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  • 11-04-2013, 09:56 PM
    Michael Plasse Victim

    Michael Plasse Urgent Con Warning!!!

    MICHAEL PLASSE URGENT CON WARNING!!! Two Week Project Now In Tenth Month! (older reported scam thread here: )

    Michael Plasse aka Mike Passe, Very Awesome Inc. veryawesome dot com signed an agreement fraudulently using the name Mike Passe (not "Michael Plasse") and Very Awesome Inc. This was probably done to prevent finding negative online reports under his real name (MICHAEL PLASSE). Checking registrations throughout the USA, the company Very Awesome Inc he used in not registered and probably doesn't exist. An arrest record is shown online for credit card fraud also.

    Why would anyone be suckered into waiting ten months for a quoted two-week project? If you read through the above referenced thread you may have some understanding. Mike Plasse is a real con artist. He makes realistic promises and then comes up with excuse after excuse (not real) and then promises again and that drags on for weeks. The bottom line is that to date no working website or working app has been delivered.

    What adds to this crime is that Michael Plasse was asked in writing on numerous ocassions if he was unable to meet his contract commitment and should the project be turned over to another programmer. On each separate occasion he mislead purposely by advising "no, I'll finish it soon".

    In addition, in the 9th month he agreed to a $500 per day late penalty... this agreement included a completion schedule which he himself prepared. To date, the late fees accrued are about $30,000. Now he says he is under great stress and can't work and wants to negotiate a new agreement - imagine that! He also states he works for a law firm and any attempt at legal action will not be successful. Asked what law firm he works and no answer.

    As others say in the older thread, Michael Plasse is a dream killer. He constantly makes you believe that the project completion is just around the corner, only to delay for another month or two - then repeats the same. When he saw that online negatives about him were discovered, he unilaterally refunded the initial deposit and several hundred dollars more -- he prides himself on this even though it came in the 8th month of non-performance. This was most likely done under threat of contacting
    the Rhode Island Attorney General. Mike Plasse address and phone number track to Providence, Rhode Island.

    Michael Passe (a Mike Plasse alias) is a serious con artist and knows all the tricks. For example, immediately after signing the agreement, he says he has some great iPhone/ Android Apps for sale and entices you to buy them for $2000 - $4000. If you don't go for that, he will entice you to go into business with him by investing thousands and he'll show you how much money can be made. Imagine this -- after 9 months of his constant lies, he tried the very same thing again!

    Another favorite tactic is to come up with ideas that allow him to delay further. When he said he was almost 100% complete with the app, he heard about the new iOS7 software for the iPhone. So he said he would make the app iOS7 compatible -- so that gives him two more months of delay -- and as usual no app is ever delivered, nor shown.

    Another delay tactic is to suggest changes like for example a competitor may make changes or introduce a new app -- Mike says these are worth investigation and delays the project for another month of absolute nothingness but more lies and promises.

    Stay clear of this serial conman, scammer, and liar. If you have been scammed by Michael Plasse, speak up and let the world know about him.

    The above information is provided as an actual client experience and represents an opinion of doing business with Michael Plasse.

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