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Forum: Internet Scams

The world wide web has been called The Wild West. Post all your internet scam experiences here. And there's evil out there, trust us.

  1. Sticky: 2016 Update - Scam.com Forum Rules

    Started by sojustask, 04-12-2009 09:49 AM
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    Thread deleted by Administrator
  1. Why was the Cartel thread deleted?

    Started by Isaac Hunt, 11-11-2009 07:30 AM
    129, acceptance, accident, accounting, acted, affidavit, agreement, airport, alleged, ama, amanda, amendment, anders, annual, asy, attempts, attitude, authors, avail, bait, banker, basics, be aware, ben, bin, bitch, blog, bogus, bonus, boots, bridget, builder, buster, captain, car, car insurance, catch, chan, chase, che, christmas, clock, collected, collectors, company, complaints, contracts, couldn, courage, crack, crew, darren, debacle, declared, deposits, differently, district, documentation, dot, duped, edit, elliot, error, establishment, euro, experience, extended, extra, faulty, fond, forensic, fred, gals, gas, gavel, gay, gee, ggg, goodbye, hahaha, hai, haida, happiest, hay, held, helen, holidays, hopeless, ice, identifies, illness, images, impact, indicating, individuals, industry, insanity, int, isaac, job, joint, judiciary, judy, karma, killer, king, kiss, knock, laden, lawyer, limbo, loans, lost, marian, martin, merry, money, monitoring, morris, motives, mow, mr.good luck, nathan, nature, needy, norm, notice, number, offs, owen, paid, payday, people, pissing, playground, power, prepared, pretending, pro, proof, protected, pursuit, qualifications, random, ratings, raw, rea, reality, recover, representative, ress, restore, reward, ria, rope, rotten, scam, scam artist, scam.com, score, scottish, scumbag, secretary, secrets, select, serve, seymour, sharing, socks, statistic, stats, steal, steven, stinks, strange, submit, sufferers, televised, theif, tools, transvestite, travelling, unfortunate, upper, usw, verification, version, warn, wireless, wont 50 Deleted Post(s)
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  2. Poll Poll: Is this a scam?

    Started by alina09, 10-15-2008 02:49 AM
    $100, 129, accounting, acted, acts, agreement, airport, alleged, amsterdam, apartment, approved, arrival, asy, attempts, avail, avia, badger, bags, be aware, bewar, bitch, bogus, boxes, car, car loans, cars, casinos, castro, catch, chan, chase, christmas, clark, clock, columbus, complaints, congratulations, couldn, crack, credit cards, crew, cruise, deceptive, declared, deposits, designs, district, documentation, doe, donation, dot, duped, edmonton, error, euro, experience, explained, extended, extra, fled, foreigners, frauds, fraudster, furniture, gas, gay, give, gym, hai, held, holidays, images, impact, individuals, industry, information, inherited, int, internet, isaac, joint, kiss, law, loans, maple, marian, martin, merry, money, moore, nam, nature, new jersey, news, offs, orange, owners, pay, payday, people, phone, ping, prepared, presentations, pretending, pro, problems, protected, pte, random, rea, reality, registration, regular, rental, representative, resorts, responsibility, reward, robber, scam, scam artist, scams, scumbag, secrets, security, seekers, select, sellers, serve, sharing, sims, spreading, steal, steven, submit, survey, thanksgiving, transport, upload, upper, used cars, verification, version, viagra, warning, wont, wore, yay 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  3. Poll Poll: heres my latest e-mail from the scammers!

    Started by woodrider, 11-16-2006 11:34 PM
    $100, 129, abandoned, acceptance, accounting, accurate, acted, acts, additionally, advocates, affidavit, ages, agreement, airport, aka, ale, alliance, ama, american, animal, apartment, appears, appreciated, approval, approved, artists, assigned, attempts, australia, authorized, authors, avail, bait, banker, bankers, bastards, be aware, belarus, ben, beta, bewar, bin, blue, bomb, bonus, border, boxes, brown, building, bur, car, casinos, catch, central, chair, chan, channel, charter, chase, child abuse, christmas, clean, clearing, clock, cod, code, communication, como, complain, conditioning, corporate, corporation, cost, costly, costs, couch, couldn, cover, credentials, credit cards, crisis, cure, customer, daughter, declared, delta, district, dob, documentation, dot, drop, dubai, email, embassy, epochs, error, esq, establishment, ethical, experience, explained, extended, extra, factory, fidelity, fix, foreigners, free, fund, furniture, future, gas, gay, gen, gibson, give, goodbye, grace, green, guru, harvey, held, higher, highly, hire, holds, holidays, home, hop, hope, horse, hotels, hourly, huge, human, idiot, images, imagine, important, indicating, individuals, industry, institution, interest, investigated, investing, issues, it works, item, john, joke, kiss, knock, large, legit, lincoln, lindsey, lis, lisa, listen, llp, loans, local, lock, love, manager, mankind, martin, maryland, mayer, mea, members, mendez, mental, merry, meu, midnight, mode, money, monitoring, moore, mortgage, nation, national, nature, needed, nurse, oath, offer, operation, opposite, orange, ordered, organizations, outs, owned, owns, pacific, paddington, paper, passwords, patrick, payday, payout, paypal credit card., people, photos, picture, pissed, planned, plastic, poor, postal, prepaid, prepared, preview, prices, pricing, programmer, projects, protection, puppy, pyramid, qualifications, raise, random, raw, reasonable, receiving, reduction, refused, regular, reliable, rendered, rent, rental, representative, research, resident, response, ress, ride, ripper, rockland, rolls, rome, sacm, sale, saves, scale, scam artist, scam warning, scamming, script, secretary, select, selling, sex, seymour, share, sharing, sho, sniper, space, spent, steal, stranger, submit, subs, suitable, sun, supplier, systems, tara, threads, tools, top, totally, track, trade, transfer, transparent, trip, uae, united states, upload, vacation, verification, veterans, vicious, victor, video, view, vince, visit, waiting, walker, warehouse, watch, web, wired, wont, work, worked, writing, www, youtube 3 Deleted Post(s)
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  4. Poll Poll: Should have checked it out first!

    Started by Carsten Holdum, 12-14-2009 04:03 PM
    $100, 3 month, acted, agreement, airport, alleged, ama, american airlines, annual, apartment, arrested, arrival, attempts, avail, bait, be aware, ben, bewar, bin, bogus, bonus, booking, business, cards, cars, catch, chase, che, children, christmas, collected, collectors, company, complaints, couldn, coward, credit, cruise, deadline, debt, defective, diploma, dot, duped, emily, error, extort, extra, firm, goodbye, greeting, hatch, held, holidays, home, hooker, imposter, indicating, individuals, indonesia, industry, johns, karma, kennedy, killer, knock, lawyers, legal, limbo, lindsey, loans, merry, mistake, money, news, nurse, offs, ovens, par, payday, people, phoenix, playground, prepaid, prepared, prescription, preview, program, programmer, random, rea, reality, renewal, rental, representative, resorts, ress, reward, robert, rolls, rotten, running, scam, scam artist, scumbag, session, signs, social, spatz, stats, steal, steven, submit, swear, transport, transportation, urban, verification, version, vic, wont, work 3 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 191
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  5. Unauthorized Phone Bill Charges - USBI

    Started by mizz_cg, 10-24-2006 11:03 PM
    000, 2008, accepted, access, account, accounts, add, age, agreed, ain, amount, another, appears, archive, article, attorney general, authorization, authorized, avoid, aware, basically, behalf, bet, bewar, bill, block, blue, bogus, call, called, calls, cancel, card, carrier, catch, caught, central, cer, chan, channel, charges, chea, close, collect, collected, collection, comments, company, company., compensation, complain, complaints, complete, completely, confirmed, consumers, conversation, couldn, county, credit, customer, damn, department, dial, difficult, division, documentation, doesn, dollar, don, dont, dow, due, eme, emergency, ethical, explained, extra, extremely, fails, fashion, feature, fee, fishy, fix, fool, fraudulent, frustrated, gave, girl, give, guys, handle, helped, helping, hey, holds, house, idea, ignorant, ignore, ill, inc., instructed, inter, internal, internet, investigate, involved, issues, it works, jail, joined, joint, kick, kind, lady, law, letters, lied, line, lines, link, lis, listed, local, lol, long, long distance, longer, lot, mail, make money, making, media, mess, millions, mind, money, monitoring, month, mother, named, national, needed, number, office, onli, online, opportunity, org, package, passed, people, person, personal, phone, played, policy, pos, post, posted, pretending, prevent, professional, provider, public, public service, question, questions, rated, rea, reason, recently, recorded, removed, rep, representative, roy, safe, sans, sca, scammers, scan, sen, september, service, services, sharing, shouldn, shut, sign, signed, signing, slamming, small, sort, speaking, specifically, spent, star, start, stated, states, steals, stop, story, surveys, system, taken, talk, talking, taxes, threaten, threatened, times, told, tor, trac, transfers, types, unauthorized, united, united states, unlimited, url, verification, wait, wanted, won, worked, working, writing, www, year, years, york
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  6. BNI - Business Network International - Scam?

    Started by kombat, 05-15-2009 05:02 PM
    $100, absent, acted, acts, agree, agreement, airport, alleged, allowing, ame, annual, ate, attitude, avail, bitch, business, chambers, chapters, charter, city, experience, extended, extra, figures, find, focus, hidden agenda, hold, impact, international, investment, knock, late, lost, marketing, misinformation, money, opening, operation, par, pay, people, pick, power, presentations, random, recommend, regular, renewal, rental, responsibility, return, rolls, sale, scam, serve, session, stand, type, unfortunate, verifiable, work
    • Replies: 47
    • Views: 101,918
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  7. Vine Vera/Orogold Cosmetic Scam--BEWARE!

    Started by theluckyone1970, 03-18-2013 12:48 PM
    alleged, amount, attack, beware, business, cheap, check, company, credit card, differently, free, friend, israelis, judy, men, money, oil, people, prefer, scam, shady, ski, spot, stand, steal, store, stuff, trust, website, work
    • Replies: 9
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  8. Empire Who's Who

    Started by Yennayee, 07-14-2006 06:14 PM
    $100, $400, 000, 2008, ???, accepted, access, accolade, account, accuracy, achievement, acted, actions, acts, add, address, administration, admit, advice, affidavit, affirmative, afford, africa, african, age, agen, ages, agreed, agreement, ain, aka, alert, alex, allowed, ama, amazing, american, announced, annual, another, apologize, apology, app, appeared, appreciated, approved, april, article, artist, artists, ashamed, asia, asian, associate, association, attending, attention, attitude, attorney general, august, authentic, authorization, authors, avail, avoid, award, aware, bad, bait, ban, banned, based, basic, behalf, benefits, bet, better, bio, bit, bite, biz, blatant, block, bogus, bonus, books, break, breaking, breath, brief, bright, bring, british, bryan, bullcrap, bunch, bur, bureau, business, businesses, buy, cake, called, calling, calls, cancel, captain, card, care, career, careful, carson, case, cash, caught, cell, ceos, cer, chance, change, che, check, civil, claim, class, classic, clearing, cli, clients, clinto, close, closes, clueless, coach, code, college, college students, coming, comissions, comments, commit, communication, company, company., compensation, complain, complete, completely, con, concerned, concerns, conferences, congratulations, constantly, continue, conversation, core, corporate, corporation, correct, cost, costs, couldn, country, cover, crap, crazy, credibility, credit, crying, customer, dallas, damn, date, day, days, dead, decades, decided, decision, defending, deliver, delivered, dental, department, dept, deserve, desk, destinations, development, diane, differences, difficult, diploma, direction, director, division, documentation, doe, doesn, dog, don, dont, door, double, dow, drop, dropped, due, ear, earlier, early, earn, earned, eid, electric, ells, embarrassed, employees, ended, ends, engineers, england, enter, entire, entrepeneur, environment, establishment, estate, eur, excellent, executives, experience, explained, express, extended, extra, extremely, eye, eyes, face, fall, false, famous, feature, fee, feel, feeling, feels, felt, field, file, final, financial, financially, finding, fired, fishy, fla, flag, flat, floor, folks, fortune, forward, fraudulent, frequent, fresh, friday, front, fulfilled, fund, fusion, future, gain, gave, gee, gen, general, generals, gold, gonzalez, good, goodbye, grand, greatest, group, groups, growth, gullible, gut, guys, gym, hand, hands, happiness, hard, hasn, head, heading, healthcare, heart, hearts, held, hell, helped, helping, helps, hey, high, higher, highly, hire, hole, home, home based, honor, honorable, horrible, hospital, hotel, hours, house, how to get, html, https, husband, ial, identity, idiots, ill, imagine, ime, important, impressive, include, income, index, individuals, industries, industry, info, information, inter, interest, internet, interview, investigated, investing, inviting, involved, ion, isn, issue, jewelry, joined, joke, junk, justify, kevin, key, kick, kidding, kind, kit, knew, kobe, lady, last, laugh, lead, leaders, leads, learn, legit, legitimate, lette, letter, letters, life, line, lines, lining, linkedin, links, lis, lisa, listed, listen, lived, living, local, lof, logo, london, long, longer, loose, los, lose, loss, lot, love, loves, luck, lunch, lying, mad, mail, mail fraud, mailing, mails, making, manager, manchester, mark, marketing, master, matt, matter, mea, meaningless, medical, members, mess, messages, metropolitan, michelle, mill, million, millions, mind, minutes, misinformation, monday, money, more, morning, moron, move, multi, nasty, nat, national, nationally, nature, needed, nelson, net, network, newyork, nice, north, nose, notification, numbers, offer, office, officers, official, ohio, olsen, onli, online, open, operation, opportunity, opposite, order, org, organization, organizations, original, owner, owns, package, page, pages, paper, part, pas, password, pathetic, paying, payment, pays, pending, person, personal, personalized, personally, phone number, picked, piece, pigs, pissed, plan, plane, plat, platinum, pleasant, point, poor, pos, position, positive, post, postal, posted, poster, posting, posts, potential, power, ppl, premier, prepaid, prepared, presentations, pressed, prevent, price, prices, printer, private, prize, process, product, products, professional, profile, profiles, profit, promised, promising, prove, public, publishers, puppy, pure, purely, push, putting, qualified, question, questions, quick, quickly, quit, quote, racket, ran, random, rapist, rea, read, ready, real, reason, receiving, recommend, red, refund, refused, registered, regular, release, released, remember, remind, rental, rep, representative, research, respect, respond, response, ress, rest, results, resume, retail, retired, returns, rick, ring, rip, robert, room, roster, rotten, royal, run, sad, safe, safety, sale, sans, sca, scam artist, scamers, scammed, scamming, scan, scholars, schwab, script, scripts, scum, scumbag, search, secretary, sell, selling, sen, sends, sense, serve, service, services, set, shared, sharing, shaw, ship, shipping, sho, shoo, shop, short, shortly, shot, shouldn, shows, sign, signing, simple, simply, sir, site, small, smith, son, soo, sooner, sorry, sounds, spam, speaking, special, specialty, spend, spent, spineless, staff, staged, star, stars, start, starting, starts, state, stated, states, status, stay, stays, step, stephanie, stole, stories, story, stranger, streaming, student, students, stupid, submit, succeed, successful, successful business, suckers, sul, summer, super, support, survive, system, take a look, taken, takes, talk, talking, ted, tells, test, thankful, theft, theives, thought, thread, threatened, threatens, threw, throw, ticket, times, timeshare, title, tme, today, told, tomorrow, tonight, tor, total, totally, tower, trac, trade, training, transfer, trap, trick, trusted, types, ugly, une, unreal, url, user, usps, vacation, validate, verifiable, verify, version, view, visit, wait, waiting, waking, wanted, watching, water, ways, weak, website, week, weeks, western, woma, won, wonderful, wordpress, worked, working, world, worldwide, worth, wow, wreck, writing, wrong, www, yahoo, year, years, yesterday, york, young, yrs 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  9. Money Mutual (Montel Williams one) help

    Started by eddiesanchezrx3, 01-25-2010 04:08 PM
    ame, big, bus, busted, company, deposits, dollars, feedback, find, full, give, government, information, internet, link, malaysia, men, money, number, payday, people, scam, scam artist, scams, security, website, wrote, www
    • Replies: 14
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  10. Inventive24

    Started by maximus11, 04-21-2010 06:02 AM
    • Replies: 683
    • Views: 93,169
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    Started by cg11, 07-19-2007 08:12 AM
    $100, 129, acceptance, acted, agreement, aliexpress, annie, arrival, attempts, attitude, bait, be aware, becareful, big, blend, bot, business, cara, catch, chambers, chan, change, che, chinese, chinese companies, clerk, climax, companies, company, cruise, defective, district, dot, ebay, elec, engineer, escrow, extended, extra, faulty, finally, find, free, full, give, hai, held, holidays, hong kong, hope, hormone, images, impact, individuals, indonesia, industry, int, internet, joint, key, leigh, life, lost, make money, manuals, mobile, money, moore, motives, mould, mtcn, nature, nigerian scam, nos, orange, passage, people, phone, phone scams, ping, prepared, pretending, proper, protected, pursuit, reality, receive, representative, robert, rope, rude, scam, scammer, scammers, scams, secretary, sellers, separate, serve, software, spam, spin, steal, submit, tse, twos, verification, version, vic, western union, wholesales, wireless, wont, work 3 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 130
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    • Replies: 62
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  12. Asd Thread Gone Again???

    Started by The Grand Old Geezer, 02-07-2009 04:02 PM
    $100, 129, 1st amendment, accounting, aclu, acted, acts, affidavit, agreement, agrees, alleged, allowing, ama, ame, amendment, annual, approved, asy, ate, attempts, authorized, avail, bags, baro, bernard, bin, bitch, bogus, bolt, bonus, boots, builder, capabilities, cars, catch, causing, ccv, chan, charles, charter, chase, che, check, clerk, climax, closes, code, coffin, collected, components, congress, cons, constitutional, constitutional rights, couldn, coward, cruise, daughter, debacle, declared, differently, district, documentation, doe, donation, dot, duped, electoral college, engineer, error, everett, experience, explained, faced, fails, figures, first amendment, fond, forbes, forensic, forum, fraudster, freedom, friends, full, fun, funny, gas, gee, grace, guess, guru, hahaha, hail, health, hear, held, hopeless, hourly, hyip, hypocritical, ice, images, impact, important, indicating, individuals, industry, information, insanity, iowa, judiciary, judy, karma, king, knock, law, legal, martial, mayer, migration, monitoring, moore, nature, needy, norm, notice, oath, offs, operation, owned, par, pasadena, people, planned, political, prepared, press, pretending, projects, protected, pursuit, queen, random, raw, rea, reality, refused, regular, reply, rights, robert, rolls, rotten, saves, scam, scam.com, score, secret, secret service, secretary, seizure, select, senators, send, serve, sharing, show, shut up, speech, spreading, steal, sti, stranger, stuff, submit, surprise, tolerance, tools, transportation, tutorials, united states, universe, version, vice, vicious, watch, white, white house, wont, word, wore, workout, workplace, wrote 3 Deleted Post(s)
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  13. Moved: Sun Village/Maxim bungalows Ponzi

    Started by jrpull, 03-06-2014 02:36 PM
  14. Beware of Geek to Geek

    Started by Clover85, 12-22-2009 10:21 AM
    agreement, agrees, angry, automatic, beneficial, beware, bot, box, business, company, couldn, credit, credit card, deal, experience, extra, friends, illegal, judy, karma, money, music, pay, people, prepaid, pro, protest, renewal, report, ress, rolls, rotten, scam, session, sick, socks, spin, submit, tech, travelling, viagra, website, wont, word 1 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 36
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    • Replies: 200
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  15. Dish Network Scam

    Started by DethLOK, 08-23-2005 09:01 PM
    acted, acts, agreement, american airlines, apartment, attempts, bait, ben, bewar, bill, blatant, boxes, broken, brook, builder, call, chan, charter, closes, collectors, couch, couldn, daughter, district, error, exchange, experience, explained, extortion, extra, faced, goodbye, home, industry, it works, kiss, leaked, level, life, number, opening, owned, par, pay, plan, pricing, problem, problems, pursuit, racket, raw, rea, refused, regular, representative, reps, riots, scam, scheme, secrets, select, show, submit, suddenly, support, truth, unprecedented, wont, work, www
    • Replies: 67
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  16. Ratio Money-Wipe out credit card balances SCAM

    Started by Flying Pig, 11-01-2009 05:21 AM
    acted, acts, agents, agreement, alleged, ama, approved, attack, attempts, attitude, basics, be aware, ben, beta, bin, bitch, bonus, builder, cars, catch, chambers, chan, chase, chrisdoyle, christmas, collectors, company, couldn, credit, credit card, credit cards, crew, cricket, cure, declared, details, duped, error, establishment, experience, explained, extended, extra, focus, fraudster, free, goodbye, hay, held, illness, impact, individuals, industry, information, int, judiciary, karma, killer, knock, learn, loans, management, manuals, maple, merry, mistake, money, morris, pay, people, prepared, pretending, protected, rea, reality, regular, saves, scam, scam.com, scammer, scams, select, show, sites, spreading, steven, stinks, submit, sweat, theif, vic, victims, victory, virus, visit, vulgar, wont, www 1 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 275
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  17. FW: Serious SCAM!!!

    Started by lgl, 11-29-2006 10:23 AM
    $100, 2001, abandoned, account, acted, action, acts, address, affairs, africa, african, agen, ages, agreed, agreement, aka, alert, alleged, allowing, ame, american, appreciated, approval, approved, artist, artists, associate, attorney, attorney general, audio, aus, authorized, babies, bags, balance, bank, bank account, bankers, based, bathroom, be aware, beneficiary, bit, black ops, blue, body, bogus, bonus, booking, bored, boston, british, building, bunch, bur, bureau, business, cable, canadian, cancel, card, careful, carefully, cars, cash, casino, caused, chan, channel, charles, chris, church, class, clean, clearing, clients, close, code, collection, college, coming, comments, communication, company., complain, complement, complete, compliance, contest, continue, cop, corporate, corporation, cost, costly, costs, county, credit, credit cards, cruise, customer, david, day, dear, death, decision, deleted, delivery, department, deposited, description, destroyed, details, differently, discount, discovering, doctors, documentation, dollar, dont, dot, due, dying, email, email scam, embassy, eme, engineering, enter, entry, experience, explained, expose, extra, extreme, eye, fall, families, famous, farms, fashion, faulty, fec, files, financial, financially, fix, flat, focus, folks, fortune, frank, fraudulent, free, front, full, fund, funds, future, gas, gay, gee, global, gmail, grant, group, guys, hail, hammer, handed, hands, head, held, helping, hidden, hidden agenda, higher, hire, home theatre, hong kong, hot, hotmail, houston, huge, husband, identifying, important, include, india, indicating, individuals, industry, influence, info, inheritance, int, interest, investing, involved, issues, item, jan, jersey, job, joke, jonathan, lady, lane, large, latest, legit, leone, letters, license, likes, line, lis, listed, loans, local, logo, long, longer, lunch, mad, mail, manager, marcus, mass, mea, medical, meet, meeting, members, mess, method, million, mind, minister, model, monaco, monday, morris, mortgage, named, national, nature, needed, network, newest, newspaper, number, numbers, office, operation, optimize, options, ordered, orders, oregon, orem, org, owned, owner, paper, part, partner, partners, passed, payments, pcs, person, pet, phoenix, phone, phone number, photos, planes, planned, plans, plastic, policy, poor, porn, pos, positive, post, postal, posted, predators, prepare, presentations, presiden, pressed, pretending, price, prices, production, professional, promotes, pronto, proposal, public, publishers, pyramid, qualified, questions, quick, raise, rea, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, receiving, recovery, recruiting, red, refused, regular, release, released, reliable, representative, research, resorts, respond, response, returns, risk, robert, role, ron, room, roy, royal, sale, scam, scam artist, season, secretary, secure, sell, selling, send, served, service, services, sex, shane, share, ship, shipping, shop, short, shouldn, shows, shut, sierra, sir, sites, smc, solo, son, song, soo, source, states, street, stupid, submit, succeed, suitable, sum, sun, super, taken, talking, targeted, taxes, test, threaten, threats, thursday, times, timeshare, told, tone, top, total, totally, towers, town, toyota, trade, traffic, transfer, treatment, twin, types, typing, ugly, unclaimed, une, unfortunate, unit, united, united states, urgent, url, vacation, veteran, viagra, victory, view, vince, visit, waiter, waiting, wanted, warming, watching, web, west, winning, wire, wired, won, wordpress, work, work at home, working, writing, www, york, young, youth
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  18. Award Notification Commission

    Started by beetlevm, 08-17-2007 10:14 AM
    ame, bank, be aware, carefully, check, city, clearing, commission, company, costs, cover, credibility, deposit, explained, figures, fraud, gay, give, glad, held, interest, legit, local, lost, money, nature, offer, paper, par, patriot, people, premium, prize, pro, protection, scam, scams, send, stand, stolen, transfer, turn, type, work
    • Replies: 15
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  19. Anyone heard of Robert Allen?

    Started by ladyemily, 06-04-2006 08:50 PM
    $100, 000, 1984, accepted, access, accounts, accurate, acted, address, ads, advice, age, agreement, american, another, approval, article, artist, assigned, associate, association, atlanta, audio, august, avalanche, bad, bankrupt, bankruptcy, banks, based, basically, beneficiary, bet, better, bogus, books, break, bright, budd, building, bunch, bur, business, buy, called, cancel, card, care, cash, caught, caused, chain, challenge, chea, claiming, click here, coach, collection, company., complete, completely, con, concerned, condi, condo, conversation, costs, country, county, credit, cronies, customer, customers, date, david, day, days, decided, declared, deeds, des, destroyed, difficult, dinner, discounted, disputed, doesn, dollar, don, dow, dropping, due, e-mail, ear, early, earned, ells, ended, ends, enter, entertainment, estate, everone, exo, experience, explained, exposing, express, extra, fail, famous, federal, files, financial, financing, fool, friday, front, fully, funds, fusion, future, gain, genius, give, good, ground, guarantee, guys, handle, hard, held, hey, his, home, honor, howard, html, https, hurt, ial, ime, income, index, information, interest, internal, investment, ion, isn, jail, jim, job, john, kind, king, knew, lake, lawyer, lengths, lied, lien, liens, line, link, liquidation, lis, listed, lived, loans, los, lot, mail, mailing, making, mark, markets, mass, massive, maximize, mea, meet, millions, minutes, mob, moment, monday, money, month, more, mortgage, move, multi, ner, net, note, oath, office, onli, opportunity, order, ordered, orders, original, owner, package, page, part, paul, paying, payment, pen, people, perfect, personal, personally, phoenix, phone, phone number, play, policy, pop, pos, post, posting, presiden, price, private, process, product, products, profit, properties, property, provo, question, questions, quote, random, rated, read, real, real estate, realtor, recorded, refund, remember, respond, response, retail, richard, ring, rip, robert, robinson, room, run, sal, sale, sam, satisfied, scam, scam artist, scott, screw, script, secondary, sell, seller, selling, sen, september, service, services, sessions, set, short, signed, simon, simple, simply, site, small, smoked, sole, soo, sounds, spammer, spamming, spent, star, starts, stay, stephen, stiffed, story, strategy, students, stunt, style, sul, system, talk, talking, tape, tax, taxes, teach, tech, techniques, ted, tells, test, theory, they, times, title, today, told, tomorrow, tonight, total, touch, trac, treated, treatment, under oath, unit, ups, upset, url, users, utah, vest, wait, wanted, weak, week, won, worth, www, year, years
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  20. THE INSIDER CODE? (currency trading)

    Started by dreamquest, 06-12-2007 07:51 PM
    $100, 2008, account, accurate, admit, ages, agrees, aid, ale, alert, alleged, allowing, ama, american, appears, appreciated, artists, ass, associate, asy, atm, attitude, avalanche, bears, bets, biggest, blatant, bogus, border, broadcast, building, bull, bur, business, bust, cancel, carefully, casino, central, chan, chance, che, cheif, class, clients, close, code, communication, complain, complete, cost, costs, couldn, credibility, credit, crew, cure, custom, customer, cuz, dallas, degree, delray, differently, doesn, dollar, dont, drew, drop, dummies, dvd, easy, eat, edge, eme, enter, essential, ethical, euro, experience, experts, extra, eye, faced, fit, flaw, focus, forex, frank, fred, fund, future, green, guess, gullible, guys, hai, hands, helping, higher, highly, hotmail, html, huge, idiot, idiots, images, imagine, important, industry, interest, investing, involving, issues, item, jack, jail, jay, jim, lady, large, lawyers, lazy, learn, legit, line, lis, listen, local, lost, mass, mea, members, men, million, millions, mind, money, nathan, nature, needed, newest, notification, number, office, options, pandora, paper, patrick, pays, pcs, people, phoenix, picture, pile, pissed, platform, players, poor, posted, power, prepared, prize, pro, profit, program, progress, pyramid, questions, random, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, receiving, refused, reliable, research, respect, response, retail, returns, reward, risk, rolls, scale, scam, script, secrets, select, selling, shop, shouldn, shows, side, spammer, spent, sti, stinks, stunt, styles, subs, sum, super, systems, talent, teach, tech, technology, tells, testimonials, thinks, tools, top, total, totally, track, trade, trading, types, u.k., veteran, vince, watching, western, won, wont, wore, worked, working, world, wow, www
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  21. National Breast Cancer Research Center

    Started by DSTANGHELLINI, 01-25-2008 02:08 PM
    $100, .25%, ability, acceptance, ages, agrees, ame, american, animal, annual, approved, ate, authors, awarded, bogus, braverman, bur, business, causing, change, charity, charles, chemicals, clean, clinics, code, colon, contact, contracting, corporate, costs, couldn, cure, dempsey, detected, donation, eme, environment, establishment, extreme, factories, fatal, financial statements, fit, fund, future, generation, government, hormone, huge, human, illness, imagine, impact, important, individuals, industry, information, interest, involving, issues, john, joint, killer, law, legit, martin, maryland, materials, mea, men, mental, nam, national, norm, notice, organizations, owned, par, past, perception, pissed, poison, poor, prepared, prescription, production, program, protection, raise, rea, receive, recommend, reduction, regular, reliable, research, retail, review, sec, senators, spent, spreading, sti, submit, subs, survey, tax, top, totally, track, united states, vans, version, walker, worked, workplace, world war 2, writing, www
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  22. Global Exchange Vacation. Is deal a scam?

    Started by Little Wing, 06-14-2007 08:35 AM
    $100, 2008, ???, account, acted, airport, allowing, annual, arrival, awarded, bai, bait, balance, bogus, bonus, brown, building, cancel, cash, catch, chance, che, class, club, company, complain, complete, cost, costs, couldn, county, credit, customer, deal, energy, enter, error, exchange, experience, extra, extreme, fine, free, gas, gen, give, greg, hands, held, holds, holiday, holidays, html, important, include, industry, jeff, legit, line, lol, mad, magazines, mea, members, million, money, moore, needed, new york, number, offered, office, orange, paper, par, pay, people, phone, planes, planning, posted, presentations, pressed, prize, properties, public, questions, real, receive, receiving, rental, representative, reps, resorts, scam, select, shares, son, sound, steal, subs, thinks, timeshare, toronto, total, totally, transportation, trip, vacation, village, voucher, waiting, wing, won, working, writing, www 1 Deleted Post(s)
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  23. Grass Root's Financial Ltd - Another scam ?

    Started by N17, 03-18-2010 07:44 AM
    129, ????, afraid, agreement, be aware, ben, builder, business, car, chairs, che, companies, company, couldn, creek, crew, deposits, education, finance, fit, give, guess, home, ice, images, indicating, industry, int, king, loans, message, money, nature, option, par, past, payback, pretending, random, review, scam, school, secretary, serve, share, submit, thousand, tools, version, wont 5 Deleted Post(s)
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  24. Moved: Can Prepaid Legal Realy Be A Scam?????

    Started by bunky, 06-21-2010 10:20 AM
  25. Highway Robbery: Illinois Toll Traps?

    Started by AmcJavelin, 12-30-2005 02:33 AM
    $100, acted, agree, airport, alleged, approved, area, ate, banker, ben, big ben, business, causing, clark, clear, company, cons, count, daughter, discrimination, dot, downstater, elliot, english, experience, explained, extort, extra, fine, florida, forgiveness, gas, grace, held, ice, idea, images, important, in front, indicating, individuals, industry, kennedy, manipulates, nope, owned, paid, pay, pennsylvania, people, phone, photos, pretending, refuse, refused, regular, representative, send, signs, steal, success, thanksgiving, trip, typing, united states, upload, wesbite
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  26. Invention Scam???

    Started by corajo, 08-09-2006 08:51 PM
    $100, 000, 3 month, account, accurate, acted, action, actions, add, address, ads, adverts, advice, advocates, affirmative, afford, age, ages, agreed, agreement, ain, allegations, allowed, amazing, american, another, apart, appears, appointment, april, artists, ashamed, ass, attaching, attitude, attorney general, aus, australia, avoid, aware, baby, bad, ban, based, basic, basically, bastards, bath, be aware, beach, bed, bet, better, blame, blog, blogs, blue, boards, body, bogus, border, borrowed, boy, brand, breach, breath, bring, buddy, building, bull, bur, bureau, business, businesses, called, calling, calls, cancel, cancer, capital, card, care, case, cash, cer, chan, chance, channel, chea, cheif, clients, collect, coma, coming, common, communication, company, company., compensation, complain, completely, components, con, concerned, concerns, connection, constantly, consumers, continue, conversation, core, corporate, corporation, correct, cost, costly, costs, couldn, country, court order, crap, crazy, credible, credit, credit card, crying, customer, customers, date, day, days, deal, decided, decision, deliver, delivered, demand, department, dept, description, deserve, design, designs, destroyed, development, director, discuss, display, district, doesn, dollar, don, dont, dot, dow, drain, dry, due, ear, early, earned, ells, eme, employees, ended, episode, ethical, experience, expert, explained, expose, exposes, exposing, express, extremely, eyes, face, factory, factual, false, families, fantastic, fault, fda, federal, feds, fee, feel, feeling, feels, field, financially, finding, fishy, fla, flat, floor, fool, for sale, forget, friends, front, fully, fund, funded, future, gain, gave, general, genius, george, georgia, girls, give, global, gold, gonna, good, goodbye, gotta, gov, ground, guarantee, guaranteed, gullible, gut, guys, hammer, hand, hands, hard, hasn, head, hell, helped, helping, hey, hide, high, hire, hope, hosting, house, hre, html, huge, huma, human, husband, ial, ica, idea, idiot, idiots, ill, images, imagine, ime, include, income, incredible, individuals, industry, info, information, inter, interest, international, investigated, involved, ion, isn, issue, issues, item, jail, john, joined, kimmel, kind, kiss, large, lawsuit, lead, leading, leads, lean, legit, legitimate, lets, letter, license, lied, lies, light, line, lines, lining, link, lis, listen, living, llc, loan, local, long, longer, loose, los, lose, lot, lottery, mad, mail, mail fraud, making, manufacture, manufacturing, market, master, matt, matter, mea, medical, meeting, members, mess, method, microsoft, millions, mind, mob, month, moral, mother, movie, named, nationally, nature, net, network, nigeria, night, november, nuclear, number, numbers, office, ogd, onli, online business, open, operation, opportunity, options, order, org, original, outlets, owner, package, packaged, page, pages, paid, paper, par, part, partner, patent office, patents, paying, payment, payments, pen, pennsylvania, person, personal, personally, pet, phone, phone number, photos, piece, pissed, pit, plastic, play, played, policies, poor, popping, porn, pos, position, positive, post, posted, poster, posting, posts, potential, power, praises, presiden, prevent, prices, pricing, private, process, product, products, professional, profit, profits, projects, proposal, protect, protected, protection, prove, proven, proves, public, pump, putting, quality, question, questions, quick, quickly, quot, quote, ran, rape, rea, read, ready, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, receiving, recession, record, recorded, red, references, refund, registers, remember, rep, representative, research, respond, response, responses, responsible, rest, results, retail, reward, rick, ring, rip, rise, risk, rock, role, roll, royal, run, sad, sale, say yes, sca, scam, scammed, scamming, screw, screwed, script, scum, search, secure, sell, selling, sen, send, sense, served, service, services, set, sexually, shed, sheet, ship, shit, shocking, short, shouldn, showed, shows, shred, sign, signed, signing, simple, simply, site, smith, sorry, sounds, speaking, special, specifically, spend, spent, staff, stage, star, start, starts, state, states, status, steal, stealing, step, steve, stole, stop, stories, story, striking, stupid, style, submit, succeed, suck, suckers, sue, suitable, sweet, system, take a look, taken, talk, talking, talks, taxes, technologies, ted, tells, text, thought, thread, threatened, times, tme, today, told, top, tor, total, totally, touch, trac, transfers, transparent, types, une, unfortunate, update, upset, url, verify, view, vince, virtual, wait, waiting, walmart, wanted, watched, water, week, weeks, west, whaa, whats, win, winning, wire, wise, woma, won, wonderful, wont, worked, working, wow, writing, www, yahoo, year, years, yeh, young, youtube, youtube.com 2 Deleted Post(s)
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  27. Tate & Kirlin Associates?

    Started by kittyluv, 03-01-2007 05:23 PM
    account, acted, acts, ate, authorized, based, behavior, ben, blood, body, bogus, bunch, call, cancel, chase, clean, collect, collection, collectors, company, continue, corporate, cost, couldn, court, credit, crooked, cruise, customer, day, dead, deal, debacle, debt, declared, destroyed, disaster, doesn, ells, eme, error, ethical, experience, explained, federal, figures, financial, gen, give, glad, grades, handed, holiday, hope, huge, internet, involved, kit, lady, letters, links, lis, loan, loans, lost, manager, mea, mentions, money, mortgage, mortgages, named, needed, number, numbers, office, operation, orders, outs, part, payments, pen, pennsylvania, people, person, phone, picture, plan, policy, pos, posted, power, prepared, prime, raising, real, reason, reasonable, receiving, refused, regular, rude, sale, sans, scam, sell, send, served, settlement, shouldn, social security, stinks, submit, taken, taxes, tells, threatened, times, tms, told, turn, une, vacation, vince, wanted, weak, woman, won, work, worked, working, writing
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  28. Global Investments, LLC

    Started by sbarret, 04-28-2006 02:04 AM
    000, accept, accepted, account, achievement, act, action, actions, address, administration, ads, advantages, advertising, adviser, age, agen, ages, agreement, ame, amen, america, american, anonymous, answer, approval, approved, association, august, avigation, bad, bag, banker, bankers, base, based, behalf, bet, better, boards, bot, box, button, called, capital, care, carry, case, cash, categories, cbs, center, cer, check, class, clients, company., completely, complex, con, condi, confirmed, constantly, contact, continue, corporate, correct, cost, counterfeit, cover, credit, culture, customer, customers, date, day, days, department, deposited, description, development, didn, director, domain, domain name, don, dow, due, duped, early, earn, effective, email, emergency, employees, equity, evening, exercise, experience, express, eyes, fall, fast, fee, file, financial, folks, fortune, forward, free, fund, general, global, gob, good, google, gov, great, group, guy, guys, happened, held, hey, high, his, home, hospital, hosting, html, identify, ime, include, industry, info, insurance, inter, investments, ion, isn, joined, last, launch, legit, letter, light, line, lis, listed, llc, lock, logo, long, lot, luck, lunch, main, manager, massive, matter, mea, member, men, mind, minutes, month, more, mtcn, named, net, numbers, office, officially, open, operations, order, owned, owner, page, part, pass, passed, payment, performance, person, personal, phone, planning, pos, position, positive, post, posted, power, price, private, professional, profits, quality, questions, quote, ran, ready, record, releases, reliable, remain, remittance, representative, research, responsible, rest, results, resume, richard, run, russian, scam, screwed, search, sen, send, serve, service, services, shed, shouldn, sign, signed, signing, simply, site, small, specifically, spend, spent, spotlight, staff, stage, star, starting, status, stay, stop, stories, stranger, street, successful, sul, sum, system, systems, taken, takes, talk, targets, tech, ted, they, time, today, told, total, trac, trade, transfer, treatment, trolling, types, une, union, update, url, usa, version, view, website, week, welcome, western, won, work from home, worked, working, workplace, worth, write, writing, www, years
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  29. The Loral Langemeier Scam

    Started by SolarGoddess, 08-31-2008 06:49 PM
    abc, acceptance, acted, affiliate, agreement, ate, cards, code, complain, couldn, credit cards, differently, energy, experience, find, forbes, give, greeting, gym, hats, home, human, ice, legal, manager, manuals, memories, men, money, nbc, option, paper, par, prepared, rea, real estate, reality, registration, research, responsibility, return, saints, scam, scumbag, stand, store, submit, tax, trial, war, work
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  30. Why education and college are a scam!

    Started by WWu777, 04-20-2006 11:44 AM
    000, 2001, ???, absent, accepted, access, acted, acts, administration, admit, advanced, advertising, advice, advisers, age, agendas, ages, agreed, aid, ain, aliens, alive, allowed, ame, american, animals, another, answer, apart, appears, applicants, army, art, article, asia, asian, ass, assistant, attending, attention, attitude, authority, auto, automotive, avg, aware, axa, baby, bad, balls, bankruptcy, based, basically, basics, basketball, batman, be aware, beach, beach house, beat, bed, ben, benefits, bet, better, bigger, biggest, bill, billionaire, bio, bit, bitch, blazer, blessed, blood, body, bombing, book, books, border, brand, break, bribe, bro, broke, bullcrap, bullshit, bunch, bur, business, businesses, buy, bye, cable, called, calling, cannot, care, career, cares, case, cash, causing, center, central, cer, chance, cherry, class, clean, clever, code, coins, collect, college, coming, commercial, common, community, complete, completely, con, condi, conditioning, constant, constantly, control, corporate, corporation, cost, costs, couldn, country, crap, crazy, cream, creates, credible, credit, criminals, crook, daddy, damn, dan, dance, dar, dark, darn, daughter, day, days, dea, death, december, decided, decision, deep, defending, definition, demonize, dental, dept, des, desire, desperate, dew, didn, difficult, diploma, direct, direction, dirt, disinformation, divert, division, doesn, dollar, don, dona, dont, door, dow, dozen, drink, dropped, drugs, due, ear, early, earn, earned, earning, economic, editing, education, elaborate, electio, eliminate, ells, eme, employees, ended, engineering, england, entire, essay, establishment, ethical, eugene, evil, excellent, exercise, exists, expand, experience, extra, extreme, face, faced, fail, fall, famous, fans, fast, fat, fault, fed, fee, feel, felon, felt, field, figures, final, financial, financially, finding, finds, fla, flat, focus, folks, forces, forget, forgot, forward, fra, free, friday, fuel, furniture, fusion, future, gain, gave, gay, gen, general, generation, genius, girl, girls, give, gonna, good, gotta, grades, grand, great, groups, gullible, gut, guy, guys, hand, hands, happened, happiness, hard, harder, haters, head, heads, health, healthy, held, hell, helped, helping, helps, hey, high, higher, highly, hiring, his, holidays, homework, horizon, hospital, hours, house, how to get, howard, html, huge, huma, human, hyper, ial, ica, idiot, ignore, ill, images, imagine, ime, important, incredible, individuals, industry, institution, intelligence, inter, internal, interview, investments, involved, ion, isn, issue, issues, jail, jeffrey, job, joined, joy, judge, judy, killed, kind, kinds, knew, lady, land, large, last, laugh, lazy, lead, leaders, learning, lets, liars, life, light, likes, limited, line, lis, listen, living, loan, loans, long, longer, looming, los, lose, loser, lot, love, lying, machine, machines, mafia, main, making, market, massive, master, math, matter, maximize, mea, meaningless, member, members, memory, method, middle, million, millionaire, millions, mind, minutes, model, month, moon, more, morning, mortgage, mother, motives, move, movie, nail, nation, national, national security, needed, network, nice, nos, nose, note, notes, nurse, nursing, objects, office, onli, opportunity, oppression, ora, order, org, owns, pages, paid, paper, part, party, pas, pass, passed, pay, paying, payment, payments, pays, peace, pen, pentagon, perfect, person, personal, personally, picture, pictures, piece, pile, place, plane, planned, play, point, poison, policy, poor, popular, pos, position, positive, post, posted, poster, posters, posting, potential, poverty, power, predictions, prepared, preparing, presiden, price, prices, prisoner, prisoners, private, process, product, productive, professional, programming, projects, promised, promising, property, protect, protecting, prove, proves, public, pun, punch, pure, pursuit, pussy, qualified, question, quit, quote, raise, raw, rea, read, real, reality, reason, reasonable, reasons, rebel, recruiting, registered, regular, related, relax, religious, remember, research, respect, respond, responds, responses, responsible, ress, rest, results, resume, retired, reward, rewarded, rice, rich, riches, ridiculous, rip, ripped, rise, robert, robinson, role, room, route, roy, run, russian, sad, sale, sam, sans, scam, scammed, school, schools, search, secondary, seem, sell, selling, sen, sends, sense, serve, served, service, services, set, shared, shit, shoo, shop, sick, side, simple, simply, smarter, social security, socialism, sold, son, soo, sooner, sooooo, soooooo, sounds, spanish, sparen, speaking, special, spend, spent, star, start, starting, stat, state, stated, states, stats, status, stay, stern, stole, stone, stones, stop, story, strategy, street, strip, student, students, stupid, submit, subs, successful, suck, summer, sun, sunday, super, suppose, surrenders, surveillance, survive, sweat, system, systems, tag, taken, takes, talk, talking, talks, teach, ted, tells, terrorist, test, testing, text, thankful, the truth about, theory, they, thought, thread, threatens, threats, threw, throw, ticket, tied, ties, time, times, title, today, told, tools, toooooo, total, totally, trade, trans, transfers, transparent, traveling, treated, trumps, turkey, typing, uncle, une, unemployment, united, united states, upper, upset, url, usa, vacation, vendi, vest, veterans, videos, view, viewpoint, village, viole, violent, virtual, waiting, wanted, wash, waste, watched, watching, water, ways, weak, weed, week, weeks, weird, welcome, west, western, whites, win, wise, won, wonderful, wont, work, worked, worker, workers, working, workplace, worse, worth, wow, write, writing, wrong, wtf, year, years, york, young, youtube, youtube.com, yrs
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  31. Steer clear of Powerski International

    Started by investwisely, 01-20-2007 10:54 PM
    $100, 2008, account, accountability, accounting, accounts, acted, action, acts, add, address, admit, admitted, adult, affordable, agen, agendas, agreed, agreement, airlines, aka, ale, alibaba, alibaba.com, alleged, allowed, allowing, american, andrew, andrzej, animal, anniversary, annual, another, appears, approval, approved, arrested, artist, artists, ass, asset, ast, attempts, attitude, attorney general, aus, australia, authority, authorization, authorized, automotive, awarded, aware, axa, bait, based, basically, be aware, beating, bed, ben, benefits, bernie, beta, biggest, bit, bitch, bitching, blame, blood, blue, body, bogus, books, boost, border, bow, breach, bright, british, building, bull, bullshit, bunch, bur, bureau, business, call, campaign, canadian, capital, card, care, careful, carefully, cars, cash, casinos, caught, caused, causing, center, cer, chan, chance, change, channel, che, chris, citizens, class, clean, clearing, clients, clo, close, closes, club, code, collect, collected, collection, coming, comments, commissioner, communication, company, company., compensation, complain, complete, complex, conceal, confirmed, continue, corp, corporate, corporation, cost, costs, couldn, counting, countries, courts, cover, coward, crap, credit, credit cards, criminals, crook, cure, customer, customer relationship management, damn, dan, dark, daughter, david, day, dead, dear, debt, decision, declared, defective, defective product., defended, deleted, deliver, delivery, department, designs, destroyed, development, devil, devious, dick, differently, difficult, disgusting, disrupt, division, documentation, doesn, dog, dollar, dollars, don, dont, drew, drink, drug, drug dealer, drugs, dubai, due, duped, efficient, electric, elliot, ells, embassy, eme, engine, engineer, engineering, england, entry, epa, equipment, ethical, european, excellent, expand, experience, explained, expose, express, extort, extra, extremely, eye, faced, factor, factories, factory, fail, fails, fall, feature, federal, fee, figures, files, financial, financially, financials, fix, fla, flat, focus, food, for sale, forces, formula, fortune, foundation, fraudulent, free, front, fund, funded, funds, future, gary, geometry, gibson, give, global, gmail, gold, gotta, ground, group, growth, guarantee, guys, hahaha, hands, harvey, hasn, hatchet, head, heading, headquarters, held, hell, helo, helped, helping, hey, hidden, hide, hire, holdings, holds, hope, horrible, hotmail, house, hre, html, https, huge, ial, ian, idiot, idiots, illegally, image, images, imagine, important, incident, include, individuals, induce, industry, info, insurance, interest, interpol, investigated, investing, involved, involving, irrevocable, irs, islands, issues, italy, jack, jail, jailed, jim, john, joined, joke, jonathan, judge, justify, karma, kicking, kiss, knock, lake, land, large, latest, laugh, law suit, lawsuits, leak, legit, letters, license, lied, line, lis, listed, lived, llc, loan, 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  32. West Coast Wellness???

    Started by questions, 04-19-2006 10:47 PM
    $400, 000, 408, accused, act, ads, advertising, afford, ain, another, art, attention, attitude, audio, avalanche, avoid, babies, base, bet, better, border, building, business, businesses, buy, called, capital, car, cash, caught, chain, change, church, click, company, company., con, constantly, continue, cost, countries, customer, customers, day, days, deep, dennis, didn, direct, discount, doesn, don, dow, dropped, drug, ear, early, earning, embarassed, entire, fail, false, family, fast, father, feel, floor, fool, fortune, fra, fully, gal, get rich, girls, give, gonna, good, google, grant, group, growing, growth, hard, head, hear, helps, hey, high, higher, his, hours, html, ial, ica, ill, ime, inc., industry, inter, investing, involved, ion, joined, key, kind, large, last, line, lines, lis, listen, local, long, lose, lot, lucy, mail, major, make money, making, maximize, mea, medical, meeting, member, members, mike, mlm, mlm scam, money, monica, more, multi, named, ner, network, norm, note, numbers, onli, opportunity, options, order, original, owner, par, part, partner, party, pay, people, person, personally, pissed, pos, positive, posting, potential, prepared, probability, products, profit, prove, proven, quality, questions, quick, quickly, quote, reach, read, ready, real, register, rich, rump, run, sad, santa, scam, script, sell, selling, send, sharing, sign, signed, signing, site, skin, sorry, sounds, spin, sports, stable, star, start, stay, step, submit, successful, sul, sweat, take a look, taken, takes, ted, text, they, time, told, top, total, totally, trouble, une, url, vacation, vest, wanted, web, west, woma, won, work, worked, working, worldwide, year, years
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  33. Rhino Associates, Wayne MI

    Started by Capricorn36, 03-07-2008 02:38 PM
    big, business, company, damn, deal, family, frustrated, give, glad, ice, it works, materials, misleading, paid, pressure, scam, selling, work
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  34. Is ugacorp.com. a scam?

    Started by [email protected], 01-02-2006 09:05 AM
    $400, 000, 2001, 2008, ???, accepted, account, act, acted, add, address, afford, affordable, age, agen, agency, agents, ain, aint, allegations, alleged, amazing, american, angeles, ann, annual, another, answer, appears, applicants, appointment, april, area, art, article, ase, assistance, assistant, association, ation, attention, avail, avg, avoid, aware, bad, ban, banned, based, basically, beach, behalf, benefits, bit, biz, blue, body, bonus, book, bow, bright, bring, brokers, brook, builder, bunch, business, businesses, buy, buying, cable, called, calling, campaign, cancer, card, care, career, carefully, cash, casino, caught, central, cer, chea, chuck, claims, clients, close, club, code, colon, comments, company, company., comparable, compensation, complain, complete, completely, con, condi, confirms, consumer, consumers, contractor, conversation, copies, corp, corporate, cost, costly, costs, couldn, cover, crap, credible, credit, current, customer, dallas, database, date, david, day, days, deceptive, decision, delete, deleted, delivered, desperate, didn, direct, disclosing, discount, discounts, disease, district, division, doesn, dog, dollar, domain name, don, dont, dot, dow, drop, duc, early, earn, emergency, employee, employees, ended, entire, environment, evening, experience, explained, face, faced, failed, failure, fair, fall, families, fee, feel, feels, felt, field, files, finally, financial, find, fishy, fix, fla, flag, flat, folks, forces, forget, forward, friday, games, gave, georgia, give, gmail, gold, good, good and bad, google, great, group, grown, had, handle, happened, hard, hasn, head, heard, held, helps, heritage, hey, hiding, high, highly, hills, hire, hiring, his, history, honor, hot, hours, house, html, https, huh, huma, human, hurt, husband, ial, ill, ime, important, ina, include, income, incredible, individuals, industry, info, insurance, inter, interest, interested, internal, interview, investigations, investigative, involved, ion, isn, item, job, join, joke, kevin, kind, kit, large, last, launch, lawsuit, lead, leaders, leading, leads, legit, legitimate, letter, life, limited, limits, line, lis, listed, listen, loan, local, logo, lol, long, los, lose, lot, lou, luck, lucy, mail, main, making, manager, market, markets, master, matter, mea, medal, medical, meeting, mega, members, messages, mining, monday, money, monster, month, more, morning, move, multi, named, national, nature, need, needed, ner, net, news, newspaper, nice, nigh, night, normal, north, note, nov, number, numbers, odd, odes, office, officials, onli, only, open, opportunity, order, organization, package, page, paid, palm, paper, part, pass, pay, paying, payment, pays, performance, person, personal, personally, phone number, pigs, plants, point, policies, policy, pos, position, post, posted, posters, posting, posts, potential, power, prescription, prime, prior, process, product, products, professional, profile, profit, prove, qualified, question, questions, quickly, quote, race, read, real, reasons, receiving, recently, record, recorded, recruiting, red, refused, registered, regular, related, remember, rep, reporting, represents, research, respect, respond, response, resume, retarded, returned, reveal, reviewed, ria, ridiculous, rip, ripoffreport, ripped, rips, room, rope, rotten, runs, safe, safety, sample, san, scam, scott, search, section, seem, sell, selling, sen, sends, sense, ser, service, services, set, setup, shed, short, showed, shows, signed, site, small, small business, smith, sold, sometimes, soo, sooner, sorry, sounds, source, speaking, specifically, spend, star, start, starts, state, states, stay, step, stock, stop, story, street, style, succeeded, successful, sucks, suite, sun, sunday, surgery, system, talk, talking, talks, tampa, ted, test, texas, text, the wall, they, thought, thread, throw, ties, time, tme, today, told, tomorrow, tools, trac, training, trapping, trouble, troubles, trudeau, unfamiliar, uni, united, united states, unlimited, update, urban, url, van, version, vice, view, wait, waiting, wall, waste, websites, week, west, wide, win, winner, withdraw, won, wonderful, word, work, work at home, worked, working, worth, wow, writes, yahoo, year, years, york
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  35. MBF / Northern Leasing Scam. Credit processing.

    Started by debnkevin, 05-25-2006 06:25 AM
    000, 2008, abc, abc news, accepted, account, accounts, acted, action, actions, adam, add, address, advance, advice, affairs, age, agen, agreed, agreement, ain, airport, allowed, ame, american, anne, another, approve, approved, artists, ass, ation, attempts, attitude, aug, auto, aware, bad, balance, bank, bankruptcy, based, bay, beach, bellevue, bet, better, bigger, biggest, birds, blood, bogus, brand, breaking, bringing, broke, building, bunch, business, businesses, buy, california, call, called, calling, calls, cancel, card, cards, carry, case, cash, catch, caused, cell, center, cer, checking, chicago, chuck, cit, citizens, civil, claim, claiming, claims, class, class action law suit, clients, close, club, collection, collections, coming, companies, company, company., complain, complete, completely, con, condi, continue, conversation, cook, copies, corporate, correct, cost, costly, county, courts, credit, credit card, credit cards, credit score, critical, crooks, crying, customer, customers, damn, dan, date, day, days, decided, deep, defend, delivered, department, des, destroyed, difficult, direction, disease, disputed, doesn, don, dont, door, dow, dropped, due, dumped, early, eme, employees, entire, equipment, esq, excellent, exhausted, experience, expert, extremely, face, fall, false, fast, fault, fed, federal, federal reserve, feds, fee, feel, files, final, financial, finding, fla, flat, flipped, floor, fool, forward, fraudulent, front, ftc, funds, furious, gave, general, generals, gmail, good, group, guarantee, guys, handed, hard, hell, helped, helping, hey, high, hiring, his, horrible, hours, house, hurt, husband, ial, idiot, ill, imagine, ime, inc., include, index, indicating, individuals, info, install, inter, interest, invited, involved, ion, irvine, isn, issue, jail, john, joy, judge, karma, kevin, kind, kinds, knew, large, last, launch, laundering, law, law suit, lawsuit, lawsuits, lead, leads, legitimate, lessons, letter, license, lied, line, lines, lis, listen, llc, local, long, longer, los, losing, loss, lot, luck, mail, mails, making, manager, mea, meeting, mentions, merchant services, mob, moment, monetary, money, month, more, nailed, nasty, needed, net, number, numbers, october, office, official, onli, options, order, org, organizations, owes, owned, package, page, pages, paid, paper, pas, pass, pay, paying, payment, payments, people, performance, person, personal, personally, phone, phone number, picture, pin, pissed, point, pos, post, posts, pray, pressure, process, professional, profits, promised, protection, prove, pull, pulled, putting, questions, quick, quit, quote, read, receiving, refund, refused, related, remember, removed, rep, report, representative, research, reserve, rest, results, rip, ripoff, room, rotten, run, scam, scamers, scammed, scamming, scenario, score, screwed, scum, seem, sell, selling, sen, service, services, set, settlement, setup, shipping, shortly, shows, shut, sign, signed, signing, simple, simply, small, small business, solve, solved, son, soo, sorry, speaking, special, spend, star, start, starting, state, states, stay, step, stop, story, street, strength, stupid, sue, sued, system, systems, taken, talk, talking, tan, targeted, ted, texas, they, thought, threats, tied, times, today, told, top, tor, total, trac, trail, transfer, truth, types, unit, united, upset, url, victimized, wanted, ways, weeks, win, winning, winter, won, work, working, worth, writing, xtreme, year, years, york
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  36. GQMADMAX, Dean Kelly, Facefuse.com, dashfoto

    Started by Jacquelyn, 01-08-2008 01:52 PM
    abc, acted, acts, airport, aka, alleged, ama, ame, apartment, approval, asy, attempts, be aware, bogus, booking, building, bur, call, cars, catch, charles, chase, clean, code, collected, complain, coward, credit cards, damn, dane, daughter, district, documentation, dot, drop, duped, eme, enemy, environment, error, experience, factory, fathered, find, fled, future, gen, gibson, grace, harm, hate, hear, held, hire, huge, human, idiot, images, imagine, impersonation, important, industry, infected, interest, involving, issues, john, joke, karma, lawyers, legal, legit, life, live, local, lol, loves, manager, mea, mental, midnight, nail, nature, nbc, needed, nick, nope, oas, objects, oral, orange, organizations, paper, past, people, photos, picture, pissed, poison, poor, popping, pretending, quiet, random, rea, reality, reasonable, refused, reliable, research, resorts, ress, revenge, scam, scam artist, scary, scumbag, secretary, serve, sex, shares, sites, sort, spent, spreading, steal, steven, stranger, strip, stunt, tactic, team, texting, top, totally, truth, tse, typing, unfortunate, united states, upload, vans, version, view, vince, waiting, war, warning, website, witch, women, wont, word, work, worked, world, writing, yay, youth 7 Deleted Post(s)
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  37. Vacation Village Resorts Scam

    Started by jeffandsill, 02-05-2008 08:42 PM
    attitude, bur, business, change, chat, company, complain, corporate, corporation, couldn, credit, credit card, deal, deposits, e-mail, eat, email, explained, give, idea, important, information, legal, link, local, men, military, news, patriot, people, rent, representative, research, resorts, rude, scam, shaw, the military, timeshare, tracking, vacation, view, website, word, www
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  38. Auto Body Work

    Started by Denny46, 06-04-2007 04:14 PM
    $100, 302, ???, account, acted, acts, additionally, admit, agreement, alert, appreciated, approved, artists, ass, ate, atm, based, be aware, big, bogus, boston, brown, capabilities, car, car insurance, carefully, cars, cash, central, chance, cheap, clean, clear, close, code, companies, company, complain, cost, costly, costs, couldn, county, cover, customer, dark, daughter, dennis, destroyed, differently, dob, doesn, dont, drew, everett, experience, explained, extra, factory, fail, find, fix, flat, flaw, ford, forgiveness, future, gas, generation, gold, grades, green, guys, hammer, harbor, helping, home, html, huge, humans, idiot, important, individuals, involving, jail, jeff, job, john, knock, labor, large, lazy, legit, lexus, line, lisa, local, mad, manager, max, mea, meet, mel, members, mental, mind, money, nail, needed, newspaper, offer, office, operation, orange, paid, paper, pasadena, pay, pays, people, pissed, planning, plastic, poor, posted, prepared, problem, pull, questions, random, real, reality, reason, reasons, record, regular, reliable, removes, research, risk, robert, ron, sad, scam artist, scams, science, script, scumbag, seattle, selling, sheriff, shirts, shop, shopping, shouldn, shows, side, skin, son, start, steal, steven, stream, strip, student, stuff, subs, sun, tampering, targeted, tells, tim, tools, top, total, totally, tour, track, transfer, travel, truck, type, types, vince, violence, waiting, won, work, worked, working, wow, writing, youtube 3 Deleted Post(s)
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  39. Poll Poll: Bjorn Ronal Koritz+Steven Gentry

    Started by BjornRoger, 12-16-2011 04:52 AM
    3 month, addition, agreement, alert, alleged, amount, anders, banker, be aware, charter, clerk, como, company, find, fraud, free, give, gold, gomez, hear, ice, international, mena, money, newyork, pte, rental, ria, robert, scam, scammers, security, sitetalk, slovenia, spain, spreading, steven, submit, success, travel, vic, watch, website, wordpress, work, world, www
    • Replies: 65
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  40. Poll Poll: Rhett Molyneux and other property scams.

    Started by Pliny, 04-06-2009 05:20 PM
    419 scam, accounting, acts, affidavit, agreement, airport, alleged, ame, ate, attempts, auctioneer, authors, bank, be aware, bin, bitch, blatant, bogus, bricks, captain, car, cars, casinos, causing, chambers, chan, charter, che, companies, company, contact, contractors, conveniently, couldn, coward, credit cards, crew, crime, deal, deceiver, declared, deposit, deposits, details, documentation, drake, duped, euro, experience, extended, extra, figures, finance, find, focus, fraud, fraudster, fun, funny, gee, give, glad, hay, hear, held, helen, holidays, images, impact, individuals, industry, information, isaac, legendary, life, loans, major, men, meyer, money, monitoring, moore, morris, nature, oath, owned, paid, pay, people, planned, prepared, pretending, projects, proper, queen, raving, reality, refused, rental, return, sale, savings, scam, scam artist, scams, sharing, show, shut up, slow, south africa, stats, steal, stinks, submit, table, trading, travelling, turn, type, unfortunate, verification, vic, vice, victims, waar, war, warn, website, wont, world 4 Deleted Post(s)
    • Replies: 94
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  41. Breezeworld pyramid scam !!!

    Started by bacardi breezer, 08-17-2006 04:53 PM
    000, access, account, action, acts, address, ads, advice, afford, age, ain, allegations, american, andrew, another, artists, ate, attention, audio, avoid, aware, bad, ban, banned, bet, better, biggest, biz, blogs, border, bored, boy, bribe, bring, british, bro, brow, brown, building, bunch, bureau, buy, called, calls, canadian, cares, cars, case, cash, caught, chan, chance, channel, class, classic, cli, club, coke, college, coming, comments, commissioned, company, compensation, complain, complete, completely, con, continue, corporate, correct, cost, costs, couldn, countries, country, cover, crap, creates, cruise, customer, customers, daddy, damn, dan, day, decision, defending, denial, description, direction, director, discover, doesn, dollars, don, dont, door, dow, drew, drug, drug dealer, dry, due, ear, earn, earning, england, enter, experience, extra, eye, face, false, fast, father, feature, fee, feels, fly, fool, forget, forgot, frank, front, full, fun, funny, girl, glad, global, global business, gmail, gold, good, growing, guys, hand, hate, head, heads, hell, hey, high, hole, holiday, holidays, hosting, hotel, howard, html, https, huge, huge scam, ial, ica, idiot, ignite, ignore, ill, ime, impressive, info, install, inter, internal, ion, ireland, isn, jobs, joined, joy, kill, kingdom, land, latest, laugh, launch, lets, life, line, link, living, london, loose, los, lose, lost, lot, loving, luck, lucy, lunch, lying, mad, making, manchester, manufacturing, mark, marti, martin, matter, mea, members, millions, mind, mods, moment, monday, money, month, moron, move, net, network, networks, nice, night, nope, nose, numbers, office, officials, onli, online business, open, opportunity, owned, owner, page, paper, parents, part, paul, paying, pen, people, person, personal, personally, pet, peter, plane, playground, plc, ploy, point, poor, pop, popular, pos, positive, post, posting, posts, potential, pounds, presiden, pretending, price, pro, product, production, products, profile, profit, promised, promote, protect, protecting, public, pure, pyramid, question, questions, quickly, quote, read, real, reality, reason, reasons, receiving, red, remember, rental, rest, retail, retarded, ring, rip, rips, roll, rooms, run, ryan, sad, safe, saves, scam, scammed, scamming, screw, sell, selling, september, services, set, sex, short, shut, sign, signing, singh, site, small, small business, son, soo, sound, sour, spend, spends, spent, stamford, star, start, starting, state, stealing, stop, stories, stream, students, stupid, subs, successful, sul, sun, system, systems, take a look, taken, talk, talking, ted, text, thought, thread, threads, threw, tied, title, today, tools, top, total, totally, tour, trac, transfers, tst, turd, type, united, united kingdom, upper, upset, urgent, urgently, url, usa, user, users, usual, vacation, vacations, videos, view, vince, wait, wanted, war, warn, wary, watching, ways, weeks, whats, wide, williams, win, winner, wired, won, wont, work, working, world, worse, worth, wrong, yahoo, year, years
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  42. Express Platinum Card - SCAMMED

    Started by nicksmad, 09-20-2011 01:29 PM
    acted, afraid, agreement, bank, call, cards, catch, cell phone, check, companies, company, couldn, credit, debt, e-mail, fine, glad, hold, information, leave, loans, lost, message, money, number, past, payday, phone, rea, representative, running, scam, sick, steal, verification
    • Replies: 44
    • Views: 35,129
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