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Forum: Religious Scams

Some of the oldest scams since the beginning of time have been under the category of religion scams.

  1. Saving Souls JW style

    Started by bibleman, 01-08-2007 01:00 AM
    abandoned, account, accuracy, accurate, acts, admit, ale, allowed, america, american, another, authority, aware, based, basic, basics, beat, biased, bible, bit, blood, body, books, bow, bright, bunch, cancel, capabilities, care, caught, chance, chapters, chea, chris, church, cincinnati, class, coming, community, compare, complete, corporate, couldn, cover, coward, crank, credit, crew, dan, david, day, dead, dear, death, debate, debating, destroyed, discuss, doesn, don, dons, door, due, eme, enter, examples, exposed, express, extra, extreme, fall, fat, files, fla, flat, folks, fred, friends, gen, give, gonna, grace, group, guarantee, guys, hands, hearts, heb, hey, home, hot, huge, huma, human, humans, ial, ian, ice, ici, identity, illus, image, images, include, influence, injury, item, jason, john, joke, kidding, lake, lengths, lied, likes, line, lis, lived, living, lol, long, los, loss, loves, luke, mad, mankind, mark, master, mea, meeting, members, mental, mind, motives, music, nail, needed, north, number, ora, org, outs, owns, paper, par, part, people, person, personal, peso, pet, peter, picture, popular, pos, post, posts, prime, problem, proposition, proves, public, pull, punishment, qualifications, question, questions, ransom, rea, real, reason, reasons, red, regular, release, reliability, reliable, respond, rev, room, sad, saints, sal, salvation, script, serve, sharing, sho, short, shows, side, site, smileys, son, song, sons, soo, source, specifically, sphere, start, stories, student, style, subs, summer, tactic, taken, talking, team, thread, threads, tim, times, told, top, tradition, transparent, university, url, version, vince, vital, wanted, watch, win, winter, won, wont, worked, working, wow, writing, www, ymo 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  2. oops

    Started by Qi123, 01-10-2007 08:17 AM
    mistake, oops, thread
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  3. Something a little more light-hearted

    Started by SubJunk, 06-06-2006 12:01 AM
    advanced, age, ain, allowed, angry, another, anti, ashamed, ation, audience, bait, banker, basic, bet, better, bible, bit, black, books, break, brilliant, bro, buried, cares, case, caused, center, centre, change, check, chris, christian, christians, cli, clock, college, con, continue, correct, couldn, dark, darkness, days, dea, death, debate, denial, dennis, diamond, difficult, divine, doesn, don, dvd, e-mail, early, east, edge, effective, error, experience, expert, father, feel, feeling, felt, figures, final, forgot, freedom, fusion, galaxy, gem, geometry, george, god, gonna, good, grown, guaranteed, gut, guys, hand, hard, head, hear, heart, hey, his, horizon, horrific, huma, human, husband, ian, identifying, idiot, idiots, ignorance, images, imagine, ime, inc., index, ion, islamic, jesus, jews, joe, joy, knew, last, laughing, lexx, life, light, lines, lis, listen, long, mail, making, mama, match, mea, meeting, message, mind, mock, moment, monday, more, morning, moron, nation, nature, net, noah, numbers, office, original, page, paradox, parallel, part, peace, perfectly, personally, plane, played, point, pos, positive, posted, private, profile, promote, proposition, pumpkin., question, quickly, quote, ran, reaction, real, reasons, recommend, red, references, relax, religion, religious, remarks, responses, rest, rio, role, roo, sam, sense, set, ship, simply, small, son, soul, sounds, spider, split, stage, star, stated, step, stop, strange, style, summary, sun, supported, talk, talks, taste, tech, ted, they, thinks, thought, thread, times, today, town, une, unit, universe, upper, url, version, video, videos, vinci, viole, wait, watch, watched, watching, week, west, woma, won, working, worse, www, years 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  4. Doggie with a Bone?

    Started by Emerantia, 01-09-2007 08:32 AM
    ???, ????, ??????, ??????????, ame, another, big, bit, boost, brown, bur, bus, bush, bust, call, charles, che, chea, crack, cream, cuz, day, dick, disease, dish, disturbing, dog, fine, friends, give, god, gonna, gotta, guys, head, hear, hey, hide, honey, hope, jack, judge, jump, kentucky, knock, lexx, life, line, lock, lol, long, los, lost, loves, lunch, mass, mea, men, milky, oas, people, ping, pump, rump, sanders, short, space, spread, top, upper, url, weiner, workplace, year
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  5. CYCLE- OF- WAR CULTURE- Its Origins ?

    Started by Kevin Puppos, 12-28-2006 11:32 PM
    another, atomic, attempts, beer, biggest, black, black magic, block, bomb, bombings, cer, cheap, city, class, costs, coup, cure, defeat, detected, enemy, exo, extremely, fec, fixed, ground, healing, held, hey, high, hitler, home, house, huge, huma, human, humans, illness, infected, influence, invade, japan, large, local, magic, mass, mea, media, mental, military, mind, nation, national, nations, nature, new york, passed, police state, political, popular, power, prevent, rea, reality, response, rise, risk, sca, scale, send, severe, ship, sick, soo, sources, specifically, spreading, survival, swift, taken, tech, technologies, vic, viewpoint, violence, violent, virus, war, warfare, weapon, work, world, york
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  6. Before Christianity

    Started by Qi123, 12-11-2006 10:21 AM
    000, ama, another, astrology, aus, australia, aware, beer, bible, books, called, car, cer, chris, church, complex, dan, david, day, dead, death, declared, differences, don, doomed, door, essential, explained, fire, god, god?, group, hasn, hell, hey, hindu, huma, human, ial, ian, ignorant, isn, israel, jesus, jewish, job, john, judaism, kids, king, lake, lexx, life, lisa, long, longer, minerals, ministry, mistake, mystery, needed, ora, paganism, past, people, person, question, raise, reason, reincarnation, religion, requirements, serve, son, start, stats, stop, story, talking, testing, told, trust, truth, universe, vicious, view, wars, white, wide, word
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  7. John3:16 and Jesus~Is~Lord

    Started by sojustask, 11-30-2006 08:26 AM
    account, accounts, accurate, address, allowing, ame, another, apology, authority, automotive, banned, banning, based, biggest, bio, breaking, called, care, career, cars, catholic, chris, christmas, church, club, collect, coming, comments, complain, complex, connections, control, couldn, count, dark, doesn, don, dont, email, enter, female, financially, find, folks, fool, forgiveness, forum, forum rules, fun, funny, future, give, god, head, heaven, hey, hide, high, hold, holiday, hypocrite, ian, identity, idiot, idiots, images, industry, isn, issues, jesus, john, kicked, lady, lessons, line, lis, lisa, listing, living, lol, long, longer, love, making, mea, members, merry, million, mind, misinformation, move, nuns, people, person, personal, play, pos, post, posted, posting, posts, public, question, race, real, red, regular, responsible, rio, room, rules, safe, screw, season, sell, sends, serve, service, shares, shut, site, start, stephanie, stupid, submit, taken, teach, thread, threads, threats, top, total, tough, trust, two weeks, typing, url, used car, used cars, waiting, watching, weeks, witch, witness, won, worked, world, wow
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  8. Was it the bible that taught genocide?

    Started by bogie, 11-25-2006 10:38 PM
    acted, adolf, adult, agreement, ame, another, appears, apt, attention, attitude, automatic, avoiding, azi, babies, bad, based, basically, bible, bright, bunch, bur, call, card, care, carry, catholic, cer, chris, christian, christmas, christmas., church, city, class, close, college, crap, crowd, dar, day, death, decades, deeds, destroyed, differently, difficult, doesn, don, dont, drop, ends, europe, evil, examples, experience, explained, extremely, fail, faithful, fashion, father, folks, forgiveness, freinds, gap, gas, generation, genocide, god, grant, hahaha, hasn, hates, head, heaven, hell, hey, hiding, high, house, huma, human, hurt, ian, ice, indoctrination, influence, involved, jesus, jihad, jimmy, job, judge, justify, lexx, life, line, lis, lived, living, long, longer, los, lost, love, mad, mea, meet, memories, merry, mind, nations, opinion, par, part, peaceful, people, person, personal, pictures, pissed, plan, plans, pleasant, power, question, raise, raising, real, respect, saves, secrets, sen, service, ship, shopping, short, show, simply, site, son, song, sound, spent, spokesman, start, stories, story, strange, successful, takes, talking, teach, test, thankful, tme, told, top, town, tribute, trusted, uncle, vince, watching, weird, win, winner, witch, woma, won, wonderful, working, wrote, year, young
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  9. Come To The Kingdom Hall?

    Started by Emerantia, 01-04-2007 05:52 PM
    action, acts, admit, another, attitude, authentic, based, bible, bit, blood, body, boss, care, caught, cer, chapters, chris, church, class, continue, crew, crowd, day, destruction, difficult, divorce, doesn, don, dont, eme, ends, experts, extremely, fake, fec, free, friends, fun, funny, future, girls, global, guys, health, hearts, hey, hold, holds, hope, house, huma, human, hunger, injury, laugh, lexx, lied, lies, likes, line, lis, listen, lol, love, lying, mankind, married, mea, meet, mental, merry, mind, model, motives, new zealand, onli, online, opportunity, organization, paul, people, person, personal, police, popular, positive, power, prepared, public, question, real, reason, regular, response, rie, role, sacred, service, shopping, shouldn, site, slaughter, smileys, son, store, stories, stream, stuff, times, told, travelling, url, version, vice, waiting, wanted, wife, wild, win, winter, wolves, woman, work, worked, working, wow, www, young 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  10. The Mark Of The Wild Beast Has A Name!

    Started by Emerantia, 01-05-2007 01:04 PM
    ???, ame, america, another, ate, barbara, bus, care, catch, cer, church, circumcised, clean, coming, continue, day, dead, drink, easter, ells, evil, fails, famous, fat, fee, free, future, gen, give, grades, harrassing, helps, hey, huma, human, identity, jesus, jewish, john, laugh, letters, level, lexx, living, lol, long, mankind, mark, mea, mind, new world order, number, outlook, people, person, political, poor, pos, post, posts, power, prophet, rules, safe, saints, sal, salt, sell, side, site, small, taken, tells, url, war, wild, woman, world
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  11. Ride A White Horse

    Started by Whispering wind, 01-06-2007 01:21 PM
    dark, darkness, horse, ride, white
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  12. SALVATION - A gift from Jehovah

    Started by Emerantia, 11-14-2006 05:16 PM
    000, 9/11, acceptance, account, action, acts, admired, agreed, ain, allowed, ame, another, australia, authentic, bible, bit, body, books, boots, called, care, catholic, central, cer, chan, chance, channel, characteristics, chris, christian, church, close, coming, communication, complete, continuation, continue, copies, correct, credit, daughter, day, dead, death, declared, deep, defeat, dei, desert, destroyed, destruction, differently, doesn, don, dont, dow, draws, due, earn, ells, experience, express, face, father, fine, forum, free, fulfilled, gave, generation, gift, god, hail, hasn, head, heart, hearts, hedge, hey, high, huma, human, hunger, hurt, husband, illness, impact, important, industries, iran, isaac, isn, jerusalem, jesus, john, kit, laughs, learning, lesser, lets, lexx, line, listed, lived, living, lol, longer, los, loves, lying, making, mea, meeting, members, mind, money, move, needed, new world order, new zealand, news, nope, onli, online, owned, part, passage, paul, pays, pen, people, person, personal, personality, peter, ping, pong, pos, post, posting, posts, prize, pulled, pure, question, questions, ransom, religion, rendered, research, salvation, scam, scam site, sen, sharing, ship, short, shows, shut, simply, site, son, song, soo, specifically, stage, stocks, stop, students, stupid, suddenly, taken, talking, teach, tells, tendance, thread, threads, times, told, top, trac, trusted, truth, version, walk, wanted, water, won, word, worked, world, writing, year, zealand
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  13. Biblical Topics Soon Coming!

    Started by Emerantia, 11-12-2006 05:15 PM
    000, action, ain, ame, america, another, appears, asy, bears, believers, biblical, big bang, bite, bring, bunch, burst, called, car, care, carry, central, cer, change, check, chris, christian, church, clean, collect, coming, commentary, comments, completely, conservative, control, conveniently, convictions, correct, couldn, credibility, crew, cruise, dan, day, dead, dear, debating, deep, difficult, doesn, don, dont, door, dow, due, edge, ells, face, fall, father, forgiveness, forum, front, gee, give, gold, group, guess, guys, hail, hands, head, heart, hearts, held, hey, holds, hope, huma, human, hurt, ian, important, influence, interest, isn, issues, item, john, joke, knock, laugh, leaders, legacy, lexx, liner, lions, lis, living, local, lol, long, mankind, mea, members, message, mind, misinformation, move, movie, offered, opportunity, organizations, outs, par, passed, people, person, picture, plan, plane, pos, post, program, prophet, question, questions, real, reality, regular, respect, resurrection, returns, reveals, rotten, severe, share, shed, short, shows, shut, sign, site, son, sons, soo, stars, stream, sun, talking, teach, tells, thread, threaten, told, total, trac, trillion, truth, urgent, url, voice, weeks, witness, won, wonderful, word, working, world, wow, year, york
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  14. In the Tracks of Hercules

    Started by Whispering wind, 01-04-2007 06:50 PM
    ale, alice, animal, arise, artist, assigned, aware, chris, connections, contest, creates, dark, darkness, day, dead, death, decades, description, difficult, don, drew, dying, education, enemy, epic, error, fixed, foundation, friends, give, god, held, hell, hey, hidden, high, house, huma, human, illus, images, immortality, information, king, land, lies, living, london, long, loss, lying, mad, maker, mass, mea, mental, mind, move, murder, myth, nature, number, ordered, org, par, part, poet, potential, pro, problems, production, quality, quick, reason, red, rise, solve, soul, source, start, stories, strength, student, teach, terror, test, times, tracks, united, university, upper, url, view, weak, website, weight, wife, women, words, world, wrote, york
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  15. Consumas, A traditional Chrisumtion

    Started by Whispering wind, 12-09-2006 02:33 PM
    000, allowed, ama, animal, annual, another, babies, balance, based, blood, body, boxes, build, bull, call, care, caught, cer, ceremony, chan, chance, children, chris, christmas, church, citizens, close, closet, club, coming, community, continue, dark, darkness, day, dead, death, dept, destroyed, devil, dio, disappointment, don, dying, earn, easter, elec, eric, essential, factories, fall, figures, forces, fred, freinds, give, god, gordo, grades, hands, head, hearts, helping, hey, hide, html, huma, humans, illness, important, increase, individuals, investment, involved, large, life, lived, living, long, longer, major, make money, manfred, mea, meeting, millions, model, money, myth, national, nations, number, objects, org, paganism, paper, parents, part, people, personal, plastic, poor, power, produce, production, products, rap, real, receiving, religion, rio, rise, rock, role, sacred, sell, served, services, ship, shouldn, sick, simply, small, son, start, street, subs, success, sun, survival, systems, taken, television, toys, track, trap, tribute, ugly, url, version, view, vital, wanted, wars, wash, western, win, winner, winter, wonderful, wow, year, young
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  16. Purgatory

    Started by Emerantia, 11-15-2006 03:43 PM
    accept, addition, ame, another, armageddon, aware, based, bible, blood, body, borrowed, bring, bur, called, careful, catholic, cer, chris, church, day, dead, death, deep, doesn, dont, due, eme, enter, essential, experience, faithful, fire, free, get rich, god, grace, ground, heaven, hell, hey, holds, ial, ice, jerusalem, john, key, king, living, loves, matthew, mea, millions, money, nature, number, pay, people, person, pit, positive, punishment, real, research, response, resurrection, sacred, salvation, science, show, son, soo, support, tactic, taken, teaching, thread, threads, total, totally, tradition, union, war, world
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  17. Christmas...

    Started by sojustask, 12-25-2006 04:51 PM
    accounts, annual, avia, bed, big, brown, called, check, chris, christmas, christmas., church, class, cohen, custom, dad, day, deal, don, dont, door, due, engine, factory, fed, friend, god, gonna, hey, home, ice, isaac, jesus, jewish, jews, jimmy, lady, late, laugh, leave, mass, midnight, nations, office, passed, patrick, person, pile, play, political, pos, post, posts, power, racist, ran, reality, religion, rev, ride, rolls, show, shows, side, sun, teacher, toys, vic, waiting, year, young
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  18. Do not add or take away

    Started by lisan23, 12-29-2006 03:23 AM
    ability, account, add, agrees, aka, ale, another, authors, beat, bible, big, bit, body, books, borrowed, call, cer, chris, christmas, close, college, complete, cops, credit, deal, deciding, doesn, don, door, drink, ends, error, excuses, fine, force, forces, freinds, front, give, guys, hahaha, hear, heaven, hey, holidays, ian, images, industry, information, john, kidding, large, lexx, line, lis, lisa, local, lol, long, los, love, loves, luke, lunatic, lunch, mark, mea, meet, mocking, nwo, part, paul, pen, people, person, pos, post, power, pro, qualified, question, quick, replacing, resident, respect, rude, script, season, secret, serve, signs, site, small, smileys, son, source, stories, story, sun, table, taken, talking, temple, testify, tme, url, vacation, version, waiting, wanted, won, word, wow, writing, wrote, www, year, young 3 Deleted Post(s)
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  19. Finkelstein and Jesus

    Started by sojustask, 01-03-2007 04:43 AM
    agreed, business, cer, choice, crowd, don, due, education, finally, fit, fun, funny, give, god, guess, hey, huge, ice, jesus, line, long, mankind, needed, part, past, people, personality, placement, prepare, shop, sign, small, son, soo, spot, tall, une, waiting, war, world
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  20. Love

    Started by Born2Serve, 12-31-2006 09:05 PM
    attack, attitude, bears, believers, bible, body, bur, car, chance, chris, clean, cleaning, clock, como, counting, crew, dark, darkness, day, dead, devil, don, dont, ells, eme, envy, evil, eye, fall, god, god?, grace, grant, guarantee, guess, hate, hats, hey, html, hypocrite, hypocrites, ian, idea, ignorant, image, include, judge, lexx, line, lol, long, longer, love, mea, network, nope, org, owner, parade, paradox, part, poor, pos, post, posted, posts, prophecies, quick, real, return, rude, salvation, satan, scumbag, serve, sho, show, signs, sleeping, smileys, soul, source, start, stop, tells, thinks, thread, threads, truth, url, vanish, version, wanted, win, winter, witness, word, world 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  21. JOAN- of- ARC !

    Started by Kevin Puppos, 01-01-2007 02:26 AM
    ability, bible, catholic, central, english, friends, hey, hide, history, hold, hope, horse, live, maid, notice, pro, war, western, work, world
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  22. Did John the Baptist really have freewill?

    Started by bethelight, 12-02-2006 12:16 AM
    admit, agree, agreement, ambassador, aware, based, believers, bets, bible, called, carry, cer, change, choice, chris, closes, comparison, complete, complex, correction, couldn, day, dead, deal, debating, decision, demonize, don, dont, doomed, due, eat, egypt, evidence, experience, extra, extremely, factor, fashion, field, forgiveness, founder, free, god, gotta, grace, head, held, hey, higher, hit, holds, holdup, huma, human, humans, ial, image, involves, jesus, john, kevin, legal, lexx, lis, los, lottery, love, mad, mea, media, method, michael, mind, ministry, oops, outs, part, passed, people, person, potential, prepared, prophet, question, questions, race, real, rebel, respond, responsible, revolt, reward, rome, satan, sen, separate, serve, simply, site, smileys, specifically, stop, style, submit, super, systems, taken, told, upset, view, vital, word, world, worshipper, year
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  23. Poll Poll: fox news-One Nation Under God

    Started by Born2Serve, 12-20-2006 11:43 PM
    000, accurate, admit, advanced, africa, ages, ame, american, another, anus, apology, article, astrology, attention, authors, balance, based, basement, bastards, bias, bible, biggest, bit, body, borrowed, breaks, building, bur, called, care, carry, cars, cast, catholic, catholics, center, cer, chan, change, channel, child abuse, choo, chris, church, citizens, cleaning, close, closet, coming, comments, communal, complain, complex, continue, couldn, countdown, countries, crank, crap, creates, dan, dark, darkness, daughter, david, day, dead, debating, decades, deliver, development, devil, dick, disinformation, disturbing, doe, doesn, don, dont, dress, duality, due, egypt, eme, end times, endorse, england, error, essential, experience, expert, extra, extreme, eye, faithful, fall, fashion, feature, folks, forces, forum, foundation, free, freinds, fulfilled, future, gen, generation, god, grace, group, growth, hahaha, head, heaven, hell, hey, hidden, highly, history, house, html, huma, human, husband, ial, ian, ife, image, images, imagine, important, info, interest, involved, islamic, isn, jerusalem, jewelry, jihad, john, joke, judge, karma, kidding, kill, king, kkk, lake, land, large, leaders, lesser, liberal, life, lis, lisa, living, lol, long, longer, los, lunch, mad, mark, mass, master, mea, members, mental, million, mind, movie, murdered, myth, nam, nation, national, nature, news, north, nos, numbers, org, owned, part, partners, passionate, patriot, patriots, paul, pen, perception, person, personal, piece, plane, play, pop, pope, popular, pos, positive, post, posted, posts, power, products, proof, prophet, protection, queen, question, questions, quick, race, ran, reaction, real, reality, reasons, recorded, red, rescue, research, respect, respond, response, responsible, reveals, ria, rio, riots, role, roo, room, sacred, satanic, scary, search, sen, serve, ship, sho, shooting, shows, shut, sign, simply, sinking, site, son, source, sources, spin, starts, states, stop, story, style, subs, sum, summary, sun, taken, talking, tall, terror, test, thinks, thread, times, told, top, tortured, trails, traitor, twins, une, united, united states, upset, url, usa, vatican, veteran, view, waiting, wanted, web, weeks, western, white, white house, wide, wins, witch, work, worked, working, wow, www
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  24. Just who is Jack Chick?

    Started by sojustask, 12-28-2006 04:38 PM
    ???, abandoned, absent, academy, account, accounting, accounts, accurate, acted, action, acts, admit, admitted, africa, african, agen, ages, agreed, alcohol, ale, alleged, alliance, allowed, alta, america, american, angeles, anniversary, another, apology, artist, asy, attention, audio, australia, authentic, authority, authorized, authors, avoid, aware, banned, based, bathroom, bed, believers, ben, bit, blame, block, blood, body, books, borrowed, bow, bur, cai, canada, card, care, cars, cash, cast, catholic, caught, caused, center, central, cer, charles, chart, chea, china, chinese, chris, church, class, climax, close, coke, collection, college, colon, coming, comments, communism, company, complain, complete, complex, cons, corporation, counterfeit, countries, cover, crack, crap, credibility, credible, credit, crew, dan, dark, day, dead, dean, death, demand, department, deposited, description, destroyed, difficult, diploma, disputed, division, documentation, doesn, don, dont, door, drew, drop, dropping, drug, due, dying, earn, effective, ells, eme, enemy, england, english, enter, episode, error, european, excellent, exo, experience, expert, explained, factual, fall, families, famous, fans, favorite, feature, fee, figures, files, financial, find, fled, folks, foreign, forgiveness, fred, front, fulfilled, funds, future, gary, gay, generation, give, global, god, gold, grew, group, growth, haid, hammer, hands, harder, hasn, head, headquarters, hearts, held, hell, helped, hey, high, highly, horrible, hot, house, houston, html, huma, human, hypocrite, ial, ian, identifies, identity, ignorant, illness, illustrator, image, images, impact, important, improved, inc., incredible, industry, influence, info, institution, international, involved, islands, issues, jack, jersey, jim, john, joined, juan, judge, knock, lady, land, large, latest, laugh, law, leaders, league, letters, lexx, lied, lincoln, line, lis, listed, listen, lived, living, local, lol, london, long, los, lost, loves, lunatic, maid, mail, mama, mankind, manufacturing, mark, market, martin, mass, mea, medical, medical supplies, meir, members, mental, method, military, million, millions, mind, ministry, mocking, model, moore, multi, mystery, nada, named, nations, nature, needed, network, newspaper, north, office, onli, opportunity, opposite, oral, orders, org, organizations, originals, owner, owns, paper, part, partner, pasadena, passed, pastor, paul, pay, payment, people, person, personal, peter, picture, pigs, planning, plans, poor, popular, porn, pos, posing, post, posted, power, predicted, prepared, presiden, price, prisoners, produce, products, professional, profit, program, prophecies, prophet, prostitution, proves, provider, public, punishment, question, questions, quick, rape, ratzinger, real, reality, reason, rebellion, receiving, recount, red, refund, release, removed, replace, research, response, responsible, revealing, reveals, rise, rivera, rock, role, rome, roo, roy, sad, salvation, school, search, seattle, secretly, sell, sen, september, serve, served, service, sex, shares, ship, sho, shopping, short, shows, side, sign, sir, site, smith, smoke, song, songs, soo, source, sources, specifically, spent, spreading, start, states, stephanie, stop, stories, story, stranger, stream, street, stupid, style, styles, subs, successful, sued, supporting, survey, surveys, swiss, table, taken, tall, tech, tells, temple, terror, theft, thread, threats, times, told, top, tortured, totally, tracks, tradition, tribute, unauthorized, unfamiliar, united, united states, universe, url, usa, vacation, vehicle, verifiable, version, violent, vital, waiting, wanted, warehouse, wars, wide, win, winning, witch, won, worked, working, world, worldwide, wow, writing, year, yearbook, youtube 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  25. The Blasphemy Challenge

    Started by aegist, 12-11-2006 05:47 AM
    000, 2001, ???, accounts, accurate, acts, admit, admitted, allowed, american, another, appears, article, associate, ate, attention, aus, australia, authority, aware, based, bed, bible, bit, books, called, center, cer, chris, church, clean, coke, complete, cons, correction, crack, cuba, dark, david, day, decision, demand, description, destroyed, devil, doesn, don, dont, ells, eme, experience, extreme, faithful, famous, fashion, find, forces, forgiveness, forum, fulfilled, future, gen, give, god, gonna, guys, hasn, hate, hey, hope, hre, huma, human, hypocrite, ian, important, info, insanity, involved, isn, jerusalem, jesus, joke, judge, kids, kiss, land, lexx, line, lis, listen, lol, long, mark, master, mea, mind, move, multi, nature, necessarily, oil, org, paradox, part, passage, person, personal, peter, picture, pissed, popular, pos, post, posted, power, predicted, pressed, problem, profit, prophet, proposal, proposition, proves, public, question, questions, real, reason, reasonable, reasons, red, redaction, rendered, research, response, rome, roo, running, sacred, salvation, sca, school, science, search, september, serve, shane, sho, show, shows, simply, smileys, solar, son, sons, soo, sources, start, stop, stories, summary, super, supported, supports, taken, talking, tells, temple, test, thread, told, totally, towers, trans, tribute, trustworthy, truth, twin, upload, url, ventures, vice, view, waiting, watching, win, won, wonderful, word, wrote, www, youtube
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  26. Where Christianity came from

    Started by lisan23, 11-17-2006 01:11 AM
    000, accept, account, accurate, acts, add, admit, admitted, affairs, ages, ame, annual, another, appears, astrology, authorized, aware, bad, banned, based, basic, believers, bible, biggest, blood, blue, body, books, borrowed, box, bring, bringing, building, bur, called, care, catholic, catholism, cer, chan, channel, chapters, chris, christian, church, colon, coming, como, cons, control, dan, dark, darkness, day, dead, death, defend, dei, devil, difficult, doesn, don, dont, drew, egypt, ells, end of the world, end times, ends, england, europe, european, excellent, experience, eye, fails, fall, father, fears, fed, focus, foundation, fulfilled, god, gray, guys, hands, head, healing, heaven, hell, helping, hey, hiding, high, highly, huma, human, ian, ife, images, important, include, india, influences, investigative, isn, item, jesus, jews, john, johnson, joke, justify, king, laugh, leave, lets, lexx, line, lis, lisa, lived, living, lol, long, luke, lunar, making, married, master, mea, media, meet, men, millions, mind, ministry, moon, movie, multi, muslims, mystery, needed, ongoing, oppurtunity, par, part, paul, people, person, personal, peter, pin, plane, poor, pope, pos, post, posted, posts, pressed, pretending, pulled, qualified, queen, question, reaction, rebellion, reform, religion, research, responsible, rev, rise, rock, rome, ron, roo, roster, saints, salvation, saturn, sca, scary, search, season, secretly, secure, sen, serve, settlement, ship, sign, simply, small, solar, son, source, spreading, start, states, stop, subs, sun, sweet, swiss, teach, tells, temple, thread, threads, threatened, times, told, top, totally, track, tradition, transition, transport, tribute, trusted, universe, version, violence, wanted, warning, wars, watched, western, wikipedia, win, wins, winter, witch, wonderful, word, words, world, wow 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  27. Is Jehovah Jesus?

    Started by lisan23, 10-31-2006 12:13 AM
    absolute, accept, accurate, admit, ame, another, ate, authority, based, basically, bible, biblical, cer, chris, christian, closes, coming, cop, cosmology, dead, death, dei, doesn, don, dow, ells, eme, english, expert, eyes, fall, father, felt, final, foundation, fulfilled, fuller, gave, give, god, guess, hand, hey, holds, holy, ian, ill, illus, isn, jesus, jewish, jews, judaism, leave, lexx, lisa, live, longer, mea, moon, needed, perfect, personal, pos, post, power, proof, prophecies, question, quick, reason, reasons, reliability, reliable, research, response, rolls, show, shows, side, son, sort, source, sources, speaking, specifically, stated, sun, supported, supporting, taken, tells, text, thought, thread, told, waiting, weight, won, word, work, world
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  28. Do Not Add/or Remove From Scriptures

    Started by Born2Serve, 12-29-2006 09:02 PM
    add, arts, car, child, chris, don, god, hats, hear, ice, lisa, mind, pay, people, peter, pos, posts, ratings, remove, removed, reply, smileys, starts, turn, work, wow, year
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  29. Poll Poll: President Bush

    Started by Born2Serve, 12-21-2006 08:30 AM
    acted, ages, agreement, america, americans, another, ass, banned, bur, bus, bush, bush family, caught, cer, chris, christmas, church, commission, correction, countries, death, debate, deception, diploma, diplomatic, doesn, don, due, eye, family, fidel, fun, gli, global, god, gotta, grant, group, hasn, hey, hot, ian, imagine, info, involved, iraq, isn, lis, listen, lived, lol, mea, meet, members, mind, moon, new world order, news, opinion, opportunity, orders, par, part, paul, person, personal, pope, pos, power, presiden, presidency, president, president bush, rea, real, reasons, religion, report, research, respect, return, row, sell, serve, simply, trade, u.s., vatican, war, weeks, world
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  30. Does God Plan, Order, Or Support Murder?

    Started by Buddy69, 12-06-2006 12:25 PM
    accounts, accurate, acted, acts, admit, ages, alleged, allowed, ame, animal, another, apex, appears, ate, attack, attention, authority, authorized, aware, azi, babies, basic, bit, blood, body, books, bur, cai, called, capital, captain, care, carry, carwash, cast, catholic, cer, chairs, chambers, chance, chris, church, citizens, clean, clear, clo, coming, community, continue, couldn, criminal, criminals, custom, dark, darkness, david, day, dead, death, deserve, destruction, differently, doesn, don, draws, drink, due, egypt, elec, electric, eme, enemy, enter, error, europe, expand, experts, express, eye, fail, fashion, fee, fidel, field, forces, forgiveness, galilee, gas, gas chambers, generation, gibson, give, god, gold, gotta, government, grace, grant, group, hands, hasn, head, hell, hey, high, horrible, hot, house, huge, huma, human, humans, husband, hypocrite, hypocrites, ian, image, inheritance, interest, involved, isaac, isn, issues, john, judge, kit, land, leaders, lexx, limits, line, lis, listen, live, living, local, long, luke, maid, mankind, mark, mass, matthew, mea, medals, meet, mel, mel gibson, members, men, mental, mentally, millions, mind, movie, murder, murdered, nation, nations, nature, nick, numbers, oath, obedience, office, ordered, orders, par, part, passage, paul, people, person, personal, pet, peter, piece, plan, planned, planning, play, playground, ploy, pos, posts, power, prophet, protected, punish, punished, punishment, puppy, question, questions, reality, reason, rebellion, red, refused, replace, research, respect, riches, rock, rome, room, roy, salvation, satanic, scary, scottish, search, sell, sen, serve, service, shooting, short, side, simply, sir, slaughter, son, sons, source, speech, spent, states, story, stranger, suitable, sun, support, supported, supporting, swear, taken, teach, test, theives, thread, times, told, tradition, tribute, trumped, ugly, united, united states, universe, vic, view, virtual, waiting, wanted, warfare, wars, witch, won, word, worked, world, writing 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  31. Rapture and Revelations

    Started by lisan23, 11-21-2006 12:35 AM
    000, air, authority, bible, bit, blame, bright, cash, catch, caught, chan, chance, channel, chris, christian, coming, completely, continue, dark, darkness, day, dead, death, dog, don, eme, end of the world, evil, examples, eye, fire, fled, future, gas, give, god, group, head, heaven, hell, hey, high, home, house, ian, isn, jesus, john, lake, letters, lisa, live, local, lol, long, loss, luke, mark, mea, men, mentions, morgan, national, needed, neo, news, newspaper, numbers, pos, post, question, quick, ran, rap, real, remain, return, rhyme, rise, rome, royal, rule, saints, satan, secretly, send, service, show, shows, simply, slams, small, soo, states, story, supported, taken, takes, the wall, times, told, truth, turkey, version, vic, victory, war, watch, wise, word, wow, writes, writing, yay
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  32. I Pledge Allegiance to Jesus, not the Flag

    Started by sojustask, 11-22-2006 11:43 PM
    000, account, acted, action, acts, africa, african, aims, america, american, animal, another, article, bad, based, battery, bible, bin, block, blood, bomb, bring, called, care, change, child, chris, christian, christmas, church, clock, company, company., daughter, death, deep, defend, defended, dei, deserve, discover, doesn, don, door, dying, eat, effective, ells, enemy, fail, find, fla, forgiveness, fred, fund, genocide, give, global, god, grace, hell, hey, holds, horrors, hotmail, html, huma, human, humans, hypocritical, ial, ian, ici, idea, illuminati, interest, isn, jesus, john, korea, laden, leaders, live, longer, longi, mail, mea, message, mohamed, nation, neatly, needed, north, office, operation, oppression, pastor, paul, peaceful, people, person, phone, piece, plane, policies, price, problem, protect, pull, punish, questions, raising, reason, red, released, remain, respect, revenge, rio, rise, robber, role, sal, sca, secretary, selling, sept, serve, shouldn, simply, spin, spurs, start, states, stone, taken, takes, talking, targets, teach, tells, temple, thankful, thinks, threatened, times, told, tolerance, track, truth, ultimate, unfolding, universe, university, url, usa, view, viewpoint, violence, violent, war, wars, watching, weak, won, working, world, writes, writing
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  33. belief in Jesus is not enough

    Started by Born2Serve, 12-23-2006 04:25 AM
    acceptance, acts, adult, ame, another, attitude, authentic, authority, based, beat, believers, bible, bite, blend, blood, bonus, borrowed, bunch, bur, call, called, cars, cast, catholic, cer, chris, church, class, clinto, clo, complete, countdown, creates, day, dead, death, deserve, destruction, doe, doesn, don, ells, enter, establishment, evidence, faithful, fall, famous, free, friend, fulfilled, future, gen, gift, gifts, glad, god, god?, grace, heaven, hell, helped, hey, house, hre, huma, hypocrites, ial, ian, isn, james, jerusalem, jesus, john, king, leaders, letters, line, lis, lol, loves, mankind, mea, men, mind, moon, nam, opposite, organizations, part, paul, person, personal, piece, play, poor, pos, post, posted, posts, price, profit, prophet, question, raise, rea, regular, reward, riches, rio, rock, room, salvation, saturn, sell, serve, served, ship, show, signs, simply, sir, skin, son, stand, stuff, stupid, talking, tells, thread, threatened, times, told, traitor, truth, upset, usher, veteran, walk, wise, wonderful, word, words, working, world 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  34. Islam is the only way

    Started by darkkrad, 05-07-2006 12:40 AM
    000, 2001, 2012, account, act, acted, acts, adam, add, additionally, advocates, afraid, ages, alive, allowed, ame, amen, american, angels, another, answer, anti, apart, apes, arab, aries, arms, army, art, article, artists, asia, associate, association, asy, ation, attacks, attitude, authority, avoid, aware, baby, bad, balance, ban, banned, based, beating, beautiful, bed, believers, benefits, bet, better, billion, bit, blood, blowing, body, bomb, book, books, bow, boy, boycott, brain, brand, break, breaks, bring, bringing, bro, broke, bunch, bur, bury, buy, call, called, calling, camera, cannot, capital, capture, cares, cartoons, case, catch, catholic, catholics, caught, caused, center, central, cer, chambers, chance, chris, christian, christians, church, citizens, claim, claims, class, clo, close, clothes, code, coming, commanded, commentary, comments, commit, common, community, complete, completely, con, concerned, concerns, confirmed, constantly, continue, conversation, correct, correction, couldn, countdown, countries, country, crap, critical, crowd, cruel, cult, culture, damn, daniel, dar, dark, daughter, david, day, days, dea, dead, deaf, dear, death, deaths, debates, deceiver, decided, deeds, defeated, defend, demand, demons, denial, deplorable, des, description, desert, deserve, desire, destroying, destruction, devil, didn, differences, dirty, dish, divine, don, dont, doomed, dow, due, dying, ear, earth, east, eme, ended, enemy, england, enter, entire, error, europe, event, examples, excellent, experience, expose, eyes, face, fall, false, families, fashion, fast, fatal, father, fear, feast, fee, feel, felt, female, fight, file, financial, folks, followers, fool, forget, forward, foundation, front, fuel, fully, future, gain, gave, gay, gen, general, girl, give, god, goin, good, grace, great, group, groups, growth, guys, hammer, hand, handle, hands, happened, hats, head, healing, held, hell, helped, helps, hey, high, highly, his, hole, holy, holy spirit, homework, homosexual, hotel, hours, house, html, huge, huma, human, humans, hurt, husband, ial, ian, ica, identity, ill, ime, include, indoctrination, info, injury, insanity, interview, involved, ion, islam, islamic, isn, issue, jerk, jerry, jerusalem, jesus, john, joy, judge, junk, justify, kicked, killed, killers, kills, kind, knew, korea, land, large, last, law, lazy, leaders, les, lets, lexx, light, likes, line, lived, living, lol, long, loving, lunar, mail, main, mainstream, making, mankind, mark, marriage, mass, matter, mea, medical, members, memory, mental, mess, method, migration, mind, monkeys, month, moon, more, mother, mount, move, movie, multi, nada, nam, nations, nature, needed, ner, net, network, news, noah, note, objects, office, official, officials, open, opportunity, oppression, order, org, original, page, par, parallel, part, partners, party, pas, pass, passage, paul, payback, peace, pedophile, pen, people, perfect, persecute, person, personal, picture, piece, pigs, place, plans, plea, pleasant, pleases, point, poisoning, politically, poor, pope, popular, pos, position, post, posted, power, predicted, presiden, president, pressed, pretending, private, proceedings, process, progress, promised, prophecies, prophet, prophetic, protect, protection, prove, proven, proves, public, punishment, purely, putting, question, questions, quick, quote, quotes, race, raise, ram, ramadan, ran, rapist, rated, rea, read, real, reason, red, red flags, references, refused, register, regulations, release, reliable, religion, religious, remember, removed, reporter, research, respect, response, responsible, ress, returns, reveals, reward, rio, riots, rise, rome, sacred, sad, safe, salman, scenario, scholars, scotland, sec, section, seem, sen, send, sense, serve, set, sex, sexual, sexually, sharia, sharing, sho, shoo, shooting, short, shot, shouldn, showed, shows, shut, shut up, sign, simple, simply, site, small, soccer, solar, son, songs, sons, soo, sorry, sounds, sour, source, sources, speaking, speaks, spent, spiritual, split, star, stars, state, stated, states, stones, story, stream, strike, stripping, student, stupid, submit, subs, succeed, suicide, summer, sun, supported, supports, suppose, system, systems, tak, takes, talk, talking, tan, ted, temple, terror, terrorist, test, testify, testing, text, the truth about, the wall, they, thought, thread, threatened, threatening, threw, tie, time, times, today, told, tolerance, top, tor, totally, trac, tradition, traitor, treated, treatment, truth, u.k., ugly, unconstitutional, unwan, upset, urban, urged, url, usa, user, usual, vatican, verify, version, veteran, victory, view, vince, vinci, viole, violence, voting, wait, wall, wanted, wars, wash, ways, weak, western, win, winter, witnesses, woma, won, wonderful, wont, world, worse, wrong, www, yahoo, year, years, young, youth, yrs 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  35. Happy Holiday Season Greetings

    Started by Emerantia, 12-26-2006 03:56 PM
    ame, aware, believers, character, check, chris, christmas, cover, deal, dear, debate, don, easter, email, enjoy, fellowship, focus, forum, greeting, guess, hahaha, holiday, hope, important, lol, new zealand, onli, outlook, room, salvation, season, thinks, url, wonderful, year, zealand 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  36. Watch Night Services

    Started by sojustask, 12-28-2006 11:40 PM
    africa, african, america, american, another, bit, black, blacks, blue, call, chris, christmas, church, citizens, declared, doesn, don, england, faithful, family, folks, freedom, friends, fun, generation, germany, give, god, grew, hey, history, holiday, husband, ian, include, information, kids, king, land, late, law, line, live, lived, lol, london, loves, midnight, news, people, peter, reason, sen, service, services, ski, skin, songs, spent, states, tradition, united, united states, watch, white, world, year
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  37. Spiritual Warfare

    Started by Born2Serve, 12-27-2006 04:17 AM
    account, action, acts, addition, address, admit, admitted, agreement, alert, alliance, allowed, american, animal, another, armageddon, armor, article, assigned, attempts, attitude, authority, aware, battle, benefits, bit, blood, body, books, bow, bunch, bur, called, care, carry, caused, cer, chance, chris, church, citizens, clean, clo, closes, code, coming, commissioned, comparison, complete, complex, couldn, countries, dark, day, dead, death, debating, deliver, destroyed, devil, disrespect, distortion, division, don, door, drink, eagles, eme, ends, enemy, enter, error, ethical, expand, expose, express, factor, fail, faithful, fall, feature, fee, fellowship, fet, fight, financial, firm, fit, focus, forces, forgiveness, formula, foundation, front, fulfilled, full, future, gen, god, gods, grace, ground, group, hands, head, healing, hearts, hell, helps, hey, history, hold, house, html, huma, human, humans, ian, ice, immortality, important, individuals, influence, inheritance, involves, islamic, jerusalem, john, joined, judge, justify, lady, land, leaders, legal, lie, life, limits, lis, listed, listen, living, lol, long, los, lover, loves, luke, mark, master, mea, meet, members, mess, mind, minister, ministry, move, movie, mystery, nam, nations, nature, notice, obedience, oppression, outs, part, passage, paul, persecution, person, pet, peter, planning, plans, plants, play, playground, poor, pos, positive, post, posted, posts, power, prepared, prevent, prisoners, prophet, punish, punishing, punishment, question, questions, raising, real, reason, reasons, reconciliation, recovery, red, regular, release, rev, reward, riches, rock, room, roy, sacred, sad, saints, salvation, satans, schemes, scorpio, sen, serve, shoes, shooting, shut, shut up, simply, soldier, songs, sons, stage, start, stone, stop, street, strength, submit, succeed, taken, talking, targets, terrorist, thanksgiving, thread, times, totally, trade, traitor, troubles, trusted, truth, url, usa, version, victory, waiting, wanted, warfare, wash, watching, weak, wonderful, word, wore, work, worked, world, young, youth 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  38. The Evangelical Phenomenon

    Started by bibleman, 11-22-2006 05:25 PM
    abuse, adult, advanced, africa, aide, allowed, allowing, america, another, article, ate, authority, ave, based, believers, blood, body, bumping, bunch, button, call, camp, campaign, capital, care, caught, center, central, cer, characteristics, chris, christian, church, class, cleaning, close, closet, coin, college, comments, community, company, complete, conservative, cruel, day, deserve, destroyed, differently, disgusting, divert, doesn, don, drug, drugs, establishment, excellent, exceptions, faced, fail, fall, favorite, folks, forces, free, front, gay, girls, god, ground, group, growth, hands, hats, held, hell, helped, helps, hey, high, horrible, horrors, huma, human, human sacrifice, humans, husband, ian, identify, imagine, important, islamic, israel, issues, jesus, jews, jim, judaism, land, law, lexx, liberal, liberals, life, line, linguistics, living, long, long run, los, mad, making, market, marriage, marti, martin, mea, members, millions, mind, model, mohamed, movie, multi, mystery, oppression, options, par, parade, part, paul, people, person, phenomenon, piece, played, poison, poor, pos, post, power, problem, protection, public, punishment, push, quality, questions, quiet, ran, rare, real, reality, reason, removed, respond, responsibility, riches, role, sacred, saints, salvation, sam, seattle, serve, service, settles, sex, ship, simply, ski, small, soft, soo, soul, spent, stars, stories, stream, submit, summer, systems, takes, talking, teach, technologies, threads, times, tolerance, top, torture, town, tradition, transfer, ultra, upset, url, view, village, violence, violent, weak, win, woma, wow, writes, young
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  39. Religious Chit Chat- Friendly idle chatter

    Started by sojustask, 11-30-2006 06:31 AM
    000, add, admit, ages, allowed, ame, another, apartment, appreciated, attention, authority, bad, balance, banned, beat, bed, biggest, bit, bless, blood, blown, bomb, bonus, books, breaking, briggs, bright, bring, british, brown, building, bunch, bur, called, camera, car, card, cash, catch, chan, chat, chris, christmas, church, clean, clo, close, closet, code, coming, cost, costs, couldn, cover, creates, cruise, dallas, daughter, day, debating, deciding, decision, deleted, dept, deserve, desk, digital camera, doesn, dollar, don, dont, door, douglas, drop, dun, earn, emergency, enjoy, enter, entry, evening, extended, extra, extremely, eye, fabulous, face, facing, farms, fashion, favorite, fee, field, fix, folks, forgiveness, front, future, gen, girls, give, glad, god, gold, gonna, gotta, grace, green, greeting, harder, hasn, hearts, hey, high, holds, holiday, home, horrible, hot, house, html, huge, huma, human, husband, ial, ian, idiot, images, important, inherited, isn, item, jesus, jim, judge, keyword, knitting, lady, lake, land, large, leave, lexx, lighting, likes, line, lis, lisa, lived, living, local, lof, lol, long, longer, los, lost, loves, making, management, market, mass, master, mea, memories, merry, mind, movie, mow, nail, needed, office, onli, online, owners, parade, paradox, part, passage, past, pastor, paul, pays, person, personal, photos, picture, piece, plastic, play, played, poor, pop, porn, pos, post, posted, posting, posts, poverty, price, pro, professional, professional., pull, pulled, quick, raise, random, real, red, refused, regular, remake, respond, ress, retro, room, sad, sal, salvation, sang, sca, scale, scam, scam.com, scottish, season, secure, sen, serve, served, sho, shopping, short, shot, shows, shut, shut up, sick, side, sign, site, skin, small, sniper, socks, son, song, songs, soo, speed, spent, steal, stories, story, street, strip, summer, super, supporting, taken, takes, talking, tall, teach, test, thankful, thinks, thread, threads, threaten, tim, times, told, tonight, top, tough, tour, town, track, trim, trusted, ugly, upload, upset, url, usa, vacation, village, voucher, waiting, wanted, watching, weeks, weird, wife, wise, woma, won, wonderful, wooden, work, worked, working, wow, year 1 Deleted Post(s)
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