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Forum: Science Scams

This forum was created for intellectual debates over science scams / controversy and it's effect on society. No subject is taboo or off limits here. The truth is truly out there!

  1. String Theory (the Ultimate)

    Started by SLIPPYSKE, 04-14-2007 05:58 AM
    agreement, appears, ass, boot, cheaters, class, divorce, dont, dummies, easy, eme, english, experience, extra, find, firm, gen, god, guess, hahaha, history, horse, late, law, lessons, lis, list, lost, mama, mea, membra, mia, mind, monster, needed, pasta, people, real, reality, recommend, research, sale, science, send, stand, start, test, times, told, totally, truth, vic, watch, watching, win, working, wrote
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  2. Peanut Butter Disproves Evolution

    Started by Leeguana, 03-30-2007 02:37 PM
    ame, ate, attempts, based, cake, chase, cleaning, corner, costs, day, defender, dollar, dont, drink, eye, faithful, fet, find, fond, friends, god, guess, hate, huma, humans, imagine, jimmy, joke, large, lexx, life, lol, lost, mea, media, method, million, mind, named, people, person, peter, plan, poisoning, post, prime, quick, reality, refused, religion, ronald reagan, science, side, sound, sum, super, teaching, track, tracted, truth, united, united states, video, watch, watching, weak, world, www
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  3. Flowers and the evolution of humans.

    Started by Phinnly Slash Buster, 08-22-2006 04:34 PM
    2001, accurate, acted, active, add, admit, admitted, age, animals, annual, another, apes, appeared, approval, archive, article, asylum, attention, attitude, audience, bad, based, basic, bed, ben, bet, better, bigger, bill, billion, bit, body, bogus, books, bribe, brilliant, buster, called, care, careful, carrier, case, caused, center, cer, chain, chance, chemicals, choice, claim, class, coin, coming, common, completely, complex, con, conveniently, conversation, couldn, credit, cure, date, daughter, day, dead, development, differences, differently, difficult, diversity, dna, doesn, don, dont, doomed, double, dow, drug, drugs, due, ear, early, eat, eme, ended, ends, environment, experts, explosion, extra, eye, eyes, factor, faithful, fall, false, felt, field, finding, finds, fly, focus, free, freinds, fulfilled, future, general, generation, give, god, good, grand, greatest, grew, hand, healthy, hey, hicks, hide, high, higher, highly, horse, hot, html, huma, human, humans, ial, ica, ill, imagine, ime, important, influence, info, inherited, insects, insurance, intelligence, interest, ion, isn, jet, junk, kind, kingdom, knew, laughing, lead, lexx, light, lines, living, long, longer, massive, matter, mea, meet, men, mental, mentally, method, migration, millions, mind, monkeys, move, nail, natural, nature, needed, nice, nutrition, offer, open, opposite, order, org, original, outs, par, parade, part, pays, people, perception, person, picked, pile, plan, plane, plant, plants, play, point, politician, pos, positive, post, power, problem, process, produce, product, proposition, prove, proves, psb, public, question, questions, quote, quotes, random, read, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, releases, religion, religious, rep, ria, rie, rio, rise, risk, role, roo, run, russian, saves, sca, science, sec, series, shapes, ship, short, sign, simply, site, skin, small, smoke, sorry, sounds, speaking, special, spread, spreading, star, starting, step, stole, strategies, strategy, stuff, successful, survival, taken, taliban, talk, talking, technologies, ted, text, thought, thread, threw, times, title, today, told, trac, tribute, turn, url, wanted, watching, water, ways, weak, wide, win, woma, won, wont, worked, working, worse, worth, wow, wrong, years, yer, youtube
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  4. Evolution In One Minute Via The Simpsons

    Started by ianmatthews, 04-28-2007 03:17 PM
    alternative, ame, eat, offer, transparent, type, www, youtube
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  5. Unidentified Submergible Objects

    Started by diglet, 04-26-2007 03:05 PM
    america, beauty, border, build, building, ceremony, chan, church, cons, dark, dean, experience, friday, held, home, important, instructed, intellectuals, international, island, level, lost, mama, mea, music, objects, observers, par, people, planet, progress, reports, ria, role, sacred, sec, service, sports, sun, tech, temple, travel, trou, turn, type, university, view, walk, watching, www
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  6. Test Your Patience!

    Started by enlightenment, 03-13-2007 07:59 PM
    acceptance, bored, facts, higher, hope, involved, life, mea, men, notice, office, person, power, test, video, watch, watching, www
    • Replies: 5
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  7. Science . . . what happened?

    Started by enlightenme007, 04-03-2007 11:32 PM
    129, account, agreement, ale, alleged, allowing, american, animal, attitude, authors, based, big, blue, boats, boot, bot, build, bull, cars, cattle, causing, chairs, christmas, class, clean, close, collect, collected, complete, conflicts, couldn, couple, cover, credible, daughter, day, dead, degeneration, destroyed, details, dew, diversity, doesn, dont, dyi, easter, eme, end of the world, episode, extreme, favorite, fec, global, gold, hair, hay, highly, huge, huma, humans, identifying, important, include, incredible, infected, insects, involved, involving, island, john, joke, knock, large, law, lessons, lexx, limits, lis, list, local, love, mass, mea, men, million, millions, mind, missing, named, nature, needed, nos, numbers, paper, par, part, person, peter, plan, posted, power, pressure, projects, questions, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, replacing, respect, response, royal, rump, sal, science, secret, shouldn, shows, son, source, sphere, start, stupid, summer, taken, testing, threatened, told, top, total, transparent, trump, types, video, watch, winter, won, wonderful, wont, world
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  8. The Late Great Planet Tiamat

    Started by Paladine, 04-16-2007 11:46 AM
    accurate, action, addition, admit, agrees, ale, animal, appears, assigned, asy, based, battle, ben, bias, big, binary, body, brown, brush off, careful, catch, categories, central, close, closes, code, complete, conspiracy, continue, dark, deposited, destroyed, detected, doesn, douglas, eagles, edge, engineering, enter, environment, expelled, extra, famous, fatal, find, flood, generation, give, guys, harder, held, highly, history, home, huma, human, idiot, imagine, impact, important, include, individuals, influence, investigated, jack, john, large, largest, late, law, leaders, mass, max, mea, million, mind, model, moon, mystery, nasa, needed, neo, objects, pacific, paper, perception, person, pile, planet, pluto, post, pounds, power, predators, pull, questions, real, reality, reason, release, religion, rendered, representative, research, respect, robert, rodney, saturn, scale, science, secret, seismic, shop, shouldn, shows, solar, source, space, start, stolen, stream, stuff, subs, suddenly, sun, super, systems, tall, tells, times, told, total, une, universe, van, view, violent, waiting, white, win, work, working
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  9. Summer is almost here, be ready!

    Started by hamhungclair, 04-13-2007 07:32 PM
    natural, owned, pills, read more, real, reality, shoes, testimonials, trial, weight, www
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  10. What is a THREAD...Threat Of The Read?

    Started by Zilenna, 04-12-2007 06:47 AM
    ages, black, call, change, child, dark, dont, dot, exposed, find, frustrated, fun, give, growth, huma, human, imagine, late, laugh, lean, life, lost, love, mark, mind, natural, nature, par, politics, pro, reach, real, rings, roo, rules, sad, show, songs, source, spot, submit, suggest, tap, thinks, threads, threat, told, travel, ugly, wars
    • Replies: 2
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  11. Smoking & Caffeine Prevent Parkinson's?

    Started by Leeguana, 04-11-2007 08:50 AM
    archives, associate, bur, clear, dana, develop, drugs, family, find, funded, individuals, influence, jeffrey, large, martin, members, men, mental, miami, national, needed, people, pro, problem, reality, report, risk, risks, rita, sex, slow, smoking, son, specifically, study, suggest, suggested, university, william, wonderful, work, world, www
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  12. Why. . .Science. . .Can Not?

    Started by enlightenme007, 03-14-2007 05:14 PM
    absent, accept, account, accuracy, accurate, action, acts, admit, aid, aliens, ama, american, anc, animal, appears, ass, atomic, attitude, attorney general, aus, australia, authority, authorized, authors, based, beard, beer, believers, big bang, blood, boot, building, bull, bunch, cake, calm, camps, captain, catch, chance, chart, che, check this out, church, class, clc, clean, close, code, columbus, comparison, complete, complex, comprehension, confirmed, congratulations, contest, continue, conveniently, corporation, couldn, cover, creates, credible, credit, critical, dark, daughter, day, dead, debating, decades, deciding, declared, defeated, deliver, designs, destroyed, dew, discount, discovering, dna, doesn, dont, edge, ells, eme, end of the world, ends, engineers, english, environment, error, essential, evidence, examples, experience, experiment, explained, explanation, extra, extreme, eye, factual, fails, faithful, famous, fec, fidelity, flat, flux, fortune, fred, fulfilled, fun, fund, funny, future, gap, gee, gen, generation, give, global, god, grades, grandaughter, green, gun, guys, hasn, hate, held, helping, hidden, higher, history, holiday, hot, html, huma, human, humans, idiots, images, imagine, immune, important, incredible, individuals, insects, interest, involved, isaac, issues, joke, journalist, kiss, large, laugh, league, legal, legit, letters, lexx, life, line, liner, lis, listen, local, lol, loves, lunch, mea, meet, method, million, millions, mind, minister, mob, model, moon, myers, named, nasty, nation, nature, needed, nos, ocean, office, ongoing, options, ottawa, pal, parade, part, passage, perception, person, picture, pigs, pissed, planes, poison, policies, policy, poor, post, posted, posts, power, problem, production, progress, projects, prophet, protected, proves, public, pull, punished, punishment, questions, random, rea, real, reality, reason, reasons, recorded, recruiting, refused, religion, rendered, replica, research, respect, response, ress, returns, reward, riches, risk, roger, rolling, rome, roo, sad, scale, science, screw, sharing, shouldn, skin, solar, son, soo, source, specifically, spent, sphere, spreading, start, striking, stupid, subs, succeed, sum, sun, super, supporting, sweat, taken, tall, tells, temple, test, testify, thinks, threads, tim, times, told, top, total, track, truck, truth, twins, unauthorized, une, universe, van, version, view, viewpoint, vince, wanted, warming, wars, weak, welfare, west, win, wins, won, wonderful, words, worked, working, wow, york
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  13. Person Of The Week....

    Started by enlightenment, 03-13-2007 05:24 AM
    account, achievements, action, ages, alliance, allowing, american, awarded, bomb, catch, causing, channel, circuit, clo, communication, connections, couldn, credit, critical, day, development, disinformation, ends, engineers, environment, evidence, experiment, explanation, famous, favorite, flat, formula, forum, future, give, global, global warming, green, hats, helped, higher, honest, horse, html, huma, human, illuminati, impact, important, industry, institutes, item, large, law, lighting, mankind, massachusetts, men, method, mind, nasa, nasty, nobel, nullify, numbers, oops, operation, part, payroll, person, plans, poor, post, posted, power, prize, production, progress, projects, properties, protected, public, raising, reality, reason, recorded, research, response, rising, science, services, sharing, sort, sound, source, start, stranger, superman, supporting, swift, systems, tesla, the illuminati, threatened, threats, times, types, universe, video, warming, website, western, win, winning, wire, wired, wireless, wonderful, world, www
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  14. The Jurassic Park Dilemma..?

    Started by enlightenment, 03-01-2007 04:59 AM
    america, attitude, authority, balance, biggest, bomb, careful, carefully, catch, caught, chance, clo, company, company., cons, countries, day, dna, dog, ethical, examples, financial, freedom, glad, god, hats, hold, horse, huge, huma, human, immune, impact, increase, influence, japan, jesus, kennedy, large, latest, long, mankind, mea, men, message, million, nutrition, par, part, pick, power, prefer, price, problems, public, raise, reality, research, resident, rules, running, saves, sex, speech, sti, times, top, trust, western, words, worked
    • Replies: 15
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  15. Seti

    Started by enlightenment, 03-03-2007 10:51 AM
    aliens, amount, asy, berlin, biased, broadcast, bus, buster, campaign, cia, city, clever, communication, contact, couldn, day, dish, donations, england, enter, entry, favorite, fraud, front, funded, give, global, gonna, government, hitler, home, huma, human, humans, imagine, involved, laugh, lexx, lis, list, mankind, mea, men, mind, money, network, nsa, olympics, opinion, oral, people, plan, porn, pos, posts, power, program, projects, random, reaction, recorded, running, scams, sex, solar, spent, spy, taxpayers, times, totally, universe, warming
    • Replies: 27
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  16. Message from a Scientist . . .?

    Started by enlightenme007, 03-23-2007 06:49 PM
    account, accuracy, accurate, acts, admit, adult, american, appears, aus, authority, based, bible, blue, body, bull, bur, carefully, caught, causing, chance, characteristics, che, church, circuit, clean, clerk, close, college students, complete, continue, couldn, courses, crack, crank, credible, curtains, david, day, dead, defeated, deliver, discovering, distortion, doesn, dont, drew, egypt, eme, enemy, engine, english, enter, equipment, error, experience, explained, extra, eye, fail, faithful, famous, figures, find, fixed, flat, fun, future, gen, generation, geometry, give, global, god, gonna, goodbye, green, guess, guys, harder, hasn, held, holds, holiday, html, huge, huma, human, imagine, influence, insects, involved, item, james, jay, jim, king, large, leaders, league, letters, lexx, liberal, lighting, line, lis, listen, live, local, lol, loves, mad, mankind, market, master, mea, message, mind, moon, multi, nominatio, numbers, objects, office, option, paper, par, part, pen, person, picture, post, posted, posts, prince, prize, properties, proves, questions, raising, random, real, reason, reasonable, religion, rendered, research, rome, roo, sacred, sad, saturn, school, science, shapes, sharing, shows, skin, solar, source, spent, sphere, stinks, stranger, study, stupid, sun, super, tells, times, told, tools, top, totally, tour, trap, universe, version, vice, vicious, view, vince, wanted, watching, weak, west, win, won, word, words, worked, world, wow, writing, www
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  17. Improve your health supersite

    Started by devanknapp, 04-06-2007 06:55 PM
    anti aging, ate, boost, energy, enhancement, enlargement, hats, health, increase, large, life, natural, outlook, penis, penis enlargement, pills, real, strength, ultra, unfortunate, visit, weight, weight loss, www
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  18. What does Science say about this . . .?

    Started by enlightenme007, 03-31-2007 12:38 AM
    account, ama, atomic, based, bible, bomb, bur, confession, elec, eme, evidence, eye, gals, god, guess, helen, jesus, king, link, live, mea, mel, microscope, mind, par, part, people, pro, proud, reports, response, ron, rules, science, spam, summary, view, word, writer
    • Replies: 9
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  19. increase your semen volume naturally

    Started by benditecirilo, 04-05-2007 02:48 AM
    enhancement, formula, increase, male enhancement, mea, natural, power, test, times, visit, www
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  20. Improve your health supersite

    Started by kalindiprussian, 04-01-2007 08:24 PM
    anti aging, ate, boost, day, doctor, energy, enhancement, enlargement, find, gay, growth, hats, health, hormone, huma, human, human growth hormone, increase, large, life, natural, outlook, penis, penis enlargement, people, pills, real, shooting, side, strength, stuff, ultra, unfortunate, visit, www
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  21. What anti-emf u are using

    Started by Gemini5, 03-31-2007 03:02 PM
    biggest, check, elec, facts, fake, free, give, home, html, idea, jewelry, king, lies, link, mea, plan, planning, price, pro, protection, radiation, scam, scams, source, sun, won, working, wrap, www
    • Replies: 3
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  22. Free DVD on Evolution

    Started by Leeguana, 03-30-2007 06:29 PM
    dvd, forum, free, pay, shipping, totally, www
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  23. Emergence

    Started by kazza, 03-27-2007 03:31 PM
    account, amount, ate, based, big bang, complete, complex, day, dice, dna, doesn, energy, explained, formula, future, god, hasn, higher, information, involved, large, level, life, limits, mea, mind, number, operation, par, past, people, post, predicted, problem, questions, reality, reasonable, respect, science, side, sort, store, subs, sum, systems, taken, tech, techniques, total, travel, universe, view, viewpoint, words, work, world, wrote
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  24. Eternal Embrace....

    Started by enlightenment, 02-16-2007 10:08 PM
    appears, ate, based, bored, call, cattle, chemicals, china, city, clark, confession, confirmed, couple, dark, development, dont, egypt, establishment, european, experiment, famous, fishing, focus, guess, hahaha, hate, india, information, involving, italy, job, letters, lexx, local, long, love, married, mea, men, mind, moon, par, paradox, part, people, person, pigs, pos, post, raising, research, secret, show, shows, side, sites, sphere, spreading, stone, team, tech, told, tools, transition, urban, wise, woman, world, writing
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  25. Lesbian Koala Bears!

    Started by enlightenment, 02-26-2007 10:40 AM
    302, acted, animal, aus, australia, bears, behavior, big, bur, differences, dog, eat, environment, evidence, free, gay, give, god, homosexual, huma, humans, involved, leave, long, manipulation, media, men, monitoring, nature, negating, news, number, owns, par, primary, proves, reason, recorded, regular, remain, research, response, ress, reward, roger, role, science, sex, social, study, subs, suggest, support, total, type, university, world
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  26. Feel younger today

    Started by byzantiumherrick, 03-22-2007 03:21 PM
    anti aging, body, boost, endurance, energy, fuller, hair, isis, learn, performance, price, reduction, sex, ski, skin, strength, testimonials, view, website, www, youth
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  27. Industrious clock (working link this time)

    Started by jigglepete, 03-19-2007 10:43 PM
    clock, enjoy, link, posted, working, www
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  28. If you could see....

    Started by enlightenment, 03-10-2007 08:55 AM
    build, chan, channel, check, choice, couple, day, drew, drugs, experience, eye, fun, function, funny, give, gonna, html, idea, insects, jeff, jump, kids, lexx, links, mea, men, model, perception, reach, remake, science, sec, show, sites, soul, start, teacher, word, www
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  29. To Ten Reasons Men And Women Don't Have Sex

    Started by enlightenment, 02-12-2007 05:14 PM
    ???, accurate, action, ale, animal, appreciated, based, bed, bit, body, cake, call, change, coming, comments, conflicts, control, courses, day, deep, discovering, doesn, dont, dun, essential, experience, experts, extended, eye, files, financial, find, fine, full, future, gillian, hands, hats, hear, held, home, hormone, hot, idea, illness, images, imagine, important, include, information, involving, issues, laugh, lexx, line, lis, listen, love, mea, members, men, mind, natural, nature, needed, oral, par, part, partners, penis, performance, picture, prize, professional, proper, punish, punishment, questions, quiet, raise, raw, reasons, responsibility, role, sex, ship, sho, slow, son, songs, soo, source, test, testosterone, times, top, total, travelling, type, view, wired, woman, women, word, words, working, yeh
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  30. Help Required....

    Started by enlightenment, 01-13-2007 11:10 AM
    ability, account, accuracy, activities, amount, another, appreciated, audio, authority, aware, based, big, bit, body, breaking, bull, capabilities, cer, clients, code, companies, company, connections, crap, decision, details, disrespect, doesn, don, experience, eye, fails, favorite, figures, fit, fla, flat, focus, folks, function, game, give, gonna, group, head, hey, hire, holds, holiday, hot, huma, human, ial, ice, idea, important, individuals, judge, large, law, lean, lexx, life, line, longer, manager, mea, meeting, money, movie, nature, observers, onli, org, pay, people, perception, person, personal, personality, pos, positive, post, potential, power, professional, question, race, real, reasonable, recently, reliable, respect, ress, role, science, selling, serve, show, side, sort, speech, taken, test, testing, tools, top, total, url, veteran, weeks, won, work, worked, working, year
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  31. Global Irony

    Started by phlipper, 03-03-2007 09:16 PM
    global, warming
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  32. valproate semisodium - advise wanted

    Started by enlightenment, 03-06-2007 11:01 PM
    action, agree, ame, appreciated, ate, bio, blood, body, booze, bur, cabinet, change, climax, clo, couldn, danger, day, dead, discount, doctor, doesn, dollar, drug, drugs, ells, epa, error, experience, fails, families, fatal, friend, healing, huma, human, important, interest, involving, issues, it works, kill, large, market, mea, mel, men, mind, multi, nasty, natural, opinion, organ, par, paradox, part, pay, pigs, pos, post, pra, price, protected, push, rea, real, regime, research, revolt, science, severe, shut, sick, side, slaughter, son, sound, source, stupid, sufferers, supplements, taken, tells, temple, tim, times, top, trade, treatment, version, walmart, wanted, won, word, www
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  33. The 'whole life'

    Started by Fizban "The Fabulous", 02-10-2007 06:39 AM
    action, acts, admit, adult, ages, aid, alcohol, alert, ama, animal, artists, attitude, automatic, awakening, balance, based, be aware, benefits, bit, body, books, boost, bow, brown, building, bullsh, bur, call, calm, careful, carefully, caught, central, chair, chan, chance, channel, chris, church, class, clo, collected, coming, complete, complex, comprehension, cure, dark, day, dead, deciding, deep, delusions, development, dish, doctors, dont, egypt, ends, endurance, environment, essential, exo, expand, experience, explained, eye, factual, fail, feature, find, focus, forgiveness, formula, fraudulent, free, front, future, gay, gen, gift, green, growth, guru, hands, health, helping, higher, highly, history, hold, holiday, html, huge, huma, human, idiot, important, include, india, influence, insanity, interest, large, learning, lexx, lie, lighting, line, listen, long, mankind, maps, martial, master, mea, meet, mel, mental, method, mind, model, mould, multi, mystery, needed, neo, nirvana, operation, orange, pal, par, part, passed, person, personality, pet, picture, pleasant, poor, pos, post, posted, posts, power, productive, progress, prophet, protection, quality, raise, reality, reason, recommend, reform, refused, released, remain, replace, research, respond, revealing, review, riches, robert, roo, roy, sacred, sal, scamming, science, scottish, seekers, serve, service, sharing, ship, shouldn, shut, slow, solar, soo, sound, source, spent, sphere, start, states, stream, strength, student, stupid, subs, suitable, survey, taken, teach, temple, test, threads, times, told, tone, top, tour, track, training, trial, types, une, universe, upright, vince, waiting, wanted, warfare, watch, welfare, western, wise, wonderful, work, worked, world, writing
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  34. Wtf!

    Started by enlightenment, 03-08-2007 06:36 AM
    ???, acts, admit, afraid, ale, aliens, ame, animal, appears, based, believers, big, bullsh, bunch, catch, chan, clear, clips, dark, day, dead, detected, documentary, eme, exposed, fake, find, flat, foundation, friend, give, government, guess, guys, huma, human, imagine, interest, joseph, large, long, mail, manufacture, mea, men, million, named, nature, news, offer, owner, pal, paper, people, person, personality, photos, predicted, prize, prophet, public, pull, quality, questions, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, refused, release, remain, render, security, show, sort, spacecraft, states, suggested, test, told, tour, travelling, ufos, ultra, universe, vacation, vice, watching, won, work, youtube
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  35. Environmental Confusion....???

    Started by enlightenment, 02-06-2007 10:04 PM
    ???, accuracy, action, admit, admitted, agrees, ale, amount, atmosphere, authors, bears, ben, biggest, bit, blame, books, bunch, bur, cash, caught, caused, chart, church, clean, clearing, coming, comments, complete, complex, contact, corporate, cover, crisis, data, david, dead, death, debate, decision, deep, development, difficult, discount, discovering, disturbing, doesn, dollar, dont, due, ells, embarassed, eme, energy, environment, epic, error, executives, expert, experts, famous, figures, financial, fire, fix, flaw, front, future, generation, global, global warming, green, group, growth, head, hear, highly, hold, hot, html, huma, human, humans, ice, important, individuals, influence, institution, interest, involved, issues, kicked, leaders, lis, local, long, magazine, mankind, mea, meet, men, mental, mentally, million, mining, misleading, monetary, money, named, nature, newspaper, org, part, pay, people, perception, picture, pissing, pos, pose, positive, post, posted, power, presiden, pressed, prices, problem, proves, public, questions, radiation, ratings, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, recorded, released, respond, response, rising, robert, science, sheet, short, shows, sir, solar, solve, spent, start, street, subs, sun, support, supporting, systems, talking, technologies, tells, terror, thinks, times, transparent, tribute, turn, university, urgent, view, vince, waiting, warming, watching, western, won, worked, world, www, young, youtube
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  36. Testing

    Started by Steady, 03-05-2007 08:15 PM
    • Replies: 0
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  37. A Decade On From Dolly....

    Started by enlightenment, 02-26-2007 05:07 AM
    ate, bbc, body, clo, immortality, life, men, news, par, share, table, tech
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  38. Islamic Art

    Started by enlightenment, 02-24-2007 08:38 PM
    absolute, admit, admitted, africa, ages, ale, appears, arabic, artists, attitude, awarded, baghdad, bags, based, bible, bit, blood, building, bur, call, capabilities, catch, class, clo, club, complex, continuation, couldn, countries, cover, cure, day, deep, degree, designs, drink, edge, education, eme, emergency, ends, examples, experience, extended, favorite, find, focus, folks, friday, geometry, hidden, hot, html, huma, human, humans, ice, idiot, images, imagine, important, include, involved, iran, iraq, islam, kaplan, large, lexx, marian, mass, mea, men, middle, mind, nasa, nature, news, nobel, nov, number, numbers, objects, part, pen, performance, person, peter, poor, pos, post, prize, raw, real, reality, reason, reasons, reliable, reports, rio, risk, sacred, science, shapes, shows, soul, start, stone, student, study, stupid, sufferers, thinks, tolerance, tools, top, transition, travelling, truth, unreliable, view, wired, wise, worked, world, www
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  39. R and R

    Started by Fizban "The Fabulous", 02-15-2007 02:49 AM
    action, adult, ages, aliens, american, attributes, authentic, bag, balance, bill, bio, body, bored, calm, capabilities, careful, catch, caught, chris, close, continue, corporation, dan, dark, darkness, day, dead, deep, doesn, dolphins, dont, edge, environment, exo, experience, extra, families, federal, federal reserve, fit, focus, force, foundation, front, full, guru, hay, html, huge, huma, human, humans, illness, images, immortality, important, in front, incident, influence, james, juliet, king, leak, lexx, lions, long, manufacturing, marian, matrix, mea, mental, millions, mind, model, monitor, mortgage, nasa, nation, nirvana, ocean, opposite, owned, paper, par, people, person, pioneer, pool, pos, post, power, problem, problems, produce, public, push, race, raise, real, respect, ress, review, roo, sad, saints, saturn, sell, ship, solar, solar systems, solution, soo, source, sphere, start, sun, systems, taxpayers, teachers, thinks, thomas, times, told, total, transport, treatment, turn, unfortunate, unit, universe, upper, van, watch, wayne, weed, west, western, women, work, worked, worker, working, world
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  40. Stoned Age Man Theory

    Started by enlightenment, 02-24-2007 04:58 PM
    ???, accurate, adult, africa, african, ages, ate, based, beer, biz, booze, bored, bounty, cake, chemicals, clock, close, coming, complete, correction, couldn, cure, danger, day, debate, deep, development, doctor, doctors, dope, drink, drug, drugs, ells, environment, establishment, eye, famous, fun, funny, god, grant, grew, healing, helped, highly, huma, human, humans, hunters, illegal, illness, immune, islam, line, long, marijuana, market, mea, men, mental, mind, nation, nations, north, opposite, par, part, people, person, poor, power, prescription, progress, proxy, questions, rea, real, reasonable, reasons, religion, research, response, ress, returns, serve, ship, shooting, show, sick, ski, skin, social, start, stone, student, stuff, stupid, subs, supporting, swear, systems, taken, talking, tells, test, times, told, types, ugly, wanted, work, world, wow
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