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Forum: Religious Scams

Some of the oldest scams since the beginning of time have been under the category of religion scams.

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  1. "5 Years???""the Judgement???"

    Started by satan, 03-02-2007 09:12 AM
    911, ???, background, canadian, charges, children, church, dad, day, extra, facts, family, free, give, hollywood, impact, innocent, judgement, liar, lies, lis, listen, ora, orange, people, pissing, real, reality, red, settlement, terrorist, thief, times, told, working
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  2. "Collective consciousness"

    Started by Paladine, 08-30-2007 05:38 PM
    absent, ages, aka, ame, associate, awakening, beauty, building, call, caretaking, cars, catch, causing, chan, clearing, comprehension, consciousness, couldn, daughter, deal, download, eme, energy, error, experience, finally, find, flood, focus, force, forgiveness, free, full, fun, gen, give, god, guess, healing, huge, human, humans, ice, identifying, illness, imagine, important, individuals, information, integrate, internet, job, jobs, karma, learning, lis, listen, mea, memories, mental, mountain, notice, objects, par, pay, people, perception, prepared, problems, reality, responsibility, restore, sick, side, socks, sort, store, table, teaching, television, tools, totally, truth, universe, upload, view, vince, work, worked, world
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  3. "Follow peace with all men"

    Started by rogerbovee, 10-17-2010 03:32 PM
    ame, attitude, bible, children, eat, error, fight, full, fun, genocide, god, guess, history, hope, iraq, jesus, men, merry, message, offer, par, people, raw, reality, recently, show, spin, steal, war, work, world
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  4. "Ghost" Throws Temper Tantrum

    Started by conserv4ever, 03-26-2014 06:37 PM
    alleged, anders, arts, bible, business, call, entertainment, establishment, facebook, forum, free, god, hoax, home, hunters, it works, men, news, nicole, people, perception, proof, raw, religion, restaurant, scams, sec, shapes, store, strange, table, www
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  5. "God Said No"

    Started by sojustask, 04-04-2007 03:47 PM
    $100, admit, ages, alice, ama, ame, american, appears, ate, aus, australia, authority, beer, bless, blood, blue, body, car, cash, church, coin, comparison, complete, criminals, dead, declared, doesn, dont, draws, drop, email, evil, exceptions, faithful, family, finally, fortune, future, gas, gen, generation, give, god, gonna, guarantee, hahaha, handicapped, hear, hearts, held, higher, hotmail, idea, include, jesus, joke, knock, lean, lexx, lis, listen, lol, long distance, lost, loves, luke, master, mea, meet, millions, mind, ministry, nations, new zealand, numbers, past, person, pope, post, power, profit, push, pyramid, raise, random, ratings, real, reason, respect, response, resurrection, reveal, service, son, sons, sphere, stand, start, stephanie, strength, swift, tap, teach, tells, test, thankful, theif, told, trust, truth, une, universe, voice, win, woman, won, word, words, working, wow 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  6. "God Told Me to throw meat at cops"

    Started by Opinion, 12-28-2014 07:31 AM
    408, arrested, box, cops, crime, full, god, hate, life, link, media, men, muslim, news, police, raw, read more, religion, scam, scam.com, upload, white, woman, www
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  7. "God" Is Not What You Think

    Started by doojie, 06-22-2012 08:57 AM
    accident, attempts, authors, clear, dot, elec, find, firm, free, god, humans, individuals, information, king, level, life, love, magic, nature, necessarily, par, pick, random, reach, robert, rules, skimming, software, spin, sti, stinks, truth, weiner, words, world
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  8. "Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil"

    Started by mumbles, 09-18-2011 06:30 PM
    annual, arabia, bible, catch, children, evil, fine, foreigners, forgiveness, free, give, hats, humans, hypocritical, ice, idea, islam, law, men, mohammed, muslims, nathan, number, oath, recently, rule, saudi, saudi arabia, secrets, security, serve, smear, spoils, video, wife, www
    • Replies: 25
    • Views: 6,936
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  9. "Jesus Is Coming Soon" Is this True?

    Started by Ms Zimiky, 01-22-2012 08:43 AM
    dyi, fine, free, give, jesus, king, life, oil, par, people, religion, scam, scam.com, signs, world, www
    • Replies: 6
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  10. "Name of the Savior"

    Started by Sharky, 12-02-2010 11:30 AM
    ame, america, arts, change, children, clinton, find, history, job, king, life, lost, oops, past, people, planet, pro, pronounce, stand, teaching, truth, war, women, work, world
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  11. "Power of our own Meditations"

    Started by Sharky, 11-18-2010 04:33 AM
    agreement, ame, america, arrival, authors, bless, chapters, characteristics, differently, error, find, freedom, god, guess, hear, humans, ice, idea, kill, king, legal, life, lost, par, power, raw, reality, receive, religion, return, soul, spin, trust, word, words, work, youth 1 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 27
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  12. "preach The Word"

    Started by rogerbovee, 11-02-2010 04:22 AM
    1st amendment, ame, amendment, authors, creek, drugs, english, evidence, fun, give, god, harm, ice, jesus, jews, kids, law, love, mankind, misinformation, par, people, power, problem, reality, reply, satan, show, tech, truth, vic, word, work
    • Replies: 13
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  13. "Revive Us Again"

    Started by rogerbovee, 04-11-2010 04:47 PM
    afraid, ame, betrayed, cometh, evil, ice, james, jesus, lost, love, matthew, men, notice, past, remove, rising, sleeping, soul, speech, watch, words
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  14. "Tax the Churches"

    Started by Sharky, 11-30-2010 04:28 AM
    america, business, debt, give, god, government, largest, materials, men, middle, mishandle, problem, proper, rea, religion, revolt, rights, store, strange, tax, taxa, vatican, vic, vote, work, world
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  15. "The Secret" Sweat Lodge

    Started by ecordy75, 10-30-2009 05:03 AM
    deaths, friend, news, people, secret, sweat, watch
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    • Views: 1,395
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  16. "The Third Jihad" coming soon...

    Started by David Ben-Ariel, 10-29-2008 07:03 PM
    america, arabs, biased, bin, bin laden, blacks, bush, bush family, business, click here, family, free, islam, israel, laden, murder, muslim, muslims, obama, people, president, producer, religion, terrorists, truth, www
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  17. "Ye Must Be Born Again."

    Started by rogerbovee, 04-14-2009 06:30 AM
    allowing, bible, boss, business, call, change, company, couldn, cry for, error, evil, experience, fight, find, force, free, give, gluttony, god, hand of god, hear, heaven, history, hope, humans, ice, idea, individuals, industry, injustice, isaac, israel, jesus, justice, king, law, lie, life, love, matthew, message, necessarily, number, par, people, planned, reality, religion, representative, ress, return, reward, serve, spin, submit, truth, war, word, work, world
    • Replies: 16
    • Views: 3,402
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    • Replies: 7
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  18. 'God'....

    Started by stefandozier, 11-10-2006 12:38 PM
    acts, ame, another, aware, basic, basics, beauty, believers, body, call, called, calls, casino, cer, chance, change, child, choice, chris, christian, church, condi, constant, cosmology, day, death, defeat, dei, disturbing, doesn, don, dont, dow, dry, easy, emmanuel, face, fall, father, fixed, free, gap, give, god, god with us, government, guys, hand, hey, huma, human, humans, ial, ian, include, jesus, judge, king, lets, lexx, lies, lying, matthew, mea, men, mentally, middle, mind, mlm, moron, nature, opposite, par, part, pastor, peaceful, perception, plane, planes, play, positive, prince, profit, question, reality, reasons, relief, response, sen, simply, son, sounds, store, super, taken, teach, texas, thread, threads, tie, tme, universe, win, won, wonderful, wont, words
    • Replies: 20
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  19. 'Gospel of Judas' Surfaces After 1,700 Years

    Started by SubJunk, 04-07-2006 12:49 AM
    000, 2001, accepted, access, account, accounts, accurate, act, action, active, acts, adam, address, administration, admired, admit, admitted, advice, age, ages, agreed, agreement, ain, alive, allowed, amazing, ame, amen, american, angels, animals, announced, another, answer, anti, apart, appeared, appears, approval, april, art, article, assigned, associate, ation, attempts, attention, audience, authentic, authority, avoid, aware, babies, baby, bad, based, basically, behaviour, believers, benefits, bet, better, biblical, biggest, bin, birds, bit, blame, block, body, book, books, borrowed, boy, break, breaking, bring, bringing, brittle, bro, bur, called, calling, calls, cancer, cannot, canon, capital, care, carefully, carry, case, catch, catholic, cattle, caught, caused, cer, chan, chance, channel, chemicals, chicago, chris, christian, christians, church, citi, claim, class, classic, clo, close, clothes, collection, coming, comments, commit, committing, common, community, complain, complete, completely, con, concerns, condi, cons, continue, continues, conversation, cop, core, correct, cosmology, cost, coulda, couldn, country, cover, crap, crazy, credit, crowd, cruel, culture, daddy, damage, dan, dance, dark, darkness, day, days, dea, dead, death, debates, decades, decided, decision, deeds, defends, definition, delusions, demons, department, des, desert, deserve, designated, desire, desk, desperate, destroyed, destruction, development, devil, didn, differences, dim, direct, dirty, disadvantages, discover, discussing, disgrace, display, disturbing, diversity, divine, doctors, doesn, don, dont, door, double, dow, drug, duck, due, dying, ear, earlier, early, earth, egypt, electric, elements, ells, eme, ended, ends, enemy, enter, entire, environment, error, eternity, ethical, europe, event, evidence, examples, exceptions, exercise, exists, experience, expert, explained, expose, extra, extreme, extremely, eye, eyes, face, fall, false, famous, fashions, father, favorite, fed, feel, feeling, feels, felt, female, final, finding, finds, fire, flies, flooded, fly, focus, followers, fond, forces, ford, forgot, forward, foundation, fra, franklin, frequent, front, fully, future, gain, gave, gen, general, generation, genie, germany, give, god, god’s, gonna, good, google, gotta, grand, grant, great, greatest, grieving, ground, group, groups, grown, guy, guys, halted, hand, handed, hands, happened, hard, harvey, hasn, head, heart, hearts, held, hell, helping, helps, hero, hes, hey, hidden, hiding, high, highly, his, holds, holy, holy spirit, honor, hotel, house, html, huma, human, humans, humiliation, husband, hve, ian, ica, ici, identify, ill, image, imagine, ime, impact, important, include, individuals, institution, insults, inter, interactive, interest, interview, involved, involves, ion, islamic, isn, italy, jack, jerk, john, joy, judge, justices, kind, kinds, king, kingdom, kiss, knew, land, large, last, laughing, lawrence, lead, leaders, leads, leaked, les, lets, letter, lexx, liberty, lied, light, likes, line, lines, lis, lived, living, loan, local, long, longer, los, lose, loss, lot, loves, luke, lying, lyons, mad, main, making, male, mark, market, match, matter, matthew, mea, medical, member, memory, mental, mentally, mentions, meyer, million, mind, minister, ministry, moment, month, moon, moral, more, morning, mother, movement, movie, multi, myth, named, nation, national, nations, nature, needed, ner, new york times, news, news conference, newspaper, noble, norm, normal, notes, number, numbers, obedience, objects, odds, offer, officers, official, onli, open, operations, opportunity, opposite, order, ordered, org, organization, original, outlet, paganism, page, pages, part, participants, pas, passed, past, paul, pause, paying, peace, people, perfect, person, personal, personally, peter, philip, picked, picture, place, plane, planes, planned, play, played, pleasant, ploy, point, pos, positive, post, posted, posts, power, pray, predator, prepared, preparing, presiden, president, princeton, principles, printing, prisoners, process, product, products, profit, projects, promised, prophet, prostitute, protected, prove, proved, proven, proves, public, punch, punishment, purely, push, qualified, question, questions, quickly, quote, race, raise, ran, rape, reaction, read, ready, real, reality, reason, receiving, regular, released, relief, religion, religious, remarks, remember, remind, reminder, replace, respect, respond, responds, response, rest, restore, retired, return, revealing, reward, riches, ring, rip, rise, robert, robinson, rock, role, rome, room, rose, royal, rule, run, russian, sad, safe, salvation, san, scary, scenario, scholars, scientists, screwed, scripts, secrets, seem, select, selecting, sell, sen, sense, sensitive, serve, service, sessions, set, seth, sex, sexual, shameful, shared, shares, sharing, ship, shock, short, shouldn, shows, shut, sign, simple, simply, site, slamming, slaughter, small, son, soo, sorry, sounds, soup, source, speaking, special, specifically, spend, spiritual, spring, star, starring, stars, start, starts, state, stated, states, status, stay, steal, stealing, stephen, sti, stole, stone, stop, stories, story, street, strength, strike, strip, students, style, submit, subs, succeed, sucks, sul, sums, sun, sunday, supported, suppose, surfaced, surfaces, survive, swiss, system, systems, tak, take a look, taken, takes, talk, talking, taste, teach, ted, tells, temple, test, text, thanksgiving, the new york times, the truth about, theory, they, thinks, thomas, thought, thread, threatened, threatening, tie, time, times, title, today, told, tomorrow, total, totally, touch, toy, trac, tradition, traitor, transition, traveling, treated, trouble, trusted, tune, turkey, ultimate, union, united, united states, universe, universities, university, ups, url, usa, usual, version, vice, view, village, viola, violated, virtual, wait, waiting, wanted, watched, watching, water, ways, week, weeks, western, whats, wide, win, wins, woma, won, wonderful, wont, word, work, working, worthy, write, writing, wrong, wtf, year, years, york, young
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  20. 'No god' slogans.

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 10-24-2008 02:29 PM
    afraid, aims, air, alternative, automatic, bbc, children, city, danger, enjoy, free, god, jesus, king, life, news, people, plan, planned, pressure, religion, rev, ride, running, salvation, side, signs, tax, voice
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  21. 'Religulous', the Movie....

    Started by ohein56, 10-06-2008 11:31 AM
    area, bible, bill, bur, chan, choice, crime, english, experience, extra, find, force, god, hate, human, important, leave, love, opinion, par, people, random, reality, research, reviews, sec, sharing, show, social, soul, spin, survey, universe, voice, watch, world, www
    • Replies: 45
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  22. ...and now a word from God

    Started by Lord_jag, 03-15-2010 04:34 AM
    aba, check, child, contribution, gay, god, love, obama, separate, torture, word
    • Replies: 1
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  23. 10 commandments

    Started by djbombsquad, 07-18-2007 02:10 PM
    agree, ame, america, blue, children, complete, daughter, find, friday, fulfilled, generation, give, god, hats, hear, held, holidays, human, imagine, jesus, kill, knock, law, love, matthew, mea, men, number, owns, people, rea, resident, rule, rules, russia, saturn, son, soul, steal, stranger, strength, version, view, witness, word, work, world
    • Replies: 11
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  24. 10 films about the end of the world must see

    Started by yassinesd, 10-23-2014 03:41 AM
    addition, america, cage, car, cinema, energy, finally, food, fun, home, king, law, massacred, mission, ocean, ontario, par, people, pit, pro, protected, riots, science, slow, spacecraft, team, virus, world
    • Replies: 2
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  25. 16 - Wanna some more?

    Started by baufaufru, 01-30-2007 11:13 PM
    change, guess, moderators, people, pos, posts, quick, site, spammer, stupid, visit
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,508
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  26. 1st black female rabbi in US

    Started by Happy Medium, 06-09-2009 08:45 AM
    black, build, education, hope, jewish, judaism, reform, religion, serve, sti, united states, web, white
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,487
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  27. 20 - Wanna some more?

    Started by blabrabura, 01-31-2007 06:11 AM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,418
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  28. 2012 Update - Scam.com Forum Rules

    Started by sojustask, 04-12-2009 09:49 AM
    ame, banning, blog, company, debate, domain, fine, fraud, friends, full, home, information, job, news, par, people, phone, problem, ratings, scam, scam.com, scams, send, seo, troll, warning, website
    • Replies: 0
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  29. 23 - There is something new

    Started by staliiver, 01-31-2007 01:21 PM
    drugs, find, ice, idiot, line, links, notice, online, pos, post, site, url
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,525
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  30. 3.33am

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 07-21-2010 06:00 AM
    arts, bible, broken, chat, clock, evil, fine, force, give, god, hear, idea, jesus, killer, men, middle, news, number, people, scottish, sort, sound, spin, strange, surprise, swear, white, world
    • Replies: 26
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  31. 4 - Real good treatment

    Started by mssisan, 01-30-2007 04:47 AM
    alert, idiot, men, real, site, super, treatment, url
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,431
    01-30-2007, 06:51 AM Go to last post
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 3,945
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  32. 42 Points of the True Church

    Started by Worried_in_the_USA, 04-05-2009 06:57 PM
    acceptance, acts, addition, afraid, ame, asy, authorized, build, built, business, children, choice, contribution, deception, efficient, experience, exposed, fake, gift, grace, health, immortality, israel, james, jews, job, kill, kiss, law, life, list, love, matthew, needy, oil, past, people, prince, problem, record, rendering, rules, saints, salvation, send, show, sick, teacher, teachers, trust, twos, type, universe, upload, women, word, words, youth
    • Replies: 21
    • Views: 5,727
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  33. 500 Lashes for Blasphemy

    Started by Qi123, 12-06-2011 09:09 PM
    arabia, arrested, city, court, family, finally, foreign, give, guilty, hawkins, health, home, law, misinformation, mohammed, police, problems, religion, remove, saudi, saudi arabia, saudis, sti, vic, world, www
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 2,968
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  34. 8 things God won't ask on that day...

    Started by sojustask, 04-10-2007 07:38 PM
    ability, air, blue, bur, car, character, clo, close, closet, compromised, content, couldn, damn, doesn, easy, enjoy, examples, experience, find, friends, god, grace, hear, heaven, helped, home, important, jesus, job, joke, knock, laugh, lexx, lol, men, military, mind, network, people, questions, rea, salary, show, ski, skin, son, space, sweat, told, transportation, video, white, won, wont, work
    • Replies: 21
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  35. 911 the truth and the lie

    Started by satan, 02-01-2007 06:56 AM
    2001, 9/11, 911, account, accounts, ame, artist, balance, biggest, bin, bin laden, bit, cash, church, complete, credibility, cuz, day, disappointment, dont, due, elite, emails, enter, experience, find, give, global, gonna, healing, huma, important, inside job, interest, involved, jack, job, kid, king, laden, leaders, learn, lie, mental, nail, nation, obstruction, obstruction of justice, par, part, poor, power, prize, problem, public, reality, research, responsible, restore, scam, score, seekers, settlement, severe, side, ski, spam, spreading, steal, talent, terrorist, totally, truth, url, usa, van, viagra, website, word, www
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 2,107
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  36. 911,666 and the BIG LIE!

    Started by satan, 02-11-2007 03:42 AM
    911, air, america, ass, asy, big, bin, bin laden, blue, bogus, caught, chris, church, coward, crew, damn, day, emergency, extra, global, handed, huma, hypocrites, ice, idea, innocent, involved, jack, jesus, justice, kid, laden, liar, lie, lies, local, lol, money, ora, people, planes, poison, pos, prescription, program, proof, proves, quick, reality, red, satan, scale, services, steal, stuff, taken, talking, thief, truth, van, women
    • Replies: 6
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  37. 95% of all scammers are...

    Started by Idura, 07-06-2007 09:10 AM
    believers, bible, bigots, call, class, close, find, firm, forum, full, gen, hold, human, idiots, jesus, jews, king, latest, lol, men, muslims, news, palestinians, people, political, politics, rea, research, scammers, show, steal, study, stuff, terrorism, war, website, words, www, youtube
    • Replies: 16
    • Views: 3,090
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