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  • 06-19-2017, 10:22 PM
    Curious Carol

    Scam Alert: Jian Zhang of HAIDA HR is Veteran Fraudster & Hangzhou Helen fronter

    Happy Birthday to one of China's best scam artists and personal friend and side kick of Hangzhou Helen Chen --- JIAN ZHANG who turned 36 years old today!

    Attachment 18815

    Jian Zhang a veteran scam recruiter has been making illegal job placements in China for over five years and was caught by foreign teachers offering both illegal z visas and fake documents for sale (Diplomas and TEFL Certificates). For his birthday, I am sending him a PSB and corruption agent from Wang Qishan's office to remind him that he is not above the law.

    All foreign teachers are advised to avoid Haida and their affiliates Helen Group,, and just about every recruiter based in Hangzhou who is linked to the Helen Chen Fraud Syndicate of scam recruiters who have all been blacklisted since 2010 by the CTA, CFTU, and more recently the CSP. Any of you cheated by Haida are welcome to contact me with a PM or send an email to report{at}

    For those of you who want to see and feel the "China Scam Experience" just call Jian Zhang orone of his girls and learn allabout contract fraud and skimming in only one monthof employment. Jian Zhang haswon the "Gold Star Achievement Award from Helen Chen for the past 5 two years for who he birdogs.


    Foreign teachers are invited to call Jian Zhang to wish him a Happy Birthday or send him some snacks to take to jail with him.

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