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  • 07-28-2018, 04:50 PM

    Matthew Kadash in PA has scammed many people do not invest with him

    This is sort of a case study and a call for help. In the beginning of 2017 I had been befriended by a gentleman by the name of Matthew Kadash and Lee Morris .Owner/president of BMRE Holdings and Re-Konditioning Kadash We had been talking because he claimed he had flipped several houses and he worked with fellow BPers one in specific*@Dave Van Horn*at his Note PPR company (BTW I have listened to David's podcasts and they are very inspiring so I am not taking anything away from him).*He instilled confidence in me and I figured it would be good to gain as much knowledge I can from him. He took me from site to site on several properties at all phases, bought me lunch, took me out for a drink once, etc. Meanwhile he was throwing me offers or opportunities to invest with him. Eventually I bit, and he proposed a note for me to sign, the note was due in July of 2017. Needless to say, the note was overdue and he stated there were issues with the contractors working on the particular site. At the time I thought this was fine and I was working for his company going from site to site to take pictures and hire contractors and manage the flips.

    Fast forward to October 2017, after several occasions of my bringing up the note and him pushing it back over and over, as well as, trying to convince me to roll the money over to the next investment, I finally the demanded the note be due (as per agreement written in the note). Instantly, I was threatened by him that I cannot demand the money (as per his lawyer). Keep in mind he copy and pasted something from the internet that he indicated his lawyer sent him. He also immediately stated that he will press charges if I defame him? Needless to say, I immediately called my lawyer and sent her all of the documentation and statements he had made to me, and all of his promises and instances where he pushed back the owed money.

    My lawyer next sent a demand letter with the total amount, and after weeks of no response, he finally at the deadline dated by the lawyer, indicated that the wire transfer was put through to my lawyers account. He obviously had lied to my lawyer as there was never any wire transfer put into place. This was in December right in time for Christmas. To top it off he request my tax information through my lawyer and said it was the only way I would get paid. So foolishly I complied and now I am afraid that he has any personal information he needs on me.

    Unfortunately, I had finally done my due diligence on Mr. Kadash and realized that 1. He has court records indicating he has done this before and 2. Even the note he asked me to sign was a copy and paste note from the internet, so obviously it didnt cover a lot of the scenarios that came into play.

    At this point I keep trying to remind Mr. Kadash that I have 3 kids and a family, and I work a couple jobs, still digging out of the hole he put me in. I keep asking for my payment, and I keep getting steered in another direction by him. He states that he cant help me and my lawyer because we are ignorant. Then he states that I should wait for the next house to sell, then the next, then the next. I simply want my money and my return that he stated is owed to me. I offered to come pick it up in person but he blocks every avenue of communication at one point or another. At this point I feel as if there has been identity theft, and clearly several other issues.

    I made a lot of mistakes throughout this experience and I am aware. Obviously, this will not stop me from achieving what I set out to do but at the same time I have decided I should reach out to the BP board for any advice on the matter. If anybody on this board has had the same experience with this company or the next OR has been able to resolve these sort of issues, or has any insight whatsoever on which direction I could take please let me know.*

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