rewrite the past, they called all the ancient texts, myths. and it went downhill from there.

    all these old texts would prove that a very long time ago, we were in danger of being wiped out of existence forever by extra and not so extra-terrestrial species that were not human. not only that, but the old texts from the various ancient civs, proved each other's accuracy. to remove that threat required convincing and influencing the rest of the world, especially those most capable of influencing public opinion (the universities), that the texts were fabrications or vivid hallucinations.

    funny, but they didn't realize in the case of the biblical texts, the admonition against sorcery was the admonition AGAINST using hallucinogens.

    If anyone is familar with the sumerian Enlil, there is much conjecture and quite a few texts to support the idea that he was the biblical Jehovah. One of the stories about Enlil show that he is very much interested in the health of the planet (nature). For example, Gilgamesh expressed an interest in cutting down one of the big cedar wood forests for building and decorating his palace. Enlil said no because they would never grow back. But Gilgamesh did it anyway. (My theory is, Gilgamesh was the biblical Nimrod, just a different name for a different timeframe of the person relating the info).

    There are hundreds of little details, scattered through out all the ancient texts that support each other. It's mind boggling. Comparative analysis and understanding of the languages, is really an eye-opener.

    It should concern everyone that the germans who had basically removed the other ancient texts from consideration were the first and primary translators of egyptian hieroglyphics. There's no telling how much of it is accurate.

    let me give you an example of how far off things have gotten from the actual history of this planet, in order to continue to ignore the ancient histories of most of the other ancient civs.

    the black sea flood has been found to have originated initially from the atlantic ocean. at the time, the mediterranean was a valley not a sea. the water rose in the atlantic, spilled over into the valley, then breeched a narrow pass at the eastern end, into the black sea. from here, it spread out into sumer and so on. this also means that it also massively flooded the nile region and the establishments along it.

    later, during the time of nimrod, it was re-established as a civ starting at Abydos and Naqada, Egypt. the earliest artifacts and grave goods at the two sites were all mesopotamian, but modern archaeology and history, totally ignore this because it disagrees with the current layout of history (which is so mangled it's nearly unrecognizable from what the ancient texts themselves, describe).

    also, if you're really interested, check out the Osirieon at Abydos. I believe Nimrod built that and that he was the basis for the Egyptian Osiris. That's not too far-fetched either. He had several names, in fact. His biblical name was more an attribution to his behaviour rather than his actual name. In late Akkadian texts, he would've been Enmerkar (see Enmerkar and the Lord of Arrata).

    he erected the Osirieon underground in Abydos, although modern archaeology claims it was built by Seti I (I think this is incorrect, for several reasons but most specificially because of what was said about it when it was uncovered by Margaret Murray and Flinders Petrie). Margaret was convinced it was very ancient and not built by Seti I at all, but she was a female in archaeology and it was 1903. I believe she was right.

    Anyway, you can see how easy it is for even the most minute detail, ignored, to grow into big errors after a few thousands years of use.

    (hint: Inana is Isis. And Abydos was a greek word. The actual word for it is Abdju. The dj is pronounced "z", as djoser is pronounced zoser. So Abydos = Abzu (the same word used for the site of the Tower of Babel in Enmerkar and the Lords of Arrata. Flippy, no? They don't tell you this stuff at university. )

    there was once an anthropology lecturer at my University quite a few years back who I brought this issue up with and she (who agreed that it was an atrocity about law in regards to women in Saudi but also brought up the point) said but what right do you have to challenge a culture that has been going on for said hundreds or thousands of years (I can’t remember which) and I really didn’t have an answer for her?

    I know that the world is becoming more globalised and that other societies should keep up with the times but even if it disgusts me immensely who am I to dictate what a culture should do especially if there seems to be no move by its people to change it?

    For example if one all powerful (military, economic wise) Utopian country said to the rest of the world “ Right! I am sick of your bickering, warring and violent ways along with your corrupt government and judicial systems. Change it or be Changed!

    How would we react? I would think a lot of countries as they do now when challenged similar to this scenario would be to say don’t interfere with our internal affairs, politics, culture etc. It’s our country and our way of life!

    Even if this all powerful (military economic wise) Utopian country was right does it have a right to do this? It might and probably in the long run work out for the better for all humanity if it did, but does it have the right to do so?

    Why not look at the treatment of Western women on this side of the globe? We are giving our daughters Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton as role models, while the fashion industry is encouraging them to starve themselves in order look like anorexic supermodels. Then, when they get older and are confused as to why they have no self-esteem, we stuff them full of Prozac and Paxil, which has been shown to mess up the serotonin reuptake mechanism in the human brain. Then we offer them dangerous diet pills so that they can continue to eat garbage but still lose weight. On top of all that, we still the largest numbers of rape and spousal abuse. I am in no way saying that the treatment of women in the Muslim world is something I agree with, but don't throw stones in a glass house.

    Also I read a report on the level of rape that is going on in all the countries around the world that are under conflict. It is like close to 100% of the women are getting raped and in many cases raped to death.

    Let’s not fail to mention the sex trade that has surpassed the drug trade in money. Today you can go to an underdeveloped country and buy young girls for $500 each. This is not to have sex with them but to BUY them. Many women in the older eastern block countries and Russia are given a “job” in another country that turns into a sex slave.
    How does the US respond to terror on its soil after you do another Twin Towers?
    They will Go after you with a passion such as we did with Japanese Americans.
    Ask one of them about that!
    In the west, we are sold the idea that it’s all to do with Muslim terrorists, they are the bad guys. We don’t see that the terrorists are fighting the evil empire, our society is that evil, it is the empire of the death. The terrorist lives in simple ways, honoring god, and he’s prepared to give his life for the struggle. I don’t agree with violence but you can see how the Muslim terrorist offers a stark contrast to our western ideals.

    What is our world built on? It’s built on egocentric ideals of self-importance, elitism, glamour, the chosen ones, arrogance, violence, dog-eat-dog, and the absolute financial and political control of humanity. We worship at the altar of obscene levels of consumption and a callous disregard for the well being of the planet and others. There seems to be no god in our western world, save the arrogance of the ego that will attempt to make itself into a god. Ours is a house of cards built on lies and more lies. Even now, you can see how it cannot last forever, for our system is built on ideals that are devilish. That is not to say terrorism will win, it’s just saying we are bound to lose. We are in a Matrix, one that I believe is sustained by etheric beings who have captured a large part of the soul of humanity.* But even if you don’t accept the etheric idea, you can see we are under the control of a new totalitarianism. The western media speaks with one voice, reflecting the ideals of the American-Jewish alliance, and the interests of the industrial-military machine. There is no voice for those of us who still hold to benevolence and fairness, those of us that still have a love and a care for this planet and its humanity.

    Our modern leaders, will eventually become the most reviled leaders in the planet’s history. People don’t see it yet. We are being sold into slavery. Citizens are fed the party line by the likes of CNN, who with the other western media networks are the official voice of the New World Order. Their lies are blatant and repeated over and over. It’s hard for people to realize they are being set up to accept totalitarianism without any means of protest. The new anti-spam laws enacted by countries like Australia are sold to us as part of protecting our privacy, but in fact, it’s part of the control.

    The state machine doesn’t want anyone with contradictory facts talking to millions of citizens via their computers. It’s so clever, isn’t it? If you look in your heart and there are questions there, be brave, don’t sell out to vengeance and more control, even if there is nothing you can do about it. Hold to your ideals of goodness and fairness, and a love of God and humanity. Join with others of like-mind, tell them to be brave and not to despair. No totalitarian regime has ever lasted and the New World Order is no exception. When it falls, do you want to look back and see that you colluded and collaborated with state sponsored nastiness? How will you explain yourself to your god? This is a test. It’s the ultimate test in a way. Everyone can pretend to love God when there is no pressure, but what about when the heat is on and you have to go against the herd to stand for your ideals? I don’t profess to know much about the Bible but didn’t Jesus say something like, "When two or more are gathered in my name, I will be there." Wasn’t the name of Jesus synonymous with courage, non-violent protest, love, and a benevolence and tolerance for all? If you hold to these ideals, I for one will stand with you. If on the other hand you don’t care for these sentiments, I have no hatred for you, but I can tell you as sure as eggs is eggs, you won’t last.

    seems the only persons really intressted in facts are the "Godless" westerners (Christain fanitic here proud of it ) and i would like to also point out the wording of the text seems abit strange to me from the book i forget how to spell it so i wont so to not look like im trying to offend i will refure as the book of islam in the text it says strangly that it is power gain from making pacts with partners of allah im not quite clear at this point is not that word meaning one who is in league to and or with another = partner?

    Britain/America is at the equivalent of Germany circa 1933 and all hell is going to break loose very soon.I hope not.we may live in a system that is full of nastiness and hate but so do many people on the planet at the moment.

    its population are souless zombies.

    Most people refuse to entertain the possibility that the mindset of the current rulers of the US could bear any resemblance to the Nazi mentality. What makes them think that human nature has changed significantly in the last 60 years?

    Power corrupts, and the big lie is more believable than the small one.

    Most people are skilled at maintaining their own habits of denial and willed ignorance.

    Last night I watched 'Judgement At Nuremburg'
    and it made me recall the statement Bush made recently
    when he was asked how many Iraqi people have died since
    the war began, and he casually said, "Oh, 30,000 more or less...." and then went on to make some kind of joke.
    Its also a lie as UN reports have put that figure to aroung 600000 to 1.5 million just in the 2nd gulf war alone.

    Such a cold-blooded disregard for the tragedy of the situation...

    As much as I enjoy the accurate and clever humor of people like
    Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, I am beginning to think that it is
    also a sign of the true futility of the situation in America.

    The problem is humanity and lack(suppression) of femininity in the world (balance)

    Men are afraid of true femininity
    The (false) feminine qualities – passivity, supplience, helplessness and general disgustingness – do not occur in nature and are quickly wiped out when they do.

    What about nuturing and cooperation? This happens in nature at least as often as violence. Arabs are making a huge mistake and taking a very small part of what it means to be feminine, namely current culturally induced stereotypes, and thinking they represent femininity in its full natural context.

    we are told our present sufferings being the fault of one rebellious woman?
    Our present male dominated hierarchy has set us up as territorial apes with thermonuclear weapons and a chip on our shoulder, you want to blame it all on Eve? Try again.
    Feminism is a tremendously underestimated force, viewed in the present context primarily as a woman's concern. The understanding has not yet percolated throughout society that the advancement of women is a program vitally connected to the survival of human beings as a species. The reason for this is simply that institutions take on the character of the atoms which compose them, and what we are most menaced by in the twentieth century are dehumanized institutions. If women played a major role in policy formation and execution on the part of these institutions, I think they would have a far more benign and ecologically sensitive kind of character.

    Ask your self what does the way of capitalism have to do with femininity ? nothing !

    So I see feminism not as a kind of war between the sexes or any of these stereotypic images, but as actually a kind of effort to shift the ratios of our emphasis that is expressed through our institutions.

    A basic component of my utopia would be pure, medicinal, 180-proof feminism; feminism as applied to all levels of human interaction, from the personal to the political. I think the oppression of the feminine--not just in women but in men--has been the most tragic distortion in the history of our civilization. Many men think it's just a problem for women, that they've got to give something up in order for women to have it better. But in fact, it's as much in a man's selfish interest that the feminine be wild and free. On the very simplest level, for instance, a man's devaluing of the feminine means he has little access to many great powers in his own psyche.

    The Role of Women
    During the tenure of the Stellar Cults women held superior positions in society, religion and government. It was the periodicity of the female gestation cycles that initially awakened humans to the inherent order of the universe outside them, and that drew their attention to the night sky which has always, henceforth, been regarded as the "body" of the goddess. The perceived order of the universe was, hitherto, always styled and worshipped as a female mother goddess. This goddess was known, by various names, depending upon the Cult and the correlations. She was known as Taurt (Tarot), Nuit, Nun, Ma'at, Isis, Hathor, Sophia, and Mara or Mary. The epithet Ma'at (Mahat, Mayat, Maht, etc,) is the root of the very words matter, material, mate, mathematics and measure. Throughout the ages of history it was never forgotten by the ancients how the biological cycles of the individual female were in total complementarity with the so-called "external" world of phenomena. In fact, the ancients preferred to consider that they lived inside the body of the goddess Nuith, or Ma’at.

    It was Rudolf Bultmann, the German Biblical scholar, who cited certain passages in the interpolations of Sophia herself, put into the mouth of Christ - Caitlin Matthews (Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom)

    The Suppression of Women
    One of the main reasons why the knowledge of the Sidereal Cult is kept obscure is to keep women divorced from their power in ways that are barely understood. When woman are, and the feminine principle is, kept in a fallen state the masculine "Yang" modality and mentality which is so spirit denying and destructive can easily be insinuated into consciousness and culture. Our own times bear sufficient testimony to this differentiation.

    Males immortal live, renewed by female deaths - William Blake

    The history of civilization appears to be a sorry, one-sided history of domination by man...almost invariably the basic cultural pattern has been the work of man. Whole areas of history are darkened by the ignorance of man of the truth that they can create only through the feminine in their own natures just as they procreate in the world without through the woman alone - Laurens van der Post (Jung and the Story of Our Times)

    When we look back across the historical time of patriarchy…there seems to be some terrible inevitability, a relentless desire to crush the female essence, human and divine. The question of why is one of the most puzzling of our time - Leonard Schlain (The Alphabet Versus the Goddess)

    Many of the ancient peoples were Siderealists, the early Semites, Indo-Aryans, the Chaldeans, Teutons and Celts, etc,. The Semitic and Roman calendars began at sunset. The Druids and the Shamans of the Maya also arose at night and marked time primarily from the passages and phases of Venus and the Moon.

    The Siderealists had complete knowledge of the measurements of the earth, and even the neighboring planets were charted by them in detail. They were the fathers of astronomy. They are the original Magi spoken of in the religious tomes and the one we know as the Christ and other figures such as Merlin, Abaris, Pythagoras, Apollonius, Ovid, Virgil, Valentinus, Basilides (and many more among the ranks of the persecuted), were scions of the Sidereal Cult. Christ even remonstrates to his disciples "Be ye as wise as Serpents." This doesn’t make much sense until we discover that the serpent was the prime symbol of the Stellar Cult, the "wise-ones" of old. And, what's more, the Egyptian hieroglyphic for "woman" was a serpent. This is one of the reasons why the serpent was considered negative by later Christians. The word ritual, comes from ritu, meaning "the blood-red", and the word secret, comes from secretion which implies the female biological cycle. Moreover, the Egyptian word for woman was mesta, from which we derive Mystery.

    Michael Tsarion
    The ancient goddess tradition

    I went to the ballet the other night; it taught me a lesson. The softness and grace, and the gentle femininity of it was such a contrast to the harsh world outside. It was like a meditation, the pitter-patter of warm rain on a dry soul.

    Our world has been built by men and part of that is a good benefit to us all, we have railroads, phone systems and highways, but with that infrastructure came their ideals of materialism and competition, and dog-eat-dog. Our leaders are violent and nasty but they only reflect what people want, and much of our society reflects that same misguided macho. Modern yuppie women are not very different to men, they buy the same dogma-glamour, materialism, egocentricity and a soulless, narcissistic isolation.

    I don't agree with the philosophy of the modern world that the men built, I find their ideals cruel and ugly. Making ends meet for most people is such a struggle, it makes them hard and uncharitable, and the rule imposed by big business crushes little people, milks them and enslaves them.

    Yang masculinity is acid while femininity and softness is alkaline. If your food is too acid you get sick, if land becomes salty and acid nothing much grows except a few hardy grasses. If you loose your softness you lose your soul.

    Humanity has become ugly but you should still look at it with a soft eye and offer a kindness to everyone. You never know, the beggar in front of you may be a saint. Spirituality is hidden away now, you hardly ever come across it. I've recently traveled the length and breadth of England, I visited over one hundred towns and cities, and I only found a handful of people that were kind and human and real, the rest were cold and ailing, they don't understand they are supposed to be compassionate to others. They are far too wounded and hard. They are miles away in their minds, day dreaming and plotting.

    Imagine a country where sixty million people are crammed on a small island and they have no spirituality, no sense of humanity, no comprehension of the presence of the divine in their lives. The English only have a mind, no soul. It's dog-eat-dog all the way, so it's a country of legless people that have been emotionally chewed out. England is uniquely strange because everyone is trying for an advantage over you. In seconds they have worked out a way of climbing over you, or controlling you, or parting you from your money. I find it godless and bizarre. The Asian English are sometimes an exception they seem softer and less yang. I like them a lot.

    There is a spirituality that is vested in the friendships of the young people and the hippies in Britain are the custodians of the only other spirituality, but they are so poor and often down-trodden they have little impact, but I have always found their world warm and loving and open. The summer festivals like Glastonbury are wonderful experiences; they show us the way humanity ought to get along.

    The British are normally very cynical and skeptical, those are masculine traits, while trust is feminine, you have let go to reach any sense of the God-force within you, the British are too busy 'pretending' to be able to let go very much. I used to lecture in England but it never came to anything. I failed. It was like helping a heroin addict only to drop him back in the ally from whence he came. I so much wanted to believe in the English but none came forward, they all got lost in their distractions and the struggle to survive. That is the trick of cruel Britannia, she entices you and traps you into becoming her slave. The rich are trapped the worst, they have pomposities to cherish and defend. They never escape.

    Softness and humanity is the only way out. You have to join humanity to save your soul and you have to embrace a gentility that is not well regarded by modern people, who are fed on an obsession with self, elitism, violence, hamburgers, and gangster rap. Softness takes you away from the ego and so it can often feel uncomfortable, but your soul needs an evening at the ballet, as way of saying. I've held to my spirituality via meditation; every day I'd set aside time to go within, I like that world better than ours but I'm a foreigner there, I can't pretend to belong, though I hope to do so one day.

    Every moment of softness heals you, children, animals, flowers, the sea, silence, whatever. In those moments you remember who you are and where you came from and if the world rots in its yang ways what can you do about it? Nothing much. We all tried quite hard but it didn't work, the control was too ferocious, we never broke it down.

    A well-known journalist described the British as "pale people in the rain," I thought it quite accurate and funny. They have strong minds but little or no soul. Deep within they are in enormous pain, often caused by confusion; their hopes and dreams have failed them because those dreams are so impossible to achieve.

    I am sad for the English, they are cursed. It's their lovelessness that will pull them down. The only way to rescue an insistent mind is to scare it. It seems a shame really but no other tactics work. I reckon a few will rise through the quagmire of Englishness if they get scared enough. Maybe a handful eventually find the selflessness and softness to reach the other worlds close at hand.

    For me, it was a twenty-year fight to get to the end of the beginning and now we stand at the beginning of the end. It's all settled. I reckon it's a nine to ten year run from here. Spirituality and softness is all that is left in the end but it will have only a few celebrants, the rest of the world, billions, will be horrified by the shock of it all. They won't be able to accept the change. Imagine a world where it's not all about you and your needs and keeping your belly full, and your ego pumped up. Scary eh?

    I don't think we will be allowed to go back for anyone, but then again I'm not sure, that phase is still a little way off.

    Stay soft and give up the struggle and walk away while you still can, nothing else feels safe. We have to learn to trust so we can evolve and survive to become something softer and more beautiful.

    Ages ago, I saw several visions of fascist brown shirts on the streets of England and troops rounding people up and taking them away. I am sure it is all several years away but the darkness that is descending over England is a bit dreary. Many people in England are very rich as even little houses now cost a million pounds or so, ordinary people are sitting on billions in assets. People have to decide if they will cash out or ride the real estate wave a little longer. It is a difficult decision. Three of my close friends have sold up and left but I can't say if this is the right time or not.

    The crunch is coming. In 2002 I saw a vision in which Moslem fighters pulled back from suicide bombing in Israel and they began to go after oil installation. To that end, the Abqaiq facility in Saudi Arabia, the largest in the world, was attacked this week. The attack failed but it's the writing on the wall in my view. It's all rather dangerous as the war against the Moslems could sadly turn out to be a punch up that lasts a hundred years. I've said before, the Moslem fighters are brave and they don't fear death and they are not going away any time soon, so they will be very hard to defeat. Shades of the Vietcong I'd say.

    Where that leaves us is hard to say. My thinking has changed dramatically. I see that our collective karma will take us to wherever we are going, and the only way to exit the karma of conflicts and power struggles is to be humble and express love for everyone all the way. I breathe love into people's hearts as I pass them in the street. I also breathe love for a few minutes to the world in general at the beginning of my daily meditation. Whether these are the actions of a hyper-ventilating fool naively hoping for the best or sensible actions that really work I can't say. But if you exude a bit of love each day for a few continuous weeks, your etheric gradually changes. You exit the combative, hard world of dogma to a softer, more accepting place. It seems like a good idea.

    I used to think we could change things and get people going the right way but while many people have embraced an alternative way of thinking, the new ideas don't permeate much to those at the top. The global village and the brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind, is not an idea that has made a lot of headway in the corridors of power. So hoping things will change might be a bit silly, all we can do is change ourselves and wait. It's probably a bit cheesy to say, but love is the stepping stone out of trouble in my view because it is a way out of the collective karma, which is driven by a loveless mind-set.

    The early Theosophists, writers like Madam Blavatsky, Annie Bessant, Henry Olcott and others, did a good job carrying the Hindu esoteric knowledge back to Europe. They really got the west going on esoteric knowledge, and they defined many of the terms we use today. Commonly used words like chakras came from them, as did concepts of reincarnation, the spirit world, the out-of-body experience, and the teachings about the astral world and the etheric web, all of which of course, originally came from India.

    Esoteric teachings in the west were based on magic and the traditions of the Celts. Much of that Celtic body of knowledge was never written down. The Hindus were more advanced in that they wrote down their knowledge, and so they laid out the terms we use today. It was the early Theosophists that carried Hindu traditions from India to Europe.

    But in giving us the wisdom of the Hindus they also gave us its elitism. So writers tended to talk down to their readers and to make their work more interesting, they laced it with exclusive qualities that really should not have been there. The Victorian writers were snobs. They wrote about god-like people, chosen races (read: white), and elevated spiritual states, which they said were inaccessible to ordinary people.

    Their spiritual snobbery reflected the class system prevalent at the end of the 1800s and early 1900s. It also reflected the spiritual snobbery of the Hindus and their cast system, which is still prevalent today, with the Brahmin at the top of the spiritual pile and the untouchables at the bottom.

    The writers talked a lot about the White Brotherhood, which they said were inner beings that controlled the spiritual evolution of humanity. By implication, the brotherhood didn't include non-whites, like Africans say. Racism and snobbery was laced in everything. For example, the writers of old referred to the subtle etheric body as the aura. They got off on a tangent about its colors, saying red in the aura represents physical traits, yellow is a sign of intellectuality and blue is spiritual, and if your aura is violet, you must surely be the great Poo-Bah Lama of the Seventh Ray.

    The etheric is a bio-electromagnetic field; it is colorless in our spiritually external, 3-D world. The aura colors mystics talked of were colors that exist only on an inner plane. Meaning, if you could momentarily transfer a human into an inner spiritual dimension, his or her aura may be colored. However, even in those worlds it is not always so. I've seen humans in there that have no color at all. They are black and gray and sometimes geometric. They are still very beautiful in their symmetry, but they are not colored. I think the teachings about the aura colors was a concoction. The idea followed along the elitist vibe, "My aura is violet, yours isn't. So I must be spiritually elevated, and you are not so elevated.

    Elitism disconnects you from others and it disconnects you from god. I don't understand why people don't see that. Our spiritual journey of self-discovery is just four feet long, one foot from your head to your heart ,and three feet out from there to hug the first person you see. You can't find god by disconnecting from humanity and life. The universe at its celestial core is a unified field. There is no space for the separation necessary to have 'chosen people' or special initiates, or a pretend living god. It's a lie. There is no such thing. Pretending to be a god on earth is a folly. It's the ego-challenging god to a fight for supremacy. It's the fatal mistake of the fallen angel. The idea that certain worlds and perceptions are only accessible to elevated holy men and women and not accessible to ordinary people is very wrong. It is ghoul-talk intended to mislead you.

    In all the transdimensional worlds that I've been blessed to be shown, I have never seen anything that would even vaguely resemble a class distinction between one level of spirituality and another.

    Transdimensional existence and the angelic worlds are open, free, and accepting. There maybe spirit worlds for 'chosen people' and spiritual snobs, but if they do exist they would be hellish places somewhere in the demonic realm. Only humans can invent nonsense like the Brahmin-the chosen one, and all those ego trips that permeate spiritual teachings and organized religion. It's a sad mistake to fall for that; it is part of the ghoul's control-trip. It is how spiritual teachers and religions hope to entice susceptible people. It plays to their ego and their insecurity, offering to make them safer and more special in the eyes of god-for a small fee, of course. God isn't stupid.

    The idea that god will save one religious group like say, the Jehovah Witnesses, and leave others behind is bogus. No one can grant you the kingdom of heaven, as it is not his or hers to grant.

    The celestial worlds reflect the sacred inner quality of their magnificence. They are awesome in their complexity and beauty, and they exude a tenderness of humility and respect. The petty tyrant can't just pitch up at the church, synagogue, or ashram and imagine that that act alone will grant him or her a celestial panorama or a reserved place in an afterlife. But you can see how spiritual egotists would be drawn to that arrogance and the offer of a free ride. For the free ride of itself implies the person is special and chosen and beyond the mundane. This one is so marvelous and special he gets into the celestial VIP lounge; other lesser mortals will be rejected or they will have to wait. If you believe that get ready to take cover when you get there, you're in for a hell of a shock.

    In the 10-D worlds* I have seen, such an arrogant stance would be embarrassing beyond words. You wouldn't dare imagine yourself selected or special, surrounded as you are by a fractal vista so vast and so elaborate it is beyond anything a human could possibly imagine or ever think up. In truth, I am always a bit frightened by the vastness of it all. I sometimes imagine I will be carried away and become lost. It's the colors and the non-solid structures that hurt my notion of self. As those dimensions embrace you in their vast complexity, the process has a way of carrying you off inside itself, which stuns one into silent awe and gratitude.

    As you approach the infinite, the pieces that make up your identity go through a sudden metamorphosis. You change from sensing yourself as a solid being of human matter to a being housed in a translucent, information storage mechanism. You are not sure what that identity is, or where you are, as you are now everywhere and nowhere. Meanwhile, your ideas of self go from clunky and stiff to fluid and expansive.

    You can never properly experience god if you are an elitist for the very terms of your elitism define you and bind you. God is all encompassing. Inside the self-inflicted boundary of your snobbery is a hidden hatred for others that says you are better or different. Your bum's in the air, you're wearing a silly outfit and you feel so holy and selected as you go through the motions, your morning sun salute. Three inches away from your backend, in the etheric, the ghouls are pissing themselves laughing. They've got you to point your arse at god, and by playing to your need to feel special and chosen and holy, they have inducted you into their SS (spiritual snobs). Now they will suck you dry. They will feed on your etheric all day and you'll feel tired and sooner or later you will get sick.

    Yoga is a clever con. If you do it regularly you may by now be wondering what's going wrong with your life. You are so disciplined and holy, and it's so good for your breathing, blah, blah, but you feel bloody awful. Meanwhile you are losing energy and etheric protection, and the ghouls are gradually killing you. Work it out.

    If someone very important, who you deeply respect, was suddenly coming to visit, let us say you are a Catholic and the Pope is coming to your house, how would you act? Imagine your relatives and friends all gathered in the front room waiting for the momentous moment when His Holiness will walk through your door. And you're on the floor in a silly outfit offering your crotch up to his face. "Hello-Pope, Sir, welcome to 22 Acacia Avenue. This is my arse and my crotch. Am I now special enough to get to heaven?" And the Pope is scratching his bald head thinking, what the is going on here when do we leave? Bring the pope mobile round quick. If you wouldn't do it to the pope, why would you do it to god. Ghoul-traps.

    The etheric ghouls are attracted to everything unclean and nasty: germs, feces, urine, dirt, blood, sweat, arrogance and so forth. Getting you to offer all that to god inducts you into the church of a slow death their world. Further, the world of the etheric ghouls is low-down, behind you. So, if you are standing facing north the ghouls are south-west, behind you, low down. They permeate solid reality and go down a few feet through the floor. How far they go I don't exactly know as a few feet was as far as I was able to see. The best place for them is when you are on the floor. Ding!

    It's very difficult to work out because we are so conned by would-be spirituality and religions. Many of these institutions and their practices are prisons, designed to trap those genuinely trying to move up. The object of this evolution is to make sure no one escapes and that we all wind up in the ghouls' world, offering up our arrogance and our unwiped feces to god as the ultimate insult. It's so clever and very sneaky.

    Then on the outside edge of elitism are the real devil's chains where you are perpetually bound and denied a real experience of god. For to properly embrace the grace and spirit of god, you have to be open and you have to let go, you can't resist or hold on. If you actually saw the 'real thing' your heart would break. We humans are too small to embrace infinity. The brittle structure of our pomposities, form and status, rules and elitism binds our spiritual evolution. It's a cast-iron jacket that cuts us off from god. If you ever got even half way to the infinite you would instantly breakdown. You couldn't control the process. You wouldn't last more than a few minutes before you exploded, experiencing cardiac arrest. That is probably why you have been protected from it for so long.

    Sometimes the ghouls offer you back a small squirt of etheric to lock you in and to feed your sense of specialness, but it isn't the real thing, just more entrapment. If you really want to empower your spiritual journey, uncouple from religious and spiritual ideas that feed the ego, become silent and internalize your devotion for god, while embracing humility and openness. Someone from the other side will come and get you. There is no way in god's heaven that a human could get there just on their own efforts. We are too ignorant and the 10-D world is too vast. You'd freak out if it came upon you too quickly. It took me twenty years and I only have a foot in the door, a toe is more accurate.

    Imagine a world that is turning inside out and outside in, twenty times in ten seconds. Then there are shapes in 10-D that don't exist here, and colors we have never seen before, as well as sounds that hurt your ears they are so intensely beautiful. Even shapes we do understand like an ordinary sphere has dimensions to it that just do not compute in the human mind. I remember looking at an oval shape that seemed to be hovering in the center of an infinite vastness. It glowed dimly in the darkness. It was a bit like a kiwi-fruit to look at, and about the size of a hot-air balloon.

    On the outside of it were long spikes, they reminded me of stainless steel, they looked very sharp. I found them a bit spooky to look at. I watched the kiwi-fruit pod for a while as it hovered there, pulsing and glowing slightly. I was bemused. I didn't understand what to make of it.

    Then the thing started to break open and a bright celestial light shone through its outer skin. The light hurt my eyes it was so bright. Next, the pod fell open slowly like a flower in bloom. Inside was another world, but what was bizarre was the inside was immense, thousands and thousands of times bigger than the outside. I was shocked. To my mind it looked like a city made of glass. Of course, human terms fall short in these situations as our reality normally stays fairly still, while these other worlds are moving all the time, they constantly change at high speed. What city? What glass? By the time you try to work it out, it has carried you through a dozen morphs of itself. I'm sure what I saw wasn't a city of glass, but that was how my mind translated the untranslatable.

    Did I think I was special, chosen, or god-like? No, I did not. After a few seconds I just wanted to get out of there. The beauty of that thing was tearing my heart out, it hurt my soul to look at it. I'd hate to see whatever is at the core of these inner spiritual worlds, let's call it god, though I'm sure that our concept of god is not big enough. I know I would burst if I saw the real thing. I have never really recovered from the kiwi-fruit pod. That cosmic fruit salad was more than I could take, the last thing I need is the main meal.

    I mention this incident because I worry that people get carried away by elitism and spiritual snobbery. I know how terribly it will hurt you when you see even a small part of the real thing. Your shame may destroy you. You will heave with sorrow and cry dry tears, for that vastness will not allow you an instant respite, and by then you will not be able to rectify your elitism. You'll suffer your way through it, over and over. You will be shown more and more complex worlds, while you beg for it to stop, for you will feel you are about to burst. Then you will be dropped back with the elitists at your church or special yoga group or whatever, and you will experience the horror of your mistakes.

    You will see those people in the dark cloud of their feigned grandness and spiritual snobbery. You will see how puffed up they are, strutting about with their nose or bum in the air. It will all look so ridiculous and dark, it will make you wince. You will see the truth and what you will see is how puny and ugly those people look. You will also see how their 'specialness' is killing them. You will want to run as fast as your chubby legs will carry you. But by then it may be too late. The elitist qualities that attracted you to the church or the group must be real and inside you, for if they were not, you would have be been revolted or put off by the ugliness of the members and/or the teachings.

    Remember, elitists will always try to suck you into their hierarchy; it's entrapment wrapped in a candy. Once you are tied to them you are stuck inside their evolution, the chances of escape close behind you.

    Bubba-the-BS-Merchant, the living god with his or her hand out, is in for a terrible shock. I feel for his or her pain. It's so stupid. But in leading people astray, he or she gets whatever is due to those teachers who deliberately take people toward the ghouls and into the chains of ego and status, and away from an all-encompassing god. It's too dreadful to contemplate.

    Take what is good from the religions and spiritual teachings, but leave the snobbery and elitism behind, refuse to have any part of it. It will kill you, and if it doesn't get you now in the physical plane, it will get you later in the spiritual plane. Elitism is ghoul-food. Be nothing instead, it' s safer.

    the next one we should look at is the trap in the human shadow.

    We are in effect, two different people. The waking intellect, your personality, is one identity. Beyond that is the real you deep inside your subconscious mind. It is there in the subconscious that the shadow lies hidden. Psychologist Carl Jung said that when he first discovered his shadow he was very frightened. The reason it is scary is that we repress it, and pretend that our darkness doesn' t exist. Very few openly admit to being evil. When I first saw my shadow in the early 90s I panicked; I kept saying, 'Please God, don't let me die before I handle this.'

    Deep inside me I could see elitism, resentments and a hidden darkness. I could also see that because as a young child I had lived a life abandoned and threatened, I couldn't properly love people as I distrusted them. I was disconnected from humanity. The fact that I had worked to help people counted for something, but it wasn't enough to make good on the shadow.

    So I set out on a ten-year journey to understand it and to transmute the darkness into light. It's a job that feels never-ending, and yet there is day when you can forgive yourself. But not before you have lived through your pain and understood it, and processed your share of the vile nature of humanity that lives deep within us all.

    It was a good thing I did that. Because if I had not embarked on that process when I finally got into those transdimensional worlds I have written about elsewhere, it would have been a hellish experience. As it was, I still saw dimensions of pain and dysfunction that I didnt relate to very well. They weren't aligned to where I found myself at the time that I saw them. But I could better commiserate with those who were in those worlds. Not to put too great a spin on it, but now I could be more compassionate of people's pain as well as my own.

    I believe that your subconscious, as well as existing in the recesses of your mind, exists in an other dimension a surreal dreamscape that interlaces the physical plane at 90 degrees. In other words, we are in the spirit worlds before we die, as well as after we die. Upon death, your subconscious, which after all is your soul, winds up in whatever transdimensional dreamscape it has been living in all the time you were alive. Because most never go into their subconscious, they don\rquote t really know who they are spiritually. It' s all a mystery to them. They deny their shadow, or they are just not sophisticated enough to comprehend it, hidden away as it is in a world of its own, until someone or something tricks it out.

    The events of 911 were the act of tricking the devilish inclinations of the world out hiding. The attack was not so much the story of the evil of the killers, which of course was a crime. It goes much deeper. It is how the American shadow was tricked into exposing itself. 911 unleashed the hidden Nazi within the American psyche, and many were soon out baying for blood. It didn' t matter that the Afghan people were innocent of any crime, and that no Afghans were involved in 911.

    What was needed was retribution and images of the American macho hurting people.\line\line That is the natural reaction of the shadow. Once it is exposed and hurt, violence and revenge follows. For America to heal and go past its denial, the hidden Nazi in the American psyche has to be allowed to manifest and show itself. It has to reign supreme, so people can witness their own darkness and that of others made manifest.

    So 911 was a gift; it has started the worldwide shadow process going. If there weren't a Bin Laden or Al Qaeda terrorist network, then God would have had to invent one. 911 arrived to unmask the American shadow, and each country in turn will have similar events unfold. It s so the world, well some of it, can redeem its soul. America had to go first, as it is the natural leader of the free world, and because it is far ahead in the egocentric ways of material wealth and self-importance. But the lessons of the shadow in the collective unconscious of the world will reach everyone as soon as their turn comes up.

    The manifestation of the shadow is a spiritual lesson that helps people see that hidden tendencies of revenge and hatred are not just in their leaders, but also in them. The racism of killing members of other cultures that have never done you any harm is the outward manifestation of the racism inside the American mind. The Brits are next. The nastiness of their elitism and snobbery, and the deep-rooted racism of the Brits is just about to fall over with an ungainly splat.\

    Don't get me wrong, this shadow process is not just an American thing. Everyone has signed up for the shadow's game. It's just that the English-speaking nations lead the world in ideas, and wealth and influence. So it\rquote s natural if you wanted to entice the shadow out of the collective unconscious and gradually change the world, you' d focus on them first.

    When the shadow first comes out of hiding, it feels powerful and exciting, and people (especially those who have felt powerless in the past), enjoy the feeling of power. They enjoy watching CNN as it shows the Americans bombing tribal people to bits. It's exciting. It feels good. It is magnetic to have the power of life and death over others. It's how an insignificant person reacts when he or she first joins the Black Shirts, and they get their brand new Nazi uniform, knowing that as soon as they put it on they will have power over others.

    As the shadow is tricked out, it has to be allowed to reign as the Black Queen or the Black King. It will soon point the finger at anything it considers contrary to its dark power, which of course it sees as holy and good. It's the start of the sucker's trap for the shadow. It's where your subconscious, the true state of your soul is allowed to show what it really is. This process of unmasking the shadow forms the first part of the final judgement, which I believe has nothing to do with being judged by a Supreme Being, but more is a judgement of self.

    The sucker's trap of the shadow is that having been tricked out of hiding, and after it has reigned supreme for a while, it destroys itself as well as the human that supports its existence. It doesn't realize that it is dark and it can\rquote t see that its impulses are truly, deeply nasty. It has to deny the truth. It is impossible at first for an individual to realize that the very thing one points at to criticize or attack is the exact same thing within you that you are hiding.

    The rabble-rousing union leader that hates the bosses will find in his shadow, that in fact, he hates the working class that he pretends to support, and that he secretly loves the elite. But he is angry because he has not risen up and been included. If he had the chance he would revel in being the big boss. Maybe his mediocrity never allowed his dream to become real.

    The righteous ones that make a show of say, attacking those in the community that do not live up to their ideals are in fact hiding or deflecting that part of them that feels disgusted with self. The thief complains of how badly hes been ripped off. Someone that has been abandoned in childhood complains of how unreliable people are. People perpetually on welfare complain of how others take advantage of the system. A racist who hates blacks, hates the black inside himself; and the black man who hates the white man, actually wants to be white, or at least have the advantages of being white in the western world. "Never mind if you are black or white, as long as you are white, whispers the shadow. It was interesting that after that song came out the singer,s skin turned from black to white. It's a miracle!

    Two more examples: the macho womanizer will swear blind he loves women, while deep in his shadow he actually hates them. It is there in his subconscious that he seeks vengeance against women or against his mother. So in that one hidden trait is the ability for him to hate half the world\rquote s population because they are women. In thrusting his thingy forward, women become the dartboard of his hate.\line\line The little princess,

    Miss Goodie Two Shoes, the people pleaser who seems to be so squeaky clean and kind to her man and those around her, deep within is seething at men, and she's often very scared. She sells her femininity, her sexuality, to buy the company of male providers or protectors who she hates. They remind her of her father, or other men against whom she seeks vengeance for letting her down in some way. She will be the one campaigning against massage parlors and the moral decline of the neighborhood. She has to play the game of the white lady\'82 or she will be uncovered for what she actually is, which is usually the biggest whore in the village. Like the macho womanizer discussed above, she secretly hates humanity, especially men, while pretending to be selfless and kind. Spooky isn't it?

    You see, she thinks she is better than everyone else, so she hates people in case they unmask her. Or in her attitude to other women, in case they become competitors to her femininity-sex business, soliciting providers or protectors away from her.

    The way to redeem yourself is for you to become humble and truly deeply good, and for you to travel through the shadowlands of your pain, to discover and unravel the evil inside you. Then, in selflessly serving humanity, you will comprehend non-judgement and forgiveness, knowing that without that you are lost, for your shadow stands at the gates of hell and it will not allow your soul to easily escape its clutches.

    It's alien abduction against your will and the alien is your shadow that has abducted your soul, taking it to another dimension, a world of ghouls. Without you ever being aware that you are being abducted. Spooky.

    If you have substantially completed your shadow work, then you may want to help others. But I found helping people with their shadow is nasty, dangerous work. Partly because it re-trips your own shadow, but mostly because as the shadow comes out, it looks for somewhere to attack. It\rquote s pissed off and dangerous. It hasn't seen the light of day for a long time, living in the nightmare hell as it does.

    So it pounces at whatever is closest. The shadow is so scary everyone has to point it away from themselves towards others. They have no option, unless they are very aware or very psychologically sophisticated.

    For redemption to come about and for the world-soul to be saved in the spiritual sense, the shadow has to tricked out and everyone will have to fall for the sucker's trap. It is the offer to experience ones darkness, projecting it at others, and the simple rise to power and attention that often brings; it's the VIP invite to the Devil's executive lounge. Each has to be offered the sucker's trap so they can be truly committed to evil, while pretending to be nice of course. In other words, it is how the God-force sets you up to be caught red-handed and then defeated.

    Suddenly, the shadow-self is flipped over by events and all those who have fallen for it; those who joined the Black Shirts see the horror of their mistake. That is the last judgement. It is there we see what is really going on. For some it's too late, they will die with the shadow in place, trapped in a demonic land of the ghouls. Others make a turn at the last minute.

    Avoiding the sucker's trap is not easy. It is part of our psychology to go for the lure and glamour of the shadow. Yet, the trick is that while you may look longingly at your Black Shirt and ponder the excitement of instant power, you have to walk away. Power is an illusion. The lure of power enhances the evil within you, trapping you even further.

    So now over the next few years you will see how the shadow is cleverly tricked, not just by world events, but by those that know how to do it in order to assist people. You will see how leaders and ordinary people will fall. The very thing they think will prove their worth and redeem them will be the thing that brings them down. The idea of their specialness and their righteousness that they believe proves them innocent and worthy, in fact, proves them guilty. Interesting isnt it?

    In Revelation, it talks of the moment a star falls and opens the gates of hell. I found that to be one of the most interesting parts of the book. I wondered if the star was 911, but I also wondered why it was necessary. I have seen a few devilish dimensions and what I saw of the demonic and the shadowlands terrified me. I thought it would be best to leave it well alone.

    Having been in those transdimensional worlds and seen what's coming out next, I think I understand it better now. Revelations describes the release of the shadow at the end of the world, just before the arrival of the Redeemer. The book is a prediction. I don' t think the world will be destroyed, just the world as we know it. To purify ourselves we have to open the gates of hell and see the shadow before we can redeem ourselves and make a New World, one that is more aware than this one.

    It should be good! I can't wait. The old world feels tired to me. It has no hope. A world beyond the shadow feels like a new birth to me.

    Stuart wilde
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