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  • 06-22-2017, 04:45 PM

    HMS Home Warranty Scam

    Well its been in the 100's here in Hobbs NM and my AC has been out for a month. Called HMS Home Warranty then started calling around and none of the AC service people will even think about using HMS Home Warranty and was told that HMS always try's to talk them down on price. Then if and when they do go down they never pay them or drag it out. I mean none of them will work for HMS Home Warranty.

    So with that said HMS Home Warranty said they would give us the option to self pay and pay us back. Here is the catch!!!!! They have to have a diagnosis from the AC people first. Talked to several of the companies and they said they will not do that for HMS Home Warranty period!

    So with that said HMS Home Warranty basically said that it was my problem and with that said I said I wanted a refund sense no one will work for them or with them. And I got a basically we won't do that. After arguing and not being very nice to the Rep from HMS Home Warranty I ask for a Manager and was placed on terminal hold.

    I have paid for a warranty for several years and with 3 houses. All I ask is for a full refund for this year as they can not get anyone to work for them in Hobbs NM. We paid for there service and they can not comply. Are we wrong in asking for a refund when they can not do there part ands get someone to fix this? NO ONE WILL DO ANYTHING LIKE A diagnosis IF IT COMES TO HMS.

    Can anyone please help or shed some light on this RIPOFF company!

    A Pissed Off Customer!!

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