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  • 12-11-2010, 10:28 AM

    ARW = Re: International Galleries Inc II

    Whatever happened to this thread?

    "I suggest you visit the Art Reach World Wide thread here on"

    It's reference to history is located here:

    It would be highly informative to everyone involved reading the developments of ARW to know that the company did NOT just start up out of no-where in September 2010, but originally formed when IGI declared bankruptcy so many years ago...

    Since then, its been under a variety of names, including a company called "Beyond". Sky, do you know anything about "Beyond" and what they were selling and the connection that there may have been to other MLMs out there? Did Jennifer Calhoun had her hands in those as well.
  • 07-09-2008, 02:29 PM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    (Owner/ founder of MEGAFUND and International Galleries, Inc)

    More than 100 Victims Defrauded of Approximately $15 Million
  • 02-03-2008, 12:50 AM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    Quote Originally Posted by skylark View Post
    What's going on with the IGI case so far? It sure has been a while now, are they even done with finalizing the case and sending out the claim amount for the memebers and creditors? any input on this would be greatly appreciated. and Is there any way to contact the IGI office? or personals?
    IGI's owner and founder Stanley A. Leitner is convicted on all counts for his Megafud Ponzi Scheme. Could spend the rest of his life in prison when sentenced in April.

    FBI Report

    Argyle man convicted in $15 million investment scam

    Megafund rep hit with $9.4 million judgement

    LaRaza Loses
    Meanwhile, attorneys representing the IGI bankrupcty trustee have won their case against the spanish newspaper La Raza. More than 3 million dollars has been awarded. The lawyer will take approx 1.4 million. The rest, along with another 1 million in credit card money sitting in a Dallas bank will soon be paid out to those owed until the money runs out.
  • 07-31-2007, 02:01 PM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    What's going on with the IGI case so far? It sure has been a while now, are they even done with finalizing the case and sending out the claim amount for the memebers and creditors? any input on this would be greatly appreciated. and Is there any way to contact the IGI office? or personals?
  • 06-22-2007, 10:32 AM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

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  • 06-14-2007, 12:25 PM
    Natalia Brascow

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    I'm an idiot who does't follow the
  • 06-13-2007, 06:34 AM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    I LOVe this... ........ "Sorry, the page you are looking for cannot be found"

    (dead and buried at last!)
  • 05-26-2007, 12:08 AM
    Houston Biz Inc

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

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  • 05-02-2007, 06:38 AM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    Quote Originally Posted by Vision4Wealth
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  • 03-18-2007, 07:01 AM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    For those of you keeping score on the attempts of others to reincarnate IGI, check out this one involving the unholy alliance between the mad Russian Eddie Vaksar & family, some ex-IGI'ers, Bruce Bise and his failed Celebrity Galleries International... aptly entitled:

    Artchannel´s Eddie Vasker arrested

    The old IGI suckers (members) list has been bought and used more times than a $5 hooker. I give this one a month, tops.
  • 03-15-2007, 10:25 PM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    In July 2006 while investigating MEGAFUND I ran across the following report:
    It said that the "SEC announced on March 14 that it has filed an application in Dallas federal court seeking a court order to enforce document subpoenas issued to Gary Lynn McDuff of Deer Park, Texas in January." It went on to say, "McDuff had neither supplied the requested documents, appeared for a deposition, or offered an explanation for his noncompliance.

    According to the SEC's March 14 statement, the subpoenas issued to McDuff were part of its investigation of a scheme based in Texas called Megafund (see "Financial Crime News" story SEC CASE CLAIMS CONVICTED FRAUDSTER HELPED LOOT A HYIP CALLED MEGAFUND: August 3, 2005) Previously, McDuff had been identified as a principal of the Overseas Development Bank & Trust, an entity based in Dominica which was used in a large international prime bank scheme called Vavassuer (see "Financial Crime News" Special Report "The Hammersmith Connection: The International Prime Bank Racket" December 2004).

    This week I get a tip from someone stating, "here is a link to the receiver's site on the "Horizon Establishment" a $390+ million dollar Ponzi scheme.

    My source went on to say, Mr. Harry Robinson "Robbie" Gowdey, (Frisco, Texas) who appears in the headline of the SEC main release, was touted as the biggest earner in IGI for some time. I don't know if you ever heard of him (I haven't). My tipster further revealed,

    "I just heard last Friday that IGI is getting ready to start again, some entity has "bought their database" I was told. And the person that told me said they were going to do art again." A second informant reports "Robbie Gowdy was a big $$$ maker at IGI, but only because Myer signed him up right at the beginninh. He never had to recruit because people were placed under him. He is a scum bag!"

    Now here's the kicker... The following link is a U.S. District Court document filed by the SEC against various individuals including Robbie Gowdey operating a huge Ponzi scheme called "Horizion Establishment." This scam was nothing less than "Megafund on Steroids." The list of attachments shows the extent the perpetrators went to to spread money among various bank accounts, shell companies, investments, etc.

    Then.... on page 26, under "Exhibit B" listed as an "asset"... something VERY interesting pops out...


    Apparently, both these scams (Megafund and IGI) are directly tied to and owned by this larger scam... and... the SEC considers these two scams run by Leitner & Myer were essentially the same, single investment!!!

    The smaller Megafund Ponzi scheme gets busted in July 2005

    The much larger Horizon Establishment Ponzi scheme gets busted 6 months later (December 7, 2005).

    Two months later IGI is bankrupt.

    People... this is a major nest of criminals. These liars profess to be Christians while fleecing anyone who comes in contact with them. They are seriously sick, demented, evil, soulless, wicked men! Just read the SEC reports... tens of thousands of people have lost HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS because of these creeps!!!

    "By their fruits shall ye know them"... this was a teaching of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. It tells us that we are able to distinguish between false and genuine prophets by the things they do and say. In the same passage, Jesus calls false prophets wolves in sheep's clothing.


    If you have more dirt on him let me know!
  • 02-24-2007, 09:54 AM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    Hey Bloodhound,

    some of what you state is true

    ( speaking of sky )

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodhound

    Everything you've said about Myer sending money overseas and his girlfriend's mansions in Mexico--all lies. Everything.

    but most of what you say is ?????

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodhound

    Myer says he’s going to make good on all the old IGI accounts, all the monies owed to Members, he just doesn’t know how long it will take. He’ll honor the art. He’ll honor the commitment. It’s his honor that’s at stake. I believe him.

    you believe that ALL MONIES owed will be paid to members?

    He just doesn't know how long it will take?

    PLEASE.... if you truly believe that share with eveyone what you know that will ease anyone's discomfort regarding this BS Program.....

    His honor at stake?....He'll honor the art?

    With apologies to John McEnroe You cannot be serious?
  • 02-24-2007, 09:36 AM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II


    You brought up one of my favorite topics. Please enjoy the following great read on that kook Kiyosaki!

  • 02-24-2007, 08:00 AM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    Hello Bloodhound... if I were an escaping criminal I'd pray to have you on my trail as you'd be headed the opposite direction!!! :D

    First of all, I am not (repeat >>>NOT<<<) John Niberger/ Nibarger/ Neiberger/ Kneeburger nor his son so guess again. Nor have I ever been an officer, director, employee, member, Master Member, "Master Baiter," vendor or anything else associated with IGI, Paul Myer, Stanley Leitner or his MEGAFUND mafia. You are so frikkin off base it's just sad. You schmucks simply have no clue who I am.. but if I'm Nibarger "come and get me suckasssss!!!"

    Here's my total and complete history with IGI. I was suckered into attending ONE "Super Saturday" event and instantly sized up what was going on. It was literally sickening watching PJM, his shills and get-rich-quick wannabees abusing the friendship and trust of members family and friends. I'm a fairly bright college graduate and couldn't begin decipher the double-talk gobbeltygook being spewed forth as being such a sure thing. Anyone remember the IGI talking point that "IGI is the safest entrepreneural harbor around"???


    PJM blamed IGI's financial woes on critical reporting by La Raza and one blogger... both of whom he sued. And of course, was no help either. Then he laid blame on the bank credit card company unfairly holding back funds to cover chargebacks and refund requests (I guess they did that for no good reason and to bring down one of their best clients huh? A few months earlier they were boasting that "the president of Citibank/ City Bank personally calls Paul Myer for his business.")... what a load of horse crap!

    I think back about those hardworking Mexicans listening thru those Berlitz-type headpeices, taking a leap of faith and surrenduring their $5K in hopes of grabbing the brass ring. Reminds me of the sort of fleecing and abuse they endured by the "coyotes" who promised to smuggle them into the U.S.

    Secondly, IGI was not "network marketing"... it was a product based pyramid scheme and, therefore, mathematically doomed to collapse. It's demise was simply speeded up by a cascade of events tied to it's founder, funder and owner Stan Leitner who goes on trial in March.

    Thirdly, Robert Kiyosaki can kiss my hairy ass! I heard he advocated real estate as the road to riches. Someone tell me... what MLM's is he involved in? Amway? Mannatech? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

    In his book, the "Cash Flow Quadrant", Mr. Kiyosaki however does not detail the "cash flow Quadrants" associated with the MLM (multi-level marketing) business. Click for total enlightenment:

    Contributors to Wikipedia offer the following criticisms of Mr. Kiyosaki:

    Detailed analysis of public records (including SEC and county registrar of deeds) find no evidence to support Kiyosaki's status as a successful investor and businessman prior to the formation of his present venture, Cashflow Technologies, Inc. They claim that his wealth has come only as a result of selling books and audio presentations about topics he has not personally succeeded in and that he is probably worth far less than the US$50 to US$100 million he once claimed in an interview. They note he has claimed to be bankrupt as recently as 1985. In several of his books he makes claims about his accomplishments which appear to be exaggerations, fabrications or misdirection.

    Kiyosaki's books and teachings have been criticized by some for having anecdotal lessons, but lacking concrete advice on what exactly one should do.[13] Many readers find his work highly motivational and educational, but some find it lacking information to put it to use.

    Critics of Kiyosaki's work have thought some of his advice to be financially poor or even dangerous. For example, he advocates focusing on a few "good investments" rather than diversifying or putting money into 401(k)s. Kiyosaki advocates risk-taking and recommends people "have guts" to take risk (see the "Risk-Taking" section of this article). These standpoints conflict with the views of conservative investors.

    Kiyosaki wrote on a column in Yahoo Finance where he blames poverty on laziness. He also implies a religious justification for wealth disparity. "Over the years, I've met many losers who pray to God to give them gold. God helps those who help themselves. Again, the conquistadors may have been killers and thieves, but at least they knew how to help themselves."

    Kiyosaki is also an endorser of network marketing (such as Quixtar). He reasons in his book, The Business School For People Who Like Helping People, that the companies teach the skills necessary to be a successful business owner, like leadership, the ability to sell and teach, and emotional intelligence. Critics say he endorses the industry in order to sell more of his books and material to their members.

    Anyway... glad to have your misguided input Bloodhound. Please round up your pro-MLM/ Pyramid/ Ponzi scamming friends to come get me! I was starting to feel like the last man standing :rolleyes:
  • 02-22-2007, 11:52 PM

    Re: International Galleries Inc II

    It's been quite a while since I first posted this info in October. My opinion hasn't changed. But I think people need to be reminded of who you are, skyvoyager.
    There are some comments about network marketing after this.

    "Hi there, SkyVoyager,

    I’m a newbie poster, but I’ve been lurking around since way back early last fall. I’ve been watching and listening to you in particular, and tracking what you’ve said. Initially, I only wanted to see if you were right. Then it got to be something more interesting. You made some statements I knew for a fact to be untrue. That’s when I started my investigations seriously and diligently.

    And you’ve finally revealed yourself to me based upon the many little pieces of information you’ve given. So I’m about to reveal you to everyone.

    I thought it funny that you said early on that you had no personal grudge against Myer, yet the IGI thread was the only one you ever posted to. That’s what started me on my quest. I’m not close to those people, but I knew something was wrong. Now I know why.

    I’ve determined that you’re the person who used to work at IGI in a management position and was accused of sexual harassment of many of the women working there, then demoted, or whatever you call that, and taken out of that main building to run one of Myer’s other companies. He actually trusted you. You’re the one who stole a lot of equipment from the company including computers, maintenance equipment, and a long list of other things. You’re the one who tried to steal Myer’s business from inside by taking two of those monster printers home with you—well not you, but to one of your buddy’s homes—so you could set up your own process. Thought it was a money maker and wanted to get in on it, didn’t you? You’re the one who got at least three other employees or former employees of Myer to go in on that with you. And some of those former employees have been the source of a lot of your specific information. That’s why you were initially hard to pinpoint. Myer kept you around after those harassment charges in an effort to help you. But you obviously didn’t appreciate that.

    You were already up to your stealing ways before that, though. Lots of things disappeared from there that wound up on various internet auctions. They keep records, you know.

    Personally, I hope you wind up in jail. You’re a thief and a liar. You know most of what you’ve posted on here has been lies, but you made them up to make yourself bigger in your eyes. I’ve checked with people for months, doing all the detective work I could while still being quiet about it. I was really proud of myself for my “discovery.” But when I happened across Myer one day recently he said there’s been a number of people who have told him the same thing. We all know it’s you. There’s no use any more in denying it, or lying and saying it isn’t you. You’ve lied so much that would be a lie, too.

    Myer says he’s going to make good on all the old IGI accounts, all the monies owed to Members, he just doesn’t know how long it will take. He’ll honor the art. He’ll honor the commitment. It’s his honor that’s at stake. I believe him. I hope everyone who reads these postings realizes that you have no honor. You’re a major liar, a cheat, and a thief. You probably always will be.

    Everything you've said about Myer sending money overseas and his girlfriend's mansions in Mexico--all lies. Everything.

    And, you know, I’ll bet that those other guys who were up to no good with you are probably some of the other people who are posting the hate and lies on this thing. I hope he can get proof against you. You deserve no respect.

    And you now deserve no more of my time. I’m tired of those of you who can’t think of anything to do but put others down for trying to get ahead. You’re destroying other’s dreams by your hate.

    So, “I’m mad as ‘heck’ and I’m not going to take it any more.” This is my one and only post to this site.

    If I absolutely KNOW you’re a liar, and the others have been chiming in with you, then what does that make them?"

    Robert Kiyosaki writes "The network marketing and direct sales industry is recognized by many to be the fastest-growing business model in the world today. It is also the most controversial. Many people still have a negative reaction, claiming that many network marketing organizations are pyramid schemes. Yet in reality, the biggest pyramid scheme in the world is the traditional business corporation, with one person at the top and all the workers below.
    "We are not members of any one network marketing or direct marketing business, but we do speak favorably of the industry. People who want to be entrepreneurs should consider joining one of these businesses before they quit their jobs. Why? Many of these companies provide essential sales, business-building, and leadership skills not found anywhere else. One of the most valuable benefits from associating with a reputable organization is that it teaches the mind-set as well as the courage required to become an entrepreneur. You will aslo become more familiar with the systems required to build a successful business. The entry fee is typically quite reasonable and the education can be priceless.
    "If I were starting my entrepreneurial career all over again, I would start with a network marketing or direct sales business, not for the money but for the real-world business training I could receive."

    T. Harv Eker writes "If it resonates with you, network marketing can be a dynamite vehicle for wealth. But, and this is a big but, don't think for a minute that you're going to get a free ride. Network marketing will only work if you do. It will take training, time, and energy to succeed. But if you do, incomes in the range of $20,000 to $50,000 per month---that's right, per month---are not uncommon. In any case, just signing up and becoming a part-time distributor will give you some excellent tax advantages, and who knows, maybe you'll enjoy the product enough to offer it to others and end up making a nice income to boot."

    Harv also writes "Network marketing, for example, is an amazing concept. First, it doesn't usually require you to put up a lot of up-front capital. Second, once you've done the initial work, it allows you to enjoy ongoing residual income (another form of income without you working), year after year. Try creating that from a regular nine-to-five job.
    "I can't overemphasize the importance of creating passive income structures. It's simple. Without passive income you can never be free."

    Both of these men are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I certainly value their opinion over a man who is steals. I think their integrity is considerably higher than yours---WAYYYYYYYY far!
  • 02-16-2007, 08:02 PM

    IGI Bankruptcy Auction - Seen this?
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