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Forum: Science Scams

This forum was created for intellectual debates over science scams / controversy and it's effect on society. No subject is taboo or off limits here. The truth is truly out there!

  1. Talking With A Creator...

    Started by enlightenment, 02-27-2007 06:24 PM
    agree, aliens, apple, authors, blood, chris, clear, close, closes, code, control, credible, day, doctors, dont, easy, eme, english, enjoy, extra, eye, fail, flood, force, give, glad, global, god, hail, hear, helping, honest, honey, hope, hot, huma, humans, imagine, impact, important, incredible, influence, kill, large, lexx, life, limits, long, mankind, mea, men, method, millions, mind, nasty, opinion, pal, part, people, person, pos, posts, power, prophet, real, reason, response, riots, scale, secrets, source, start, strange, stuff, taken, tech, technology, times, universe, vince, wars, won, wont, words, worker 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  2. Resurection

    Started by Fizban "The Fabulous", 02-20-2007 04:46 PM
    ate, black, body, bomb, built, bunch, catch, chance, chase, chris, clo, coming, consciousness, control, day, dead, development, dna, duped, experience, eye, find, funded, give, god, hands, hear, hearts, ice, important, institutes, interest, king, life, long, mea, media, memories, men, mental, mystery, nail, nbc, plans, power, reasonable, recommend, research, resurrection, royal, scheme, sick, side, sort, soul, sti, sum, tech, told, turn, wanted, working, world
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  3. Man made or natural?

    Started by enlightenment, 03-02-2007 08:39 PM
    artists, based, cons, dont, dumps, find, geometry, html, john, mad, magazines, mankind, materials, mea, millions, natural, objects, opinion, people, planet, religion, science, stone, stuff, suddenly, testing, top, waters, www
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  4. Why god' wont heal amputees....

    Started by enlightenment, 02-03-2007 03:30 AM
    ???, account, accountability, accounts, accurate, acts, address, admit, africa, ages, agreed, ale, alice, aliens, america, american, arrival, ate, attitude, authors, azi, balance, based, bears, bed, believers, ben, bible, bin, bit, blood, boats, body, books, brain damage, build, bull, bunch, bur, careful, caught, caused, chris, church, classic, clean, clients, close, collection, columbus, coming, communication, comparison, complete, contest, cover, crack, credit, crew, critical, cure, dan, dark, data, daughter, david, day, dead, death, decades, decision, deleted, development, difficult, doctors, doesn, dollar, dolphins, dont, drew, drink, drop, due, dwellers, edge, egypt, ells, eme, enter, equipment, examples, experts, extremists, factor, fail, faithful, fall, families, favors, fec, fidel, flat, focus, folks, freinds, fulfilled, funded, future, gay, god, god?, gonna, grant, green, growth, gym, hail, hammer, handed, hands, head, healing, hear, heb, held, helped, helping, higher, hire, horse, horse race, huge, huma, human, humans, husband, identifying, idiot, images, imagine, impact, important, improved, india, indicating, individuals, influence, info, injury, insects, instructed, interest, investigated, involved, islam, issues, item, jesus, jim, john, joint, journalist, judaism, kidding, large, laugh, lexx, lies, likes, line, lis, listen, long, longer, lover, loves, lunatic, mad, mankind, manufacturing, mark, mea, medical, members, men, million, millions, mind, minister, money, moon, motives, nasty, national, nature, needed, nick, norm, north, numbers, opposite, orders, org, owned, packing, paper, par, part, partner, pen, people, person, personality, pet, pigs, poison, poor, popping, pos, positive, post, posted, posts, power, prepared, price, progress, projects, prophet, protection, public, punished, push, qualified, questions, quick, race, raise, raving, raw, rea, reaction, real, reality, reason, reasonable, rebellion, receiving, recorded, red, released, religion, reputations, research, respect, respond, response, responsible, rev, revealing, ria, riches, role, room, rump, sacred, saints, salvation, sans, schools, select, sell, service, severe, sho, shopping, sir, skin, solve, son, soo, source, spent, start, steal, stealing, steven, stone, stories, strangers, stream, strength, student, stupid, subs, sun, super, taken, talking, teach, tells, test, thinks, threads, times, told, totally, transfer, treatment, treats, trust, types, u.s. government, ufos, une, unfortunate, universe, urgent, url, verifiable, version, veterans, vic, victims, view, vince, violence, volcano, wanted, wars, wash, watch, weak, wide, won, wont, word, work, worked, working, wow, writing, www, youtube 3 Deleted Post(s)
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  5. Science Test

    Started by enlightenment, 02-12-2007 03:21 AM
    action, aliens, awarded, based, big, biggest, bit, broken, building, bunch, chance, clearing, clever, close, communication, complex, cost, couldn, countries, crew, cure, day, dead, deceptive, deep, degree, development, doesn, dolphins, dont, ends, essential, eye, fail, fatal, find, fund, future, gas, gonna, government, growth, guys, hail, hay, higher, highly, html, huge, huma, human, humans, images, imagine, influence, investigated, joke, kidding, large, leader, life, live, lol, long, loves, mankind, manufacture, marshall, mass, mea, men, milky, million, millions, mind, minerals, moon, nada, nasa, needed, nope, norm, objects, ordered, par, part, passed, people, photos, pissed, planet, pos, post, posts, power, pressure, prize, public, questions, rea, reason, reasons, research, respect, role, room, roy, russian, sal, science, ship, show, solar, soo, sort, space, start, states, stream, stunt, suddenly, super, suspended, taken, talking, tech, test, the leader, times, totally, transport, trap, travel, travelling, truth, universe, upload, ussr, video, violence, violent, volcanoes, waiting, wanted, win 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  6. Faster Than Light Communication?

    Started by FrogSkins, 02-25-2007 01:34 PM
    accept, appears, based, communication, confirmed, debate, description, doesn, equality, evidence, exchange, experiment, explanation, expose, faulty, find, function, headlines, information, level, live, local, mind, named, nathan, nature, opposite, par, paradox, pro, problem, proof, random, reality, response, rosen, show, spin, stuff, total, totally, universe, variations, website, world, www
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  7. Send in the Clowns. Evolution vs Creationism

    Started by Turnbull Ac, 02-21-2007 04:32 PM
    agree, aid, animal, bull, chance, check, clowns, day, energy, fined, future, give, hope, idea, idiot, lexx, lies, link, master, mind, mode, outsider, people, pos, posted, posts, race, reason, reply, science, send, show, source, voice, watch, www, youtube
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  8. Scientific Karma?

    Started by enlightenment, 12-11-2006 08:05 PM
    000, abuse, account, acts, addict, admit, admitted, agreed, alcohol, ale, amendment, american, animal, another, appears, appointments, article, ass, asy, attention, authority, babies, balance, banned, based, basic, basically, beneficial, block, body, books, breaks, bringing, bunch, canadian, canadian citizens, card, care, catch, categories, cer, chain, chance, charter, che, chemicals, cheney, children, circuit, citizens, clean, cleara, clearing, clerk, clo, close, coin, coke, comments, comparison, complete, conceal, congressional, continue, conveniently, convictions, costs, counting, countries, courts, coward, crack, crap, credit, crimes, criminals, cruel, cure, dan, day, dead, death, debate, decades, decision, defeat, deserve, differences, disease, disgusting, disqualify, district, diversity, dna, doesn, don, door, drug, dry, due, dying, eliminate, eme, endorses, enemy, enter, environment, episode, error, ethical, examples, expand, experience, expert, extreme, eye, families, fashion, faulty, federal, fine, fit, fix, focus, foundation, fred, generation, ground, guys, hands, hasn, head, heading, hear, hey, high, higher, home, horse, hot, house, html, huma, human, human rights, humans, ial, ian, identify, illness, image, important, individuals, induce, info, inhumane, injury, interest, isn, issues, jail, joint, judge, justify, karma, kkk, land, leaders, license, line, lions, lived, living, long, longer, los, lynch, mankind, market, mass, mea, medical, meet, members, men, mental, mentally, mentally ill, mind, mob, monetary, monitoring, mosquitos, motives, nasty, national, nature, needed, number, onli, opinion, oral, org, owns, par, part, passed, paul, pays, pedophiles, people, person, personal, pharmaceuticals, plan, plane, play, poison, policies, poor, pop, pos, pose, post, posted, posts, potential, power, predators, prevent, prisoners, privacy, problem, productive, promotes, protection, public, punish, punishment, pursuit, push, queen, question, questions, raise, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, rehab, released, reliable, removed, research, respond, response, rights, risk, rock, role, rushed, sacred, safe, sane, selling, sen, senate, serve, services, sho, short, simply, site, small, smoke, soo, source, sources, specifically, spent, stars, start, states, stays, stealing, stein, stop, stories, story, stream, stripping, summer, supporting, supports, talking, taxpayers, test, testing, theft, theives, thinks, thread, threatened, times, tme, told, top, torture, total, track, treatment, types, une, unethical, united, united states, universe, upset, url, vacation, version, vicious, view, violence, violent, voted, ward, weapons, welfare, west, western, wise, won, worked, working, www, year
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  9. A Stem Cell debate from the bowels of Scamdotcom!

    Started by catch-22, 02-22-2007 04:19 PM
    arrested, arts, chat, comments, debate, discuss, fight, forum, fun, illegal, newspaper, pos, research, sane, scam, scam.com, show, ski, stand, starts, threads, www
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  10. Diabetes - An idiots guide/Advise needed

    Started by enlightenment, 02-05-2007 08:29 PM
    accounts, activities, ages, allowing, appears, bed, beer, bit, blood, body, brown, call, carefully, checkers, chemicals, clients, close, couldn, counting, countries, day, deal, develop, diabetes, doctor, doesn, drink, drop, dying, eme, english, euro, everyday, examples, experience, explained, factual, fall, fine, folks, free, friend, fun, funny, give, gonna, gram, green, helped, hon, honey, idiots, illness, info, insulin, jack, john, knock, late, lean, local, long, materials, mea, men, millions, nasty, needed, news, oooo, people, person, pos, post, potato, pounds, problem, problems, professional, raise, raising, raw, real, red, regime, regular, release, research, rie, sho, short, shut, specifically, start, subs, taken, talking, times, told, top, type, types, wanted, watch, watching, web, won, worked, working
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  11. The (near) future?

    Started by enlightenment, 02-14-2007 01:42 AM
    catch, future, god, link, music, pos, post, tuv, watch, www, youtube
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  12. Scientists work to save frogs from killer fungus

    Started by sojustask, 02-15-2007 09:23 PM
    africa, african, area, australia, buys, campaign, causing, change, chytrid, collection, complete, cost, cure, deep, development, dna, doesn, dyi, dying, emergency, fond, food, friday, global, health, imagine, immune, important, infected, insects, island, joseph, killer, leader, line, meeting, million, monitor, mountain, national, natural, nature, network, oas, par, part, past, pay, people, poor, produce, professional, project, protected, public, quiet, rea, red, reincarnation, scale, scary, sec, serve, served, source, stupid, super, test, threatened, thursday, twins, virus, warming, wild, wins, women, won, work, working, world, wow, youth
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  13. The Polish clock...

    Started by jigglepete, 02-18-2007 03:00 AM
    clock, doesn, html, link, stuff, watch, www
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  14. Awesome site

    Started by EyeSeeAll, 02-16-2007 11:38 AM
    learn, likes, www
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  15. ID. A science not a 'faith'...?

    Started by enlightenment, 01-14-2007 11:15 AM
    academy, acceptance, account, accurate, acts, add, address, admit, admitted, advanced, advocates, ages, agree, agreed, agreement, aliens, allowed, ame, animal, another, apex, appears, attempts, attitude, aus, australia, authority, authors, aware, banned, based, bastards, bears, big bang, biggest, billionaire, binary, blood, blue, body, books, box, british, bull, bunch, bur, cable, call, camps, care, carry, cause and effect., cer, charles, chris, clo, close, code, college, coming, comments, complete, complex, conditioning, continue, cover, crap, credentials, credibility, credible, curry, damn, dan, dark, day, dead, deal, deals, death, debating, decades, deep, description, design, destroyed, destruction, development, differences, differently, difficult, disasters, discount, disgusting, disinformation, dna, doesn, don, dont, drop, dun, ells, eme, ends, entry, environment, episode, equipment, essential, examples, experts, exposed, extreme, extremists, eye, fails, faithful, fall, famous, faulty, fine, fla, flat, folks, free, fund, future, generation, global, gold, grant, group, hands, harder, hasn, hats, head, held, hell, helped, hey, hidden, higher, highly, hoge, horse, house, html, huge, huma, human, humans, ial, ian, ici, idiot, idiots, image, imagine, important, improved, induce, influence, investigated, issues, item, jay, joined, joke, key, kuh, lab, land, large, learning, lexx, liberals, lied, line, link, lis, listen, lived, local, lol, london, long, lunch, lying, mark, market, mass, mea, meet, members, men, merry, method, millions, mind, missing, model, move, movie, mystery, national, nature, needed, north, nov, numbers, oas, options, ordered, oregon, org, overthrow, owns, paper, paradox, part, passed, pen, person, personal, phenomenon, picture, popular, porn, pos, positive, post, posted, power, predicted, problem, productive, progress, proposal, proves, public, purge, push, question, questions, race, random, reaction, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, red, religion, remind, removed, reply, research, respect, response, responsible, role, room, ruse, sam, scale, scam, science, search, secure, sei, sell, sen, served, shane, sharing, ship, sho, short, shouldn, shows, sir, site, smileys, solar, source, specifically, stars, states, stats, stop, stories, story, stream, stupid, style, submit, subs, sun, super, supports, survey, tactic, taken, talking, testing, thinks, thread, threads, times, told, top, tortured, total, tradition, transfer, transparent, trillion, typing, ugly, undeniable, unfolding, united, united states, universe, url, viagra, view, vince, warming, watched, watching, weeks, western, wired, won, wonderful, word, working, world war 2, wow, year, young, youtube
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  16. Build Your Own Spaceship....

    Started by enlightenment, 02-10-2007 03:38 AM
    abandoned, ages, based, bathroom, books, build, building, carefully, chance, coming, daughter, designs, disaster, dish, dna, dog, engineering, environment, essential, examples, fund, future, generation, guess, guys, hit, huma, human, illuminati, imagine, important, include, india, jim, john, judy, kids, knock, large, leave, life, lisa, live, lol, long, mankind, mea, moon, music, needed, nos, number, part, pen, people, pick, planet, pool, pos, pose, post, posted, problem, project, projects, public, race, raw, reasonable, reasons, roy, scale, sec, secret, select, send, sex, ship, sir, smith, son, soo, space, start, states, submit, suitable, sun, taken, talking, taxes, tech, techniques, technologies, the illuminati, times, told, top, trigger, types, view, wanted, wilson, won, world
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  17. Beware of fake enhancement products

    Started by limpoporanique, 02-10-2007 04:20 AM
    ame, beware, big, control, degree, discount, dog, drug, enhancement, enlargement, fake, gay, guys, hear, helped, hope, horse, joke, lady, large, lie, love, men, nick, par, penis, penis enlargement, pills, placebo, pos, post, raise, real, reason, recommend, sex, store, testimonials, thinks, training, viagra, visit, worked, world, www 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  18. Hi All - And Nuclear Power

    Started by kazza, 02-11-2007 08:30 AM
    agree, allowing, amount, ash, atmospheric, attempts, aus, australia, battle, bed, body, bur, caused, causing, change, clean, costs, county, day, dead, deep, deposited, detected, doesn, economy, elec, energy, environment, favorite, force, forum, free, future, game, gas, generation, government, green, highly, html, huge, issues, john, labor, late, long, meet, mel, men, mind, mining, minister, nation, people, person, planet, pos, post, power, prices, pro, problem, produce, quick, race, real, recommendations, release, released, religion, report, scary, sell, solar, solution, stats, thorium, transport, uranium, wanted, wayne, win, working
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  19. Evidence Of Other Life In Ancient Art...?

    Started by enlightenment, 02-14-2007 01:30 AM
    evidence, html, life, www
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  20. Dreams and science....

    Started by enlightenment, 02-06-2007 02:11 AM
    action, affairs, ages, alice, aliens, ame, animal, appears, artist, authentic, awakening, bed, bit, blood, blue, body, build, bunch, chance, chris, clo, clock, close, complete, complex, couldn, cover, crack, dark, data, day, dead, dean, death, deep, difficult, doesn, dog, dying, elec, ends, engineer, enter, essential, examples, eye, fall, fed, fishing, food, free, function, future, give, grades, head, history, horse, html, huma, human, humans, ice, images, insects, interest, issues, john, joke, large, learn, leave, life, lis, listen, long, longer, macro, mea, meet, memories, mena, mental, mind, mobile, national, nations, nature, needed, notice, numbers, objects, options, org, owner, paper, person, plastic, pos, post, posted, power, predicted, prepared, price, problems, produce, production, profit, proves, race, random, reach, reaction, real, reality, reason, reasons, red, regular, released, research, respond, revealing, review, room, rooms, scale, science, short, sleeping, solve, song, soo, spent, spot, starts, states, stream, stupid, super, taken, thinks, times, told, travelling, truck, type, une, universe, version, view, violent, wanted, watched, wire, won, worker, working, world, wow, writing
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  21. Eugenics...

    Started by enlightenment, 01-22-2007 01:18 AM
    abandoned, adolf, ale, alert, allowed, american, authority, aware, azi, banned, based, benefits, biggest, blame, blue, bunch, business, care, carefully, caused, cer, clo, close, closet, comments, control, corporate, corporation, cover, development, don, dont, ethical, ethics, evil, examples, fine, for sale, force, foundation, future, gay, give, global, group, hail, hands, hats, history, hitler, honest, huma, human, idea, identified, ife, job, kicking, killer, leave, lexx, liberal, line, lis, listed, lol, long, mankind, mea, medical, men, mental, mentally, mind, nation, nature, org, organization, paper, par, part, person, pick, police state, political, power, productive, public, questions, real, reality, reasons, role, roy, sale, serve, service, short, shouldn, show, soo, start, succeed, tech, thousand, tone, totally, une, unethical, unit, url, vic, wanted, watching, weapon, weed, western, world
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  22. Colloidal Silver

    Started by TGL4556, 01-24-2007 11:43 AM
    ame, cons, find, html, israel, love, mad, medal, natural, org, people, poison, positive, side, stuff, threads, url, www
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  23. The 'Believe' Gene..?

    Started by enlightenment, 01-21-2007 08:38 PM
    action, ate, chris, code, connect, couple, details, dna, don, due, elec, electio, elections, expose, fashion, fla, flat, give, god, grew, head, hey, higher, hitler, ian, idea, information, life, mass, mea, men, mind, outlet, par, part, passed, people, pos, post, program, proof, shows, side, steal, television, thinks, times, tribute, view, vote, war, watch, wing, words, working
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  24. What is Meditation ?

    Started by Whispering wind, 11-16-2006 10:40 AM
    ???, acted, action, add, affairs, ages, ale, alice, allowed, allowing, another, appears, aries, authority, aware, bad, benefits, body, books, bring, bringing, bunch, bur, called, carry, caused, causing, cer, chan, channel, chris, christmas, coming, compare, complete, components, conditioning, consciousness, dark, david, day, dead, dear, death, decades, deep, delta, destroyed, destruction, development, differences, difficult, discover, distortion, doesn, don, dont, drugs, eagles, effective, egypt, elec, electric, electrical, energy, enter, environment, essential, experience, explained, faced, find, forces, foundation, fuller, future, generation, give, god, gonna, grim, growth, guru, healing, held, hell, helped, hey, hidden, high, hopeless, horrible, huma, human, ial, ian, ice, identity, india, information, inheritance, interest, involving, jackson, large, lazy, learn, liberty, life, living, london, long, los, love, making, mankind, mass, master, mea, men, mental, mind, national, nations, nature, needed, nirvana, noble, opportunity, oppression, part, people, performance, picture, piece, plane, planned, planning, pop, pos, post, posts, potential, power, prefer, progress, projects, promotes, public, pupils, qualified, questions, rare, reaction, real, reasons, rebellion, receive, regular, research, rise, roo, salvation, sca, scary, science, search, service, ship, simply, small, son, soo, sound, source, stage, start, stein, stock, stop, student, style, subs, suitable, super, systems, taken, takes, tech, techniques, threads, tme, top, total, tradition, training, types, ultimate, unlimited, unwan, violence, vital, wanted, warfare, watched, watson, west, wide, wise, witch, woma, wonderful, words, working, world, young 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  25. Really paying programm - ThenlyProfit.com

    Started by KlSwena, 02-12-2007 09:30 AM
    big, forum, gullible, hyip, internet, investment, life, men, money, people, plans, pos, program, real, registration, returns, scams, total
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  26. Moved: I AM God

    Started by enlightenment, 10-01-2007 07:46 PM
  27. The TR-3b Fact or Fiction. DOD Mystery?!

    Started by StopTheWar, 02-10-2007 05:57 AM
    hot, link, military, mystery, ria, science, share, test
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  28. Important Message Re Political Section

    Started by enlightenment, 02-09-2007 04:30 AM
    bored, forum, important, message, political, politics, scams, sec, working
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  29. Birth, Growth and Fulfilment

    Started by Fizban "The Fabulous", 02-09-2007 03:05 AM
    admit, ages, authority, balance, blood, body, chris, clean, close, complete, continue, court, dark, day, development, education, energy, evidence, exhausted, experience, extreme, find, flight, force, future, give, government, growth, healing, health, helping, higher, huma, human, husband, important, king, law, life, live, lof, mankind, manufacture, men, mental, mind, nature, number, people, person, positive, power, prepared, proud, quality, reason, responsible, rule, service, show, sick, store, strength, sum, taken, teach, times, told, tribute, victims, weak, wise, work, world, youth
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  30. Can we make a difference?

    Started by Worried_in_the_USA, 02-07-2007 05:55 PM
    america, american, appreciated, area, automotive, bit, boost, bur, business, butts, companies, company, cost, couldn, customer, dollars, elec, electrical, fed, flat, forum, free, funding, funds, gas, generators, giants, global, green, higher, home, houston, idea, investment, iowa, jobs, kennedy, lighting, lis, loan, local, longer, magazine, method, mining, nation, news, owners, owns, pacific, part, past, people, person, pos, post, power, price, production, real, reasonable, receiving, replace, rolling, roo, sell, solar, start, states, suggested, tracted, urban, usa, view, wanted, warming, won, work, www
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  31. The Miracle of Man

    Started by Whispering wind, 12-09-2006 01:09 PM
    activities, admit, advanced, ages, alcohol, allowed, amount, another, appears, attempts, attention, aware, balance, blood, body, books, building, called, care, cer, chan, chris, circuits, clever, collection, coming, complete, conditioning, coulda, couldn, creates, design, development, difficult, dna, domain, don, draws, due, elec, electrical, els, eme, emergency, energy, entry, environment, equipment, essential, experience, extra, extreme, eye, factor, find, flight, focus, fooled, forces, function, future, head, health, hear, held, hey, hidden, higher, horse, huma, human, ial, ian, identity, illness, image, important, include, india, inherited, interest, joined, king, leave, life, living, long, los, major, mea, mental, mind, motives, nature, needed, network, nirvana, operation, par, part, passed, people, personal, personality, phenomenon, picture, pissed, plane, play, poor, pos, post, potential, power, prepared, production, progress, project, projects, quality, question, raise, real, reality, respond, response, riches, rising, sacred, search, send, sends, serve, service, sex, share, sharing, short, simply, small, social, solar, son, source, spent, sphere, start, starts, street, student, subs, sun, super, systems, taken, talking, thread, tii, times, total, totally, turn, types, unfolding, view, violence, voice, western, won, wonderful, writing, young
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  32. Newton's Dark Secrets

    Started by Fizban "The Fabulous", 02-06-2007 02:52 AM
    action, amazon, animal, appears, apple, authors, balance, based, bible, blood, books, bow, broadcast, cast, character, chris, church, close, complete, conceal, cover, dark, day, deal, death, docudrama, economist, end of the world, endangering, england, explained, extreme, famous, find, friends, give, gold, handed, hasn, held, helped, hidden, html, huma, humans, important, institution, interest, internet, involved, isaac, john, king, late, life, matthew, mea, members, mental, mind, napoleon, nature, orders, org, outlook, par, part, personality, power, predicted, presiden, production, project, properties, reason, recently, refused, religious freedom, revealing, reveals, royal, sacred, sal, science, secret, secrets, shows, sir, soo, spent, spy, stand, stone, subs, sun, times, universe, view, watched, website, worked, www
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  33. 20 Ways The World Could End

    Started by enlightenment, 01-07-2007 09:51 PM
    arabs, atmosphere, based, bible, bunch, coffin, continue, critical, death, decades, designated, destruction, don, end of the world, expand, food, global, global warming, god, guess, hey, html, huma, humans, impact, insanity, kill, lexx, license, lies, life, links, lis, list, live, mankind, mass, men, myth, oas, org, organ, pos, post, real, rule, share, sites, start, sun, super, taken, total, url, warming, wooden, world, www
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  34. Weather Weapons

    Started by enlightenment, 02-06-2007 10:15 PM
    agree, amount, balance, big, biggest, bomb, bunch, cleaner, club, company, contractors, control, countries, credible, day, defense, development, drought, ends, enemy, energy, enter, fatal, finally, gen, head, hope, horrors, html, huge, huma, hyper, imagine, incredible, laugh, mankind, men, mentally, money, moon, nation, nope, owners, parade, planet, race, rolling, roy, rule, science, ski, spin, stand, states, steal, support, threat, volcanoes, wars, weapon, weapons
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  35. If man had not created the boat

    Started by enlightenment, 01-22-2007 04:59 AM
    africa, agree, america, americans, arrival, bit, boats, booty, call, care, contact, counting, data, day, doesn, don, eat, fail, food, forum, huma, humans, imagine, land, lexx, lived, lol, long, mankind, migration, mode, named, people, quick, race, response, scary, tara, transport, war, watch, waters, word, worldwide
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  36. Amazing Missing Links - Oliver

    Started by enlightenment, 02-03-2007 03:18 PM
    bull, chan, channel, find, forum, home, huma, humans, links, missing, soul, url, word
    • Replies: 2
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  37. To Infinity & Beyond

    Started by enlightenment, 02-03-2007 02:49 AM
    ???, ????, arriving, big bang, call, causing, chair, cheating, college, cons, contract, contracts, creates, dark, description, destroyed, energy, european, evidence, expand, explained, finally, folks, force, guess, head, important, information, jerry, jimmy, law, longer, mea, men, millions, model, news, north, number, paper, par, people, problem, review, separate, steal, student, suddenly, times, universe, university, url, work
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  38. When mutations go bad

    Started by Lord_jag, 01-30-2007 10:19 PM
    aiwan, appears, change, dead, decision, disabling, error, factor, freinds, future, growth, guess, hats, html, huma, humans, ial, imagine, important, involved, jan, john, large, life, lifespan, line, live, longer, mea, mistake, national, natural, news, number, online, organ, past, pay, people, potential, pro, proof, random, remake, responsible, risk, slow, son, sons, stand, study, threats, universe, university, url, vegetable, www
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  39. The REAL death of Darwin?

    Started by enlightenment, 02-02-2007 03:33 AM
    acceptance, ages, ama, animal, annual, atmosphere, authority, biased, biggest, boats, body, bogus, books, british, cards, caused, chance, characteristics, chris, church, company, complete, confirmed, cons, cosmology, credentials, day, death, destroyed, editor, education, ends, engineer, england, essential, establishment, exchange, extended, faulty, finally, find, flat, front, give, green, hack, hasn, head, history, huma, human, humans, imagine, indicating, individuals, interest, john, journalist, justify, laugh, letters, mail, mankind, market, mea, men, million, millions, morris, needed, number, org, people, plan, poor, post, power, public, publishers, qualifications, qualified, real, reason, records, regime, reliable, review, rie, royal, season, send, shows, son, source, spent, stupid, table, test, thinks, thousand, thursday, totally, ugly, url, vic, volcano, word, world, young
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  40. Man Catches Swordfish... Swordfish Impales Man

    Started by yossarian, 08-04-2006 09:39 PM
    accident, alive, ame, arms, august, big, bill, blood, blue, boats, card, cer, chair, completely, con, condi, contest, couple, dan, deciding, dennis, direction, doctors, edward, emergency, father, fishing, forget, free, fresh, friend, full, gli, good, hand, hey, higher, hospital, html, huma, human, hurt, ice, impact, injury, inter, international, ion, justice, killed, king, knew, lol, loose, los, lost, mail, minutes, mother, news, operation, pages, par, part, people, poker, professional, pull, quote, rushed, school, services, sick, smoking, son, sounds, source, stable, stern, story, surfaced, taken, ted, test, told, top, tour, triumph, truth, uncle, url, usual, water, wound, www, year
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