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  • 11-06-2018, 06:31 AM

    Re: Liv Plastic Surgery and Dr Andrew Michael Ress of Boca raton Fl review

    I really hate such surgeons. It's so responsible job, people's lifes edpends on him and he is such a bad professional. WHen I've decided to get plastic surgery I've been searching for a clinic and a surgeon for half a year. In the end PlasticSpot helped me to find real professional. And I am totally happy about the results of an operation.
  • 12-11-2016, 02:53 PM

    Liv Plastic Surgery and Dr Andrew Michael Ress of Boca raton Fl review

    I personally can speak first hand of what actually goes on at liv plastic Surgery. I worked there for almost a year. Andrew Ress plain and simple is not a good surgeon. Infact, he is a bad surgeon. I am coming forward now because I have heard from too many former staff members , that he permanently disfigured too many patients. This is a FACT: His own staff, would rather PAY another doctor for cosmetic work, than get it for FREE thru him!!! What does that tell you?

    While under employment, I know firsthand he forged the patient logs in his operating room in order to pass inspection. This is illegal and he should lose his medical license for doing it. I'm embarrassed to say I kept quite then, as we all did, to keep our jobs. He made employees lie on the witness stand in a civil case in order to keep their job. He also "asked" his patient coordinator to write disparaging remarks about local plastic Surgery Colleagues on Yelp and other review sites. He did it , only to keep his job.

    I also know firsthand, the equipment he buys never new. he only buys used equipment that can be faulty and ineffective which leads to scars and burns in most cases. His own wife recently filed for Divorce claiming he was cheating on her with women in the office. Not sure if this is true, however his now ex wife certainly believes it. This man is not only a bad, unethical surgeon, he is a not a person you can trust.

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