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Forum: Retail Scams

Post all your "bait and switch" advertising experiences or links here.

  1. Direct Buy

    Started by adam42381, 11-13-2006 04:57 AM
    $100, $400, $4000, .25%, 000, 2001, 2008, 302, ???, absolute, access, account, accounts, accurate, acted, action, add, additionally, address, admit, admitted, advanced, agen, agendas, ages, agreed, agreement, ags, aid, aide, ain, allegations, alleged, allowed, allowing, amendment, american, amount, angeles, annual, another, antoine, apartment, apology, appears, appointment, approval, arrival, arriving, article, artist, artists, ass, assigned, assistant, associate, attempts, attention, attorney general, audio, authority, authorized, avoid, aware, babies, bad, bags, bait, banned, banning, based, basement, basic, basically, bastards, bathroom, be aware, beat, bed, ben, benefits, bernie, beta, biggest, bin, bit, bite, biz, blame, blatant, blue, body, bomb, books, bow, boxes, brazilian, breaking, bricks, brilliant, bring, builder, building, bull, bullshit, bunch, bur, bureau, burst, business, bust, butts, buy online, buys, cabinet, cable, called, calls, camera, canadian, cancel, cancer, capital, card, care, careful, carefully, carry, cash, catch, categories, cattle, caught, caused, ceiling, censor, center, ceos, cer, ceremony, chain, chan, chance, characteristics, charles, chase, che, chea, cherry, chris, church, cincinnati, circuit, class, classic, cleara, clever, cli, clients, clo, close, closes, club, code, coffin, coin, collect, collection, college, coming, comments, commissioned, commissioner, community, companies, company, company., comparison, compensation, complain, complete, completely, complex, components, comprehension, conceal, conflict of interest, congratulations, consumers, contest, continue, conveniently, copies, corp, corporate, corporation, correct, cost, costly, costs, couch, couldn, counting, countries, courts, cover, crap, creates, credibility, credible, credit, credit cards, crowd, cure, custom, customer, cuz, dallas, dan, daniel, dar, dark, daughter, david, day, dear, decades, decision, declared, defend, defendants, deleted, deliver, delivery, demand, description, deserve, designated, detroit, development, diamond, differences, differently, difficult, digital camera, diploma, diplomat, disclosing, discount, discounted, discover, disgusting, dish, district, diy, doctors, doesn, dollar, don, dons, dont, doomed, door, dot, dow, dozen, drink, drop, due, duped, dvd, earn, earn money, edge, effective, electric, eliminate, elliot, ells, eme, ends, enter, entry, environment, equipment, eric, error, establishment, estate, ethical, european, evening, examples, excel, excellent, exceptions, exhausted, exo, experience, experts, explained, expose, extended, extort, extra, extreme, extremely, extremists, eye, face, faced, factor, factories, factory, factual, fails, fall, falsi, fans, father, faulty, federal, fee, figures, financial, financially, first amendment, fishy, fix, fla, flat, focus, folks, fool, fooled, for sale, forces, formula, fraudulent, free, frequent, friday, fridge, front, fuck, fucking, fulfilled, fund, funded, furniture, future, gal, gary, gas, gave, gavel, gee, gen, generators, george, give, gli, gold, gonna, goodbye, gordo, grace, grades, greg, ground, group, grove, growth, guarantee, gullible, gut, guys, handed, hands, harder, hasn, haters, head, headquarters, heart, hearts, hell, helped, helping, helps, hey, hidden, hidden camera, hide, hiding, high, higher, highly, hog, holdings, holidays, home improvement, homework, horrible, horrors, hotels, house, houston, html, https, huge, huma, hurt, husband, ial, identify, identifying, identity, idiot, idiots, ignorant, image, images, imagine, impact, important, inc., include, inconvenient, incredible, india, indiana, individuals, industry, influence, info, information, insanity, insurance, inter, interest, investing, involved, isn, issues, item, jeffrey, jersey, joined, joke, jot, judge, justify, karma, kickbacks, kicked, kicking, kit, kona, kraft, lady, land, large, latest, law suit, lawsuits, lazy, leaders, leave, legit, leonard, lets, letters, lied, life, lighting, likes, limits, line, lis, listed, listen, lived, living, llc, loan, loans, local, lol, long, long run, longer, los, loss, lying, mad, maid, mail, making, manager, manufacture, maple, mark, market, marketing, marriage, marti, mass, master, matrix, mea, medical, meet, meeting, members, merry, mess, method, million, millions, mind, model, monday, money, moron, morris, mortgage, move, movie, multi, mystery, nail, named, nasty, nation, national, nationally, nature, necessarily, needed, newest, newspaper, nick, noble, nope, north, numbers, nurse, october, offer, office, ohio, ongoing, onli, online shopping, ooh, operation, operations, opinion, opportunity, opposite, options, orange, ordered, orders, org, organization, organizations, outlet, outlets, owned, owner, owns, pacific, paper, part, passage, passed, patio, payment, payments, payout, pays, pen, people, perception, person, personal, phenomenon, phone number, photos, picture, pictures, piece, pissed, planned, planning, plans, plant, plants, play, played, playground, poke, policies, policy, poor, pop, popping, popular, pos, positive, post, posted, posting, posts, potential, power, premier, prepared, prerequisite, presentations, presiden, prevent, preview, price, prices, pricing, prize, problems, proceedings, production, products, professional, profile, profit, programming, progress, projects, promising, properties, proposition, protect, protected, protection, protects, proves, provider, public, pull, pulled, pure, pyramid, qualified, quality, question, questions, quick, quot, quotes, race, racket, raise, ran, random, rape, rare, rated, ratings, raving, raw, reaction, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, receiving, recommend, recovery, recruiting, red, refund, refused, regular, regulatory, reliable, remind, renewal, renewed, rent, rental, rep, replace, replacing, reporter, representative, research, respect, respond, response, responsible, ress, retail, rise, risk, role, rolls, room, rushed, sad, sale, sam, samsung, saves, sca, scale, scam, scam artist, scamming, scary, screw, script, search, sears, secure, select, selecting, sell, selling, sen, send, service, services, session, settlement, setup, shares, sharing, sheet, ship, shipping, shirts, sho, shop, shopper, shopping, short, shot, shouldn, shows, shut, sign, silent, simply, site, skin, small, smoke, social, soft, son, soo, sounds, sour, source, sources, spamming, specialty, specifically, spent, spreading, staged, start, states, steals, stein, stinks, stock, stone, stop, stories, story, strategy, stream, strip, stupid, style, submit, subs, succeed, successful, suckers, sucking, sued, suitable, sum, summary, summer, sun, super, supplier, supported, supports, suspended, sweat, sweet, tactic, take a look, taken, takes, talking, taxes, tells, test, texas, theft, thinks, thread, threads, threatened, threats, thursday, ticket, ties, times, timeshare, tme, told, tonight, tools, top, total, totally, tough, tour, town, toyota, trac, track, tracks, trade, trail, trails, transition, trap, treats, trim, truck, trusted, tuesday, tvs, twist, types, typing, undeniable, une, unfamiliar, unfortunate, united, united states, unwan, updates, upper, ups, upset, url, usa, vacation, vacations, vehicle, version, vet, vice, view, vince, virginia, visit, waiting, walmart, wanted, warehouse, warming, wary, water, website, wednesday, weeks, weird, west, wheel, wide, wikipedia, wilson, win, winner, winning, wins, wise, woma, won, wonderful, wont, worked, workers, working, wow, writes, writing, wtf, www, year, ymi, york, young 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  2. Tetrasil skin ointment - Complete total scam

    Started by luvlyblossom, 10-10-2006 08:24 PM
    000, 2008, acted, actions, active, acupuncture, add, address, adult, affordable, age, agen, aid, ain, american, another, anti, anus, appears, appreciated, arms, asshole, attention, avail, avoid, awarded, baby, bad, based, bath, beck, bed, beer, beneficial, bet, bigger, bit, bite, blend, blocking, blue, body, border, boy, bragged, brand, break, breaks, bright, bring, british, brow, brown, bud, bull, bur, bureau, called, calls, canadian, cancer, care, careful, carry, case, caused, causing, center, cer, chance, cheap, cheese, chris, christian, claims, class, clean, clearing, cli, clo, close, coffin, coming, commentary, comments, company, company., comparison, complain, complete, completely, condi, confirmed, connection, continue, cost, couldn, country, cover, crap, cream, credible, critical, crowd, cure, customer, damage, damn, dark, daughter, day, days, dead, dear, death, decades, decision, deep, derma, development, diagnosis, difficult, disease, doctor, doctors, doesn, dog, don, dont, double, dow, doxycycline, drink, drug, dry, duck, due, dun, ear, earlier, ebay, effective, ended, england, episode, eric, essential, euro, european, event, excellent, experience, extremely, eye, eyes, fabulous, face, fall, fast, fda, fec, fed, fee, female, find, finding, fla, flat, flush, friday, gal, gave, gen, girl, give, gold, gonna, grades, gram, green, growing, growth, guarantee, guys, hand, hands, hasn, head, heading, healing, held, helped, helping, helps, hey, hidden, high, higher, highly, hoge, hope, horizon, horrible, hospital, hot, house, html, huge, hurt, ial, ian, idiot, ill, image, important, impressive, improved, incredible, industry, info, injury, insurance, inter, interest, internal, islands, isn, joke, killed, kills, kind, large, leaked, leaving, lets, light, line, lis, lol, long, longer, lot, mail, mail order, making, market, max, mea, medical, men, menopause, method, mind, mocking, monday, money, month, mother, nail, nature, needed, net, network, numbers, october, office, officially, oil, oily, onli, online, open, options, oral, order, ordered, org, owner, paper, part, patent office, patents, pen, penis, people, person, personal, pictures, piece, plane, play, poison, poor, pos, positive, post, posted, posting, posts, power, pray, prescription, produce, products, progress, promising, properties, protect, protected, prove, pure, qualified, quality, questions, quick, quickly, quotes, raise, rare, rated, raw, rea, reaction, real, reason, red, reduction, refund, registered, regular, relief, removed, rep, replace, research, respond, responds, response, responsible, ress, results, retarded, risk, ron, route, safe, sal, saves, sca, scam, scam site, science, search, sell, selling, sen, send, service, severe, shampoo, shipping, shirts, shit, shooting, shopper, short, shortly, show, shows, silver, simply, site, ski, skin, skins, small, socks, soft, son, soo, sooo, sounds, source, specifically, speed, spreading, stage, star, start, starting, starts, states, stays, sting, stone, stop, store, story, strength, stupid, style, subs, sufferers, suitable, summer, sun, super, surprise, sweat, system, systems, taken, takes, talking, tape, ted, testing, texas, thought, thread, times, tips, title, tme, told, top, total, totally, toxic, tracks, transparent, treatment, treats, trolling, types, ubes, ugly, unfamiliar, united, united kingdom, united states, upset, url, user, vet, view, viral, vml, wait, walmart, wanted, ward, wash, watching, water, ways, weak, weaker, wearing, website, weeks, weird, wikipedia, win, winter, won, wont, wordpress, wore, work, worked, working, worse, worth, wow, writing, year, years, yeast, yesterday, young 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  3. Hydroxatone free trial a SCAM

    Started by deidrewatt, 04-06-2009 03:40 PM
    acted, activate, agree, agreement, authorized, automatic, bags, bank, bitch, bogus, bonus, bot, call, catch, causing, chan, charges, charter, chase, code, company, conveniently, couldn, couple, crack, credit, credit card, credit cards, deadline, detected, diploma, district, documentation, duped, ebay, email, error, experience, explained, extra, faced, free, gas, gift, give, glad, goodbye, guess, hear, indicating, information, investment, job, karma, king, late, men, misinformation, money, number, offer, operation, pay, payback, rea, refused, remove, renewal, representative, reps, ress, return, ria, roadside assistance, rotten, rude, scam, sears, secretary, send, ski, skin care, steal, stuff, submit, surprise, tools, trial, unfortunate, united states, urban, version, watch, wont, www
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  4. Poll Poll: international fraud? question before I buy

    Started by Bomb, 01-23-2005 06:48 PM
    $100, $400, 000, 2008, 302, 6666, ???, acceptance, accepted, access, account, accounting, accounts, accurate, act, acted, action, active, acts, add, additionally, address, administration, admit, ads, advertising, aff, affiliates, afford, affordable, africa, age, agen, agency, agreed, agreement, aid, ain, airport, aka, alert, alibaba, alibaba.com, alleged, allowed, ame, american, americas, amp, anniversary, annual, another, answer, aol, apart, apartment, apologize, apologized, appeared, appears, applause, appliance, appointment, appointments, appraisal, appreciated, approval, approved, approves, april, arrival, arriving, art, article, artist, artists, asia, asian, aspen, ass, assembly, assigned, assist, assistant, associate, associated press, asy, ation, atm, attorney general, auction, author, authority, authorization, authorized, auto, avail, availabl, avoid, aware, baby, bad, bait, bait and switch, balance, ban, banning, baro, base, based, basic, basically, bastards, bat, batman, battery, bay, be aware, beat, ben, benin, bet, better, beware, biggest, billi, bin, bio, bit, biz, bogus, bonus, boo, book, books, boost, boston, boxes, brand, break, breaking, bribe, bring, bro, broadcast, broke, brother, building, bull, bunch, bureau, business, businesses, buy, buyers, buying, cable, california, call, call center, called, calling, calls, cancel, cancels, cannot, card, care, careful, carefull, carefully, cars, case, cash, cashout, catch, caught, caused, causing, cell, center, centre, cer, chain, chan, chance, chart, charter, che, chea, checking, cheese, chicago, choose, chris, christmas, circuit, citizens, civil, claim, claims, class, classic, clean, cleaning, clear, cleara, clearance, click, clients, clo, clock, close, closed, closes, clothes, club, coa, code, collect, collected, collection, collections, columbus, coming, comments, commercial, commit, common, communication, community, company, company., comparison, complain, complete, completely, components, compound, con, concerned, concerns, condi, confirmed, confirming, confusion, congratulations, constantly, consumer, consumers, contact, continue, conversation, copies, core, corporate, corporation, correct, cost, costs, couldn, country, courier, cover, crap, crash, crazy, cream, creates, credit, credited, current, curry, customer, customer., customers, cuz, cycle, dam, damage, damn, dar, database, date, david, day, days, dead, decided, decision, defective, definition, delete, deliver, delivered, delivery, demand, demanding, denied, dental, department, deposited, dept, des, description, desk, desperate, detroit, diagnosis, didn, dig, direct, direction, dirty, discount, display, district, disturbing, division, diy, documents, doesn, dollar, don, dont, dont, door, dot, double, dow, dozen, drop, drops, dry, dubli, due, duffy, dup, ear, earlier, early, earth, easily, east, edition, effective, elected, electric, ells, eme, employee, ended, ene, engineer, engineers, england, enjoy, enter, entire, environment, equipment, error, estate, euro, evaluation, evicted, excellent, experience, expert, experts, explained, expose, extended, extra, extreme, eye, eyes, face, facing, factory, failed, fair, fall, families, fargo, fashion, father, fault, faulty, favor, favorite, feature, fed, federal, fedex, fee, feel, feeling, felt, field, file, files, final, financial, financially, finds, five, fix, fla, flag, flat, fly, folks, for sale, forget, forgot, fortune, fra, fraudulent, free, frequent, friday, fridge, front, fully, fund, funds, furious, furniture, fusion, future, gas, gave, gee, gen, general, generals, girls, give, giving, global, gmail, goal, gold, gomez, gonna, goo, good, gps, grace, great, ground, group, gsm, guarantee, guaranteed, guide, guy, guys, gym, had, hail, hand, handbags, handed, handle, hands, hard, hasn, head, headquarters, heads, heard, hell, helping, helps, hes, hey, hidden, hide, hiding, high, higher, highly, his, holding, holmes, home, home improvement, home improvement., home theatre, homes, horrible, horror, hospital, hot, hotmail, hours, house, housing, howard, html, https, huge, huma, human, hurricane, hurt, husband, ial, ian, ica, identify, identifying, identity, ignore, ignored, ignores, ill, images, imagine, ime, impact, important, impressive, improved, ina, inc., inch, incident, include, income, index, india, indicating, indonesia, industries, industry, info, information, insider, insoles, install, instructed, insurance, inter, interest, interested, interpol, investments, ion, iowa, ips, iranian, isn, issue, issues, issuing, ist, italy, item, jack, jan, jersey, jimmy, joe, john, joined, joke, journalist, joy, karma, katrina, kind, kinds, kingdom, knew, lady, lake, land, large, last, latest, laundering, law, leading, leads, legit, legitimate, les, lets, letter, letters, license, lied, light, likes, limited, line, lining, lis, listed, lite, living, llc, loan, local, lol, london, long, long distance, longer, loose, los, lose, losing, lot, louisiana, luck, lying, machine, mad, mail, mail order, mailing, maintenance, making, manager, market, massive, match, max, mea, meaning, medical, medicare, meet, meeting, mel, member, members, membership, mens, mental, mention, merry, mess, messages, michelle, mike, million, millions, mind, minutes, model, moderator, mods, monday, month, moral, more, morning, mother, move, movie, movies, mp3, multi, multiple, myers, nada, named, nasty, nation, national, nationally, nature, need, needed, ner, net, network, newport, nice, nick, nigeria, nigh, normal, north, note, november, nuclear, number, numbers, october, odd, office, olive, onli, only, onto, open, operation, ops, options, order, ordered, orders, oregon, org, organization, original, oro, owes, owned, owner, owns, package, page, pages, paper, part, pas, pass, passed, passenger, passionate, password, pause, paying, payment, payroll, pays, pcs, peace, pen, pend, pending, perfectly, performance, person, personal, personalized, personally, phoenix, phone, phone number, photos, picked, picture, pictures, piece, pissed, place, planning, plasma, plastic, play, played, players, pleasure, ploy, point, policy, poor, pop, por, porn, pos, posing, post, postal, posted, posting, posts, potential, pounds, power, prepaid, prepared, presentations, presiden, pretending, prevent, price, pricing, prima, prime, printing, prior, private, prize, process, product, products, professional, profit, profits, promised, promote, promotions, protect, protection, prove, provider, published, pulled, pulls, pump, pursuit, push, putting, pyramid, quality, question, questions, quick, quot, quote, rafael, ran, rand, random, rated, rea, reaction, read, real, real estate property, reason, reasonable, receiving, record, recorded, red, refund, refunded, refurbished, refused, refuses, regarding, register, registered, regular, regulations, release, remember, removed, ren, rendered, rent, rental, rep, replace, reply, reporting, represent, representative, rescue, research, respond, response, responsible, ress, rest, results, resume, retail, returned, revenge, rick, rid, ridiculous, rip, ripped, rips, risk, rock, room, rose, run, sad, safe, sal, sale, san, sans, santa, satisfied, sca, scale, scam, scam artist, scammed, scammer, scamming, scenario, scheduled, screw, screwed, script, scripts, search, searching, sears, seattle, secretary, secrets, seem, sell, selling, sen, send, sends, sense, september, ser, service, services, set, setup, sex, shampoo, shared, ship, shipment, shipper, shipping, shirts, shit, shoe, shooting, shop, shopping, short, shortly, show, showed, shows, shut, shut up, sign, signed, signing, silver, simple, simply, sir, site, skin, sma, small, small business, soft, sold, sole, solicited, solve, som, sometimes, son, sony, soo, sorry, sounds, source, sources, sourcing, speaking, special, specifically, speed, spend, spent, staff, star, start, starts, state, stated, states, station, status, stay, step, stock, stole, stood, stop, stories, story, strategy, street, stupid, style, styles, submit, successful, successful business, suckers, sucks, suitable, suite, sum, summer, sun, super, suppose, survey, system, systems, tag, take a look, taken, takes, taking, talk, talking, targeting, taxes, technologies, ted, teeth white, tells, terrible, test, testify, testing, texas, text, theft, theif, they, thieves, thought, threads, threaten, threatened, thursday, ticket, time, times, tips, tired, title, tme, today, told, tom, tone, tony, top, tor, total, totally, touch, tour, town, toy, trac, trade, trail, transfers, treats, trick, trouble, truck, trusted, turkey, turning, tvs, ultra, unauthorized, une, uni, union, unit, united, united kingdom, united states, unlimited, update, updates, ups, upset, urgent, url, usa, user, uses, usps, usual, utah, vacant, vacation, valentine, vehicle, verification, verify, version, veterans, victim, victimized, viola, virginia, vogue, voucher, wait, waiting, wall, walmart, wanted, warned, warranty, watched, watching, water, weaker, website, websites, week, weeks, weird, wells, west, western, wide, wikipedia, williams, win, winning, wire, wired, wireless, wise, withdraw, woma, won, wonderful, wont, work, worked, workers, working, worse, worst, worth, wound, wow, wreck, writing, wrong, wtf, yahoo, year, years, yesterday, york
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  5. Ion Cleanse

    Started by Lord_jag, 09-24-2006 04:09 AM
    000, 3 month, absorption, accepted, account, accupuncture, accurate, accused, acupuncture, add, address, admit, admits, advanced, advice, age, agreement, ain, allowed, ama, american, animals, anti, appreciated, approval, approved, arthritis, artists, asia, asian, ass, aus, australia, award, baby, bad, balance, barack, based, bath, battery, bees, behalf, believers, ben, benefits, bet, biggest, billion, bit, blood, blue, body, brazil, bring, brow, brown, bull, bullsh, bullshit, bunch, bust, cabinet, called, calling, calls, calm, cancer, captain, capture, care, careful, case, cathode, cattle, caused, causing, cer, chan, chance, chart, check, chemicals, claiming, claims, clean, cleaning, clear, clients, clinics, close, code, colon, coming, comments, community, complete, completely, compromised, condi, consumers, conversation, copies, correct, cost, couldn, countries, country, crap, crazy, credibility, credible, cry, cure, damage, damn, dan, dark, daughter, day, days, dead, death, decided, deep, defending, description, destroying, detected, differences, dinner, dirt, disaster, disease, disturbing, doctors, doesn, dollar, don, dont, dope, double, dow, drink, drop, dropping, drug, due, dumbass, dump, dumping, earlier, early, effective, elec, elected, electric, elements, eliminate, ells, els, empirical, endangering, ended, endorse, endorsed, ends, engineers, entire, environment, ethical, european, experience, explained, extended, extremely, eyes, face, faced, fail, fall, families, fantastic, favorite, fda, feature, fec, fee, feel, felt, field, finding, fits, fly, focus, folks, for sale, forgot, fortune, frequent, front, gal, garden, gave, gee, general, girl, gli, grab, grand, grant, green, guarantee, gullible, guys, hand, handle, hasn, hats, head, healing, health, hell, helped, helps, hey, hide, high, higher, highly, homework, horrible, html, huge, hurt, husband, ial, ian, idiots, ignorance, ignorant, ill, illness, imagine, immune, impact, important, include, incredible, indicating, industry, info, insanity, insurance, interest, ion, isn, issues, joint, joke, judge, kind, kit, lab, large, laugh, laughing, lead, leading, leads, learn, leaving, life, light, likes, limits, line, lining, lis, listen, living, loans, local, lol, long, loses, lot, lying, machines, major, making, manager, mankind, market, massage therapy, mea, medical, meeting, membra, men, mentally, metals, method, million, millions, mind, minerals, monaco, monster, month, moon, mortgage, multi, muscle, mystery, nation, nature, needed, newest, nice, north, nurse, office, officers, officials, offs, ohhhhhh, oily, onli, open, operation, options, orange, order, org, original, owned, owner, package, page, pages, paper, par, part, passed, pathetic, paying, perfect, person, personal, pharmaceuticals, phosphate, piece, pissed, plans, plastic, point, poison, poor, pop, pos, positive, post, posted, poster, posts, potential, power, prescription, price, prices, process, product, products, profit, promote, promotes, proper, properties, protect, prove, public, pull, pulled, pulls, pure, push, quality, question, questions, quickly, quit, random, rapid, rated, raw, rea, reaction, real, reality, reason, reasonable, receiving, recorded, red, refuse, refused, regimes, registered, regular, released, relief, reminder, remove, removed, removes, reopened, rescue, research, respect, response, responses, rest, results, returns, rie, ring, rip, rising, risk, roo, room, rry, rush, safe, safety, sal, sale, sans, sca, scammers, scamming, scan, scientists, screwed, sell, selling, sense, september, service, services, session, sessions, set, severe, shed, sho, shop, short, shot, showed, shows, simply, site, ski, skin, slam, small, soaps, socks, sole, solve, sounds, source, speaking, specifically, speed, spend, spent, spice, stage, stand, star, start, starts, state, stated, states, status, stein, steve, stories, stream, students, stupid, subs, sue, sum, sun, supporting, surgery, sweat, sweet, system, systems, taken, takes, talk, talking, tap, tap water, tells, test, testimonials, testing, the truth about, the wall, thinks, thought, thread, throw, times, tips, tissue, told, top, total, totally, touch, town, toxi, toxic, trade, treatment, turn, types, une, unfamiliar, unit, united, united states, upset, url, usa, vet, vince, voted, votes, walker, walmart, wanted, wash, watch, watched, watching, water, ways, weak, weeks, weird, western, wheel, whites, wide, woma, won, word, wore, worked, working, worse, worth, woud, wow, wrap, writing, www, year, years, yesterday, youtube
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  6. Poll Poll: Timeshare Scams

    Started by allycat, 12-07-2005 10:06 PM
    acted, agreement, agrees, airport, approved, bai, bait, be aware, bill, bogus, booking, car, chan, code, columbus, commission, cons, couldn, cruise, daughter, economy, explained, figures, find, focus, forbes, forum, free, give, golf, golf course, goodbye, hon, important, individuals, industry, link, misleading, money, operation, orange, oregon, owners, people, phone, refused, regular, rental, representative, resorts, sale, scam, spin, submit, tickets, trading, trip, version, world, www
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  7. DirecTV scam - DVR purchase vs. lease rip-off

    Started by Tivo_user, 10-12-2006 09:59 AM
    $100, $400, 000, 2008, 2012, ???, acceptance, access, account, accounts, accurate, acted, action, activate, active, acts, add, additionally, address, admit, admitted, advance, advanced, age, agen, agreed, agreement, ain, allowed, annual, another, antenna, apartment, approval, april, art service, ass, attitude, attorney general, authority, authorization, authorized, auto, avoid, award, awarded, bad, balance, based, basic, be aware, behalf, beneficiary, bet, bit, blame, boats, boxes, boxing, brand, breach, break, bud, bunch, bur, bureau, button, cable, called, calls, calm, cancel, card, care, carry, case, cash, caught, causing, cease, cer, chan, channel, circuit, claims, class, close, club, clueless, code, collection, college, coming, communication, companies, company., compensation, complain, complete, completely, condi, connections, consumers, continue, conversation, copies, corporate, corporation, correct, cost, costs, couldn, country, crap, crazy, credit, credit score, customer, cycle, damage, dar, daughter, day, days, december, decided, decision, declared, defective, defending, deleted, deliver, delivered, delivery, demand, department, deposited, deposits, dept, description, deserve, dig, discount, discounted, dish, disputed, documentation, doesn, dollars, don, dont, dow, drop, dropped, dropping, due, dumping, duped, earn, ells, ended, engineer, enter, entertainment, environment, equipment, error, event, excellent, exceptions, experience, explained, extended, extra, extremely, eye, fail, fast, favorite, federal, fee, felt, final, financial, finding, fix, folks, forget, fortune, franklin, free, freight, front, fulfilled, future, gave, girl, global, gold, gotta, grace, greatest, green, ground, group, guarantee, guys, hasn, hates, held, helping, hey, hiding, high, hire, honor, house, html, huge, hurt, husband, ici, idiots, ignorance, ignorant, ignore, iii, ill, imagine, inc., include, individuals, industry, influence, institution, insurance, inter, interest, internet, interruptions, investigated, involving, isn, issues, jason, john, judge, karma, kid, lake, land, large, latest, lawsuit, learn, leaving, legally, lesser, letters, license, light, limits, line, lines, lis, lisa, listed, listen, liv, live, living, local, logo, long, longer, los, lose, loss, lot, mail, mailing, making, manager, market, max, mea, meet, members, men, mental, mentions, merry, mess, method, mind, model, monetary, money, month, mortgage, movie, nature, needed, netflix, network, nice, nope, north, notes, notification, numbers, offer, office, onli, open, orange, order, ordered, orders, original, owned, package, paper, part, password, pay, payment, payments, perfectly, performance, person, personal, picture, piece, pissed, plane, planet, policies, policy, poor, pos, positive, post, posted, posting, posts, power, premium, prepared, presiden, price, prices, privacy, problem, products, professional, profit, programming, protected, protection, prove, provider, public, pull, push, qualifications, quality, questions, quick, quickly, quit, raise, ran, random, rea, reason, reasonable, reasons, receiving, recorded, recovered, reduction, refund, refused, registered, regular, rent, rep, replace, replacing, research, reserve, respect, response, responsible, reward, risk, roll, sale, scale, scam, score, screw, sell, selling, sen, sense, service, services, set, setup, shipping, short, showed, shows, shut, sign, signed, signing, simply, site, small, soo, sooner, sooo, sounds, source, spamming, speaking, specifically, spent, sports, staff, star, start, starts, stated, states, steal, stop, story, stream, streaming, street, strength, stuff, stunt, stupid, submit, sum, sun, supplier, suppliers, system, takes, talk, talking, tampering, taxes, ted, telephone calls, televised, tells, theater, theft, thereto, thousand, thread, ticket, ties, times, tips, title, tme, told, top, tor, total, touch, trac, trail, transfer, trusted, tvs, unauthorized, une, unit, united, united states, updates, urgent, url, user, vehicle, victimized, video, view, village, wait, wanted, watch, watching, ways, weeks, wide, win, won, wont, word, worked, working, wow, writing, wtf, year, years, yesterday
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  8. Don't buy a Snuggie Blanket - "As Seen on TV"

    Started by Karma19, 12-08-2008 02:59 PM
    acted, angry, ate, business, call, chase, christmas, couldn, credit card, daughter, experience, explained, find, football, fraud, fred, gay, goodbye, holidays, home, human, inform, kiss, marketing, meyer, offs, owned, people, phone, pick, president, print, recommend, report, representative, return, sale, scam, side, submit, sweat, united states, upload, walk, wallingford, website, wife, william, winter 1 Deleted Post(s)
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    • Replies: 15
    • Views: 48,925
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  9. Celebrity China Scam

    Started by scammed bride, 04-30-2007 08:16 PM
    $100, $4000, 2008, acted, activate, american, appreciated, ass, balance, based, bill, blue, bonus, bull, bunch, bur, business, call, calm, cancel, captain, cash, che, china, china scam, class, clean, cleaning, collection, company, complain, continue, cost, costs, couldn, credit, cruise, customer, damn, dear, debate, doesn, dollar, dont, drink, duped, experience, family, financial, for sale, fortune, free, gas, give, glad, guarantee, guys, hands, held, hoax, holiday, hotels, html, idiots, imagine, interest, issues, joke, lady, life, line, local, love, loves, mail, manager, manufacture, mark, mea, millions, misinformation, money, multi, oas, office, ordered, owned, par, people, phoenix, pissed, planning, premier, prepared, pricing, prize, public, pull, real, reality, reason, reasonable, receive, receiving, regal, report, representative, research, retail, returns, rotten, royal, sacred, sale, scam, scammers, selling, serve, service, session, shop, show, shows, shut up, spent, start, stupid, sued, sun, tax, taxes, teach, timeshare, told, tools, total, totally, tour, trade, treatment, trip, une, vacation, view, vince, waiting, walmart, wanted, website, western, winning, won, wonderful, wont, worked, working, wyr 2 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 27
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  10. Caracol Cream scam

    Started by Chrissiann, 07-14-2008 08:20 PM
    acted, acts, admin, affiliate, america, blatant, bogus, bur, business, christmas, complain, couldn, elec, endorsement, endorses, experience, explained, faced, fake, finally, fraud, fraud., guess, guru, hire, human, industry, innocent, lawyers, legal, lie, manager, merry, msn, optimization, packing, people, popping, praises, program, random, ratings, refused, regular, research, ress, sale, scam, schools, shipment, ski, skins, submit, subs, texting, vic, victims, warehouse, website, word, www 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  11. Premier Bathrooms

    Started by Michael2424, 07-23-2008 06:17 PM
    acted, agreement, america, attempts, attorney, bai, buyer, catch, chan, company, contract, differently, fraud, full, home, impact, irresponsible, lawyer, list, mistake, money, par, pay, people, pricing, rea, return, sane, sears, sellers, sharing, show, spreading, steal, suggest, upgrade, vic, visa
    • Replies: 46
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  12. Card Payment Solutions - Is it a scam?

    Started by sucker85, 11-09-2008 02:16 PM
    agent, bonus, car, car loans, commission, companies, company, contract, experience, fine, king, loans, men, pay, print, read more, scam, scam.com, scams, show, solutions, sti, summit, tech, technology, used car, walk, www
    • Replies: 3
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  13. Intelius Background Check

    Started by shyannesioux, 03-16-2006 11:44 PM
    $100, 2008, access, accurate, action, address, adverts, age, ages, ain, amazon, another, ate, attention, august, background, bad, bankruptcy, bet, better, bit, blogs, books, bring, bunch, buy, buying, called, card, careful, case, cer, check, checking, claim, claims, comments, common, con, connections, consumers, cost, costs, county, courts, crap, credit, current, customers, date, days, decision, deserve, don, double, dow, ear, earned, entire, ethical, excellent, experience, extra, fabrication, fake, false, federal, fee, felt, file, find, first strike, fits, flag, folks, gain, gave, gen, give, good, great, guys, happened, hard, hay, head, helping, hey, hiring, his, horse, house, ial, ime, important, improved, induce, industry, info, inter, internet, ion, jail, john, kinds, ladies, last, legally, legitimate, line, lis, listed, lived, long, lot, mailing, main, making, market, mea, mention, misleading, money, more, number, onli, open, owned, page, par, part, pay, paying, people, perfectly, person, personal, pick, pissed, place, plants, pos, post, posted, potential, press, private, process, product, property, public, question, quick, quote, ran, random, rats, read, real, reddi, reddit.com, registers, report, results, return, reviews, rip, ripped, scam, search, security, seem, sell, selling, service, services, sex, show, site, social security, sorry, source, state, states, story, strike, stupid, sucking, suppose, table, taken, takes, theft, they, thread, time, top, total, totally, type, types, url, user, vehicle, verify, wary, ways, websites, wrong, www, years
    • Replies: 13
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  14. Metropolitan Education Enterprises......UGH

    Started by loveunot, 09-29-2006 11:57 AM
    $100, $400, $4000, 000, 3 month, access, account, accounts, acted, action, actions, address, affairs, affordable, afraid, age, agen, agreed, agreement, ain, aka, alive, allowed, ame, american, amount, another, apartment, appreciated, aries, arms, asset, attention, attitude, aus, award, aware, baby, bad, ban, bankruptcy, banks, banned, basic, basically, bastards, bay, behalf, ben, bet, bimo, blame, blue, books, boxes, boy, bringing, building, bullshit, called, cancel, captions, card, care, career, carmel, cars, case, cash, catch, caught, center, cer, chance, chea, chicago, chris, claims, clever, clients, close, collection, collectors, college, coming, community, company, company., complain, complete, completely, complex, compliance, confirmed, congratulations, constant, continue, copies, corp, corporation, correct, cost, couldn, cover, crap, crazy, credit, customer, cuz, damage, damn, daughter, day, days, decided, decision, delivered, delivery, department, designated, development, dig, dinner, discount, disturbing, doesn, dollar, dollars, don, dont, door, dow, drain, due, e-mail, edge, education, ells, email, eme, ended, engineer, entry, excellent, experience, explained, extra, extremely, fabulous, fall, families, family, fantastic, federal, fee, feels, felt, field, final, financial, find, fit, fla, flat, florida, fly, flyers, folds, folks, fond, fool, for kids, forgot, foundation, front, fucking, fulfilled, funds, furious, future, gain, gave, gen, girl, give, glad, gmail, grand, ground, group, guys, hands, harder, hats, headquarters, hear, hell, helped, helping, helps, hey, highly, holds, hope, horrible, hotmail, house, how to get, html, huge, husband, ial, ian, idea, idiot, ignorance, ill, imagine, important, inc., include, info, inter, interest, investigated, investments, involving, ion, isn, issues, jan, jeff, junk, kind, knock, legally, legit, lets, letters, level, likes, line, lis, listed, living, loan, local, lol, long, longer, lot, loves, lying, mad, mail, mailing, making, market, marketing, martial, master, mea, meaningless, medical, members, memories, mess, metropolitan, midnight, military, mob, monday, month, moral, nature, nbc, needed, net, newest, nice, north, number, numbers, office, officers, onli, open, opportunity, oppurtunity, order, ordered, org, original, outrage, package, paid, paper, part, payment, payments, pcs, peaceful, perfect, perfectly, person, personal, phone, phone number, pictures, piece, plans, plastic, play, policy, pos, post, posted, posts, prepaid, price, prices, prize, process, products, projects, promised, protect, protected, protection, pull, pulled, pure, quality, quick, quickly, quit, raise, ran, raped, rea, real, reason, reasonable, receiving, recently, red, refused, relief, rep, representative, research, response, responsible, retired, rio, rude, sad, safe, scam, search, select, sell, selling, sen, send, served, service, services, set, settlement, ship, shipment, shipping, short, showed, shut, side, sign, signed, signing, site, small, solve, son, soo, sounds, spamming, spent, star, start, starting, starts, stated, states, stealing, stop, stories, story, student, stuff, stupid, sum, super, system, taken, talk, talking, tampering, ted, tells, texas, thankful, thought, threaten, tied, times, told, tomorrow, tools, top, total, totally, tough, town, trac, troubles, tuesday, union, ups, upset, url, vacation, veteran, veterans, video, virginia, wait, wanted, wars, watching, ways, weeks, west, wide, wilson, win, winning, woma, won, wonderful, wont, word, worked, working, worth, worthy, wow, writing, wtf, www, yahoo, yapping, year, years, yesterday 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  15. Miracle Ear Problem / Scam

    Started by JAMESTODDSMITH, 12-10-2006 09:07 AM
    000, admit, admitted, aid, another, appointment, artist, ate, avoid, based, benefits, beware, bit, body, bomb, bored, bull, called, cancel, cer, close, coming, company, complain, complaints, con artist, contract, corp, corporate, cost, criminal, cure, day, doctor, doesn, don, due, entry, fine, fit, france, free, front, full, give, hands, hats, healthcare, helps, hey, hide, high, ian, industry, inter, internet, island, large, line, lis, local, longer, los, loss, manager, money, nature, operation, owner, part, paul, people, person, personal, plastic, pos, problem, professional, public, pull, push, questions, raise, reality, reason, refund, relay, release, room, sca, scam, scammer, scary, sears, select, september, service, shouldn, shut, simply, site, small, stealing, store, stories, styles, sued, super, support, systems, test, testing, thankful, times, tme, told, totally, truth, turn, types, unit, url, version, veterans, vince, wanted, wide, won, working, year, young
    • Replies: 9
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  16. Lyoness anyone heard of them ?

    Started by zenkick, 01-26-2012 02:21 PM
    affiliate, business, companies, company, data, duped, english, fbi, fraud, free, information, international, legal, link, make money, money, offer, par, people, ponzi scheme, program, ria, scams, scheme, work, world, www
    • Replies: 13
    • Views: 21,905
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  17. Buy Owner Real Estate advertising scam

    Started by [email protected], 01-14-2006 06:34 PM
    $100, 000, 129, 2008, access, account, accounting, acted, action, actions, acts, address, admit, admits, ads, advertising, advice, afford, age, agen, agent, aggressive, agreement, ain, alleged, another, answer, appointments, ate, ation, attaching, award, aware, bad, balance, based, basically, beach, behalf, bet, better, big, big scam, biggest, bit, blame, blew, blue, boca, bridge, bring, brokers, brooklyn, buddy, bureau, businesses, bust, buy, buyer, buyers, buying, call, called, calling, calls, cancel, cannot, care, case, cash, caught, cell, cer, chance, charles, charter, chea, cheapest, checking, chicago, choose, claim, claims, class, class action law suit, clients, comments, commission, company., complain, con, connection, constant, constantly, consumer, contingency, contract, correct, cost, costs, couldn, country, crap, crazy, credentials, current, customer, customers, daniel, date, day, days, dea, decided, deleted, delray, denial, denied, department, des, didn, dig, direct, documentation, doesn, don, dont, dot, dow, drop, dropping, due, ear, earned, elected, eme, employees, ended, error, estate, experience, explorer, eye, factual, fail, failed, fair, fall, false, fast, fault, fed, feel, felons, felt, file, files, final, financial, find, fix, flooded, for sale, forget, forgot, fra, friday, front, fully, furious, fyi, gave, gen, good, google, guy, had, happened, hard, headquarters, heard, helps, hey, high, hire, his, home, homes, homework, honor, hope, horror, hostility, hourly, hours, house, html, https, huma, husband, ial, ica, idiot, ignored, ill, ime, important, inc., include, info, instructed, inter, interest, interested, involved, ion, issue, ist, jan, karma, kind, knock, last, law suit, lawrence, lawsuit, lawsuits, leads, leaving, legitimate, lets, letter, letters, license, liens, liked, likes, line, linkedin, lis, list, listed, living, loan, local, long, longer, los, lot, machine, mail, main, making, mark, market, mass, matter, mea, meaning, meet, member, mention, mind, minutes, molesters, monday, money, monica, month, more, mortgage, named, need, needed, net, nice, nigh, night, normal, nov, office, only, options, order, org, orleans, outrageous, owned, owner, owns, paid, paper, par, part, partners, pas, pass, paying, payment, payments, pays, peace, pending, people, person, personally, photos, pick, picked, piece, pissed, place, policy, popular, pos, positive, post, posting, power, price, prices, product, professional, profit, progress, promising, property, public, pull, putting, questions, quit, quote, raising, rapist, rated, raton, read, ready, real, real estate, realtor, realty, receiving, recovery, references, refund, register, related, ren, rent, rep, reply, reporters, representative, research, respond, response, responses, responsible, rest, results, ripped, roy, run, runs, sale, sans, satisfied, sca, scam, scenario, scott, search, secure, seem, sell, seller, sellers, selling, sen, service, services, set, settlement, ship, short, show, shows, sign, signed, signing, simple, simply, sinking, site, sites, small, sold, solid, soo, sorry, sounds, sour, speaking, star, state, stated, stories, story, styles, sucks, sue, suppose, talk, talking, tape, taxes, ted, they, thought, thread, threatened, time, times, title, tme, today, told, tom, tomorrow, tonight, tor, total, touch, town, trac, trade, treats, tricks, update, updates, upset, url, verify, view, virtual, wait, waiting, wanted, waste, week, weeks, win, winning, won, wont, worked, working, worth, wow, writing, www, year, years, yesterday, zoom
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  18. As Seen On TV Scams

    Started by gina4meus, 01-22-2007 01:51 PM
    accounts, ame, appreciated, bags, biggest, binders, bonus, bright, bur, card, causing, cer, che, cherry, clean, close, coming, company., components, cost, costs, crack, credit, dan, dish, doesn, don, eat, equipment, excellent, experience, find, fine, folks, food, fortune, forum, free, garden, gold, green, greens, growth, guess, highly, holidays, hot, html, huge, ial, idiot, info, international, investment, issues, joke, kit, kitchen, likes, line, lis, lol, loves, magic, men, mild, model, named, natural, new zealand, opinion, options, ordered, part, people, plan, pos, products, professional, pull, questions, quick, regime, report, research, rie, roo, sal, scam, scams, sell, service, share, ship, shipper, solution, start, suspended, test, times, told, ugly, ultra, une, url, wanted, war, wise, wow, year
    • Replies: 22
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  19. National Merchant Bancard?

    Started by maggiesue, 07-20-2008 12:05 PM
    accept, agreement, ame, approved, ate, big, big scam, bill, call, cards, company, complain, credit, credit cards, deposit, find, free, give, idea, information, money, number, people, phone, prices, pro, sale, scam, sec, support, website, www
    • Replies: 10
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  20. Be Carefull This Women

    Started by datonesanchez, 08-24-2010 04:33 PM
    acceptance, acted, agreement, ame, attempts, attitude, be aware, bonus, business, call, chan, check, cod, collected, company, court, cruise, designs, details, doing business, els, firm, fraud, fred, gas, give, guess, gym, history, identifying, individuals, indonesia, internet, law, legal, link, loans, meyer, money, number, past, phone, prescription, representative, robert, roofing, scam, sears, sergei, steal, submit, transport, unfortunate, watch, wordpress, www
    • Replies: 30
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  21. Kampala Uganda SCAMS

    Started by one4thebooks, 04-16-2010 09:04 AM
    airport, ame, bus, company, fake, find, fraud, history, information, karma, message, number, people, phone, preview, scam, scammer, scammers, scams, score, sharing, slow, uganda, version, vic, victims, war, warn, website, word, world
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 19,480
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  22. Ticketmaster is a scam

    Started by andyteleco, 07-10-2008 03:49 PM
    acted, amount, beware, big, company, complain, contact, couldn, credit, credit card, data, extra, finally, florida, fraud, friends, full, gift, give, held, international, law, milking, money, people, phone, pick, pursuit, refused, return, sale, scam, scammers, seekers, spain, tickets, upper, wireless
    • Replies: 11
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  23. Vector/Cutco is NOT a scam

    Started by vparfitt77, 11-25-2008 11:23 AM
    agrees, business, call, canada, che, company, couldn, enron, ethics, gas, guess, holidays, illegal, int, internet, king, kiss, level, make money, marketing, mlm, money, multi-level marketing, online, opinion, pay, people, rea, reality, scam, session, show, sound, tools, unethical, www 1 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 19
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  24. Digital landing promises Amazon gift card

    Started by anshoe, 12-19-2008 11:55 PM
    $100, amazon, approved, business, car, cheating, company, complaints, contact, couldn, district, email, error, experience, find, full, gift, gifts, history, information, internet, men, number, par, people, proper, report, scam, smtp, statistics, submit, version, wont, work, www
    • Replies: 15
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  25. Walmart Scam

    Started by ohlady, 06-20-2005 06:36 PM
    account, action, adviser, aka, american, angeles, appears, based, bed, ben, benefits, blame, border, bureau, buys, campaign, cancel, card, cash, caught, causing, central, change, charles, cheap, china, chinese, chris, clever, clo, clock, close, college, complain, complete, continue, corporate, cost, couldn, credit, crimes, crimes against humanity, dan, daughter, david, day, defense, discount, district, doesn, ells, employment, ends, experience, explained, extra, eye, factories, facts, factual, favorite, federal, files, flat, flood, food, fraudulent, friday, front, future, game, gas, gen, gonna, hahaha, handed, headquarters, higher, hire, hourly, huma, human, induce, industry, interest, iowa, issues, jobs, john, joke, large, leave, legal, life, likes, line, lis, listen, local, lol, lunch, manager, market, meet, million, monday, money, moore, mystery, mystery shopper, named, national, nbc, needed, network, north, numbers, oral, orange, ordered, oregon, owns, packing, paper, part, partners, passed, pays, pen, pennsylvania, people, policies, policy, pos, postal, posted, power, premier, presiden, preview, price, prices, problem, program, public, quality, reality, reason, recorded, red, regular, release, released, reliable, response, retail, reward, robert, roger, room, rules, sears, secure, sell, services, sex, sharing, ship, shipping, shirts, sho, shop, shopper, shopping, shouldn, shows, song, soo, start, states, store, submit, sued, surveys, tells, thinks, thursday, times, told, town, trade, transportation, united, united states, view, walmart, war, west, western, win, winning, won, worked, working, world, york
    • Replies: 24
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  26. Philip Stein Teslar Scam

    Started by skepdick, 10-29-2006 05:28 PM
    ame, appears, bank, bet, box, china, comments, company, consumers, cost, day, doesn, don, fit, fooled, fortune, friend, gave, hey, html, ill, information, involved, isn, joke, kicked, latest, madonna, money, notice, oil, org, owned, owns, par, part, partners, pen, people, real, refund, release, review, sca, scam, sell, star, stein, swift, tech, technology, thought, threads, told, une, url, van, wanted, watch, watches, wearing, woma, woman, wrap, www
    • Replies: 3
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  27. Circuit City's Return Policy

    Started by [email protected], 01-01-2006 01:09 AM
    $100, $400, 000, accepted, add, afford, agreed, agreement, another, ass, associate, ation, attitude, authority, bad, based, bet, better, bit, bonus, boo, boycott, broke, buy, buying, called, calm, cancel, card, care, cares, case, cash, cer, chance, circuit, city, clerk, college, common, company., completely, con, concerned, continue, conversation, corporation, cost, couldn, credit, customer, customers, day, defective, deserve, didn, difficult, disabled, discounted, display, doesn, dollars, don, dont, dont, door, dow, drop, easily, ebay, elec, ended, event, exchange, experience, fair, fall, fault, feel, feels, felt, forgot, fraud, friend, front, fry, full, future, fyi, games, gave, gifts, giving, gonna, good, great, had, hard, hated, heard, hey, his, holidays, hoo, hot, house, idiots, ime, impact, important, incident, information, instruction, insult, ion, isn, issue, item, jerk, jobs, kind, kiss, lady, lake, lets, limits, line, lis, listen, local, logo, long, long run, los, lose, losing, loss, luck, mad, major, manager, mark, matter, mea, media, mental, million, mind, month, moral, more, multi, need, needed, ner, nic, nice, nope, north, number, only, onto, open, paper, parents, pas, past, paying, pays, people, person, pet, phone, phone number, picked, place, pleasant, point, policies, policy, popular, pos, power, price, problems, product, proof, protect, prove, proved, pull, putting, quote, ram, read, real, reason, refund, refunded, refurbished, respect, rest, retail, return, returned, returns, rip, ripped, rips, risk, run, sale, section, sell, selling, sense, service, set, shop, shopping, simple, simply, small, software, sold, son, sons, sorry, special, spend, spent, star, states, stealing, stock, stole, stop, store, street, student, stupid, success, sul, tactic, tag, talking, ted, terrible, the wall, they, thought, throw, tim, time, today, told, totally, trade, treatment, victim, video, votes, wait, wall, walmart, weeks, won, working, wrong, year
    • Replies: 19
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  28. Dazzlewhite Affiliate Scam

    Started by i1der, 07-23-2009 06:34 PM
    3 month, affiliate, agreement, ame, bella, bogus, boxes, collected, couldn, credit card, deal, details, district, elite, fake, fake name, gee, good deal, guess, information, iowa, job, leaked, nature, offer, par, pay, phone, print, protected, rea, ress, return, sale, scam, secrets, send, side, steal, store, tax, trial, version, website, youth
    • Replies: 31
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  29. SEARS complaint

    Started by neonrider, 08-07-2006 01:29 AM
    000, ???, account, action, actions, agreement, american, apology, ashley, attempts, attention, august, avoid, bad, bank, bank account, bite, blame, blower, break, business, businesses, called, calling, calls, cancel, card, care, case, cash, chea, check, claims, commit, complain, con, corporate, country, credit, credit card, customer, customers, david, day, days, decided, department, dept, difficult, disappears, don, dow, early, ells, email, employees, error, europe, fake, feel, financing, fired, folks, fooled, fraud, friday, funds, gave, gen, generation, give, gonna, good, grown, head, headquarters, hey, home, home improvement, house, ill, ime, important, indicating, information, interest, ion, isn, item, jim, job, jobs, john, kerry, kind, knew, lambert, large, latino, leaving, letter, lied, line, lines, lived, living, local, long, lose, lot, luck, lying, mail, manager, master, men, mess, minutes, monday, needed, neo, news, nigeria, nigerian, number, numbers, office, officers, official, open, order, payment, person, personal, personally, phone, phone number, point, politician, powell, presiden, price, pricing, problem, process, professional, promised, protect, prove, quit, quote, rated, read, reason, reasonable, related, release, released, releases, remember, rep, reporting, representative, research, respect, response, responses, responsible, rip, room, rules, safe, satisfied, scamming, sears, secretary, security, sen, sends, service, shred, sign, signed, site, small, social, social security, sorry, sound, spanish, spent, stated, states, stay, steele, stop, stories, story, strip, takes, talking, tech, tells, test, thought, threatening, times, tme, today, told, trac, transfers, truck, trusted, usa, vehicle, verify, vice, wait, waiting, walmart, war, watching, wednesday, won, working, wrap, wrong, year, years
    • Replies: 12
    • Views: 14,513
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  30. generic drug price gouging

    Started by Mic, 04-20-2009 02:41 PM
    be aware, bot, buyer, charges, check, company, doctor, drugs, experience, hope, important, internet, king, leader, make money, men, money, par, patents, pay, people, pharm, pharmacies, pills, prepare, prescription, pricing, recently, scam, store, toothpaste, type, work 1 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 18
    • Views: 14,073
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  31. Premier Printing Professionals legit?

    Started by Lowprofile, 01-04-2010 05:06 PM
    acted, bogus, business, che, child, christmas, company, couldn, experience, extra, feedback, find, holidays, hope, individuals, industry, information, investment, job, kiss, kitchen, lies, manuals, men, nature, offered, people, phone, ppp, press, pricing, print, profit, rea, riots, scam, scam.com, serve, sharing, soul, training, wife, work, world, www
    • Replies: 33
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  32. Scammed At Sears

    Started by Kgsj, 12-15-2005 08:38 AM
    $400, $4000, 000, access, acted, active, address, age, agreement, ain, another, appliance, arthritis, attention, august, authentic, automotive, avoid, bad, basic, bay, bet, better, billi, blaming, blu, bro, broke, brother, business, busy, buy, called, calls, card, care, case, cash, cell, centre, cer, cheapest, chicago, chris, christmas, claiming, cleara, clearance, close, company., complain, con, cons, conveniently, correct, cost, crazy, credit, criminals, customer, customers, days, deal, delivery, department, described, desk, detective, detroit, discount, discounted, discounts, doesn, don, dont, dont, door, duc, early, easily, elec, employee, employees, experience, explained, face, families, fast, fault, feature, feels, five, fla, flat, floor, food, forward, fox, fraud, friday, friend, funds, gas, gave, girl, give, giving, gonna, good, gra, guess, guy, had, hand, hands, happened, happening, hey, him, his, holding, home, house, huge, hurt, ill, ime, inch, index, information, involved, ion, isn, item, jersey, joke, kind, knew, lady, large, last, legally, line, lines, lis, local, long, longer, lot, mad, main, manager, massachusetts, matter, mcdonald's, meet, membership, men, mentally, mention, misunderstood, model, month, more, morning, need, needed, newport, newspaper, nick, nigh, night, north, onli, only, org, paid, paper, part, paying, pen, people, person, persons, philadelphia, phone number, picked, picture, pissed, place, plane, planet, plasma, point, police, pos, posing, post, posting, prevent, price, printing, pro, product, promised, protect, provider, pulled, questions, quick, reality, reason, received, receiving, register, remain, remember, respond, responsibilities, responsible, rick, rid, rip, ripped, scammed, sears, security, sell, september, service, shirts, shop, shopping, sign, simple, sold, sorry, sort, sound, sounds, source, spent, steal, stole, store, story, sucks, sum, survey, system, take, taken, tape, ted, text, they, thread, thursday, time, times, title, today, told, tony, trick, truck, tuesday, type, upset, url, van, videos, viola, violated, wait, waiting, walmart, wanted, warehouse, warned, wearing, week, wheel, woma, worked, working, world, year, years, yesterday, york, young
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  33. Island Importer Sucks!

    Started by dnize, 09-29-2008 12:27 PM
    acted, acts, airport, allowing, apartment, blatant, cleara, company, condo, emails, explained, extra, find, fit, home, hope, human, information, island, lie, money, number, online, people, phone, reach, research, responsibility, rude, send, sort, store, tracking, transport, type, unfortunate, wedding, www 1 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 4
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  34. DFW LED Signs Direct - E Jeff Spears is a Thief

    Started by euvosi, 09-29-2010 10:54 AM
    $100, agreement, alert, area, beware, call, cheap, china, chinese, company, con artist, details, free, give, humans, job, kids, liar, money, par, people, phone, pick, scam, scam artist, signs, spam, steal, submit, thief, work, www
    • Replies: 11
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  35. Postnet

    Started by bradleymxz, 02-08-2010 10:14 AM
    ate, big, box, broken, business, companies, dell, differently, doe, dvd, extra, faulty, find, florida, florida., fun, funny, gas, hear, hold, industry, investigate, job, jobs, list, lost, money, offer, offs, online, paid, pay, people, pick, pricing, pro, proof, random, regional, russia, saves, scam, scams, serve, shipper, sick, spectacular, store, tax, tracking, war, warn, weight
    • Replies: 6
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  36. Ameritrust Financial

    Started by cryofly, 11-09-2006 09:53 PM
    000, aba, access, account, acts, address, advance, agreed, agreement, annual, another, approved, april, bad, bank, breaking, building, called, cancel, card, cash, catch, causing, cheap, chris, christmas, cia, comments, company, complain, condi, confirms, crap, credit, credit card, cuz, day, deal, disabled, dollar, don, dont, dow, extremely, fee, financial, fun, funny, gave, give, gotta, grace, hey, hit, husband, illegally, info, information, interest, lady, lead, likes, line, lis, living, long, long run, lying, mad, master, mea, merry, money, nature, number, numbers, offer, onli, pay, payment, people, pin, played, policy, problems, program, protect, pull, questions, reason, research, scam, scamming, secure, sell, sen, send, shop, sign, site, soo, sounds, specifically, stop, store, taken, talking, told, tor, train, trust, url, wanted, website, working, wow, writing, year
    • Replies: 13
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  37. Don't Use College Life Laundry!

    Started by collegeccer, 07-11-2011 11:26 AM
    amount, bag, business, complaints, credit card, credit card., debt, give, god, life, management, money, natural, number, oes, pay, people, phone, return, ripoffreport, stick, website, weight, work, www
    • Replies: 7
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  38. Aroma Senses Liquidation Sale

    Started by entercircleb, 04-07-2009 02:21 AM
    agents, ame, area, business, cars, cheap, company, dows, experience, extortion, family, fbi, find, fraud, hear, information, knock, level, money, music, notice, offered, par, people, report, sale, sound, store, www
    • Replies: 1
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  39. TigerDirect.com

    Started by GeneralTsoGood, 02-25-2007 05:51 AM
    $100, 2008, accept, acted, action, admit, admitted, affairs, agreement, agrees, alleged, alliance, ate, attorney general, bait, based, bastard, blame, body, built, bur, bureau, card, class, collected, company., complain, complete, components, confirmed, correction, costs, couple, credit, credit card, customer, dan, day, elec, ells, equipment, experience, favorite, federal, finally, fraud, full, future, grant, idiot, imagine, interest, issues, item, joke, labor, line, lis, live, loan, local, lodging, long, love, mail, master, mea, men, meyer, mind, money, monitor, mp3, nasty, needed, number, office, operation, options, ordered, owns, par, part, passionate, police, policy, poor, pos, post, posted, price, prices, problems, reason, reasonable, receiving, record, refurbished, release, report, respect, responsible, retail, reversed, sale, scumbag, service, settlement, shoes, shop, shopping, soo, specifically, spent, states, submit, tactic, tells, threads, times, told, tower, trade, visa, waiting, woman, won, wont, worked
    • Replies: 25
    • Views: 12,411
    01-05-2014, 09:53 AM Go to last post
    • Replies: 1
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    12-13-2016, 01:16 AM Go to last post
  40. Skin Zinc - to buy or not to buy...

    Started by JenaV, 11-14-2006 05:34 AM
    ???, ????, acts, ain, bad, bogus, called, cer, cream, creates, doctor, doctors, doesn, don, eat, experiment, extreme, family, fat, fec, hair, health, hey, hope, important, industries, long, make money, mea, men, money, par, pro, problem, problems, products, real, reason, recommend, red, school, ship, ski, skin, solve, store, tme, view, year
    • Replies: 9
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    12-08-2006, 08:45 AM Go to last post
  41. Checkfree.com

    Started by Patti, 10-08-2005 08:10 AM
    about, account, acted, actually, advance, agree, all, also, america, and, another, are, around, august, automatic, back, ban, bank of america, banking, banned, basically, because, bee, been, before, best, bill, bills, blame, bureau, business, but, can, cer, certified, checkfree, cleared, com, company, con, crea, credit, date, day, days, ded, did, didn, displayed, don, due, each, ead, elec, electric, end, ever, every, experience, fail, fault, federal, fee, fina, five, flyers, for, forget, free, from, get, good, gra, grace, guarantee, had, han, happy, has, hat, have, hem, her, here, hey, his, hose, ill, ime, important, ing, instead, ion, issue, issues, just, keep, king, know, las, last, late, light, like, line, longer, love, lunch, mad, mail, make, many, may, mom, monday, month, mor, more, morning, mortgage, must, navy, ned, never, not, nothing, now, off, offer, once, one, onli, online, only, options, our, out, paid, paper, pay, payment, payments, people, person, poor, possible, power, priority, problem, purpose, really, received, recently, refuses, remember, report, response, results, ric, room, scheduled, september, september 15, service, services, should, signed, single, some, something, sorry, sounds, stand, star, started, stated, stra, strategy, submit, system, talk, tax, taxes, ted, than, that, the, their, there, they, this, those, through, til, till, time, trouble, trying, turned, union, use, used, usps, very, wan, want, was, way, web, week, wha, what, when, which, will, win, winning, wise, with, won, works, writing, years, you, your
    • Replies: 10
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    12-14-2009, 12:04 AM Go to last post
  42. vending machine routes charity vending?

    Started by stonestn, 01-30-2009 02:41 PM
    acted, agreement, ame, boxes, built, business, catch, charity, check, collected, company, contract, cricket, donation, experience, friends, give, godaddy.com, men, money, monitoring, new york, offer, online, par, pricing, pro, protected, racket, reality, rental, report, reps, scam, scam.com, send, traffic, website, www
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 11,007
    12-03-2009, 11:01 PM Go to last post
  43. Top Producer Printing Misleading Advertising

    Started by s-trader, 09-07-2006 09:37 PM
    000, ads, advance, agree, ate, banker, bring, business, cards, company, company., consumers, days, delivery, don, dont, door, estate, fabulous, father, fishy, group, guys, hey, iis, ill, ion, julian, lies, lis, misleading, mob, month, office, order, ordered, pay, payroll, people, personal, phone, pos, post, posting, price, print, printing, problems, producer, product, promised, public, quit, ran, real, real estate, recently, rent, report, rock, roy, salary, scam, schemes, served, service, team, thieves, times, told, top, truth, two weeks, url, weeks, work, worked, www, year
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 11,001
    07-05-2014, 06:56 AM Go to last post

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