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  • 11-11-2011, 07:31 AM

    Re: Why do liberals hate freedom? Let us consider

    * sigh *

    If you believe this shit, you need to realise the site you copied it from is satire.

    If thats why youre posting it, who cares? People can go to landoverbaptist and laugh at christian fundies there.

    Its irrelevant here in a political forum, either way. Can I humbly suggest you piss off?
  • 11-11-2011, 06:37 AM

    Why do liberals hate freedom? Let us consider the

    Why do liberals hate freedom?

    1) Freedom of property; the natural right to own property, livestock and humans.

    2) Freedom of reproduction:
    the natural right to tell our wives and daughters when they will have our kids.

    4) Freedom of Religion: the right to be free from unbelief, the right to promote one religion without criticism and the right to publically condemn these who one's faith teaches are morally wrong.

    5) The freedom of Workplace: the right to employe people with out the harassment by union thugs, men hating women or crazy tree hugging hippies.

    6) The freedom of Nations: the right to live in a world free of governments our citizens feel threatened by.

    7) Freedom of Education
    the right to be educated in proper Christian science, philosophy and economics.

    All these freedom the left rejects and goes out of their way to undermine. The liberal hatred of basic liberties is mind numbing and confuses me. Why does this happen?

    Personally I think it's because the left hates decency and are unrelentingly anti-Caucasian racists. If they had their way America would be run by companies based in China, banks would plunder the country with elaborate stock scams and women become little more than baby making machines. Praise Jesus that nightmare American doesn't happen because the Republicans in congress defend the free market but it could happen if we REAL Americans ever waver for a second in our devotion to our cause.

    What do you all think -a agree or disagree with me? Why?
    Amos: 3 Behold, I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves.

    God is happy with his cart, and he's not going to make two trips for you sinner!

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