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Forum: Conspiracy Theories

Sometimes logic just doesn't cut it! Here's a forum for government conspiracies and other possible explainations to all the unanswered questions out there.

  1. Snake Oil

    Started by Whispering wind, 10-07-2005 10:06 PM
    about, actions, actor, acts, ada, age, algeria, alive, all, alliance, allies, allowed, almost, also, america, american, and, another, any, anyone, apart, approves, are, armband, army, around, art, asset, atom, attempts, attributes, australia, away, azi, back, bat, battle, beautiful, became, because, become, bee, believe, benefits, bet, better, blood, blue, bomb, bombs, brain, bri, bro, brow, brown, bur, burst, but, canadian, cannot, cap, capture, car, care, carefully, cares, chance, chi, choose, chosen, chris, christia, christians, citizens, clima, club, coincidence, comes, coming, comma, communication, compare, complicated, con, connection, costs, country, culture, cup, dame, damen, dark, day, dea, death, deep, denied, der, desire, destiny, did, didn, different, dimension, ding, dinner, dis, does, doesn, dog, domination, don, door, dow, down, dream, drill, drive, drives, driving, each, ear, earth, east, eed, elec, elegant, energy, euro, europe, european, every, example, exclusive, exit, extreme, eye, face, fair, faith, fall, familiar, fast, favors, fear, features, fed, feel, feeling, feet, fence, fina, financially, flash, for, forces, forever, forma, from, gave, generators, ghost, gia, giants, give, giving, global, good, goose, got, greatest, guide, had, han, happening, has, hat, have, head, hem, her, here, hey, hidden, higher, his, hose, hot, hours, how, huma, humans, ial, ideas, identity, ile, image, imagine, important, improve, inch, include, information, ing, its, jews, jour, journey, just, karma, keep, kind, king, knock, know, land, las, last, law, leak, lean, less, lesser, lesson, liberty, light, like, line, lived, long, los, lost, made, main, make, making, mankind, mass, master, masters, matrix, matter, meditation, met, mexico, might, milk, million, mind, minister, minute, mirror, money, more, most, move, much, nations, nazi, need, needed, needs, ner, neu, never, new, new zealand, nick, nigeria, nigh, night, north, nothing, now, nuclear, odd, oil, only, opposite, others, our, over, own, pale, people, person, piece, plane, planes, planned, platform, point, possible, potential, power, powerful, prime, profi, promise, promotion, property, protection, pure, quickly, race, raised, random, range, rap, reality, really, reliable, religion, removal, rep, rich, rick, right, rips, ron, run, runs, russia, russians, sal, sandy, sea, second, self, sense, set, should, significant, simple, skin, snake, soft, solar, south, speak, special, spiritual, star, started, stra, strategies, strategy, subhuman, sugar, sui, suit, sun, superior, support, supposed, supremacy, supreme, sure, tactics, take, taken, takes, tall, tas, taste, tea, tech, technical, ted, terms, than, that, the, themselves, there, they, things, this, those, thousands, threatened, times, too, top, total, trap, treat, trick, tried, trolling, try, turning, twist, two, ugly, ultimate, uni, united, ure, url, used, ven, venezuela, wait, wan, wanted, wars, was, watch, watching, ways, wealth, were, western, wha, what, when, while, whites, who, why, will, wind, wis, with, wood, word, worked, world, you, your, zealand, zionist
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  2. The Massive

    Started by Whispering wind, 10-07-2005 10:03 PM
    about, accepted, across, actually, adult, after, age, and, another, anything, appeared, are, around, ation, attack, away, back, bad, beautiful, because, bed, bee, been, behind, being, bit, brain, but, calm, can, chance, character, cleaning, cli, clock, clothes, color, comes, coming, con, crea, crossing, cuba, day, described, did, didn, different, dig, ding, dinner, dirt, discover, disturbing, dna, does, dog, don, dont, door, dow, down, draw, each, ear, earth, eat, ecological, eed, events, ever, every, experience, explain, explained, extra, eye, eyes, face, fast, fear, fears, feel, felt, first, five, fool, for, forest, forever, forma, from, full, fully, geometric, going, gone, good, grid, ground, had, happened, has, hat, have, head, hearing, helps, hem, her, here, hey, high, highway, him, his, hose, house, how, huge, huma, human, humans, ice, iced, ill, ime, important, indeed, information, inter, internal, ion, its, jersey, jones, just, karma, khaki, kicked, kind, knew, know, knows, laden, lavender, learn, leaves, led, light, like, liked, lis, live, lives, lol, los, lot, lovely, lunch, mad, many, mass, massive, mate, meet, minutes, mirror, mor, more, movemen, movement, nasty, need, ner, nervous, never, new, new jersey, nice, nigh, night, not, now, october, odd, off, offer, one, ones, only, oppress, our, out, over, own, par, para, part, people, perception, perfect, perfume, persons, philadelphia, piece, plate, play, plenty, pointed, pos, posts, power, pretending, proper, quickly, quote, range, read, reading, remind, responsible, ric, ridiculous, right, room, rot, rotten, sad, same, self, sen, shape, shaped, simply, sit, site, slow, some, something, sometimes, sons, soul, spider, star, started, starts, stone, stood, story, stra, strange, such, suggested, sure, swear, swi, take, taken, taking, talking, tara, tell, that, the, the wall, there, these, they, thick, things, this, those, thought, til, time, times, today, told, tom, traveling, trying, tuesday, turned, two, upset, very, view, wait, wall, war, warn, was, watched, wearing, weird, were, wha, what, when, which, who, wild, will, wind, with, woma, world, wrong, year, yet, you, your
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  3. Start a new war

    Started by pubcastle, 12-02-2005 08:51 PM
    africa, appears, art, authority, aware, baby, back, blue, campaign, claiming, com, conspiracy, david, desert, dow, event, feel, global, god, good, greater, happened, highly, his, hose, image, ion, land, line, link, now, point, print, prove, remains, represents, run, secure, simply, son, star, start, ultimate, url, view, virtual, walk, war, worked, wrong, www
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  4. copyright

    Started by mrunknown10, 10-12-2005 10:57 AM
    about, act, all, ame, and, any, anything, arrest, ate, bad, bee, been, being, better, between, brand, bring, business, can, cer, checking, com, complain, con, copy, copyright, criminal, data, database, day, dealing, der, did, ding, don, dont, e-mail, email, ever, experience, feel, for, forma, fortunate, from, get, give, good, had, has, have, her, here, his, hours, ice, iced, ignorance, ing, inter, internet, internet marketing, ion, issuing, lawyers, lead, least, life, line, lis, listed, llc, machines, made, mail, mark, marketing, markets, members, name, network, not, notice, one, onli, online, ora, other, our, own, par, parties, please, pro, protect, protected, received, regarding, registered, reply, reviewed, same, sending, simply, single, site, sounds, stats, stole, stolen, tent, that, the, their, this, trade, una, under, unfortunate, url, verified, very, viola, war, warning, was, websites, were, while, will, with, won, wont, work, write, you, your, yourself
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  5. A double bluff

    Started by Cap'n Ben, 01-02-2006 03:56 PM
    agreed, aliens, arse, ass, ben, big, bluff, called, capital, conspiracy, don, dont, double, ear, earned, fool, george, giving, god, heard, hey, his, information, ion, joy, leaks, lives, match, named, omg, par, part, penis, proper, quick, read, rocket, secrets, stories, they, thought, worldwide
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  6. Several scam.com websites?

    Started by Deena, 01-04-2006 03:47 AM
    ame, buy, buy a domain name, cannot, con, domain, domain name, engine, google, guy, high, his, ion, keyword, lis, listed, lol, news, only, optimization, original, owner, pages, par, quote, registered, scam, scam.com, search, search engine, set, sign, site, sites, traffic, type, types, url, websites, www
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  7. beware the new owners

    Started by lexx, 12-11-2005 11:15 AM
    ???, ????, ??????, ???????, ??????????, ain, aint, alot, ame, america, another, approved, ban, beware, bless, boards, bot, box, bro, brother, buy, comments, decided, didn, doesn, don, dow, ends, fabulous, folks, god, gonna, great, greatest, guess, heard, hey, his, huh, huma, idea, ime, ion, jerry, junk, knew, lexx, lis, long, lot, love, members, message, moderator, moderators, only, owner, owners, page, place, pos, post, posted, question, quote, quotes, read, rude, satan, scam, scam.com, selling, show, sorry, springer, style, surprise, sweet, talking, test, they, time, told, tom, url, weed, wife, writing, www, your
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  8. Oil War Iraq Or Not

    Started by SUMMIT SQUAD, 01-08-2006 04:13 AM
    9/11, address, age, america, americas, ate, blackout, build, building, calling, city, coming, con, contracts, country, courts, dark, des, desert, destruction, doesn, don, east, england, giving, god, greater, health, heard, hey, his, history, ignore, increase, inter, international, invade, iran, iraq, kids, loss, lot, lying, mass, million, need, new york, nuclear, oil, patriot, people, power, project, purely, reason, red, rid, rio, runs, solve, sounds, spread, state, stop, talk, they, toys, trac, u.s., voting, war, weapons, won, world, worst, york
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  9. Technology of the Dark

    Started by Whispering wind, 10-07-2005 10:09 PM
    about, access, act, added, after, al qaeda, all, allowed, allowing, almost, also, alternatives, and, another, any, anyone, anything, are, arms, assets, asy, ation, attempt, attempts, aware, away, based, became, because, become, bee, been, belong, big brother, birth, blue, body, bombs, brain, bro, brother, bur, burn, business, but, called, car, ced, central, cer, chosen, cities, citizens, cli, com, comma, communist, compass, compu, con, crea, create, crowd, current, dar, dark, darkness, davies, ded, des, desire, destiny, destroyed, different, ding, dis, disturbing, does, don, dreams, drives, ear, earth, effect, elec, energy, engineering, enter, entire, error, every, everywhere, example, experience, expert, extra, eye, fac, facing, fall, falter, fantasy, fed, feels, flash, for, force, forma, from, future, gene, give, glamour, global, god, good, google, gran, grant, greater, growing, had, has, hat, have, help, hem, here, hey, higher, his, horror, how, html, huma, human, humans, ial, ice, ideas, identity, imagine, ime, immortality, implant, important, inde, information, investigative, ion, ipo, its, jet, jour, journalist, just, killers, knew, las, last, latest, lie, like, little, longer, los, lose, lost, mad, made, madness, make, makes, many, massive, may, mechanism, medical, members, mentally, millions, mind, mixed, mobile, monitoring, more, most, move, much, network, news, north, not, numbers, old, ones, only, our, out, over, par, part, people, perception, personal, place, plane, plastic, play, point, positive, principles, privacy, process, programming, promise, promote, protection, raise, rating, raw, real, reason, related, research, ric, right, sac, scenario, screen, script, search, searching, second, self, selling, sensory, ser, set, shortly, simon, single, sneaky, some, special, spy, state, states, stay, straw, succeed, such, sun, surgery, surveillance, systems, take, teacher, tech, technologies, television, terror, terrorist, that, the, their, there, they, thing, think, this, threatened, threatening, time, today, told, trollers, ultimate, url, used, version, wait, was, watch, were, wha, what, while, who, why, will, with, won, work, world, years, you, your
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  10. Flu Pandemic

    Started by Whispering wind, 10-20-2005 04:57 AM
    000, 2001, about, ada, added, age, agen, agent, all, also, america, and, animals, anyone, are, arm, arriving, ation, avia, avian, baby, bad, become, bed, bee, benefit, best, bet, better, billions, bird, bit, body, books, boomers, boost, break, breaks, bright, broke, busy, but, called, calling, can, canada, cars, caused, cease, chain, chi, chosen, clean, clima, clo, com, coming, community, complain, complaints, condi, conditioning, context, cost, covering, crisis, cure, damage, day, decided, defend, delivered, delivery, demi, department, designed, did, dies, disease, dive, doc, doctors, doesn, don, dont, dont, dow, down, drug, due, early, earth, economic, eed, engineering, entire, extra, fee, felt, figure, first, five, flu, fond, food, for, forces, form, found, funds, gele, gene, general, genocide, georgia, get, getting, give, giving, glass, global, gods, going, good, google, gov, great, greater, green, guy, had, happen, happy, has, healthy, heard, helps, her, hey, high, his, hollywood, how, huge, huma, humans, ial, ime, immune, industry, ing, interesting, ion, its, join, joint, just, killer, kingdom, know, known, knows, large, largest, leap, less, light, like, lines, lived, local, long, los, made, main, make, many, master, mea, mention, millions, mind, more, move, much, mystery, nasty, nation, need, needs, never, new, new world order, news, not, numbers, off, once, one, only, order, ordered, org, out, over, own, pandemic, panic, pencil, people, perception, person, place, plane, plant, play, please, ploy, poison, pos, possible, post, potential, pressed, pro, problem, profi, profit, programming, protect, protection, prove, quick, read, ready, real, really, reason, recover, related, release, remember, rich, rid, role, room, rumsfeld, run, save, scale, scare, scared, scientists, search, season, second, secretly, security, seem, self, short, simple, sky, small, social security, solved, some, spa, spanish, states, stealing, stone, stra, street, subs, sufferers, supplements, support, sure, survival, system, systems, tactics, take, tell, tex, text, the, the truth about, themselves, there, they, think, this, those, threatening, time, times, told, tom, too, top, toxic, trails, trouble, true, twelve, two, university, upper, url, very, virus, vital, wan, war, warming, was, watched, water, way, weird, well, western, what, wheat, when, why, will, win, wisconsin, with, wome, women, work, world, would, year, years, you, your
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  11. Who killed Marilyn Monroe?

    Started by mooser745, 11-16-2005 04:03 AM
    add, address, admit, alive, another, are, arrival, article, back, beach, beach house, bet, better, bowl, call, calling, caused, cer, cia, classified, collected, commit, completely, compromised, confirmed, conspiracy, dea, dead, death, discuss, doctors, documentary, driver, eed, end, events, expert, face, fatal, favor, fbi, feel, fidel, files, finished, firm, forensic, free, fun, good, great, had, happened, heard, hey, him, his, hospital, house, idea, interview, investigated, ion, joe, just, killed, knew, leaving, life, machine, maid, make, many, massive, mea, missing, month, more, murder, named, need, ner, nigh, night, note, opinion, par, part, partner, people, picture, pills, plan, planning, playboy, pretty, proper, reasonable, recorded, remain, report, room, sad, seem, sense, ser, stated, story, subs, suicide, super, super bowl, sure, surveillance, taking, tape, testing, theory, they, una, you, your
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  12. Illuminati

    Started by h3av3nlypinoy, 03-15-2006 03:01 AM
    countries, government, guys, hey, ial, illuminati, link, main, members, men, officials, the illuminati, they, url, www
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  13. Civil war in Iraq

    Started by Rizzal, 03-16-2006 11:49 AM
    appeared, appreciated, article, based, bombing, bombings, caught, civil, civil war, claims, classic, comments, complete, crew, dead, explosion, extra, female, fire, forces, government, hey, his, hours, investigation, iraq, iraqi, journalist, khalid, land, local, longer, men, military, more, murdered, news, night, oil, police, recently, reichstag, reporter, reporting, sec, set, shot, television, they, thought, troops, url, viole, violence, war, witnesses, working, www, year
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  14. Flight 77

    Started by Whispering wind, 10-20-2005 05:01 AM
    2001, 911, about, accurate, agains, against, all, allowed, also, america, american, and, another, any, anyone, anything, article, away, back, bad, become, bed, bee, been, believe, bit, biz, body, bomb, bombed, book, bring, building, but, can, car, cares, carolina, castro, caught, ceiling, clean, close, coffin, coming, commercial, country, crash, crossing, david, daylight, decided, der, details, did, didn, difference, digital, don, done, dow, down, drop, else, eme, enhancement, equipment, essence, ever, experience, fac, fear, fee, felt, find, fishing, fishy, flight, flying, for, found, front, future, going, got, griffin, ground, guess, had, happen, happened, happening, harbor, has, heart, her, hey, high, him, his, hit, html, huge, ill, ime, in front, inc, ing, inter, internet, into, its, japanese, just, karma, kind, knew, know, las, lessons, lie, like, line, link, lived, london, lunch, make, making, many, may, mea, meaning, met, mid, mind, minutes, mirror, missing, missle, more, moves, named, never, nigh, night, not, off, office, old, order, other, our, out, own, pace, par, part, pas, passed, past, peace, pen, pentagon, people, person, personally, phone, physical, place, plane, plane crash, planes, plastic, point, prevent, process, prove, proven, questions, random, range, ray, read, real, reality, really, reason, recently, regular, reply, returning, sad, said, seem, seen, self, sen, september, sho, short, shot, shoulder, silver, sky, small, someone, something, sometimes, speed, spin, star, starting, state, stated, stopped, story, stra, stuff, suggest, suppose, supposed, sweet, take, tell, that, the, theory, there, they, thing, this, thought, time, times, today, told, ton, totally, towers, trade, try, twenty, twin, two, upset, ure, url, virginia, wan, was, watched, water, weeks, were, what, when, which, who, why, will, with, worked, world, worry, wrote, years, you, your, zone
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  15. Elvis, Hitler, Kurt Kobain Are they still alive?

    Started by gemini111, 01-22-2006 08:07 AM
    account, agree, alive, another, arrested, art, ation, bad, bin, book, books, camera, case, chance, clo, collect, commit, correct, couldn, court, crap, daughter, day, dea, dead, death, dental, didn, doesn, don, double, dow, fame, family, fra, good, group, gun, guy, had, handle, hear, hey, hiding, hil, hilter, his, history, hit, hitler, home, horrible, ill, industry, insult, insurance, inter, internet, ion, isn, job, killed, laden, laugh, life, lis, listen, live, living, long, los, lost, love, making, match, mea, millions, mother, murdered, music, nature, nice, nirvana, order, paintings, pas, past, peaceful, people, person, pictures, place, point, private, prove, quit, quote, ran, read, records, risk, royal, sad, scott, seem, served, showed, staged, star, start, starts, stupid, suggested, suicide, sul, tech, ted, they, thread, threads, time, today, type, wanted, wealth, websites, wow, years
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  16. The Ultimate Conspiracy Post?

    Started by boone, 01-23-2006 08:52 AM
    000, ???, abc, abc news, absolute, abused, access, accomplished, accounting, accounts, accuracy, act, action, activate, active, add, admired, admit, advent, africa, age, agen, agency, ages, agreement, ain, aliens, allowing, american, another, answer, antenna, anti, apartment, arms, army, art, article, association, asy, ation, atm, attempts, attitude, audio, author, authorized, aware, babies, baby, bad, ban, bank, banks, banned, bans, base, based, basic, basically, battery, be aware, beast, bed, bet, better, big brother, billion, bit, black, black boxes, body, boo, books, boosts, boring, boxes, boy, brain, break, bright, bro, brow, building, burns, buster, button, cable, called, calling, cannot, capabilities, card, care, carefully, cares, cargo, cars, case, cash, catch, caught, caused, central, cer, checking, child abuse, china, chris, christian, civil, claim, cli, clinto, close, college, college students, coming, comments, commercial, commissioned, commit, common, communication, companies, company., complex, components, con, connection, connections, conspiracy, control, conversation, corporate, correct, cost, couch, couldn, counting, countries, country, cover, coverups, crash, credit, credit card, credit cards, criminals, cruel, crying, current, customer, dam, damage, damn, dangerous, darn, date, day, days, dea, death, decades, december, decided, decision, demons, des, deserve, desire, destruction, development, dial, didn, director, disabled, discount, discover, disturbing, division, doctors, documentation, documented, documents, doesn, dollar, don, dont, dont, dow, dozen, drop, drops, drug, drug dealers, ear, earlier, early, earth, economic, effective, effects, elec, electric, elements, ells, end of the world, ended, enter, entire, equipment, eric, espionage, europe, european, excellent, exists, experts, expose, extended, eye, face, fail, faith, faithful, fast, favors, fear, feature, fec, fed, federal, federal reserve, fee, feel, felt, file, files, fla, flat, fleeing, fly, forces, formula, foundation, fra, francis, fred, fresh, front, fuel, fully, fun, funny, future, games, gen, george, goal, good, google, gordo, gps, great, greater, green, group, growing, guy, guys, had, halted, ham, hand, handed, hands, happened, happening, hard, harder, hates, hats, heard, heart, held, hey, high, higher, his, hits, holding, homes, honor, hope, hospital, house, html, huma, human, humans, hurricanes, hurt, ial, ian, ica, ideal, ignorance, ignorant, ill, images, ime, important, index, india, infected, info, infowars, institutes, intelligence, inter, interest, interested, internal, invited, involved, ion, isn, issues, jail, japan, jerk, jim, john, joined, joint, journey, joy, justices, kaplan, kind, kinds, knew, knockout, korea, large, last, leaders, leads, leaving, lee, lexx, light, limited, limits, line, lines, lis, listen, live, lived, lives, living, local, long, longer, lot, lou, mad, main, making, manchurian, market, massive, master, matter, mea, meaning, medical, meeting, mental, mention, mentions, million, mind, ministers, model, monica, monitoring, more, morris, move, movies, mph, multiple, mystery, nasty, nation, national, national security, nations, nature, need, needed, neo, ner, net, networks, nice, nick, nigh, night, note, number, numbers, nurse, obedience, october, office, officers, officially, officials, only, open, operation, opportunity, options, order, org, organizations, original, outs, owns, page, part, pas, pasadena, passed, password, paul, payroll, people, perfect, person, personality, personally, philip, photos, picked, picture, piece, place, plane, planes, planned, point, pop, por, pos, pose, position, post, posted, posts, potential, pounds, power, powerful, prepared, prescription, prior, prisoners, private, product, products, professional, programming, projects, prospect, prostitution, protect, prove, proven, public, pump, purge, quality, question, quick, quote, rated, read, ready, real, reality, reason, reasons, rebellion, record, recorded, reduction, register, registered, regular, related, released, remember, removed, renegades, replace, research, reserve, rest, rice, rich, ridiculous, rig, rio, rip, rips, robert, roll, room, rose, roy, run, runs, russia, russian, russians, safe, safety, sca, scan, scare, scared, scary, scientists, screw, search, searching, secrets, sen, sends, sense, sensitive, september, serve, services, sessions, set, sho, shoo, short, shot, showed, shutdown, simple, simply, sincere, site, skin, small, soft, solar, sold, sometimes, soo, sounds, source, speaker, speaks, special, speed, spent, split, spooks, spring, staged, star, start, starting, state, stated, steal, step, stole, stop, story, strip, students, stuff, succeeded, super, supplement, supporting, suppose, surge, surveillance, system, systems, tactics, taken, takes, talk, talking, taxes, tech, ted, tells, tender, testing, texas, the wall, theory, they, thought, thread, threads, throw, time, times, told, tor, tortured, total, totally, toy, track, tracks, trade, transport, trolling, truck, tvs, type, ultimate, unauthorized, unit, united, unlimited, urban, url, users, ussr, vehicle, verify, vest, view, vince, viole, violent, virtual, visa, vital, waiting, wanted, war, warfare, watched, watching, ways, weapon, week, weeks, whats, wide, wikipedia, win, wire, wisconsin, woma, won, worked, working, world, write, writing, year, years
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  17. UN Observer tells real reason on Iraq War

    Started by gools68, 04-06-2006 11:16 AM
    article, causing, cnn, dig, ells, find, his, index, iraq, new york, new york times, read, real, real reason, reason, site, tells, the new york times, times, url, war, web, won, wont, www, york
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  18. Is Gearge Bush a secret member of illuminati

    Started by gools68, 04-06-2006 09:40 AM
    911, agree, ain, another, attacks, bombings, bones., british, bush, bush family, chan, channel, check, dan, day, delivered, england, family, find, flag, gold, guy, his, history, html, ill, illuminati, info, issue, japan, largest, leave, member, net, owner, package, par, queen, royal, run, secret, slow, soo, sooner, surprise, talk, the illuminati, ups, url, us flag, websites, word, www
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  19. CBC News ties Bush Family and Bin Laden Family

    Started by gools68, 04-07-2006 10:02 AM
    911, bet, better, bin, bin laden, bin laden family, boy, bush, bush family, business, call, check, cheney, coming, con, conspiracy, couple, defend, doesn, dying, families, family, fat, fbi terry nelson, give, good, hats, helped, hey, his, html, information, invade, involved, ion, iran, iraq, iraqi, jebb bush, laden, late, letter, links, more, news, opposite, order, pages, par, part, partners, pissed, planning, released, saudi, site, slow, soldiers, star, they, ties, url, war, weeks, word, www
    • Replies: 4
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  20. GW. Bush planning nuke strike on Iran

    Started by gools68, 04-10-2006 09:45 AM
    bush, iran, main, news, nuke, plan, planning, strike, url, www
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  21. Truth about 9/11 -- watch this video!

    Started by truthseeker76, 04-29-2006 08:47 AM
    9/11, google, his, truth, url, video, watch
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  22. Gospel of Judas

    Started by h3av3nlypinoy, 04-10-2006 03:47 AM
    accept, betray, bible, blood, blowing, book, bow, build, called, case, chris, claim, con, conversation, dating, days, didn, documentary, don, dont, ells, error, field, forum, give, god, good, hey, his, ime, important, isn, issues, jesus, king, knew, last, late, leading, lie, live, lot, love, mess, message, mind, more, mother, original, par, part, people, picture, point, quick, quote, reason, religious, remember, show, tells, text, they, time, told, truth, version, view, word, write, wrong, wrote, years
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  23. Anybody Heard Of The One Day Diet?

    Started by BPOH17, 03-24-2006 06:58 AM
    $100, 000, addition, appreciated, arms, balance, blood, body, bur, called, calls, catch, change, complete, con, costs, couldn, customer, day, days, deposit, diet plan, difficult, disappears, exercise, experts, fat, fee, find, fine, firm, food, force, fun, funny, gas, health, hey, high, his, hormone, ime, info, insulin, ion, issue, issues, last, laughing, lean, legitimate, lose, losing, loss, machine, main, medical, method, money, more, note, order, par, participants, pay, place, ploy, popular, pos, posted, pressure, prevent, prices, print, problem, products, profit, promote, proper, read, reason, reduction, refund, release, results, rise, scam, signed, solid, sorry, state, stream, study, suppressing, surgery, tech, they, thread, time, told, trolling, trouble, vest, weight, weight loss, won, work, worked, years
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  24. The Tank Man from China

    Started by therealantispam, 04-12-2006 06:07 AM
    alive, ame, chan, channel, china, dead, don, feel, guy, happened, hats, his, ignore, ill, in front, line, mea, org, pages, pos, post, quote, rude, shows, special, thread, url, wang, watch, watching, www
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  25. CBC News ties Bush Family and Bin Laden Family

    Started by gools68, 04-07-2006 10:03 AM
    2001, 911, acts, age, aid, alive, ame, america, bet, better, bill, bin, bin laden, bin laden family, book, brain, bro, bush, bush family, business, cer, cli, clinto, con, correct, damage, dead, decades, december, didn, doesn, don, entire, fake, families, family, fit, fund, funds, good, government, hard, helped, hey, his, homework, html, huge, ice, ime, info, information, ion, laden, learn, mass, member, men, morning, movies, news, nixon, organizations, pages, pakistan, par, part, partners, pays, picture, point, presiden, question, quote, read, reagan, reason, released, research, royal, sold, star, starting, stories, story, terrorist, they, threat, ties, tim, time, treason, trust, truth, url, wash, weapon, website, wired, world, woud, wrote, www
    • Replies: 9
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  26. duplicate worlds

    Started by mohawk, 05-12-2006 09:46 PM
    active, art, arts, bad, bit, brain, breaking, cannot, carry, case, cer, clo, complex, con, cons, deception, difficult, dow, edge, eye, facts, field, find, forgot, fuel, good, guy, hats, head, hey, his, image, ime, information, investigate, investigated, investigation, ion, kind, knew, lead, learn, life, live, los, lost, making, matrix, matter, missing, more, morning, perception, picture, position, questions, quote, real, reality, released, sca, sei, shows, sounds, source, space, special, star, start, starts, step, study, system, theory, they, time, times, travel, world, wrong, years
    • Replies: 2
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  27. The Apophis asteroid

    Started by tantalus, 05-14-2006 06:53 PM
    april, basically, chance, close, doesn, ear, earth, everyday, fans, fear, feel, friday, hey, his, hit, ime, ion, knew, long, lot, lottery, mea, named, nasa, page, people, problem, quote, real, recently, scale, scheduled, shouldn, show, soo, space, star, tan, they, time, url, weird, win, won, wont, www, year
    • Replies: 4
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  28. Caliphate. This is what they want!

    Started by tantalus, 05-10-2006 10:03 PM
    age, agenda, ame, answer, ation, day, domination, don, dont, free, god, hey, his, html, ion, male, mea, men, money, read, replace, republican, simple, stupid, they, throw, times, url, women, www
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,967
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  29. Quiet Wars, Silent Weapons

    Started by Johnny B, 05-22-2006 10:13 AM
    add, administration, age, american, another, assigned, attitude, bad, bankers, beat, bless, bombing, bring, bush, car, cheney, congressman, continue, corrupt, debt, declared, don, dow, economic, elite, face, forget, games, god, gonna, goo, good, ham, hey, high, his, hoax, house, ignorance, immigration, involved, ion, king, knew, les, life, lose, matter, media, move, new world order, oath, office, ora, order, page, paper, personally, plane, planes, planet, play, pos, posts, presidency, prices, promised, protection, public, pump, quiet, reach, read, real, reason, record, remember, research, results, rip, rules, run, sane, short, silent, spin, states, strike, strip, terrorist, they, today, top, totally, towers, track, track record, travel, treason, truth, vince, waco, wars, ways, weapon, weapons, world, write, year
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 2,898
    05-27-2006, 12:35 PM Go to last post
  30. The Unholy Trinity

    Started by religious conspiracy, 05-05-2006 11:23 PM
    ???, agree, air, appears, arabia, ation, aware, based, biblical, blessed, book, books, buster, called, catholic, cer, chan, chris, christian, christians, christmas, church, claims, con, couldn, day, demons, desert, don, early, elements, eric, eva, evidence, examples, fantastic, father, fee, fire, folks, fortune, good, ground, growing, health, hey, his, holy, html, ian, ill, illus, illustration, ime, international, ion, iran, ireland, isn, lexx, life, mel, more, named, number, officially, open, paradox, part, patrick, plan, plant, problem, quote, rated, read, record, religion, religious, reveals, review, rick, rights, sacred, scam, scam.com, scorpio, section, show, site, son, stone, stories, taken, teaching, they, thread, time, times, today, tradition, une, unholy, url, version, vinci, wait, www
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 3,301
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  31. Damoustro's True Prophecies

    Started by damoustro, 06-04-2006 03:41 AM
    address, blood, bro, correct, countries, dea, death, disease, don, evidence, fake, famous, felt, genius, gli, good, hey, his, history, huge, iii, ime, important, kill, kind, knew, lead, lies, life, light, lot, lottery, mankind, money, more, number, plans, pos, post, presiden, prophecies, real, red, soo, speed, they, thinks, ufos, war, world war, year
    • Replies: 0
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  32. Cosmic tourists or Real people

    Started by Amitola, 06-05-2006 08:46 PM
    accept, action, afraid, age, animals, based, bet, better, call, change, claiming, comments, commit, committing, confirming, crimes, dark, dea, death, easy, enemies, energy, everyday, feel, fight, focus, forgot, give, guys, heads, honor, ice, injustice, involved, issue, justice, kind, level, live, longer, love, mea, nwo, par, people, plants, point, real, religion, rotten, route, simply, solution, split, system, talking, truth, vic, words, writing
    • Replies: 3
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  33. Project Seal & The Boxing Day Tsunami

    Started by Amitola, 06-01-2006 07:48 PM
    000, affairs, ain, ame, amp, army, article, ation, atomic, aus, australia, awarded, bath, bigger, bikini, bit, bomb, boxing, bringing, british, canada, case, cash, chiefs, chris, christmas, christmas., coming, completely, countries, data, date, day, dea, dean, december, department, devastating, disaster, discover, dissidents, dying, ear, early, effective, energy, engineering, english, event, eyes, felt, files, fine, forces, foreign, give, guarantee, hand, hell, hey, hide, high, higher, his, html, huma, human, ice, ime, impact, india, info, involved, island, issue, jeff, joint, knew, lange, leech, letter, light, lived, long, lot, mea, middle, military, ministry, more, mother, nature, new zealand, note, nuclear, ocean, officers, ongoing, pas, pen, pentagon, people, perfect, played, pos, post, prepared, prevent, project, prove, proved, quote, ranking, recommend, released, research, reveal, role, scary, secretly, set, shut, staff, states, stories, story, support, talking, tech, television, they, thomas, today, told, trade, united, united states, university, url, view, war, watched, weapon, wikipedia, work, world, worth, years, yesterday, zealand
    • Replies: 3
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  34. Should Iran be allowed Nukes?

    Started by gools68, 04-04-2006 12:47 PM
    000, 2012, act, action, actions, acts, add, administration, advance, advisor, affairs, afford, age, ages, aggressive, agree, aint, alex, allowed, amazing, america, american, another, answer, anti, appears, arab, archive, art, article, ation, attacking, attacks, attitude, aware, ayatollah, bad, battle, believers, bet, better, big, bigger, bin, blame, block, bomb, bombs, boy, break, breaking, bring, british, building, bull, bush, buster, buy, buying, called, calls, cannot, case, cer, chance, chris, collect, coming, comments, community, complete, completely, con, concerned, conspiracy, consumers, conversation, correct, countries, country, cover, currency, current, dane, dark, date, day, days, dea, death, decided, defeat, defend, delivery, demand, des, destruction, devastating, dictators, didn, diplomatic, disease, doesn, dollar, don, dont, dow, drop, dropping, dying, ear, earth, east, economic, elements, ended, ends, error, eth, euro, european, express, extended, extreme, eye, eyes, factor, fail, fall, false, fear, fee, feel, first strike, forget, forgot, freight, front, fund, funded, gay, gee, george, global, god, good, google, gotta, great, ground, groups, growing, growth, guess, hand, hands, happened, happening, hates, heads, helped, hey, hidden, his, hot, house, html, huma, human, humans, ian, ill, images, imagine, ime, important, include, index, india, info, intelligence, inter, international, ion, iran, iranian, iraq, islamic, isn, issue, issues, jail, jan, joint, jones, journey, killed, kind, king, knew, korea, laden, land, large, last, launch, launched, law, lawmakers, leaders, les, lesser, lets, liars, liberals, lis, listed, listen, local, long, loser, lot, lying, mad, making, matter, mea, measure, mega, members, mess, messages, million, mind, more, motives, nam, nation, nations, nice, normal, north, note, nuclear, nuclear war, nuke, number, officials, open, opportunity, order, ordered, org, outsourced, par, part, peace, pentagon, people, personally, place, plane, planned, planning, plans, point, policy, politically, pos, position, posted, power, pray, predicted, presiden, prevent, profit, program, progress, prophet, prove, proven, punishment, question, quit, quote, race, raise, read, real, reason, reasons, red, refused, regime, religious, remember, research, rest, rice, rich, risk, rock, rocket, roy, rule, run, safe, safety, salamon, scale, scared, scary, search, secrets, seem, selling, ship, shouldn, site, soldiers, solid, solve, soo, sorry, sounds, sourcing, spent, spring, star, start, starting, state, states, station, step, stick, stop, strategy, strike, stupid, style, sun, swear, system, systems, takes, taliban, tan, targets, taxpayers, tech, technology, ted, tells, terror, theory, they, thought, thread, threatening, threatens, threats, throw, time, times, today, tomorrow, tor, totally, trac, trade, troops, trouble, tunes, types, ultimate, union, united, united states, uranium, url, usa, user, vicious, wait, walk, wanted, warfare, wars, ways, weapon, websites, week, weeks, west, western, wins, winter, won, wont, words, working, world, wound, wrong, yahoo, years
    • Replies: 29
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  35. the unseen war

    Started by SaLaMoN, 06-14-2006 08:46 PM
    accounts, actions, books, bored, boy, call, conspiracy, dark, day, des, destroyed, discuss, discussing, don, enter, entertainment, ets, evil, expose, fall, followers, forum, fun, gen, good, grab, hands, hats, hey, his, hope, ion, ladies, large, leader, magic, making, memories, movies, murdered, people, potter, proof, recommend, series, show, side, sorry, stop, talking, the leader, they, thought, trust, truth, war, years
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  36. i cant remember :-(

    Started by vorlon, 05-16-2006 03:44 PM
    ability, accurate, add, africa, ages, american, answer, art, basic, bet, better, bible, big, bit, blame, blood, blowing, books, brain, bring, bur, call, called, campaign, cannot, care, case, cash, catholic, caused, cer, chan, change, channel, children, chris, christian, church, civil, claiming, close, club, code, common, con, countries, country, cover, cult, dan, david, day, dead, dear, desert, desire, disease, documentary, doesn, don, dow, drop, drops, due, dying, early, earth, eye, fabulous, factor, factual, families, family, famous, father, fault, fec, feel, find, finding, fresh, full, fully, gave, generation, gerald, girls, gonna, good, gov, great, group, guy, guys, hands, hard, hear, held, helping, hey, hiding, high, his, history, homes, honor, house, html, huge, huma, human, ian, ill, imagine, ime, index, infected, inter, involved, involves, ion, islamic, issue, issues, italy, jerry, jesus, kind, lead, light, likes, line, lis, lived, living, local, loose, lose, lot, main, making, mankind, math, matter, mea, message, million, millions, more, mother, motives, move, mystery, ner, net, news, nope, opposite, oral, order, org, page, paper, part, partner, paul, people, person, personal, personally, phil, place, play, pleasant, point, politics, pos, post, poverty, prevention, price, pro, problem, products, program, promote, protect, protected, protecting, protection, question, quote, raise, read, reality, reasons, red, relief, religious, remember, removed, research, responsible, rich, ridiculous, rise, risk, roo, rule, safe, scenario, secret, secrets, seem, sends, sense, set, sexual, sharing, simple, smoke, sold, sounds, special, springer, star, start, starting, starts, state, statistic, statistics, stay, stop, stories, stranger, supply, survive, taken, takes, talk, talking, teach, ted, they, thought, threatens, time, tips, today, total, totally, trac, tribute, trillion, troops, truck, ultimate, url, videos, vinci, virus, wall, wanted, wars, water, ways, welcome, western, wikipedia, worked, world, worldwide, worth, writing, wrong, years
    • Replies: 17
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  37. the biggest political scams

    Started by itsascam, 03-01-2006 03:59 AM
    bet, better, biggest, claim, fit, folks, hell, hey, liberals, life, live, long, political, political scams, regular, rights, scam, scams, talking, they, words, working
    • Replies: 1
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  38. skeptics

    Started by Whispering wind, 07-30-2006 05:40 PM
    html, url, www
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,749
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  39. Barbara Olsen arrested last year the ...

    Started by Ette, 06-04-2006 12:44 PM
    9/11, ???, abc, abc news, account, acted, acts, admit, advice, affairs, age, agen, agreement, airlines, airport, alex, aliens, alive, alleged, allowed, ame, america, american, american airlines, another, apart, apes, arrested, article, ass, ate, aus, austria, avoid, avoid scams, azi, bad, bait, balls, barbara, bet, better, biggest, bin, bit, black boxes, blue, bogus, border, bow, boxes, break, buddy, building, bull, business, buy, cake, called, camera, captured, carry, catch, caught, chance, che, cheney, claim, clean, commercial, common, complex, con, condi, continue, conveniently, correct, country, cover, crap, crash, credible, crew, critical, currency, dan, data, day, dea, deaf, death, definition, disinformation, dna, documentation, doesn, don, dont, dow, drops, dumbass, dump, earlier, early, elements, ells, ended, ends, engineering, enter, entire, entry, euro, europe, european, event, expert, experts, expose, extreme, eye, eyes, eyewitness, face, families, fast, fdr, fed, fee, files, finding, fly, folks, forces, forget, fox, free, front, galaxy, general, global, good, grab, ground, guys, hard, hasn, head, hell, hey, high, highly, his, hits, hoaxes, hole, home, hotel, house, html, huge, hurricane, ice, identify, idiot, ignorance, ignorant, ignore, ill, images, ime, impact, individuals, info, information, inside job, insult, inter, interest, internet, interview, investigated, involved, ion, isn, issue, issues, jet, job, joke, jones, kidnapped, killed, kind, large, last, laughing, leaving, light, line, lining, lis, living, lol, long, loose, los, lose, lot, mad, magazine, mail, making, maps, mark, mass, matter, mea, members, millions, mind, ministry, month, more, move, national, nature, nazi, nbc, needed, neo, net, news, newspaper, nice, night, notice, objects, office, official, olsen, onli, oral, order, org, original, owner, pals, paper, par, part, pen, pentagon, people, person, personally, picked, picture, pictures, piece, plane, planes, planet, planned, poland, poor, pos, post, posted, posting, prescription, production, propaganda, prove, proved, proves, public, pull, pun, quality, question, questions, quote, quotes, rea, read, ready, reagan, real, reality, red, references, reliable, reporters, reporting, research, respect, rest, retarded, ria, rick, rolls, rove, seats, sense, sept, set, sheet, sho, shortly, shot, showed, shows, side, simple, site, small, sole, solid, sorry, source, sources, special, speed, star, start, state, stated, states, stay, stays, steel, stop, story, street, stupid, suck, sucks, sul, survive, taken, takes, talking, tapes, ted, tells, text, they, thought, thread, times, told, tomorrow, toons, total, towers, treated, trick, twin, union, url, vanish, version, view, viral, wait, wanted, watching, water, weapon, whats, wide, win, wire, witnesses, woma, worked, working, wound, wow, wrong, www, year, years
    • Replies: 28
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  40. UN Summit Theory

    Started by altangle2011, 08-11-2006 05:31 AM
    9/11, ages, apes, bin, bin laden, career, country, dea, deaths, disasters, don, dumped, enjoy, find, helped, hey, hussein, iraq, joy, killed, laden, leader, leaders, meeting, nation, natural, necessarily, plan, planned, presiden, president, putting, recorded, recover, remember, show, summit, tapes, theory, threatening, turn, war, world, years
    • Replies: 0
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  41. BUSH plans to bomb Iran w/Illegal B61-11

    Started by Ette, 07-22-2006 09:28 AM
    000, accepted, admin, administration, afraid, ain, ale, alleged, allowed, american, amount, another, appears, approval, approved, april, article, ass, bad, balls, ban, bears, bed, bet, better, billion, bit, bless, blue, bomb, bombing, breaking, breaks, building, bur, buried, bush, called, calling, care, center, central, chance, claims, clean, cli, clinto, commit, community, complete, concerns, condi, confirms, congressional, continue, countries, country, cover, credible, crew, crowd, cuz, damage, day, department, deserve, destruction, develop, development, devil, dirt, disease, doe, don, dont, dow, easy, effects, elec, electio, election, electric, ended, extra, eyes, fallout, fat, flux, fresh, generation, george, give, gonna, good, gov, green, group, gullible, guys, hand, head, healthy, hell, hey, homes, horrible, horse, hot, house, ian, idiots, ignorance, ill, illegal, ime, inflicted, info, inter, ion, iran, iranian, iraq, israel, issues, journalist, killed, land, large, last, lead, leads, leave, letters, lied, likes, line, lis, local, los, lottery, luck, lunatic, lying, machines, mad, mafia, making, mass, math, mea, mentally, million, mind, money, monster, more, morning, motives, nelson, night, north, nuclear, nuke, nurse, office, oil, onli, open, options, order, org, pal, paul, paula, peaceful, pen, pentagon, people, person, phone, piece, pissing, plans, plant, plants, point, poison, pos, position, positive, post, posted, posts, power, pray, presiden, president, president bush, prevent, process, produce, products, prosecuted, public, pun, queen, question, questions, quote, raising, rea, read, reagan, reason, red, regime, regular, release, research, reserve, respect, rip, rise, robert, run, rushed, satisfied, scientists, screwed, severe, seymour, seymour hersh, ship, shock, signed, signing, simply, sounds, star, start, state, states, stay, stop, stupid, submit, summarizes, system, systems, taken, takes, talk, tap, tax, tech, technologies, ted, test, testing, thread, times, told, totally, united, united states, uranium, url, van, vice, view, voting, wars, weapon, website, west, whats, wire, won, wonderful, wont, working, worth, yahoo, year, years
    • Replies: 18
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    08-13-2006, 08:27 PM Go to last post
  42. Secret mysteries of America's beginnings

    Started by Rawb, 07-09-2006 09:27 PM
    000, ain, america, american, announced, attention, avoid, balance, based, basic, beauty, building, bye, called, cancer, center, cer, charter, chris, christian, cli, commissioned, common, company, con, confirms, cons, country, county, courts, cover, criminal, dark, date, day, decades, destroyed, development, direction, diversity, don, dont, dow, ear, ended, environment, establishment, face, feel, find, fitness, folding, forces, future, georgia, good, government, group, groups, hey, hole, huge, huma, identity, ignore, ime, important, inter, international, ion, issues, john, kind, liberty, light, live, living, mankind, maurice, men, mental, message, messages, million, ministry, moment, monument, moon, move, mystery, nations, nature, new world order, nice, north, office, officials, order, org, part, people, personal, planned, politics, pos, post, posted, prize, protect, public, question, quote, read, real, reason, religion, religious, replace, requirements, room, roy, secret, ship, small, socialism, soo, spirituality., star, stars, start, stones, stranger, subs, sun, support, sustainable, system, ted, text, thomas, thought, today, tradition, truth, unfolding, url, video, view, wanted, warren, watching, ways, working, world, writes, www
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 4,005
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