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  • 01-03-2013, 10:37 PM

    Re: Rolling Video Games and Chris Hampton - Don't buy the biz or the bull.

    Nice commercial Chris.
    This message was written by Chris Hampton. In true form, he is trying to blow smoke. There is no owner in NY who has been around for 3 years. There's a new guy there, but he didn't write this comment. Here's a link to his facebook. He started in October of 2012.

    The three people who have "branched" out are no longer hosted on Chris Hampton's website. One is Mobile Game Theater in San Diego (Graelon Browne) and the other is Rockin Rolling Video Game Party in Pinehurst, NC Ed and Dana Gainer http://www.rockinrollinvideogamepart...ssopportunity/. The third owns Epic Game Party in Georgia and he used to be Chris Hampton's Game Coach untill they parted ways. He shows some nice shots of Chris' boring trailers on his site. I don't think their parting was amiable. Of course that was probably because Mike didn't agree with Chris' business practices. All three are competing against Chris now. But as Chris stated above, competition is great!!!

    It is not surprising that he would have to lie and speak on behalf of an owner who doesn't exist because after selling over 45 trailers, he has made a lot of people angry by selling in their area, threatening to sue them, not fixing things and denying they were ever a part of his site to a client. (Ross) Ask him what happened to Ross in Tennessee (the other Chatanooga rig) or Alanna in Myrtle Beach or Lisa in New Mexico? How about selling close to Sal in NJ?

    I haven't been on this site in a long time, or even polluted my head with thinking about this little man, but I smelled something familiar, jumped back on and here it was.

    A stinking pile of Chris Hampton's B.S. I must be psychic.

    If I am wrong. Please post how we can contact you in NY and show us how you have been in business for 2 years. Pleeaasse.
  • 12-13-2012, 02:46 PM

    Re: Rolling Video Games and Chris Hampton - Don't buy the biz or the bull.

    In reply to this post I know and understand that everyone has a right to an opinion and yes this is one persons opinion. However in response to this on in particular post I agree you should always seek information from other owners. To not contact other owners would be like buying a used car without a CarFax or a house without a home inspection. This is a major purchase and you should do your research.

    Even though this person had a negative experience he states “I didn’t spend the kind of time I should have.” And “You get out of it what you put into it, I know that for sure.” This business is a great opportunity and that is true, but it is not going to run its self you have to put the time into your business and make sure that it is run right.

    I personally bought a Rolling Video Games franchise over 3 years ago and currently based in New York. I never felt misled or mistreated by Chris Hampton or any other owner that I have spoken to.

    Rolling Video Games completed the major part of the getting started for me. The site is easily found with any search engine and is easy to navigate. Booking is quick and simple and is maintained at no additional cost to me. Marketing materials are tailored to my individual location. I was personally trained and made sure that I understands the workings of the trailer and the website.

    It is true that Chris is not the only business that is creating a mobile video gaming theater business. Also yes there have been owners that have branched off from rolling video games and started to create their own trailers. However those owners still have their Rolling Video Games Trailer and are still hosted on Those owners took advantage of the market the same way Chris did, the concept is great and it also offers competition, which is great!

    I as well as every other owner can be found on the RVG site under the “Find Location” So feel free to contact all of we might not have the same feedback as the next person because we all have had different experiences.

    This post also states the ultimate true “He went a bit over the top, but you could tell that he had passion.” I would say that he was extremely passionate with everything to do with RVG! If you don’t love what you do then it is not the job for you. This is important and I personally feel (and this is my opinion) Chris stands by his company and the RVG owners. With this stated there should be no reason if you are willing to work your business that you can’t succeed with Rolling Video Games!
  • 09-14-2012, 03:51 PM
    Keeping Itreal

    Rolling Video Games and Chris Hampton - Don't buy the biz or the bull.

    Open letter to Rolling Video Games Owners and a warning to others not to buy this "franchise" that's not a "franchise!

    I thought I was over this but I got an email and then a call a few days ago from a guy who was asking for a referral for Chris Hampton. He says he inquired with him last week and wanted to call a few owners before he went any further. I don't know how he got my phone number, but by the time I hung up, I was so fired up I had to write this. Why are any owners still giving Chris Hampton a good recommendation? This guy is shopping all the companies out there and he was hearing good things about Chris Hampton! Really? Let's just say this man will not be going with RVG now.

    I jumped on here and the old post by Ben Fooled is gone. Really? Pretty much everything in it was true. He went a bit over the top, but you could tell he had passion! Chris Hampton must have cried long enough to the moderator of this site and got it taken off. It's a shame that a site like this that proclaims to give consumers a voice takes that voice away when the owner of the business has a fit. Karma, Chris Hampton. May it bite you only as much as you deserve. If I can find the original post by Ben Fooled I will re-post it and I will make sure it stays on this site.

    Chris Hampton likes to act like he is the only company out there selling this business without fees. Not all companies are a franchise or charge fees. I could name at least five. (TX, GA, TN, NC, CA) I know because this poor guy told me all the other companies he was looking at. He's ex military too so I was sure to set him straight! I'm not really in the loop anymore with what companies are out there but I would bet none of them would treat this guy the way Chris Hampton would. I told him to pick any of them and he would be better off.

    I know that the Mobile Video Game Theater business itself is good. I owned one for a time and it just wasn't for me. I didn't get any help though...but, I didn't spend the kind of time I should have.

    I found out that two of Chris Hampton’s ex RVG owners are selling this business. If he was such a good guy wouldn’t people just buy another one from Chris Hampton and go about their merry way? He also told me that Chris' old Game Coach is building the trailers too. I have to admit, I got a kick out of that! I hope that kid is changing a few things that he learned from his boss.

    The business is good. The kids love it, a lot of people have never heard of it and if you do it right, you can make some good money. You get out of it what you put into it, I know that for sure. But! Expecting a person who sells you a Mobile Game Theater to simply do what they say they are going to do and give you what they say they are going to give you is reasonable and normal.

    It doesn’t matter if some owners had an “OK experience with Chris Hampton” He has sold at least 45. What matters is the ones that didn’t get treated right and trying to protect future victims. Some owners say, "You get what you pay for" Well, you are an idiot to be ok with not getting what you paid for. Would you be ok with ordering a $2 Burger Meal and not getting the Fries? If you got a KFC basket meal for a deal and no coleslaw or mashed potatoes would you say, I'ts OK, I got the cheapest meal available? I'll just eat this... NO.

    Do you think he is going to suddenly say to himself, “I’ve been a real jerk, from now on, I’m going to do my owners right!” You can’t change people. You can only change your own actions. If someone calls you and you send them to Chris Hampton with a slap on the back and a smile, that’s your problem.

    How about Chris Hampton posts a list of 40 really happy owners that he would be willing to use as a reference? He can’t do it.

    It’s hard enough in this economy to survive as a small business. But when you add buying from someone who is sweet as pie until you pay and then he’s very hard to get ahold of, much less get him to take care of something that he is legally supposed to take care of. It’s not ok. It’s that simple. When you try to sell it back to him he forgets about having that conversation!

    Everything on his website is true?
    True? Whatever. Protected Territories…He sold closer than promised to owners in a least 6 states.
    He tells people he has never had an owner fail. That's the funniest one. I know of 6 owners who have either been kicked off of his site or are out of business or building their own mobile game trucks now.
    Properly licensed…I don't think he has permission to use the images on his wrap. He says he does but no one ever makes him prove anything! What are you afraid of? Oh yeah, getting kicked off his site.

    On his new site he has the same invitation and pictures that he did on his RVG site, he just put the new logo over top. That’s just lame and lazy.
    Chris Hampton is good at three things. Copy/Paste, Photoshop and blowing hot air. Do you want to buy a Mobile Game Theater from someone who has to do these things to look better?
    On his website he lists “All you buy is the equipment not a region or territory” then a few lines down, “Protected regions” I guess he hasn’t decided yet whether he is going to protect them or not. My bet is no, so now he will be able to sell a “Games Go 2U” trailer in any area where he has a Rolling Video Game owner.
    Chris Hampton runs his business legit?
    Not standing behind his warranties, not answering the phone, selling within 40 mile territories and taking zip code searches out of his website.

    Again, in case those of you in the back of the room are sleeping... The reason that RVG owners are not posting their real opinions about Chris Hampton and the way he runs his business is because they are all too afraid of being kicked off of his site. Ask yourself this…If your best friend, retired father or grown child lived in another state and was interested in buying this business from RVG and putting the $68,000 they saved for years into this business would you be comfortable? Would you say Heck Ya! He’s awesome! He’s running his business legit and he tells the truth! Or would you say, Psssstt....“Don’t tell anyone I said this, but don’t buy from him.” There is free market competition and then there is shady and unethical business practices.

    Last, don't bother to email me and cry about the "rolling video game" name. Do your thing, have fun. This won't hurt your business. But it's true and it's a shame that he can be such a putz and still get people to buy from him. Grow some nads people and stand up to him. I'm out. I've moved on business wise but can you tell I'm still bitter about the money I lost? Who wouldn't be? Get on the BBB and tell the truth. At least don’t send more zombies to hand him their hard earned money.

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