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Forum: Science Scams

This forum was created for intellectual debates over science scams / controversy and it's effect on society. No subject is taboo or off limits here. The truth is truly out there!

  1. Stephen Hawking's lecture: Life in the Universe

    Started by SubJunk, 08-07-2006 03:21 AM
    000, actions, active, admired, age, ages, aid, ain, aliens, alive, amount, animals, another, apes, appeared, article, avoid, bang, based, bet, better, big bang, billion, bit, body, books, bored, bur, called, careful, carry, case, cell, centre, cer, chance, characteristics, chemicals, chris, claim, collapse, columbus, comments, common, complete, components, con, condi, confirms, cons, continue, continues, contrast, copies, correct, cost, count, courage, criminals, critical, dan, dead, death, deep, defines, destroys, destruction, development, devil, difficult, direction, disabled, discount, discover, discuss, dna, doesn, don, dont, doomed, door, double, dow, due, dying, earlier, early, elec, elements, eliminate, ended, energy, engineering, entire, ets, exceptions, experience, extra, fantastic, feel, fits, food, forces, foundation, funds, future, gas, give, good, gotta, green, grown, growth, guarantee, hand, handed, hasn, heart, hero, hey, higher, history, hole, hot, house, huma, human, humans, ian, identify, ignorance, ill, image, images, imagine, ime, important, improved, include, indicating, individuals, intelligence, inter, internal, involved, ion, isn, john, killed, kind, king, knew, land, large, law, lead, legitimate, lengths, lexx, life, light, line, live, living, long, long distance, machines, massive, master, matter, mea, meeting, memory, million, millions, moron, multi, mystery, national, nature, nice, nuclear, nuclear war, number, numbers, objects, official, onli, open, order, ordered, original, paper, par, parcel, part, passed, people, person, plane, planet, play, pleasant, point, pos, post, posts, probability, process, program, progress, proper, properties, public, purely, question, questions, quote, race, ran, random, raw, read, real, reasonable, recorded, regular, release, replace, respect, rest, roy, sad, sca, scale, scan, search, sense, separate, set, sharing, short, silicon, sir, site, small, solar, sounds, space, special, spiritual, stable, stage, star, stars, start, starting, state, status, stay, stephen, stop, strength, stupid, subs, successful, suck, suitable, sun, super, supporting, system, systems, taken, talk, ted, test, theory, thinks, thought, tie, times, told, total, touch, trac, tribute, trillion, truth, tvs, types, universe, version, view, virus, wait, wary, watson, ways, weak, won, worse, worth, wrong, years
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  2. Bayer passing along the HIV virus.

    Started by sojustask, 08-22-2006 05:54 AM
    000, accused, acted, alpha, america, asia, bad, bastards, bet, better, blood, called, canada, canadian, cer, china, clo, collection, company, con, corporation, countries, country, court, dea, disease, disgusting, doctor, doesn, donors, dow, drug, early, editing, europe, exposing, factor, fda, fec, firm, fox, gays, glad, healthcare, hepatitis, hey, history, hiv, ignore, infected, ion, killer, kills, lady, launch, lawsuit, lawyer, line, lis, long, marketing, minister, named, necessarily, nelson, new york times, news, onli, online, pending, people, pos, posted, presiden, president, prevent, prisoners, products, pun, punishment, quote, read, related, risk, robert, sca, scandals, search, selling, shut, slaughter, states, stein, stock, stories, supreme court, system, test, the new york times, times, two weeks, united, united states, urban, url, users, vic, viral, virus, watch, water, weeks, worldwide, www, years, york, youtube, youtube.com
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  3. Pluto now longer considered a Planet.

    Started by coontie, 08-24-2006 11:54 PM
    admit, announced, bet, blue, called, days, debate, fine, fond, guess, hey, lexx, longer, lot, making, mea, money, movie, original, par, part, past, people, plane, planet, pluto, point, proxy, quote, remake, series, small, speaking, vote, youth
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  4. Methods of Communication

    Started by coontie, 08-25-2006 12:26 AM
    accurate, add, ain, air, alert, alive, another, area, association, based, basic, battle, call, calls, case, cer, chicken, choice, communication, complex, consciousness, control, dead, dow, drew, ear, early, earned, evening, experiment, explained, factor, final, finds, force, free, give, group, healing, hear, hey, hope, huma, humans, ignorance, ime, influence, instructed, intelligence, ion, john, kind, king, legally, level, life, light, lis, listed, living, loser, loss, making, mama, mankind, materials, meeting, mind, murder, named, ora, paper, parallel, people, personal, plan, primary, principles, reality, receiving, results, sen, sign, sound, speaking, speed, state, success, sum, text, told, turn, water, win, winner, years
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  5. the big rip

    Started by Lych27, 08-21-2006 12:07 AM
    big, cer, cheap, deeds, dirty, give, guys, hey, ime, inter, internet, link, org, rip, sounds, universe, url, wikipedia
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  6. Study shows apes can plan ahead

    Started by SubJunk, 05-21-2006 02:37 PM
    000, access, act, acted, adam, add, advanced, affairs, africa, african, age, ages, ahhhh, aid, aims, ain, aint, aliens, alive, animal, animals, another, answer, anti, apes, art, article, ash, ation, attaching, attempts, awesome, babies, baby, bad, based, basically, basics, ben, bet, better, bible, birds, bit, blame, blocking, body, book, books, brain, break, bring, bro, bur, button, call, called, capabilities, careful, cares, carry, case, cer, chance, change, chemicals, chris, claim, clever, clo, close, closes, coming, comments, common, completely, complex, con, condi, contest, continue, correct, couldn, couple, crazy, credit, crowd, cry, culture, david, day, days, deaf, definition, delivered, des, desert, destroyed, didn, dirty, dna, doesn, dog, don, dont, dow, drops, due, ear, earlier, early, earth, effects, environment, error, excel, excellent, exit, explained, eyes, factor, fake, fall, false, fast, fee, feel, fine, fly, focus, foundation, freinds, front, furious, future, gibson, girls, god, gonna, good, google, gotta, great, ground, groups, growth, guys, hahaha, hand, hands, happened, hard, hatch, head, healing, hear, hearts, helped, helps, hey, higher, his, holy, hot, hours, html, huma, human, humans, ill, imagine, ime, important, individuals, influence, intelligence, inter, internet, investigated, ion, isn, jack, jesus, judge, kind, kingdom, kiss, knew, land, large, last, laugh, lead, lean, leaving, lexx, lied, life, light, limits, line, lines, lions, lis, listen, living, local, lol, long, longer, lose, lot, lottery, main, making, mass, massive, matter, max, mea, mega, memory, million, millions, mind, monkeys, monster, more, move, movie, movies, muscles, myth, national, nature, net, nice, night, nope, ocean, office, onli, open, opposite, oral, order, org, original, overview, page, pas, passed, people, perfect, personal, personality, personally, pet, piece, place, plan, plane, planned, planning, plans, plants, played, point, popular, pos, post, posted, poster, posts, poverty, prize, process, production, proof, protect, prove, proves, pure, purely, push, question, quote, random, rare, read, real, reason, recorded, references, regime, release, religion, rent, rental, respect, respond, response, responsible, rest, reward, roll, roo, run, safe, schools, science, scientists, screw, search, secondary, seem, select, severe, sex, shared, ship, short, showed, shows, simple, simply, site, skin, slanted, small, smarter, solve, son, soo, sooner, sorry, sounds, soup, source, sources, spectacular, speed, spiritual, split, spring, stage, star, start, starting, states, stay, stays, steve, story, strategy, strength, study, stupid, suitable, sun, surgery, survive, sweden, system, take a look, talk, talking, ted, test, testosterone, texas, the wall, theory, they, thought, thousand, thread, time, times, tips, title, today, told, tools, totally, trailer, transport, universities, ups, url, user, usual, volcano, wait, waiting, wall, water, ways, week, weeks, wikipedia, win, winning, winter, woma, won, word, working, world, worse, wrong, years, young, youtube, youtube.com
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  7. Deja vu 'recreated in laboratory'

    Started by SubJunk, 07-28-2006 07:13 AM
    add, age, animal, animals, another, anti, article, arts, australia, based, bet, bit, brow, brown, causing, center, cer, chance, check, close, common, con, corner, correct, couldn, dallas, dejavu, discuss, doctor, doesn, don, dont, effects, elec, ells, ended, enjoy, enter, environment, estate, experience, experts, feeling, feels, felt, framed, france, frequent, future, ghost, group, hey, hope, huma, human, humans, identifies, ime, important, inter, interest, international, ion, joy, key, king, lab, last, light, lis, list, long, los, lot, magazine, matter, mea, memory, mental, mind, mistake, moment, more, nature, original, par, part, pas, people, person, phenomenon, planned, point, predicted, project, quick, quote, read, reality, reports, room, sca, scale, scan, scientists, sense, separate, series, set, severe, shed, showed, simply, solid, sounds, split, spoils, stage, star, starts, stupid, sufferers, taken, team, tells, test, theory, thought, told, tomorrow, university, variations, wanted, win, winning, words, work, wrong
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  8. Finding A Fourth Dimension

    Started by SubJunk, 05-31-2006 12:03 AM
    acted, address, ain, aint, air, another, apart, appeared, appears, area, article, ation, august, bears, bet, better, bright, bull, button, called, cancel, cer, characteristics, close, code, coming, completely, con, cop, correct, creates, dark, decades, department, description, detected, devil, don, dont, dying, early, effects, elec, energy, ets, evidence, experience, extra, extremely, factor, feel, finding, firm, fly, fool, force, forces, foundation, france, funded, future, galaxy, general, germany, gonna, good, hand, hands, hard, hey, higher, his, holds, hole, html, huma, humans, ial, ignorance, ill, imagine, ime, involved, ion, italy, japan, johns, joint, joke, knew, large, laugh, launch, launched, lexx, light, line, lisa, longer, loss, lot, lying, mass, massive, matter, mea, membra, model, more, move, named, nasa, national, natural, objects, ocean, offered, onli, online, opportunity, part, pas, pass, person, plane, pluto, point, pos, position, posts, predicted, proves, question, quickly, quote, read, reasons, religious, remember, research, review, rock, scheduled, science, scientists, sense, shapes, showed, shut, side, sign, small, solar, sorry, spacecraft, spiral, stars, stated, stein, story, sweden, system, ted, test, testing, theory, they, thought, thousand, thread, throw, trac, tribute, turn, type, u.s., universe, universities, university, upset, url, validate, water, weak, years
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  9. Brilliant evolution vs creationism comic

    Started by SubJunk, 07-31-2006 02:15 AM
    000, ???, abd, acceptance, accepted, accurate, accused, add, address, admit, advanced, affairs, africa, african, age, ages, ain, ale, alive, allowing, amazing, animals, another, apart, appeared, appears, applause, appraisal, article, artist, attitude, authority, avoid, aware, babies, bad, bai, balance, based, basic, battery, bears, beat, bed, behalf, ben, beneficial, bet, better, biased, biblical, big, bigger, bin, bio, bit, bite, blame, body, bomb, brain damage, brand, break, brilliant, bring, building, bunch, bur, called, calling, campaign, captain, car, care, careful, cares, case, catch, cattle, cease, cell, center, cer, chance, charles, chase, che, cheap, citizens, civil, claim, claims, class, clever, cli, clips, code, coming, common, complain, complete, completely, complex, compliance, con, constant, constantly, continuation, continue, conversation, cop, core, correct, costs, couch, couldn, coward, crazy, creates, credibility, credit, cure, damage, dan, dark, darkness, date, day, days, dea, dead, deal, death, debate, deep, defend, dei, demand, description, desert, destroying, destruction, development, devious, diatribe, differences, differently, difficult, dirt, discussing, distract, dna, doctor, doesn, dog, don, dont, door, double, dow, drug, due, ear, earn, easily available., editing, effects, efficient, electric, ells, eme, ended, engineering, enter, entire, environment, episode, error, eva, examples, exercise, experience, explained, express, extra, eye, eyes, factor, factual, fail, fails, fall, false, famous, father, faulty, fec, fee, feel, feels, felt, field, figures, final, finding, finds, firm, fix, fla, flag, floor, fly, followers, fool, fooled, for kids, forces, forget, forgot, forward, front, fully, fusion, future, gain, general, george, girl, gli, global, gonna, good, grab, green, ground, group, groups, growing, grown, gut, guys, hair, hand, hands, hard, hasn, head, heads, heart, hell, helping, hey, hicks, hidden, higher, homes, hot, hours, house, html, huge, huma, human, humans, hussein, ial, ica, idea, identify, identifying, ignorance, ill, image, images, imagine, ime, impo, important, improved, india, inet, influence, inherited, insults, intelligence, inter, involved, ion, isn, issue, issues, john, joined, joke, joy, justify, killer, kind, knew, laden, large, last, launch, leads, leaving, legal, lets, lexx, light, likes, live, living, lol, long, longer, los, lost, lot, love, making, mankind, market, mass, matter, mea, meditation, meet, memories, memory, men, mental, mess, method, millions, mind, moment, moral, more, morning, movie, nature, needed, net, nice, night, numbers, oas, open, operations, opportunity, ora, order, original, outlet, parallel, part, participants, pas, perception, person, personal, personally, phenomenon, picture, pictures, piece, pin, plane, planes, planet, play, played, pleasant, point, political, poor, porn, pos, position, positive, post, posting, posts, potential, power, predictions, prejudice, process, product, products, programming, progress, promotes, proof, properties, proposal, protected, prove, proved, proven, public, pulls, puppy, qualified, question, questions, quit, quote, quotes, rains, random, rare, rats, read, ready, real, reality, reason, register, related, religious, remarks, remember, removed, research, respect, respond, response, rest, results, reveals, rick, rips, rise, role, roo, roy, sal, scale, scenario, scientists, search, select, sell, sen, sense, set, sexual, shane, ship, sho, shock, short, shot, shouldn, shows, shut, sign, simple, simply, skin, small, solve, son, soo, sorry, sounds, source, special, specifically, speed, spend, spent, spiritual, spirituality., stage, star, start, starting, starts, state, stated, stats, stay, steal, step, stephen, stood, stop, story, strength, students, stupid, subs, successful, sum, sun, super, supporter, suppose, sweet, system, tactic, take a look, taken, takes, talent, talk, talking, tall, teach, technologies, ted, tells, teresa, test, testing, text, theory, thought, thread, threatening, throw, tie, ties, times, title, tme, toast, today, told, tomorrow, total, touch, toxic, toy, trac, trap, treated, tribute, trick, tricks, ultimate, une, universe, unreal, upcoming, url, verifiable, version, videos, view, village, vince, warming, watched, watching, water, ways, weaker, weapon, welfare, wide, wins, won, wont, worked, worker, working, world, worse, worth, wrong, year, years, yesterday, youth, youtube, youtube.com 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  10. Former Astronaut Hopeful...

    Started by yossarian, 07-26-2006 10:44 PM
    ain, aint, america, article, astronaut, deserve, dow, forum, gay, good, ime, kidding, land, last, live, long, money, msn, news, pos, post, raise, satan, science, space, url
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  11. Ground-breaking work in understanding of time

    Started by SubJunk, 06-10-2006 11:27 AM
    000, accepted, accounts, accurate, admired, advanced, afraid, age, ain, amazing, another, apart, appears, archive, article, ation, august, australia, authority, avoid, aware, bang, based, basic, basically, beat, bet, better, biblical, big bang, bit, blowing, break, breaking, brilliant, british, bro, broke, button, called, care, cares, case, caught, cell, center, central, cer, challenge, change, chris, civil, claim, claiming, clear, clock, college, comments, common, communication, communism, community, complete, completely, comprehension, con, connection, consciousness, constantly, continues, contrast, cosmology, cost, couldn, crap, credit, day, days, dear, debating, demand, description, differently, direction, director, doesn, don, dont, dow, due, ear, earlier, economic, elaborate, embracing, eme, ended, entire, environment, equity, event, exceptions, exercise, expand, experience, explained, express, extended, extremely, eyes, face, factor, famous, fast, father, feel, feeling, field, find, fla, flat, forget, forgiveness, forgot, formula, forward, foundations, function, fusion, future, gain, general, give, gonna, good, gotta, grab, ground, growing, guess, guys, hand, happiness, hard, hasn, head, heads, helped, hey, highly, his, hot, hours, house, html, huma, human, humans, ial, ica, idiot, ignorance, ignore, ill, illus, ime, important, improved, individuals, info, intelligence, inter, interest, internal, international, interview, invited, ion, isn, issue, issues, jack, john, kind, knew, knock, last, leading, leads, letters, lexx, limits, lis, living, local, long, longer, loose, loss, lot, lying, making, math, matter, mea, meaningless, memories, mental, mind, moment, monkeys, more, move, nature, necessarily, net, new zealand, night, no credit, number, numbers, objects, official, order, org, original, outs, page, paper, parcel, part, pas, pass, passed, past, pause, people, person, peter, phil, plane, plans, point, popular, pos, position, post, posted, prerequisite, princeton, principles, probability, process, produce, project, proposal, proved, push, putting, quality, question, questions, quickly, quote, quotes, race, rated, rea, reach, read, real, reality, reason, reasons, recommend, red, remember, research, respond, response, retired, returns, richard, role, room, run, scale, school, sci, science, scientists, secondary, sense, separate, set, shared, ship, shoo, short, simple, simply, site, small, smoke, solar, sounds, soup, source, special, split, staff, star, start, stated, states, stein, stephen, story, students, stupid, submit, suppose, sweden, swift, system, systems, taken, takes, talk, talking, ted, theory, they, thought, threatened, threw, throw, tim, today, top, tor, town, trade, travel, travelling, treated, twins, typing, ultimate, union, universe, university, url, ways, weed, week, whats, wikipedia, winning, wins, won, work, working, world, years, young, zealand
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  12. Ì*ãè÷åñêèå óñëóãè

    Started by Koldun, 08-07-2006 07:13 AM
    magic, quote, read, services, url
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  13. Fish Caught With Human-Like Teeth

    Started by yossarian, 07-20-2006 02:55 PM
    $100, america, another, area, arts, based, belong, big, blessed, blue, body, case, cash, catch, caught, close, curry, eat, file, game, give, gold, good, greg, hey, html, huma, human, identify, inter, internet, ion, lake, lived, local, manager, matter, mea, more, news, officials, picture, quote, report, rights, rip, scott, search, star, starts, story, strange, suggested, systems, ted, television, texas, thick, told, tough, upright, url, wait, world, wow, www, years
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  14. Who wants to live forever?

    Started by aegist, 06-20-2006 04:28 AM
    $100, 000, ability, access, account, accurate, achievement, action, actions, active, add, additionally, adult, advance, advanced, advice, afford, age, ages, ain, alcohol, alive, amazing, ame, amen, american, animals, another, apart, appeared, approved, article, asy, ate, ation, atm, attacks, attention, attitude, aus, australia, authority, avoid, aware, bad, ban, banned, based, basically, beauty, ben, bet, better, bigger, biggest, bin, bio, birthday, bit, block, blocking, blood, blue, body, bogus, bomb, books, bow, boy, breaks, breath, brilliant, bring, bro, broke, bruce, building, bury, button, call, called, cancer, capabilities, care, cares, cars, case, catch, caught, causing, cell, center, cer, charlton, check, citizens, claim, claims, class, clean, cleaning, cli, clo, close, club, code, coming, comments, common, community, complain, completely, con, condi, conflicts, connections, conservative, constantly, continue, control, conversation, correct, cost, costs, couch, couldn, crash, crazy, creates, credible, credit, cruise, cry, cuba, cure, cycle, damn, dan, dar, darn, date, david, day, days, dea, death, decades, decided, defines, definition, degree, des, destroyed, destroying, destroys, development, differently, direction, disappointment, disaster, discovering, disease, display, divine, dna, doesn, don, dont, double, dow, dozen, drop, drug, due, dvd, dying, ear, earlier, early, earn, earned, easy, economic, effective, eme, ends, engineering, enter, entire, environment, episode, eric, eternity, euro, evaluation, examples, exceptions, expanding, experience, explosion, extended, extreme, extremely, eye, eyes, face, facing, fail, fall, fantastic, fat, fatal, fault, fda, fee, feel, field, financial, find, finds, fix, fla, flux, fly, focus, ford, forgot, forward, fresh, fully, fund, fusion, future, galaxy, gave, general, generation, gli, glitches, gonna, good, gotta, grab, grand, green, ground, growing, grown, growth, guarantee, guys, hand, har, hard, harder, hated, hats, head, heads, healing, healthy, heart, heart disease, hell, helps, hey, hidden, higher, his, history, hoge, hole, home, homes, horizon, hospital, hours, huge, huma, human, humans, hunger, ial, ici, ignorance, ignore, ill, images, imagine, ime, immortality, impact, important, impressive, improved, include, income, incredible, industry, influence, information, injury, insulin, intelligence, inter, interest, investments, involved, involves, ion, isn, israel, issue, item, jack, jet, joy, killed, killer, kind, kneels, knew, knock, korea, laden, ladies, large, last, latest, lazy, lead, leaders, leading, leads, leaving, les, lets, letters, lexx, liberty, lifespan, line, live, lived, living, local, lol, long, longer, loose, los, lose, loss, lot, machines, mainstream, making, mankind, manufacture, massive, matrix, matter, mea, meaningless, members, memories, memory, men, mental, mentally, method, million, millions, mind, minutes, moment, more, mother, move, movie, movies, nasty, nature, needed, neo, ner, nervous, net, newspaper, north, note, nuclear, number, numbers, observers, onli, options, org, original, owned, pages, paper, part, pas, pass, passed, paying, people, perfectly, performance, person, personally, peter, photos, picked, picture, piece, pipeline, plane, plane crash, planning, plans, played, pleasant, point, popular, pos, position, positive, post, posts, potential, poverty, power, pray, predictions, pretending, prevent, price, prime, printing, prisoner, probability, process, product, products, profit, progress, promote, protected, public, pull, quality, question, quickly, quit, quote, race, random, rapid, rated, rats, read, ready, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, refuse, regular, rejuve, related, release, released, religious, remake, remember, removed, replace, research, respect, rest, results, retail, reveals, rie, rip, rock, role, room, roy, rump, run, sad, saint, sang, satisfied, scale, scamming, scenario, sci, scientists, screw, screwed, script, season, secretly, sen, sense, serum, services, set, sex, shane, shop, short, shot, shows, signed, simple, simply, site, slim, solar, son, song, songs, soo, sorrow, sorry, sounds, special, spend, stage, star, start, starting, state, stated, stay, stein, step, stephen, stone, stop, story, stream, students, stupid, style, subs, sun, super, supported, supporting, supports, suppose, surgery, survive, sweat, system, systems, tag, taken, takes, taliban, talk, talking, technologies, testing, theory, they, thought, thread, threats, throw, tied, times, tme, today, tomorrow, tonight, tools, tor, total, totally, trac, transport, travelling, trillion, truck, ultimate, universe, url, usher, version, view, virtual, voyage, wait, waiting, wanted, watch, watching, water, ways, weak, wearing, week, weeks, wheel, wide, wins, won, workers, working, worth, worthy, wound, wrong, www, year, years, young, youth 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  15. Bible Puzzle

    Started by cigs645, 06-16-2006 11:57 AM
    admit, airplane, alpha, angeles, another, attitude, ban, bible, black, blue, books, claim, code, crazy, daniel, dar, delta, driver, easy, event, father, find, fishing, flight, friends, fully, fund, game, gen, good, hear, hey, hidden, his, hours, huma, involving, job, john, king, last, life, local, los, luck, mad, mark, men, middle, mind, minister, necessarily, newspaper, numbers, olu, org, passed, people, play, pope, pos, post, quote, raising, record, remember, research, responsible, sen, set, show, soo, spot, takes, tea, they, view, waiting, wheel, worked, www
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  16. Our Conflicted Medical Journals

    Started by sojustask, 07-23-2006 04:48 PM
    accept, accused, agreed, america, american, association, authors, avoid, bet, better, biased, businesses, call, cli, close, company, company., compromised, conflict of interest, conflicts, cost, credibility, dea, dead, death, decision, difficult, disgraceful, disturbing, doctors, drugs, early, field, financial, find, force, free, gli, hard, harder, hey, hidden, hope, html, important, increase, industries, interest, involved, ion, leading, lexx, living, lol, lot, manuscripts, medical, money, more, muscle, needed, opinion, paid, par, pas, past, pharmaceuticals, plan, policies, prepared, printing, professional, profit, promising, punish, quote, recently, red, reveal, risk, scientists, serve, set, stop, street, study, suck, sul, sun, the wall, ties, treatment, upset, url, view, wall street, weeks, women, writer, www, years
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  17. Honesty can make money

    Started by scaroprese, 07-21-2006 06:40 PM
    address, bridge, care, days, dear, early, email, entire, guys, honesty, hotmail, ime, inter, interest, internet, investment, jump, latest, los, lost, lot, make money, mea, members, men, money, more, open, pay pal, paypal, person, process, read, sal, scam, scammer, spam, step, street, swim, the wall, wall street, water, wound
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  18. Cancer remedies you have to read this!

    Started by Ette, 07-09-2006 11:34 AM
    $100, $400, 000, 1984, 2001, abandoned, absent, abused, academy, acceptance, access, account, accounts, accuracy, achievement, action, actions, active, acts, add, ads, adult, advanced, advice, affairs, afford, africa, african, age, agen, ages, ain, ale, alive, alleged, amendment, american, anders, animal, animals, announced, annual, another, anti, apart, app, appears, arthritis, article, ate, atlanta, atm, attacked, attacking, attention, australia, authority, avoid, award, aware, babies, bad, balance, ban, banned, banning, based, basic, basically, beat, ben, benefits, bet, better, billion, bio, bit, blood, blown, boards, body, bogus, books, boss, bot, break, bright, bro, bunch, bur, businesses, buy, called, calling, calls, campaign, canadian, cancer, cancer treatment, car, care, cares, carson, case, cash, catch, catholic, cattle, caused, causing, cell, center, cer, chair, chairman, chance, charities, chea, chemicals, chicago, chris, christian, church, citi, claim, claiming, claims, cli, clinics, close, club, collection, commercial, commit, common, community, compensation, complain, complete, completely, complex, con, concerned, condi, confirmed, conflicts, congressional, connections, consumers, continue, continues, contrast, correct, costs, couldn, countries, country, coup, cover, creates, credible, credit, critical, cure, damage, damn, dan, dark, day, days, ddt, dea, dead, death, decades, decided, decision, declared, deep, defeat, defeated, defending, definition, deliver, department, deserve, desperate, destroys, diagnosis, difficult, disease, disgusting, division, dna, doctors, documentation, doesn, dollar, don, dont, dow, drink, drop, drug, dry, due, duped, dying, ear, earlier, early, earned, effective, effects, electric, eliminate, eme, emergency, endorses, ends, england, enterprise, entire, environment, epa, equipment, essential, establishment, estate, europe, european, evaluation, executives, exercise, expand, experience, expert, exposing, extremely, faced, facing, factor, factual, fail, fails, false, farms, fashion, fast, fat, fatal, father, fda, fears, fec, fed, federal, fee, feel, female, field, figures, file, financial, find, finding, finds, fix, focus, folks, fooled, forget, formula, free, fresh, front, full, fully, fund, funds, furniture, general, george, global, good, good morning america, grab, grand, ground, group, groups, growing, growth, guarantee, gut, guys, handed, hard, harry, hates, heading, headquarters, heads, healing, healthcare, healthy, heart, heart disease, held, helps, hey, hiding, high, highly, holdings, holds, homes, horrible, hospital, hosting, hot, html, huge, huma, human, humans, hyper, ial, ian, idiots, ignorance, ignore, ill, image, ime, immune, important, impressive, improved, include, industrial, industries, industry, infected, inflicted, influence, influences, institutes, insulin, inter, interest, internal, investigative, invited, involuntary, ion, isn, issue, issues, item, john, joined, joint, junk, justify, keto, kevin, kill, kills, kind, knew, large, last, latest, launched, laureates, lead, leading, leaked, legitimate, letter, letters, light, line, lines, link, lis, listed, lived, living, lol, long, longer, los, losing, loss, lot, lung, lying, machines, mainstream, making, market, marketing, marti, matter, mea, medal, medical, meet, members, memory, men, mental, mentions, method, million, millions, mind, minutes, misinformation, moment, money, month, more, morning, mother, move, muscle, nanotechnology, nasty, nation, national, nationally, nature, needed, net, news, night, nixon, nose, november, npr, nursing, october, office, officials, olive, omg, ongoing, onli, operation, opportunity, opposite, orange, order, org, organizations, original, owned, page, pages, paper, part, partners, pas, paul, people, perfect, perfectly, person, personal, personally, petroleum, phosphate, picked, piece, plane, planned, plant, plants, ploy, point, poison, policies, policy, poor, pop, popular, pos, 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_______., ________. 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  19. Can Twins Have Two Different Fathers?

    Started by yossarian, 06-10-2006 07:03 PM
    action, addition, admit, admitted, age, amazing, another, arts, attention, babies, baby, bathroom, bet, blood, body, books, border, break, bur, button, call, called, care, carrier, carry, case, center, chan, chea, cheating, class, classic, close, common, con, contagious, couldn, crazy, crying, day, days, delivery, diabetes, difficult, director, disease, disgusting, divorce, doesn, dow, due, edit, effects, england, episode, experts, explained, eyes, father, fathers, fly, freelance, gas, gave, general, gonna, greatest, group, guys, hands, health, hell, hey, hidden, high, his, hours, huma, human, ica, ill, illness, ime, important, inter, internet, inviting, ion, irvine, issue, john, knew, lawrence, link, lis, lol, loss, love, lying, medical, meet, memory, men, method, mind, money, more, msn, msnbc, nature, news, nose, note, notes, number, official, org, pas, paul, personal, phenomenon, potential, prevention, problem, proof, prove, question, questions, quote, ratings, recently, recorded, releases, research, revenge, rick, risk, room, scam, script, search, series, sex, short, shows, sick, sign, simple, skin, sleeping, slim, small, springer, stage, star, starts, story, style, submit, talk, ted, testing, text, the wall, they, thought, tiffany, tissue, told, top, treated, treatment, trick, twin, twins, ugly, urban, url, wanted, weird, win, wins, woma, woman, won, words, work, years
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  20. Invisibility at the flick of a switch

    Started by USNavySubSailor, 07-09-2006 12:51 AM
    allowing, basically, block, body, books, boxes, break, called, calm, cancel, causing, cer, change, chris, college, completely, con, condi, confidential, credible, data, decades, development, don, dont, dow, due, earthquake, efficient, elec, energy, finding, future, hey, hold, huma, human, improved, include, incredible, information, james, key, kids, lab, last, learn, life, light, london, longer, making, mark, materials, matter, moment, move, nab, network, personal, plastic, potential, proper, property, quote, reality, research, secret, security, sell, send, sho, showed, side, sparen, spied, stein, switch, takes, tan, tech, transparent, travel, turn, version, wait, water, work
    • Replies: 3
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  21. Enceladus possibly contains life

    Started by SubJunk, 07-05-2006 08:02 AM
    000, 2008, active, advanced, age, ages, agreed, air, amazing, amount, another, appeared, arms, atm, atomic, bad, based, bet, better, big, bigger, biggest, birthday, body, bring, broke, broken, called, calling, card, case, cer, chance, close, colorado, coming, comments, complete, completely, con, condi, continuation, continue, core, couldn, crap, credible, culture, cure, damn, dark, dead, december, deep, destroyed, detected, discover, disease, dna, doesn, don, dow, ear, earlier, early, electio, employees, ets, extreme, feel, field, find, fit, fly, fortune, funds, galaxy, gas, good, gov, govt, ground, group, grown, guarantee, hand, hey, high, hold, hospital, hot, hours, huma, humans, ial, ice, images, imagine, ime, important, incredible, infected, intelligence, inter, interest, internal, interview, investigated, involved, ion, isn, issues, jean, kidding, kind, labs, land, large, larry, last, late, launched, life, light, line, living, lol, long, los, lot, major, making, massive, matter, max, mea, message, million, mind, mission, month, moon, more, move, mystery, nasa, needed, ner, newest, news, nice, nuclear, nuclear war, onli, open, par, part, pas, passionate, perfect, personally, pierre, plane, planet, planned, plans, point, pos, position, post, posted, poster, potential, price, prize, produce, production, progress, promising, public, pure, putting, quality, quote, race, read, reality, reason, reasons, regular, release, remember, replace, research, respect, results, rie, ring, rings, rome, room, roy, rush, safe, saturn, science, scientists, sense, shoo, short, shot, showed, sign, simple, sly, small, solar, soo, sorry, source, spacecraft, spend, spot, spreading, spring, stage, star, start, starts, stream, subs, successful, sucks, sun, survey, survive, system, taken, talking, thinks, thought, thread, throw, today, totally, trac, tracking, une, universe, university, upload, url, usual, voyage, wait, watched, water, ways, white, won, wonderful, working, year, years
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  22. Ken Miller on evolution

    Started by SubJunk, 05-28-2006 06:09 AM
    000, ???, accepted, accountability, accounts, accuracy, accurate, achievement, add, address, advanced, affairs, ages, ain, aint, air, amazing, amendment, american, animals, announced, another, anti, appeared, approved, article, ase, assistant, associate, association, ation, attacks, attention, audience, authors, aware, bad, based, basic, beat, bet, better, big, bio, bit, ble, blood, body, books, break, breaks, brilliant, bus, buster, called, calls, car, carolina, case, caused, center, cer, chairman, chambers, characteristics, charles, choice, claims, clo, co-op, code, comments, commit, community, completely, components, con, condi, conservative, constant, continue, continues, correct, cost, couldn, couple, courts, credibility, credible, critical, culture, day, days, debating, december, decision, definition, degree, department, desperate, destroying, difficult, director, disclosing, district, dna, don, door, dow, download, drops, dump, dumped, early, elements, ended, ends, environment, establishment, event, evil, examples, expose, extra, extremely, factory, faulty, federal, field, finally, first amendment, fits, flooded, florida, folks, force, fully, general, george, george w. bush, georgia, glad, global, good, governors, grades, group, groups, growing, held, hey, high, higher, his, hosting, hot, hours, house, huma, human, iii, images, ime, impact, improved, incredible, index, info, inspires, interview, investigated, inviting, ion, island, isn, issues, john, jones, judge, junk, kind, large, last, law, lead, learn, line, long, lot, love, mainstream, math, mea, meet, members, men, minutes, monday, more, nation, national, nature, neo, ner, net, numbers, officials, ohio, onli, open, opportunity, order, org, organizations, original, oversight committee, pacific, page, par, part, pas, passed, people, plastic, point, poke, policy, politically, poor, pos, position, post, power, presiden, principles, privacy, produce, progress, proper, prove, public, qualified, question, quickly, quote, ran, read, reality, reason, recommend, register, related, released, religious, remember, removed, research, respond, response, results, rising, roger, rose, route, safe, sam, scholars, scientists, script, scripts, seattle, secondary, secretary, seniors, sense, served, set, shane, show, shows, signed, simply, site, smith, sound, star, state, states, step, steve, steven, stop, story, stream, street, students, study, sums, supreme court, system, taken, takes, teach, test, text, theory, they, thought, thursday, toxic, type, unconstitutional, united, united states, url, version, video, warren, watched, watching, water, web, wednesday, west, wide, wisconsin, words, work, working, worse, worth, wow, wrong, www, years, york
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  23. It wont be long...

    Started by Amitola, 06-10-2006 05:59 AM
    bad, crazy, dear, find, focus, hate, heads, his, ill, land, long, lose, love, mind, nose, person, picked, poet, quote, raise, science, thinks, thread, won, wont, words
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  24. Science on the Take

    Started by sojustask, 06-01-2006 02:55 PM
    $100, 000, accepted, accurate, active, add, adult, age, alive, ame, america, american, another, ation, attacked, attention, australia, aware, bad, based, bashers, basically, biggest, boards, books, boost, break, bullsh, called, care, career, careful, cell, center, class, clean, clo, collect, college, compensation, complain, completely, con, cons, constant, constantly, corporate, cost, countries, country, crazy, crisis, culture, day, definition, disease, disturbing, doctors, doesn, don, dow, dropping, drug, drugs, dyi, dying, early, easy, economic, economic impact, effective, effects, eme, engineering, essential, extra, eyes, face, fail, fall, father, fec, feel, field, finally, financial, fix, flaw, forget, fully, fun, future, gain, general, generation, genius, good, grab, gray, ground, hard, healthy, hey, high, hip, his, hoax, horrible, house, html, huge, huma, humans, illness, illus, ime, impact, important, improved, include, industry, inherited, intelligence, ion, isn, italy, john, judge, kidding, knew, large, last, lead, leads, lexx, likes, live, long, losing, lot, mad, mainstream, making, marketing, mass, mea, medical, meet, monetary, month, more, move, nathan, nation, needed, number, pays, people, personal, personality, personally, phenomenon, plants, point, policy, pos, posts, pra, predictions, private, problem, product, products, profit, profits, protection, public, quality, quote, reaction, read, real, receive, receiving, released, removed, reporting, reports, research, response, results, ridiculous, rie, roy, scam, scams, science, sell, set, short, shot, shouldn, showed, shows, sick, small, small business, sooo, sorry, speaking, spring, star, start, state, stated, states, story, strange, stream, study, supplement, supporter, system, tak, they, thinks, throw, ties, tme, today, total, tough, trade, tribute, unemployment, upper, ups, upset, url, usa, version, water, ways, western, work, world, worse, worthy, wrong, year
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  25. GMO's may produce Herbecide in ur Intestines

    Started by Ette, 06-05-2006 02:03 PM
    body, produce, read, system, toxic, url
    • Replies: 0
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  26. science and the bible

    Started by cigs645, 04-14-2006 12:03 PM
    000, 2001, ???, ????, ??????, ???????, ??????????, accepted, account, accurate, act, action, address, admit, admitted, age, agen, ain, aint, allowed, allowing, animals, another, answer, appeared, appears, area, art, ation, attempts, bad, balance, base, based, bears, bet, better, bible, big, billion, block, blogs, blood, bomb, book, brain, break, building, bull, called, cannot, capital, case, center, cer, challenge, chance, characteristics, claim, claims, class, clear, clever, clo, close, co-op, coin, coins, comments, common, community, completely, complex, components, con, concerned, condi, conditioning, confirmed, conflict of interest, continues, conversation, correct, correction, count, crap, credibility, crowd, culture, cure, day, days, dead, debate, debunked, description, design, development, devil, didn, differences, direction, disease, disputed, divine, dna, doesn, dollars, dolphins, don, dont, dow, dropped, drug, duck, due, dumped, duplication, ear, earlier, early, earth, economic, editing, effects, ells, eme, empirical, ended, equity, event, examples, exercise, exists, experience, experts, explained, extra, eye, eyes, factor, facts, factual, fails, faithful, fall, fear, feature, fed, feeling, figures, finds, fits, fla, flat, floor, focus, followers, forget, formula, forward, front, fully, future, gain, gals, general, genie, germ, give, god, good, great, greatest, ground, group, growing, guy, ham, hand, hands, happened, har, hard, hated, heads, healing, healthy, heart, hey, high, highly, his, horizon, horse, html, huge, huma, human, humans, hyperlink, ica, ignorance, ignore, ill, image, ime, immune, important, inch, include, inheritance, inherited, institutes, interest, involved, involves, ion, issue, item, joke, kidding, killer, kind, king, knew, lake, large, last, latest, leading, les, lesser, lessons, letter, lexx, limits, line, lines, lis, list, listen, living, long, longer, loose, los, lot, main, mainstream, making, malfunction, mankind, massive, master, matter, mea, medical, method, million, millions, mind, minutes, model, moon, more, moron, mount, muscles, myth, named, nasty, nation, nature, ner, net, numbers, odds, open, order, ordered, org, original, page, paper, part, partner, pas, people, perfect, personality, personally, pest control, place, plane, play, point, poke, popular, pos, pose, post, posted, potential, predicted, predictions, principles, probability, process, profit, proof, proposals, protect, prove, proved, proven, pun, question, quote, random, real, reason, related, religious, remember, research, response, rest, results, riches, ridiculous, risk, robinson, role, room, row, run, safe, safety, saint, scenario, school, science, scientists, search, sense, set, sexual, shock, short, shouldn, showed, shows, sign, simple, simply, site, small, solar, soo, sorry, soup, source, sources, speed, spiritual, split, star, start, starting, state, stated, story, stream, suitable, sun, supported, supporting, supports, suppose, surfaces, survive, system, systems, taken, takes, talk, tan, teacher, ted, tells, test, testing, text, theory, they, thought, thread, throw, time, times, today, told, trailer, trap, trillion, truth, universe, url, usual, validate, verify, vice, view, viola, vital, wait, walk, wary, waste, watching, weeks, woma, won, wont, working, world, write, wrong, year, years, young
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  27. Five Stories Of RFID Hacking

    Started by boone, 05-25-2006 09:45 PM
    2008, 2016, access, account, active, adam, advantages, age, ages, ags, aims, ain, alliances, animals, annual, another, antenna, anti, approved, archive, article, assistant, attacks, attention, authorized, automatic, based, battery, bed, berkeley, billion, binary, bit, books, boston, breaking, british, broke, building, burst, businesses, cable, called, calls, capabilities, card, cards, carefully, cars, case, center, cer, chain, cheese, cher, cincinnati, citizens, claims, clo, clone, close, clothes, coa, code, coming, comments, commercial, compromised, con, continues, copper, cost, costs, crack, cream, credit, credit cards, customers, dark, data, days, decided, desk, diebold, difficult, digit, diploma, director, disappears, display, doesn, don, door, dow, drew, drug, early, effective, elaborate, elec, employees, ended, equipment, espionage, eur, excellent, expand, expert, experts, extended, eyes, face, fat, favorite, fda, feel, finds, front, future, gas, gen, giants, good, green, group, guys, hacked, hacking, hand, handle, hard, hasn, hatch, head, helping, hey, high, his, hits, holds, homework, hotel, hours, html, imagine, ime, immune, include, industry, information, install, inter, interest, internal, internet, ion, isn, item, jack, jerry, johns, jonathan, kids, kind, kraft, labs, last, latest, lets, letters, lines, loan, los, lot, lying, machines, maker, making, manager, market, massive, mea, medical, meet, memory, million, minutes, monitor, more, move, named, national, north, number, numbers, oakland, office, open, ordered, outs, owners, page, pages, palm, paper, pas, pass, passport, passports, password, paying, personal, personally, pharmaceuticals, plans, point, pop, pose, positive, power, pra, presiden, prevent, price, prices, pricing, privacy, private, process, product, promote, property, proposals, protected, protection, public, pull, pump, purely, push, quality, reasons, record, replace, research, rest, retail, returns, robbery, room, roy, safe, satisfied, sca, scam, scan, science, sean, secretary, secure, security, sell, service, services, shopping, short, shouldn, showed, shows, silver, simple, ski, skin, small, software, soo, source, special, spring, star, start, starting, state, status, steal, steve, stock, stole, stop, store, stories, story, student, students, stunt, surveillance, system, systems, tag, takes, tampering, ted, test, texas, text, theft, they, thinks, thought, tools, toy, track, tracking, tracks, types, unauthorized, upload, upper, url, van, vehicle, vest, vic, voting, voting machines, waiting, wary, watches, wearing, weeks, weird, wired, wireless, won, worked, working, world, worldwide, worth, year, years, young
    • Replies: 5
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  28. Columbia University

    Started by cranston36, 05-23-2006 05:41 AM
    africa, aid, ain, america, americans, another, arms, art, avoid, bite, book, bow, buy, cash, commanded, con, control, corruption, countries, cry, death, debt, development, dona, feature, fed, focus, forget, forward, general, give, god, goebbels, gold, good, great, growth, hail, his, ice, ime, inter, international, jeffrey, jewels, joseph, kenya, kids, lake, land, life, lis, living, love, lucrative, matter, meeting, men, mining, money, more, mvp, nations, nice, noble, north, officials, oil, order, paying, people, policy, poverty, progress, propaganda, proud, public, real, religious, reveals, rich, rip, rock, rules, sachs, secretary, sell, site, soldiers, spacecraft, special, star, start, state, stated, stupid, successful, sustainable, talks, time, trade, trip, university, url, viole, violence, wife, worked, wrap, year
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 2,316
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  29. Mumps, CDC and Genetic Laziness

    Started by cranston36, 04-22-2006 11:31 PM
    000, account, actions, adam, africa, agree, alexander, another, appears, arms, article, associate, ation, atlanta, attack, attention, baby, bad, baro, better, bit, black, books, brain, break, breaking, business, called, caused, cdc, center, chance, chemicals, children, claiming, con, continues, contributed, cure, david, day, days, dea, death, dental, development, disease, dna, doctor, due, early, effects, einstein, elec, elements, factor, federal, fight, forces, georgia, god, gonna, ground, group, head, hey, hills, his, hope, huma, human, ime, inherited, involved, ion, iowa, issue, johnson, kill, kind, lazy, leading, level, lexx, life, long, mail, making, mankind, math, mea, metals, moment, month, nam, national, natural, newspaper, numbers, order, orleans, owned, pas, perfect, peters, philip, plan, poisoning, pos, posing, posting, pray, prove, publishers, quote, quotes, race, raising, rea, real, response, ress, results, review, rock, scam, science, sense, side, simple, solicited, sort, states, stay, stein, surfaced, system, tan, they, threat, threatens, thursday, time, treatment, ugly, united, united states, vaccination, wait, word, world, year
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 4,432
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  30. Over Unity

    Started by ponziscams, 05-19-2006 09:00 AM
    ation, cher, don, dont, ion, lexx, machines, mea, more, quote, unit
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,371
    05-20-2006, 08:53 AM Go to last post
  31. Vishniak and the Wolf Trap

    Started by UserName, 03-30-2006 08:59 PM
    000, answer, bet, better, called, cannot, care, community, defended, discover, dog, earth, elaborate, ets, evidence, exchange, experiment, find, gas, give, hey, humiliation, ica, ice, important, issue, last, life, lot, mass, mea, mission, more, nasa, notice, opposite, package, par, part, place, plane, play, prison, question, rap, reason, release, religion, religious, role, science, set, shows, sun, suppressed, suppressing, test, they, threatened, trap, vladimir, weight, wolf, years
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 2,891
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  32. What Happened...where'd it go?

    Started by boone, 04-10-2006 10:26 PM
    add, ads, baby, building, case, con, contest, flight, forum, general, global, global warming, happened, hey, his, html, ice, idiot, info, line, men, movie, news, onli, online, pos, posted, promote, proved, quick, quote, remember, removed, science, search, show, tag, taken, test, they, thread, top, tribute, url, warming, www, yesterday
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,787
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