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Forum: Religious Scams

Some of the oldest scams since the beginning of time have been under the category of religion scams.

  1. Sue Vatican for Temple Treasures

    Started by David Ben-Ariel, 05-28-2008 09:10 PM
    belong, beware, clear, company, disappointment, evidence, faithful, god, held, international, israel, jewish, lawyer, life, list, luke, manuscripts, mel, news, past, people, pope, power, prepare, president, proper, return, revived, serve, temple mount, undeniable, vatican, world, www
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  2. The Chosen People

    Started by KishmeernTuches, 05-26-2008 05:28 PM
    arabs, behavior, big, complain, complaints, english, god, hear, isaac, israel, jewish, jews, joseph, king, lost, nation, nike, ora, par, people, religion, reward, spin, truth, weight, white, www
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  3. I'm disappointed

    Started by Anti_thesisofreason, 05-17-2008 05:21 PM
    agree, ate, bur, change, erection, experience, find, fine, forum, guess, individuals, king, liberal, lol, moderators, people, political, research, rolls, scam, scammer, scammers, sites, spam, spin, unfortunate, war, world
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  4. Psalm 9;11 -7,!!

    Started by coontie, 05-18-2008 12:32 PM
    afraid, city, company, error, evil, find, fit, force, give, god, jesus, job, live, matthew, men, national, pro, ress, reward, secret, side, thousand, trust, truth, united states, war, words
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  5. Greeting

    Started by Westomkew, 05-20-2008 02:45 AM
    friends, greeting
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  6. Recent cultural changes in Western

    Started by phodutoumpili, 05-20-2008 02:22 AM
    ama, esteemed, family, gay, greece, historical, island, lesbos, life, love, married, misleading, noble, objects, pissing, rebellion, sites, spar, suggested, woman, women, work, writer, wrote
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  7. Thank You!!!

    Started by fewdluvrnfat, 05-19-2008 07:13 PM
    forum, love
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  8. My One True Friend

    Started by SunniOne, 05-17-2008 09:15 PM
    ame, friend, live, ress, salvation, type, www
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  9. Hearing Voices

    Started by SunniOne, 04-29-2008 08:03 AM
    area, ate, behavior, classified, clear, cons, couple, criminal, cure, daughter, destroyed, diane, everyday, experience, extra, finally, focus, function, human, humans, ice, illness, images, important, individuals, interest, john, life, mankind, men, mental, national, nature, passage, people, prime, program, reality, recently, removes, research, ress, sane, selling, share, sharing, show, sleeping, subs, suggested, travel, universe, voice, wore, world
    • Replies: 21
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  10. Mother Teresa's House of Illusions:

    Started by BVR USA Liaison, 06-17-2007 01:43 AM
    account, admit, alleged, approval, assigned, camps, che, children, collect, costs, credibility, dental, deposited, designated, destroyed, dictators, doesn, dollars, education, examples, eye, factual, faithful, finally, flood, food, force, free, gifts, give, god, hai, haiti, health, helping, hope, humans, identifies, identifying, imagine, important, individuals, king, labor, large, letters, lis, listen, local, mea, millions, mind, money, nature, needed, orange, orders, people, poor, posted, power, public, real, record, refused, regular, reliable, revenge, rome, rotten, science, send, store, thinks, top, vatican, vic, view, watching, work, worked, working, world
    • Replies: 25
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  11. Jesus vs. Hell

    Started by KishmeernTuches, 02-27-2008 07:20 PM
    ages, alice, ame, believers, bur, call, children, costs, count, doctor, fire, force, free, future, grace, gun, hats, humans, important, jesus, job, john, karma, king, learning, liar, life, lol, luke, mankind, mea, men, mental, pattern, picture, politics, punishment, rebellion, refused, remain, rev, reward, salvation, seekers, social, spreading, subs, trust, truth, version, words, world
    • Replies: 42
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  12. Why did jesus cry ?

    Started by Whispering wind, 03-17-2006 03:29 PM
    000, act, admit, admits, advance, age, ain, ale, alexander, ame, amen, america, another, answer, anti, appeared, art, ation, attacks, attitude, avoid, aware, based, bath, beer, believers, bet, better, biblical, biggest, block, body, book, bring, buried, calm, cannot, card, cares, carry, case, cer, chance, change, character, chase, chicken, chris, christian, christians, christmas, claim, clock, close, coming, commanded, common, community, comparison, complete, completely, con, condi, contact, contest, continue, couldn, cry, crying, date, dea, dead, dear, death, debunked, decided, deciding, deeds, deep, dei, demand, demanding, demons, denial, des, development, devil, didn, difficult, dirt, discovering, disease, dive, divine, documented, don, dow, ear, earth, east, enter, entire, error, eternity, ethical, eva, evil, excellent, exists, experience, fabrication, faced, fail, father, fault, feel, feeling, felt, final, flipped, fool, fooled, forget, forward, fos, foundation, fra, france, frank, fred, free, fulfilled, fusion, gave, gee, generation, good, gotta, great, greatest, group, growing, growth, guess, hand, hands, happiness, hates, heart, held, hell, heritage, hey, hidden, his, holds, holy, holy spirit, horoscope, house, howard, huge, huma, human, ial, identifying, ignorant, ignored, ill, imagine, ime, immortality, info, ion, isn, jerusalem, jesus, joy, judge, kill, kind, kingdom, kiss, knew, last, laugh, laughingstocks, les, lexx, life, link, lis, living, lol, long, longer, loose, los, lose, loss, love, mad, making, man., mankind, marriage, marshall, maurice, mea, meet, mental, mention, method, mexico, millions, mind, miserable, more, motives, myth, named, nature, needed, ner, newyork, nice, numbers, opportunity, ora, outlook, overwhelming, part, partner, pass, peace, people, person, personality, pet, peter, piece, place, play, played, playground, plea, pos, posted, posting, posts, power, prejudiced, prevent, price, process, prove, published, quality, question, questions, quote, race, raising, rated, read, real, reason, reasons, references, reliable, remember, remind, render, research, respect, rest, returns, reward, rich, ridiculous, rise, robert, robin, sad, schoo, screwed, secret, sense, set, shakin, sharing, ship, shirley, sick, simple, simply, soft, song, sorry, soul, special, star, start, state, stories, street, subs, sun, supported, taken, talk, team, ted, test, text, theory, they, thieves, thought, thread, tie, time, times, today, told, top, total, trac, treated, tribute, url, van, wanted, watching, ways, wells, wife, woma, won, words, work, world, worse, worth, wrong, years, young
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  13. What is a Spiritual Twin?

    Started by SunniOne, 05-05-2008 07:51 AM
    ages, alpha, car, change, cons, elec, energy, experience, force, full, god, huge, human, humans, important, individuals, integrate, level, life, mel, nature, people, planet, pro, reach, reality, remain, representative, responsibility, return, reunion, ron, side, sort, soul, turn, universe, waiting, weight
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  14. Yin and Yang spirituality balance

    Started by Paladine, 03-11-2008 10:28 AM
    408, absent, ages, american, attributes, balance, bathroom, boxes, brown, building, bur, car, characteristics, child, christmas, closes, experience, explanation, faced, fatima, find, flood, focus, force, friend, future, gen, generation, give, god, green, guru, hear, held, human, humans, ice, important, jesus, jewish, life, mankind, mea, mel, men, mission, nature, norm, oath, pattern, perception, picture, pursuit, queen, reality, rebellion, reconciliation, renewal, representative, research, robert, score, secrets, sex, silicon, soul, subs, suppression, table, tap, top, transparent, united states, universe, view, white, wife, women, work
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  15. Edgar Cayce Advice On Personal Spirituality

    Started by SunniOne, 05-05-2008 07:34 AM
    activities, builder, chan, contact, energy, everyday, find, glad, god, impact, individuals, information, life, men, mental, nature, par, program, sec, series, transparent, type, view, words, world, www
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  16. Why Do You Care?

    Started by momof4wood, 04-07-2008 01:31 AM
    acts, agree, be aware, blog, children, christmas, debate, end of the world, evidence, gifts, god, huge, human, humans, illness, important, individuals, key, law, mea, mental, message, money, nature, opinion, par, people, pissed, poor, prize, problem, prophecies, reality, religion, reward, scam, scam site, sec, sharing, ski, spent, spread, steven, store, text message, thinks, voice, waiting, word
    • Replies: 35
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  17. quitting zoloft

    Started by jamesmorgans, 05-03-2008 07:08 PM
    ame, james, links, online, pills, side, study
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  18. How can Love exist???

    Started by Paladine, 03-31-2008 10:13 AM
    beauty, boots, call, cons, control, disneyland, education, eme, forgiveness, free, glad, god, guess, humans, interest, john, king, learn, life, lol, lost, love, loves, money, people, pissed, poor, rap, reality, scheme, ski, truth, turn, type, universe, vacation, view, work
    • Replies: 15
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  19. Cruel Punishment In Crimson Mansion Basement

    Started by almowlita, 05-03-2008 06:19 PM
    attempts, big, natural, secret, sites, training
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  20. depression

    Started by depressedguy, 05-03-2008 01:39 PM
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  21. Osho Zen Tarot

    Started by SunniOne, 04-28-2008 06:40 AM
    ama, arts, choice, courage, faced, fight, find, life, security, side, thousand
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  22. good friday not so good

    Started by djbombsquad, 03-21-2008 05:05 PM
    agree, aka, annie, believers, car, catch, damn, debate, easter, easy, eme, enjoy, extra, historical, holidays, hope, human, humans, ice, idea, information, life, lol, mea, money, music, notice, offered, opposite, orphan, par, payday, people, plan, prices, proves, raise, reality, receive, religion, resurrection, reward, show, ski, sort, spin, stuff, teaching, winter, words, world
    • Replies: 35
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  23. Truth about 666, the beast and the seal of beast

    Started by nickols_k, 10-29-2006 03:37 PM
    $100, 000, 302, ???, abandoned, acceptance, accepted, accounts, accurate, acted, actions, acts, adams, add, admit, adult, advance, advanced, adventist, africa, african, age, agendas, ages, agreement, ags, ain, aka, ale, alert, alexander, aliens, alliance, allowed, allowing, ame, american, animal, animals, another, apartment, appeared, appears, approve, april, arrival, article, asher, ass, associate, astrology, asy, attention, attitude, attributes, aus, australia, authority, avoid, aware, babies, baby, bad, balance, bang, banks, based, basic, basically, basics, beasts, beat, beating, bed, behalf, believers, ben, benefits, bet, biblical, bit, blame, bless, blocking, blood, blue, boards, body, bolt, bomb, books, boots, booty, bot, bow, bragged, brand, break, breaking, bright, bring, bringing, british, building, bull, bunch, bur, bureau, buried, burst, bust, buys, cabinet, cai, called, calls, canadian, cancel, care, careful, carefully, carry, cars, case, cast, categories, catholic, cattle, caused, causing, center, cer, chan, chance, chapters, characteristics, charles, chiefs, chris, christian, church, circuit, citi, citizens, citizenship, class, clean, cli, clo, close, closet, code, collapse, collection, coming, communication, community, complete, completely, complex, compliments, condi, conditioning, confirmed, constant, continue, conversation, corporate, correct, correction, cost, couldn, countries, country, cove, cover, crap, crazy, creates, credit, crook, crowd, cruel, crying, currency, customer, damn, dan, danger, daniel, dar, dark, darkness, daughter, day, days, dead, death, debating, deceiver, decided, declared, deeds, deep, defended, defending, defines, deliver, delivered, description, deserve, destroyed, destroys, destruction, detected, devil, differences, difficult, dig, disabled, discover, discussing, disease, dish, display, diversity, divine, dna, doctors, doesn, dog, dollar, don, dont, doomed, door, double, dow, drink, drop, drug, due, dummies, ear, earn, egypt, elements, ells, eme, ends, enemy, enter, equipment, error, escapes, essential, estate, euro, europe, examples, excellent, executive order, experience, expert, expose, express, extreme, extremely, eye, eyes, fabulous, face, factual, fail, faithful, fall, falsi, famous, fantastic, fashion, fat, fatal, father, feature, fec, fed, federal, federal reserve, feds, felt, female, fidelity, figures, files, final, find, finding, finds, fla, flag, floor, folks, fool, forces, forgiveness, forrest gump, fortune, forum, france, fredrick, front, fulfilled, full, fun, funded, future, gain, gas, gave, generation, george, giants, give, global, god, gotta, gps, grace, greatest, ground, group, guys, hail, hand, handle, hands, hasn, head, heading, healing, heart, heaven, held, hell, helps, hey, hidden, hide, hiding, high, higher, highly, hil, hills, holds, hole, holiday, holy, honor, hot, hotmail, house, hre, html, huge, huma, human, humans, husband, ial, ian, identifies, identity, idiots, ignorant, ignore, ill, image, images, imagine, important, imposter, include, india, indiana, individuals, infected, influence, influences, info, injury, institutes, institution, insurance, inter, interest, internal, involved, ireland, islamic, isn, issues, jan, jerusalem, jihad, jim, john, joined, joke, joy, judge, karma, kennedy, kevin, kha, kidding, kidnapping, killed, kind, kiss, knock, lady, lake, land, large, latest, laugh, lead, leaders, leading, leaving, lengths, lets, letters, lexx, liberal, lied, lies, life, light, line, lines, lis, listen, lived, living, loans, local, lol, london, long, longer, los, lot, loves, lovingly, luke, lying, mad, mail, majestic, making, mankind, manufacturing, mark, market, mass, massive, master, mea, meaningless, medical, meet, meeting, mel, memories, men, mental, mentions, million, millions, mind, ministry, mocking, model, monster, moon, moral, mortgage, mortgages, mother, move, mow, multi, mystery, named, nasa, nation, national, nations, nature, nde, needed, needy, neo, nervous, net, network, newspaper, nic, nice, nick, noble, nope, north, npr, numbers, nursing, oas, oath, objects, onli, open, operations, opposite, order, ordered, oregon, org, owner, pakistan, paper, parallel, part, participants, passage, pastor, patrick, paul, payment, peaceful, penis, people, perception, perfect, perfectly, person, personal, peso, peter, photos, picture, pictures, piece, plane, planned, plans, plants, play, played, playground, pleasant, poor, pop, pos, posing, position, post, posted, posting, pounds, poverty, power, pray, predators, predicted, prepared, preservation, presiden, prices, principles, printing, probability, process, productive, products, programing, progress, promised, prophecies, prophet, prostitute, protected, protection, prove, proves, public, pulled, pulls, purely, push, quality, queen, question, questions, quotes, race, ran, random, rare, reaction, real, reality, reason, reasons, receiving, recorded, recovered, red, refused, regular, release, religious, removed, replace, research, respect, respond, response, responsible, ress, results, reveal, reward, riches, rick, ring, rise, rock, rome, ron, room, roy, royal, russian, sacred, safe, saint, sal, sale, salvation, satan, satanic, sca, scale, scan, scandals, scary, scorpio, scripts, search, secrets, secure, sell, selling, sen, sends, sense, serve, service, services, settlement, severe, sex, shapes, shares, shed, shopping, short, shouldn, showed, shows, shut, side, sign, signed, simply, sinking, sir, site, skin, skyscrapers, slam, small, smith, smoke, socialism, solar, solve, son, song, sons, soo, sooo, sounds, source, sources, sovereign, speaking, speed, spent, split, sri, staff, stage, star, start, starting, starts, stated, states, stock, stop, stories, story, street, striking, students, stupid, style, submit, subs, sum, sun, super, supervision, suppressed, surveillance, sweet, sya, system, systems, tactic, taken, takes, talent, talk, talking, talks, tara, tba, tells, temple, terror, test, testify, text, the wall, thinks, thought, thread, threads, tie, ties, times, tips, title, toast, told, tonight, top, totally, touch, tower, trac, trace, track, trade, transparent, tribute, trillion, troubles, truth, tune, turkey, twist, u.s. government, ultimate, une, union, united, united states, universe, urgent, url, usa, ussr, version, veterinarian, victory, view, vince, violence, violent, vital, waiting, walmart, wanted, war, warfare, warming, warn, warning, wars, wash, watching, water, ways, weak, weapon, wearing, weird, wheel, wide, wikipedia, williams, win, winter, wise, wolf, woma, won, wonderful, wont, wordpress, words, work, worked, working, worth, wow, writing, year, years, yeh, yesterday, young, youtube 3 Deleted Post(s)
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  24. Skeptics

    Started by Paladine, 12-29-2007 11:20 PM
    abandoned, agreement, asy, ate, authors, bags, bogus, bot, building, bull, bullsh, cars, change, characteristics, children, clean, closes, collected, comprehension, costs, couldn, deal, debate, english, error, evil, experience, explained, extended, find, future, higher, holds, hon, hopeless, human, humans, important, individuals, interest, issues, job, learn, lies, life, lis, live, magic, mea, mental, nature, nope, nos, opposite, par, people, perception, picture, politics, pyramid, reality, research, rolls, sale, science, secrets, selling, sex, shapes, sharing, show, silicon, strength, sun, swift, systems, tools, totally, trust, truth, unfolding, universe, unprecedented, upper, view, vince, word, work, world
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  25. Geomancy

    Started by Paladine, 04-11-2008 10:02 PM
    abd, big, broken, butler, code, courage, data, els, energy, future, geometry, history, human, james, lost, major, mea, michael, nature, oral, organizations, owned, par, past, people, planet, prophecies, pyramid, research, robert, science, scientific knowledge, secrets, series, serve, shaw, show, spent, stats, tech, truth, web, worked, world, www
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  26. It would be interesting

    Started by sanchdaniel, 04-18-2008 11:53 AM
    government, men
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  27. Happiness

    Started by kennyboy, 04-09-2008 09:21 PM
    acts, america, american, amount, be aware, beauty, big, built, cheap, christmas, clock, content, couldn, debt, experience, find, force, ford, free, friends, fucking, future, gas, give, glad, guess, hats, honest, human, idea, idiot, imagine, industry, joke, key, kid, lie, life, love, mea, men, money, music, oops, par, pay, people, plan, planning, poor, random, regular, secret, sex, sharing, sort, spin, submit, top, transportation, vice, work, world
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  28. Cycles

    Started by coontie, 03-01-2008 08:37 AM
    accept, chat, couldn, dating, forum, frustrated, glad, god, guess, home, human, idea, innocent, job, king, life, lol, love, mea, men, mental, nature, pay, people, pro, religion, saturn, spam, suggest, totally, troll, trust, undecided, view, work, world
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  29. Graham Hancock, western culture needs to adopt

    Started by Paladine, 04-12-2008 04:51 AM
    aliens, america, animal, consciousness, deal, drugs, enjoy, experience, extra, find, future, human, humans, island, materials, media, nature, organ, par, people, pissed, pro, recommend, religion, review, sort, support, tech, techniques, tools, transparent, video, watch, words, work, world
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  30. Church of scientology

    Started by anonymousseraph, 04-07-2008 06:27 PM
    actors, cheap, companies, control, cruise, declared, diane, enjoy, human, industry, lol, major, make money, men, mental, money, ora, people, religion, remove, ron, rules, science, tax, tech, techniques, truth, vicious, writer
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  31. Praise the Lord and Pass the Loot

    Started by mumbles, 04-09-2008 04:56 AM
    audit, ben, investigation, irs, lol, love, million, send, www
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  32. The Cuboid Stargate

    Started by Paladine, 02-12-2008 09:35 AM
    abels, activate, addition, alice, aliens, altering, ama, ame, american, area, astronaut, bees, ben, bible, big, causing, chambers, climbing, couldn, dane, disneyland, disneyland., dows, eme, euro, exiled, experience, explained, extra, find, fire, focus, future, hear, hit, hotels, human, humans, idea, illness, images, imagine, immortality, individuals, john, joke, legit, magic, mea, memories, men, mental, objects, paper, par, people, perception, picture, poor, proper, properties, protected, pursuit, pyramid, queen, reality, regular, research, secrets, sex, shapes, sharing, show, soft, sound, subs, suddenly, tactic, teacher, tools, top, totally, tower, training, transparent, transportation, universe, version, view, vox, writing
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  33. Moses Was High on Drugs

    Started by mumbles, 03-04-2008 10:12 AM
    acceptance, aka, aliens, area, big, bin, bin laden, bush, change, child, choice, cons, control, daughter, drugs, experience, fit, full, fun, future, god, historical, jews, king, laden, magic, mea, middle, people, problem, spin, trust, truth, undeniable, wild
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  34. A Zen Statement

    Started by Paladine, 03-25-2008 08:27 AM
    acted, american, artists, authors, bored, bur, call, catch, causing, characteristics, check this out, chemicals, consciousness, corporate, dope, eme, energy, euro, extreme, faced, fake, find, fucking, future, god, grace, health, human, identifying, illness, illuminati, imagine, important, information, jobs, karma, king, level, life, link, loves, magick, mankind, mea, men, mental, nail, nature, neo, number, organizations, people, persecute, prepared, random, reality, research, responsibility, robert, secrets, security, spent, spin, steal, strength, study, suitable, teachers, techniques, transparent, troll, unencumbered, unfamiliar, wilson, witch, youth
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  35. Tolkien did believe

    Started by Paladine, 11-26-2007 10:36 PM
    accurate, acts, ame, asy, attempts, attitude, authors, benedict, bible, box, captain, charles, corruption, couldn, covers, coward, defends, designs, destroyed, enemy, extended, find, fire, gibson, god, green, hear, hollywood, humans, illuminati, imagine, important, inspector, interest, jay, jews, king, large, law, lis, magick, mankind, mel, mel gibson, merry, mission, national, nature, news, objects, opposite, par, people, properties, proves, reality, rev, rings, royal, saves, secrets, show, spent, sphere, storm, subscribe to, tools, totally, truth, universe, view, world, writing
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  36. Dogma Mis—conceptions

    Started by Paladine, 03-25-2008 09:15 AM
    addict, aka, arrest, attempts, battle, bur, business, call, closes, drugs, ebay, elec, error, experience, fine, free, gap, gen, health, home, humans, important, king, lawyers, learning, mea, money, murder, nail, national, number, organ, organizations, par, people, poor, problems, responsibility, riots, salvation, selling, sex, shapes, spent, spreading, survival, vic, wilson, youth
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  37. Dating, S E X,And Relationship Consciousness.

    Started by Paladine, 03-03-2008 08:34 AM
    ability, abuser, agree, apartment, artists, awakening, bomb, bur, consciousness, couldn, dating, drop, drugs, experience, explained, freedom, fun, future, gay, give, heaven, hiv, human, inherited, law, level, life, link, lol, mea, men, par, phishing, ress, scam, serve, sex, sexy, sound, spot, spreading, toys, transparent, virus, women
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  38. Hell Explained By Chemistry Student

    Started by djbombsquad, 03-06-2008 11:15 PM
    accept, belong, change, drop, explained, gas, give, god, heaven, increase, internet, law, leave, number, people, pressure, project, university, urban, urban legend, world, wrote
    • Replies: 1
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  39. Welcome To Hell

    Started by mumbles, 03-06-2008 10:26 PM
    ame, media, transparent, type, www
    • Replies: 0
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  40. Bill's powerful closing speech...

    Started by Paladine, 02-26-2008 07:38 AM
    afghanistan, air, ame, america, american, bastards, bill, give, government, hate, human, idea, individuals, iraq, king, life, love, mea, men, military, money, murder, par, people, poor, pro, protest, speech, transparent, war, we the people, world, youth
    • Replies: 3
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  41. The end of the world

    Started by coosjoaquin, 01-10-2008 05:26 AM
    ability, accuracy, acts, ages, american, arrival, arts, attributes, babel, bastards, believers, big, bin, bomb, brown, bur, catch, chan, choice, closes, code, collected, communism, couldn, crisis, damn, dane, dental, destroyed, doomsday, easy, elite, els, eme, end of the world, error, experience, factories, free, fulfilled, future, game, gas, gee, generation, geniune, god, hats, huge, human, humans, idiot, imagine, important, industry, interest, ios, issues, jesus, john, karma, key, king, kiss, knock, learning, lol, luke, lunar, mankind, mea, mel, men, mental, mistake, nam, nation, nature, needed, norm, nos, nuclear war, oas, overthrow, pandemic, passage, past, pastor, persecute, pissed, prepared, projects, prophecies, raise, raw, rea, reality, ress, reward, rule, saints, salvation, science, serve, side, spent, spin, sun, systems, tools, top, totally, tower, united states, universe, viewpoint, waiting, wont, world, youth, youtube
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  42. Dub and Dumber

    Started by coontie, 03-02-2008 12:19 PM
    ate, commission, contact, editor, engine, ethical, facts, fbi, foreign, human, idea, individuals, information, internet, investigation, largest, online, people, prison, refuse, reports, script, search engine, sites, software, sort, spam, type, unethical
    • Replies: 2
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  43. Sin and Salvation

    Started by jason37601, 01-01-2008 07:14 AM
    129, abandoned, ability, absent, acceptance, accounting, acts, addict, ages, agreement, agrees, airport, aka, aliens, allowing, ama, american, animal, anus, asy, attempts, attitude, australia, authors, basics, beer, believers, biased, bigots, blatant, bomb, bored, building, bull, bullsh, bur, catch, central, ceremony, chan, change, characteristics, charles, chemicals, children, christmas, clean, clerk, closes, code, communism, congratulations, contracting, corporation, couldn, coward, crack, crew, cure, damn, daughter, declared, defends, destroyed, differently, disrespect, doe, dons, education, electio, eme, enemy, engineering, environment, error, ethical, euro, experience, explained, extra, extreme, factory, facts, faithful, fathered, focus, ford, forgiveness, fred, fucking, fund, future, gas, gay, gee, gen, generation, gma, god, grace, green, hahaha, hamburgers, handicapped, hay, heaven, held, holds, home, huge, human, humans, hunters, hyper, hypocrites, hypocritical, idea, identifies, identifying, idiot, illness, images, imagine, important, incredible, indicating, individuals, infected, institution, interest, isaac, issues, jackson, jay, john, johns, joke, keepin, kennedy, killer, kiss, kkk, lane, legacy, liberal, liberals, life, lol, loves, luke, maker, manchester, mankind, mea, memories, mental, misinformation, monger, nail, nam, nation, national, nature, necessarily, needed, nick, norm, oas, objects, offered, opinion, opposite, oregon, organizations, owned, packing, pakistan, paper, passage, pastor, penis, people, photos, picture, pissed, planes, planned, platform, poor, prejudiced, prepared, pretending, prime, prison, prize, problem, protected, proves, punish, punishment, pyramid, queen, raise, random, raw, rea, reality, reasonable, rebellion, refused, regular, reincarnation, repayment, research, resorts, ress, revenge, reward, riches, ripper, rolls, rules, sale, salvation, satanic, scary, science, scottish, series, serve, sex, sharing, side, soft, solar systems, spent, spreading, stats, steal, steven, strength, subs, sun, systems, tactic, testosterone, thinks, tolerance, tools, top, totally, track, train, transparent, transsexual, typing, undeniable, unfamiliar, unfolding, unfortunate, united states, universe, upper, urban, vacation, verifiable, version, view, vince, waiting, weed, witch, wont, words, wore, worked, world, world war 2, writing, youth, youtube 7 Deleted Post(s)
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