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Forum: Science Scams

This forum was created for intellectual debates over science scams / controversy and it's effect on society. No subject is taboo or off limits here. The truth is truly out there!

  1. Newton's Dark Secrets

    Started by Fizban "The Fabulous", 02-06-2007 03:52 AM
    action, amazon, animal, appears, apple, authors, balance, based, bible, blood, books, bow, broadcast, cast, character, chris, church, close, complete, conceal, cover, dark, day, deal, death, docudrama, economist, end of the world, endangering, england, explained, extreme, famous, find, friends, give, gold, handed, hasn, held, helped, hidden, html, huma, humans, important, institution, interest, internet, involved, isaac, john, king, late, life, matthew, mea, members, mental, mind, napoleon, nature, orders, org, outlook, par, part, personality, power, predicted, presiden, production, project, properties, reason, recently, refused, religious freedom, revealing, reveals, royal, sacred, sal, science, secret, secrets, shows, sir, soo, spent, spy, stand, stone, subs, sun, times, universe, view, watched, website, worked, www
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  2. 20 Ways The World Could End

    Started by enlightenment, 01-07-2007 10:51 PM
    arabs, atmosphere, based, bible, bunch, coffin, continue, critical, death, decades, designated, destruction, don, end of the world, expand, food, global, global warming, god, guess, hey, html, huma, humans, impact, insanity, kill, lexx, license, lies, life, links, lis, list, live, mankind, mass, men, myth, oas, org, organ, pos, post, real, rule, share, sites, start, sun, super, taken, total, url, warming, wooden, world, www
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  3. Weather Weapons

    Started by enlightenment, 02-06-2007 11:15 PM
    agree, amount, balance, big, biggest, bomb, bunch, cleaner, club, company, contractors, control, countries, credible, day, defense, development, drought, ends, enemy, energy, enter, fatal, finally, gen, head, hope, horrors, html, huge, huma, hyper, imagine, incredible, laugh, mankind, men, mentally, money, moon, nation, nope, owners, parade, planet, race, rolling, roy, rule, science, ski, spin, stand, states, steal, support, threat, volcanoes, wars, weapon, weapons
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  4. If man had not created the boat

    Started by enlightenment, 01-22-2007 05:59 AM
    africa, agree, america, americans, arrival, bit, boats, booty, call, care, contact, counting, data, day, doesn, don, eat, fail, food, forum, huma, humans, imagine, land, lexx, lived, lol, long, mankind, migration, mode, named, people, quick, race, response, scary, tara, transport, war, watch, waters, word, worldwide
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  5. Amazing Missing Links - Oliver

    Started by enlightenment, 02-03-2007 04:18 PM
    bull, chan, channel, find, forum, home, huma, humans, links, missing, soul, url, word
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  6. To Infinity & Beyond

    Started by enlightenment, 02-03-2007 03:49 AM
    ???, ????, arriving, big bang, call, causing, chair, cheating, college, cons, contract, contracts, creates, dark, description, destroyed, energy, european, evidence, expand, explained, finally, folks, force, guess, head, important, information, jerry, jimmy, law, longer, mea, men, millions, model, news, north, number, paper, par, people, problem, review, separate, steal, student, suddenly, times, universe, university, url, work
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  7. When mutations go bad

    Started by Lord_jag, 01-30-2007 11:19 PM
    aiwan, appears, change, dead, decision, disabling, error, factor, freinds, future, growth, guess, hats, html, huma, humans, ial, imagine, important, involved, jan, john, large, life, lifespan, line, live, longer, mea, mistake, national, natural, news, number, online, organ, past, pay, people, potential, pro, proof, random, remake, responsible, risk, slow, son, sons, stand, study, threats, universe, university, url, vegetable, www
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  8. The REAL death of Darwin?

    Started by enlightenment, 02-02-2007 04:33 AM
    acceptance, ages, ama, animal, annual, atmosphere, authority, biased, biggest, boats, body, bogus, books, british, cards, caused, chance, characteristics, chris, church, company, complete, confirmed, cons, cosmology, credentials, day, death, destroyed, editor, education, ends, engineer, england, essential, establishment, exchange, extended, faulty, finally, find, flat, front, give, green, hack, hasn, head, history, huma, human, humans, imagine, indicating, individuals, interest, john, journalist, justify, laugh, letters, mail, mankind, market, mea, men, million, millions, morris, needed, number, org, people, plan, poor, post, power, public, publishers, qualifications, qualified, real, reason, records, regime, reliable, review, rie, royal, season, send, shows, son, source, spent, stupid, table, test, thinks, thousand, thursday, totally, ugly, url, vic, volcano, word, world, young
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  9. Man Catches Swordfish... Swordfish Impales Man

    Started by yossarian, 08-04-2006 09:39 PM
    accident, alive, ame, arms, august, big, bill, blood, blue, boats, card, cer, chair, completely, con, condi, contest, couple, dan, deciding, dennis, direction, doctors, edward, emergency, father, fishing, forget, free, fresh, friend, full, gli, good, hand, hey, higher, hospital, html, huma, human, hurt, ice, impact, injury, inter, international, ion, justice, killed, king, knew, lol, loose, los, lost, mail, minutes, mother, news, operation, pages, par, part, people, poker, professional, pull, quote, rushed, school, services, sick, smoking, son, sounds, source, stable, stern, story, surfaced, taken, ted, test, told, top, tour, triumph, truth, uncle, url, usual, water, wound, www, year
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  10. Transhumanism

    Started by gools68, 01-28-2007 09:34 AM
    baseball, line, make money, money, opinion, org, reasons, url
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  11. Your Tap Water Is Poison!!!

    Started by southp4, 01-27-2007 08:14 PM
    beneficial, bot, carefully, drink, evidence, fla, forum, health, jack, king, link, news, plastic, poison, pos, post, prices, public, risk, tap, thread, urgent, url, whites
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  12. Space shuttle and space station.

    Started by bogie, 01-26-2007 11:38 PM
    give, international, service, shut, space
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  13. All cures are here on Earth....

    Started by enlightenment, 01-13-2007 08:49 AM
    abandoned, affordable, africa, agen, america, animal, approval, approved, avoid, based, basic, bees, bio, blood, body, books, bunch, caused, causing, central, cer, chan, chance, channel, check this out, clo, close, code, cons, cost, costs, countries, creates, cure, day, deal, delivery, destruction, discovering, doctors, don, drink, drugs, due, earn, efficient, els, engineer, engineering, environment, error, evening, examples, extremely, factor, fall, fec, find, folks, food, god, group, health, held, hey, hoge, hold, honey, house, huma, human, humans, ian, illness, image, immune, impact, important, india, individuals, industry, infected, influence, information, injury, institutes, involved, involving, issues, knock, lab, land, large, leave, license, live, living, london, long, los, lost, mankind, mass, materials, mea, mental, method, million, millions, money, monitoring, moon, movie, multi, national, nature, needed, part, performance, picture, pills, plastic, poison, poor, pos, post, posted, pressure, price, production, proper, race, reason, regime, research, role, roy, sal, salt, sans, severe, shipment, source, specifically, states, stop, stories, stream, subs, successful, suppressing, survival, systems, taken, terror, thick, threats, times, tone, total, town, track, treatment, type, united, united states, unwan, url, view, wanted, white, wide, wonderful, working
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  14. Searching For Starvation 'Cure'

    Started by enlightenment, 01-20-2007 12:28 PM
    accurate, address, airlines, amendment, america, american, animal, another, appears, aware, based, basic, bill, bio, blend, blood, body, breaking, cer, citizens, civil war, clo, compensation, complex, cons, control, cop, corporate, corruption, cost, countries, courts, cure, day, dead, dear, delta, destroyed, diversity, doesn, don, drink, due, eme, ends, environment, express, extended, extreme, factory, fails, families, farms, federal, financial, food, force, forces, free, funded, genocide, give, government, ground, hands, hasn, hey, highly, hit song, holiday, horrible, horse, html, huma, human, humans, hunger, ial, impact, important, influence, interest, investment, involved, joke, karma, kicking, land, laugh, lis, listen, live, local, long, longer, loss, mankind, market, mea, medical, members, men, monetary, nation, nations, nature, opposite, organizations, owner, paper, part, pays, people, personality, pick, policy, political, poor, pos, positive, post, posted, potential, power, prepared, prevent, price, prices, problem, problems, products, profit, projects, proposal, protection, public, qualified, real, reality, reduction, research, ress, roy, sell, short, social, solution, song, soo, start, starts, states, stein, stream, super, survival, taken, talking, taxes, thread, times, url, vice, view, war, weapon, won, working, world, york 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  15. Interesting footage here!

    Started by enlightenment, 01-25-2007 04:47 AM
    url, watch, www, youtube
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  16. The Arrogance of science.....

    Started by enlightenment, 01-21-2007 10:36 PM
    accounts, accurate, achievements, action, admit, aka, ale, aliens, allowed, american, another, appears, astrology, ate, attitude, attributes, based, body, books, boxes, building, care, carry, caught, cer, chris, cleara, clifford, close, coming, damn, data, deal, death, deep, difficult, discovering, dna, doesn, don, environment, equipment, error, experience, express, eye, faced, fall, find, fla, flat, fortune, front, funded, funding, gas, give, hates, head, hey, house, huma, human, humans, ial, ici, image, important, insanity, interest, involved, lab, land, large, leaders, life, line, lis, listen, long, magic, mea, men, mental, mentally, message, million, millions, mind, model, moon, movie, nature, needed, ordered, org, par, part, people, person, personal, phenomenon, pick, picture, pos, prepared, pretending, professional, profit, proof, public, real, reality, reason, reasons, receive, recorded, red, reliable, religion, research, respect, response, room, science, sec, shop, short, shouldn, shows, side, ski, skin, solar, source, steven, stop, strategy, super, supporting, taken, talking, tap, thinks, thread, times, types, typing, une, universe, url, version, view, vince, wanted, white, wide, women, won, word, words, worked, writing
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  17. THE controversial disease

    Started by littlebear, 01-22-2007 08:38 AM
    entry, find, interest, investigate, life, pos, posts, url, www
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  18. Ethical Question?

    Started by enlightenment, 01-19-2007 09:01 PM
    ages, agrees, animal, another, artist, azi, babies, bai, banned, based, bees, care, carry, caught, cer, clean, code, countries, courage, day, dead, death, declared, deep, description, destruction, differently, dinner, disgusting, dog, don, due, eat, electric, endorse, enter, entertainment, environment, ethical, evidence, exo, expert, extreme, food, guess, head, hey, higher, home, huma, human, humans, hunters, ial, image, india, innocent, insects, interest, involved, judge, karma, kill, lean, learn, lessons, link, live, lol, long, lover, mankind, martial, mea, medical, members, men, mind, nature, neo, owner, owners, part, people, personal, pos, post, prefer, proves, public, question, reality, rep, respond, responsible, risk, role, roo, roy, sacred, secure, sell, shop, short, soo, sources, space, specifically, stable, stop, test, thread, told, totally, une, unethical, url, view, watch, wild, won, world, www, youtube
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  19. understanding a dangerous weaponry system

    Started by researchisthekey, 11-07-2006 02:02 AM
    accounts, adams, address, advanced, aliens, allowed, american, area, aries, ate, attention, bad, bankers, based, basic, big, blood, bomb, boot, bright, bring, build, care, cer, charter, chea, choice, citizens, coming, communism, compare, complain, core, countries, country, credible, crisis, david, day, dear, death, defend, defending, destruction, differences, differently, don, dont, dow, ear, enemy, england, everyday, famous, fathers, fears, federal, federal reserve, fled, fooled, future, gave, generation, george, global, guarantee, guys, hand, hear, heart, held, hey, high, huma, human, ignorant, ignore, industry, inheritance, institution, inter, interview, joy, kind, lead, learn, leaving, lexx, life, lis, listen, living, lol, long, loss, making, mankind, mark, mass, mea, men, monetary, money, nations, new york times, newspaper, noble, opportunity, oppression, ora, order, paid, patriot, people, personal, picture, plane, planned, policy, pos, positive, post, power, prediction, prepared, presiden, presidency, price, principles, quotes, rare, rated, reason, regular, research, results, rio, ron, roo, sacred, scale, scam, science, seekers, sell, selling, september, serve, shared, silent, sir, site, small, socialism, sound, sour, source, speaking, sphere, states, style, taken, talking, the new york times, thread, times, told, ultimate, union, united, united states, url, violence, watching, wealth, weight, wide, wikipedia, wild, wilson, win, word, working, world, worth, www, years, york, youtube
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  20. Scam shut down by the feds

    Started by cathjosh202, 01-19-2007 01:44 AM
    fed, hackers, life, scam, shut, stupid
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  21. Scam shut down by the feds

    Started by cathjosh202, 01-19-2007 01:21 AM
    fed, scam, shut
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  22. Anti Mutation Gene?

    Started by enlightenment, 01-11-2007 06:28 AM
    action, adult, africa, allowed, another, appears, arrest, attempts, basic, body, building, call, care, cer, chance, children, chris, clean, coming, compare, comparison, complex, components, continue, correction, couldn, countries, crimes, criminal, dead, death, decades, deep, defective, destruction, differences, disease, dna, doesn, don, due, dun, dying, effective, eme, endorse, england, environment, error, examples, experience, extra, fail, fake, families, family, famous, fec, fee, fix, forces, friends, future, generation, give, group, growth, hasn, head, helped, hey, higher, hormone, horrible, huge, huma, human, humans, hunger, hypocrites, ian, illegal, important, infected, involved, jail, king, land, lazy, legal, lesser, limits, living, long, mankind, mea, medical, men, mental, mentally, message, method, mind, model, murder, nation, nations, nature, necessarily, optimization, part, past, people, perception, person, plan, planned, players, popular, pos, post, prevent, productive, progress, quality, question, raising, rapist, rea, reaction, reason, reasons, removed, research, rising, role, roo, roy, rump, sad, sane, sends, shopping, side, skin, sleeping, smoking gun, son, specifically, spurs, states, stealing, stone, stop, stupid, succeed, successful, super, taken, tall, teach, thinks, thread, tools, top, trans, treatment, unfortunate, url, usa, view, wanted, weapon, wife, won, world, worldwide, year, young
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  23. Fingerprints

    Started by enlightenment, 01-09-2007 11:42 PM
    agen, agents, basic, beer, ben, bit, catch, chance, child, complex, couple, criminal, develop, dice, drink, forces, franklin, god, hey, huma, human, idea, law, lawyer, mea, million, millions, missing, org, people, reasonable, red, rolls, satan, science, series, ski, skin, start, statistic, stupid, taken, twins, url, wins, women, work, world
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  24. Tigers are don't live in Africa....

    Started by enlightenment, 01-10-2007 02:33 AM
    accident, africa, animal, aus, canadian, chain, chea, doesn, don, due, eat, environment, examples, fire, food, golf, hey, idea, india, land, life, lions, live, long, mea, men, middle, monster, natural, org, par, planet, predators, problem, professional, reason, reasons, sec, singh, suitable, support, top, url
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  25. Moved: We don't need evolution- why bother?

    Started by rubyslippers, 10-01-2007 07:46 PM
  26. Re Evolution and Oz.

    Started by enlightenment, 01-09-2007 02:37 AM
    account, add, address, adult, africa, agrees, air conditioning, allowed, allowing, america, american, animal, another, appears, aus, australia, based, basic, beneficial, bit, black, blacks, body, british, builder, building, bunch, cast, caused, cer, chance, chea, chemicals, chris, church, coming, comparison, conditioning, costs, criminals, cross of christ, custom, damn, dark, day, deep, differently, doe, doesn, dog, don, drew, due, easy, end of the world, energy, enter, environment, european, factor, fans, find, fla, flat, future, give, grace, group, hasn, hell, helps, hey, hide, higher, hip hop, hop, hot, house, html, huma, human, humans, ian, immune, impact, influence, inherited, jackson, judge, land, lazy, lexx, line, lions, lis, listen, live, lived, living, long, longer, los, lost, mea, medical, meet, memories, men, mental, millions, mind, minister, model, move, music, nature, onli, opposite, orange, orders, org, pal, part, people, perception, person, personal, plastic, poison, pos, positive, post, posted, posts, power, predator, predators, prefer, prevent, price, prize, protection, question, random, rap, real, reason, reasonable, red, research, respond, response, rhythm, rock, role, room, sachs, sal, salvation, severe, ship, short, ski, skin, skins, song, sound, source, start, states, stop, style, sun, survival, systems, taken, talking, teach, thinks, thread, threads, times, told, top, tribute, types, ugly, universe, url, white, whites, wise, won, wonderful, work
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  27. Shame On Mankind

    Started by enlightenment, 01-02-2007 11:58 PM
    account, accurate, add, admit, africa, african, ages, agree, aliens, ame, america, americans, animal, another, apology, appraisal, balance, basic, basically, bed, big, bit, british, care, careful, carefully, catch, caught, caused, center, cer, charles, chris, church, comments, comprehension, continue, contributed, cost, couldn, counting, couple, crap, crowd, cruel, cure, cuz, daughter, david, day, dead, death, debate, deleted, dennis, differences, disease, disturbing, divorce, doctors, dog, don, dont, due, dun, effective, ells, ends, environment, error, euro, experience, eye, factual, fall, famous, fashion, fat, fix, fla, flat, fulfilled, generation, ground, group, guess, hahaha, handicapped, hawkins, hell, hey, high, higher, highly, hon, house, html, huge, huma, human, humans, husband, imagine, impact, important, individuals, investigation, jail, jim, judy, killer, king, land, leaders, lexx, liberal, line, lis, list, listed, lived, long, loss, mankind, married, mea, men, mental, mentally, method, mind, move, myth, nail, nature, needy, operation, oral, org, paradox, part, passed, paul, pays, people, person, police, pos, positive, post, posted, power, prepared, protected, public, purge, push, question, race, rea, real, reality, reliable, rock, scamming, science, search, sen, sends, serve, ship, short, shouldn, sir, son, soo, sound, sources, states, stein, stop, story, stranger, strangers, strategy, strength, student, super, supporting, talking, tells, terror, thread, top, universe, upper, urban, url, version, view, violence, wanted, watch, watching, weak, weird, wife, won, wonderful, work, working, world, www, year, youtube 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  28. Bomb Theory

    Started by Lord_jag, 01-05-2007 07:13 PM
    admit, agree, another, appears, basically, big, bomb, brown, cer, chemicals, coming, connections, dark, debate, design, doesn, don, fec, finally, find, fine, front, god, grant, group, head, hey, huma, human, humans, important, include, infected, issues, jackpot, job, large, life, long, loss, lottery, love, mea, model, mountain, nature, outlet, part, pattern, people, picture, pile, pop, popular, problem, problems, proof, push, reason, role, room, science, sheet, sho, shows, side, ski, skin, small, sound, start, supports, systems, thinks, tickets, tone, top, turn, universe, walk, watching, win, winning, wins, won, work
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  29. When Will You Die...

    Started by enlightenment, 01-08-2007 12:41 AM
    account, accurate, adult, agreed, armed, atm, bit, blame, broken, bus, check, classic, clock, day, deal, desk, differently, doesn, don, dont, dun, experience, extra, fat, find, fine, free, guess, guys, gym, hey, highly, hope, job, joined, large, laugh, life, live, lol, los, lost, mea, men, midnight, money, paradox, people, proper, real, september, share, site, soldier, start, stupid, tax, told, url, war, warfare, weeks, weight, writing, www
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  30. Another World?

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 12-24-2006 08:36 PM
    000, 302, ability, acceptance, account, accurate, action, add, address, admit, aes, aesthetics, affordable, africa, agendas, ages, agrees, alcohol, ale, aliens, allowed, allowing, amendment, america, american, another, article, artist, ass, attitude, attributes, aus, austria, authority, aware, azi, babies, banned, bans, based, basic, beat, bed, benefits, bernard, biggest, bio, bit, block, blood, body, boost, brown, building, bull, bunch, bur, cable, cage, called, car insurance, care, cars, catch, center, cer, chan, chance, circuit, citizenry, citizens, classic, clo, close, club, communism, cons, contest, contracting, contributed, costs, couldn, countries, cover, crap, creatives, credible, crisis, cruise, dan, day, dean, dear, death, decades, demand, destroyed, development, differently, difficult, disgusting, diversity, doctors, doesn, don, dont, due, dun, economist, effective, electio, els, endurance, environment, eric, establishment, european, evils, examples, expand, experience, experts, express, extra, extreme, extremely, factor, fall, families, famous, fashion, fee, figures, fool, football, formula, france, free, fund, gas, gee, generation, girls, give, gli, global, gonna, gordo, ground, group, growth, guys, gym, hahaha, hands, hasn, head, hell, hey, high, higher, hire, holiday, hormone, house, html, huge, huma, human, humans, hunger, husband, ial, idiot, illegal, illegally, images, imagine, immune, important, include, incredible, india, infected, influence, info, insurance, interest, involved, involves, isn, issues, item, judge, kara, kevin, kicking, kidding, knock, land, large, laugh, law, leaders, lean, legacy, legendary, lesser, lexx, liberals, likes, limits, line, live, lived, living, long, long run, longer, loves, lying, lynch, mail, mankind, market, martial, mass, mea, medical, meeting, men, mentally, mentions, million, millions, mind, monster, move, movie, mow, myth, nasty, nation, national, nations, nature, needed, nope, oas, office, ongoing, opposite, org, owned, owners, pacific, paper, part, passed, people, person, personal, personality, pet, peter, ping, platform, politician, pong, popular, pos, post, posted, posts, potential, pounds, power, presiden, presidency, price, prices, production, productive, profit, proposal, protection, public, push, question, questions, quick, race, ran, rea, real, reason, reasonable, reasons, regular, released, religion, removed, replace, reporters, research, respect, response, ress, rights, ron, roo, room, royal, rush, sad, saves, scary, screw, season, secretary, sell, sen, served, services, severe, sex, share, sharing, ship, shipping, sho, shopping, short, shouldn, shows, simply, site, small, social security, solve, son, soo, source, spent, stage, stand, start, states, stein, stock, stone, stop, stories, story, street, strength, student, stupid, style, styles, submit, supported, supporting, supports, taken, talking, taxes, teachers, team, test, testosterone, thinks, thread, threads, times, told, top, town, track, trade, transportation, travel, truck, turn, tvs, ufc, ugly, ultra, unit, united, united states, universe, unwan, upper, ups, upset, url, usa, vehicle, victor, victory, voted, votes, waiting, wanted, watched, watching, welfare, western, white, win, wise, won, wonderful, wont, work, worked, workers, working, workout, world, worldwide, wow, writes, wrote, wwf, year, young, youtube
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  31. Abstainance - The TRUE Perversion?

    Started by enlightenment, 01-04-2007 12:58 PM
    agree, agreed, allowed, angeles, another, associated press, attitude, bible, catholic, children, church, commissioned, compensation, compliments, dollar, excellent, faced, force, forum, future, gap, god, guess, hey, ice, insurance, judge, latest, lawsuits, life, lisa, love, mankind, married, mea, men, mental, million, move, multi, natural, people, person, personal, pos, posted, question, rap, real, sale, scam, scam.com, settlement, sex, show, sick, soo, stars, super, told, type, view, watch, women, world, writer, year, young
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  32. Poll Poll: Beastie Wars!

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 12-20-2006 11:17 PM
    ame, assasin, atmosphere, attack, bed, cer, clean, couch, dark, data, dew, dinner, dog, don, eat, endorse, evening, exo, favorite, fridge, garden, gen, give, gold, guys, head, hey, house, html, ice, industry, jack, killer, king, land, lexx, links, live, love, mea, org, par, pet, pets, pick, plan, plants, pos, post, posts, predator, prize, quiet, respect, scorpio, sec, short, site, ski, specifically, stable, sun, surprise, totally, type, unstable, url, vote, voted, wars, wise, www
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  33. What about the gay sheep?

    Started by jigglepete, 01-02-2007 10:54 PM
    agree, america, american, another, ate, big, block, bogus, bull, california, chain, chance, collect, comprehension, cons, day, don, dont, drink, effective, find, fun, funny, gay, guess, hey, homosexual, html, huma, human, increase, involved, joke, lazy, lexx, life, lol, magazine, mea, men, mental, mind, opposite, par, people, pose, presiden, proof, proper, quality, questions, rea, regime, science, sex, shares, show, sleeping, stand, stories, study, stuff, thread, top, url, worked, www, young
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  34. Laptops For All....

    Started by enlightenment, 01-03-2007 12:34 PM
    $100, advanced, africa, african, apple, argentina, associated press, blog, built, cell phone, cheap, cost, countries, criminal, desk, development, differently, doesn, elec, excel, free, give, hands, hey, important, include, information, key, kids, king, lab, largest, laugh, libya, massachusetts, microsoft, news, observers, office, pakistan, people, phone, real, recently, school, sell, sharing, sign, soo, source, style, tech, thailand, told, tools, url, version, voice, weak, weeks, wide, working, world, year, ___
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  35. Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason And Science

    Started by aegist, 11-16-2006 07:10 AM
    000, ???, acts, add, address, admit, advance, ages, agree, agreement, allowed, allowing, american, angry, another, aries, astrology, asy, attention, aus, australia, authority, auto, aware, bad, balance, based, basically, be aware, beer, benefits, bias, biggest, block, books, called, cast, catch, caught, caused, cer, chain, chapters, chemicals, chris, christian, code, college, comments, community, complete, comprehension, con man, consciousness, contest, continue, contributed, cop, cosmology, cost, creates, crisis, critical, crumbling, customer, danger, dark, david, death, defended, deliver, disturbing, division, doesn, dog, don, dont, door, edward, eme, ends, environment, error, essential, explained, extremely, extremists, eye, face, factor, facts, fail, family, fans, fec, figures, find, fool, force, fortune, foundation, funds, future, gap, gotta, group, harder, head, healing, held, helping, hey, high, higher, highly, honesty, horrible, html, huma, ian, idiot, immune, important, include, issues, item, jan, land, lazy, leaders, lexx, lighting, likes, living, local, london, long, longer, los, love, making, mankind, master, mea, members, men, mental, mind, movie, myth, nation, nations, natural, nature, necessarily, noble, nos, numbers, omg, opportunity, ora, organization, part, pastor, people, person, personal, plane, play, poison, poisoning, policies, policy, political, pop, popular, pos, positive, post, posted, posting, posts, preservation, provider, public, pursuit, push, question, quotes, race, random, real, reason, reasonable, reasons, rebel, rebellion, recorded, red, religion, replace, response, rock, room, roy, sca, science, scientists, sen, ship, short, show, sign, simply, skin, small, solar, song, soo, specifically, stage, stars, start, states, stats, stop, story, style, successful, sun, supports, taken, tech, technology, terror, test, thinks, thread, threads, threatened, told, tolerance, total, totally, tower, town, track, tradition, transfers, transparent, ultimate, une, universe, url, usa, vdo, violence, virtue, west, west bank, wheel, wide, win, won, wonderful, world, writing, year, youtube
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  36. Clone Arranger :)

    Started by enlightenment, 01-03-2007 03:50 AM
    acts, add, admit, advanced, agree, aliens, allowed, another, appears, associate, attributes, babies, beating, belong, bit, blood, blue, body, bur, care, catch, caused, cer, chance, characteristics, child, chris, clear, clo, clone, coming, couple, creates, day, dead, death, debating, deep, deleted, dna, doesn, don, dont, dun, england, euro, exceptions, experience, factor, fall, fine, foundation, generation, give, glenn, gonna, group, guys, hasn, head, hell, helped, hey, huge, huma, human, ian, identify, important, involved, island, jack, jesus, justify, kidding, knock, leave, lexx, life, line, link, lived, living, long, love, mankind, mea, meet, memories, men, mental, money, move, movie, onli, org, parents, part, person, personality, pissed, poor, pos, post, prejudice, progress, promising, random, real, reality, reason, replace, research, rio, room, scale, scamming, science, service, shane, short, shows, shut, site, skin, small, sound, spent, start, starts, stein, stop, stream, stupid, suitable, support, talking, tech, thinks, thread, totally, universe, upload, url, view, waiting, wanted, wash, watch, watched, watching, welfare, word, www, year, youtube
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  37. Mars Has Liquid Water, New Photos Suggest

    Started by PaulM, 12-08-2006 06:34 AM
    accounts, agreed, aliens, another, appears, arts, authentic, based, big, biggest, bio, bit, blue, books, center, chan, chance, chemicals, close, club, coming, cosmology, couldn, cover, dan, day, dead, deep, don, drink, els, equipment, essential, evidence, extra, eye, feature, fec, find, forces, future, god, government, guarantee, hats, hell, hey, hoax, home, html, huge, huma, human, humans, ial, ian, ice, idiots, images, important, infected, info, isn, issues, item, lazy, lesser, lexx, life, long, lottery, lunatic, mad, mea, men, mining, money, moon, nasa, national, neil, neil young, news, number, oil, opportunity, org, pacific, part, photos, plane, planet, pressure, proves, public, push, quick, race, release, respond, room, saturn, scary, search, sell, send, short, soo, soul, source, starts, stays, stein, suggest, sun, talking, tech, told, universe, url, win, women, won, www, york, young
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  38. The Messiah and Xmas

    Started by cigs645, 12-22-2006 10:22 PM
    ???, area, ass, ate, bowie, called, car, catholic, catholics, cer, chris, christmas, church, clear, deserve, don, evil, extremely, fall, field, fight, forum, god, gold, hammer, hands, hear, heaven, hell, hey, hold, holiday, holidays, house, ian, impact, jesus, leave, lis, list, live, mea, men, mentions, move, nations, outlook, par, part, popular, rampage, research, resurrection, rock, sad, serve, show, spin, stop, suggest, sun, times, type, une, version, watched, weed, win, worked, year
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  39. Ant Attack?

    Started by Yeah Well Fine Then, 12-27-2006 04:34 AM
    america, american, ate, attack, cer, chemicals, community, deal, deals, don, drink, eat, eme, evidence, facts, fine, fun, future, group, hey, horrible, huge, idea, insects, joke, king, limits, line, mea, men, mental, movie, natural, par, people, poor, question, reality, science, small, sort, suggest, support, thread, town, trust, view, ward, weight, word, work
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  40. Evolution

    Started by SubJunk, 08-24-2006 07:33 AM
    000, 2001, ???, accepted, account, accurate, action, actions, active, adam, add, admit, advanced, advice, africa, age, ages, agreed, agreement, agrees, ain, air, aka, ale, alert, alive, allowed, american, animal, animals, another, apart, apes, appears, appraisal, appreciated, archive, article, artist, ase, attacking, attitude, attributes, aus, authority, avoiding, bad, bait, baro, based, basic, basically, bed, benefits, bet, biblical, big, biggest, billion, binary, bio, bit, blame, block, blue, boards, body, bombed, books, brand, break, breaking, breaks, brilliant, bro, brow, brown, building, bus, buster, cake, called, calls, camps, capabilities, capture, care, careful, carefully, case, cash, catch, causing, center, cer, chain, chance, cheese, chickens, chris, christian, claim, claiming, claims, cli, clip, close, co-op, code, coin, collect, coming, comments, common, communal, communication, comparison, complain, complete, completely, complex, components, comprehension, concerns, condi, connection, constant, continue, conversation, copies, correct, couldn, cover, crazy, credit, crisis, cruel, cycle, dan, dark, data, daughter, day, days, dead, death, debate, decades, decided, decision, deep, defending, degree, denial, description, designs, destroyed, devastating, development, differences, difficult, dig, direction, director, disabled, discover, discovering, discussing, disrupt, disturbing, diversity, divine, division, dna, documentation, doe, doesn, dollar, dolphins, don, dont, doomed, door, dow, dry, due, dump, dumped, ear, early, edge, effective, ells, eme, empirical, ended, ends, entire, environment, eva, evangelicals, event, evidence, examples, exceptions, experience, explained, express, extra, extreme, extremely, eye, eyes, face, facing, factor, factory, factual, fail, fall, fast, fatal, feature, fee, feel, female, final, finally, finding, finds, fit, fits, fla, flat, floor, florida, folks, fool, fooled, force, forces, forgot, formula, front, fully, fun, future, gain, gave, general, generation, global, gold, gonna, gotta, gov, green, ground, group, growing, growth, guarantee, gut, guys, hand, handed, harder, hasn, hated, head, heading, heads, healthy, hearts, held, helped, helping, hey, high, higher, highly, hit, hope, horse, hospital, hot, hotel, house, hre, html, huge, huma, human, humans, ial, ian, identifying, ignorance, ignore, ill, imagine, ime, important, include, india, indiana, insects, insurance, int, intelligence, inter, interest, involved, involving, ion, island, isn, issue, italy, john, joke, joy, judge, junk, killed, killer, kind, kingdom, land, large, law, lead, leading, leads, lessons, lets, lexx, line, lines, lis, listen, lived, living, lol, long, longer, los, lose, losing, loss, lot, lucy, machines, macro, making, male, mankind, mark, mass, master, matrix, mea, members, men, mess, method, midnight, million, millions, mind, mock, model, molds, moment, monster, month, move, movie, mule, mystery, myth, named, nature, nope, norm, numbers, objects, official, ohhh, onli, open, opportunity, ora, order, ordered, org, original, outs, owns, page, painter, paper, part, partner, passed, past, penis, perception, perfect, perfectly, person, personal, personally, picked, picture, piece, pigs, plane, plants, plastic, play, played, point, poke, poor, popular, pos, position, positive, post, posted, posts, potential, power, predators, predicted, prefer, prisoner, prize, process, product, productive, professional, progress, projects, proposal, proposals, protection, prove, psb, public, pun, punishment, pure, push, putting, pyramid, question, questions, quick, quickly, quote, quotes, race, raising, ran, random, rare, rated, ratings, raw, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, record, red, release, released, reliable, religious, remember, remind, removed, removes, replace, research, respect, respond, response, rest, results, revealing, reveals, reward, rip, rise, roo, room, roy, sad, sal, scale, scientists, search, seekers, sell, sense, served, set, sex, sexual, sexually, share, sharing, ship, sho, shoo, shooting, shop, short, shortly, shot, shouldn, show, showed, shows, shut, shut up, sign, silenced, simply, sincere, site, sly, small, solar, song, soo, sooo, sorry, sounds, soup, source, speaking, specifically, split, spring, stamina, star, start, starting, starts, state, stated, status, stays, stein, step, stone, stop, stories, story, strangers, stream, strength, student, students, successful, suck, suddenly, sue, sued, suicide, summary, supervision, supported, supporting, supports, suppose, sweet, system, systems, taken, takes, talk, talking, tall, tea, teach, tech, ted, tells, test, testing, text, thinks, thought, thread, threads, threatened, throw, tied, times, title, told, tomorrow, tonight, tools, top, tor, total, touch, toxic, tracks, trap, travelling, treated, tribute, tutorial, twist, ubes, uncle, undeniable, union, universe, upset, url, usa, usual, verify, version, victor, view, wait, waiting, wanted, wars, water, ways, weak, weapon, weeks, western, wide, wikipedia, wise, witch, woma, won, wonderful, wont, working, worldwide, worse, worth, wow, year, years, york, youtube 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  41. Cosmologist searches for the 'mind of God'

    Started by StormyRay, 12-12-2006 08:53 PM
    another, ate, based, books, central, consciousness, cosmology, deep, dna, don, easy, examples, extra, eye, fit, focus, formula, foundation, god, head, huma, idea, institution, interest, life, lis, michael, mind, named, nature, par, part, paul, post, presiden, president, question, questions, reason, reveal, sam, scheme, science, search, site, spent, steven, top, universe, university, variations, version, wrote, www, young
    • Replies: 4
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  42. Science Fiction...? Or not..?

    Started by enlightenment, 12-09-2006 05:01 AM
    accurate, america, american, another, appears, appraisal, arrested, ate, attention, breaking, brown, california, car, carry, cars, cast, cer, clear, cons, conspiracy, corner, couldn, credible, dane, day, decades, demand, don, dont, due, elec, electric, ells, endorse, ends, express, free, freedom, future, god, group, gullible, hey, hijackers, historical, home, house, imagine, interest, ireland, jihad, justify, land, law, learn, lis, long, los, mad, market, mea, men, mind, neo, norm, par, passed, people, person, play, pos, pose, posted, posts, prediction, products, public, question, reality, reason, respect, respond, scale, science, simply, ski, skin, son, starts, stone, stop, tells, terrorist, threats, times, view, violence, waiting, wanted, war, wars, watching, won, word, wow, writes
    • Replies: 34
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