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  • 06-18-2019, 10:22 AM

    Re: Royalhalo SCAM companies

    Ricardo Hernandez photo
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  • 06-12-2019, 05:40 AM

    Royalhalo SCAM companies

    At the largest exhibition of fresh fruits, Fruit Logistica, the company Royalhalo MX SPR de RL was presented. Many companies have contacted them after this commercial exhibition. After signing the supply contracts, customers transferred Royalhalo 100% payment for the goods. However, the product has never been shipped.

    We have paid on 20 March and 23 march of 2018 in total 29750 USD. But containers with fresh green bananas never has been shipped. Only promises.

    With this money, the company opened a business in the United States. Which successfully develops. The director of the company Ricardo Hernandez has not disappeared and continues to respond to messages. And brazenly says that none of the companies that have tried will not see their money.

    In the fruit business there is no single database of companies in which you could check the reliability of the potential counterparty. However, among the affected companies from Royalhalo and its director Ricardo Hernandez, there are such major companies as Maersk, Schrijverhof, as well as dozens of other companies that have lost their money ..

    With Royalhalo, negotiations were held on the return / reimbursement of debts both by representatives themselves, lawyers, and collection firms. However, to no avail. What is remarkable, Ricardo Hernandez repeatedly repeated that with the help of his lawyers he would not give a penny!

    Be careful in choosing contractors, and always check them in detail!

    List of companies and affiliates:


    Angela bezares

    Royalhalo LLC


    Royalhalo Holding B.V.


    Royalhalo Produce SPR de RL

    Royalhalo Fresh & Frozen Foods SPR de RL

    Royalhalo Organics SPR de RL

    Royalhalo MX SPR de RL

    Royalhalo Co Ltd.

    Dragon Fresh Foods SAPI de CV

    Dragon Organics SPR de RL

    Sabra Foods SAPI de CV


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