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  30. Freaking yourself out with spooky YouTube videos
  31. Prometheous
  32. Unless you want to fall a bit from grace
  33. Oblivian Omg
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  35. The Counselor
  36. Zardoz
  37. Highlander 2
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  49. Journey to the centre of the earth
  50. Don't watch the Battle Beneath the Earth movie
  51. Escape 2000 Really sucked
  52. Don't watch Chillerama movie
  53. Don't watch Sea Beast
  54. KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park was horrible
  55. Napoleon Dynamite Love it or Hate it?
  56. Being John Malkovich Was Retarded
  57. Transformers: Age Of Extinction Worst Movie Yet
  58. Exodus Movie is Banned in Egypt
  59. Fast and furious
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  61. The D Train
  62. Maggie
  63. Saint Laurent
  64. 50 Shades of Gray
  65. Paddington
  66. The Spongebob Movie
  67. Jurassic World
  69. SPY, What A Waste Of Time
  70. Don't Watch The Buttress of Windsor
  71. Yankees' Didi Gregorius should have been All-Star, peers say
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  73. Do not watch the new ghostbusters movie
  74. What are the worst movies ?
  75. The Boss
  76. the great wall is so stupid
  77. Frank wheeler...little red riding hood writes retraction!!!!!!!!!!
  78. jordan shoes
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  80. Emoji movie
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