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  • 04-06-2008, 10:45 PM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    And so it on white -if this is your platform Thor -you have lost me - I'm fairly white..little bit red (the people not politics) but I consider myself like every other person.

    All people pushed to the edge of any society will lash back at their oppressors. While these "white" people may not think they deserve this treatment, they should, at the very least, expect it. This situation is hardly "news" - it's an old problem. It's abundantly clear (according to your posts) the police have no control. The U.S. is stretched a little thin right now but - hey - maybe they will take on another "no-win-situation".
  • 04-05-2008, 08:28 AM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    Thor is like Bush at a Press Confc ...

    Bush answers a question ... Confusion follows
    Thor posts ... Confusion follows
  • 04-05-2008, 02:29 AM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    Quote Originally Posted by pwrone View Post
    I think his point is that black on white violent crime, particularly home-invasion and rape, is a world-wide epidemic, not just here in the US.
    Black on white crime??? Please tell me I read you can't be - cause there it is in black and white "print".
    Damn - tell me you don't actually believe that....
  • 04-03-2008, 06:48 PM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    Quote Originally Posted by linda49 View Post
    Thor - Pounding this forum to death is a waste time. You must have some reason or purpose to display here .....tell us what you want.

    I think his point is that black on white violent crime, particularly home-invasion and rape, is a world-wide epidemic, not just here in the US.

  • 04-03-2008, 01:02 AM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    Thor - Pounding this forum to death is a waste time. You must have some reason or purpose to display here .....tell us what you want.
  • 04-02-2008, 08:31 PM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    Robbers make son watch rape
    02/04/2008 08:02 - (SA)

    Pretoria - A robber raped a woman in front of her six-year-old son shortly after midnight in her home in Pebble Rock Estate in Leeufontein, northeast of Pretoria.

    Two other robbers held her bound husband and their five-year-old daughter in the bathroom of the main bedroom.

    The family, who were making plans to emigrate to Australia, were attacked in their bedroom.

    Police spokesperson Captain Jan Sepato said the 35-year-old woman and her 37-year-old husband woke with a fright when they heard something in their bedroom.

    When they jumped up, three armed robbers switched on the light.

    The couple was overcome by the robbers and forced to lie down on the bed.

    Sepato said: "They asked for money and guns and the man said he had money in one of the cupboards."

    The robbers went to the cupboard with the man to get the money.

    "The man gave them R5 000 and they took him to the bathroom where one robber kept watch over him."

    According to Sepato, the robbers woke the couple's children in their rooms and took them to the main bedroom.

    "They took the girl to her father in the bathroom and made the boy lie down next to his mother.

    "Then one of the robbers raped the mother in front of the boy."

    "The robbers then stole cellphones, two plasma-screen televisions and other valuable items, locked the family in the main bedroom and fled.

    "The father wriggled free and called for help."

    Captain Barend Brits of Kameeldrift police station said the couple were still badly shocked on Tuesday morning.

    "We offered them counselling, but they said they would find someone professional themselves."

    Another couple was attacked by five robbers in their home on the estate in December last year.

    They had managed to keep their bedroom door closed for long enough until their neighbour came to their rescue with his shotgun.

    ....More black hate crimes....
  • 03-29-2008, 08:19 AM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    30% of the American public still support Bush ..

    good luck educating Americans outside of issues like American Idol and Hannity/Colmes
  • 03-28-2008, 11:42 PM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity,00.html

    SA kids play 'rape me'
    12/03/2008 13:10 - (SA)

    Johannesburg - Games such as "hit me, hit me" and "rape me, rape me" where schoolchildren chased each other and then pretended to hit or rape each other were being played at South African schools.

    "This game demonstrates the extent and level... brutalisation of the youth has reached and how endemic sexual violence has become in South Africa," the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) said in a report on school violence released on Wednesday.

    During public hearings, on which the report was based, the commission heard from Community Action Toward a Safe Environment (Case) that games such as these indicated how violence had become part of children's identities.

    The report said the school was the "single most common" site of crimes such as assault and robbery against pupils. According to a study conducted by the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention (CJCP), young people were twice as likely to become victims of crime than adults.

    Toilets feared by most

    "Just over two fifths (41.1%) of the young people interviewed had been victims of some form of crime," it said.

    The CJCP also found that toilets were an area of the school feared most by pupils.

    "Research indicates that learners perceive school toilets as the least safe areas, as are grounds and playing fields," the report said.

    These areas were a haven for bullies, which is the most common and well-known form of school violence.

    The commission found that pupils were now more "willing and able" to use physically aggressive ways to solve conflicts.

    More than a fifth of sexual assaults of young people occurred while they were at school, the report stated.

    According to a study conducted among 1227 female students who were victims of sexual assault, 8.6% (105 students) were assaulted by teachers, the report said.

    Shocking findings

    The Western Cape Education Department said that on average it received between one and four cases a month against teachers for sexual assault or harassment of students.

    "Very often, disciplinary procedures are not followed through and educators resign upon being formally charged," the SAHRC said.

    Another study, by the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme (TVEP), found that 26% of students were of the opinion that forced sexual intercourse did not necessarily constitute rape.

    The Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town told the commission the most common forms of violence it treated scholars for were assault with a fist, knife or panga, rape and sexual assault, bite wounds and firearm related injuries.

    The SAHRC in its recommendations said the education department should assist schools in identifying areas, such as toilets, where victimisation occurred and consider "reconfiguring" them.

    Careful screening and security measures were other methods mooted to prevent pupils from bringing weapons into schools.

    "The DoE [education department] should carefully consider the implementation of security devices, including metal detectors and fences," it said.
  • 03-28-2008, 08:54 PM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity


    'She was my baby'
    26/03/2008 23:53 - (SA)

    Virginia Keppler, Beeld

    Pretoria - Murdered 19-year-old ballerina and Vodacom meerkat Moitia dancer, Este van Rensburg, was to have joined her parents at the KKNK in Oudtshoorn on Thursday.

    Instead, Koos and Linda van Rensburg got the shocking news that she'd been found semi-naked, raped and murdered on their her parents' bed at their Faerie Glen, Pretoria home on Wednesday morning.

    She had been shot in the head.

    "My child is dead. She was my baby," said a weeping Van Rensburg.

    Her last SMS, which she had sent to her parents on Sunday, read: "Di son het vandag uitgekom wat beteking nuwe lewe... JESUS het vandag opgestaan ... Prys di HERE ... Veilig ry vdag. Lief vi julle baja!Mwa". ("The sun came out today which means new life... JESUS rose today... Praise the LORD... Drive safely today. Love you lots! Mwa)

    Este's body was found by Irene Molefe, 50, when she arrived for work.

    Molefe said that when she arrived at the house, she unlocked the gate and walked around the house.

    "I was about to unlock the door when I saw that the sliding door was half open."

    "I walked in and shouted: 'Morning, Este! I'm here!'

    "The fridge was standing wide open.

    "Then I peered into the garage and saw that her car wasn't there.

    "I started shouting, ' Este! Este!'

    "When I looked into her parents' room, I saw her lying on the bed like a doll and there was a pillow over her face."

    Molefe said she had got a huge fright and ran to the neighbours across the road for help.

    "I've never seen anything like that," she told Beeld, crying.

    Nathan Mowatt, 19, the neighbour's son, went to investigate.

    He said: "I drew the curtains to one side and then I saw it was Este who was lying on the bed."

    They immediately phoned the police and his mother phoned Este's parents in Oudtshoorn with the news.

    Nathan said Este was an exceptional person.

    "She always had a bounce in her step, was always laughing and was the happiest person I knew.

    "I saw her a week ago, but we just waved at one another.

    "I now wish I had chatted to her a little then," he said.

    Captain Julia Claassen said that a television, a computer and Este's silver Toyota Tazz (registration number NNS 243 GP) had been stolen.

    Her handbag, cellphone, her mother's jewellery and other valuable items in the house had not been taken.
  • 03-28-2008, 08:53 PM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    Quote Originally Posted by linda49 View Post
    Thor - These stories are truly heart-wrenching. Unfortunately, the same horror plays out in North America every day. It doesn't diminish the suffering of the people you describe. I just wonder what you expect?
    America is heading down the same road as SA is true and I wish only to insure that the American public is aware of the plight of the Boer people...check my blog here for my paper on South Africa compared to the US...
  • 03-28-2008, 04:16 AM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    Thor - These stories are truly heart-wrenching. Unfortunately, the same horror plays out in North America every day. It doesn't diminish the suffering of the people you describe. I just wonder what you expect?
  • 03-28-2008, 03:37 AM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity
  • 03-28-2008, 03:36 AM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity
  • 03-28-2008, 03:35 AM

    Re: I saw the worst of humanity

    Hi Everyone,

    I have attached a report of the shooting incident in Murrayfield(other side of the highway)

    I would like to appeal to anyone that is available to help with patrols and is not currently doing so to please volunteer.

    Currently the night patrols work out to one shift of two hours every three weeks.

    Please send me your name and possible preferences asap so that we could include you in the next roster.

    Leaders please forward to all your members.


    Leraar en vrou geskiet

    Mar 24 2008 08:39:48:627PM - (SA)
    Hilda Fourie
    Twee predikantskinders moes toekyk hoe rowers hul ouers aanrand, skop en op hulle skiet.
    Terwyl drie gewapende mans ds. Abri Pelser (44), van die Gereformeerde Kerk in Meyerspark, in die ooste van Pretoria, en sy vrou, Dalize (45), aangerand het, het hy hardop gebid dat die Here hulle sal beskerm.
    Pelser het gister in sy huis in Victorstraat in Murrayfield aan Beeld ges die Here het hom, sy vrou en hul kinders Maretha (14) en Ami (12) beskerm, want hulle het oorleef.
    Maretha en Ami het gesien wat die rowers met hul ouers doen.
    n Mens preek elke Sondag vir ander mense om positief te bly. Ek moet daarteen waak om n di voorval nie negatief te raak nie, s Pelser.
    Hy is gistermiddag uit die Wilgers-hospitaal ontslaan terwyl sy vrou tot mre nog in di hospitaal sal bly.
    Vriende van die Pelsers het Sondagaand n kerk by hulle kom braai.
    Omstreeks middernag het die predikantsegpaar hul vriende by die hek afgesien.
    Die honde was onrustig, s Pelser.
    Ek het agter om die huis na die agterdeur geloop om die deur te sluit en te kyk of ek iets gewaar.
    Toe ek n tree van die agterdeur is, het drie gewapende rowers op my afgestorm.
    Ek het geskree. My vrou was reeds in die huis. Toe sy hoor ek skree, het sy pepersproei gespuit.
    Die rowers het twee skote afgevuur en die pepersproei-kannetjie uit haar hand geskiet.
    Daarna het hulle my en my vrou op die grond gegooi, rondgeruk, geskop, geklap en ons met die vuurwapens se kolwe oor die kop geslaan. Hulle het my op n kort afstand net bo die knie geskiet.
    Ek het toe hardop begin bid dat die Here ons moet help.
    Maretha het agter die toonbank weggekruip, na haar ouers se kamer gesluip en die paniekknoppie gedruk.
    Volgens Pelser het die rowers geskrik en weggehardloop toe hulle die alarm hoor afgaan.
    Toe die rowers weg is, het Pelser die agterdeur toegedwing en gesluit.
    Die polisie en die nooddienste was vinnig op die toneel en die egpaar is behandel.
    Mev. Pelser se regterhand is ernstig beseer en haar bladbeen is gebreek.
    Dit was net n paar sekondes, maar het gevoel soos n ewigheid. Dit was n nagmerrie, s Pelser.
    Ek wil h die land moet werk en dinge in die land moet werk, maar ons sal n groter poging moet insit.
    n Mens neig daartoe dat di tipe dinge jou negatief maak, maar ons moet waak daarteen. Ek moet self daarteen waak.
    Kapt. Johannes Maheso, polisiewoordvoerder, het die voorval bevestig. Volgens hom het die verdagtes weggehardloop. Niks is gesteel nie en niemand is nog in hegtenis geneem nie.
    n Saak van poging tot moord en poging tot roof word ondersoek.

    l Minister abd Wife shot

    Two children of a minister saw robbers assault, kick and shoot their parents.

    Three armed men entered the church-building in meyerspark, in the east of pretoria, and assaulted abri pelser and his wife dalize while he prayed for God to protect them.

    Pelser said God protected them and his duaghters maretha (14) and ami (12) because they survived.

    The girls saw what the kaffirs did to their parents.

    The Minister was having a braai with friends at the church sunday night. When he let them out the dogs were agitated.

    He went to close the back door and was assaulted by 3 armed men.
    He screamed. His wife heard the scream in the house and spurted pepper spray

    The kaffirs took 2 shots and shot the pepper spray from her hand.

    The kaffirs threw them on the ground, kicked, hit, slapped and pistol whipped them across the head. They shot him just above the knee.

    Her began to pray to God for help.

    His daughter maretha had crawled back behind the counter and slipped to her parents 's bedroom and pressed the panic button.

    the kaffirs ran away when they heard teh alarm.

    The security company was quick on the scene.

    Mrs . pelser's right hand is severely injured and her shoulder is broken.

    The police spokesman said nothing was stolen and no one is in custody.
  • 03-26-2008, 09:33 AM

    I saw the worst of humanity

    I saw the worst of humanity

    February 18th, 2008 | by Rudi Prinsloo |

    Indomitable: Seventeen-year-old Jamie Paterson, a prefect at Roedean, has refused to allow the attack to break her spirit, and says she has seen the best of humanity as the community rallied around her family.

    Now her family face a difficult decision: Do they stay in a country where they will never feel safe?

    Seventeen-year-old Jamie Paterson was asleep when five psychopathic sadists invaded her familys Johannesburg home.

    She was dragged out of bed. As four of them terrorised her mother, father and nine-year-old brother, the fifth pulled her into a bathroom and raped her. Then he told her matter- of-factly that he was HIV-positive.

    But the feisty teenager is fighting back and a week after the rape managed to play her matric flute exam.

    We saw the worst of humanity, she told the Sunday Times on Friday, but then afterwards we saw the best of humanity as everyone banded together to support us.

    So far two HIV tests have come back negative. Now she wants her familys story to be a warning.

    Im not ashamed of what happened. I am a victim of a crime. Its not my fault. It could have happened to anyone.

    South Africans are increasingly unsafe in their own homes despite and sometimes because of the high walls, alarm systems, armed security guards, electric fences and other extraordinary measures they take to protect themselves.

    Police statistics released this week showed a 7% increase in house robberies over the past six months and a staggering 29.3% increase in business robberies.

    Armed robbers roam free and only 10% of them are ever caught.

    This is despite the fact that there are an average of 330 aggravated robberies in South Africa every day about 120 000 each year.

    Commissioner Chris de Kock, the head of police statistics, says wanton violence and mindless cruelty is prevalent in house robberies.

    De Kock said house robberies and business robberies touched the very essence of personal privacy and security of every individual in South Africa.

    And the crimes make newspaper headlines, creating an international image of South Africa which is not conducive to investment and tourism.

    Among the most shocking house robberies reported this year:

    # An attack in Mpumalanga last Sunday in which robbers cut off four of 70-year-old Hettie Janse van Rensburgs fingers with pruning scissors;

    # An attack in September in Craighall Park, Johannesburg, by a trio of robbers in which the homeowner, Mike Thompson, was stabbed 14 times, shot in the chest and in the back of the head before being dumped in his swimming pool;

    # An attack in April, in which two- year-old toddler Tsahai Okiekwe was shot in the head and killed. The gang of four murdered her because she started crying;

    # Another attack in April in which 68-year-old Sandy Staats was tortured and so badly burnt with boiling water that she died in hospital a week later;

    House robberies occur predominantly in Gauteng and KwaZulu- Natal.

    Gauteng accounted for nearly half of all house robberies committed between April and September this year: 3568 out of a country-wide total of 6 711. Just over a quarter of house robberies 1648 in total happened in KwaZulu-Natal .

    Each of the other provinces reported fewer than 400 house robberies during the six month period with the Free State recording 75 and the Northern Cape just three.

    Now, like so many other crime victims, the Paterson family are facing a difficult decision: do they flee South Africa, leaving behind friends and family, or do they stay in a country where they will never feel completely safe?

    Their assailants were all in their teens or early 20s . Five of them stormed the house at 10.20pm on October 2. A sixth waited outside in a getaway car.

    They tied the family up and then, for an hour and a half, they terrorised them.

    The robbers were full of bravado, Jamies father Alan Paterson, professor of anatomical pathology at Wits University recalled this week. They enjoyed every bit of the attack. It was brutal.

    Throughout, Jamie was convinced the men were going to kill them.

    I feel so much anger and hatred, she said this week. An indescribable fury for what they did to us and how cruelly they treated us, as if we were not human.

    And how they damaged us all for the future.

    Jamie a prefect at Roedean High School was separated and led away by one of the thugs.

    When he had finished, the rapist locked the bathroom door, telling Jamie he was doing so to protect her from his cohorts who would almost certainly also rape and then kill her.

    Meanwhile, the men threw a duvet over Alan Patersons head, and beat his wife Bronwyn, a former Pact ballet dancer, into a near coma.

    Paterson could only listen to her screams as the robbers pistol- whipped her and then stabbed her in the back of the head and neck with a pair of scissors.

    All the time they kept shouting at her: You f***ing white bitch.

    The thugs broke three of her ribs, smashed her nose and tore off a part of her ear.

    The violence against my wife and daughter was incredibly cruel. There was no need to hurt them. We co-operated fully.

    The robbers fled with the familys two cars, jewellery, medals, cameras, television sets, a DVD player, speakers and a microwave.

    Everybody is incredibly traumatised, Paterson said. The emotional wounds will take a long time to heal.

    Nevertheless, the family were determined not to let the attack destroy their lives. A week later, nine- year-old Angus played his piano exam, and Jamie played her matric practical flute exam, even as she fought off the possibility of an HIV infection.

    For four weeks, Jamie was on a cocktail of anti-retroviral pills . Two days after she finished the course, she wrote the rest of her matric exams.

    After two weeks [of anti-retrovirals], she could barely walk. She had muscle pain, she was constantly nauseous and tired. She had a rash from head to toe, her father said.

    According to her mother, she was so ill that my husband had to carry her to school at times.

    Said Paterson: I dont have a great deal of faith in our leaders. Crime is so bad, its low-level warfare. I dont see a solution. There is no real will to deal with crime, education or health.

    I want my family in an environment where they feel safe, where they can walk into a city and not live behind walls and fences. [South Africa] is a sick society and rape is a pastime.

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