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  1. Global Warming
  2. String Theory
  3. Vishniak and the Wolf Trap
  4. What Happened...where'd it go?
  5. science and the bible
  6. Mumps, CDC and Genetic Laziness
  7. Before the Big Bang
  8. Over Unity
  9. Study shows apes can plan ahead
  10. Ken Miller on Intelligent Design
  11. Columbia University
  12. Five Stories Of RFID Hacking
  13. Ken Miller on evolution
  14. Finding A Fourth Dimension
  15. Science on the Take
  16. Now Scientists Think You'd Be 'Roasted' In A Black Hole
  17. An Idea Worth Throwing Back
  18. GMO's may produce Herbecide in ur Intestines
  19. LCROSS mission/ NASA
  20. It wont be long...
  21. Ground-breaking work in understanding of time
  22. Can Twins Have Two Different Fathers?
  23. Bible Puzzle
  24. New Embryo Test Screens for 6,000 Diseases (Implications?)
  25. Who wants to live forever?
  26. Norway Building "Doomsday Vault" To Protect Seeds
  27. Unlocking secrets of an obscure but powerful parasite
  28. Worried Yet?
  29. More on correlation between older siblings and homosexuality
  30. Surgeons have the technology to make bionic man a reality
  31. Enceladus possibly contains life
  32. Human Driver Optional: NEW SELF-DRIVING CAR (VW Golf)
  33. Invisibility at the flick of a switch
  34. Cancer remedies you have to read this!
  35. Fish Caught With Human-Like Teeth
  36. Honesty can make money
  37. Our Conflicted Medical Journals
  38. Private wind turbines
  39. Former Astronaut Hopeful...
  40. Deja vu 'recreated in laboratory'
  41. Brilliant evolution vs creationism comic
  42. Good choice for cutting plotter and laser engraver
  43. Man Catches Swordfish... Swordfish Impales Man
  44. Freshwater Sharks: no not the fake things!!!
  45. Stephen Hawking's lecture: Life in the Universe
  46. ÃŒÃ*ãè÷åñêèå óñëóãè
  47. The Universe could be larger than previously thought
  48. You know anybody who needs an "anti-stupidity pill"?
  49. Can computers have free will?
  50. Water as Fuel?
  51. Officials propose 12 planets in the Solar System
  52. Ballistic computer chip a real possibility, speed in terahertz!
  53. Why Do We Age?
  54. Intelligent Design Challenge
  55. the big rip
  56. Bayer passing along the HIV virus.
  57. Flowers and the evolution of humans.
  58. Evolution
  59. Pluto now longer considered a Planet.
  60. Methods of Communication
  61. Free energy! (again - sigh)
  62. Get Rich Quick Scams
  63. Can one breathe something else and live?
  64. Favor
  65. China Is A Cheating Supplier
  66. Faraday Discs and Power Generation
  67. Mermaids.
  68. Max world population
  69. Deja Vu "recreated in cyberspace"
  70. DDT and United Nations
  71. mycoplasma harmless or not
  72. Rare cancer rate increase in wealthy women
  73. the universe
  74. evolution is a ludiculous concept
  75. Technologies of Terror
  76. Who designed the world
  77. Online Audio Lectures
  78. Evolution Is Funny.
  79. Carbon and isotope dating is silly.
  80. Agree or Disagree?
  81. Nothing
  82. South Korean Scientists Develop Cancer-Killing Virus
  83. Invisibility Cloak?
  84. NERD FIGHT! Global Warming Debate Gets Nasty
  85. Dolphin found with legs?
  86. Kangen Water
  87. understanding a dangerous weaponry system
  88. RAY KURZWEIL in depth PBS
  89. Energy and 'Time' or Plane Travel
  90. Inspiration in the Highlands
  91. Richard Dawkins Foundation For Reason And Science
  92. What is Meditation ?
  93. (un)Natural selection
  94. The Lightsabre - The Real Science Of It
  95. 13 Things That Do Not Make Sense
  96. Game Theory, Reciprocal Altruism, Tit-For-Tat
  97. Mars Has Liquid Water, New Photos Suggest
  98. Science Fiction...? Or not..?
  99. Theory of Evolution.
  100. The Miracle of Man
  101. Professional LV chanel Gucci supplier!
  102. Diet and Exercise
  103. Scientific Karma?
  104. Cosmologist searches for the 'mind of God'
  105. When scienctifiic evidence cannot save lives
  106. Beastie Wars!
  107. Modernising the legal system through technology
  108. The Messiah and Xmas
  109. The Christmas Spirit Belongs To Everyone
  110. Another World?
  111. Humans: Environmentalists Don't Get It
  112. origins of man?
  113. Ant Attack?
  114. Why science will shame religion!
  115. Chemical Universe
  116. Are Homo Sapiens 'Parasites'..?
  117. We are just animals?
  118. What can we tell from an avatar?
  119. What about the gay sheep?
  120. Shame On Mankind
  121. Clone Arranger :)
  122. Laptops For All....
  123. Abstainance - The TRUE Perversion?
  124. A real Superman
  125. Bomb Theory
  126. A Federation Of Nations
  127. 20 Ways The World Could End
  128. When Will You Die...
  129. Re Evolution and Oz.
  130. Fingerprints
  131. Tigers are don't live in Africa....
  132. An Approach to Discovery - Seed thought (second stage)
  133. Anti Mutation Gene?
  134. Anyone know about toxins? (Probably need a scientist here!)
  135. All cures are here on Earth....
  136. Help Required....
  137. ID. A science not a 'faith'...?
  138. Global Warming is a MYTH
  139. Scam shut down by the feds
  140. Scam shut down by the feds
  141. Ethical Question?
  142. Searching For Starvation 'Cure'
  143. The 'Believe' Gene..?
  144. The Arrogance of science.....
  145. Eugenics...
  146. If man had not created the boat
  147. THE controversial disease
  148. Growing Evidence for the Benefits of Vitamin D
  149. Colloidal Silver
  150. Interesting footage here!
  151. Space shuttle and space station.
  152. Your Tap Water Is Poison!!!
  153. Transhumanism
  154. When mutations go bad
  155. The REAL death of Darwin?
  156. To Infinity & Beyond
  157. Why god' wont heal amputees....
  158. Amazing Missing Links - Oliver
  159. Diabetes - An idiots guide/Advise needed
  160. Drug Tests And Their Effect On Webs (AMAZING!)
  161. The law of attraction
  162. Dreams and science....
  163. Newton's Dark Secrets
  164. Environmental Confusion....???
  165. Weather Weapons
  166. Is anyone else having trouble getting into Political chat?
  167. Can we make a difference?
  168. Birth, Growth and Fulfilment
  169. Important Message Re Political Section
  170. Timothy Leary and the benefits of shrooms, etc?
  171. Build Your Own Spaceship....
  172. Beware of fake enhancement products
  173. The TR-3b Fact or Fiction. DOD Mystery?!
  174. The 'whole life'
  175. Hi All - And Nuclear Power
  176. Science Test
  177. DO Astronaughts Have Sex..?
  178. Really paying programm - ThenlyProfit.com
  179. To Ten Reasons Men And Women Don't Have Sex
  180. Evidence Of Other Life In Ancient Art...?
  181. The (near) future?
  182. R and R
  183. Scientists work to save frogs from killer fungus
  184. Awesome site
  185. Eternal Embrace....
  186. The Polish clock...
  187. Resurection
  188. Send in the Clowns. Evolution vs Creationism
  189. light (energy) and matter, a break through for the NWO
  190. A Stem Cell debate from the bowels of Scamdotcom!
  191. (near) light speed travel
  192. Be ye wise as serpents and as harmless as doves.
  193. Stoned Age Man Theory
  194. Islamic Art
  195. Faster Than Light Communication?
  196. It may be an urban science myth, but it STILL makes my skin crawl!
  197. A Decade On From Dolly....
  198. Lesbian Koala Bears!
  199. Talking With A Creator...
  200. The Jurassic Park Dilemma..?
  201. The Goldilocks Enigma (Or why is our universe just right?)
  202. Man made or natural?
  203. Seti
  204. Global Irony
  205. Testing
  206. valproate semisodium - advise wanted
  207. Wtf!
  208. The Secret Language of Science - Concentration (Third Stage)
  209. matthew miller and robert or roberta ianneta scam
  210. If you could see....
  211. All fruit diet
  212. Can this parasite change human behaviour?
  213. Global warming again
  214. Person Of The Week....
  215. Test Your Patience!
  216. Why. . .Science. . .Can Not?
  217. Industrious clock (working link this time)
  218. Feel younger today
  219. Visionn Changers...????
  220. Message from a Scientist . . .?
  221. Emergence
  222. Bizarre hexagon spotted in Saturn’s clouds
  223. Peanut Butter Disproves Evolution
  224. Free DVD on Evolution
  225. What does Science say about this . . .?
  226. What anti-emf u are using
  227. Improve your health supersite
  228. The Industries leading enhancement product, now on sale!
  229. Science . . . what happened?
  230. increase your semen volume naturally
  231. Improve your health supersite
  232. What about breast enhancement pills?
  233. Smoking & Caffeine Prevent Parkinson's?
  234. Prius worse for environment than hummer???
  235. Is The Nobel-winning Big Bang Discovery Bogus?
  236. What is a THREAD...Threat Of The Read?
  237. Summer is almost here, be ready!
  238. String Theory (the Ultimate)
  239. The end of Global Warming
  240. The Late Great Planet Tiamat
  241. Stargates are real
  242. The Ancients where more advanced then us today...ACCEPT IT
  243. "A Work in Progress"--some philosophical ideas(updated)
  244. Unidentified Submergible Objects
  245. Evolution In One Minute Via The Simpsons
  246. Self deception
  247. Who To Believe
  248. Everybody is Satis
  249. The Law Of Accelerating Returns
  250. Andromida and milky way to colide
  251. The Elegant universe
  252. Carl Sagan fan.
  253. Quantum Mechanics
  254. Celestia
  255. Dissapearing H2O?
  256. Physics joke
  257. impossible technological gadget
  258. the Climate Change myth
  259. Cannot Think Of A Good Title!
  260. Crystal Skulls
  261. Anatomy of a Solar Storm
  262. Crop Circle Puzzles Switzerland Residents
  263. Galaxy Zoo
  264. The Return of the Mongols
  265. Global warming on Mars.
  266. Mankind is 20 Million Years Old
  267. Global Warming
  269. The Atom
  270. 1908 Tunguska "Event" in Siberia
  271. Male And Female
  272. Greatest Event on Earth!!! Don't miss it.
  273. We Never Really Talk Anymore
  274. What . . . has science . . . done . . .
  275. Lunar Eclipse August 28
  276. How Evolution Proceeds - Creative Conclusion In Meditation
  277. The Science Of Numbers
  278. Scientists Hail New Wonder Material, "Frozen Smoke"
  279. Artificial Life Likely within 3 to 10 Years...
  280. Limits of science
  281. 'BIG BANG' Pioneer Ralph Alpher dies
  282. S'not Rock!
  283. Lunar Eclipse
  284. 1984 - Dark Tech
  285. fun adaptation
  286. The earth is becoming hotter and lighter
  287. Power of the Mind
  288. Chem Trails
  289. Global Warming To Effect Humidity
  290. The best insulation?
  291. Dinosaur Skeleton Unearthed In Argentina
  292. Rising Seas Threaten 21 Mega-cities
  293. What Is Happening To Our Birds
  294. Religious Leaders Tackle Global Warming
  295. Scientists Genetically Engineer Supermice
  296. Comet Draws Interest
  297. Science at it's finest.
  298. NOVA's Judgment Day: Intelligent Design
  299. Robots Don't Bug Cockroaches
  300. Un Panel Gives Dire Warning Forecast
  301. CO2 causing seas to turn to acid
  302. How to win a war
  303. the future of nuclear enrgy production
  304. Is Global warming Really the Cause?!?
  305. Researchers:Human Evolution Speeding Up
  306. Why Pregnant Women Don't Topple
  307. Al Gore, the Liar
  308. Computer Models =Global warming Hoax
  309. Could You Pass 8th Grade Science?
  310. What did clinton do?
  311. Global warming * Tobacco = $ound $cience
  312. wind energy
  313. Debate
  314. Fun Logic Game
  315. Exams
  316. Bugger All
  317. Vegetarians
  318. Carbon Neutral
  319. I keep Hearing Things About The Year 2012 Why?
  320. Cardiomyopathy Heart What Can I Do To Stop It
  321. worlds garbage!
  322. A grain of sand
  323. pointless maths
  324. Save Planet Earth !
  325. Gore Global Warming Lawsuit
  326. Planet Earth will exist forever...
  327. AGW-denial conference a media flop; CEI begs for $
  328. Tin Foil Hats Come Back
  329. ‘Clean’ Fuel
  330. Why do environmentalists not debate?
  331. Climate History and Global Temperature
  332. The World War 3 Stargate Mega Ritual
  333. Cashing In on the Global Warming Hoax
  334. Gore's Law
  335. CIA discovers AGW is commie plot!!!
  336. Kudos to Matthew LaClair (global warming)
  337. Expelled: the waste of time
  338. AGW denialists hate free speech
  339. 12,000 Year old discovery
  340. UFO reported over St. Augustine, Florida
  342. Global warming denialism backfires
  343. 'Great tits cope well with warming'
  344. 9th Foundational Falsehood of Creationism
  345. New Stop Smoking Habit Addiction Solution
  346. Hurricane season outlooks
  347. Temperature
  348. hydrogen fuel
  349. Behind 90% of AGW-denying books
  350. Polar bears in Iceland
  351. Pedal Power
  352. Exporting science fraud....
  353. Effect before cause
  354. Helping along global warming
  355. Water skiing at the North Pole
  356. new power source
  357. end of the world
  358. new power source
  359. History of air Power
  360. Prius Solar Panel
  361. GM Hydrogen Fuek Cell Car
  362. First (man made?) DNA Mocecule
  363. Can anyone Tell Me About Graviola Tree Extract
  364. antigravity
  365. Global warming deniers, sue Gore!
  366. cool EV site.
  367. Hats and Baldness
  368. Global Warming: Way of the Astroturf
  369. Global Warming is DISPROVEN
  370. This is sad ... please sign and pass along !
  371. Large Hadron Collider To Start Up September 10
  372. The CERN particle accelerator.
  373. UFO interfers with socceer game
  374. UCLA nerds find new prime #!!!
  375. Critical Thinker Habitually Pulls Back the Curtain
  376. 60 Minutes and 60 Trillion Dollars of Credit Swaps
  377. Turtles and Humans Have Much in Common
  378. Can We Call This Progress?
  379. Economic Crisis and WWIII
  380. Sophistication: Recognizing piece, part, and whole
  381. You are the Music While the Music Lasts--T.S. Elio
  382. Sunday-School Morality
  383. It’s about conscience, stupid; not consciousness
  384. Did the big bang really happen?
  385. A Sunset is Enjoyed not Criticized
  386. Holy spider!
  387. Moral Principles Learned via Social Osmosis
  388. Greenspan’s Faith: Ideology trumps Science
  389. Does a Man at Play Seem Unseemly?
  390. A Human is completely human only when s/he plays
  391. The Unity Of Spirit Movie
  392. Birth of Consciousness
  393. Democracy’s Faustian Bargain: Never Facing Reality
  394. We Fear the full Intensity of Life
  395. Negative Thinking is NOT Critical Thinking
  396. Is NASA with holding data?
  397. Our Ignorance is no Accident
  398. Genesis of the Nov 4 Miracle
  399. Common Sense Voices
  400. Laminin?
  401. Redistribution is NOT a Four Letter Word
  402. Stop Lollygagging in the Comfort Zone
  403. Learning Disinterested Knowledge is Eating Pecan P
  404. What if other life forms exist?
  405. Men In Black
  406. Why is there a Space Command?
  407. Why haven't we returned to the moon?
  408. In the Beginning We see Dogginess, not Fido
  409. Imaginative Rationality
  410. Do we ‘get pissed’ to ‘let off steam’?
  411. So....Is The Singularity Near?
  412. Jerry Seinfeld, Meryl Strep, and Intellectual Soph
  413. The Ambiguity of our Situation
  414. Human and Social Degradation of Early Capitalism
  415. Morality is About Relationships
  416. Most Thought is NOT in Linguistic Form
  417. It’s about time!
  418. Wanted:SubJunk
  419. Internet Forum as Verbal Video Game
  420. Extinctions
  421. New Mars Rover Photos Reveal Ancient Stone Road
  422. Metaphor: Unconscious Catalyst of Thought
  423. Religous Shun Nanotechnology
  424. Give up AC to save future generations?
  425. Ancient UFO Paintings
  426. What Causes a TV Show?
  427. “Strike at the Root”
  428. Happiness is achieved through Meaning
  429. When is? House a Home, Enemy a Friend, Banker a Th
  430. Well-Being is the Meaning of Truth
  431. What to do when democracy fails.
  432. “Technology as Extension of the Human Body”
  433. “Bring the coon-skin home and hang it on the wall”
  434. Arithmetic is Object Collection
  435. The politics of science.
  436. Can we Quantify Value?
  437. Open Letter to President Obama Science Team
  438. Will the Digital Age Destroy Creativity?
  439. Something Kazza May Be Interested In..
  440. Is CT the Foreplay of Understanding?
  441. Life Nearly created in Lab
  442. Calculation without Understanding
  443. “Seeing is the perception of action”
  444. Caucus versus Standard System Primaries
  445. The Source of Human Reason?
  446. Human Paradox
  447. “Old Age ain’t for Sissies”—Betty Davis
  448. The Death Fear is lessoned by killing another
  449. The Amazing Story Behind Tho Global Warming Scam
  450. That’s philosophy for ya!
  451. Instrumental Rationality and Communicative Action
  452. What Categories Reveal About the Mind
  453. 2009 Comstock Prize for bogus cosmology
  454. There is no God’s Eye View of Reality
  455. John Mather controversy
  456. Paintbrush is Pump: Image Based Thought
  457. Giant Snake
  458. Political Philosophy and Medicine Shows
  459. 15th Foundational Falsehood Of Creationism
  460. Can we talk about thinking?
  461. Can we be clear about our assumptions?
  462. Seven bogus Physics Nobel Prizes
  463. Beauty and Morality are Species of Value/
  464. Global warming-Guess the talking point!
  465. Is Lying Immoral (Sinful, Illegal)?
  466. Enclosure: The Death of Subsistence Farming
  467. Empathy: What does ever dog owner know?
  468. Record Cold In Guinea Kills Hundreds
  469. How did the “Poor Law” became a poor law for the p
  470. Math Equations: Metaphors of Science
  471. Can society resist becoming an economic appendage?
  472. Are Science and Religion Enemies of Morality?
  473. Pomegranate Oil and its Cosmetic Applications
  474. Ignorance, apathy, and irresponsibility
  475. What is the Destructive Force of Belief?
  476. What network of habits permeates our actions?
  477. Are we playing a fictional role in life?
  478. Body-mind
  479. Is Corporate America a Cabal?
  480. Intellectual Epiphany: Know what I Mean?
  481. How did we grow from Egalitarianism to Plutocracy?
  482. The coberst Report
  483. Can a sophisticated individual rise above ideology
  484. Can we compare physics and psychology?
  485. Can reason be humanized and remain reasonable?
  486. Richard Dawkins' Ignorance
  487. Richard Dawkins Ignorance Book 2
  488. Can we know only what we are prepared to know?
  489. What is the Association of Efficiency with Moralit
  490. Science Fraud Hall of Shame
  491. Why is ideology like a prism?
  492. US rights:
  493. Can we change attitude?
  494. Are Ideology and Morality like AIG and Citibank?
  495. "COSMOS" by Carl Sagan
  496. The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict
  497. Falsification or comparison, which is more suitabl
  498. Is there a Rational Ground for Morality?
  499. What is Traditional Thinking?
  500. 2012 Update - Scam.com Forum Rules
  501. Ignoramuses on Evolution
  502. Cognitive Science Needs a Visceral Connection
  503. 2001 Principle
  504. Has natural selection been aborted?
  505. Are We Responsible Caretakers of this Planet?
  506. Fatties cause global warming
  507. Egypt Panics - Kills All Christian Pigs
  508. Mylow, magnet motors and the NSA.
  509. Einstein's thought experiments
  510. 2nd thought experiment
  511. Many Worlds Theory
  512. Planck Satellite And The Media Lies
  513. Einstein was wrong
  514. Entanglement
  515. E-cars are a dangerous myth
  516. Time/Space
  517. drugged oldies is easier than care..
  518. why not science scam?
  519. NASA piling garbage science on science fraud
  520. Richard Dawkins disrobes postmodernism
  521. Health insurers invest big in tobacco
  522. Viruses Cure Cancer?
  523. Getting rid of pests
  524. Dawkins vs. Hovind
  525. Homeless physics discussion ends in violence
  526. Intellectualdom's answer to Hedge Fund Gurus
  527. Questions for Darwinists
  528. Incredible Case Of The Shrinking Sheep
  529. Unstoppable Global Warming, Every 1500 Years
  530. No Global Warming, No Apes
  531. bottled water science scam
  532. Biggest Science Scam Ever!
  533. July Temperature Below-Average
  534. How Belching Cows Contribute to Global Warming
  535. abducted by aliens: believers tell their story
  536. study shows mercury in fish widespread
  537. pterosaur landing strip discovered
  538. Darwinism Defended
  539. Outrageous Demands By *scientists*
  540. alligator captured in the chicago river
  541. Oil spill continues after mishap off the Australia
  542. Big Bang's Oxdung Artiste
  543. Great Pacific Garbage Patch Slideshow
  544. El Niño Arrives
  545. Climate trouble may be bubbling up in far north
  546. I challenge the student of mathematics
  547. The planet that defies physics..
  548. Yale University celebrates science fraud
  549. One Tenth Human...
  550. Test Your Knowledge Of Science Frauds
  551. Isaac Asimov Stupidity
  552. Breakthrough of the Year 2008: Reprogramming Cells
  553. fighting global warming with fire
  554. Let Me Be The First To Say....
  555. BBC - What happened to global warming?
  556. Global Cooling Weather Report
  557. Leftist Eco-Creeps Hate Hispanics
  558. The Cockeyed COBE Satellite
  559. science church found guilty of fraud
  560. Why Global Warming Is Good ( LOL)
  561. Some care about Global warming.
  562. Al Gore's wet dream. Car that runs on air.
  563. Can anyone tell me what HU 210 is?
  564. Creating Superman.
  565. unlimited energy from ordinary tap water
  566. Climate Fraud - The Players, The Motives
  567. CO2 - Inaction, The Best Policy
  568. Weird data suggests something big beyond the edge
  569. Nibiru????
  570. I think we all should aware about Autism
  571. Lord Monckton on Climate Fraud
  572. Why Darwinism is False
  573. "those emails" about Global Warming.
  574. Thermodynamics
  575. Carbon Dioxide Fraction
  576. LOL Silliness
  577. Today's Global Warming Headlines
  578. Einstein's Stupidity
  579. Global Warming Scam Perspective
  580. Calling you out BarackZero
  581. Snow/sleet/ice In Florida
  582. The Hovind Dissertation
  583. Moonbattery Causes Death by Starvation
  584. Nobel Prize cancelled by citizen's action
  585. Natural Disasters Not Linked To Global Warming
  586. a neat app
  587. Evolution Controversy
  588. Fusion To Be Achieved, This Year
  589. Coal - Its Free And Natural
  590. P/2010 A2 "What's this"
  591. Alarming Condition In Antartica
  592. Physics establishment and its Ponzi Scheme
  593. Meet big daddies of Nigerian scammers
  594. making blackholes and antimatter for fun!
  595. Yo Gen. Bolden, was Darwin an astronomer, man?!
  596. The Deniable Darwin by David Berlinski
  597. I've cancelled the 2004 Physics Nobel Prize
  598. A World scammed by the intellectuals...
  599. Stupid people + Global Warming = bad
  600. QuakePrediction.com Google Ad Scam, Luke Thomas
  601. The Iceland volcano and Global Climate.
  602. The Impossible Hamster
  603. Scary Global Warming question.
  604. A math problem.
  605. Cowboys and Aliens?
  606. HAWKING:Aliens would hurt humans
  607. Green Energy Mythology
  608. Clean Air Causes Global Warming
  609. The rise of intellectual flimflam men
  610. A cornucopia of contemporary physics
  611. Global Warming Science thread
  612. Turbo Encabulator
  613. Global Warming - Global Madness
  614. radioactive decay and determinism
  615. Hurricane Forecast
  616. Global Warming Fraud Investigation
  617. 'We will be able to live to 1,000'
  618. Ancient 'brain food' helped humans get smart
  619. ***** or aqua a new bad word?
  620. About that anti-global warming petition...
  621. I need your imagination.
  622. Down Wind Faster Than The Wind
  623. New essay: Physics in the Age of Fakery
  624. Jump Rope Generator
  625. universal point of reference.
  626. Serious concern or mass hysteria?
  627. Math crankery
  628. the 4th law of motion
  629. Voting is open for the 2010 Crocoduck!
  630. 100% chance for life on newly found planet
  631. many worlds interpretation
  632. The Capybara Is A Fish! Seriously Folks
  633. Jeff really comes back from the dead
  634. Time Travel Discovery?
  635. FACT the Gore-bal warming kooks won't tell you abo
  636. Xpeditions TV -- A TOTAL SCAM
  637. NASA discoveres arsenic-eating bacteria
  638. Statistical Thuggery by the Godless Left
  639. Carl Sagan Stupidity
  640. Magnetic pole shift
  641. Experts.........
  642. Too bad polar bears can't swim!
  643. Here We Go Again(its that time of year?)
  644. The Day Th E Earth Rolled Over
  645. I will now debunk relativity
  646. Two suns
  647. pangea
  648. The Real Meaning Of 2012 * Possibly )
  649. Writing Articles and Make Money?
  650. HHO work group
  651. Stigma Tatoos Bar
  652. Charles Manson Joins Global Warming Debate
  653. Tornadoes whipped up by wind, not climate
  654. Weird problem with Himalayan glaciers
  655. Nuclear ****** scam ends with global Free ******
  656. 97% of scientists believe in climate chang
  657. Scientists Agree - No Global Warming
  658. Lord Monkton, the crazy fraud
  659. New NASA Data
  660. Vandalism on SCAM.COM
  661. The Global Warming Song
  662. Sun Causes Climate Change
  663. americaspower.org
  664. Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Ivar Giaever
  665. Global Warming: Deep Oceans
  666. Sea Level Continues Its Historic Decline
  667. E-Cat
  668. Blinded With Science
  669. 6th Sense Training
  670. Martin Hanczyc: The line between life and not-life
  671. Light Bulb Scam
  672. The earth really is the center of the universe
  673. Scientists create light from vacuum
  674. Billions Of Planets Found With Life !!!!!!
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