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Forum: General Chat

A chat forum where you can do NON-SCAM-RELATED posts. Speak your mind, go on record.

  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: Introduce Yourself

    Started by Administrator, 01-13-2014 07:33 AM
    aba, acceptance, accounting, administrator, alleged, ame, be aware, big, bin, bogus, bonus, buster, catch, change, che, city, collected, darren, diploma, dot, duped, easter, emily, family, foreigners, forum, fred, gas, greece, gurgaon, indonesia, jmcargoindia, jonathan mase, knock, lawyer, lawyers, link, live, management, marketing, martin, mase, media, moore, nam, nature, nembutal, new york, nra, oksana, plugin, programmer, ramapo, random, ratings, raw, rea, robert, rockland, rotten, scam artist, scammers, scottish, scumbag, share, sharing, social, spreading, suffern, transport, transportation, travelling, view2.be, watch, website, word, wordpress, work at home jobs 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: Scam.com General Chat Rules 2016

    Started by Administrator, 08-05-2016 09:40 AM
    • Replies: 57
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  1. Legit pocket money

    Started by buzzer78, 03-27-2006 08:07 AM
    000, address, another, conservative, currency, don, easy, email, fast, forex, full, good, great, guess, guys, hard, helped, hey, his, hyip, ime, income, job, learn, legit, lol, los, lost, lot, love, make money, money, more, offs, pass, pay, people, play, pos, post, product, quote, red, rip, ripoff, scam, scams, service, software, stuff, threads, time, url, website, www
    • Replies: 3
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  2. Hello? Anybody home?

    Started by 6seven8, 04-04-2006 09:40 PM
    home, member
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  3. was it luck? prehaps not.

    Started by peewittle, 02-04-2006 07:20 AM
    chat, day, earn, forum, guess, his, info, james, king, luck, pos, post, quote, read, scam, scam.com, searching, site, sri, url, web, www
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  4. Hacked satellites

    Started by cansouth, 01-27-2006 09:28 PM
    2001, 9/11, accused, admit, admitted, ahhhh, airport, anniversary, another, arrested, article, ation, attacks, authentic, baghdad, bathroom, bit, called, cars, center, chan, colin, comments, complicit, con, cover, crash, credited, dangerous, date, days, district, don, earth, effects, equipment, error, examples, extremely, eyes, face, fat, fine, five, friday, friends, general, george, george w. bush, germany, guess, hacked, hacker, hackers, hacking, hand, hands, happened, hard, heads, hear, hey, high, his, html, huma, human, hussein, ice, idea, increase, index, information, interested, ion, iraq, israel, joke, kind, kinds, large, lead, leaders, line, lis, listen, long, madrid, mea, meeting, mind, more, mossad, movemen, myers, nations, net, news, nice, night, normal, note, number, official, organisation, par, part, pen, pentagon, people, person, photos, pictures, planes, plans, por, portugal, pos, posted, powell, presiden, principles, private, pulled, quote, rated, read, real, reasons, relax, reporters, responsible, rick, room, san, secret, security, sends, september, ser, service, sign, silver, slim, slow, small, soft, spanish, special, star, station, sunday, systems, tall, tech, terror, the truth about, they, told, touch, towers, trade, trial, twin, united, url, usual, war, wars, watching, wednesday, win, world, write, yahoo, york 1 Deleted Post(s)
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    • Replies: 2
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  5. Lvaap

    Started by jnofchissey, 02-02-2006 07:47 PM
    000, act, assistance, cashier check, check, con, confidential, contact, dam, decided, didn, don, emails, fra, guess, had, harbor, hey, his, how to get, info, interest, involved, kidding, knew, large, law, law suit, lawyer, legal, letter, letters, mail, ner, officially, only, pays, people, quote, read, rolling, scams, searching, sell, sen, send, stated, they, throw, today, trolling, week, west, win, winner, won
    • Replies: 3
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  6. Al-Qaida does not exist

    Started by cansouth, 01-28-2006 01:29 AM
    accused, administration, age, ahmed, al qaeda, alt, anti, appeal, article, asia, attacks, bad, balance, bali, basic, bbc, bin, books, brilliant, bring, bush, called, comments, commissioner, coo, correction, dangerous, dow, ear, email, enemy, english, enjoy, error, exists, expose, facing, fast, feedback, forgot, fox, fra, free, freedom, front, gal, goo, good, group, hamburg, helping, hey, his, html, ian, indonesia, intelligence, international, interview, ion, john, joy, kid, kraft, laden, late, lies, line, link, lot, luck, mass, member, members, metropolitan, minister, more, named, national, net, network, news, newspaper, october, onli, online, operation, order, organization, pakistan, pass, pen, pentagon, people, popular, por, pos, posted, power, presiden, president, prime, published, question, quote, read, regime, registration, religious, role, scare, sept, service, set, side, ski, smoke, soo, speaking, states, stories, story, strategy, submit, sunday, syria, terror, terrorism, terrorist, they, tie, tony, turkish, united, united states, url, usa, viole, violence, weapon, website, working, world, writing, www, years
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  7. educate yourself about scams!!

    Started by mroels, 10-07-2005 10:04 PM
    000, about, access, act, actions, active, ada, address, advice, advisor, advisors, after, agains, against, age, agency, agreed, ale, all, amazon, and, another, answer, anyone, anything, appropriate, are, arizona, assist, ation, attorney general, bad, based, bbb, became, because, bee, believe, best, bet, better, big, biggest, bit, book, books, bought, bricks, bur, burn, businesses, but, buy, calls, calm, can, cars, cat, cer, chain, chan, charge, check, check this out, checking, claim, clicking, clueless, college, colored, com, comme, comments, commit, company., compensation, complain, complete, compliance, con, concerned, consumer, coo, copa, corporations, correct, costs, counter, credibility, current, customer, customers, daily, dam, damn, dar, darn, der, description, deserve, detail, development, devil, did, didn, ding, dive, does, doesn, dollar, don, done, dow, down, drops, dude, due, each, educate, eme, est, etc, ethical, event, ever, excellent, exists, expand, face, fall, fashion, fee, feel, file, finds, first, fool, for, force, forma, fra, free, from, general, general public, gets, getting, give, gla, goal, good, group, guarantee, guess, guys, had, han, hand, happy, has, hat, have, help, helps, hem, her, here, hey, hidden, hidden agenda, high, his, hose, how, howard, html, huh, idiot, ill, ime, important, indeed, independent, individuals, industry, influence, info, ing, insurance, inter, involved, ion, jesus, johnson, join, joke, just, keep, kind, know, large, las, last, leads, league, learn, led, legitimate, leisure, lexx, liberty, like, linda, line, lis, listed, lived, long, lot, love, luck, lying, make, makes, making, mantra, many, marke, mea, meaning, member, members, membership, men, mention, mentions, misunderstood, mlm, mom, mor, more, movies, much, music, need, network, never, not, note, nothing, now, numbers, off, offering, office, official, only, oops, operations, opportunity, org, organization, other, our, out, over, own, owner, page, pair, pan, part, passion, pays, people, person, personal, phoenix, piss, point, pop, pos, position, possible, post, posted, posting, pretty, prevent, prior, pro, products, profi, profit, protect, prove, proved, public, purpose, pyramid, quarter, questions, qui, quote, racket, raining, read, reality, really, red, ref, related, reminds, removed, rid, ripped, robert, said, sales, satisfied, save, scammed, scams, scripts, sea, self, selling, service, shouldn, show, sign, simple, simply, site, size, small, small business, smoking, sold, some, somebody, son, soo, sooner, sorry, soup, spe, spend, stated, statement, story, succeed, sure, take, takes, tale, talk, teach, texas, than, that, the, their, there, they, think, this, this page, those, thought, threads, tie, til, time, times, too, top, tricks, trying, turning, una, unhappy, uni, ure, url, used, victoria, view, visit, wait, wallet, wan, wants, was, web, welcome, well, were, wha, what, when, who, why, will, with, won, work, world, worse, worth, would, wrong, www, years, yer, you, your, yourself, zid
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  8. herling construction job offer

    Started by j.w.fla, 03-10-2006 09:32 PM
    advance, alert, answer, area, artist, bet, better, business, called, calls, card, careful, close, company, cons, couple, credit, crooks, day, destroyed, doesn, don, dow, driver, earn, equipment, face, false, finding, friends, good, hand, hey, his, hurricanes, information, inter, internet, ion, job, kind, law, leads, legitimate, live, lot, main, more, ner, number, numbers, paid, par, part, pay, payment, person, personal, pick, problems, proper, property, protection, resume, safe, satisfied, secure, security, simple, social, social security, spammers, states, they, times, tools, touch, town, trac, type, verify, week, west, wild, work, worst, years
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  9. Me wanteeeeee!

    Started by zirchowvii, 03-09-2006 07:44 PM
    activities, aus, bot, criminal, des, don, ear, earn, folks, gotta, hard, hey, liars, money, more, movies, nature, nice, nigeria, par, part, people, pile, prince, products, quit, quote, real, rest, scams, simple, smith, star, starting, they, transfers, truth, work, working, wrong
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  10. has anyone seen this WesternGold co Ltd

    Started by dhunter, 03-06-2006 12:33 AM
    account, big, claim, deposited, don, email, fat, fret, gold, grand, hey, his, ice, ime, nice, open, picked, scared, they, time, virus, waste
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  11. Best internet money making opportunity?

    Started by machesked, 03-03-2006 02:56 AM
    affiliate, amazon, ame, cake, cheese, company, direct, dollar, easy, ebay, error, experience, extra, face, false, find, give, good, google, great, hey, his, information, inter, internet, jesus, kinds, learn, line, lis, list, lot, make money, make money online, making, mlm, money, onli, online, opportunity, paid, par, people, person, place, point, pos, post, prevent, program, questions, quote, research, safe, scammed, scams, sell, share, shows, site, they, trial, yahoo
    • Replies: 3
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  12. Scam.com being sold

    Started by sojustask, 11-08-2005 07:45 PM
    000, act, ads, adsense, adult, aff, agreed, agreement, alot, also, answer, are, aren, art, artists, attention, back, bad, bail, ban, based, being, bet, better, big, blue, boards, bought, boxes, build, business, buy, canadian, care, career, cer, claims, close, com, comments, common, complete, con, concerns, condi, congratulations, contact, continue, coo, couldn, crochet, crying, daily, dallas, day, days, deal, decided, decision, dee, defend, design, did, didn, different, ding, discuss, disqualify, disrespect, distortion, doesn, domain name, don, dow, drug, ear, earlier, earn, eed, ells, employees, end, entire, expose, fac, favorite, fear, financial, find, for, forum, forward, foundation, fra, george, getting, good, good and bad, good deal, google, google adsense, got, gra, great, guess, gut, had, heads, healthy, heard, help, helping, helps, hey, him, his, hose, hosting, how, ica, ice, ill, ime, inc, individual, industry, info, ing, insult, intellex, inter, interested, internet scams, ion, island, isn, its, just, kind, know, large, leaving, legitimate, like, linda, line, lol, lot, luck, mail, make, makes, making, many, mar, matter, medical, messages, month, more, much, need, net, nice, now, ones, only, original, ouch, owner, owners, page, part, partners, pas, past, pen, people, perfect, person, personal, personally, place, pleasure, point, popular, pos, post, posted, posts, prescription, private, product, professional, promising, prove, proven, public, pulled, questions, quote, ran, range, read, ready, red, removed, replace, responsible, rest, reveals, ric, riches, ripped, runs, sad, safe, sale, sales, sans, scam, scam.com, scammed, sell, sense, series, service, services, show, site, sites, sitio, sol, sold, sorry, spammer, speak, staff, star, start, started, status, stay, such, sue, suite, sul, sure, take, taken, talk, technical, ted, tells, texas, than, the, they, thing, thought, thread, threads, tie, time, touch, trac, transition, trouble, truck, trusted, turnip, type, uni, url, user, view, wanted, ways, web, web design, website, websites, when, will, won, wont, wow, wrong, year, you, your 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  13. I want to know if The ads posted on this site

    Started by sheilamac143, 02-25-2006 05:15 AM
    ads, allowed, block, dow, download, explained, find, hats, hey, his, lis, listed, love, more, pages, pos, posted, real, scam, scams, site, they, threads
    • Replies: 1
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  14. Google Pages

    Started by 6seven8, 02-24-2006 11:22 AM
    add, crooks, free, google, hey, page, pages, route, scammers, signed, they, thought, url, web, yahoo
    • Replies: 1
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    • Replies: 4
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  15. contest scams

    Started by sheilamac143, 02-22-2006 02:37 AM
    apex, butts, cash, check, cia, con, contest, financial, find, fire, hey, his, letter, lite, mad, money, quote, scam, scammed, scams, send, stop, test, they, win, won
    • Replies: 1
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    • Replies: 3
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  16. Get rid of Internet Explorer 7 ?

    Started by 6seven8, 02-15-2006 11:48 PM
    active, add, another, con, dam, damn, delete, deleted, dow, explorer, files, fine, forum, fun, install, inter, internet, ion, mess, missing, only, open, remove, removed, rid, run, system, today, tools, worked, working
    • Replies: 2
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  17. Make a million dollars. No sweat!

    Started by 6seven8, 02-12-2006 10:19 PM
    account, art, baby, bank, bank account, bit, cash, child, costs, day, days, deal, delete, didn, dollars, education, everyday, fun, fund, funny, gem, give, good, gotta, great, hey, his, hope, huge, ill, ime, interest, investment, ion, kids, life, lis, listen, long, lot, love, men, million, millionaire, mind, money, news, opportunity, par, part, pay, people, pos, post, presto, problem, quit, quote, risk, smoke, smoking, sorry, star, start, stock, stupid, sweat, they, time, url, world, year, years, young
    • Replies: 4
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  18. Were scam.com got script for fourm from?

    Started by trueston3, 02-14-2006 03:52 AM
    bye, care, communication, con, don, extra, feature, hey, his, ica, idiot, ion, land, live, los, lost, men, mention, message, need, owners, pay, pop, pos, post, problem, proof, quote, references, removed, rips, scam, scam.com, script, site, sorry, stuff, they, thought, thread, url, version, www
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 2,297
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  19. Tupie Amerikosbl

    Started by [Kolobok], 12-17-2005 02:21 PM
    alert, america, americans, art, ban, banned, bet, better, broke, broken, con, contribution, hey, his, home, ime, insults, ion, mama, mea, men, more, people, phone, pos, post, quote, roll, russia, russian, set, sour, space, star, start, stupid, sul, swift, text, they, thread, threads, time, title, total, troll, user, war, warning, waste, world
    • Replies: 7
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  20. free--debt free--free

    Started by seh44833, 01-31-2006 08:01 PM
    address, ame, appears, bite, card, company, cost, day, debt, fishy, free, hey, his, letter, mail, named, only, paid, people, pos, post, return, sen, send, sounds, sum, they, valentine, weeks, william
    • Replies: 1
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  21. surveyscout.com

    Started by highnoon, 01-12-2006 08:44 AM
    had, his, problems, scammed, signed, site, surveys
    • Replies: 1
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  22. spyware

    Started by linda49, 02-06-2006 10:20 AM
    access, activate, advertising, advice, ain, another, anti, assistance, aware, background, big, block, business, buying, cer, circuit, city, cleaner, con, connection, cost, cover, crap, crazy, customers, database, details, didn, domain, door, dow, download, dows, embedded, error, fec, free download, freebie, good, heard, hey, hidden, his, html, idea, ime, index, infected, information, install, inter, internet, ion, leads, legitimate, life, lis, listed, lot, machine, market, mea, message, microsoft, middle, ner, note, open, org, person, personal, ploy, product, public, quote, read, real, recommend, remove, resident, rid, rouge, sca, scan, scare, scheme, sends, set, site, software, solved, sounds, systems, take a look, talk, they, time, url, usa, user, users, virus, web, website, won, working, world
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  23. :) New here, Hello

    Started by Damen, 02-07-2006 01:29 AM
    area, associate, ate, based, billion, building, bull, business, carolina, central, click, company, coo, cost, couple, dallas, development, didn, don, dont, dow, dry, easy, ebay, email, estate, feel, five, free, good, great, ground, guess, had, hell, hey, high, ice, intellex, interested, investing, knew, last, legit, live, living, lol, los, lot, luck, make money, members, mlm, money, more, need, nice, north, north carolina, pay, phone, place, pos, post, private, profile, project, proper, questions, quote, read, real, real estate, ripped, rise, scam, scam.com, sell, selling, send, set, signed, site, sold, spend, state, talk, ted, they, thread, tie, traffic, transfer, type, user, wanted, ways, websites, weeks, welcome, west, write, yahoo, years
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  24. I'm new here

    Started by Soroth, 02-04-2006 09:35 PM
    hacker, mea, mind, quote, scam, scam.com, soro, tech, welcome
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  25. Goldlynks

    Started by sokan2001@yahoo.com, 02-02-2006 12:49 PM
    2001, days, experience, friends, hand, his, ici, level, marketing, multi, multi level marketing, ohhh, par, quote, scheme, yahoo
    • Replies: 1
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  26. Polident Promo

    Started by pollai, 12-22-2005 06:27 AM
    admit, air, boxes, buy, check, city, condi, cost, details, fall, fee, five, flight, free, fun, funny, gra, great, hey, his, interested, ion, isn, lot, pay, people, receive, select, take a look, talk, taxes, they, ticket, tickets, url, voucher, working, www
    • Replies: 5
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  27. I am in financial trouble - garage sale.

    Started by 6seven8, 11-16-2005 07:14 PM
    address, amx, and, are, bad, bit, card, cars, coming, course, crap, credit, credit card, deb, debt, decided, ded, ding, email, embarrassed, ended, ends, extended, fina, financial, from, garage, have, here, his, hoo, ill, inter, interested, internet, joke, junk, loser, lot, make, meet, order, pack, prime, quote, real, sale, sell, sen, star, started, stop, stuff, the, then, there, trouble, visit, world, yer, yet, you
    • Replies: 5
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  28. For those who thought they knew everything

    Started by sojustask, 01-19-2006 10:45 PM
    000, age, airlines, amazing, america, american, american airlines, answer, arts, avoid, blood, blue, brand, bur, butts, call, cancer, cer, class, coca, code, cola, company, crashes, darkgreen, dead, doesn, dow, duck, ear, earth, efficient, fee, flush, future, girl, give, god, gonna, gray, hand, head, hear, heart, hearts, heaven, hell, hey, his, hope, house, ime, jerk, king, knew, land, last, lead, live, living, long, los, lost, love, lung, man., matter, mel, more, morning, nigh, night, olive, only, ora, order, owner, paper, par, people, piece, plane, plasma, pop, pray, product, promised, quote, reach, reason, room, served, shout, ski, skin, sleeping, star, starts, stay, subs, sun, sweet, they, thought, time, times, ups, waking, walk, watching, whats, women, world, year, years, young
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  29. Political jokes

    Started by baptist1, 12-20-2005 08:48 AM
    ann, bush, fit, friends, front, george, hey, his, hooker, ist, joke, jokes, more, pay, political, poor, pull, quote, rage, seats, silver, they, woma, woman
    • Replies: 2
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    • Replies: 2
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  30. 12DailyPro Down?

    Started by kojac, 11-16-2005 01:32 AM
    access, and, another, called, com, country, day, dead, difference, dow, for, ion, isn, just, life, lives, lot, mea, news, now, our, ponzi, pos, posts, question, real, run, running, scam, scam.com, search, support, the, url, watch, wha, what, world, www, yay
    • Replies: 4
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    • Replies: 5
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  31. ArmtheMob.com

    Started by Pentarix, 01-09-2006 03:16 PM
    age, amount, artists, beta, called, check, completely, con, content, core, couple, courage, decided, exposing, fight, finally, free, good, hey, his, ice, information, lot, mea, nice, numbers, people, play, pos, post, power, process, public, read, reason, recently, register, ripped, scam, scams, site, star, strength, system, taken, ted, they, url, voting, wanted, won, words, www
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,584
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  32. Finally, something that is not a scam

    Started by trinden, 10-18-2005 08:51 AM
    about, across, address, advertising, alert, all, also, and, any, anyone, anything, are, ation, back, bee, before, bit, breaking, bucks, bus, but, buying, calling, can, cannot, chris, christopher, comme, con, con men, coo, credit, crying, did, didn, distressed, don, dun, ear, earn, email address, everything, exposing, fac, fair, feel, finally, first, fool, for, forget, found, get, going, good, hat, her, hey, him, his, how, ignorance, income, ing, intelligence, interested, interesting, investigate, investigation, investment, ion, italy, job, jobs, join, just, keep, know, las, last, linda, make, matter, mention, million, moderators, money, mor, more, mortgage, must, name, not, one, only, opportunity, ora, paid, pas, pass, past, people, place, police, pos, posted, posting, proper, properties, property, quote, ratings, received, report, rol, said, say, sca, scam, scheme, second, sen, set, shady, she, sign, site, smoking, some, someone, something, soo, sounds, states, sticky, stra, strangers, stupid, tell, that, the, there, they, thing, think, this, thought, thousand, thread, tie, title, too, uni, vest, vic, victims, wan, want, wary, week, were, what, who, why, will, with, without, world, would, yahoo, yesterday, you, your 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  33. Want to talk to a real live Nigerian scammer

    Started by abidders.com, 11-09-2005 04:53 PM
    000, ame, box, clicking, com, fun, guest, him, just, live, log, lol, love, nigeria, nigerian, nose, now, payment, playing, quote, real, scam, scammer, talk, the, tries, url, visit, wan, www
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  34. pits

    Started by simonsays, 01-10-2006 06:17 AM
    ation, babies, bed, bet, better, box, bulls, buy, careful, cer, che, coming, daddy, day, days, domain, dot, dow, drain, evening, had, hey, his, home, ice, ion, jan, jump, king, kitchen, lab, leave, life, live, living, lol, long, lot, nice, people, pit, pos, posted, proud, quote, real, sam, simon, sink, they, told, turn, weeks
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  35. Ameriplan is Great!!

    Started by plross, 11-20-2005 02:46 AM
    are, based, bbb, business, chambers, commerce, details, ding, email, feel, for, fortune, free, great, his, home, home based, ill, ime, info, information, interest, ion, legit, legitimate, make, make money, money, more, national, net, only, order, registered, rowe, send, the, this, time, une, war, warning, will, with, wonderful, work, you, your
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  36. UBE/UCE - spam from my own IP address

    Started by linda49, 12-21-2005 05:09 AM
    address, ban, daughter, days, don, early, emails, explained, fixed, gain, good, hey, his, home, ice, imagine, inter, internet, mea, million, nice, notice, people, pos, post, provider, question, received, reply, respond, retarded, return, sad, shaw, smart, spam, spammers, star, stupid, temporary, thought, virus, world, worse, year, young
    • Replies: 2
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  37. Self-Help Books

    Started by zirchowvii, 12-13-2005 07:40 PM
    ages, appeal, attention, ava, avoiding, bad, bed, bet, better, book, books, buy, car, cartoons, cash, causing, cease, cer, che, collection, cons, day, dear, dow, dreams, drink, ear, eat, einstein, exercise, experience, famous, find, food, fridge, friends, fun, funny, good, grow, hey, his, home, image, information, interest, invite, issue, item, job, large, lazy, loss, lot, magazines, messages, money, more, need, ner, note, only, open, outs, paper, par, pay, personal, picture, pictures, plane, plans, positive, problem, problems, quality, quote, random, rated, real, reliable, remain, rip, role, room, solution, soo, source, special, star, start, stein, stop, store, story, strength, support, take, they, thought, trac, traveling, tribute, trip, vacation, war, wash, watch, water, weak, weight, world, write
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  38. Poll Poll: Age Survey

    Started by scambuster, 12-12-2005 05:25 PM
    admit, age, answers, art, aug, bat, battle, bet, better, body, buy, called, car, ceo, child, chris, christmas, christmas., classic, clean, day, days, decided, didn, doesn, driver, eat, email, experience, fast, fast food, find, food, fool, forgot, forward, gas, girl, girls, golden age, good, grab, had, head, hey, his, home, house, ignorant, ill, ime, insurance, interested, job, kid, knew, lady, laughing, leave, license, life, line, lol, long, mind, more, move, nigh, night, open, ora, par, part, pas, past, pay, personally, positive, quote, responsibility, rest, ring, scenario, school, screwed, show, star, start, story, sunday, support, survey, tender, they, thought, throw, time, told, tom, types, vehicle, wait, welcome, won, wonderful, wont, work, working, worse, year, years, young
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  39. Just joined...Awesome site

    Started by suwiggins, 12-16-2005 05:10 PM
    adult, another, awesome, business, company, company., con, continue, conversation, dam, decision, don, enjoy, feel, find, forgot, front, full, girls, give, glad, god, gray, guess, heart, helping, hey, his, hope, husband, ice, ime, income, information, inter, internet, ion, join, joined, joy, kidding, kids, live, make money, mass, mind, money, mother, nice, par, part, pay, people, roo, scam, scam.com, scammed, scams, search, selling, shoo, site, state, stay, support, ted, they, time, today, unemployment, wanted, welcome, win, winter, work
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  40. Great site!

    Started by abidders.com, 10-18-2005 09:29 AM
    across, act, admin, administrator, advertising, all, and, any, are, auction, back, best, bet, better, but, came, can, charge, click, click here, com, common, con, contact, contest, could, current, desire, details, don, education, eed, emails, end, fight, for, forum, general, going, great, guys, had, hey, him, his, ill, images, ion, issues, just, know, let, like, line, link, more, need, not, now, ones, onli, online, online scams, place, please, pos, post, posted, quote, receive, related, run, scams, seem, site, sites, size, speak, star, started, still, such, sure, test, that, there, they, this, type, url, users, where, with, would, www, your 1 Deleted Post(s)
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