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  1. So It's Probably Going To Be Thompson?
  2. For Fun, Explain This Iraq Thing To Me Again
  3. 'This is my daddy'
  4. Lady Mod
  5. Hey everyone
  6. The three-state solution?
  7. Middle East Video Fact or Fiction?
  8. Israel announces mass prisoner release
  9. Stocks lose ground ahead of Fed meeting
  10. BIS warns of Great Depression dangers from credit spree
  11. counterfeit scams in america by erai
  12. Restore The Rule Of Law
  13. Can you believe this sh...
  14. Racist Police Horses Across The Uk
  15. Liberals Want Bush For President
  16. New Liberal Sunglasses
  17. Depressionomics
  18. News from Iraq...
  19. Three Bad Rulings
  20. Cyber Soldiers Of Israel Target Our Right To Know
  21. Texas Air Traffic Control
  22. A GOP Plan To Oust Cheney
  23. The CIA's Family Jewels
  24. ‘It’s a little surreal’
  25. iPhonies
  26. ‘Bush’s Pollyana’
  28. We Just Became One Step Closer To Becoming The United State Of Illegal Immigrants
  29. Psychiatrists Top List in Drug Maker Gifts
  30. Cheney Admits He's Part of the Executive Branch
  31. US Jobs: No American Need Apply
  32. Israel launches deadly Gaza raids
  33. What U.S Aid To The Zio-Nazis Really Looks Like
  34. Everyone Is Now "Al Qaeda"
  35. Marilyn Manson on culture of violence
  36. Ron Paul - Left out again...
  37. The Lobbyists Behind the Curtain
  38. You Wont Read This About Israel in The Media
  39. Leslie Wright is a RACIST!!!!!
  40. Outraged, not to mention disgusted
  41. The Illegal Immigration Bill Stopped For Now Bush Upset
  42. Coulter is a prime suspect in the theft of the nation's moral compass.
  43. Israeli President Admits Sex Crimes ...But will be a free man
  44. Be prepared to pay more at the checkout...
  45. UPDATE: The imminent death of Castro
  46. Public gagged at city's homosex-fest
  47. London Almost Bombed (Again)
  48. Don't Misunderestimate Dick Cheney
  49. The Case for Boycotting Israel
  50. It seems that some Latin American countries are tired of illegal immigration too. LOL
  51. Tunnel Found Under U.S. Mexico Border
  52. Mickey Mouse Dead
  53. Israel Baseball League Started
  54. Americans shoud admire Palestinian Freedom Fighters
  55. A Question For Dawud
  56. Is Your Doctor Tied to Drug Makers?
  57. 15 out of 35 threads with new reposnses are about israel/palestine
  58. Tee Hee! Who is/was the biggest 'Nazi' on Scam :)
  59. Bush commutes Libby prison sentence
  60. What israelis really think about U.S citizens.(You won't see this on TV)
  61. FED Witness: Federal Reserve Note is not a dollar
  62. Whose Running For President?
  63. Noose
  64. HAPPY 4th OF JEW LIE
  65. Technical progress and spiritual development
  66. This Needs TO Be Seen On The 4th of July Close The Borders
  67. Giving Reason To The Militants?
  68. Al Gore's son arrested!
  69. Jews in UK 'Speak Out'
  70. Where's the Paris Hilton judge when we need him?
  71. War Made Easy-Debunking The Myth Of A Liberal Media
  72. How Right-Wing Criminal Psychopaths Hijacked America
  73. Seventh-grader arrested in gang rape; police seek nine more teens
  74. STAND and DELIVER: YOUR Illegal Immigration Policy
  75. Important clip on John Bolton
  76. Eradication Of The Old
  77. Muslim Mickey Mouse Using Mickey to Teach Kids Hate
  78. The FBI In 2007
  79. Muslim Mickey Mouse killed By The Jews - You Wanted To See It.
  80. John Hinkley: The Un-Sung Patriot & American Hero
  81. A little History lesson...
  82. Ron Paul Tops McCain in Cash on Hand
  83. History of Islam invading Europe
  84. Immigration Malpractice
  85. Love Bomb?
  87. The GOP Govt. Of Criminals, For Criminals & By Criminals
  88. The Kalki Avatar Prophecy - From The Vishnu Purana
  89. Pat Robertson - Republican Douchebag
  90. Can the Sufi Way be Pursued in the Anti-Islamic West?
  91. Here's One We Can All Agree On
  92. 150, Pink Pistol Packin’, Lesbian Terrorists Gangs
  93. Suicide Bomb in Iraqi Market Kills More Than 100; 8 U.S. Troops
  95. "Bush crime gang" vs. ACTUAL Crime Gang...
  96. Her Jewish State
  98. Middle East 'Future' Predictor
  99. Muslims Doctors bomb London. Why?
  100. Wars and Rumors of War
  101. For All Those That Think They are ITK about Zionist Jews, etc
  102. What Cho Learned In The English Department
  103. I Love Jews!!!
  104. Will the First Amendment be revised?
  105. The week that was...let's have another!!
  106. Ron Paul 2008
  107. Call Congress Tell Them To Build That Fence And Enforce The Illegal Immigration Laws
  108. Sheehan Says She May Challenge Pelosi In San Francisco
  109. "Executive Privilege" to secrecy
  110. The last piece of the puzzle in the Wilson/Plame affair
  111. You know a Repudlickin was banned from Scam dot com when:
  112. CNN debunks "Sicko" and Michael Moore goes NUTS!
  113. Stephanopoulos to Ron Paul
  114. Official: Iraq gov't misses all targets
  115. Senator Vitter's Number On DC Madam's List: Lawmaker Admits "Very Serious Sin"
  116. Myths Spun by Lax Lenders
  117. Such a lovely religion. So peacful and loving
  118. Breaking News >> McCain's 2008 Campaign Manager and Chief Strategist Resign
  119. Gonzales was told of FBI violations
  120. Sneak Attack on the 2nd Amendment
  121. Proud To Be An American
  122. It's That Time Again: SCAM LIVE CHAT!
  123. Grateful Illegal Immigrants
  124. Ten Political Questions....
  125. GIALIANI'S co-chair is a racist
  126. Juror's Excuse Results In Jail Time
  127. Hillary reveals her true self at her latest speaking engagement
  128. George Bush: Mistaken - what a dumb arse
  129. Moving Forward in Iraq: The "surge" is working.
  130. The Senate: Chamber of Shame
  131. Dr Michael Munro
  132. Why Do Liberals Hate Our Leader?
  133. Jihad
  134. why do the left and right wing hate each other so much?
  135. Yet Another GOP Perv Caught With His Pants Down
  136. You People
  137. Ron Paul - Ready to rock ? Videos and Comments
  138. Overdue for a Vacation...
  139. Holes in U.S. Security
  140. Unhealthy Interference
  141. Iraq - An Examination
  142. The Yes Men!!! Amazing funny warriors of Truth
  143. increased threat from Al Qaida this Summer in US
  144. Bush admits administration leaked CIA name
  145. TSA Confiscates Water Bottle, Misses Bomb in Same Bag
  146. Ashcroft: Al Qaeda intends to attack U.S.
  147. Ron Paul rises from GOP unknown to 'sleeper'
  148. I'd Kill for a Nobel Peace Prize
  149. Terror chief: Arafat died of AIDS(pedophile)
  150. Justice Department Sues Indianapolis
  151. Make Treasonous Politicians Accountable To The People
  152. Start hoarding firearms and assault weapons for the REVOLUTION
  153. MSM ignores ACTUAL massacres and Al-Qaida bakes little boys
  154. What war on terrorism ?
  155. Report: Al-Qaida bakes little boys
  156. Bush Distorts Qaeda Links
  157. Uncensored Political forum
  158. Republican Rep. Exposed Himself to Female Employee, Chased Her screaming, "Suck It"
  159. Occupied Territories
  160. Scorpion Of Allah
  161. What Bush Should Do About Iraq
  162. What do the democrats NOT care about?
  163. What's the point?
  164. Fear And Fearlessness
  165. Maliki: We can manage without US
  166. Poll: Americans See Liberal Media Bias on TV News
  167. Democratic Congressman Compares Bush To Hitler... MSM Silent
  168. Ted Rall and some folks on this forum see U.S. Soldier the same
  169. Brown message to US: it's time to build, not destroy
  170. You Won't Find This Story In The Media
  171. Iraqi PM tells Americans they don't have to go home, but they can't stay here!
  172. 9/11 Proof on Video: CNN/FOXNEWS-Involvement!!! Fake airplanes turn to be missiles
  173. Eye On The Zionist Mafia's Intn'l Sex Slave Racket
  174. Too funny for words...just have to share!
  175. The Sun And 2012
  176. Today in Jihad
  177. Race, Crime, and Justice in America II
  178. WRKO in Boston's new into
  179. Ms. Clinton's greatest quotes
  180. Palestinians Lay Down Arms
  181. How Much Will Americans Sacrifice For Israel?
  182. Michael Moore and CNN... Round 2
  183. More for the Global Warming AHOLES
  184. "50% of all Saudi fighters in Iraq come here as suicide bombers"
  185. Quick question
  186. Here's What We're Getting Back From Iraq-Nam
  187. Palestinian Traitor Abbas
  188. Oil Past Peak Production
  189. If Christ was a rebel, why are most Christians CONFORMISTS?
  190. Terrorist Are Using Latino Gangs To Smuggle Weapons Along The U.S. Mexican Border
  191. Homeland Security Crashes The Brown's Live Free Or Die Jamboree
  192. Is the United States provoking war with Iran
  193. What Conservatives Say When They Think We Aren't Listening
  194. A Ranger's story - killing 200+ civilians...
  195. Gussser In 08 - Don't Be A Denier
  196. Keep Your Eye on the Target
  197. Would you vote for universal health care?
  198. Darfur Refugees Flee Egypt
  199. NFL Star Charged With Dog Fighting, FBI Says Big Amongst Urban Communities
  200. Russia warns UK over expulsions
  201. Interesting Take On Global Warming
  202. We're Immortals - Do Not Fear
  204. 20/20's John Stossel: Where Michael Moore is Wrong
  205. CNN Throws in Towel to Moore, Admits to Two Errors
  206. Old And New Life
  207. Liberals in Senate loose again
  208. UN wantes US to stay in IRAQ
  209. Dedicated to all the Extremists on both sides of the political line.
  210. 6 Years After 9/11, the Same Threat
  211. American Taxpayers Collection Agency
  212. US govt. fearmongering takes toll on public
  213. The ultimate NWO conspiracy against the men and women of this planet
  214. 7/18/2007 - The latest offerings from the "Religion Of Peace"
  215. iPhone has a built-in spyware module
  216. As Dollar Crumples
  217. Unbelievable! Democrats want "John Doe" provision cut.
  218. The Next Generation Of Grads From Chickenhawk U
  219. The International Association of Fire Fighters rip Guiliani a new colon!
  220. You suspected it, now it's confirmed.
  221. Valerie Plame's lawsuit dismissed
  222. Bush's Plan For Military Action Against Americans
  223. This Modern World: How The News Works
  224. 7/19/2007 - The latest offerings from the "Religion Of Peace"
  225. Illegal Immigrants Pay More Than They Cost Sez Texas
  226. Please Vote for Ron Paul
  227. SPLC stirring up trouble in New Hampshire
  228. Bill Clinton criticizes Bush on Iraq
  229. Pollitical Blogs of Interest
  230. Feel Good
  231. Democrats refuse to protect patriotic Americans
  232. Nwo,nau,wtf
  233. Participant Referendum To Ban Grim17
  234. If the Election were held today.............
  235. Romney Aide Impersonating Law Enforcement
  236. "Operation Chickenhawk: With The College Republicans"
  237. How's Your Bullsh!t Detector?
  238. Don't tell Bush...
  239. As You Guys Bicker, A New Executive Order
  240. Chairman Conyers Writes to Fielding
  241. Uh-oh! Cheney will be president tomorrow.
  242. There will be no election in 2008
  243. Ron Paul leads ALL presidential candidates in monetary military contributions
  244. presidential candidates
  245. “If we’ve lost O’Reilly, we’ve lost the country”
  246. Hey! We're All Gonna Die!
  247. Another reason why FOX News isn't credible
  248. The Law Of Motion
  249. Wake UP America!!
  250. Support Ron Paul in these polls
  251. Court Tells U.S. to Reveal Data on Detainees at Guantánamo
  252. Everyone wants answers but Bush doesn't have any...
  253. Rudy and Romney: Artful dodgers
  254. 777-wave Of Love Towards 2012
  255. Universal Health Care question (phrased differently)
  257. An 'accidental' war?
  258. Radio Presenter Tears Into Muslim Caller.
  259. 7/20/2007 - The latest offerings from the "Religion Of Peace"
  260. Weekly Jihad Report!
  261. Newt Gingrich claims that the U.S. has been fighting a phony war since 9/11.
  262. Gas Prices Rise on Refineries’ Record Failures
  263. Headline..."Gas pipe bursts, New York surrenders to terrorism!"
  264. Antiwar, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Drug-Enforcement-Administration, Anti-Medicare Candidacy
  265. Power Without Limits
  266. Conversion
  267. Cindy Sheehan attacks: Democrats not saviors
  268. Olmert Reiterates Stance to Give Away Judea and Samaria
  269. Britain is protecting the biggest heroin crop of all time
  271. 7/21/2007 - The latest offerings from the "Religion Of Peace"
  272. Muslim Justice
  273. Senator Bond responds to the NY Times
  274. A serious debate on what to do in Iraq
  275. Please sign the petition to pass the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act of 2007
  276. Bush house of cards continues to crumble...
  277. How the Energy Dice Were Loaded
  278. Just What the Founders Feared: An Imperial President Goes to War
  279. Mention the President, Lose a Case?
  280. Kurds bank on friendship with U.S. in Iraq
  281. The Impeachment Moment
  283. 100 Ways Islam is used as an excuse to be violent towards women
  284. Operation FALCON - The USA is turning into a Police State
  285. Democrats have been backed into a corner over "John Doe" provision
  286. Canadian Islamic TV Channel Gives More Time to Hate Preacher
  287. Jews Mourn All Over World
  288. Another beutiful “Allahu Akbar!” moment from the religion of peace
  289. 7/22/2007 - The latest offerings from the "Religion Of Peace"
  290. Two More Tales of Journalistic Dishonesty?
  291. The Real Face Of War
  292. We know the human cost, here is the hard cash cost....
  293. Support for Initial Invasion Has Risen, Poll Shows
  294. My, my, my, who's really surprised by this?
  295. The GOOD guys!!!
  296. Balkanization of America Accelerating
  297. Dubai Going Neo-Babel With Esoteric Temples of Wealth?
  298. CNN/YouTube debate
  299. Microchip tags get under skin of critics
  300. Leahy, Specter Lay in to Gonzales
  301. News Flash From Bush: We're Not Safer After All
  302. Woops redux
  303. Liberal Media Strikes Again! AP headline misleads public
  304. Right-Wing GOP Neo-Con Scum Praying For Another 911
  305. Moan Moan Moan...
  306. BNP Sock Puppets :)
  307. Robert Spencer
  308. Funny video of the day
  309. Anonymous in Iraq
  310. response to: Another beautiful “Allahu Akbar!” moment from the religion of peace
  311. Who's fault is it really?
  312. More GOP dirty tricks
  313. Hillary & Obama in LOVERS SPAT
  314. do nothing Democans & Republicrats
  315. This brutality should be outlawed
  316. Ya think?
  317. Defying the Imperial Presidency
  318. Shouldn't the U.S. help?
  319. Cheney's two-hour Camelot
  320. Can you believe this President???
  321. the Diarist "Shock Troops," identity disclosed.
  322. Army Captain Gives Finger to Clinton..
  323. Ron Paul, an observation
  324. Hello, We're From The Gov't And Here To Protect You
  325. Cartoon of the day
  326. The left threatens opposition if they don't shut up.
  327. Can't believe AC-DC and all the other kooks missed this breaking news
  328. 'It Didn't Happen'
  329. “This war is so f*cking illegal.” -Pat Tillman
  330. Prussian Blue?
  332. A European View of Michael Moore's 'Sicko'
  333. Pvt. Beauchamp: In Big Trouble Either Way
  334. F.B.I. Chief Gives Account at Odds With Gonzales’s
  335. Don't Worry-Drink Koolaide
  336. Why I fired Professor Churchill
  337. Why is that Islamic trash on a sticky?
  338. Us Government Caused Earthquakes
  339. Tillman Murdered By Bushstapo War Criminals
  340. Bush Kisses Gonzo, But Won't Tell
  341. A Canadian Doctor Describes How Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work
  342. Palast tonite on PBS about the GOP rigging elections ...
  343. The NEO NAZIS ordered Tillman to be killed ...
  344. Funny how GOP Candidates who support abortion and are Lawyers are front runners ?
  345. Stephanieisa****ing*****terroristthatneedsherfinge Ralstornoutslowly
  346. Shouldnt Bush be targeting the Saudis?
  347. "Interesting" how Bin Laden still not wanted for 9-11?
  348. A Flashback to Cheney speech in 92 about Iraq
  349. On The Map - A Must Watch
  350. Martial Law Threat is Real: Lucky that the Military is Breaking Down
  351. IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability
  353. Pinky And Bunnie Examine The American War
  354. It's STILL ABOUT the OIL
  355. As U.S. Rebuilds, Iraq Won’t Act on Finished Work
  356. Parents’ Ire Grows at Pedophile’s Unabashed Blog
  357. The Power Of Light And Darkness
  358. Moore Served with Subpoena
  359. Pinky Explores Early Iconography of American Empire
  360. Are Rudy and Mitt afraid of Frosty?
  361. GREAT STORY: Saudi Turns His Back on Jihad
  362. How a Republic becomes an Evil Empire
  363. Zionist News
  364. Holocaust means sacrifice
  365. The Distribution of Wealth II - VI
  366. Mr. Gonzales’s Never-Ending Story
  367. Mr. Liberals--Never ending story
  368. Saudis Going South on Iraq
  369. More Gitmo Catch and Release
  370. Jewish Scholar Examines The Holocaust Industry Scam
  371. The Crown of Life
  372. Images of IRAN that western media will not show you!
  373. In the late 90s the GOP were "cut and runners"
  374. Too funny!! Now the GOP is "fiscally conservative"???
  375. Britain's Newest suck up to Bush ... OMG .... only the SHEEP will buy this crap
  376. Iraqis win Asia Cup
  377. Great job by Bush ... Turkey has 200,000 troops on the Iraq border
  378. Morally Paralyzed
  379. Hidden Costs Of Bush-Cheney War Crimes In Iraq-Nam
  380. White Genocide in South Africa
  381. Finally... Some honesty from Obama & Hillary
  382. Cheney to answer "tough questions" from Larry King
  383. Bush's "Legacy"
  384. Has anyone sacrificed a career for Bush worse than Dennis Miller?
  385. Consolation Winner Notice-powerball Lottery
  386. HELL JUST FROZE OVER... NY Times op-ed: A War We Just Might Win
  387. A complaint
  388. More Lies by Bush on Saturday ....
  389. Have a laugh
  390. Please pray: Gonzales to get Impeached??
  391. Bush and Irag Govt: TOUGH ****, BUSHIE!!!
  392. The Right has NO ROOM to complain ....
  393. Watch Hannity, Coulter when they find out the "truth"
  394. Bush has raped Iraq ... GDamn ..this is sad
  395. Clinton and Terrorism: ONE HELLVA LOT BETTER FIGHT THAN BUSH !
  396. Latest China scare: Don't eat the ginger
  397. Pentagon to implant microchips in soldiers
  398. Countdown to War with Iran
  400. Take this Quiz(For Fun)
  401. Events Since Losing The War on April 19, 2007.
  402. US to sell Saudi Arabia and other arab countries 20 billion in sophisticated arms
  403. Imagine if Hilliary wrote a Lesbo Novel .. like Mrs Dick Cheney did!!!
  404. Notice how the Female Right mouthpieces are dogs?
  405. Jive Bunnys
  406. Maritime Admiralty Law
  407. Look what Novak is reporting ... I guess he is a Traitor???
  408. If Bush can arm the Saudis .....
  409. Message to BVR from Batarang Force...
  410. BUSHCO busted again on "Staged" Terror alerts
  411. Why BUSCHO denies/ignores GLOBAL WARMING
  412. Will the GOP YouTube Debate Be Postponed?
  413. Energy Bill Aids the Expansion Plans of Atomic Power Plants
  414. If abortion is made illegal...
  415. Please fill out ... Petition to Impeach Gonzales!!
  416. It's Official, Iraqi Lawmakers Summer Break without passing Benchmarks...
  417. This may freak you out - John Hagee clips
  418. Special game show edition of "FOX ATTACKS: The FOX is Wrong."
  419. The War Prayer
  420. Joseph's Tomb synagogue destroyed by Israeli forces
  421. Some quotes from the "Morally Superior" Righties
  422. Race based Caucuses-Why is there no White Caucuses
  423. Cheney and Saddam ... better buds than reported !!
  424. Home Depot ... NICE TRY you lying scumbags!
  425. Bush: Worse in Foreign Affairs ... no one else even close!!
  426. "300" Film Shows the Right Reason to Fight a War!
  427. U.S. Toll in Iraq Lowest in 8 Months
  428. If it was between Hilliary and Bush's "ex wife" Laura ...
  429. Limbaugh is not a racist SHEEP HERDERS? Think again !!
  430. Ed Thompson Announces He Is Considering Running for President as Pro-9/11 Truth Cand
  431. Primed for a Second Stint as First Daughter
  432. Jon Stewart's funniest piece ever: Cheney shooting !
  433. Freddie Thompson .... See Ya !!!
  434. The Good News for the Day
  435. Coffee Mug Fuels Controversy
  436. A Tribute to Channon And Christopher
  437. Cheney on Larry King ... he is a picture of Evil
  438. Thank You Michael Moore !!
  439. I guess if you are a Neocon this would be "Good" News
  440. Bushco Puppet "Govt" In Iraq-Nam Falling Apart
  441. Spare Change Mister???
  442. Imagine the clowns trying to explain why Bush was a great man ...
  443. WAR Mongering Democans
  444. Flood waters are rising
  445. No big deal ... lets focus on the "Surge"
  446. Did Bush Crime Gang Have Pat Tillman Bumped Off?
  447. Major bridge collapses in Minneapolis
  448. Bush gave new orders to the CIA today to "juice up the fear factor"
  449. Name one reason Cheney should not be in jail ... Please dooo !
  450. Ahhhh ... too bad ... the FOX Nazis were hoping the Bridge gig was terrorism
  451. Dont forget ... THINGS IN IRAQ ARE GOING GREAT!!
  452. Kuninich: GREAT JOB !!!!
  453. Another Dead-On ANN COULTER Column
  454. Obama has the Right scared ....
  455. This is not a Police State under Bush???
  456. Iraq War Lies Timeline ...
  457. Time to "Up the Ante"
  458. Monthly Jihad Report: July, 2007
  459. Ohio Muslim Pleads Guilty to Shopping Mall Bomb Plot...
  460. Remember when Bush couldnt name World Leaders in 2000??
  461. Harry Reid: GREAT STUFF!!! WAY TO GOOOOOOO !!!
  462. Tony Snow: GO TO HELL ... check out his latest !!
  463. Wow ... lucky Minnesota ... Bush and Pickles in town tomorrow!!!
  464. Bin Laden tapes: produced by our own govt!!!
  465. Long Time Assain'tright confirmed idiot
  466. These are same folks George (save the unborn) Bush wants to send $20 billion to
  467. Reality!
  468. Food for thought
  469. 10 Reasons Gay Marriage is Un-American
  470. Left meets all expectations: Blames bridge collapse on Republicans
  471. Sunni bloc quits as bombs kill over 70
  472. Who Built the US Embassy in Iraq?
  473. Explain, please.
  474. I can see the protests from lefty's now.
  475. USA destroys countries for oil, Russia explores and conquers the artic...
  476. Katrina victims lose flood insurance case
  477. First Armed Robots Deployed in Iraq
  478. Question: If oil wasn't a reason for invading, then...
  479. Balanced Political Forums
  480. The Ron Paul Revolution - The movement continues to grow
  481. Political Statement..
  482. Will Real Americans Have To Start Killing Republicans?
  483. Liberals praying that BUSH is right
  484. Senator Dodd smacks down O'Reilly
  485. 47 years & only 3-3/4 Democan presidents
  486. Black Muslim bakery raided
  487. Markets Fall as Lender Woes Keep Mounting
  488. Are the Democrats Cheaters?: Chaos in Congress
  489. Abortion is Murder and Human Sacrifice
  490. Unreported Earthquakes And This Website Won't Let Them Stay Published Because Stephan
  491. Iraqi Power Grid Nearing Collapse
  492. Republicans Suck
  493. koyaanisqatsi - Life out of balance
  494. G.I. Gets 110 Years for Rape and Killing in Iraq
  495. Proud of the Earmarks...
  496. Attack Of The Clowns
  497. Anniversary Of Worst Terrorist Attack In History: 8/06/1945
  498. 2007 Yearly Kos convention in Chicago
  499. Hillary vs Obama as viewed by John Stewert
  500. The Good News for the Day
  501. Goodbye, 4th Amendment
  502. Hamas Forces Gaza Professor To Convert
  503. 30% Of Weapons Given By US To Iraq Missing
  504. Mortgage Maze May Increase Foreclosures
  505. Selective Prosecution
  506. The Executioner’s Hood
  507. Brave freedom fighters take out 19 children
  508. Virus in the mail
  509. Suggested Book to read: Confessions of Economic Hitman
  510. To Kill an American
  511. Thinking about voting for Mitt Romney?
  512. Democrats support Bush in War on Terror
  513. A Civil Debate
  514. Score One for the Good Guys
  515. NOW Is the time to learn about the SPP
  516. Hitler’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ turn up in a dead Russian soldier’s attic
  517. Brown grows gray as siege drags on
  518. Taliban Overshadowed By A Larger Threat
  519. Bush Still Wields the Threat of Terrorism
  520. How the Senators voted
  521. Why Are Christians So Gullible?
  522. Author Tells U.S. Army He Made Up Stories Published in New Republic
  523. Russian navy covets Mediterranean Sea
  524. Rush--"The Surge is working you stupid Democrats..."
  525. Newest Big Quakes World Dictator George W. Bush Is Causing!
  526. Beyond Disater
  527. Why are Liberals so Gullible??
  528. The Constitution; Preamble & Bill of Rights
  529. Zionist News
  531. Bush is a mass murderer
  532. Why The "State" Of Israel Has No "Right" To Exist
  534. 4,000 people a week trying to leave UK
  535. Government Set for a Crackdown on Illegal Hiring
  536. Remember, The Surge is Working
  537. What Irony
  538. A Weak Dollar and the Fed - No Sign of Future Cut
  539. A "Feel Good" moment
  540. Better Brush-up on your Chinese...China threatens 'nuclear option' of dollar sales
  541. Revised Open Letter To Oprah From Islamist
  542. Suit: Boss Flashed Her Boobs
  543. I've seen the liberal light
  544. Just do it - Before you dare not
  545. Rabid Right-Wing Zio-Nazi's Master Control Plan
  546. Conquering the Drawbacks of Democracy
  547. Ski resort's 'Impeach Bush' vote backfires
  548. Sins of the Son cause Pain for the Father
  549. 1.4 million Iraqis push Syria to edge
  550. "A Hood" Olhmert Nervous As U.S ATM Runs Dry
  551. Attitudes on gays in military shifting
  552. Simpsons on outsourcing
  553. Bush sees new threat...
  554. Israel Violating The Genocide Convention
  555. O'Reilly calls nine-year military vet "anti-military"
  556. Anniversary Of History's 2nd Worst Terrorist Attack 8/09/1945
  557. How Far Do We Let The Left Go In Mitigating Our Military Effectiveness
  558. Mortgage Losses Echo in Europe and on Wall Street
  559. A New Kind of Bank Run Tests Old Safeguards
  560. David Duke is a Traitor
  561. Fathers Create Bulletproof Backpacks-Signs of the Times
  562. Washington's latest landmark betrayal
  563. Fair but Unbalanced
  564. Democratic Debate Spawns Weird Economics
  565. Why Lowering Taxes Means More Revenue
  566. Does YouTube.com cause brain damage?
  567. 'Now I have no future'
  568. Holocaust survivors blast $20 stipend
  569. Worse than LTCM: Not Just a Liquidity Crisis; Rather a Credit Crisis and Crunch
  570. National Protest on 9/11
  571. Amazing Video: “Mad Money’s” Jim Cramer on The Colbert Report
  572. FTSE plunge wipes out year's gains
  573. Beyond Chutzpah
  574. The 10,0000
  575. ZioNazi Stormtroopers Destroy Churches With Giant Progressive Tax Ray
  576. NASA Climate Data Wrong. 1998 Not Hottest Year
  577. For Steve Burns and other Goy Shabbos
  578. Batarang Force and Americanadian supporting domestic terrorism?
  579. Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits
  580. Narco-Dollars For Beginners. How The Money Works In The Illicit Drug Trade
  581. Amazing Video: Navigate The Falling Dollar by Catherine Austin Fitts
  582. The Truth About "Martin Luther King, Jr.
  583. God’s Will
  584. "Wave of Hate”? More Propaganda From La Raza
  585. Silly worthless human flesh that shoud die before it's born
  586. VP Cheney in 94, Iraq would become a quagmire under US occupation. Amazing video
  587. Iraq Contractors Accused in Shootings
  588. Righteousness and Salvation
  589. Dangerous Strategy on the part of the Administration..Dangerous for Americans that is
  590. Weekly Jihad Report 7/28 - 8/3
  591. Monthly Jihad Report, July, 2007
  592. Shame
  593. Losing the Advantage - How a 'Good War' Went Bad
  594. The Insolvency Crisis: How we got here, and what to expect
  595. Scam Live Chat
  597. **** You Bastards
  598. Romney Wins but Huckabee's Got the Buzz
  599. A Political Problem
  600. Pervert Chris Matthews Shows Why MSNBC Gets No Ratings
  601. Islamic Union
  602. Wrong Way Out of Iraq
  603. Breaking: ECB Injects Cash for Third Day to Avert Credit Crunch (Update6)
  604. Karl Rove to Resign This Month
  605. Communist Dictator Mugabe: A Big Fan Of Bush's Wiretapping Program
  606. Sorry Daddy, but I would have to vote Democrat...
  607. Cheney's Secret Escalation Plan?
  608. CIVIL WAR II IS STARTING!!!Are you ready?
  609. Would you object to this?
  610. MUST SEE - You'll be amazed
  611. Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq
  612. Africa Has No Conscience
  613. Corporate Sponsorship of Infrastructure (solution)
  614. FrankG you've been unbanned
  615. The Great Dictator.. remix
  616. Cocaine wide spread in military...
  617. Lithuania - Democracy Problems
  618. 'Secret' plan would give Palestinians West Bank Israeli cities included
  619. Education Alert! Interview with Robert Spencer
  620. If It's Bad for America, It's Good for Democrats
  622. Tragic Implications
  623. Has The New York Times Changed Its Stance on the Iraq War?
  624. The Engine Nobody Wants
  625. Secret government promises big changes this autumn!
  626. Time Out!
  627. Mr. Rove Gets Out of Town
  628. Gaza Update: More Palestinian Lies
  629. Reagan Tax Cuts Lifted Americans
  630. Is the Cause of Cancer a Common Fungus?
  631. Does Hillary have a chance?
  632. The Rove Legacy
  634. Chinese Secret Society Challenges Illuminati
  635. The Coming 'ET Threat' Will Be A Lie
  636. Hamas, Fatah, Israel... Gaza
  637. The ugly face of Israel
  638. The Real Secret of The Secret
  639. More proof of the liberal bias of the NY Times... And proof of their childishness
  640. Don Imus gets $20m and his job back
  641. HAHAHA, What's Good Enough for The Republicans is Good Enough for the Dems...
  642. Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned
  643. suicide bombers
  645. Upwardly mobile: Rutgers Women's Basketball Player Sues Imus, CBS
  646. Car Bombs In Iraq Kill 190
  647. A Good Rerun: Jon Stewart's Return After 9/11
  648. Is the Perfect Storm Forming for Ron Paul?
  649. A Manifesto (of Sorts)
  650. Deadly Environmentalists
  651. Sales Are Slumping - Will the Economy catch a cold?
  652. Mr. Bush’s Chance to Help Congress
  653. Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41
  654. Amazing deathbed confessions
  655. U.S. Studying Two Dozen 'Clusters' of Possible Homegrown Terrorists
  656. NBC Rallies to Defend Obama's Accusations Against US Troops in Afghanistan
  657. Breaking: Fed Injects another $7 Billion of Temporary Reserves Into Banking System
  658. Fathers Rights And Child Support the Truth
  659. Breaking: Countrywide Financial Corp. Cut by Merrill; Bankruptcy Seen Possible
  660. US ranks 42nd in life expectancy - cause - insurance, obesity, racism -
  661. If Islam didn't exist
  662. Rutgers Player Sues Imus/CBS
  663. Financial Crash in Second Life too
  664. Stock Market Crash in Asia?
  665. Iran demands oil pay in yen not dollars
  666. Zio-Nazis Launch Terror Blitz On West Bank Civilians
  667. No More Anonymous, Please!
  668. Sr. Financial Mgr sees ultimately a "Very big collapse of all financial mkts"
  669. WOW, This takes guts
  670. 2 for 1: Two incidents where MSM admits their liberal bias in one story
  671. Biased BBC
  672. I guess Health for Everyone is going to be tricky...
  673. Jews? or Israelis?
  674. U.S.War Criminals Engaging In Self Executions
  675. Too you crazy liberals
  676. Gulf storms make oil traders jumpy
  677. Bush Pushes Agenda _ Without Congress
  678. Apartheid-era South African Police Minister on Trial
  679. Padilla Guilty on Terrorism Support Charges, Kos calls him "American Martyr"
  680. Escalation. "Surge" is another lie.
  681. Real Progress (short)
  682. Mr. Rogers Victory For PBS
  683. What Are You Reading?... And is it Political? .. justaskn
  684. How Do Babies Defend Against Rape
  685. Black Friday?
  686. Weekly Jihad Report 8/4 - 8/10
  687. Bloody and Bloodier
  688. Panic on Wall Street
  689. Many countries still worried that the U.S. could drag them down
  690. Lie Clock
  691. MSM & liberal fabrications, lies and distortions over the years
  692. How the War mongering Zionists stole and enlarged Israel
  693. Another Democrat convinced military needs more time in Iraq
  694. Radio Talk Show Host Michael Savage Being Protested By Illegal Aliens
  695. About the spiritual Mission of Russia
  696. Getting Full and Getting Empty
  697. So Tony Snow Is Stepping Down
  698. 'Daily Show' to Air Reports From Iraq
  699. FOX News caught editing Wikipedia
  700. Request
  701. Tony Snow announces he's resigning as Press Secretary. The left wishes him well
  702. Getting Full and Getting Empty
  703. Are Democrat Presidents better for U.S. than Republican Presidents?
  704. Keeping Spiritual Energy
  705. The Monster Study.
  706. Zio-Nazi's Plan For Goy Cattle In New World Order
  707. A Brief Analysis
  708. Drew Curtis of Fark.com believes FOX hacked him
  709. Ron Paul Just Won Both the New Hampshire And Alabama Straw Polls
  710. White House to Offer Iraq Plan of Gradual Cuts
  711. Explanatory Notes on Esotericism, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Mysticism and Christianity
  712. Concerns Raised on Wider Spying Under New Law
  713. Weekly Jihad Report: 8/11 - 8/17
  714. NOBLE RESOLVE drill in Oregon starts Aug 20th - 10kt Nuke simulation! Same on 9/11 in
  715. Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?
  716. Iraqi provincial governor killed
  717. I do not like to hear good news
  718. Surging!
  719. The Good War, Still to Be Won
  720. Powers in Nature
  721. Child’s Play
  722. Lady Gaia
  723. So, they want to support the troops do they?
  724. Neocons and what they stand for...
  725. Top Swiss banker attacks US lending standards as 'unbelievable'
  726. Political Break Time: Spin
  727. Michael Vick Pleads Guilty To Killing Dogs And Abusing Animals
  728. When the facts make you look bad, just change them.
  729. Is The United States An Imperialist Power And Does It Matter?
  730. "Ala akbar" moment of the day!
  731. Feds pay $80,000 over anti-Bush T-shirts
  732. Another example of Palestinians paying the price for electing a terrorist government
  733. We need a purge!
  734. Another view from the front lines
  735. constitution
  736. Iraqis hold anti-occupation rally
  737. Losing Patience
  738. U.S. Soldier's review of new MRE's, and why the acronym=Meals Refused by Ethiopians
  739. Gods Warriors
  740. Zionist Water Theft For Condo Swimming Pool
  741. Old Soviet Propaganda
  742. Yeah well fine then & Ianmatthews
  743. Learn From the Fall of Rome, America Is Warned
  744. City in a Time Warp - Baghdad is regressing
  745. The Best of "Classy " Annie Coulter
  746. Researchers test urine to track drug use
  747. Have you seen these two men
  748. CIA’s Inspector General’s Report Shatters Popular Liberal Myth
  749. Russia steps up military expansion
  750. Words Unspoken Are Rendered on War’s Faces
  752. Maybe this is why Rove jumped ship
  753. VIDEO: Jihad Watch
  754. Bad News For Dems... Baathist Leader Al-Douri Joins Coalition
  755. Democrats Avoiding Iraq Briefings
  756. Democratic Whip: Good News in Iraq Would be a "Problem for Us"
  757. Lecture: "The Lessons of VietNam" by Professor G.W. Bush
  758. Where are those "Constitution-loving" Republicans today?
  759. Daniel Abrahamson - FalseFlagNews - Amazing Video
  760. ‘Free Iraq’ Is Within Reach, Bush Declares
  761. Militias Seizing Control of Iraqi Electricity Grid
  762. The C.I.A. Report
  763. Douglas Bickford More Big Earthquakes That The Media Is Hiding!
  764. I'll put the icing on this cake
  765. How To Tell If You're Living In A Fascist State
  766. White House Declares Office Off-Limits
  767. The Recent History of Democrats on Iraq
  768. Does the left lie?
  769. Why would these animals do this? WHY?
  770. Does the Right lie?
  771. The liberals Monica
  772. Does the left & right EVER tell the truth
  773. More pain for the pigs
  774. GOP Senater Warner: Begin troop withdrawal by Christmas
  775. More bad news for the Dem's: Iraq report may bolster surge policy
  776. A new intelligence report paints a bleak picture of Iraq
  777. Ann Coulter's new boobies?
  778. Three Generations Of America To The Rescue!
  779. Why Democrats dread hearing the V-word
  780. Failure at the CIA
  781. Time to overthrow the Iraqi Leaders and "install" new ones...
  782. Make Money While You Discuss Politics
  783. War of Iraq does not cost a Penny to the US
  784. Hugo Chavez to make himself president for life
  785. The Case Against Multiculturalism
  786. Cell-phone company has long, controversial history
  787. Gunfree Zones Are A Murderer's Dream
  788. Muslim immigration likened to bird flu
  789. Cowardly College Republicans list reasons to avoid Military Service
  790. The Psychology of the Self-Hating Liberal
  791. Racism, Still Alive and Well?
  792. The bad news and the REALLY bad news...
  793. Rumor Has It Castro Died
  794. COULTER on a ROLL
  795. The Trilateral Commission: Usurping Sovereignty
  796. FED bends rules to help two big banks
  797. Why Has Congress Failed Americans?
  798. Obama's Foreign Policy Superior To Clinton's: Brzezinski Sounds Off
  799. What would you do?
  800. Generals Differ on the Timing of Troop Cuts
  801. As Woes Grow, Mortgage Ads Keep Up Pitch
  802. Read this IPhone users....
  803. Dollars for Sale
  804. Army of Dude
  805. As the Left shudders, Bush leads
  806. Spying Program May Be Tested by Terror Case
  807. Debate Swirls Around 2 Men on a Ferry
  808. The Spy Chief Speaks
  809. Whistleblowers on Iraq Fraud Facing Penalties
  810. Did the Jews rise up in WW II?
  811. FAO SJA, or anyone else that can help.
  812. Yikes
  813. Wallace smacks down Moyer
  814. Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Somalia
  815. Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Pakistan
  816. Religion of Peace Strikes Again in Thailand
  817. Weekly Jihad Report 8/18 - 8/24
  818. Billions In Put Options Betting That The Market Will Crash By 9-21
  819. The future Ann Coulter
  820. Was Saddam A Threat?
  821. Anti-war congressman, democrat Brian Baird's disgraceful report
  822. TEMPLE MOUNT: Israeli govt giving this away?
  823. Surge in Bushco Propaganda Denies Reality on the Ground
  824. Women Of The Idf
  825. Wow !...Moonbat "Bravery"
  826. China Wants Its Own 'New World Order' To Oppose US Version
  827. Gonzales Resigns
  828. Inside a Jumble of Poverty, Texans Build a Future
  829. Alert!!! Man Who Put Girls’ Photos on Internet to Exit a State
  830. KOSOVO (Serbian province) INDEPENDENCE OR NOT ?
  831. New legal loophole discovered
  832. You can't fight Islamic Extremism With Right-Wing Terrorism???
  833. Crusty's heroes go BOOM!!!!
  834. Does The Right troll for action?
  835. Zio-Nazis: We Killed Jesus And We're Proud Of It
  836. Another One
  837. A Chance for a "Fresh Start"? HAHAHAHAHA
  838. Hey Grim, here's some more American Soldier War Criminals for you...
  839. Wow, I am very happy to read this...could things be changing?
  840. Nobody to blame but yourself??
  841. MSNBC's Dan Abrams Slams "CNN's Holy War"
  842. NEWSWEEK: 'We Are Going to Get Hit Again'
  843. Why do they hate us and how do we end the war?
  844. Murtha's office hangs up on Haditha question
  845. Moonbats ...click here for your daily smackdown
  846. MSNBC, CNBC Refuse to Run Pro-War Ads
  847. Progress....?
  848. Which Past War Is Iraq?
  849. 9/11... and Still Killing
  850. long term military occupation
  851. Was it too much trouble to simplify things for them?
  852. Persistent Fear Drives Stocks Down
  853. Sobering Census Report
  854. More Good News: Cleric Freezes Activities of His Militia
  855. It Just Keeps Getting Better And Better And Better
  856. Sargent Freedom for President
  857. Backlash Over Book on Policy for Israel
  858. Steep Price Paid by Those Who Blew Whistle on Iraq Fraud
  859. What are Liberals and Conservatives?
  860. God Love our President
  861. Preventive war vs. Preemptive war
  862. Attack of the Wallmart-istas?
  863. Examples of Hate Speech
  864. Facts About Islam
  865. Want proof that the nation has forgotten 9/11 ?
  866. You white bastard?
  867. Hypocrisy?
  868. See The War Criminal In Your Living Room
  869. War Makes You Rich...
  870. More Realism, Less Spin
  871. Political Fups....
  872. Where Are The Lee Harvey Oswalds Now That We Need Them?
  873. Sorry, Mr. President, You're All Out of Troops
  874. One Million Killed in Iraq?
  876. Neoliberalism Dismantles Services to Make Elites Even Richer
  877. What Are These "Benchmarks", Anyway?
  878. Warner to Retire, Criag Probably to Resign This Weekend
  879. Bush Outlines Aid For Mortgage Holders
  880. Senators' Plane Evades Ground Fire In Iraq
  881. ENOUGH LIBERAL BULL: An accurate estimate of people killed in Iraq
  882. California travesty
  883. Anti-Hamas rallies staged in Gaza
  884. Hey BVR
  885. "How did poor family donate $45,000 to Clinton camp?"
  886. Alton Police Chief Arraigned
  887. Bush Fights Back on Iraq Debate
  888. Rice Tries to Reshape Legacy
  889. A moving video
  890. Tnb Nationwide
  891. Royal Austrlian Air Force F1-11 sinks North Korean Drug Ship
  892. Blame a Librul
  893. Getting Down Down Under
  894. Spread of Islam
  895. Weapons of Mass Destruction Found
  896. Pentagon plan: Annihilate Tehran's military in 3 days
  897. The United Nations of America
  898. Chavez vows revenge for Falklands war
  899. Afghanistan not doing so well....
  900. We Are Going To Hit Iran Big Time!
  901. Can the Mortgage Crisis Swallow a Town?
  902. Apartheid
  903. GOP scandals get more press
  904. Is it ok in your opinion if Iran obtains nuclear weapons?
  905. Brits Bail
  906. Diversity is Strength for New Iraqi Army
  907. Thank You Grim and other Neocons
  908. a present for the start of the new school year
  909. The American fear of Soviets (Nuclear syndrome).
  910. Deterrant for China and Russia
  911. Tourists Flee Honduras as Powerful Hurricane Felix Approaches
  912. Mitt Romney's Crazy, Extreme Beliefs
  913. Busted!!! Envoy’s Letter Counters Bush
  914. Ultra Multi-Millionaire Romney worth as much as $287 Million
  915. FEMA & Martial Law
  916. Only a professional politician avoid the letter of the law??
  917. Social Security
  918. Nuclear Bombs Mistakenly Flown Over U.s.
  919. 8 More US War Criminals Get Smoked In Iraq-Nam
  920. The New Bush Spin...
  921. NOW WE ARE UP TO DATE...Previous posts have been restored
  922. MIT=Moonbat In Training
  923. Iran leader says nuclear issue closed
  924. Ahmadinejad's Columbia Speech - Some Comments
  925. 2007 lastest nike/jordon/air force 1 sport shoes clothes accessories mobile hot!!!!!!
  926. The Austrailian: Ambush flattens Ahmadinejad
  927. This story will make a few of you here giddy with delight
  928. Australian Comics Penetrate APEC Security
  929. Why patents means nothing
  930. Stop Hacking Our Forum????
  931. Hells bells!
  932. Clinton machine shows its true colors
  933. Assessing the War
  934. NPR is afraid to interview George W Bush
  935. House Condemns MoveOn.org Attack
  936. NYTimes Official Report on MoveOn: No Comment
  937. The "Protocols" not written by the Jews
  938. How BushCo Is Pillaging America's Future For Iraq-Nam
  939. ....Burma?
  940. MUST READ!!! Silence In Syria, Panic In Iran
  941. Today: Where We Are
  942. Apparently Louisiana isn't the only corrupt state after Katrina
  943. Another Judge Strikes Down Patriot Act
  944. Counterinsurgency in al Qaeda’s last bastion in Baghdad
  945. Democrats to continue Iraq War
  946. The Zio-Nazis' Latest War Crimes: A Twisted Scheme
  947. The Biggest Lie Ever Told
  948. Affirmative Action is racism
  949. Epidemic Of Police Brutality Sweeps America
  950. Too close for comfort...
  951. First Las Vegas-Style Casino Opens in Iraqi Quagmire
  952. The Bush family & Hitler historical review
  953. The Surge Rolls On: US-led forces kill top al-Qaida leader
  954. More good news from Iraq: U.S. Military Fatalities in Iraq are on the decline
  955. Some Good Economic News
  956. Episode 15: ANGER 101
  957. U.S. details wiretap delays in Iraq kidnap case
  958. No Science, No Success
  959. Still No GOP Scum Held Accountable for Pro-War Lies
  960. Ron Paul set to exceed second quarter fundraising
  961. Bending & Breaking
  962. Truth and Life
  963. It Constrains Us
  964. Why we need to stop Iran from a guy that knows
  965. The Roberts Court Returns
  966. Natural Rules
  967. Well, its been a while.
  968. The Self Indulgent Fantasies Of War Mongers
  969. Micheal Moores Movie Sicko--
  970. Army blackballs scam.com
  971. Article of Faith
  972. No Hope in the Democrats
  973. Good or bad? Subcontracting the War
  974. A Man We Should All Listen To Before It Is To Late...
  975. A Minority View Walter Williams The lunacy of excusing blacks' behavior
  976. Terrorists disclose: We LOVE liberals!
  977. Hate Crimes and Torture
  978. Thanks, Al Sharpton
  979. The European way...the liberal ideal
  980. U.S DOES Endorse Severe Torture
  981. Sister's under the skin...
  982. Bush - Still America's Greatest Shame
  983. Police Brutality at it's best.....
  985. 13 YO that killed his 8 YO brother over dessert
  986. Episode 16: Let Freedom Ring !!
  987. The Commies are coming!
  988. A Self-Training Task
  989. A Solid Rock
  990. Love For God
  991. Hillary's Health Care Nightmare
  992. Debate Over: All Religions Pray to the Same God
  993. The Blueprint For Global Enslavement
  994. The Law of the Sea Treaty
  995. Important legislation....(adults only)
  996. The Ideal of a Man
  997. Simon Peter
  998. The Listeners
  999. The Old Ornaments
  1000. Communism vs. Capitalism
  1001. It's only genocide when you are an enemy of the US
  1002. A Generation is All They Need
  1003. Aristocracy and Democracy
  1004. Wealth in the Light of Initiatic Science
  1006. Know how to use your energies
  1007. Secret Societies & Occult Politics
  1008. East Jerusalem Desires
  1009. Too funny...
  1010. National Collegiate Student Empty Holster Protest
  1011. Eyewitness To Zio-Nazi Apartheid Race Crimes
  1012. Amazing Video: THE LIGHTBRINGERS: The Emissaries o
  1013. The New Humanity
  1014. Animals Pets Hurled Off Bridge to Their Deaths
  1015. National Collegiate Student Empty Holster Protest
  1016. New Evidence That Blackwater Guards Took No Fire
  1017. Iraq Effort is a Nightmare
  1018. Chief Rabbi: Root Of World's Problems Is Zionism
  1019. The End Of Civilization means the Begin of a New C
  1020. Coulter Self Destructs On National Television
  1021. Dedicated to Grim17
  1022. Anybody seen this Flag - the U.S. Civil Flag of Pe
  1023. The Desired Peace
  1024. Negro Teen Sexually Batters and Murders
  1025. Negro Blames Child Rape Arrest On "Racism"
  1026. Three negroes carjack white and toss her baby out
  1027. The Uppermost Limit
  1028. Whites are smarter than other races!!!
  1029. Negro rapper arrested on MACHINE GUN charges!
  1030. Alex Jones
  1031. A Parable of Heaven and Hell
  1032. American Flag Pins...
  1033. The Sinister Side of the New Age
  1034. The Major Presidential Candidates Explained
  1035. Project for the exposure of hidden institutions (L
  1036. The End of Mara
  1037. Mystery of Shambhala
  1038. Secrets of Alchemy - The Great Cross and the End o
  1039. Crazy Wisdom & New Age Narcissism
  1040. We're Immortals - Do Not Fear
  1041. We're Immortals - Do Not Fear
  1042. A campus crusade against Muslims
  1043. Doctor Staph Infections Coming From Illegal Aliens
  1044. In the news
  1045. Corporate Fascists and WW3
  1046. Create Your Own Nation!
  1047. Science Week in Review: Juuuust a bit shaky
  1048. Anglo-American universalism rapidly declines
  1049. A nice musical
  1050. Pictures from Iran
  1051. 2012 - The Future of Mankind
  1052. Daniel Abrahamson - FalseFlagNews - Amazing Video
  1053. Impact phase of the global systemic crisis (2007-2
  1054. Is something being done about the forum?
  1055. When monkeys attack
  1056. Muslims Vote For Ron Paul - www.muslimsvoteronpaul
  1057. Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of E
  1058. Award a mass murderer and war criminal
  1059. United States Dollar Now One Of The Weakest
  1060. Superbug STAPH Infection Creeping Up Crisis Level
  1061. Al Gore wins second book award
  1062. Gore was 100% correct ... the WH with more lies !
  1063. Governor Bush: Carlin is 100% correct
  1064. Sean SCAMMITY of FOX NEWS ....
  1065. GOPers as "Cut and Runners"
  1066. The End of the Anti-War Movement
  1067. Are We Really Safer?
  1068. The SHEEP are clueless on Turkey ...
  1069. Olbermann takes on the FOX jackasses!!
  1070. Clinton yells down conspiracy morons
  1071. Episode 18 : LISTEN UP
  1072. Black City Official Fires All Whites Gets Sued
  1073. Staph Infection Kills 7th Grader
  1074. Ask the SHEEPIES this question
  1075. Rice defines this administration ....
  1076. The 08 GOP Field: W-E-A-K !!!
  1077. Get a Load of This !!!
  1078. Resoring "Honor and Dignity" to the WH
  1079. Looks like Michelle Malkin got the boot from FOX !
  1080. LIMPbaugh has another PHONY SOLIDER to attack !
  1081. Remember the gutless GOPers during Bosnia?
  1082. Watch GOP Spokes"thing" Coulter bomb !!!
  1083. Nspd-51
  1084. Test
  1085. "Rummy" a Fugitive !!
  1086. The Evangelicals: Finally waking up?
  1087. Sounds like a typical GOP candidate ...
  1088. Are the Dems falling apart already?
  1089. 41% of Americans cannot name any GOP candidates
  1090. Bill Clinton sex 'addict'
  1091. Breck Girl is going to raise YOUR taxes!!!!
  1092. How the Right will attack the NEWEST PHONY SOLIDER
  1093. Halloween Getting Bigger Despite to Muslim Protest
  1094. AIDS virus invaded U.S. from Haiti
  1095. FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds: 'I Will Tell All,
  1096. Some black folks get it,some do not. BET does not
  1097. G.I. Joe Considered Offensive Named Changed
  1098. Here We Go Again - Yet Another GOP Perv Goes Down
  1099. Pilot Of Plane That Dropped A Bomb Dies
  1100. Israel's Contributions
  1101. Turkey Positioning For IraN War
  1102. On Religion and 9.11
  1103. The Republican Candidate For President
  1104. Episode 19: Its George Bush's Fault
  1105. Lest we forget: " Well, this is Africa"
  1106. Tapped out, but hopeful...
  1107. Baby refuses to die from abortion,liberals enraged
  1108. Republican "Conservatives" Are Cowardly Pussies
  1109. Thousands return to safer Iraqi capital
  1110. Minutemen grow despite lies of filthy liberals
  1111. Plans to close Guantanamo Gulag
  1112. Ahmadinejad at Columbia University
  1113. US Commandos ON ALERT To GRAB NUKES From Pakistan
  1114. Questions on 9/11
  1115. Possible reason for New Orleans relief delay
  1116. George Carlin's Words of Wisdom
  1117. Results Of Bush Saber Rattling:$10.00 Per Gallon?
  1118. Iran and Nukes
  1119. Obama is a Bone Head
  1120. Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming A Scam
  1121. sdfdffdc
  1122. Episode 20: Conspiracy theory ?
  1123. Subpoenas in AIPAC Spy Case
  1124. American Gangster 90% Untrue Frank Lucas Said
  1125. Where's Our Recall?
  1126. It's the "Terrorists!"
  1127. Why Iran is in the crosshairs!
  1128. Zionism
  1129. Hellery will never be made to look bad again.
  1130. Definition Changing For People's Privacy
  1131. A Salute to our Veterans
  1132. Water fountains labeled "whites" and "colored"
  1133. Muslim footbaths 'cannot go unchallenged'
  1134. Repeat rapist held in attack, liberals p!ssed!
  1135. Bush Has Killed Far More Americans Than Bin Laden
  1136. Thank heaven Israeli occupation of Gaza has ended!
  1137. Death Row Inmate Exonerated: Conservatives Enraged
  1138. Jewish And Arab Attachments To Jerusalem
  1139. Fox "News" Exposed In Giuliani Protection Racket
  1140. Fox "News" Exposed In Giuliani Protection Racket
  1141. Radio Host Michael Savage Attacked By Muslims
  1142. Life Imitates Art
  1143. Santa Clause Told Not To Say Ho Ho HO
  1144. Creme Fraiche Recipe
  1145. Episode 21: What to be thankful for
  1146. Third War In Iran
  1147. Where Is The Jewish Homeland?
  1148. NAACP take up for the poor, Pwrone freaks out...
  1149. Butterball Turkey Company Under Investigation
  1150. FBI and Secret Service Seize Over 2 Tons of Gold
  1151. Torture, Religion & Bush Supporter analysis
  1152. Thanksgiving Considered Offensive In Seattle
  1153. This Video Is Awesome!!!!
  1154. Falling into Hell
  1155. Oregon National Research Center Investigated
  1156. Reagan gave Nuke technoligy to Pakistan, Bush lied
  1157. THEY are not like us...
  1158. Deregulating the Dream
  1159. Japanese Fleet To Hunt Endangered Humpback Whales
  1160. It's The Zionists Stupid
  1161. Oxfam cold-calling
  1162. Are Jews Really Smarter?
  1163. Wounded soldiers asked to return signing bonuses
  1164. @$#% ANIMALS pt. 16
  1165. McClellan accuses Bush of deceit in CIA leak
  1166. Thanksgiving
  1167. Ayaan Hirsi Ali kicks butt
  1168. For UserName and DC
  1169. For Pwrone
  1170. A Letter from Rabbi Kahane
  1171. Blacks losing ground on FBI's most wanted list
  1172. Okay...you asked for it! I.Q. and Race
  1173. Stupid scam.com
  1174. Dollar Drops to Record Low Country Could Collapse
  1175. For the anti-Israel crowd
  1176. Stephen King says: Let’s waterboard Jenna!
  1177. Concerns on joining the military
  1178. A Charlie Brown Christmas Tonight On ABC
  1179. American made toys
  1180. Feds retreat on Amazon buyers' identities
  1181. White Power
  1182. Video: Charlie Chaplins amazing "Speach for Humani
  1184. THEY are not like us...part 461
  1185. TAMMY BRUCE re: the uselessness of the N.O.W.
  1186. What are liberals up to today? GUESS
  1187. Teddy Bear Named Muhamed
  1188. Islamic Muslim Attack Group Attacks Michael Savage
  1189. Boy, 5, doused in gas, set on fire by masked men
  1190. Oil Sanctions on Iran
  1191. Soldiers in Iraq Guard Oil, but not museums or cul
  1192. Ian Douglas Smith, ex-leader of Rhodesia, dies
  1193. Researchers: Detroit Nation's Most Dangerous City
  1194. "battle For The Republic" Exposes Real Immigration
  1195. Authorities say 9-day-old likely sexually abused
  1196. New York New York – AIDS: the 'Black Death'
  1197. What does the Bible say about aliens?
  1198. Goal of islam - WORLD DOMMINATION
  1199. Mohammed teddy bear - Protesters call for EXECUTIO
  1200. Muhammed teddy bear...
  1201. Prosecutors: Cell Phone Video Shows Rapes
  1202. Islamic Muslims Want Teacher Killed For Teddy Bear
  1203. The 'Thought Police' - Senate Bill 1959
  1204. Mudpuppie BANNED
  1205. China Kills Horses Fighting In China To The Death
  1206. China Caught Spying On U.S. And Britains Computers
  1207. The place of God
  1208. Illegal Alien Havens
  1209. September 11 2001 and Iridium satelitte
  1210. Michael Savage Sues Islamic Muslim Group C.A.I.R.
  1211. Facts About Islamic Muslim Group C.A.I.R.
  1212. A List Of Companys To Boycott For Killing Speech
  1213. Under God Taken Off Dollar Bill
  1214. Why the HELL is an ISLAMIC thread a STICKY!???
  1215. Katrina "Victims"
  1216. U.S. Companys Backing Islamic Muslim Terrorists
  1217. Very important for www.scam.com !!
  1218. Bush Calls On Iran To 'come Clean'
  1219. Islamic Muslim Group C.A.I.R. Website A Must See
  1220. While Nurses Struggle....
  1221. The Real Face Of Islam
  1222. Global Orgasm Day 22nd December 2007
  1223. Michael Vick Sentenced Today In Dog Fighting Killi
  1224. When do we find out...
  1225. ãäå âçÿòü åùå ÷òî-òî è*òåðåñ*îå?
  1226. Perino lies as naturally as Bush does !!
  1227. Save me, Al Gore! Save me!!!
  1228. Great video on Cheney!!
  1229. LOL !! Bush turns to Rice for advice on Iraq ..
  1230. New Trend
  1231. What city will Bush hit in 2008?
  1232. Michael Vick Returning To The NFL Write Letters No
  1233. Islamic Contributions to the world
  1234. Waterboarding-definition? Is it torture?
  1235. Hillary Clinton: Conniving Campaign Tactics 101
  1236. Gore Completes Renovations to Tenn. Home
  1237. Suicide Rates Skyrocket In Middle Aged Americans
  1238. The GOP is long overdue ... for a sex scandal
  1239. Have A Zio-Nazi Christmas
  1240. What is your political Identitiy
  1241. Muslim man saves Jewish man from Christian thugs
  1242. Ron Paul dominating Open Caucuses
  1243. Undercover Mosque
  1244. Probational Sufferings
  1245. The Value of Things
  1246. The first massages
  1247. Rare Insights
  1248. MS 13 Its Coming To Your Town - Call Congress Now
  1249. The Divine Romance between Yin and Yang
  1250. Ahhhh .... Glenn Beck threatend with death?
  1251. Merry Christmas Say It Loud And Proud :)
  1252. Huckleberry Fixed Parole For Anti-clinton Rapist
  1253. America Needs A Leader Like This
  1254. Animal Control Division Of The PC Thought Police
  1255. You're not just a face in a crowd anymore
  1256. Sticky:Judaism isthe religion ofGod-Great Miracle
  1257. When Judges Kill
  1258. Merry Christmas from Hawanja.com
  1259. Merry Christmas from Achmed the Dead Terrorist
  1260. The GOP is in deeeeepppp **** ....
  1261. Merry Christmas The Best Holiday Besides 4th July
  1262. 12-25-08 .. last Christmas with Bush !!
  1263. Dont this the Bush Religious Wacks are scary?
  1264. Does anyone here?
  1265. Cheney shooting ... one of Stewarts best !!
  1266. Pakistan's Bhutto assassinated
  1267. Bhutto ASSASSINATED ! !
  1268. Is war necessary for a democracy?
  1269. Huckabee ..... wow ... IMPRESSIVE - HE AINT!!
  1270. Spy report exposes Bush lies on Iran
  1272. Open Books
  1273. Zionist Racism re: Raping Palestinian Women
  1274. Crystallization of the Human Soul
  1275. A Young Blonde Icelandic Woman’s Recent Experience
  1276. Stop Foreign Aid To Israel NOW!
  1277. Cheney video .... FUNNY AS HELL !!
  1278. Right-wing Republican policies murder another one.
  1279. Sean Hannity: as PHONY AMERICAN as it gets
  1280. Iraq... 2007
  1281. Antiwar.com's Man of the Year: Thomas Fingar
  1282. Unbiased BBC Report From Gaza
  1283. 9% dead or injured in Iraq because of Bush ..
  1284. Coulter defines how CLUELESS the Right is ...
  1285. WTF? Just saw this....
  1286. Osama Bin Laden is dead since December 26, 2001
  1287. Should be a big seller in 2008 !!
  1288. Canada sent troops to Vietnam??
  1289. Imagine if Clinton had hired "Bulldog" Gannon?
  1290. Remember when fell in love with a Gay on his show?
  1291. Iran is going to get blown up.
  1292. The Best of Sgt Freedom 2007
  1293. Coulter video w/Hitler ... LOL !!
  1294. I thought the Right was against Hollywood Types???
  1295. Distinctive Features Of Thought
  1296. The Language Of Love
  1297. The Reality Of Life
  1298. Bush Family Dynasty
  1299. Coulter: Liberals Sing ‘Huckelujah’
  1300. Shopper pulls gun, stops robbery cold
  1301. The GOP is gonna get smoked in 2008!!
  1302. Basic Hygienic Rules
  1303. Excellent !! CHENEY CARE .... Love it!!
  1304. Top 1o reasons Huckabee is Nuts ...
  1305. This says it all how Phony the Right is ...
  1306. Great short video !!!
  1307. Romney ... hold the laughter !!
  1308. The Right is gonna eat up Gomer Huckabee ..
  1309. The Dixie Chicks ....
  1310. Anyone else notice a pattern in chat rooms?
  1311. Romney .. he is lucky enough the GOP base is dense
  1312. FOX NEWS .... and Iraq war
  1313. Odds on 2008 Election
  1314. Great short article !!
  1315. McCain .... Negative Ads
  1316. Musharaff ... deft GOP material !!
  1317. 1995 article on Obama
  1318. Limbaugh video .... funny as hell !!!
  1319. Remember when Hannity attacked Gore over jet use?
  1320. McCain has his Chuck Norris !!! LOL !!!
  1321. Ron Paul vs Huckabee and the truth about Iraq
  1322. The Right is now saying a Prayer for Glenn Beck ..
  1323. New Bush Coins
  1324. How low will the 4th Reich go in the attacks ??
  1325. How many laws has the Bush administration broken?
  1326. Who will the Right blame for defeat in Nov?
  1327. FOX News and the Storm Troopers meltdown .. LOL!!!
  1328. Limbaugh is a full blown racist ...
  1329. Iran should tell Bush to F _____ Off!!!
  1330. Bush 2000 Acceptance Speech ..
  1331. Obama: The Nazis are running in fear !!
  1332. Who is Robertson's 2nd choice? OJ or Manson??
  1333. Leno finally interviews Cheney ....
  1334. Coulter now available?? LOL !!!
  1335. Imagine the Media if Obam'a wife was like Cheney's
  1336. OMG ... great Obama video !!!
  1337. So tired of religion mixing in politics
  1338. Does anyone find this disturbing?
  1339. There's No CRYING in politics!
  1340. Lethal Injection before the Supreme Court
  1341. NEW DVD---Complete Sopranos Season 1-6 Individual
  1342. Rice got Bhutto Killed
  1343. WTF!!! HUCKABEE: Christian army of gods soldiers
  1344. Ron Paul, Fox News Internal Meeting (see Descripti
  1345. The western world's war of terror against its own
  1346. How funny would this be??
  1347. Candidates on the issues
  1348. Hi
  1349. NSA report confirms Gulf of Tonkin attack was hoax
  1350. Out of Ballots .... IN NH FOR DEMS!!!
  1351. A Psalm in Jenin.
  1352. NAU preparations continue
  1353. Mlk Day Video From St. Louis
  1355. Wars And Rumors Of Wars
  1356. Police State USA
  1357. Locations of FEMA "Detetion" Centers
  1358. Have to believe the Iranians on this one ...
  1359. Zionists Do Not Represent Jews
  1360. Former CIA agent Agee dies in Cuba at age 72
  1361. SWAT Officers Take 11-Year-Old at Gunpoint
  1362. The RW Clowns on this board ... and elsewhere
  1363. How abou the TYPICAL GOP Family????
  1364. Rice .... most INEPT in our lifetime
  1365. LOL !!! "Discovering God" with Gingrich ...LOL!!!
  1366. United Nations Propaganda Comic Book
  1367. The 1824 Flag of the Texas Revolution
  1368. NSA Gets Real Time Access to Your Email
  1369. Srgt Freedom Episode 25: Honor our police
  1370. Bush gassing American soldiers!!!
  1371. UN fears world recession
  1372. US propaganda under suspicion of war neurosis
  1373. Barack Hussein Obama and the US Nuclear button?
  1374. Mexican soldiers found invading United States
  1375. President Zuma
  1376. You would think the Anti-Christ was visiting :o
  1377. So called Christian Nation (USA)
  1378. SURGE SUCCESS!!... Anbar Province Will Be Handed O
  1379. A Revived Roman Empire?
  1380. Obama's church draws attention
  1381. The Rise of Islam
  1382. Ron Paul : Racist
  1383. Is Canada ready for a North American Union?
  1384. NWO Homeland Security Directive
  1385. U.S. Rains 40,000 Pounds
  1386. "Thought Crime Bill" Could Ensnare Peaceful Activi
  1387. Albright .... right on the mark!!
  1388. McCain wants "respect"?? LOL!!!
  1389. The Iran boat "incident" ..more lies from Bush !!
  1390. Did ya watch Hannity ?? LOL !!!!
  1391. Hacking Democracy! How to hack a NH voting machine
  1392. Will Cheney fulfill his dream of killing millions?
  1393. LOL!! KOOKCINICH demands a recount
  1394. It was a rough day for Ron Paul
  1395. Frustrating Israel Checkpoints
  1396. They are such a good looking couple !!
  1397. Do Not Vote For John McCain And Heres Why
  1398. I Love Jews
  1399. A Day In The Life Of Joe Conservative
  1400. 666
  1401. 1st snow in 100 years falls on Iraq
  1402. Zionist Bush cries for Israel while giving it away
  1403. Oh No!!! I bet it's all whiteys fault...
  1404. Rights for everyone but Christians!!!
  1405. Giant Write-Down Is Seen for Merrill
  1406. Karl Rove .... as low as Human Pond scum can go
  1407. Time to catch up...
  1408. There Will Be Blood
  1409. Digg: Mitt Romney Spambots
  1410. Scientists Use Sunlight to Make Fuel From CO2
  1411. Would the GOP run OJ if he was "reborn"???
  1412. Spears defines the GOP base !!!
  1413. "Libs" .... keep up the heat ... Huckabee is scary
  1414. Young Hillary Fan
  1415. Bill Maher: THE DECIDER!!
  1416. Love And Respect
  1417. Why are the LOUDEST Bushies not on the front lines
  1418. Imagine if Clinton had been sucked off by a Gay ??
  1419. The New Pearl Harbor
  1420. Love And Respect
  1421. The killing of Whites in SA
  1422. Hillary: 'No woman is illegal'
  1423. Aborted fetus vaccines
  1424. How the liberal agenda moves forward
  1425. True Power Of Shaolin Kung-Fu. Awesome Videos!!!
  1426. 2009 ... Hurry up and get here !!!
  1427. Do The Rich Pay Their Share In Taxes?
  1428. Swiss Bank UBS May Be Split Up, Face More Writedow
  1429. Plot to Murder the Queen
  1430. Evil baby-eating liberal keeps US citizens warm
  1431. MLK award winner a gang-raper
  1432. What P.C. Actually Looks Like
  1433. how to export my feed?
  1434. The Truth About Barack Hussein Obama Please Read
  1435. How to take back America in 12 Steps
  1436. Unraveling the Myth of Al Qaida
  1437. EARTHLINGS - Eye Opening Documentary!!!
  1438. The Truth About John McCain Please Read.
  1439. Behind bars!!!
  1440. Former Italian Presiden: CIA, Mossad behind 9/11
  1441. Dubai ... You love him so stop crying !!
  1442. A Pagan Christ? Reflections on the Real Christmas
  1443. Hillary foreign policy experience...Rawanda
  1444. How to explain Liberal vs Conservative to kids
  1445. 50whales found butchered for fetal whale meat.
  1446. sexy intern distracts Clintons - Rawandan genocide
  1447. Greenland Sled Dogs abuse. Sign the petition!
  1448. Can bill get whitehouse security clearance?
  1449. What happened?!?!?!
  1450. Dixie Chicks ...think Laura or Condi think this??
  1451. Something to be ashamed of...
  1452. LOL!!! Romney GOP winner tonite???
  1453. What scandal will define Bush's "Legacy"???
  1454. The cost of energy independence
  1455. Reminder: NATIONAL CALL IN DAY !!!
  1456. Gee, gutless libs never want to discuss Rawanda?.
  1457. Hillary caught in 69 position with Rosie O.
  1458. After 33 days fetus has heartbeat...
  1459. whos image would look best printed on money?
  1460. Mitt Romney Beats John McCain In Michigan
  1461. My debate questions and answers for hillary...
  1462. The Nazis .... as weak a field as we've seen !!!
  1463. Lot of Long Faces on FOX this morning !! LOL!!
  1464. weak scared and gutless liberals...RAWANDA
  1465. Japanese Parliament Questions 9/11 On National Tv
  1466. gee a day and a half and RAWANDA isn't touched
  1467. Nurse ratchet, JJ Walker & the Breck Girl
  1468. best one word reply to any negative liberal post
  1469. Ron Paul, Dr. No-body, beats Rudy and Fred - again
  1470. Wall of Shame: Israels Apartheid Wall in Palestine
  1471. Dick Cheney caught dry anal raping 6 year old boys
  1472. The Right: Only selling "Fear" or "God"
  1473. The GOP loves Al Queda ....
  1474. Bush hates animals ...
  1475. Hmm....now why would Neo-Nazi's support Ron Paul
  1476. Whose bright idea was this ?
  1477. Enough with the Flame Titles!
  1478. The New World Disorder
  1479. Ron Paul Makes Me Proud To Be an American
  1480. SIGN:Reform Carroll County (GA) Animal Control she
  1481. Help Sign:Freeway vs. My grandfather's Home
  1482. Animal petitions:Compiled List,All Urgent !
  1483. Judge Fines N.J. Man $150 For Using The N word
  1484. Only 2 "issues" the GOP tries to sell ...
  1485. Libs some facts on history and body counts...
  1486. The Clinton's greatest achievements over 8 years..
  1487. Fred Thompson...Americas answer.
  1488. Would have "imperialist" Bush ignore RAWANDA?
  1489. To whom this concerns
  1490. Let the God of Wisdom Speak!
  1491. Imagine Bush heading up the DDay invasion?
  1492. The Right's "Role Models" Pat Robertson??
  1493. Who is Bush going to blame for the Economic crash?
  1494. Interesting how the Right think Bush is "Godly"
  1495. Ask a GOPer is they can name the Capt of Iran ...
  1496. Wtf!!??
  1497. It happened under Hitler ... happening here
  1498. Why is anyone shocked Bush has bankrupt the USA?
  1499. More corrupt acts from BUSHCO ..
  1500. Who will be Bush's New "Scotter" ???
  1501. The GOP cant blame Clinton !!!
  1502. MUST SEE - 9/11: Press for Truth
  1503. Fred Thompson will bichslap Hillary....
  1504. Dennis Kucinich, poster boy of the left
  1505. definition of a liberal man
  1506. definition of a liberal woman
  1507. Chris Mathews call it dead on...
  1508. Where is that jet that hit the Pentagon???
  1509. Huckabee ... LOL !!! ... what a clown !!!
  1510. Notice how the TOUGH SOUNDING Bushies ...
  1511. President Gore was correct!!!
  1512. How is that SURGE working???
  1513. Editor of the magazine Golf Digest fired
  1514. MLK Memorial Fountain Up & Running
  1515. Citicorp Bank is refusing to process credit-card
  1516. Dont forget: Lynne Cheney - LESBIAN NOVEL !!
  1517. 7 yrs of Bush ... WE ARE SCREWED !!!
  1518. This is great !!!
  1519. Imagine being a GOPer in 2008???
  1520. Definition of a conservative woman
  1521. Hmmm ....those 9-11 "Passenger" lists
  1522. And THE Right approves this crap??? OMG ...
  1523. Work hard for CHANGE this November!!!
  1524. Who can blame the Ruskies ???
  1525. who gives more to charity? libs or conservatives?
  1526. Definition of a liberals perfect election day...
  1527. definition of the perfect liberal woman
  1528. Questions you should ask Presidential canidates
  1529. Work hard for change this November!
  1530. Biggest Scandals in our lifetime ...ALL GOP !!!
  1531. 4000 soldiers dead ... and Bush invaded Iraq for??
  1532. The GOP and Hussein ... this picture says it all !
  1533. Cgeney interview on Invading Iraq ....
  1534. Bush: Biggest disaster in our lifetime kiddies!!
  1535. Huckabee DEFINES how phony the GOP is ..
  1536. Cant wait to see the Repubs run on the economy!!!
  1537. Dems are out in force!!! Did ya catch NV today!!
  1538. Palast and Rove's emails ....
  1539. LOL!!! Airhead GOP "Thing" Michelle Malkin!!!
  1540. Poll: Oneway & California surfing should be banned
  1541. Ha - Ha
  1542. GOP 08 Tactics ... yep ... you can see it !!
  1543. Huckabee .... 1000% nut case .. READ THIS ARTICLE
  1544. Cheney Care ... sign the Petition!!
  1545. Zio-Nazis Unleash Another Wave Of Terror
  1546. Honeybees may be wiped out in 10 years
  1547. Paving the Way for a Crooked Election
  1548. What do we eat?
  1549. Wise, Good And Strong
  1550. "I loathe the military"...Hillary Clinton
  1551. Markets plummeting worldwide ....
  1552. UN Inspector Scott Ritter: Fools would Bomb Iran
  1553. Are ya watching the Oversea market activity??
  1554. Who Is Barack Obama?
  1555. Hiilary's contribution to Dr King's Memory...
  1556. Clintons..having it both ways...
  1557. markets plummeting worldwide...
  1558. Ban One way?
  1559. Futures down 450 right now .... thank Gwb !!
  1560. Ban Hawanja!
  1561. Cheney should be in prison ....
  1562. Constant spamming of the boards.
  1563. Time well spent on youtube...
  1564. UN Inspector Scott Ritter: Fools would Bomb Iran
  1565. Imagine Bush heading up the D-day invasion...
  1566. revisit & relive the morning of 9-11
  1567. Sgt Freedom Episode 26:Screw Code Pink
  1568. De-Evolution of Scam.com political forum
  1569. Patience
  1570. President BUSH PARDON's HIMSELF against WARCRIMES
  1571. Now Is The Time To Buy
  1572. The Clinton Chronicles - Exposing Bill and Hillary
  1573. Recession busters... free money and health care~!!
  1574. Stock Market Makes A Rebound In The United States
  1575. Right Wing Sock Puppet Party
  1576. Hey Anti-Americanadian-Crusty-Surfer!
  1577. Asian Markets Make A Comback After U.S. Rebound
  1578. World's Leading Sponsors Of Terror: U.S.A & Israel
  1579. "We decided to stop selling the Whopper for one.."
  1580. Market up.....298...Let's blame Bill Clinton!
  1581. GAZA: STOP BLOCKADE AND WAR. Sign the Petition now
  1582. palestine-egypt border breached.
  1583. Sgt Freedom -Episode 26: Screw you Code Pink
  1584. Ohhhh... The Pain! It's Israel! Again!
  1585. I got banned
  1586. Apology
  1587. 2008: Impact phase of the Very Great US Depression
  1588. The Permanent In Life
  1589. Why Rational People Question The Holocaust
  1590. Obama's Top Ten
  1591. Russia Was Better Prepared 4 Collapse than the US
  1592. Imagine if Hilliary did what Laura Bush did?
  1593. Afghanistan ... another Bush disaster!!!
  1594. God bless Vermont !!! The concept is spreading !!
  1595. It runs in the family ...
  1596. Grannie Bush .... as disgusting as it gets
  1597. 150 billion Rebate is not realistic
  1598. Breach in Gaza
  1599. What are liberals up to today?
  1600. Egyptian's view of Palestinian/Israeli conflict
  1601. FISA Modernization Act: A Very Important Issue
  1602. Americas Drug War - Must see shockumentary !
  1603. Something to think about
  1604. Pakistan Rebuffs Secret U.S. Plea for C.I.A. Build
  1605. The Fruit of the Spirit
  1606. Keith Olbermann ... THANK YOU and Happy B Day !!
  1607. The High Price of Pretense
  1608. Shanty Town - 1st US tent city after housing burst
  1609. Imagine If Hillary Did What Monica Lewinsky Did?
  1610. Hillary Finds A Booger
  1611. RSU: Obama Beats Hillary In South Carolina
  1612. Court denies Fla. ex-professor's appeal
  1613. Power Couples....
  1614. Canada recognizes what a joke the UN is.
  1615. Testing
  1616. Which party stands for tax relief?
  1617. Beautiful ... watch Coulter get called out !!!
  1618. Watching Bush's SOTU speech one realizes ...
  1619. Flashback .... Colbert kicks Bush's ass!!
  1620. Great chart on REALITY under Bush !!
  1621. Notice how many Bush "tough asses" are not in Iraq
  1622. Hillary the Muff Diver
  1623. Welcome To Arkansas!
  1624. Allah Bless Sweden!
  1625. Worse President and SOTU Speech
  1626. Reality check:What Bush said...
  1627. The Good, The Bad, and The GOP
  1628. Hillary's word: It's worth nothing
  1629. The best line from Bush's SOTU speech
  1630. Ron Paul's Competing Currencies
  1631. Jews For Obama
  1632. Three Little Pigs
  1633. Swimming Pool etc, fao Mr Christie
  1634. The Illustrated President
  1635. The Eternal Life
  1636. The Eternal Life
  1637. Hilary Obama McCain They Are All the Same
  1638. Write A Letter Tim Feagan Demanding Michael Savage
  1639. Welcome to the US of Mexico
  1640. Edwards To Quit Presidential Race
  1641. Nader Getting Primed to F&#k Everything Up Again
  1642. I'm Donating To Hillary's Campaign Fund...
  1643. Cartoon of the week
  1644. CNN lets it's liberal bias shine
  1645. In Liberalton...US blacks: 'financial apartheid'
  1646. North American Union & Vchip Truth
  1647. Mexico City Rolls Out Women-Only Buses
  1648. Not Surprised
  1649. Jewish Lawyers Defending Islamic Muslim Terrorists
  1650. Gaza Border Closed. Why?
  1651. Ron Paul campaign coordinator fired for KKK ties
  1652. Political Humor
  1653. Shocking Newsweek article!
  1654. Why Don't Rational People Question The Exodus?
  1655. Obama Girl Does Not Support Barack Hussein Obama
  1656. Who's The Most Excited?
  1657. Berkley and Code Pink Squelch Free Speech
  1658. Coulter wants Clinton over McCain
  1659. Bush on CNBC .... how embarrassing
  1660. Discovery backs theory oil not 'fossil fuel'
  1661. Ron Paul's new policy adviser fits right in
  1662. Two Bombings Wreak Carnage in Iraqi Capital
  1663. Why does Bush love barbaric Islamic Terrorists?
  1664. Parade Float
  1665. Ann Coulter - Former Drag Queen
  1666. Bill Is Every Bit As Black As Barack
  1667. There should be a NOBLE WAR PRIZE!
  1668. Finkelstein Lecture At London School Of Economics
  1669. Mitt Romney Wins Maine GOP Caucuses
  1670. Muslims Use Retarded Women Down Syndrome In Blast
  1671. Secret Weapon
  1672. Egypt slams border shut on bomb-carriers
  1673. Bush to unveil $3 trillion budget for 2009
  1674. I keep Hearing Things About The Year 2012 Why?
  1675. Is there a media preference? Last week there was
  1676. Obama admits that Bush is handling Iraq correctly
  1677. Palestinian Suicide Bomber Video
  1678. Coulter .... LOL !!!
  1679. Anyone know when the next TERROR LEVEL increase ??
  1680. Chairmen Of 911 Commission:"Our Report Is A Fraud"
  1681. Question of the day for Obama supporters
  1682. Biased media strikes again!
  1683. Berkeley to rethink its declaration
  1684. Shadow Warriors on WMD in Iraq
  1685. U.S. Troops Asked If They Would Shoot Americans
  1686. Who is Barack Obama ?
  1687. LOL .... Letterman clip!!
  1688. China Fronts The Illegal Export F-14 Parts To Iran
  1689. Japan Resumes Hunting And Killing Antarctic Whales
  1690. Romney is Cheney's brother??
  1691. Muslims Stoned Sisters For Adultery In Iran
  1692. Economist: Expect Fed to lower Dow to 8,000
  1693. The New Plagues
  1694. CIA: Attack on White House planned
  1695. Israel vs. Terrorists
  1696. New Global Approach To Israel's Occupation
  1697. Intel officials worry Iraq's al Qaeda to spread
  1698. Jews spitting on Christians "commonplace".
  1699. Pedophile Rabbi seeks sex with young boy.
  1700. Grand Rabbi arrested for money laundering.
  1701. It's absolutely RAMPANT!
  1702. Israeli Reporting Bias
  1703. Soliders donate more money to anti-war canidates
  1704. Shepherd Smith: Don't you FOX on me!
  1705. OK & TX U.S. Senators Introduce Semper Fi Act
  1706. Right Wing/ Left Wing Patriotism
  1707. U.S Marines:Corrupt Tool Of The Bush Crime Machine
  1708. How long do you think you can stay on the horse?
  1709. State funded trips?
  1710. Blowing 9/11 bs all to hell
  1711. Diabetes study
  1712. Support our troops????
  1713. American traitor Adam Gadahn dead ?
  1714. Who said this?
  1715. 3 Firms Charged With Selling Poisonous Pet Food
  1716. The best speech for McCain I've seen so far
  1717. The Video that shuts up the Right about 9-11
  1718. Remember when the Bushies were running for cover?
  1719. UK to extradite Islamic preacher
  1720. 10 Myths About Canadian Health Care Busted
  1721. Quiz: Nick Name Given To McCain By His V.C Captors
  1722. Iran Is Reported to Test New Centrifuges
  1723. Iran approaching the "high frontier"
  1724. Why the FDA is cracking down on these `natural' me
  1725. Flashback time: Gosh .. Hannity did hate war!!
  1726. US Threatens To Bar Kenyans Over Violence
  1727. Dobson to endorse Huckabee today ...
  1728. If you go to war only when you have to...
  1729. Az illegal-immigrant hiring law upheld
  1730. Valentines Day ...to get ya in the Mood!!
  1731. Johnnie "Songbird": Enemy Collaborator & Traitor
  1732. Somalian Woman Stabs Pilots Mid Air Plane Hijack
  1733. LOL, Uncle Jay explains Recess
  1734. McCain endorses Hilliary ....
  1735. McCain is a Gutless Little Man
  1736. Enough Is Enough
  1737. Romney's 5 sons can now go to Iraq !!
  1738. Top Cop Says McCain Was Never Tortured
  1739. Bib Laden still not wanted in connection w/9-11
  1740. Schoolgirl to aliens: Learn our language
  1741. Ron Paul Bows Out
  1742. Are your 2nd Amendment rights safe?
  1743. Israel Shuts Down Gaza
  1744. 12 Armed Attacks On Whites In Pretoria In Past 5 D
  1745. "Jena 6" Defendant Arrested In Texas
  1746. Fema "Detention" Centers ....
  1747. Hitler video ....this is funny as hell !!!
  1748. America: Wake up what is unfolding down here
  1749. PNAC ... What is Unfolding in this country
  1750. Architects of the Iraq war ... wonderful folks !!
  1751. Bush invites Porno Star to WH Dinner ...
  1752. Bush -A Charge To Keep
  1753. What a nice story .... God bless this kid
  1754. Liberal Media Takes Cheney Out Of Context at CPAC
  1755. Ethanol Worse Than Gasoline
  1756. Israel Attacks Gaza
  1757. Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning
  1758. Hamas Leaders Go Into Hiding Fearing IDF
  1759. Hilary Clinton Joins David Brock In Media Matters
  1760. What is 'white'..?
  1761. Chinese Spy Boeing And Military Space Exploration
  1762. 9-11 Mega-Ritual
  1763. share free cvv everyday
  1764. The Kennedy Plan
  1765. Agent Orange from Vietnam War
  1766. Australia says sorry
  1767. Iran vs. Israel
  1768. George “Dick Breath” Bush
  1769. Grand Pa Bush's Business Partner - Adolph Hitler
  1770. Moan, moan, moan
  1771. Letter to Berkley Mayor from American Business
  1772. Hezbollah Says Top Militant Is Killed
  1773. Talkers Magazine top 100 radio talk show hosts
  1774. Danish Papers Reprint Muhammad Cartoon
  1775. Arabs To Jews: "You're Not Settlers"
  1776. sell cvv (good price)
  1777. The U.S. Political System Is A Bloody Fvcking Sham
  1778. What Happened To Brotherly Love?
  1779. Pied piper
  1780. An example of why the second amendment rocks!
  1781. Who gives a damn? Not the Pentagon....
  1782. What are you going to do...
  1783. Convicted Sex Offenders Taken To Circus Near Kids
  1784. End Of The World Bus Tour
  1785. How The Bush Crime Gang Destroyed The Rule of Law
  1786. Africans: Come Back, Colonialism, All is Forgiven
  1787. Hate Hurts America Goes After The Koran Qur’an,
  1788. Hold On To Your Wallet For The Next Holocaust Scam
  1789. The Future of Politics.
  1790. Why Mommy is a Democrat
  1791. Another Horseman Rides Across Iraq
  1792. U.S.A Left In Total Ruins By "Conservatism"
  1793. "Halliburton Piggies"-from North of the border
  1794. Bill Clintons REAL legacy...
  1795. The Democratic showdown nightmare
  1796. Filthy Muslims destroy YMCA, Christian books
  1797. Why is everything repeated twice?
  1798. Who in the Middle East Gets the Most Aid?
  1799. Land Of The Ignorant - Home of The Stupid
  1800. Land Of The Ignorant - Home of The Stupid
  1801. Infragard is our Big Brother tool
  1802. Kennedy speech
  1803. Bye Bye Fidel
  1804. Top court rejects ACLU domestic spying lawsuit
  1805. White Males Commit Suicide In Record Numbers In US
  1806. What is the deal?
  1807. Republicans and Democrats are a one party duopoly
  1808. Ossama for President in 08
  1809. "Songbird" McCain Exposed In Lobbyist Sex Tryst
  1810. Fly El-Al For Safety
  1811. Israeli Arabs & National Service
  1812. Test
  1813. Site is unusable
  1814. Islam vs.Islam
  1815. United States To Hunt Endangered Specie Gray Wolfs
  1816. Jews in Syrian Town Face Annihilation
  1817. Cheney Planned US Control of Iraqi Oil Before 9/11
  1818. Great Speech! It won't be Spoken by any Leader
  1819. I love when those who need to know aren't informed
  1820. Important that you all check this site daily
  1821. "Songbird" McCain's M.O - Trading Policy For Pussy
  1822. Obama : The terrorist years
  1823. Muslim scholars decry terrorism
  1824. He-man is Stronger than Jesus
  1825. USA Today: Who Pays The Bill?
  1826. Civilian Death Toll in Iraq May Top 1 Million
  1827. South Africa To Allow Killing of Elephants
  1828. Iraq facts you don't hear much about
  1829. Glenn Beck now a Comedian?
  1830. New here
  1831. India to get USS Kitty Hawk Free from BUSH
  1832. Naomi Wolf - The end of America
  1833. Sgt Freedom Episode 29 : American choices
  1834. For the love of God, someone fix the site
  1835. What's With All The Racism and Anti-Semitism?
  1836. Hiiiiiiii!
  1837. Manipulating The Media
  1838. Clinton and McCain lobbist (Bed fellows) What!
  1839. George Washington Abraham Lincoln Forgotten Why
  1840. White House Iraq Group ....
  1841. Imagine if Newsweek did what Drudge did?
  1842. Manchurian Canidate/ Real Good read!
  1843. Zio-Nazis Announce Holocaust On The Palestinians
  1844. Time for a change
  1845. Bush's War In Iraq-Nam Threatening World Economy
  1846. This place is screwed! This place is screwed!
  1847. Thousands Of Crack Dealers Set For Released
  1848. Radio Host Michael Savage Proven Right
  1849. We gotta take the power back
  1850. Doctors Interrogate Children As Informants
  1851. Middle Class May Be Subject To Food Rations
  1852. China Increases Money Cracked U.S. Computers Nukes
  1853. She's in it to win it!
  1854. Yonkers Drug Raid Reveals Dog Fighting & Dead Dogs
  1855. Gunman? Kills Students in Jerusalem
  1856. Hamas Commando Strikes At Heart Of Zionist Reich
  1857. ZioNazis Plotting Renewed Terror Campaign For Gaza
  1858. National Rescue Plan (we need this now!)
  1859. Time For Hamas To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
  1860. NY Governor Linked to Prostitution Ring
  1861. Islamic Logic
  1862. Hamas Running Scared
  1863. How to destroy a Nation "A must read article"
  1864. Who Is Rick Berman He Will Kill The Unions & Jobs
  1865. Hillary's Health Care Reform Records Finally Relea
  1866. Dhimmicrats 100 broken promises
  1867. PotHead on the Supreme Court?
  1868. Where To Buy Your Usa-gas
  1869. The Return Of Ethnic Nationalism
  1870. California March 31 Dr. Michael Savage Day
  1871. Obama's pastor is getting Obama in trouble again.
  1872. Bring it on
  1873. Billary ducks and hides under sniper fire :p
  1874. Osama Obama hates whitey like his homies do
  1875. Tasers stick to kids
  1876. Globalconning by Al Gore
  1877. Serbian Crusade against Jihadist
  1878. This video defines the Chickenhawks of the GOP !!
  1879. A Brief for Whitey
  1880. Blaming America First
  1881. Paradox
  1882. Nearly 4000 Dead in Iraq ...
  1883. What an insult to Christ ....
  1884. Iraq .... fact instead of FOX NEWS fiction
  1885. Bear Sterns buyout illegal??
  1886. 4000 Dead in Iraq ... may Bush burn in hell
  1887. The "Brilliant Logic" of Karl Rove ...
  1888. Those "tough talking" GOPers ...
  1889. Obama is a Muslim, are you ready for real change?
  1890. NPR caller rips Bush ... Damn right !!!
  1891. Cheney should just STFU ....
  1892. Ya wonder why Scarface Cheney in Middle East?
  1893. Suprise Visitor at WH Easter Egg Hunt !!!
  1894. FEMA "Detention Centers"
  1895. When will the Terror Threat level be raised?
  1896. FOX News viewers .... this is damn accurate!!
  1897. Bush and the CFR ... as real as it gets !!
  1898. Congrats to the Dixie Chicks !!!
  1899. How Many Slaves do You Own ???
  1900. worst disasters to ever befall the human race.
  1901. Chomsky on terrorism
  1902. Cheney has to be happy as hell ...
  1903. Iraq going up in smoke for BUSHCO ...
  1904. Cheney quote ... what a "Dick"head this jackass is
  1905. Muslim Group CAIR Exposed Pro Hamas Anti U.S. Pt.1
  1906. GOP reaction to 1 Death in Bosnia ...
  1907. Does docb have a life ?
  1908. Phil Donahue tells the truth about Bush's disaster
  1909. ‘I saw the worst of humanity’
  1910. Hillary has a great memory
  1911. COULTER Hits Another Home Run
  1912. Barney Frank...My hero...
  1913. Will anyone watch One Minute of Cheney's funeral?
  1914. Great video on Anne Coulter !!
  1915. Ann was born a male/sex operation
  1916. Carlin on War ... LOL !!
  1917. How is "Progress" doing in Iraq?
  1918. Questions for War Supporters
  1919. Spitzer Got Snagged by the "Patriot" Act
  1920. No Movie Necessary to Drive Islamics Crazy
  1921. U.S. Passports Being Processed Thailand Outsourced
  1922. Muslim Group CAIR Chief Indicted As A Spy
  1923. get in!!
  1924. Texas Authorities Struggle Against Wave of Illegal
  1925. Radical Islam's stunning wife-and-child abuse
  1926. How is that surge working??
  1927. How Bush Crime Gang Puts Your Tax Dollars To Work
  1928. FOX NEWS //// a "tad bit sad" as Iraq is crumbling
  1929. Rice .... a Prison cell should be her calling
  1930. Dana Perino .. another lying lowife Nazi WH POS
  1931. New GOP website ...
  1932. Political Involvement
  1933. USA 1 Bush/NWO 0
  1934. Study: 3 in 4 U.S. mosques preach anti-West
  1935. The Muslim Menace
  1936. Bush to the rescue of homeowners!!!
  1937. Class ..a word not associated with the Bush family
  1938. It's The Zionists Stupid
  1939. Cheney's daugthers are old enough to serve in Iraq
  1940. Fantastic!!! ... Sigelman to testify !!!
  1941. Destined to be an all time Literary Classic !!
  1942. McDonald's "Gay" agenda
  1943. U.S. soldiers seeking refugee status in Canada
  1944. Why problems won't get fixed
  1945. XNC is not over in Iraq for what reason?
  1946. Gannon, Cheney,Foley, Craig, etc
  1947. Add one More Body to the Clinton Death List
  1948. $4 Gallon ... Mission Accomplished for BUSHCO!!
  1949. We are in Iraq again for what reason??
  1950. Bush busted on lie about 9-11 !!!
  1951. Who should receive Scam's tinfoil hat award?
  1952. boohoo, docb doesn't want to play anymore
  1953. Truckers Strike To Protest Fuel Cost Support Them
  1954. Top shrink concludes liberals clinically nuts
  1955. 'Silent' famine sweeps globe
  1956. Sharpton Finding Even Worse Scum to Support
  1957. Indoctrination and propaganda
  1959. Bill Clinton's tirade stunned some delegates
  1960. Michele Obama's Militant Racism Revealed
  1961. Report: Non-Muslims Deserve to Be Punished
  1962. Republican Pedophiles And Criminals Hall Of Fame
  1963. Is Obama a Muslim?
  1964. How The Whole Country Feels About The Senate
  1965. The Ron Paul Moment Has Only Begun
  1966. Onward Christian Terrorists
  1967. Buchanan: A Brief for Whitey
  1968. Sadr is THE MAN in Iraq!!!
  1969. How The Zio-Nazis Pulled Off The 911 Attacks
  1970. Rare Turtle Slaughtered in Gaza
  1971. FCPS Cite ‘Morality Gap’
  1972. Was Killing Iraqi Children Worth It?
  1973. US Looks to Send More Troops to Afghanistan - 2009
  1974. Government Stakes Claim to Every Newborn's DNA
  1975. More Taxpayer Dollars Down the Drain
  1976. How Bush has been Intimidating the Press
  1977. More lies from the Bush dreamworld ...
  1978. Congrats to the Aussies!!!
  1979. A GOP weekend gathering !!
  1980. Help is on the way for Bush supporters!!
  1981. Nothing has changed
  1982. Another Bush accomplishment !!!
  1983. LOL ... go ahead and lets guess who this is??
  1984. This is great!!! Ventura slams Bush/Cheney!!!
  1985. A video the Right hates seeing posted online ...
  1986. Beautiful ... watch this video !!!
  1987. Interesting how Bushies cant name One single ...
  1988. More Zionist Scams Exposed-Fake Holocaust Memoirs
  1989. I thought this was scam.com
  1990. Start rounding em up !!!! Damn right !!!
  1991. NYT: Our Racist, Sexist Selves
  1992. What Roll Did ZioNazis Play In Bumping Off JFK?
  1993. Eisenhower In Dachau
  1994. With A Friend Like Israel, You Never Need An Enemy
  1995. Five Fundamentals Of Contemporary Ethics:
  1996. African Utopia
  1997. White girl viciously attacked by Mexicans
  1998. wtf over
  1999. Girls Ambush Beat Another Girl To Post On Youtube
  2000. Jewish Response to Mohamed Cartoons
  2001. Bible Is The United States #1 Favorite Book
  2002. Boston Legal TEAM Arrives to Meet with Spitzer
  2003. Chinese Olympics
  2004. Worst financial crisis since the Depression
  2005. Lead Tainted Pot Marijuana Poisons Users
  2006. COULTER: More Obama
  2007. publicly funded Islamic classes
  2008. NAACP: Time to free crack offenders
  2009. Bush Signals No Further Reduction of Troops in Ira
  2010. Shocking Video: Arabs Massacred
  2011. U.S. Will Not Teach American History Anymore
  2012. Biggest Scam Ever:Invention Of "The Jewish People"
  2013. Dare to hope for a better future.
  2014. How does it feel to be Catholic and voted for Bush
  2015. Pantheon Of History's Biggest Scams: The Holocaust
  2016. Pantheon of History's biggest scam's-Moon Landing
  2017. Pantheon of History's biggest scam's-Pearl Harbor
  2018. Pantheon of History's biggest scam's-World War II
  2019. Ahhhh ... Poor Bush buddy "Gonzo"
  2020. War Spoils Included Human Organs?
  2021. Administration Set to Use New Spy Program in U.S.
  2022. Does affirmative action hurt kids?
  2023. South African family rejected by US Immigration
  2024. All the Time He Needs
  2025. Felon Spy: Know who your neighbors are!
  2026. Fiat Currency, Central Banking & the Constitution
  2027. Standing by His Woman
  2028. Slavery Reparations
  2029. Daily abominations in Liberalton...
  2030. Post Office Charges $13,500 Steak Diner Tax Payer
  2031. Worldwide Anti-Semitism Growing
  2032. GAO Report on Government Credit Card Abuse
  2033. GAO Report on Government Credit Card Abuse
  2034. How to use Your IRS Rebate check
  2035. World Conquest Through World Jewish Government
  2036. Letter
  2037. Schools Ban The Game Tag Because Overaggressive
  2038. Many Jews Believe They Collectively Are The Messia
  2039. Actor Tim Robbins Apologizes To Michael Savage
  2040. European servitude: Is America next?
  2041. Gestapo Raids Church In Texas
  2042. This is great....
  2043. The Catholic Corporation
  2044. True to her word, she's "toughening" him up...
  2045. UN General Assembly
  2046. Israeli Doctors Save Palestinian Childs Heart
  2047. Latest Zio-Nazi Atrocity: 6 Dead Kids 1 Journalist
  2048. Great video about Rev. Wright
  2049. Arabs for Israel
  2050. China/Tibet vs. Palestine/Israel differences
  2051. Carter To Racist Zionist Terrorists: "Go Stuff It"
  2052. Creating Israeli and Arab Unity
  2053. Arabs building bridge of peace with Israelis.
  2054. Tancredo tells pope to butt out on illegals issue
  2055. Why ALL U.S Welfare Cash To Zio-Nazis Must Stop
  2056. Hamas using Palestinian children as human shields
  2057. McCain Sent Congratulatory Telegram For Mob Boss'
  2058. Bush gang used us good.....
  2059. Countdown to Tuesday...
  2060. wheres the terrorist???????
  2061. Being A Jew Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry
  2062. Labrador Retriever Shot By State Trooper No Reason
  2063. List of Bush Accomplishments
  2064. Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
  2065. Obama Woos Gun-toting God Nuts--Coulter
  2066. List of Barack Hussein Obama's accomplishments
  2067. Ethanol Should Be Made Out Of Switchgrass
  2068. "GAY" Sex Kills
  2069. The Truth About Rachel Corrie
  2070. "Hero" John McCain as Phony and Collaborator
  2071. Nuke 'Em All says Billary
  2072. New stormtroopers for dirty deeds of bush
  2073. Latest Negro-Nazi atrocities
  2074. US Now Allows Convicted Felons To Enlist Military
  2075. Hillary Threatens To Obliterate Iran
  2076. Another Zionist Spy Working For Our "Ally" Busted
  2077. What The War In Iraq-Nam Is Really All About
  2078. Los Angeles is a "Third World city"
  2079. Lynchings in Congo as penis theft panic hits
  2080. Candidates eating in resturaunts.
  2081. Does your wallet seem about $20 million lighter?
  2082. Mexican Official Caught Stealing Blackberry W/Bush
  2083. Handgun Ban checkup: Student Gun Deaths
  2084. So what about McCain?
  2085. Los Angeles In Big Trouble Spreading Across U.S.
  2086. Unemployment plummets after crackdown on illegals
  2087. Gun-Free Zones Are Not Safe
  2088. He looks just like me
  2089. Joe Lieberman is a PIG.
  2090. the mexicans own americnazi
  2091. Prosecutor:ZioNazis Stab America In The Back Again
  2092. Lets All Take A Look At Islamic Muslims c.a.i.r.
  2093. more Obamination
  2094. "toughest sheriff in America"
  2095. This is not our war :o(
  2096. Zimbabwe Police Raid Opposition Headquarters
  2097. Italian right may conquer Rome
  2098. U.S. deficit at record high and rising
  2099. Ballot Initiative to End the Income Tax in Mass.
  2100. New posts are blocked??????
  2101. The Curious And Conspicuous - Anomaly Of WTC #7
  2102. Aussie View of USA
  2103. Religious Tolerance in Java
  2104. Why Gaza Is Not Getting Fuel
  2105. Who are the Palestinians?
  2106. Anecdotal Record Of Zionist Crimes & Atrocities
  2107. Gas prices?...problem solved...
  2108. Liberals versus ALL Americans...dems silent.
  2109. OBAMA is finished
  2110. US Americans Most Bible Literate Nation
  2111. Ron Paul's "The Revolution" Releases Tomorrow
  2112. Please go vote...
  2113. Re-considering Mother Teresa
  2114. Woooo Hoooo! Bye bye Hillary!!
  2115. New Day- 2 more Superdelegates won to OBama
  2116. Gutless Dems ignore odd NAACP decisions
  2117. Wright's speech set up by a Clinton supporter
  2118. Buffalo Are Dying In Yellowstone National Park
  2119. So Now it's all the Consumers fault?
  2120. Democratic Leader Switches to Obama!!
  2121. Shell profits soar on sky-high oil prices
  2122. Hillary Supporters.....
  2123. OVERTHROW Government ! DESTROY Law ! USE FORCE !
  2124. Notes From the War on Terror
  2125. Hypocrite Supreme...
  2126. Bush is worried about the rest of the world?
  2127. State Trooper Abuses K-9 Kicks Beats Dog 5 Times
  2128. 100 Jews Left in Syria
  2129. Congratulations President Bush
  2130. Meet Obama's new pastor
  2131. 'Caucasian race is going the way of the Mohicans'
  2132. Hillary Clinton, Fairy Princess
  2133. Modern Jews NOT Khazars
  2134. The Jew Problem
  2135. ALL KINDS of Good Economic News!
  2136. ‘Context,’ You Say? Wright's Radical Theology
  2137. Michelle Obama
  2138. General Eisenhower Knew!
  2139. The Bush's Family Bad Latin American Real Estate
  2140. Hillary - screw the experts
  2141. 'F--- AmeriKKKa'
  2142. Voters say Gas Tax only benefits Politicians...
  2143. America's cowardly bastards
  2144. Chinese Buying Up U.S. Land At Alarming Rate
  2145. Hillary Selected By ZIONIST LOBBY !
  2146. Barack OBama Wins North Carolina!!
  2147. This is what "desperate" looks like.
  2148. Radio Host Michael Savage Voted Most Influential
  2149. In Lies We Trust; A Must see
  2150. Clinton's Faltering Case for Staying In
  2151. Opinions of the Following
  2152. What Christians Don't Know About Israel
  2153. The Plan
  2154. Sargent Freedom: Commander in Chief
  2155. How Is The Israeli Army Different From Terrorists?
  2156. The Need to Know and Understand
  2157. Our reign of terror, by the Israeli army
  2158. Blame Everything on the Jews
  2159. Reading,Writing,Arithmetic & Zionist Brainwashing
  2160. Gang Girl Attacks A Old Woman In Subway Video
  2161. My letter to the Obama campain, doubt they read it
  2162. Obama pulling a "flip-flop"... Or just lying... Ta
  2163. The Jews Did It!
  2164. The Nature of Lunatics Directing American Politics
  2165. Obama Launches 50-State Voter Registration Drive
  2166. America Is On The Edge Of A Very Long Night
  2167. ZioNazi Goons Murder Teacher As Children Look On
  2168. A Website for Seekers of Truth About Zionism
  2169. Sargent Freedom vs the Dumocrats
  2170. How GOP Neo-Cons Honor Fallen Iraq-Nam "Heroes"
  2171. Arab hate for Jews LONG before Israel
  2172. Arab hate for Jews under Hitler
  2173. 'RAPE DANCE' just business as usual in Liberalton
  2174. A Little History Quiz Anyone?
  2175. Ahmadinejad: Israel to be 'swept away soon'
  2176. Observing 60th Anniversary Of Zio-Nazi Holocaust
  2177. FIRE The Lobbyists!!!!
  2178. Political comedy from the other side of the fence
  2179. Hamas launching rockets from elementary school
  2180. Who's That Hiding In My Fox 5 News Logo?
  2181. HATE CRIME Test
  2182. Mexican Drug Gang Violence Comes Across US. Border
  2183. Kassam Rocket Falls In Israel
  2184. Who Is Bush & The Congress Really Listening To?
  2185. Suffering from ED?
  2186. Brief explanation of the Obama/Wright sex scandal
  2187. Lady Mod, tell this member not to tamper with my p
  2188. McCain Won its over
  2189. More 'liberals ignoring your vote', part 1287
  2190. Bill O' Reilly goes ape sh!t!
  2191. Jesus Christ! You've got to be kidding me.
  2192. OBAMA shows true colors
  2193. George Bush Asked For More Oil Saudis Said No!!!
  2194. We smear, we're here, so get used to it.
  2195. Beijing Olympics ...
  2196. Catching "Flak".
  2197. Deconstructing Bush's Speech to Arab Nations
  2198. AS PREDICTED: Here come the human/animal combos!
  2199. Obama's Crazy Pastor
  2200. Stojko: Canadian athletes should think twice about
  2201. Hamas's Human Shields
  2202. Europe demands a crisis
  2203. The Gaza Prison Camp
  2204. Boston Doctor Offers Sex Change Operation To Kids
  2205. New Word Order and why it is good
  2206. Liberal Kennedy
  2207. Another difference between the left and the Right
  2208. Another difference between Africa and...um...
  2209. Check this out!!! Israel ignoring Bush! LOL
  2210. McCain: so wrong, but so what?
  2211. Who Controls The Media?
  2212. 7-12-2008 Revolution March in D.C.
  2213. John McCain, America's Songbird.
  2214. Islam Responsible For Algebra
  2215. Chinas Nuclear Facilities Damaged Leaking By Quake
  2216. Michael Savage Dupes Media Matters And They Fall
  2217. Butch
  2218. Politicians who double-speak
  2219. What Judeo-Fascists Really Think Of Christianity
  2220. The federal reserve.
  2221. Another Holocaust Heretic Burned At The Stake
  2222. President Barack Obama sound good to you?
  2223. The Curse of Jeremiah Wrights
  2224. The Cult
  2225. The American Taliban thugs are back
  2226. German-EU - league of former democracies
  2227. This Political forum is sad!
  2228. Video Game Industry Helps Protect Children
  2229. More Obama Trinity problems
  2230. McClellan may have some explaining to do
  2231. Maliki's Midas Touch
  2232. 20 years of terrorist attacks against America
  2233. McCain Candidate Most Likely to Reach Across lines
  2234. We're from the UN... We're here to help
  2235. Peanut farmer has gone nuts!
  2236. Reason #243 Why Obama can't win
  2237. The Palestinians' time is running out
  2238. U.S. Cites Big Gains Against Al-Qaeda
  2239. In Carter's Shadow
  2240. Newsbusted 170
  2241. The Messiah knows best
  2242. Aid for Africa?
  2243. For the Global Warming Scam dupes
  2244. Opposing the Proposal
  2245. May saw lowest casualties for U.S. in Iraq
  2246. New American Constitution
  2247. Politicians
  2248. Orthodox Jews burn New Testaments in Israel
  2249. Survey: Who's more honest?
  2250. Many Cubans don't work, at least not officially
  2251. Five tips to ensure the TSA doesn't steal from you
  2252. zombies this has gotta be a bbc spoof
  2253. Bugliosi: Bush Crime Gang Worse Than Manson Family
  2254. NewsBusted 171
  2255. Three things to ponder
  2256. Anti Violent Video Game Attorney Disbarred
  2257. The sponsorship scandal.
  2258. Great Synagogue in Europe?
  2259. Stop terrorist Nelson Mandela!
  2260. Reports Highlight Worst Crimes by Federal Agents
  2261. Rare Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Linked To Chesse
  2262. Remember D-Day
  2263. OVERCOMING Crowd Control ! BLOCKING Cell Phones !
  2264. WAPO figures it out: Senate Report hack job
  2265. The Truth Behind Strained Iran/U.S. Relations
  2266. NewsBusted 172
  2267. How Will Good News in Iraq Affect Campaigns
  2268. What the media didn't say about unemployment rate
  2269. Kucinich introduces Bush Impeachment resolution
  2270. The "Terrorist Fist Jab" . . .
  2271. More Good News For America!
  2272. What Obama stands for.
  2273. Voters Say 'Drill'
  2274. Cocky Ignorance
  2275. How Republicans/Conservatives view McCain.
  2276. NewsBusted 173
  2277. Dem vs. Rep plan. Chart showing savings.
  2278. Message from Ramsey Clark
  2279. Barack Hussein Obama: Bastard Child?
  2280. CFR Obama or CFR McCain?
  2281. GOP game-plan:
  2282. Hey B-O , wanna run that by me again ?
  2283. Classic democrat bs on display
  2284. If you dont' believe what I believe...
  2285. China's Drilling For Oil 60 Miles Off Florida
  2286. Do the Right Thing - Start Drilling
  2287. China Hacks Congress Computers Told To Keep Quite
  2288. Hell just froze over - An honest democrat!
  2289. Democratic Congress Breaking Records!
  2290. This Day In History
  2291. B.O. Favors higher gas prices....huh ?
  2292. Mike Reagan and Mark Dice.
  2293. McCain seen as best choice for economy
  2294. Democrats question whether Obama is a terrorist
  2295. Dispatches Channel 4: Muslim Schooling
  2296. What the rich say about taxes
  2297. McCainosaurus Wrecks: When McCain drops out.
  2298. Bugs That Eat Waste And Excrete Petrol Oil
  2299. Marijuana Biodiesel
  2300. Republicans Save Big Oil......
  2301. Honda's Zero Emission Car Unveiled
  2302. American soldier explains Iraq
  2303. Col. Chessani Charges Get Dismissed This Is Big
  2304. Veterans Used To Test Suicide-Linked Drugs
  2305. John McCain uses videogame music for political ad.
  2306. Michael Savage Is Right Again!!!
  2307. The Truth About Barack Obama
  2308. Best Congressional speech of the year!
  2309. Meet some evil "fudge packers" destroying America!
  2310. Obama lies, America dies
  2311. ZioNazis Order Congress To Kick Off World War III
  2312. Dubai Ports Deal Goes Through After Being Stopped
  2313. Anti Video Game Attorney Visited by US Marshalls
  2314. Army General Says Bush & Cheney Are War Criminals
  2315. How insanely retarded Republicans are
  2316. U.S. Soldier in Afghanistan
  2317. Is organized religion is a form of brainwashing?
  2318. Liberal Nazi's showing thier "patriotism "
  2319. NewsBusted 177
  2320. McCain aide claims that GOP needs terrorist attack
  2321. The Day Zio-Nazis Attacked And Murdered Americans
  2322. Dr. Martin Luther Kings letter to an Anti-zionist
  2323. 7 Reasons Not To Vote For Barack Hussein Obama
  2324. Medicaid spending exploding, I have a Solution
  2325. Imus
  2326. Gun Rights -- Landmark Supreme Court Decision
  2327. We Deserve What?
  2328. Saudi Official Says Its Ok To Have Sex With Child
  2329. Who Controls The Media? Really!
  2330. Self-indulgent Traces of the Trade
  2331. Its all Bush's fault
  2332. Obama speaks at AIPAC
  2333. Bang! Bang!... Bambi Gunned Down on YouTube
  2334. What we, as Americans, really lost.
  2335. Guns for Safety? Dream On, Scalia.
  2336. US aids and abets terrorism
  2337. Attack On Iran: Beginning Of The End For ZioNazis
  2338. Iran - "Preparing the Battlefield"
  2339. Is David Ben Ariel a nut job?
  2340. The Israelis Who Moved Out Of WTC Days Before 911
  2341. Islamo-facists want truce despite rocket attacks
  2342. The Impending Financial Crisis
  2343. Lapel Pin Patriotism
  2344. Halleluiah! House Dems Solve Oil Crisis-- Will Sue
  2345. Iraq Reaches 15 of 18 Benchmarks
  2346. Glenn Beck exposes the liberal media and Obama
  2347. Ignorance on Iran
  2348. Obama baby killer for spare change
  2349. Oh great tree hugging left, please answer the foll
  2350. How Bush Used Phoney Patriotism To Sell Iraq-Nam
  2351. Right Wing Extremists Riot !!
  2352. The World A Better Place Today-Jesse Helms Croaked
  2353. The American "Evolution" has BEGUN!!!
  2354. "War Criminal" Bush heckled during speech.
  2355. How Right-Wing Rats Are Working To Destroy America
  2356. Drilling in ANWAR
  2357. McCain no Hero...
  2358. A Real Message From The One That Really Knows
  2359. Obama Flips Again
  2360. Award Winning Journalist Tortured By ZioNazi Goons
  2361. Fox News Lowers the Bar Once Again
  2362. Palestinian arab with irrefutable tongue
  2363. Obama the "Morlock"
  2364. "Barry" the baby killer Obama hates men.
  2365. "Barry" the baby killer Obama hates men.
  2366. How to raise a Morlock
  2367. The Bush Loyalists still brag about Iraq ...
  2368. Afghanistan is more screwed up than Iraq ..
  2369. "Rev" James Dobson ... why the Right sucks
  2370. Barry Obama prays aloud to the devil....
  2371. 2003 Illinois.. Hamm drowns her three children
  2372. Its getting ready to crumble ....
  2373. DChristie is a COWARD
  2374. NO Drowned ... Bush tried to Implement Martial Law
  2375. Laws Mean Nothing to Bush 43 ... 750 Laws broken !
  2376. "McCain = Bush" sign gets lady legal trouble
  2377. Flashback: 2000 // Bush, inc smearing McCain
  2378. CSpan ... "Great victory for Bush in Iraq .."
  2379. Barry,Should murdering your own child be legal?
  2380. Its 2028 ... "I voted for Bush 2 times .."
  2381. Those "Bin Laden" tapes ... more BS from BUSHCO !!
  2382. Iranians develop missiles
  2383. Michael Reagan .... called out for being an ass!!
  2384. Here's the latest nutty Obama interview of the day
  2385. FATASS LIMPbaugh back in business ...
  2386. AN OPEN LETTER to Consumers from 12 Airline CEO's
  2387. Cindy McCain .... Johnny's Leather Bitch !!
  2388. SF has the Right Idea on how to honor Bush !!
  2389. Notice how GOPers like Male/Male sex??
  2390. Confident Iraq Becomes a Tougher Negotiating Partn
  2391. Real Black men hate "barry" Obama
  2392. Barry "Norbit" Obama cannot finish a sentence....
  2393. I Heard Senator Robert Byrd Cry
  2394. Npr Asks - Is Obama Circumcised?
  2395. The Obama-man song
  2396. My theory on global warming
  2397. iran missiles...a thought
  2398. Libs hoodwinked by slick barry Obama!
  2399. Global warming analysis...it is real, and hot!@
  2400. Final Day Of Reckoning On Horizon For The ZioNazis
  2401. Russia Prepard To Vaporize The Zionist Pipe Dream
  2402. Question for Mods re: Rules of the game.
  2403. Ahhhh hope, and ahhh change are a good change.
  2404. Obama uses his two burdens on TV
  2405. What Barack Obama's Father Discovered..
  2406. Sgt Freedom Episode 14: Barack Hussein Obama Sucks
  2407. Veterans Of South Africa Apartheid: "Israel Worse"
  2408. Why did Obama Change his name in College?
  2409. Is Iraq Going to Throw Us Out?
  2410. Barry the needy basket case Obama
  2411. Who would you let your daughter marry?
  2412. Obama is whiter than His white preacher!
  2413. Lessons from my Father:
  2414. The difference between OSAMA & OBAMA
  2415. Cliff Notes from "Dreams of my father"
  2416. Oneway is a lying sack of shit, and more news.
  2417. barry the chainsmoker
  2418. Can we Just ban the Spammer
  2419. Oneway is banned.
  2420. Ask your Bank this Question!
  2421. X-GOP Congressman: Bush Attacked Iraq For Zionists
  2422. China Orders Restaurants To Take Dogs Off Menus
  2423. Why Journalists Are Victims Of Zionist Terrorists
  2424. Indians Killing Whales In U.S. Govt. Does Nothing
  2425. Kosovo & Germany's Master Plan
  2426. The New YorkTimes
  2427. NewsBusted 183
  2428. Iraq veterans agianst the WAR. (must read speach)
  2429. The Myth of Jewish media control
  2430. Israel & Enemies Compared
  2431. Jesse Jackson's no-no
  2432. That Old-Time Religion In Europe
  2433. It's Time To Tell Israel Firsters Where To Get Off
  2434. dchristie: Champion of the First Amendment.
  2435. McCain: War Hero? No / War Criminal? Absolutely
  2436. Are McBush Catching Obama Fever?
  2437. Stand Proud
  2438. Massacre at Tiananmen (must see)
  2439. Unit 731 - Torture & Human Medical Experiments
  2440. Palestinians "Shooting Back".
  2441. Ben Affleck for Obama? Thanks, but no thanks.
  2442. The Sudanese Gov't Is Getting away with Genocide.
  2443. Uneven Prisoner Swap
  2444. On the Web, Cowards Become Cowboys
  2445. Stop Prison Abuse | Message From A U.s. Prisoner
  2446. One more reason to fondly remember the Bush years.
  2447. Conservatism's Mullah, Mike Savage, Savages Autism
  2448. DEFEATING TASER !- More Information !
  2449. How Zionist Spies & Traitors Infiltrate Congress
  2450. Novak Veers Too Far Right, Hits Pedestrian
  2451. David Ben- Ariel TERRORIST !
  2452. 911 Predicted In Bible Revelation Chapter 18 !
  2453. We love you Obama!
  2454. Media bias 101: "Media Donations Favor Dems 100-1"
  2455. Obama Faking It
  2456. 911 Conspiracy Question
  2457. Olbermann lies to falsely attack O'Reilly... AGAIN
  2458. Obama too busy to visit wounded troops in Germany
  2459. More flat out lies by the Messiah
  2460. Senate GOP hands Dems oil ultimatum on drilling
  2461. Kevin Puppos Trip To LAKOTA !
  2462. Obama's "lie of the day" from NBC interview
  2463. Obama's NS Advisor Gets Iranian Endorsement
  2464. NewsBusted 186
  2465. Bad news for 9/11 conspiracy nuts
  2466. Israel, Palestine Now Fighting Over Cemetery Space
  2467. Can you believe it... Another Obama lie.
  2468. Surge Successful By Any Measure, Says Pentagon
  2469. The wisdom of the Democrats
  2470. McCain Hits Obama Hard... With The Truth.
  2471. Doctors are the Third leading Cause of Death
  2472. McSexist: McCain's War on Women
  2473. Snopes.com: Obama's 50 lies
  2474. Scarface McCain's Secret Ties To The Zionist Mafia
  2475. Wow what a degenerate place this has turned into
  2476. McCain: Orphans shouldn't have gay parents.
  2477. How Obama Became Acting President
  2478. Anglo- Saxon DANGER !
  2479. The Truth Behind BushCo's Phony Surge Scam
  2480. Why Do Muslims kill Muslims?
  2481. Some Funny Obama Quotes...
  2482. Stop the North American Union!
  2483. Right-Wing Rampage Killer: "Libruls" Made Me Do It
  2484. Black in America on CNN: Are We There Yet?
  2485. Black in America on CNN: Are We There Yet?
  2486. Why the people is not moving in USA?
  2487. So you want to boycott Israel..?
  2488. Obama in Europe.
  2489. John McCain's character continues to impress
  2490. Stabbings...
  2491. Get this man a script!
  2492. Democrats play games with energy
  2493. New strategy 'can beat al-Qaeda'
  2494. John McCains $520 Ferragamo Loafers
  2495. The TN Church Shooter ... typical RW nutjob!!
  2496. Will Israel execute Shimon Peres?
  2497. David Ben-Ariel Ever Take His Antipsychotic Meds?
  2498. Obama trip was so exciting.
  2499. US monthly toll in Iraq at lowest since invasion
  2500. As expected... Obama plays race card.
  2501. Would You Enlist Politicians Into War..
  2502. Alright , lets leave Barack Hussein Obama alone
  2503. Right Wing Hate talk fueled Chruch Killer
  2504. Bush: wanted for War Crimes!!!
  2505. Judge Rules Bush Advisers Cant Ignore Subpoenas
  2506. Pelosi's Energy Stonewall
  2507. Bush @ 4127 deaths in Iraq ... congrats !!!
  2508. Iraqi refugees?
  2509. ZioNazis Training Judeo-Terrorist Cells Inside U.S
  2510. Obama's latest speech on drilling
  2511. LOL !!!! Hannity last nite ....
  2512. How many GOPers if this 38 would vote for Hitler?
  2513. US Govt. Campaign To Stamp Out Democracies
  2514. Obama backs away from McCain's debate challenge
  2515. Dont forget to wear those Flag Lapels !!!
  2516. Shocking ... Cheney all for killing Americans!!
  2517. I say let the Neo Nazis drill away .... please do
  2518. Want to see a preview of McCain debating ??
  2519. Who started the BS "Support the Troops" chant?
  2520. Question for Self Employed
  2521. Kevin Puppos INDICTED : Conspiracy and TREASON !
  2522. David Ben- Airhead On His Antipsychotic Meds?
  2523. prove it or clam up
  2524. Obama's childhood mentor a Communist
  2525. Why Isn't Obama Pulling Away?
  2526. Democrats in office means a return to the 1970s
  2527. Pick the Running Mate
  2528. Has Bush had ONE Policy that has worked??
  2529. Obama lead evaporates
  2530. To Lighten The Mood
  2531. Do you believe President Bush's actions justify im
  2532. MSNBC: GOP Demanding Vote on Energy Reform
  2533. Pelosi looks foolish in Stephanopoulos interview
  2534. G.O.P. Drops in Voting Rolls in Many States
  2535. Anthrax Evidence - Innocent until PROVEN Guilty?
  2536. Flashback ... Cheney and 9-11
  2537. Cheney will outlive Michael J Fox ..
  2538. Great ad!
  2539. Interview with Congressman Jefferson
  2540. Sgt Freedom Campaign Episode 41: Let's Not Offend
  2541. War With Iran
  2542. Bush Knew There Were No WMDs?!?!
  2543. Must see video... Paris for President
  2544. Thoughts on this....
  2545. Bush uses Catholic Doctrine to Guide His Politics
  2546. The Silent Arab Voices
  2547. Funny ad that takes a shot at McCain
  2548. 25 Reasons You May be a Racist
  2549. Self Employed; AKA...Cal Surfin'
  2550. SNL skit .. this is great!!!
  2551. Drill, Drill, Drill Is Working
  2552. Why Right-Wing Kooks Take Pride In Being Ignorant
  2553. The British Empire...
  2554. What will be the choice for GOPers will BO wins?
  2555. Who Needs Nader When You've Got Hillary
  2556. Obama Assasinated:
  2557. 7th Anniversary Of Bush Ignoring Al Qaeda Warning
  2558. Obamanabull
  2559. Question..?
  2560. Big Oil and the the GOP .. a Natural Fit !!
  2561. Do the SHEEP even know FOX News CEO background?
  2562. The Real Axis Of Evil
  2563. Pelosi's Book flops... Only 2,737 Copies Sold
  2564. Is Obama going to toss another one under the bus?
  2565. Obama tells 7 year old that America sucks
  2566. OBL's Driver: Clinton Administration Emboldened Bi
  2567. Bin Laden Declared 911 Attack Was Because of Bush
  2568. Survey: Why Al Qaeda Waited Until Bush Took Office
  2569. Great article on the GOP "thought process" !!
  2570. Great Home made video's
  2571. Major Fighting Erupts between Georgia & Russia
  2572. BUSTED!!..One trick pony admits to romp in the hay
  2573. Letter to Dear Abby
  2574. Bush Crime Gang In Cahoots With Taliban/Al Qaeda
  2575. Sooooo .... Iraq ... and the Bush gameplan !!!
  2576. Ya working the mess unfolding in Georgia?
  2577. Maybe Bush's best comment ever ... LOL !!!
  2578. The ultimate in liberal bias
  2579. How touching .... Bush comments after Church
  2580. McCain's affair ... and not a peep from the Media
  2581. USA comments on Russia/GA is a joke ...
  2582. Excellent ... Bush can get a 3 front war going!!!
  2583. "Meaningless Statements"
  2584. Al Franken knows how to draw a crowd
  2585. Outstanding op-ed on the energy crisis
  2586. The Messiah That Failed
  2587. WaPo: 'Obama Tax Plan Would Balloon Deficit'
  2588. Shale Oil To Be Developed, But Not Here
  2589. Russian tanks roll into Georgia as cities burn
  2590. The MSMs Latest Embarrassment
  2591. FOX NEWS this AM on Russia ... LOL !!!
  2592. Don't forget .. Lynne Cheney .. Lesbo Novelist
  2593. Did Cheney send Americans into fight the Russians?
  2594. Zio-Nazis Behind The Current Ugly Mess In Georgia
  2595. Chris Matthews round table on Obama's experience
  2596. Welcome to the modern Democratic Party
  2597. Oops... Shep Smith at FOX says a no no.
  2598. The Right is losing it over the conflict in Ga
  2599. Bush on MSNBC: does anyone give a shit?
  2600. Excellent ... Putin told Bush to get lost
  2601. Baby Boomers
  2602. Video: President reacts to Georgia/Russia conflict
  2603. Obama blows another one! Shows he's not ready
  2604. Bush Bitch Slapped By Chinese Foreign Minister
  2605. Obama Snubs U.S. Soldiers Again
  2606. Health Benefits Inspire Rush to Marry, or Divorce
  2607. The Republicans have created paradise, why ruin i
  2608. Another key endorsement for Obama
  2609. Rey Of Hope:Bush Refuses ZioNazis New Terror Toys
  2610. "Condi" has things under control !!!
  2611. "Condi" has things under control !!!
  2612. McCain Got Georgian Speech From Wiki?
  2613. BBC International is great!!!
  2614. In a Generation, Minorities May Be the U.S. Majori
  2615. Another coward told "Get Out!"
  2616. Imagine China moving on Taiwan .....
  2617. NewsBusted 191
  2618. For those who think the Holocaust is a myth
  2619. Macabre Tales Of Torture Emerge From USA Gulag
  2620. McCain's Foreign Policy Hack On Georgia's Payroll
  2621. Conservative comedy rips on Michael Moore
  2622. NewsBusted 192
  2623. Whose 'Special Interests'?
  2624. Reflections on Washita Battlefield
  2625. Support Michael Savage Or You Will Soon Lose
  2626. US Troops Donating 6X More Money TO OBAMA!?
  2627. Bush accuses Russia of 'bullying and intimidation'
  2628. Preteen Girls Kidnapped, Convert to Islam by Force
  2629. McCain alarms base with abortion comment
  2630. George W's China Bender
  2631. When Barack Obama Punched Out McCain
  2632. Calling a Spade a Spade
  2633. Why The Republican Party Attracts Stupid People
  2634. Got to love them Neo Nazi thinkers !!!
  2635. Rice said "Russia hurt their reputation .."
  2636. Waldman on Cspan ... EXCELLENT !!!
  2637. Bush: Clueless on Iraq ... just like the SHEEP
  2638. Hershey's Chocolate Company Leaving United States
  2639. National Anthem for the Right Wing Warmongers
  2640. Is the tide turning?
  2641. 150 more days of Neo Nazi rule !!!
  2642. Anyone else get TIMED OUT message?
  2643. Carlin was brilliant !!
  2644. Self Employed : 1 thread every 3 minutes
  2645. "Songbird" McCain Stabbed VietNam Vets In The Back
  2646. What a "touching" story told to Hannity .. LOL !!
  2647. NBC Says Not Cool To Be Patriotic & Proud of U.S.
  2648. KKK and NeoNazis are they Liberal Groups?
  2649. Media Consolidation- Why is it a Good Thing?
  2650. Maddow has her own show on MSNBC!!!
  2651. Top 10 Similarities Between Nazis & Neo-Con Repubs
  2652. What a GREAT article on the Hack "Condi" !!!
  2653. Joe Biden clip .... Ohhhh ... this is great!!
  2654. Remember This When MSM Calls Biden a "Moderate"
  2655. It's John Kerry all over again
  2656. You Might Be a Liberal If...
  2657. If the election were held today...
  2658. How McCain Betrayed Wives Like He Betrayed America
  2659. The Religious Right are like Hitler's followers
  2660. BUSHCO makes Nixon look tame .. missing emails
  2661. Conyers/Pelosi/Reid Are Protecting Bush Criminals
  2662. Looks like Bush / Rice are "cut and runners"
  2663. Scene from the "Obamessiah" movie
  2664. How slimy is the Obama campaign?
  2665. Ad hits Obama between the eyes
  2666. Obama Slips
  2667. McCain's out of touch
  2668. So Bush wants to lose in Iraq?
  2669. INSURRECTION ! : Denver and Twin Cities !
  2670. Study finds global terrorism on the decline
  2671. Which Candidate Would Be a Better Leader?
  2672. Did Obama Lie About Born Alive Bill?
  2673. Why is McCain rising?
  2674. More lies from McCain ... private beaches in Hw?
  2675. McCain has no clue how many houses he has??
  2676. McCain Crew Already Engaged In Act Of High Treason
  2677. Imagine if KO said what Limbaugh did?
  2678. BLOCKING MEDIA Satellites- Denver/ Twin Cities !
  2679. McCain Ad distorts Obama Tax Plan
  2680. Obama says America should be like China
  2681. KO told Hannity to go wear a Hood on his show!!
  2682. Would Bush win One state vs Obama?
  2683. Biden DEVIL !
  2684. Obama supporters: chance to fight back !
  2685. Suit Filed: Obama Not Eligible To Be President
  2686. Ladies and Gentlemen... Your Democratic Ticket
  2687. What Liberals Stand For
  2688. Biden will rip Rove's "messages" to shreds
  2689. McCain campaign wastes no time
  2690. AP: Biden pick shows Obama's lack of confidence
  2691. Psdt Obama/VP Biden on LIVE @ 2pm CST
  2692. To lighten things up... When Nerds "Rap"
  2693. Corsi - Irritated
  2694. The next President of the United States of America
  2695. Zionist "Klan" & Their Apartheid Terrorist Rampage
  2696. Write in candidate
  2697. Obama Memorabilia
  2698. Why Biden is Rove's worst nitemare
  2699. Biden: Bush is "Bullshit!"
  2700. The Bush Admin. Stench of Failure Thread:
  2701. McCain goes after Hillary supporters
  2702. Corsi not racist
  2703. I'm Going to Run for the Senate Next Time Around
  2704. Biden in 2007 on the Iraq war
  2705. Sing with me boys and girls
  2706. What's the '20' on Bin Laden?
  2707. Media round-up on Biden pick
  2708. Opening DNC event an "eye opener" for Obama
  2709. CNN... "Poll: Race for White House tied"
  2710. How dare Malaki !!
  2711. RNC hits a homer with this one.
  2712. Black Republican PAC goes after Obama
  2713. Texas GOP fires back at Obama
  2714. Now this is funny!!!
  2715. Obams fights back .... Join in !!!
  2716. Obama's political godfather's "uncle Tom" moment
  2717. The RNC released Cindy McCain's speech at the Cnvt
  2718. McCain:War Pimp, Philanderer, Neo Con Liar, Phony
  2719. NBC Says Not Cool To Be Patriotic & Proud Video
  2720. Hillary Clinton: Give it up already!!!
  2721. Great book on BUSHCO and Katrina
  2722. LOL !!! ... The Daily Show strikes !!
  2723. Olbermann's open mic attack on colleague in Denver
  2724. Hannity and Rove are losing it mentally !!
  2725. Phillippe Sands' distortions exposed
  2726. Energy Policy for the Ignorant
  2727. Is the grass greener with socialized medicine?
  2728. Cindy McCain Flies to Georgia... Pride of America
  2729. The Sister to Communism is Socialism
  2730. Obama loses 3 points on first day of DNCC
  2731. Cindy McCain ... CLUELESS
  2732. Whooops ... nothing but lies from the GOP???
  2733. Obvious who wears the pants in the McCain marriage
  2734. McCain and Organized Crime connections
  2735. Gallup Daily: No Bounce for Obama in Post-Biden
  2736. in 2000 Cheney chose HIMSELF to be VP
  2737. Random Thoughts
  2738. Liberals attack and make death threats at DNCC
  2739. Thecoder Forum Of UnderGround
  2740. NY Times interview with Obama's buddy Bill
  2741. There's an idiot among us...
  2742. Another clip from Obamassiah movie
  2743. Obama ... more Presidential than McCain
  2744. There's an Idiot GOP crybaby among us
  2745. Rendell just nailed McCain .... GREAT LINE!!
  2746. The Great Debate: Series II
  2747. Edward Kennedy DN-Convention 2008
  2748. RNC just leaked Convention rundown ... interesting
  2749. McCain Spent $273K On Maids & Butlers Last Year
  2750. Best rallying cry since Bluto in Animal House!!
  2751. Obamanation is abomination!
  2752. Fox News just unveiled the New GOP Insignia
  2753. Bush has the same middle name as a Terrorist
  2754. Transcript of Hilliarys speech ... she kicked ass!
  2755. My space
  2756. Chelsea
  2757. Is there liberal bias in the media. Ask the media
  2758. According to Cheney ... McCain would not be a hero
  2759. New ad: "Dangerously Unprepared..."
  2760. Movie Trailer: "HYPE - The Obama Effect"
  2761. Bill Ayers: Unrepentant LYING Terrorist
  2762. Osama
  2763. Since a certain Rightie like polls ...
  2764. Obama said Iran is a "tiny country"... more lies!!
  2765. Please McCain ... pick Liebermann !!!
  2766. Why Republicans Love Terrorism.
  2767. Classic Biden
  2768. DNC orriginal lineup
  2769. Hillary Clinton: "Were You in it Just for Me?"
  2770. Interesting ... now the Hurricane turned
  2771. Obama Nation
  2772. John Edwards.....
  2773. McCain gets elected ... USA deserves their fate
  2774. McCain shows his class
  2775. Sgt Freedom : John McCain vs Iraq Osama
  2776. Preview of Prsdt Obama's speech tonite !!
  2777. An American Carol montage
  2778. Latest McCain Ad
  2779. AP not very impressed with Obama speech
  2780. Even more false claims....
  2781. GOP strategist on Barack's great speech !!!
  2782. Notice who McCain is? Its BOB RUMSON !!!
  2783. South Africa Ruled By Barbarians, America Next?
  2784. Biden's son heading to Iraq tomorrow .. "Mitty"??
  2785. Romney is out ... looks like Palin ... LOL!!!
  2786. Time For Repubs To Own All Their Colossal Failures
  2787. The Truth about OBAMA
  2788. Bernie Ward gets 7-plus years for child porn
  2789. Tminus one 50 minutes .. Place your bets on the VP
  2790. Get this ... Palin's hubby works for BP Oil
  2791. Two things I just noticed...
  2792. Man Claims Drug Use & Oral Sex With Obama
  2793. Unbelievable ... Palin has no clue what a VP does!
  2794. If McCain has picked an actual Moose from Alaska .
  2795. Lovely Downtown Wasilla, Alaska
  2796. Palin A True GOP "Conservative": Crooked & Inept
  2797. Barack Obama's Criteria For Vice President
  2798. Preview of McCain's Decision Making Talents
  2799. Miss Alaska runner-up 1984
  2800. Visit to "Bush Legacy" Bus in Denver
  2801. Aljazeera introduces it's viewers to Palin
  2802. Get ready to laugh ... quote from Dana Perino
  2803. Well ... welll .... Palin loves Barack's ideas!!
  2804. Forget both parties
  2805. Sarah Palin and Feminists for Life
  2806. FOX News just broke who the final 2 VP candts were
  2807. How Low Will The GOP Go?
  2808. Palin is worse than Bush in Foreign Expc
  2809. Questions about the VP and some of her story...
  2810. Obama/Biden In Dublin. OH
  2811. McCain has picked his Cabinet Members ...
  2812. McCain vs Obama on Katrina ...
  2813. Geezer & Gidget 2008
  2814. OBama's new Ad...
  2815. Part III: Opinion on Palin from Alaska
  2816. Goldfarter
  2817. Sarah Palin Scrubs Her Wikipedia Page
  2818. ABC News NOT a legitimate news outlet anymore
  2819. I pray Bush and Palin burn in hell ... read this
  2820. Animals & Money: Palin's fiscal weakness for hunte
  2821. Mccain/ Palin discussing economics ...
  2822. Sarah Palin and Children Conceived Out of Wedlock
  2823. Any Posters from NO ... get the hell out ASAP !!
  2824. The truth about abortions
  2825. Palin has more Executive Expc than McCain!!!
  2826. Alaska is the #3 Welfare State
  2827. This picture remind ya of THE SOPRANOS?
  2828. Blackwater heading to NO ... great news !@!
  2829. Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela
  2830. not voting for mccain
  2831. Cindy McCain on Palin's Foreign Expc ... LOL!!
  2832. Jackie and Dunlap discuss the Palin pick
  2833. Wasilla City Hall
  2834. McCain and the Teleprompter problem .. LOL!!!
  2835. Ray Sky-is-Falling Nagin
  2836. Sarah Palin: TV Sports Reporter
  2837. Hi ALL! Obama or McCain? I'm LOST! - HELP!!!
  2838. Sarah Palin On The Issues: Foreign Policy
  2839. Palin lied about opposition to "Bridge to Nowhere
  2840. Palin to be Deposed in Trooper Gate case ...
  2841. Former Palin Staffer: "She's Not Qualified For VP"
  2842. McCain - Maybe Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist?
  2843. Lets see if Liberbush praises BO like he did in 06
  2844. Please sign and pass along ... this is flappin sad
  2845. Top 10 things you should know about Sarah Palin
  2846. Joe Biden : 5 MILITARY DERFERMENTS !
  2847. Will McCain use a blowhorn when giving his speech?
  2848. Here is your Patriot Act in action ... what a joke
  2849. Rove has sent the Nazis to Ak...
  2850. 2008 Republican National Convention Logo
  2851. Kwame "Muh Dik" Kilpatrick Offers Plea Deal
  2852. Palin's Giggle Gaffe
  2853. "Surge" McCain's Kooky Lies About Iraq "Success"
  2854. Another STUPID Democratic View
  2855. Palins 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant
  2856. BO has earned more votes s/96 than JM since 82!!
  2857. Hurricane cancelled 1st day of Nazi fest? BULL ..
  2858. A Rat is my Copilot
  2859. Great Stuff To Teach Your Kids
  2860. "Rev" James Dobson ... Palin / McCain
  2861. DEfense
  2862. Major Hillary fund raiser comes out for McCain
  2863. Behold People: Your American "Democracy" In 2008
  2864. Was Katrina Punishment From God For Electing Bush?
  2865. Palin just as bad as Spears Mother ....
  2866. Feedback on Scam... Who's killing this forum?
  2867. Alaska Governors Jet for Sale on eBay
  2868. Has McCain Been Putting The Wood To Palin?
  2869. Knocked off message by Palin baby news
  2870. Palin in comparison
  2871. Anti War Protestors show thier true colors
  2872. Palin hates America ... she is part of AIP
  2873. Now the that GOP can't run on Morals ...
  2874. Why does Palin hate animals? god .. she is sick
  2875. Obamas answer on experience to Cooper
  2876. South Africa: no-win situation
  2877. All Mothers should hate Palin for what she did !!
  2878. Sarah Reb
  2879. Fox News Alert...
  2880. Obama 51%, McCain 45% -- America Gets Smarter
  2881. Christie, Doc, Burns: McCain's camp is scared !!
  2882. Levi Johnston: Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy Revealed
  2883. Bushstapo Thugs Riot At Fascist Convention In MN
  2884. Palin's Car Wash Business Shut Down
  2885. U.s. Will Attack Iran In Weeks
  2886. Filthy liberals remind us again...
  2887. Everything You Wanted To Know About Sarah Palin
  2888. Why McCain Picked Palin
  2889. Palin ... CLEAR ABUSE OF POWER ...
  2890. Gingrich Slams MSNBC over Palin's experience
  2891. Paglia, liberal icon: Palins speech the best...
  2892. Palin's attorney ... nice setup !!
  2893. Take a good hard look .... scary thought
  2894. GOP theme: "Country First" ....sound familiar?
  2895. In our lifetime.... Palin is THE LEAST QUALIFIED
  2896. Martin Luther King Trash Bags
  2897. This Endorsement clinches it McCain/Palin ... damn
  2898. The Ballad of Sarah Palin ... this is good!!
  2899. McCains ugly jokes AGAINST women
  2900. The Great Debate: Series II - Volunteers
  2901. Palins Pastor: Jews deserved to be attacked!!
  2902. 'Greatest speech ever .." Get ready for the BS
  2903. Campaign ad: Palin vs. Obama
  2904. A Shameful Week for the Press
  2905. Anarchists and Leftests ....one in the same
  2906. Interesting poll...
  2907. BUSTED... US Weekly caught printing BS attack
  2908. Abc: A New Palin Scandal Breaking!!
  2909. Ooops! Governor Failin, I mean Governor Palin.
  2910. Ooops! Sarah Pawlenty?
  2911. mitt romney cannot find any solutions
  2912. Palin is an embarrassement ... as is her speech
  2913. Now libs can reap what they have sown
  2914. Palin: Iraq War "a task that is from God"
  2915. Beautiful ... Biden is setting up Palin !!!
  2916. Palin's speech: THE FACTS and not the Lies!!
  2917. Palin: Praise Jesus for Dead US Soldiers!
  2918. Sarah Palin Sugarcoats John McCain
  2919. TIME Scorecard... A+ for Palin
  2920. Highlights from Palin's speech
  2921. The Killa from Wasilla
  2922. Kwame will be available if biden should falter
  2923. Nielsen's are in... Palin kicks butt!
  2924. This is Sarah Palin
  2925. B. Hussein Obama ADMITS he was wrong!!!!
  2926. B Hussein Obama admits that he was wrong!!!
  2927. Palin is ANTI EDUCATION ...
  2928. Raging Moonbat Theater
  2929. Obama: Surge Succeeded Beyond Wildest Dreams
  2930. Michael Reagan: "Welcome Back, Dad"
  2931. WAPO/MSM Palin lie of the day
  2932. CBS Poll: McCain, Obama Tied
  2933. Wasilla - Meth Capital Of Alaska
  2934. Palin's Speech A Fund Raising Windfall - For Obama
  2935. Another reason to vote for OBama
  2936. I'm more commited than ever after watching the RNC
  2937. Palin Speech Moves Independents:
  2938. More fun from the religion of peace
  2939. McCain "I hate war."
  2940. Give McCain some credit...
  2941. Lesson for Palin on Community Organizers
  2942. McCain about to get Swift Boated by Vets !!
  2943. Get ready ... Hilliary is pissed and here she goes
  2944. Michael Savage New book Sales Smash Pelosi Sales
  2945. Just released ... 60 Day Media McCain/Plain schdl
  2946. BO raised 10 mill after the Wolfe Killers speech !
  2947. Kwame "Muh Dik" Kilpatrick; FIRED!
  2948. McCain wasn't a GOP "WAR HERO" in 2000
  2949. Community Organizers go after the GOP Wolfe Killer
  2950. Ridge said last nite what we all know is true !!
  2951. Black first, woman second, human third?
  2952. Plain mocked JFK's Legacy ...
  2953. Well ... looks like Palin was cheating on hubby!!
  2954. Concerns over McCains VP Choice
  2955. Remarks of Cindy McCain
  2956. McCain TV Ratings Beat Obama in Preliminary Number
  2957. Abramoff to Prison: Corrupt GOP Scumbag Reminder
  2958. Speaking of Houses - Dem Rangel Forgets his
  2959. Vatican linked to Yitzhak Rabin's assassination?
  2960. Any "Lefty" posters in Alaska?
  2961. Palin MORE popular than Obama or McCain
  2962. Forget The Election Go On Vacation
  2963. Russian Archaeologists Find Lost Jewish Capital
  2964. Palin = Wasilia $20,000,000 in debt !!!
  2965. TrooperGate: Palin flat ass lied (another Cheney)
  2966. Sarah Palin- I'm a Gorilla from Wasilla
  2967. What Will You Do If Your Candidate Loses ?
  2968. U.S. Jobless Rate Rises Past 6%, Highest Since 03
  2969. McCain's "Bounce" starting to show up in polls.
  2970. Lieber-Rat Finally Getting The Big Boot From Dems
  2971. Caribou Barbie: the perfect GOP Christmas Gift !!
  2972. U.N Orders Zio-Nazis To Pay Lebanon $1 Billion
  2973. Sarah Palin aka Cruella DeVille
  2974. So Sambo beat the bitch! - Palin
  2975. The Obama Tax Cut
  2976. Thanks for the heads up, Oprah...
  2977. One of Stewart's best: McCain's Speech !!
  2978. Plain is causing women to flock ... to Barack !!
  2979. Barack: Comm Organizer Palin: Governor
  2980. Robin Williams on Palin ...
  2981. That didn't take long. SE doesn't even last a day
  2982. Obama isn't black
  2983. Why Obamas Community Organizer Days Are a Joke
  2984. Short list of liberal lies about Palin
  2985. The Difference Between Dems And Reps
  2986. ELDER: JFK would be in the GOP today
  2987. The Real Obama is the Obama Oprah Knows
  2988. Palins Church Prays To Make Gays Straight!
  2989. Was John McCain whipped by gays?
  2990. Kimbal's "Palin Bio" vid
  2991. Wallace sets Axelrod straight
  2992. O'Reilly and Obama mix it up over ANWR
  2993. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Thread!
  2994. Palin Should Strike Fear in Democrats
  2995. And speaking of candidate's religious affiliations
  2996. Palin and McCains Shotgun Marriage
  2997. Did she advocate for Disabled people BEFORE?
  2998. WOW... Gallup: McCain up by 10 w/likely voters
  2999. Media priorities... Can you say "Liberal bias"
  3000. Olbermann and Mathews out as anchors
  3001. MSNBC Takes Incendiary Hosts From Anchor Seat
  3002. BARACKA HUSSEIN OBAMA speaks of his Muslim Faith!!
  3003. McCain Versus Obama
  3004. New McCain/Palin ad
  3005. Republican Insiders: McCain Is A Dangerous Whacko
  3006. Baracka Hussein admits to being too flippant....
  3007. Surge Success Watch: Monday - 18 Dead 45 Wounded
  3008. Danger Lurks in America's Backyard
  3009. Factcheck.org: Sliming Palin
  3010. Triumph the insult comic dog at the RNC
  3011. Hi eveery body and admin
  3013. 20-point shift towards McCain among white women
  3014. Red State Update: Obama is a Muslim... lol
  3015. Christians Are Targeted Worldwide
  3016. John McCain, Bill Clinton Trade Sarah Palin Jokes
  3017. Palin Scammed Alaska Taxpayers With Fake Allowance
  3018. Liberal Kirsten Powers: HOW OBAMA BLEW IT
  3019. Woodwards book
  3020. Fantastic article: The Vision of the Left
  3021. NewsBusted 199
  3022. McCain & Palin: A Bridge To Nowhere For America
  3023. False claims about Sarah Palin
  3024. America: Land Of The Greedy-Home Of The Terrorists
  3025. Lib radio host interviews Gravel about Palin
  3026. "Party A" and "Party B"
  3027. BBC is Helping Defeat Barack Hussein Obama
  3028. Miscalc'd attacks against Palin by Obama's party?
  3029. Palin charges taxpayers to stay in her own home
  3030. USA Today: Palin did not ban books
  3031. Why I hate Scams And Spams
  3032. Baracka - What Do YOU Think He's Saying??
  3033. Surge Success Watch:Tues.9/9 15 Dead 33 Wounded
  3034. Wanna play a POLITICAL WORD GAME?
  3035. Yes, Palin Did Stop That Bridge
  3036. Palin: Victims Should Give Birth To Rapist's Baby
  3037. Palin's Flat Out Lies Re: Bridge To Nowhere Graft
  3038. Palin: Religious Dogma Should Be Taught In Schools
  3039. Palin: Screw Clean Renewable Energy. I Wanna Drill
  3040. John Stossel: The Fallacy of 'Green Jobs'
  3041. Open Letter To Obama And The "Campaign"
  3042. McCain responds quicky to smear with 2 ads
  3043. One quick question...
  3044. Laugh of the day: Palinmania sweeping the globe
  3045. Senatorial privilege vs Executive responsibility
  3046. Sgt Freedom Episode 43 : McCain/Palin kick ass
  3047. A New Voice for a Newer America
  3048. You Can't Make A Silk Purse Out Of A Pig's Earmark
  3049. 911 Reduced To A Trademark Of Republican Terrorism
  3050. The Surge:More Bush Neo-Con Fraud, Waste & Carnage
  3051. Can you say OIL?? Bakken Formation
  3052. Biden"Hillary might have been better pick than me"
  3053. LOL! Biden is a freakin' trainwreck...
  3054. 9/11/01... where were you when you heard the news?
  3055. Palin, cuts funds for teen moms...
  3056. 9-11-01 Remember
  3057. ANC to forge 'a militant youth league'
  3058. How Bush Republicans Avoid Accountability For 911
  3059. Barack Obama: Pork Barrel Champion
  3060. Seven years. Zero attacks
  3061. Israel's Spy Satellites
  3062. The Real 9/11 We Should Not Forget.
  3063. Today's stories guaranteed to give you a headache.
  3064. The Press: Mad As Hell...
  3065. Biden out... Hilary in? Rumor or Truth...
  3066. Palin: Dumber Than Bush More Dangerous Than McCain
  3067. UNBELIEVABLE!!! WAPO Attacks Palin with BS on pg.1
  3068. Palin leaves out the Single Women households...
  3069. Many Of Bin Laden's Predictions Coming True
  3070. Many Of Bin Laden's Predictions Coming True
  3071. Er, which candidate is the dangerous one?
  3072. More Fun With Reverend Wright
  3073. Okay, Barack. Now Show 'Em Your White Side
  3074. Blizzard of Lies
  3075. Charles Gibson makes a fool out of Palin on ABC
  3076. Women Against Sarah Palin
  3077. Surge Success Watch: Fri. 9/12 -44 Dead 99 Wounded
  3078. ABC's bias. Compare Obama interview with Palin's
  3079. Republican "Panchas Pilot" comeback
  3080. Palin the Governor. What democrats can't deal with
  3081. God and the White House don't mix.
  3082. Palin never in Iraq, campaign now says
  3083. Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote
  3084. Palin's Flat Out Lies & Ignorant Gaffs To Gibson
  3085. Surge Success Watch: Sat. 9/13 28 Dead 49 Wounded
  3086. Surge Success Watch: Sat. 9/13 28 Dead 49 Wounded
  3087. Tina Fey "nails" Palin...
  3088. Obama's change could cost big bucks
  3089. Some questions about policy
  3090. Paul McCartney Threatened
  3091. Can't trust dat Obama!
  3092. The Gospel...
  3093. Excerpts from the day's political columns:
  3094. Palinmania!... 33% GOP Jump In Enthusiasm In One M
  3095. SNL Video
  3096. 4 Decades Of GOP Bullshit Backing Up On Wall St.
  3097. Barack Hussein Obama has no clue on Iraq
  3098. McCain's Navy Comrade: John Is A Dangerous Psycho
  3099. Republicans Day Dream As Wall Street Melts Down
  3100. ***acorn Obama Voter Fraud Alert***
  3101. Baracka's Policy On Iraq Withdrawal....
  3102. VietNam Vets Blow The Whistle On "Songbird" McCain
  3103. The Brangelina-fication of Baracka
  3104. Celebrities Talk About Sarah Palin Videos
  3105. Let's Help a Brother Out
  3106. C O W S
  3107. Can you imagine?!!
  3108. Democrats play games on domestic drilling
  3109. GWB REALISTIC Presidential Library
  3110. Earmarks: Setting the Record Straight
  3111. Bad Day At Barack Rock
  3112. Obama and McCain
  3113. Right-Wing Power Loving Ideologues & Their Crimes
  3114. Lehman Brothers - A Real Queer News Story!
  3115. GOP Leader: Cheney Told A Pack Of Lies About Iraq
  3116. What is this election process teaching you?
  3117. From Freedom to Fascism
  3118. Joe Biden slams Indian-Americans
  3119. Crossing Kevin- BIG Search At The Border !
  3120. When Wrong Is Just Wrong!
  3121. Women In Politics
  3122. Whose policies led to Fanny/Freddy crisis?
  3123. Why Does McCain Get Social Security?
  3124. Prominent Clinton backer and DNC member to endorse
  3125. Obama re-takes the lead
  3126. The Speakers New No Energy Plan
  3127. Who is to blame
  3128. Johnnie Songbird Dances The Flip-Flop
  3129. First Lady. Does it matter?
  3130. Let's bottom line this whole AIG bailout business.
  3131. Bush's Luciferian legacy
  3132. Bailout Is Seen as a Free Market Detour
  3133. Great job by Matthews !!!
  3134. McCain taking Palin on a "field trip"?? LOL!!!
  3135. A Palin "Letter of Recommendation" ...
  3136. Surge Victory Watch / 10 US Troops 18 Iraqis Dead
  3137. GOPer robbed ... couldn't happen to a better guy!!
  3138. For Republican Voters Only!
  3139. FATHER OF HACKER Is Tennessee Dem State Rep!!!!!
  3140. Focus: Obama's campaign worker
  3141. Just got this ... TROOPERGATE ... sign it!!
  3142. On universal health care: Krugman embarrassed
  3143. A very telling screen shot
  3144. CNN's Blitzer's selective memory on Biden
  3145. McCain would know about plagiarizing!!!
  3146. Hanniity interview w/Palin .. LOL !!!...
  3147. Bushvilles Tent Cities Springing Up Around America
  3148. The ignorance of the Left:
  3149. Leftist humor: 'gang-rape by blacks...'
  3150. "Patriotic" Joe
  3151. Democrats vs. Republicans on Fanny/Freddy
  3152. Obama getting things done.
  3153. Joe "The Jinx" Biden loses the catholic vote
  3154. Video: Palin interview... Issues, rather than BS
  3155. Stay Classy Libs
  3156. Palin ... as in SARAYH QUAYLIN !!!
  3157. A.G Candidate: I'll Prosecute Bush For Mass Murder
  3158. Obama interupted by "Blacks Against Obama"
  3159. What happens when the teleprompter goes out?
  3160. New Twists and Turns in Palin E-Mail Hack
  3161. Thanks Lady Mod.
  3162. Palin "Pastor" Exposed - Bible Waving Witch Doctor
  3163. For liberals CONFUSED by the current crisis...
  3164. *Russia, Israel, and War in the Middle East
  3165. Ayatollah's Website Hacked...
  3166. Oh No!!!!
  3167. Poll: Racial misgivings of whites an Obama issue
  3168. Alaskans angered that Palin is off-limits
  3169. If 9-11 hit Dallas
  3170. Just the Facts: What Bush said about F&F
  3171. McCain calls for heads to roll but fails to improv
  3172. *Warnings of Economic Calamity
  3173. Go cry about it.
  3174. "Cease and Desist, You Old Fart"
  3175. Palin still going strong on the campaign trail
  3176. Laugh of the day: Obama's new economic plan
  3177. Closing the Whopper Gap
  3178. Bailout package
  3179. Michael Savage New Book Out Get It
  3180. Taxpayer Bailouts -- a Bush Family Specialty
  3181. What will banks do with $ from foreclosure sales?
  3182. 4 Conservatives CONFUSED by the current crisis...
  3183. Experts See a Need for Punitive Action in Bailout
  3184. Wall Street Journal: Obama, Ayers and Radicalism
  3185. Biden Is A One-Man Wrecking Crew!!
  3186. More CRAZY White Racism!!
  3187. Damned Racism Causes AIDS
  3188. Here's the truth that only FOX will tell you
  3189. Democrats to let offshore drilling ban expire
  3190. Arrest Bush & Cheney, Seize Their Assets, Jail 'Em
  3191. McCain Aide Worked For Freddie Mac, McCain Lies
  3192. Palin on Thin Ice
  3193. Bush brings socialism to citadel of capitalism
  3194. Iran's leader gives thumbs down during Bush speech
  3195. Society Would Be Better If...
  3196. Pork Barrel Palin's Sex Tryst With Hubby's Partner
  3197. McCain unloads on lying NY Times hit piece
  3198. disregard
  3199. Obama surging ahead...in latest polls
  3200. Palin gets an introduction to foreign policy
  3201. Can't focus on more than one thing at a time.
  3202. McCain Afraid to Debate Obama?
  3203. I wonder how many sheep fell for the dire warnings
  3204. Coulter on Mortgage bailout and McCains innocence
  3205. Facts... Facts... Facts...
  3206. Bill Clinton Blames Democrats for Financial Crisis
  3207. Songbird McCain: Battle Stations-All Hands On Dick
  3208. Sgt Freedom: Episode 44 "The Untold Stories"
  3209. Another slimeball friend of Barack Hussein Obama
  3210. David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending C
  3211. Subject: NOW HERE'S A THOUGHT!!!
  3212. We Won't Escape the Worst Recession in 40 Years
  3213. Talks On Bailout Fails - This Bailout Is Very Bad
  3214. Pollster says election could end in landslide
  3215. Five Surprising Things That Happened on Thursday
  3216. McCain hints debate appearance 'possible'
  3217. McCain stunt takes Nation's eyes off Palin
  3218. Banking Crisis - 101
  3219. The Ultimate SCAM - 700B Bailout 2 Corp. Criminals
  3220. Democrats warned about financial crisis
  3221. Four Pinocchios for Biden's Tax Fabrication
  3222. GREAT VIDEO... Financial crisis in 10 minutes
  3223. McCain leads, Obama follows
  3224. GOP Pigs Should Be Looking For Bail Not Bail-Outs
  3225. Doctor?
  3226. Press Release
  3227. McCain apparently doesn't know Kissinger very well
  3228. Iranians mock Holocaust on annual Jerusalem Day
  3229. WOW.. That was quick.
  3230. So Bush saved Iran from Israel...but why?
  3231. Who won the first debate?
  3232. McCain: I Don't Like Bush Having People Tortured
  3233. McCain Says He's Against Bush Policy of Torture
  3234. Songbird Johnnie - A Condescending Impudent Prick
  3235. Palins Words Raise Red Flags
  3236. Repukes Starting To Panic Over Pork Barrel Palin
  3237. Bailout Backfire
  3238. Irrefutable evidence: Dem's covered for F&F
  3239. FACTBOX: Obama, McCain quotes on financial crisis.
  3240. OBAMA lies about KISSINGER, is called on it
  3241. Drudge has McCain in LANDSLIDE
  3242. I believe Obama will win the election
  3243. This was a telling response by Obama
  3244. For those liberals STILL confused...NYT 1999
  3245. My God, these Republican's ARE desperate...
  3246. Bill Maher - New Rules 09-26-08
  3247. ANIMALS of ISLAM
  3248. Congress announces "A Done Deal"!
  3249. McCain & Team Have Many Ties to Gambling Industry
  3250. Pirates Die Strangely After Hijacking Iranian Ship
  3251. Bail Out Bill Has Grown From 3 Pages To 100 Pages.
  3252. obama feasts on dead soldier, family objects
  3253. Sarah Palin wins the lowered expectations game
  3254. CNN Report On The Biden Campaign
  3255. The Real Reason For The Market Crash
  3256. $700bn bet that failed
  3257. If you have any doubts...
  3258. Was the Bailout Vote a Partisan Set-Up?
  3259. Thanks, Democrats!
  3260. Bailout Politics
  3261. Time Yet For Real Americans To Be Killing Monkeys?
  3262. Its ALL Black People's Fault!!!!!
  3263. "Songbird" McCain And The Top Secret POW Cover-Up
  3264. MSM In The Tank For B. Hussein
  3265. Biden vs. Palin
  3266. What you could do with $700,000,000,000
  3267. According to FOX...
  3268. For those who think drilling for oil is the answer
  3269. FINALLY... McCain gives credit where it's due
  3270. This Is Very Creepy For A U.S. ?
  3271. New Bailout
  3272. Wake up Democrates
  3273. Financial crisis
  3274. The Day the Fat Go Hungry
  3275. Biggest Bank Failure (Affirmative Action subprime)
  3276. Racist black(s) destroying our financial system
  3277. Barack Hussein Obama's new logo....
  3278. Ron Paul Predicts Congress Will Pass Bailout
  3279. Wall Street rally hinders attempts to save bailout
  3280. VP debate moderator in the tank for Obama
  3281. Powerfil Zionists Drove USA Into Mid East War
  3282. Bias Among The Unbiased???
  3283. MORE Bias Among The MSM....
  3284. Spike Lee's movie a flat-out lie SHOCKING!
  3285. Scamming America. These guys made how much?
  3286. Drooling OBAMA FAN to 'moderate' debate!
  3287. Scamming America. These guys made how much?
  3288. Scamming America. They got paid how much???
  3289. Economy collapse explained with documentation
  3290. Why OBAMA CAN'T WIN
  3291. Greedy GOP Wall Street Pigs: Clinton Made Us Do It
  3292. Obama lives in an ebony tower
  3293. Separation of Church and State
  3294. "Judicial Watch" ad kicks butt!
  3295. Operation Paperclip
  3296. Wanted for terrorism
  3297. I'm Voting Democrat...
  3298. Letterman - How'd Bush Do? ummm... not very good!
  3299. Ron Paul Calls For Complete Overhaul Of FDIC
  3300. Biden spins a helicopter tale
  3301. Your Tax Dollars spent and getting them back
  3302. The REAL REASON For The Bailout (FOREIGNERS)
  3303. Who won the VP debate?
  3304. WWIII... O'Reilly vs. Barney Frank
  3305. Maybe I got it wrong
  3306. McCain camp: Biden's 14 lies in the debate
  3307. Let's NOT forget the looming bailout...
  3308. New Alaskan Poll: 61% Say Biden Won Debate!
  3309. Republ appeal to the unsophisticated and succeed
  3310. New Small Business Poll. What does this mean?
  3311. Sarah Palin Wins Debate Biden Looks Bad
  3312. The Reagan Tax Cut Myth!
  3313. Joe Biden: FACT CHECK
  3314. MOBocracy (definition)
  3315. FBI raids home of Obama's poker buddy
  3316. O.J. Simpson Jury Out...
  3317. One single 'TRUTH DAY' would end this election
  3318. O.J. Verdict - GUILTY on ALL 12 COUNTS
  3319. DEMS - "Marriage between man & woman"? since WHEN?
  3320. The Obama Youth Gang
  3321. Joe Bidens Alternate Universe
  3322. American Carol opens today!
  3323. Electoral college
  3324. Analysis: Stable Iraq could influence Mideast
  3325. Why IS it.....
  3326. Michael Savage Calls Everyone Out By Name
  3327. MUST READ: "Do Facts Matter?"
  3328. Who Is Funding Obama's Public Life??
  3329. Lil' O'Reilly
  3330. SNL Video: Biden/Palin Debate
  3331. It's About Time!
  3332. Economic Unrest Shifts Electoral Battlegrounds
  3333. Flint Uses Palin Look-A-Like in XXX Movie
  3334. Correspondence With An Old Friend....
  3335. Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign
  3336. Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign
  3337. Don't Vote!!!!
  3338. Economists strongly favor Obama
  3339. LYING AP SCUM: Palin's comments "racially tinged"
  3340. Sphinx Organization is Racist!
  3341. Discuss This Article
  3342. what do non-psychotic McCain followers think
  3343. A Jihad Appeal to Moslems
  3344. Why we need a change....
  3345. Kevin Sees UFO Daytime FLEET ! WITNESS, Impression
  3346. FAR FROM WALLSTREET...Personal Financial Crisis
  3347. 'Skunk' Weapon
  3348. Third Force. Your thoughts please?
  3349. Powerful video about the Ayers/Obama connection
  3350. $5 Trillion New New Deal
  3351. Will the GOP try and manipulate the vote again?
  3352. Support for Palin Increased Following the Debate.
  3353. McCain finally takes the gloves off!
  3354. God, Your Democratic bias is showing....
  3355. Oil $89 barrel Gas $3.79 explain this one
  3356. Mincing,drooling,boy-hungry barney blames racism
  3357. Heads are going to roll at CNN after this report
  3358. Chris Mattews feels the thrill
  3359. Recession, scaring the Hell out of Whole World
  3360. investigateive committee
  3361. Obama and ACORN
  3362. Obama and the Born Alive Infant Protection Act
  3363. Obama and Chicago Annenberg Challange
  3364. Meltdown To Hit Credit Card Users
  3365. Obama and Frank Marshall Davis
  3366. McCain's Shady Links To Terrorists & Nazis Exposed
  3367. TMZ nails Katie Couric
  3368. A Tree Falls In the Forest
  3369. Official Announcement
  3370. McCain's Crooked Dealings With Pal Charles Keating
  3371. McCain Exposed Again-Clueless On Economy And Iraq
  3372. McCain's Economic Plan: Marry A Rich Slut On Drugs
  3373. Why Obama will probably win.
  3374. Now Is The Time to Buy
  3375. Lets get the bailout money back!
  3376. ACORN Office Raided in Voter Fraud Investigation
  3377. The truth about the Keating 5 from a Democrat
  3378. Hockey moms in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
  3379. Question?
  3380. Anyone up for the challenge :)
  3381. Hmmmmmmmmmm.........
  3382. Who won debate #2
  3383. Bail Out is working!!!
  3384. Palin- inciting KKK like behavior in crowds.
  3385. The Watchers.
  3386. Judge: Release Hostages From Bush's Torture Gulag
  3387. How to choose your new President!
  3388. 'Extremism'..
  3389. The history of ACORN on Scam.com
  3390. I have a question about this bailout mess
  3391. Michael Barone talks about Obama/Ayers connection
  3392. Son of Tenn. Democrat indicted in Palin hacking
  3393. CV v JReed
  3394. West's Weapons Of Self Delusion...?
  3395. Murder Accusation?
  3396. 105% of Indianapolis Voters Are Registered to Vote
  3397. Obama's plane stinks and his staff is confused
  3398. I have a question...
  3399. Surge Success Watch:Wed-10/8-19 Dead 34 Wounded
  3400. Palin folds like a cheap suit! HAHAHA
  3401. Can you BELIEVE this garbage???
  3402. The Audacity of Obama
  3403. McCain, Obama, Ayers and Hypocrisy...
  3404. COULTER on Biden's Incredible Debate Performance
  3405. IN THE CANDID CORNER: The trouble with black boys
  3406. Vice President John McCain ?
  3407. Go get him John
  3408. Vote-fraud-a-go-go
  3409. Who is Obama... In his own words.
  3410. McCain & Palin Work Their Way Down From The Gutter
  3411. McCain Campaign Behind the Hate Speech at Rallies?
  3412. Palin Accused Of Breaking The Law By Alaska Repubs
  3413. Public Image Of Terrorist (sic)
  3414. Obama responds to McCain's questions about Ayers
  3415. Compare and Contrast... More liberal bias
  3416. The Only Way The Market will Go Back Up
  3417. Alaska Supreme Court Rejects Palins TrooperGate A
  3418. Two Face!
  3419. Petraius Bolster's OBama....cuts against McCain...
  3420. Palin, a total of 12 hours with foreign diplmats..
  3421. McCain promises to investigate Dodd and Frank
  3422. Obama & Radical Fr. Pfleger Ran Protests Together
  3423. Obama tried to sway Iraqis on Bush deal
  3424. As Fears Ease, Baghdad Sees Walls Tumble
  3425. Where Is the Economic Aid for Black America?
  3426. Ohio Inmate's Too-Fat-To-Execute Argument Fails
  3427. obama is ALREADY a Traitor!!
  3428. Joe Sixpack snubs Sarah Palin
  3429. 12 Facts About Sarah Palin
  3430. Top Jewish Historian: "State" Of Israel Is A Fraud
  3431. Fictitious Donors Found in Obama Finance Records
  3432. McCain supporters beg him to crank it up
  3433. Surge Success Watch:Thurs 10/9 26 Dead 35 Wounded
  3434. New McCain ad: Ambition
  3435. McCain Stabbed Wife #1 In The Back For Rich Slut
  3436. New CNN Report: ACORN Fraud & Ties To Obama
  3437. Nation of Islam on Obama:"The Messiah is speaking"
  3438. Why Obamas political alliances matter
  3439. Obama's Muslim Outreach Advisor Busted!!!
  3440. Political Islam
  3441. Bushenomics Chickens Home To Roost On Wall Street
  3442. Obama; Lying Hypocrite And DANGEROUS As Well
  3443. Hawking - 200 Years
  3444. ACORN in BIG trouble; Baracka Hussein to follow??
  3445. YES! Connecticut Gay Marriage LEGALIZED! 10/10/08
  3446. GM & Chyrsler are Talking Merger
  3447. Palin Abused her authority, it's official...
  3448. McCain Defends Obama, Booed By Pyschotics
  3449. Leaders calls for New World Financial Order
  3450. VOTES OPEN - CV - J Reed
  3451. Justice Department scandal almost buried by financ
  3452. UH-OH Obama's Convicted Fundraiser Spilling Beans!
  3453. Cutting Taxes For People
  3454. Is Obama a U.S. Citizen?
  3455. Ugly Mobs Of McCainiacs Destroying GOP Campaign
  3456. Obama Thanks McCain for Defending Him to Supporter
  3457. 5 Revolutionary Changes Meltdown Will Trigger
  3458. What Would Be Your 'CAUSE'?
  3459. Why pick the "Lesser of Two Evils"?
  3460. Obama's circle of closest friends -- click on eac
  3461. The Subprime Mess
  3462. Where is Baracka's (Barry's) Letter??
  3463. Attacking Our Black Leaders
  3464. OBama has double digit lead over McCain.
  3465. McCain tussles with Palin over whipping up a mob m
  3466. Is Obama a US citizen ? Watch this....
  3467. A Trivia question in Sunday School:
  3468. White House Overhauling Rescue Plan
  3469. Todd Palin, the 'shadow governor'
  3470. The Terrorist Barack Hussein Obama
  3471. How GOP Criminals In High Office Let Ayers Walk
  3472. Marxist Obama in Toledo, Ohio
  3473. Howard Stern goes to Harlem
  3474. Look whos gripped by insane rage
  3475. A parable for our time...
  3476. Republican leaders break ranks with McCain
  3477. VANDALS: Republican means slavery LOL
  3478. CV v Old Timer
  3479. Palin Could Face Additional Ethics Charges
  3480. Rep. Jim Leach - Why OBama?
  3481. Cv Versus Ot
  3482. Baracka Hussein's Obsession With Pie
  3483. The Chosen One's Phony....
  3484. Stupid Obamatron's in their natural habitat
  3485. Democrats Planning On A Win ...
  3486. Lord Obama Wants To "Spread The Wealth"
  3487. Omg!!!! It's Because He's Black!!!!
  3488. Cool Obama turns the heat up on rival
  3489. Obama gaining among rural voters
  3490. Acorn and McCain - You thought it was just OBama
  3491. Minorites and the housing crisis lie
  3492. Voters testify ACORN registered them several times
  3493. McCain makes his best speech yet! Wow!
  3494. Racism at a McCain rally
  3495. This ad says it all about the financial mess
  3496. How can we trust you?
  3497. Nice Try Senator
  3498. Earmarks
  3499. Laugh of the day on "Morning Joe"
  3500. Did Democrats or Republicans get us into Vietnam?
  3501. Negative Advertising
  3502. Guess this is the end of Obama...
  3503. One of the amazing things about this election
  3504. Johnnie Songbird's Crew Of Terrorists & Scumbags
  3505. Obama says he is a socialist
  3506. This Is Rich!
  3507. A Question For Acorn?
  3508. Well Here Are The Nuts And Bolts....
  3509. Dick
  3510. Cindy vs. Michelle
  3511. NO Birth Certificate NO OBAMA
  3512. VP Debate - Joe Biden Says what he was Thinking
  3513. Resignation letter from the McCain Palin Campaign
  3514. Check it out!
  3515. 65 Nobel Laureates Endorse Obama
  3517. Palin's checkered history
  3518. New Meaning Given to the term "Swing" States
  3519. Despite Big Rally, Grim Outlook on Profits and Job
  3520. The Political Grapevine
  3521. H.i.p.
  3522. Biden Pays Family Member With Campaign Funds
  3523. Time to set the rules for the drinking games.
  3524. Mccain's Economic Plan
  3525. Jesse Jackson Explains An Obama Presidency
  3526. And You Want The Government To Run Your Healthcare
  3527. Obama Opens A 10-Point Lead In Virginia
  3528. John Murtha
  3529. President George W Bush's resignation speech
  3530. The Great Depression New Version 2.0
  3531. What's wrong with American politics?
  3532. When did everyone become Joe?
  3533. To "Joe the Plumber"
  3534. So where's Grim's poll for the third debate?
  3535. A blood bath
  3536. McCain deals no lethal blows in final debate
  3537. McCain Is A Washed Up Old Terrorist & War Criminal
  3538. Guess What? "Kill him" allegation is BS
  3539. Joe the Plummer on Good Morning America
  3540. Obama a US citizen?
  3541. Tonight! McCain Faces Letterman
  3542. Baracka (aka Barry) Hussein - ONE MORE LIE
  3543. Own Goal?
  3544. I can't believe this
  3545. A Good Video For Everyone If You Have Balls
  3546. A Good Video If You Have Balls
  3547. OT v CV - The Rematch
  3548. McCain Shines at Alfred E. Smith Dinner
  3549. US troops out of Iraq by 2011
  3550. Glenn Beck Highlights Threat Of Martial Law
  3551. Paramilitary Obama Youth Groups Forming
  3552. Red tape releases criminal immigrants to streets
  3553. Hilarious... Gaff a minute Joe, strikes again!
  3554. How low can democrats go
  3555. Hawaii ending universal child health care
  3556. Joe the plumber for president!
  3557. NewsBusted 210
  3558. Talk About Racism....
  3559. NBC report on Sarah Palin
  3560. Joe The Plumber Just Another GOP Fake Phony Fraud
  3561. The John McCain/G. Gordon Liddy Connection
  3562. Disabled girl, 16, gang raped and then burned
  3563. Obama's supporters force mentally challenged
  3564. End Affirmative Action!
  3565. The Modern GOP:America's Version Of The Nazi Party
  3566. All The Polls Are Wrong
  3567. Obama says YES for drivers license for Illegals
  3568. Lol - Well note this date, and see if it happens!!
  3569. Candidate Roast
  3570. Michelle Bachmann accuses Congress UnAmerican
  3571. Another endorsement...
  3572. The collapse of a 300 year Ponzi scheme.
  3573. Chilling Look Inside McCain/Palin's Nazi Lynch Mob
  3574. Who You Callin' Un-American?
  3575. Obama Blames Fox News
  3576. Gadhafi: Obama a Muslim,
  3577. Ronald Regan Down 13 points Day Before Election
  3578. 100,000 + turn out for Obama in Missouri
  3579. Mega Depression - Then Mega Civil War
  3580. Change....
  3581. Is anyone here from Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
  3582. Obama reviewed Ayers book in 1997
  3583. Powell Bitch Slaps GOP Monkeys - Endorses Obama
  3584. Sarah Palin does SNL
  3585. Final conclusions on "Joe the plumber"
  3586. 75,000 Turn Out For Obama Rally In Kansas City
  3587. He Just Can't Quit W
  3588. Sarah Palin sets 'SNL' ratings record
  3589. The Communists Are Rejoicing!
  3590. VOTE NOW - OT v CV
  3591. Gas under $3- a gallon. Thank you Bush...
  3592. Obama Broke Illinois Ethics Law as a State Senator
  3593. An Obama win= Black wrath against Whites
  3594. Lord Obama and Ayers SHARED AN OFFICE??
  3595. Thorgrimm
  3596. Early Voters For the Fed Election
  3597. MASSIVE Con-Job Bites The Dust
  3598. Capitalism In Pictures
  3599. Ask A Question Become A Target
  3600. Colin Powell's Endorsement
  3601. It HAS ALready Started...
  3602. ACORN GEts Obscene TElephone Calls.
  3603. Racially motivated killing of white Obama....
  3604. Michael Savage Is Starting A New Political Party
  3605. Who are the REAL racists?
  3606. Barack Hussein Obama will gut the Military
  3607. UK Today - The Police State Has Arrived
  3608. Dear Joe the Plumber
  3609. Palin Invokes Socialism Charge Against Obama
  3610. Why McCain Will Win
  3611. Gunshot fired at McCain / Palin bus
  3612. Biden/Obama get another key endorsement
  3613. If They Walk Like Nazis, If They Quack Like Nazis-
  3614. Cannot find a way to report unethical practices
  3615. 39 QUICK and EASY LIES of OBAMA
  3616. Hmm, Republicans involved in illegal voting scheme
  3617. Sarah Palin Quotes
  3618. Biden is forecasting inaction by Obama
  3619. Barney Frank spills the beans on tax increases
  3620. Democrat columnist takes on dishonest media
  3621. Colin Powell's desertion
  3622. Troops polled and its McCain 3 -1
  3623. Ombamo-thugs try to block Sarah Palin's motorcade.
  3624. Even Dan Rather admits the truth!!!
  3625. Comprehensive argument against Barack Obama
  3626. Saint Baracka Hussein; The New Messiah!!!
  3627. Michelle Obama tapes imminent release approaching
  3628. Say It Ain't So, Joe
  3629. Is The Media Catching On?
  3630. CV Versus YWFT
  3631. Fund Manager Tells Investors "So Long Suckers"
  3632. A McCain win=Riots, resistance.
  3633. Obama's actual Ayers book blurb here
  3634. Rest of world prefers Obama over McCain
  3635. Wake up, USA!
  3636. CNN admits liberal bias in Palin interview
  3637. "Liberal" Media Retracts Lies About Michelle Obama
  3638. Nugent's take on the presidential race
  3639. More Pork Barrel Palin Defrauding Of AK Taxpayers
  3640. Would it matter to you?
  3641. The Polls are wrong
  3642. Third grader stumps Palin on VP roll.
  3643. "Just One-A Us" Soccer Mom's $150K Shopping Spree
  3644. Another democrat amazed at bias in media
  3645. Cartoon of the day
  3646. Obama's Education Idiocy
  3647. This place has been so empty without me!
  3648. Hope for America lies within the evils of racism..
  3649. John Mc Cain admits to having coffee with
  3650. An Obama supporter on Youtube
  3651. There is a black man at the door for your daughter
  3652. Imus nails Obama's hypocrisy
  3653. Karl ROVE nearly handcuffed... gotta love it! lol
  3654. Hey CV, check this video out.
  3655. A Tutorial on Obamanomics
  3656. Obama's Tax Policies
  3657. ACLU Map of Constitution Free Zone!
  3658. Those Amazing Vanishing Jobs
  3659. Liberals plan protests (riots) if McCain wins.
  3660. "Why the the Republicans Must Lose"
  3661. Global Warming Circa 1958
  3662. Democrat Caught Lying (Typical)
  3663. Karma for libruls
  3664. Palin sure know know to spend!
  3665. How will Barack Obama be tested ?
  3666. Borrowing to pay dept interest!
  3667. This pro-Obama ad is pretty good.
  3668. Chavez show us how well socialism is working
  3669. Newt nails it!
  3670. Palin sure know know to spend 2
  3671. Barry and Bill
  3672. Are blacks racist in the USA?
  3673. At Last--The Truth
  3674. Anyone else....
  3675. Introducing John Q. Liberal for all to admire
  3676. Something to lighten things up
  3677. Girl has her face slashed for supporting McCain
  3678. Time to vote
  3679. School holds surprise 'Gay' Day for kindergartners
  3680. Why The Truth Is So Hard For All of You
  3681. What would u do if Russian nukes go to Venezuela?
  3682. Shocking New Pew Research Poll
  3683. vote for CV or YWFT
  3684. This is scary stuff
  3685. Iran Endorses Obama
  3686. Vote Fraud
  3687. A news story.
  3688. Who in the fuck wakes a child at 4:30 am to study?
  3689. Halloween at the Obamas.
  3690. History will repeat itself...guaranteed.
  3691. This should be barry Obamas theme song.
  3692. No .. Obama Doesn't Have It "in The Bag."
  3694. Barack Hussein Obama 'admits' Kenyan birth
  3695. Obama causing stockmarket meltdown
  3696. Obama, its over. Can't beat this testimony.
  3697. Obama Caught Eating White Babies In Savage Ritual!
  3698. Is the rest of the USA like this?
  3699. Pelosi: Windfall Tax on Retirment Income
  3700. Friday Memo
  3701. Love this new music video
  3702. Obama's tax cut lie
  3703. "Obama, no merci beaucoup"
  3704. Early-voting trends appear to favor Barack Obama
  3705. McCain's Own Campaign Adviser Switching To Obama
  3706. Socialism sucks, the EURO keeps falling...
  3707. A Fish Rots From The Head Down....
  3708. Hmmmmmmmm. Good point
  3709. gee just think
  3710. Sarah Palin strikes back against fashion critics
  3711. Democrats: Protecting the precious right to vote
  3712. Finally!!! Someone asks real questions.
  3713. Congress SECRET SESSION?
  3714. Russian observers to monitor U. S. vote
  3715. Palin a Diva? Ruffled Feathers in McCain Camp
  3716. The Daily Show: McCain Agrees That PA is Racist
  3717. American's Have an Ear for B.S.
  3718. Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama
  3719. How About Blatant Censorship? Are we FOR that?
  3720. Thanks for reminding us! Race-baiters back at work
  3721. Nazi popes, Shimon Peres and Rabin's assassination
  3722. New Debate Lisan23 v CV
  3723. How ridiculous have the media been?
  3724. Obama and "The Left"
  3725. Fraud, Fraud and MORE Fraud...
  3726. I dare ANY of you libs to TRY to defend this
  3727. Sgt Freedom : A Message for McCain
  3728. Race and Religion...from Barack and Michelle
  3729. Tim Mc Veigh, Eric Rudolf and David Duke.
  3730. Lefty's Please explain Obamas solid character.
  3731. Dont hate Obama for the color of his skin.
  3732. Mccain passed on the offer 5 years of Freedom
  3734. Source of Obama-Muslim Rumor Flip-Flops
  3735. At Least Know Who You're Voting For -- A Challenge
  3736. Palin: Abortion clinic bombers not terrorists.
  3737. walking in their shoes
  3738. Obama loves terrorists
  3739. Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate Obama
  3740. And So It Came to Pass that--
  3741. The Party of Yesterday
  3742. OBAMA on Socialism...Questions? Comments?
  3743. Megyn Kelly spanks Obama spokesman with facts
  3744. It's about time we saw an ad like this
  3745. Hollywood insiders rip Olberman & MSNBC
  3746. If This Proposal Becomes Law You Will Los
  3747. McCain's Secret Links To Terrorists And Assassins
  3748. Military Ballots Being Rejected in Virginia
  3749. Americas First Million Woman Town Hall Meeting
  3750. Despite Credit Freeze U.S. Helps Georgia Get $176M
  3751. No Whitehouse For GOP Nazis - Only The Big-House
  3752. What you COULD have done with the money
  3753. Obama lowers the bar again!
  3754. Gallup At 2 Points
  3755. Now Biden lowers the bar yet again!
  3756. Liberal biased media "Round-up"
  3757. Murtha on the ropes... It's about time!
  3758. Obama heads to DC to confront latest crisis.
  3759. New ad crushes Obama with his own words
  3760. dare you to argue with this McCAIN supporter
  3761. Liberal Cast of Characters
  3762. Confession By Victim Of Gitmo Torture Tossed Out
  3763. Obama's Many Terrorist Connections
  3764. Barack Hussein Obama's Affinity to Marxists
  3765. Zimbabwe suffers under racist Black rule
  3766. Sarah Palin's War on Science
  3767. Kwame Kilpatrick Gets 4 munfs
  3768. Bad Day for Democrats - Corrupt Dem Arrested
  3769. LA Times covers for Obama and his terrorist pals
  3770. Obama admits to choosing "Marxists" for friends
  3771. McCain Admits He's Clueless On Economy - Then Lies
  3772. How McCain Stabbed His Fellow POWs In The Backs
  3773. Meet The Traitors & Nazis McCain Pals Around With
  3774. Obama leads McCain in Florida and Ohio
  3775. Obama's Message Hits Primetime
  3776. GOP abuzz over Palin's future role
  3777. Obama's tax plan
  3778. Terrorist says Obama hiding his true beliefs
  3779. Fellow POWs Speak Out On Songbird McCain's Treason
  3780. Guilty by association? Nah....
  3781. Democrats (surprise!) indicted for voter fraud
  3782. so true--so true--so true
  3783. Two quotes from the Obama-Khalidi videotape
  3784. Share your final thoughts on President Bush
  3785. WTF? Has anyone ever heard of this?
  3786. On the ground in Ohio
  3787. Tonigh-Obamas new Berlin speech, the last nail
  3788. Obama is the ass everyone hated in school
  3789. Taxing Times
  3790. Teen shot while stealing McCain signs
  3791. Why Does Obama Want To Leave Us Defenseless
  3792. VOTE NOW Lisan23 v CV
  3793. Catholic Church endorses John McCain
  3794. Funniest ad of the campaign season
  3795. Corporate Tax Effects 101
  3796. Why McCain is getting hosed in the press
  3797. Obama National Anthem
  3798. Kill the White man speech
  3799. On the news...
  3800. Now THIS is community organizing and a huge scale!
  3801. To Barack Hussein Obama,
  3802. One-stop shopping: NEWSBUSTERS.ORG
  3803. the Big Picture
  3804. Huffington Post liberal tense,stabs lover 200 time
  3805. Since we're discussing the stealing of signs
  3806. Since we're discussing the stealing of signs
  3807. Barack Obama... AS SEEN ON TV... brilliant!
  3808. Term Limits and Line item Veto
  3809. AP: Obama was less than upfront in infomercial
  3810. McCain Trusted More on Taxes and Economy
  3811. Cuban's see Obama as America's Castro
  3812. The Source of the Jewish Slave Trade Myth
  3813. Censored:How McCain Gave $500K To PLO "Terrorists"
  3814. The roncobama infomercial
  3815. Obama disrespecting flag...
  3816. Joe The Phony Plumber Ditches McCain Hate Fest
  3817. OBAMA press campaigns going down...
  3818. The Day After A McCain Victory...?
  3819. A noose is ok for Sarah?????
  3820. New Black Panthers VERY Clear About Goals
  3821. My Barack Obama Video Watch It
  3822. GOP Loony: Vote McCain Or God Will Destroy America
  3823. I Want Yoouu to (Stop Stealing My Obama Signs!)
  3824. Lady Mod... Omg - How Could You!!!
  3825. Here's a typical Obama supporter
  3826. McCain's Women Problems
  3827. Palin and God's Children
  3828. Look who's been sucking the taxpayers dry...
  3829. McCain Adviser: Pork Barrel Palin Is Not Qualified
  3830. Yitzhak Rabin Murder Anniversary (Nov. 4)
  3831. Wheels Are Coming Off The "Straight Talk" Express
  3832. Wharton Prof, Obama Tells The Greatest Lies Ever
  3833. Real Grazy (Rand Corp. how to save economy
  3834. Fonda, Wolfe, Jong... TOTALLY UNHINGED!!!
  3835. Here's A Typical McCain Supporter
  3836. Here's A Typical McCain Supporter
  3837. Twas The Night Before The Elections
  3838. Baracka (aka Barry) Hussein Obama talks "Selfish"
  3839. OBama's Tax plan proved better than McCain's
  3840. Which Network Has Been The Most Balanced?
  3841. McCain woes...
  3842. Message From Queen Elizabeth II
  3843. Gov Richardson lowers bar yet again!
  3844. Wink Wink...
  3845. Hold On Everyone!!
  3846. McCain supporter denies kids candy
  3847. Most Understand What Left is Trying To Do Here
  3848. Barack's "Selfishness" comment
  3849. Israeli's For Obama
  3850. Obama and Promises to Homosexual Groups
  3851. Obama's Aunt is Illegal Alien
  3852. the United Socialist States of America
  3853. How are you holding out?????
  3854. Racist Sphinx Organization lies!
  3855. Food For Thought
  3856. Are Texans The Most Ignorant People On Earth?
  3857. The Great Debate XXIV: L23 vs YWFT
  3858. It's Getting Tight. SEE POLL
  3859. It's Getting Tight, Pt. 2 McCain Loses
  3860. Re: It's Getting Tight, Pt. 2 McCain Loses
  3861. Mccain Now In Lead
  3862. Jewish lives
  3863. Paln tricked by Sarkozy impersonator. Too funny!
  3864. Change - Chicago Style
  3865. WHAT Do Most LIBERALS Hope For If They Lose?
  3866. Obama Threatens to Bankrupt Coal Industry
  3867. PEJ survey: FOX most balanced for elections
  3868. The essence of Obama
  3869. Obama promises answers... After the election
  3870. Pork Barrel Palin Refuses Release Of Med. Records
  3871. Would Obama get security clearance ???
  3872. A last minute reminder of Obama's beliefs
  3873. The transparency of Barack Obama
  3874. How Can ANYONE Support This Guy???
  3875. Palin hammers Obama on coal comments
  3876. Liberal talk radio at its finest. Must hear audio
  3877. Obama's cabinet
  3878. John McCain Wins Israel
  3879. Stop The Presses!
  3880. Imputed Income .... Just Wait
  3881. A Taste Of Things To Come
  3882. I Thought Obama Wanted To Create Jobs ...
  3883. How About Another Obama Video
  3884. Obama's Aunti
  3885. courageous Democrat admits Democrats created this
  3886. Radar Hazard Detected - WARNING!!!
  3887. I want to put this prediction in writing
  3888. Change...this is the change Obama will make
  3889. Does anybody remember Bud dwyer?
  3890. stepping up
  3891. Comrade Obama's Big Day Off
  3892. They are loose on ethics in Alaska
  3893. Uplifting Obama ad
  3894. What If ?????
  3895. For better or worse
  3896. The "Chris Mathews" effect
  3897. Surge Success Watch 11/4/08: 23 Dead - 58 Wounded
  3898. I smell flop sweat from all the overconfident
  3899. Obama Says "take The Day Off"
  3900. A personal historical day of voting...
  3901. Black Panthers Menacing Voters...surprise!
  3902. All Company Memo
  3903. Toledo Blacks to riot?
  3904. WHAT IF McCain...???
  3905. Thanks to ALL...
  3906. Media Scum
  3907. What Do "Conservatives" Hope For When They Lose?
  3908. Chuck Baldwin's Message to America
  3909. ABC NEWS has best Website election tracker
  3910. Why Did The Republicans Fail?
  3911. Congratulations to Barack Obama
  3912. Fox news election HQ not working
  3913. THIS explains everything!
  3914. JIM BROWN:" Act like you have been there before"
  3915. Black Day in America
  3916. Enjoy the moment .......he, he, he.....
  3917. Potential problem with Obama presidency
  3918. A lot of Republicans blame Palin for loss
  3919. The Holocaust Is Over...
  3920. a feeling of sadness
  3921. For Hire: 1 Un-Licensed SkinHead Plumber - Cheap
  3922. AXJ of Spain finally files a complaint.
  3923. Now What?
  3924. Barack Hussein Obama : A deer in the headlights
  3925. AXJ to present Bin Laden son's appeal in Spain!
  3926. The Jewish problem in the US.
  3927. The "i Want My Mommy" Election
  3928. What We Have To Look Forward To
  3929. Palin: Africa is a continent?
  3930. An Interesting Factoid
  3931. A very interesting video (long but worth it imo)
  3932. McCain: Wasilla Hillbillies Looting Neiman Marcus
  3933. Here's How To Bring Down Oil & Gasoline Prices
  3934. Time to start "spreading the wealth around"
  3935. Time To Prosecute Bush & His Gang For Mass Murder
  3936. Is This A Sign? 666
  3937. Bush and book ... GET LOST JACKASS!!!
  3938. Communists for Obama
  3939. Media Turns On Barack Obama Brokaw and Rose Video
  3940. The Happiest Man in the world....
  3941. America to Be Attacked Right After Obama Comes In
  3942. Heading for the White House!!!
  3943. Obama's Victory Speech Reactions
  3944. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize.....
  3945. A message to conservatives
  3946. What would happen if...
  3947. You just gotta read this.....
  3948. Hitchens on Sarah Palin ... LOL !!!
  3949. Does Rahm Emanuel know who pulled the trigger?
  3950. Should Bush PARDON the Border Patrol Agents??
  3951. Palin had no clue Africa was a Continent?
  3952. Rasmussen: 91% of repubs see Palin favorable
  3953. Should the US Gov't Bailout the Auto Industry?
  3954. Newsweek Calls Barack Obama Creepy & Unreal Video
  3955. Did Palin Go Rogue?
  3956. Tears to Remember
  3957. Berlusconi praises Obama's "suntan"
  3958. Democratic leaders discuss confiscating 401(k)s,
  3959. Does Rahm Emanuel know who pulled the trigger?
  3960. U.S. Jobless Rate Hits 14-Year High
  3961. Biden. Stand Up!!!!
  3962. Bet A Shiney Nickel
  3963. Teacher intimidated kids supporting McCain
  3964. Bali Bombers Executed
  3965. Watching Them Squirm - Has Fox Abandoned the Mob..
  3966. Kanye West Urinates on Carpet
  3967. Barack Obama Voter Attacks McCain Voter Video
  3968. BO is going to reverse 200 Bush decisions!!!
  3969. New Pledge of Allegance
  3970. So Palin wanted Barack killed ....
  3971. Sean Hannity "pals" around with Neo Nazis
  3972. LA Times attacks lies from Limbaugh/ Hannity !!!
  3973. Black Evangelicals... Oxymoron?
  3974. Should Spain be admitted to the USA this week?
  3975. Undoing the Bush delusion.
  3976. Obama To Back Stem Cell Research This Is Very Good
  3977. Israeli monarchy coming soon?
  3978. Ghees .. how perfect .. James Jones was a GOPer
  3979. Obama - ah - ah is a stuttering idiot
  3980. Who takes Obama & Biden's Senate Seats?
  3981. Boycott all threads by AXJ and Ketih Olberman
  3982. Do You Understand Howthe Financial Crisis Happened
  3983. The Funny part is Hawajna Palin .....
  3984. BO's 1st Official Act:Turn WH Over To Zionist Thug
  3985. Surge Success Watch: 11/10-30 Dead 70 Wounded
  3986. Surge Success Watch 11/10/08 - 30 Dead 70 Wounded
  3987. citizenship?????
  3988. Obama May Appoint Caroline Kennedy As UN Ambassado
  3989. All Hail The "New Ruler"
  3990. OsamaBin Laden Says Today New Attack On U.S. Soon
  3991. Solution to the Banking Crisis & Next Great Depres
  3992. Israeli Settler Punches Women In Face(footage)
  3993. Guantanamo closure.
  3994. It's Not Obama's Fault
  3995. Majority Of Obama Voters No Amnesty For illegals
  3996. Stem cell research.
  3997. Ga. congressman ,warns of dictatorship
  3998. Palin returns to a changed Alaska
  3999. Urban Dictionary, definition of Palin
  4000. Bush kicks 12 Venezuelan Diplomats OUT!
  4001. Bush kicks 12 Venezuelan Diplomats OUT!
  4002. Message from David Letterman
  4003. Barack Hussein Obama : Dictator
  4004. Time For Dems To Throw Joe Lieberwhore Overboard
  4005. Kazza v CV - Debate REMATCH Challenge
  4006. Racist: The real Truth
  4007. Barack Obama Voters Partying In The Street - Video
  4008. Take The Yeah Well Fine Then Challenge.
  4009. Is This Stupid - Scary Or Real
  4010. Let's cut to the chase...Sadam had to go...
  4011. Why Patriotic Americans Despise Republicanism
  4012. Obama's Neocon in Residence, Venezuela?
  4013. Still At Large!
  4014. Obama will lose black votes in future
  4015. Conversatives ... part of an extinct clan !!!
  4016. Vote On The Closure Of G/Bay
  4017. It's Not Red State vs Blue - It's Stupid vs Smart
  4018. General Eisenhower Warned Us...
  4019. Compulsory Service Plan
  4020. Amazing video, listen to people that got it right
  4021. Shepard Smith On Obama Bias in Mainstream Media
  4022. But, but...it wasn't about the OIL. Bullshit!
  4023. Lets take back our Government. Do you agree?
  4024. AMEX becomes Bank and wants our money too...
  4025. Obama's Compulsory Civil Service
  4026. Olbermann the raving idiot
  4027. It's Miller Time!
  4028. The Joke Is On Us
  4029. Tolerance fails T-shirt test
  4030. Why do liberal women hate Sarah Palin ?
  4031. Liberals clinically mad, concludes top psychiatris
  4032. So Much for Obama and Unity!
  4034. Lawsuit Aims To Bankrupt Klan Group.
  4035. Public Hanging for Democrats
  4036. The GOP to "act" to provide leadership .. LOL !!!
  4037. Jon Stewart just tore up O'Reilly on TDS!!!
  4038. Hitler had Gliewitz and Bush had 9-11
  4039. Who Was Right
  4040. Palin hates animals: PLAIN AND SIMPLE !!!
  4041. Finally the turth...
  4042. The Wisdom Of Andy Griffith
  4043. elente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots by 2012
  4044. "Center Right" ... shove that crap message!!
  4045. Remember: Palin "keeps an eye on Russia ."
  4046. Six agencies investigated over Joe the plumber
  4047. Obama's Top Advisor Linked to Real Estate Scandals
  4048. Good News for America... Not so good for libs
  4049. Global Warming Alert!
  4050. NewsBusted 218
  4051. If Jesus Ran For President..?
  4052. Alan Keyes Sues Barack Obama Over Eligibility
  4053. Obama's Tripwires
  4054. Barack Obama Warned Of Attack On U.S.
  4055. Banks in the US on the verge of BK...
  4056. Damn right ... ship Cheney to the Hague !!!
  4057. Possible Future Flag? Don't let this be!
  4058. The Christian based Right in this country ... LOL!
  4059. Im All For The Fairness Doctrine - Whos With Me!!!
  4060. OBAMA is history, why can't Democrats realize it?
  4061. Obama Not So Popular After All
  4062. Is liberalism political madness?
  4063. How History Will Evaluate Bush:The Sad Ugly Record
  4064. The GOP Traitors that Hate America!
  4065. Remember ... Palin supports Witch Doctors
  4066. America's forgotten freedoms
  4067. Clintons now calling the shots for OBAMA?
  4068. Face facts: the GOP is dead meat !!!
  4069. Rahm Emanuel apologizes for father's remarks
  4070. The BIGGEST Fraud In History...
  4071. Funeral procession for the GOP
  4072. Patriots: Your Country Needs You!
  4073. Great reminder: Bush - ONE TIN SOLDIER VIDEO
  4074. Who cares about these children?
  4075. Friends
  4076. Matt Hale/Creativity
  4077. Palin's palling with Joe Vogler
  4078. Interesting Video That Raises Many Good Questions
  4079. The Two Trillion Dollar Black Hole
  4080. Revolving Door "Justice" for Illegals
  4081. Obama = Now What?
  4082. The Left's War Against Israel
  4083. flushing
  4084. 60 Minutes
  4085. Is the media responsible for Obama's election?
  4086. Bush Crime Gang's Phony Bin Laden Hunt Exposed
  4087. FINALLY! Obama answers my question
  4088. The Facts of the Jonathan Pollard Case
  4089. Is there a draft in our future?
  4090. Let the Obama Disaster Begin:
  4091. Keith Olbermann in 1 minute
  4092. Time for real change from the A.I.P.
  4093. VOTE NOW: CV vs KAZZA
  4094. Waltz With Bashir (A trailer and some text)
  4095. NewsBusted 219
  4096. Obama endorses Auschwitz borders
  4097. Steven Plaut's outburst
  4098. It's about time!
  4099. So are we going into IRAN?
  4100. Does it really matter..?
  4101. Israel ready to attack Iran
  4102. Should Obama cancel his Inaugural Ball? Yes or No
  4103. Obama Stiffs Big Fat Lib Base
  4104. Attorney general collapses
  4105. NewsBusted 220
  4106. Quotes from the past
  4107. Palin Pardons Turkey In Wasilla
  4108. Would it surprise you greatly..?
  4109. Daneilla Weiss. Thoughts;?
  4110. Wall Street Love's Obama's Pick!
  4111. Bush the most unpopular BULLY
  4112. Obama Wants To Censor The Internet - Video
  4113. Time for Him to Go
  4114. 3rd Floor Shooter
  4115. Carter Refused Entry to ZimBobby
  4116. Destroying the Single Bullet Theory - Part 1
  4117. Destroying the Single Bullet Theory - Part 4
  4118. Hi everybody..noob here!
  4119. Hi all
  4120. Surge Success Watch 11/21/2008 3 Dead US G.Is
  4121. A Crazy Ass Idea, Or Is It?
  4122. Why are there so many white supremacists here now?
  4123. Here's some change Obama supporters will love
  4124. US on Decline?
  4125. The Jewish State Wants All Of Palestine
  4126. How many zeros
  4127. Obama place of birth?
  4128. JFK and the Zionist threat in the US.
  4129. Do Even Israelis Hate US Enabing of their Gov't?
  4130. Video: Obama Inauguration rehearsal
  4131. 200 million wasted...
  4132. Treason doth never prosper
  4133. The Bloody End of American Capitalism.......
  4134. Jail For Israeli Neo Nazi's.....
  4135. How long do we have
  4136. AXJ Banned?
  4137. Orthodox Jews Call For An End To Zionist Terrorism
  4138. Democratic Senators Already Sparring Over Universa
  4139. Poll - Is this a racist statement?
  4140. Real Poll - Is this a racist statement
  4141. Only One in Ten UK Hospitals Pass Hygiene Test
  4142. Found! Obama's birth certificate!!!
  4143. Obama's New Raw Deal
  4144. Thank you Sarah Palin
  4145. Auto bail-out debate.
  4146. Bush pardons 14 and commutes 2 prison sentences
  4147. Thank You American for telling Palin to get lost
  4148. Rove looks nervous ... jail time await his ass!!!
  4149. 66,000,000 Americans said "bye bye Nazis .."
  4150. The last Holiday Season with Bush as Psdt ...
  4151. No more "Hannity & Colmes"... Alan leaves the show
  4152. API Obama Tape Just A Nigerian Scam?
  4153. Russian predicts US collapse
  4154. Sgt Freedom episode 46 : Back in Black
  4155. Michael Savage Extends Multi-Year Contract
  4156. FAO D Christie & David Ben Ariel...
  4157. Filled up @ $1.93 gal! woohoo! How about you?
  4158. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  4159. The Elders
  4160. Will Dacshle Appointment Break Obama Campaign Prom
  4161. Marcus Cedarquist is a scam artist
  4162. Goverment Warns Terrorists Attack On NYC Subway
  4163. Occupation (Zionism)
  4164. Political Correctnes Is Killing Us All W/ Muslims
  4165. Islamic Muslim Terrorist New Strategy
  4166. Eight Simple Questions About This Forum...
  4167. Car Bomb Goes Off Kills Four Near U.S. Embassy
  4168. For all the nice ladies here
  4169. Chickenhawk & Chief:I'm Gonna Miss Our Babykillers
  4170. When Is Enough Really Enough..?
  4171. Obama Likely to Launch War On Obsesity
  4172. The Only Solution To Suicide Bombers..
  4173. Wal-Mart Worker Trampled In Friday Sale Stampede
  4174. Arrest in savage murder of TV Anchorwoman
  4175. A "Librul" Thanksgiving
  4176. Does it matter?
  4177. Terrorist Caught In India Gives Details
  4178. Why was Obama Elected?
  4179. Surge Success Watch 11/29/2008 44 Dead 33 Wounded
  4180. Surge Success Watch 11/29/2008 44 Dead 33 Wounded
  4181. India's Muslim Terrorists Funded By UK Mosques
  4182. India's Muslim Terrorists Told Only Kill Whites
  4183. India's Muslim Terrorists Told Only Kill Whites
  4184. Bioterror Threat?
  4185. Would you endorse this in your nation?
  4186. Another Black Mayor Ruins another City
  4187. Monday Message: A Message to Obama‏
  4188. Obama Picks Clinton as Secretary of State
  4189. Final Bush Rule Forces Poor To Pay Toward Healthca
  4190. Emergency Action Alert for Bet Hashalom
  4191. What would be so wrong with it, anyway?
  4192. Obama's Civilian Army..
  4193. How BushCo Fiddled While The Economy Melted Down
  4194. You are a Constitution Enforcement Officer
  4195. Media Narratives Feed Terrorist Fantasies
  4196. Someone tell me why I am wrong
  4197. who wouda thunk it. Barry Obama is George Bush Jr
  4198. Banning AXJ and whatshisnamethisweek..............
  4199. UN accuses Israel of punishing aid workers
  4200. NewsBusted 221
  4201. UK Police Assault Iraq War Veteran...
  4202. UK Police Assault Iraq War Veteran...
  4203. Why America Can Never, Ever, Be Taken Over
  4204. Feds Plotting Biggest Financial Scam In History
  4205. What has happened to this place?
  4206. Something to make everyone think...
  4207. Torturing Infidels
  4208. Bail out humor...
  4209. Darrel Vandeveld tells the BBC why he quit a
  4210. Behavioural Screening & Airport Security
  4211. Settlers = "Niggers don't expel Jews"
  4212. The White House - A potted history..
  4213. OJ Gets 15 years
  4214. MSNBC has an open mic problem... lol
  4215. Castro Dialogue A Positive..?
  4216. 2008 will be coolest year of the decade
  4217. NewsBusted 222
  4218. A plan to survive the Obama years
  4219. An IPF?
  4220. What would turn you off..?
  4221. B.H.O Could be an ILLEGAL ALIEN
  4222. ZioNazis Demanding More American Blood & Treasure
  4223. The Seven Presidents...
  4224. US Military's History Of Crimes Against Humanity
  4225. Next Bail Out-Pardons For Bush's Gang Of Torturers
  4226. NY Times: The Biggest Joke In Print Media
  4227. Hurray! William "Cold Cash" Jefferson is out!
  4228. Historic Progress in Iraq
  4229. Palin Stylists Cost Campaign More Than $165,000
  4230. Obama chooses someone who was right.
  4231. Hooray Negroes going back to Africa
  4232. Reactionary Liberals Assault the Media
  4233. anyone hear from "those evil speculators"?
  4234. Supreme Court won't hear Obama Citizenship Case
  4235. NY Times..going ...going....
  4236. White House Corrects NY Times lies
  4237. The GITMO Five
  4238. Senate Committee Demolishes Bush's Pre-War Lies
  4239. End The "Liberal" Media Doormat For GOP Criminals
  4240. Obama ALREADY better than McCain
  4241. A Pogrom...
  4242. A Look Inside World's 1st Terrorist Training Camp
  4243. A White Nation...
  4244. Corrupt Democrat ARRESTED in Illinois
  4245. Blajogevich and Ryan
  4246. The Federal Reserve Cartel
  4247. Obama Blagojevich Lie
  4248. Interesting Timing Behind Blagojevich Scandal
  4249. Time to play, "Guess That Party?"
  4250. Blago: Morning Shows Dance Around D-Word
  4251. Jesse Jackson Jr offered up $1 mil for seat
  4252. Auto Industry "Stat of the Day"
  4253. NewsBusted 223
  4254. Charlie Rangel Corruption Investigation Expands
  4255. Just a possibility - JFK
  4256. Al Gore sued by over 30.000 Scientists for fraud
  4257. Jewish Hitler Poised To Join Knesset For Zio-Nazis
  4258. Wacko Jacko converts to Islam, Calls Jews Leeches
  4259. Florida and Health Insurance for the Uninsured
  4260. Rock Stars In Politics..?
  4261. Valerie Jarrett Born In Iran Candidate #1
  4262. Simple Question Re S Arabia
  4263. Edward Abington, Jr.'s State Department letter
  4264. We Could Use $9 Billion That Went Missing In Iraq
  4265. Helloooo.... Owner Of Scam.Com - Anybody Home ????
  4266. Crime Suits.
  4267. Negro Lifestyle 101 - Pop a Cap
  4268. Bush Admin: Most Incompetent In American History
  4269. Bush Admin: Most Incompetent In American History
  4270. YouTube Partners with MOSSAD - ADL
  4271. America Unloads BusHoover - GOP Out Of Business
  4272. Negro Lifestyle 101 - The Tard Card
  4273. The biggest scam of all
  4274. The Joke called medicine
  4275. Zionist Con Man Nailed In $50 Billion Super Scam
  4276. Palin's Home Church Damaged By Arson
  4277. Iraqi Reporter Throws Shoe At President George W B
  4278. Commies Torch Palin Church
  4279. President Bush Got A Shoe Thrown At Him
  4280. Is conservative out the door?
  4281. Nick Hogan (Hulk Hogan's son) accident Video
  4282. Unemployment?
  4283. I don't care
  4284. Tour Marred By Dissent
  4285. Robin Williams spot on comic
  4286. Swindler's List
  4287. Bernard Madoff Investors Will Get Bailout
  4288. Al Gore's "12 days of global warming"
  4289. Cheney Admits To War Crimes On National Television
  4290. Eye For An Eye?
  4291. Global Power Elite & Its Plans For Your Future
  4292. GOP Nazis Take Another Serious Blow From The ACLU
  4293. Test your Skill - Throw a Shoe at a Raghead
  4294. You tell em Joe!
  4295. Fix The Damn Server Issues Already!!
  4296. Adolf Hitler Denied Birthday Cake
  4297. There must be a god
  4298. Abdul the Reluctant Martyr
  4299. Uppity Negress Busted for Head Scarf
  4300. Shameless....
  4301. How unstable are Pakistan?
  4302. Israel's Secret Weapon
  4303. Jewish Leaders Fear Backlash..
  4304. How white supremacists are neurotic.
  4305. What is Hannity gonna do?
  4306. Hamas declares end to ceasefire with Israel
  4307. Michael Vick Killed These Dogs And Wants Out Early
  4308. Merry Xmas: Right Wing GOP Godfather Buys The Farm
  4309. Postponing Reality
  4310. Bush Devotes Final Month To Finishing America Off
  4311. Jonathan Freedland doesn't have a clue!
  4312. Cinderella vs. the Barracuda
  4313. If Carolines Last Name Was Palin
  4314. On this day in political history
  4315. CNN Meteorologist:Manmde Global Warming "Arrogant"
  4316. Dana Perino talks about shoe throwing incident
  4317. "Im going to revert to my former statement...."
  4318. Will Germany Launch a Nuclear Attack on America?
  4319. Congress deserves a pay raise
  4320. Iran + America vs Iraq
  4321. America + Iran vs Iraq
  4322. Bush on the Obama Transition
  4323. Pig Watch: Texas NaziCops Assault 12 Year Old Girl
  4324. Government Will Use Military If U.S. Riot Economy
  4325. Lower Vote Age
  4326. Lower Vote Age
  4327. Can Israel Be Described As A Super Power?
  4328. Successful Black Nations?
  4329. How Crooked & Treasonous Has The GOP-Media Been?
  4330. Madoff Scam Update: $50 Billion Tip Of The Iceberg
  4331. Mugabe
  4332. ..Liberty Or Give Me Death.. Justifying Extremism
  4333. Who makes the worst cars?
  4334. You Thought Wing-Nut Birth Cert. Scam Was Kookie?
  4335. Youth Crime And A Resolution...
  4336. Bleeding Heart Tightwads
  4337. Must See video explaining the mortgage crisis
  4338. How Iraq Should Have Been Bombed...
  4339. Change....
  4340. Toyota Announces First Loss In 70 Years
  4341. Negro Lifestyle 101 - Pop A Cop
  4342. Jewish hatred for Non-Jews in Israel
  4343. Jimmy and Edward love blood money!
  4344. Hugo Helps Mahmoud Smuggle Weapons
  4345. Why I'm afraid of America
  4346. Five Ragheads off to Prison
  4347. Jimmy Carter still supports terrorism
  4348. Just how dumb is the New York Times?
  4349. White subhuman barbarians abandon their own ilk
  4350. How Israel Becomes a Superpower
  4351. A Perfect Gift For The Man Who Loves Peace
  4352. The Promised Land
  4353. The Eternal Jew
  4354. Bush Legacy: A Liberator of 50,000,000
  4355. Myths & Facts About the Real Bush Record
  4356. Brit Hume says goodbye
  4357. Merry Xmas From Bush:US Treasury Headed To Default
  4358. Happy Xmas From YWFT
  4359. How would the US react if this had been in Iran?
  4360. Stop the Hate! End Discrimination! Fight Racism!
  4361. The GOP base mentality ....
  4362. ATTN MODERATORS... He's back
  4363. Republican IT Specialist Dies In Plane Crash
  4364. Introducing SENATOR AL FRANKEN !!!
  4365. Is it common practice to run to Mods?
  4366. Long time Republican ... I voted Barack in 2008
  4367. Thank God Bush was not able to privatize SS ...
  4368. Rice is the obvious choice for the Hague to grab
  4369. Att GOPers: Barack is not President !!!
  4370. Bush will leave Office with ##'s 1/2 of Clinton
  4371. Merry Christmas to Barack Supporters!!!!
  4372. Folks are starving ... Bush/Cheney don't care !!
  4373. Congrats to Bush ... 26 yr high in Unemployment !!
  4374. Great job by Barack on forming his team !!!
  4375. Bush and God ...
  4376. The Decline of America: Bush's "Legacy"
  4377. 12 Days of Christmas ... Palin Style !!!
  4378. Sarah Palin "paling" around with Druggies!!!
  4379. Will The Real U.S. President Please Stand Up?
  4380. Barack visting the troops .. breath of fresh air
  4381. FOX NEWS: "Bush protected this country..."
  4382. Notice how sad Elizabeth on THE VIEW looks?
  4383. Hey Dickwad...Stop spamming the boards!
  4384. Bump!
  4385. International Obligation In Ellection Fraud
  4386. Bush's Phony War on Terror: One trillion plus
  4387. Bush 41: Like Father ... Like Son
  4388. Did ya see the REAL RESPECT the troops had?
  4389. CSPan: The Bush "Legacy"
  4390. Think Cheney is hoping the nukes start flying?
  4391. The Nitemare continues ... Jebbie to run
  4392. Joe the Plumber has a book ?? LOL ....
  4393. Sean Hannity: MISINFORMER OF THE YEAR!!!
  4394. What Americans really feel about George Bush
  4395. Hatred, discrimination, racism - against whites
  4396. Thank You Mods...
  4397. Kwanzaa - What is it?
  4398. IT'S AN AFRICAN THING: Obama's disrespect for the
  4399. Sublime: AP scum confused by lesbian rape...
  4400. Palestinian rocket kills 2 Gaza girls
  4401. Israel IDF Arbitrarily Massacres 145 Palistinians
  4402. Palestinian morons blowing up their own children
  4403. UK concern over Israeli strikes
  4404. Jesus would stand by the oppressed
  4405. 2009 - What I predict it will hold..
  4406. Murder and Genocide in Jewish Religious Law
  4407. Verminous 'Palestinians' act surprised...
  4408. Unraveling the Threads: Mumbai
  4409. The greatest liberator since WWII
  4410. Old 2001 poll with some 2008 revision
  4411. PA & Egypt blame Hamas for the bloodshed
  4412. Big Decision Ahead For Reps..
  4413. So What Do You All Think?
  4414. NYT doesn't care for Obama's choice for invocation
  4415. The Politics Behind The Zio-Nazis' Latest Massacre
  4416. "Freedom Fighters" DC and his pals support
  4417. What's this?
  4418. Here's what the poor Palestinian people stand for
  4419. Here We Go Again. Another Holocaust Phony-Fraud.
  4420. Politicians Lie & Civilians Die...
  4421. FACT: A majority of US Military don't trust Obama
  4422. The Zionist slaughter
  4423. Peace Through Strength!
  4424. Negro Lifestyle 101 - Negroes Killing Negroes
  4425. Honest news and commentary... Not propaganda
  4426. http://www.holocaustdenialvideos.com/
  4427. Transition and Hope, Ron Paul
  4428. Bush Final Report Card: Mid East Peace - 100% Fail
  4429. Report: Blago to name Ronald Burris to Obama seat
  4430. National Lawyers Guild Condemns Zionist War Crimes
  4431. Dating after divorce Tips Free Dating Tips for Men
  4432. Bush Final Report Card: U.S Economy - 100% Fail
  4433. The Gaza Ghetto and Western Cant
  4434. A new Preamble to the Constitution
  4435. Violence and Lies: What is Israel's Mission?
  4436. Christian Group: Kills Dismembers & Burns
  4437. White House number
  4438. White House number
  4439. It's time once more to blame the Jews
  4440. The suffering that Hamas causes
  4441. Right-Wing Zionist Terrorist Loving Psychopaths
  4442. Moderate Proposals To Make Things Fair For Hamas
  4443. Remember The USS Liberty? Now, Another "Accident"
  4444. Israel's Vulnerability..?
  4445. Israeli Lie Machine Working Flat Out..
  4446. Failure To Learn?
  4447. Humanity Photos
  4448. Bummer...Obama linked to yet ANOTHER scandal
  4449. Simpleton Scarborough Slapped Down On Middle East
  4450. Unconditional End
  4451. Overkill in Gaza
  4452. The War Against Palestine
  4453. For Scam's Israel supporters: Read and Learn
  4454. Pro Hamas Nutjobs Glue Themselves To BBC
  4455. Israel kills top Hamas figure
  4456. Iraq takes control of Green Zone from US
  4457. The Best of 2008
  4458. Americans Closely Divided Over Gaza Attack
  4459. They are all Hamas
  4460. If Hamas Did Not Exist
  4461. CNN Confirms ZioNazis Broke Truce With Hamas 11/5
  4462. Israeli strike kills senior Hamas leader
  4463. Tough Love vs Spanking - Good Argument
  4464. Israel targets a mosque
  4465. Bush ripped by RNC for Socialist Policies
  4466. ZioNazi Terrorists Bomb Apt Bldg - 9 Children Dead
  4467. Egyptian Foreign Minister Slams Hamas... Again
  4468. IDF Strikes Second Hamas Leader
  4469. This is why Hamas must be defeated
  4470. Moral Clarity in Gaza
  4471. Hamas are the real war criminals in this conflict
  4472. Interesting facts from the Associated Press
  4473. ZioNazi Cowards Can't Beat Hamas Freedom Fighters
  4474. Israel's Proportionate Response
  4475. The Israel Solution?
  4476. I often wonder..
  4477. So 'help' me god?
  4478. MUST READ: Son of Hamas Leader Speaks
  4479. Israel Owes Gazans Reparations Not Terror Attacks
  4480. Middle East Conflict For Dummies-Required Viewing
  4481. Okay. So Answer This For Me Then..?
  4482. RAW: (Graphic) IDF Attack in Gaza
  4483. The Real Slave Traders
  4484. Farm Murders in South Africa
  4485. Farm Murders in South Africa
  4486. An Interesting Video...
  4487. The Blatant Truth About Israel
  4488. Idea for Health Care
  4489. Illegitimate Obama Must Go!
  4490. For Humanity
  4491. Gaza and the Law of Armed Conflict
  4492. Hamas, Fatah Destroy "Palestine" without Israel.
  4493. The Silence.
  4494. Israel Should NOT exist...
  4495. I beleive the US should invade....
  4496. A Comparison: Hamas Terrorism vs ZioNazi Terrorism
  4497. Zionism - World's Most Dangerous Terrorist Threat
  4498. Stars Call For Ceasefire (all 'Nazi's' of course)
  4499. How Israel is Multiplying Hamas by a Thousand
  4500. Harry Reid... Lying sack of liberal shit!
  4501. How Israel is Multiplying Hamas by a Thousand
  4502. Are All Americans Guilty?
  4503. US trade with Cuba
  4504. "Death Becomes An Industry"
  4505. Negro Lifestyle 101 - Life after Negro College
  4506. Willy Pete.
  4507. Smoking Ban Leads to Major Drop in Heart Attacks
  4508. Smoking Ban Leads to Major Drop in Heart Attacks
  4509. NBC Nightly News: "Living in fear"
  4510. Liberals Duped By 3-Year-Old 'Gaza Bombing Video'
  4511. Yeah this was a great idea...........
  4512. The future of weapons?
  4513. ZioNazis Imposing News Blackout On Gaza Massacre
  4514. Could Have Seen This War Coming
  4515. NY Times: "The Confidence War"
  4516. IDF Terrorists Target Kids At Elementary School
  4517. Destroy the Fed Before the Fed Destroys Us
  4518. Proof WTC7 Was Taken Down By Controlled Demolition
  4519. Video: dchristie's pals in Toronto
  4520. Remembering the 'Greatest Liberal Victory'
  4521. Italian CIA Director (USA) - on the Job Training
  4522. OOPS - Taco Negroes Rape Lesbian
  4523. Obama has FAILED!
  4524. Uncle Jay Welcomes the New Congress
  4525. Senate will Cave in to Burrhead
  4526. Another Coward Given The Boot
  4527. Blood On Our Hands...
  4528. There's No Pain-Free Cure for Recession
  4529. Ron Paul on CNN American Morning
  4530. 240k pay out over T Shirt
  4531. NewsBusted 227
  4532. Your General Political Stance...
  4533. Ten
  4534. Israel/Pakistan?
  4535. Simple Question....
  4536. Simple Question....
  4537. Spam?
  4538. Hezbollah
  4539. Top Twenty.
  4540. Negro Lifestyle 101 - Ahz beez Bad
  4541. HeHe, Everyone got their hand out now
  4542. Henry Kissinger: Create NWO
  4543. liberals???
  4544. Israel Attacks the UN??
  4545. report you won't see in western media
  4546. Letter..
  4547. Tax Cuts.
  4548. Trillion dollar deficit. How much is that?
  4549. Making the Gaza Prison More Secure
  4550. Another Hilarious Riot
  4551. Gaza Phone Tag
  4552. Gaza Phone Tag
  4553. Classic U.K./E.U. stupidity
  4554. What Machine Guns Are For
  4555. Madoff's Christmas Gift Certificates
  4556. Great Article:The Timess Crime Confusions Persist
  4557. Biggest Lies About The Israeli-Palestine Conflict
  4558. Red Cross Rescuers "Shocked" By Zio-Nazi Brutality
  4559. Gaza Needs A Regime Change
  4560. It's Time Human Race Wiped IsraHell Off The Map
  4561. More bailouts.
  4562. Underdog-ism
  4563. Is Israel An Apartheid State..?
  4564. An Apartheid State?
  4565. Benevolence...
  4566. Neo-Cons' Zionist Fantasies Crash & Burn In Gaza
  4567. U.S. Goverment Speaks About Disaster in 2012
  4568. United?
  4569. The Feds Bubble Trouble
  4570. Obama Economics
  4571. Michael Savage Show Goes On Permanent Feed
  4572. Death Row Inmate of the Decade!
  4573. One Eyed Negro
  4574. Goyim Pride.
  4575. Alan Colmes, You're a Great American
  4576. Is this article fair comment?
  4577. Is this fair comment?
  4578. Shame on Helen Suzman!
  4579. Scenes from Gaza
  4580. Iraqi Vets Wrecked.
  4581. Beautiful: Somali pirates drown with ransom share
  4582. Awesome...Tebow puts 'John 3:16' on Eye Black and.
  4583. A Break From Middle East Stuff :)
  4584. A Break From ME stuff (hurrah!)
  4585. The Video That Was Banned By The U.S Congress
  4586. American General - George Patton
  4587. HAMAS Scum being Eradicated by the Hundreds
  4588. Worth Repeating
  4589. Worth Repeating
  4590. How Liberals Ruin Our World pt. 342
  4591. UN's accusation first, investigation later policy
  4592. Hamas Militants Staged Attacks from UN School
  4593. Zionist Terrorist Lies Re: UN School Raid Debunked
  4594. Dangerous UNJews
  4595. 'Thank you, George W. Bush'
  4596. Oil simply another speculation bubble.
  4597. Muslim Scholar: Israel Belongs to the Jews
  4598. The only Obama Birth Certificate Thread
  4599. The Real Undesputable Facts on Gaza
  4600. ZioNazi's PR Flaks Set BS Machine On Hyper Drive
  4601. How Zionist Propagandists Manipulate US Dimwits
  4602. Gaza: History Matters
  4603. Moderate Jewish School "No Shiksas At The Prom"
  4604. Imagine...
  4605. Holocaust Survivor Writes...
  4606. Not About Hamas Rockets For ZioNazis. It's About $
  4607. Bush: Not War Time - It's War Crime President
  4608. Bush: Not War Time - It's War Crime President
  4609. Hamas TV: This is how they do it
  4610. Stimulating Our Way to Rock Bottom
  4611. The Blood-Stained Monster Enters Gaza
  4612. USA Faces Sunburn; What Price Zionism
  4613. My opinion on what the Palestinians embrace
  4614. Humanitarian Cease Fire... School... Hamas
  4615. The World is Wrong to Condemn Israel
  4616. Zionist Confesses: Hamas Broke Ceasefire A Lie
  4617. ZioNazi Confesses: Hamas Broke Ceasefire A Lie
  4618. Israel loves Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe?
  4619. Democrats Trade Senate Seat for Integrity
  4620. Christ Jack, what are you doing??
  4621. Live video feed from Gaza
  4622. Cats And Rats Video Of Our Goverment
  4623. The Balad Party
  4624. How Bush's Thugs-IsraHell Are Spying On Americans
  4625. ZioNazis Using White Phosphorous For Gaza Massacre
  4626. Ron Paul FAILS on Gaza
  4627. Obama Plan Based on Failed Economics
  4628. Why California Leads the Nation in Deficit, Debt a
  4629. Sorry for the bumping...
  4630. Morning Joe's Daily Parade Of Israel 1st Puppets
  4631. Should the U.S. auto industry be bailed out?
  4632. Our First BLACK??? President
  4633. Our 1st Black??? President... I don't think so!
  4634. Is this it?
  4635. Death toll over 1,000 now
  4636. Ron Paul How We Got into This Economic Mess
  4637. Ron Paul How We Got into This Economic Mess
  4638. Texacution - First Dead Negro of 2009
  4639. Mike Bromell: Sycophant Extraordinaire
  4640. Sell Cc Very Good
  4641. It's Official:Bush-Cheney Kidnapped & Tortured Kid
  4642. It's Official:Bush-Cheney Kidnapped & Tortured Kid
  4643. ICRC: Israel's use of white phosphorus not illegal
  4644. Morning Joe discusses water boarding
  4645. Just a little reminder of what Bush rid us of
  4646. Israeli Navy Turns Back S.S. Moonbat
  4647. Intelligence Court Rules Wiretapping Power Legal
  4648. End Of Free Ride?
  4649. Shame on the Conservative Cowards!
  4650. ZioNazis Shell ICRC Hospital & U.N. Headquarters
  4651. 75.59 posts per day
  4652. How to put Mike Bromell on your Ignore List
  4653. When America was united
  4654. ZioNazis Making Sure America Suffers More Terror
  4655. Mike Bromell Sucks Pud
  4656. Jewish MP Britain Calling Out ZioNazis On Genocide
  4657. Filling the Holes in Obama Economics
  4658. President Bush...Thank you , You Will Be Missed
  4659. Bush is down to what? 22% approval?
  4660. Thank You!
  4661. Bush's Greatest Success=We Were Only Attacked Once
  4662. Take comfort Americans ....
  4663. Terroristicly Trained Orthinologicals
  4664. Jewish UK Politician Speaks
  4665. Mike Bromell - E33?
  4666. Chavez hates Joes and Jews
  4667. ROOT Announces His Economic Stimulus Plan
  4668. Failed Obama Economics
  4669. We ARE NOT One
  4670. Hey ZioNazis, What About America's Right To Exist?
  4671. Another Nimrod?
  4672. Leave the New Deal in the History Books
  4673. Bush's Legacy: Confused Principles With Obstinacy
  4674. What Recession ?
  4675. Just Coincidences....
  4676. Ron Paul: Strengthening or Weakening the Economy?
  4677. Root, The Greatest Economic Stimulus Plan Ever!
  4678. Hurray!
  4679. Black Gang Beats White Male For Defending Girl
  4680. Attention Moderators... He's Back Again
  4681. Mission Accomplished ....
  4682. Moderator Alert! He's now "Bush41"
  4683. Disturbing Video About Hamas
  4684. ...and he's in.
  4685. Obamas inauguration
  4686. Kennedy collapses
  4687. President Usurper Obama
  4688. I just want to say one thing...
  4689. Racist Joseph Lowery
  4690. Wait a Minute??
  4691. The Obama Stimulus Plan Won't Work
  4692. Ron Paul: Obama Hiding Big Govt. Ambitions
  4693. Ron Paul: Obama Hiding Big Govt. Ambitions
  4694. The Jerusalem Conference
  4695. ADL Foxman: Mitchell To Fair & Balanced
  4696. New Construction Jobs Will Not Go To White Males
  4697. Ron Paul: Obama Will Massively Increase Government
  4698. The Looters Are Coming
  4699. The Beginning of the End for Europe
  4700. The World Won't Buy Unlimited U.S. Debt
  4701. Obama Is Against The U.S. And Whites - Wake Up
  4702. 825 Billion Stimulus Plan to Pay for New Windows,
  4703. The Reality Obama Has No Clothes
  4704. Black Hitler
  4705. Black folks not catching on...
  4706. Obama coming up...small
  4707. Peter Schiff: Let the Housing Market Crash
  4708. This Is A Great Thing Obama Did Will Help Millions
  4709. Obama begins killing innocent civilians
  4710. President Ronald Reagan Beats Barack Obama On T.V.
  4711. Two ex-Guantanamo inmates appear in Al-Qaeda video
  4712. Racist little troll
  4713. OBAMA faces huge task
  4714. Carole Coleman
  4715. Drooling scumbag/traitor Murtha in action again!
  4716. Inside Zimbabwe....
  4717. 2 Critics Of Vladimir Putin Shot In The Head
  4718. Interesting video on the middle east issue
  4719. U.S. Goverment & New York Newspapers 2012 Its Over
  4720. Stimulus for Who?
  4721. Give everyone a a Tim Geithner tax break
  4722. Pelosi, contraception and compassion‏
  4723. Barack Obama Does First Interview On Arab TV
  4724. Think Bush Masturbating To Torture Videos A Joke?
  4725. Ron Paul, Debate On The Economy 1-27-09
  4726. Barack Obama To Congress No Rush Limbaugh Or Else
  4727. More Stimulus Proposal Facts
  4728. The Truth About The Obama Agenda
  4729. Here is where the 825 Billion is going!
  4730. Cadillac One.................
  4731. Obama helping the homeless....
  4732. The Criminal Conspiracy Known As Republican Party
  4733. Netanyahu has proven he can't be trusted
  4734. The all new George Bush
  4735. The Optimum Government
  4736. Stimulus Checks Will Go To Illegal Aliens & Acorn
  4737. CNN Says The Bilderberg Group Killing U.S. Video
  4738. How About This Scenario?
  4739. Strip Searching Palestinians
  4740. Anti-Racist Activist Mugged By Black Man
  4741. Glenn Beck - An Inconvenient Debt
  4742. Military to pledge oath to Obama??
  4743. What's going on with the PEANUTS?
  4744. Wall Street Crooks Give New Meaning To Bone-Us
  4745. Time for a real change.
  4746. Half Brother of U.S President Arrested in Kenya
  4747. Good Morning, Suckers
  4748. Dear Gazan: I Slept In Your Home
  4749. Monkeys See-Monkeys Do. 1st The Sex Card, Now This
  4750. How To Kill A Palestinian
  4751. If Americans Knew
  4752. Springsteen takes money, THEN criticizes source
  4753. Real GOP Head: Obese Drug Addict With A Talk Show
  4754. Use Your Political Beliefs To Choose A Movie
  4755. Obama is a terrorist act against US!
  4756. One Nation Under Israel Genocide & Terror For All
  4757. My Terror As A Human Shield...
  4758. Cures for Our Economic Disease, Ron Paul
  4759. Sgt Freedom : Episode 51 - Obama , God Help Us
  4760. Dangerous Road....
  4761. Stop the Pork Bill, before its too late
  4762. An Angel Speaks
  4763. Tax cheats:corrupt admin
  4764. New Hampshire Legislature Moves To Secede From ZOG
  4765. Barack Obama Backs Down 2 Canada on Buy American
  4766. The Israeli Elections
  4767. An irritated Detroiter
  4768. Cheney Threatens Another Attack If We Don't Obey
  4769. 'Imagine' Ad rejected by NBC for Super Bowl
  4770. HAMAS butchering Palestinians...what a surprise!
  4771. The European Union
  4772. Glenn Beck on Obama's 'Change': Socialism
  4773. Obama now in combat mode
  4774. 50 De-Stimulating Facts
  4775. NBC Proves They LOVE Killin' Babies
  4776. Israeli War Crimes: Under the Black Flag
  4777. Self-Defence Against Peace
  4778. Foiling another Palestinian Peace Offensive
  4779. Reading Material for Scam's Zionist Apologists
  4780. Baby born alive, THEN murdered
  4781. Israeli Soldiers vs. Hamas
  4782. Read it and weep
  4783. Colleges Lower Standards 4 Unqualified Minorities
  4784. Are the bailouts just a big SCAM?
  4785. Gaddafi defends Somali pirates
  4786. C B O says "Obama stimulus harmful over long haul
  4787. Welcome to Obamaville
  4788. Welfare Spendathon: House Stimulus Bill Will Cost
  4789. Nazi Citizenship Certificates Revised In Israel
  4790. Is it True?
  4791. Libertarians stand with voters against Senate plan
  4792. Ron Paul "Stimulus" Analysis 2-7-09*
  4793. Dope slaps
  4794. Rorke's Drift
  4795. Is it true AXJ was banned?
  4796. So is OBAMA doing a good job? Yes or No?
  4797. EU Threatens USA - Enough Is Enough!
  4798. Hypocrisy u can believe in !!!!!
  4799. Fairness Doctrine Sickness
  4800. Blacks gang up on White girl
  4801. Why are Americans facing unemployment?
  4802. OBAMA and hi barn...
  4803. Stimulus, or having your mortgage paid off?
  4804. Obama's Wealth Destruction
  4805. Peter Schiff: This is just the beginning of the CR
  4806. Economic Fallacies 101: Government Does Not Create
  4807. Obama's Speech
  4808. Undeclared IDF Writes Op Ed For LA Times
  4809. Why Republicans are morons:2006
  4810. I Am A Born Again AMERICAN!
  4811. Obama's Stimulus Scam
  4812. Banks Rescue Will 'Make Things Worse': Rogers
  4813. How Government Created the Financial Crisis
  4814. "I don't hate all black people"
  4815. Sen. Chuck Schumer "No One Cares About Pork" VIDEO
  4816. American Business Has Sold Its Soul to the Devil
  4817. Hey Jew, can you spare a DIME? (Dense Inert Metal
  4818. Obama the Hypocrite: He Disparages Las Vegas, But
  4819. Muslims No Free Speech In Britain And U.S. Video
  4820. "W", the movie
  4821. Israel rejects peace
  4822. Obamas Opening Salvo, Peter Schiff
  4823. Federal obligations exceed world GDP
  4824. Dirt!est Trick Ever?
  4825. Americas New Song - So Sad So true
  4826. Once Our Terrorist, Now Our Freedom Fighter
  4827. A Moderate
  4828. On Reinstating the Draft, Ron Paul
  4829. The Great Obama Lie: Wheres the Shared Sacrifice
  4830. I think I'll side with Bush on this one.
  4831. Why America is Crazy about Iran Nuclear Technology
  4832. Prescription Drug Xanax Caused Famous Chimp Attack
  4833. The Judge, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Cody Willard
  4834. The State of California Needs to Enter Rehab."
  4835. Is Bigger Government the Solution?
  4836. EU evaporates sovereignty
  4837. Gold Climbs As Economic Catastrophe Looms
  4838. The Economic Fallacy of Government Intervention
  4839. Israeli Ingenuity
  4840. Oscar Predictions from a Las Vegas Oddsmaker-
  4841. Stock Market Gives Obama an F
  4842. Need Toilet Paper???
  4843. Predatory Legislators
  4844. Trillions borrowed that (We) owe.
  4845. Coward Eric Holder?
  4846. Obama And His Gang Are Idiots...Here's Proof!
  4847. AP: North Korea Has Missile That Can Reach U.S.
  4848. What We Don't know WILL Hurt Us.
  4849. who's hoarding money now?
  4850. A Comedian Gets Serious
  4851. Israel TV: Jesus Fat & Mary Many Lovers
  4852. On Transparency of the Fed, Ron Paul
  4853. To Understand the Crisis? Read This Book
  4854. Poll Shows Broad Support for Obama's Leadership
  4855. How about the Fair Tax?
  4856. Why Fed Chief Ben Bernanke ,Either a Liar or Fool
  4857. The end of affirmative action
  4858. Bernard Madoff - Greed
  4859. We got yo money
  4860. The Market and Obama:
  4861. To pork, or not to pork
  4862. Cato Scholars Address Obamas First Address to Con
  4863. Freedom watch,Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul, Beck,
  4864. The One Dollar Bill Tells Everything About The End
  4865. Obama's First Address to Congress
  4866. Racists don't hold Blacks to high standards
  4867. Holocaust debate?
  4868. U.S. Goverment Warns Americans Dont Go To Mexico
  4869. Islamic Scum pt. 375
  4870. It's Mr. Obama to you!
  4871. New World Order ?
  4872. Obama Puts the Economic Cart Before the Horse
  4873. Anchors Mortified ,Dr Paul Was Allowed air time
  4874. How to Achieve Socialism
  4875. Sec. of Defense: Obama more "Analytical" than Bush
  4876. Is Spending the Answer? Ron Paul
  4877. Limbaugh = de facto GOP Chairman
  4878. Economy going to hell? Lets change the subject
  4879. Obama Has Declared War On Small Business:
  4880. Pitchfork Time !
  4881. Bernie Sanders Attacks Ben Bernanke - Video
  4882. Ron Paul on MSNBC
  4883. Obama has deceived the 95% on tax cut
  4884. Root Calls for Nationwide Protest
  4885. The Best & The Worst of Times For U.S. Dollar
  4886. Kennedy and Knighthood?
  4887. Worth the read
  4888. He voted for Obama, here is what he thinks now
  4889. What happened to Crissy Matthews' tingles?
  4890. Liberating Iraq; Wining Hearts & Minds
  4891. Nostradamus predicts the collapse of Capitalism
  4892. Rush to Judgment
  4893. Political Cartoon Thread
  4894. Jon Stewart Nails CNBC Tools
  4895. Imagine
  4896. Obama goes out of his way in insult Great Britain?
  4897. GOP Ratings in Toilet
  4898. EU's Document of Death to Israel
  4899. Austalia's Message To Radicals
  4900. The Obama Deception Full Video PLEASE WATCH
  4901. Good news and Bad news
  4902. NIA Warns Massive Inflation Could Hit the U.S.
  4903. Initiative To Repeal Prop. 8 Moves Forward
  4904. Conservatives, Republicans Must Evolve
  4905. Many Boston teens surveyed say Rihanna is at fault
  4906. ABC 20/20 Bailouts and Bull with John Stossel:
  4907. New Mexico lawmakers vote to repeal death penalty.
  4908. Late-term abortion provider faces trial
  4909. This couple is for better understanding of Muslims
  4910. AIG bonuses
  4911. Jenin, then Gaza What's Next?
  4912. Bad news for conservatives: Stocks Continue Higher
  4913. AIG names recipients of its bailout money
  4914. The Audacity of Obama's Lies & Hypocrisy
  4915. HIV-AIDS Rate in D.C. 'Higher Than West Africa
  4916. Fix CNBC!!
  4917. Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy Fires Up
  4918. Who could have imagined AIG?
  4919. U.S. Army invades Samson Alabama
  4920. Obama received bonus from AIG
  4921. Gov Controlling Temperature In Your Home
  4922. Wisdom for a dysgenic age
  4923. Obama does what Russia and China could never do
  4924. Digging for gold and feeding on grass
  4925. Romance rumor leads to torching of Christian
  4926. Pelosi Tells Illegal Immigrants Raids are Wrong
  4927. Thousands of girls mutilated in Britain
  4928. Are you American? This concerns you..
  4929. How to repair our economy without spending a dime
  4930. Revolution in South Africa?
  4931. Obambi's budget will BANKRUPT USA!!!
  4932. Obama approach to foreign policy sound?
  4933. This is ridiculous
  4934. Obama laughs at America's misery
  4935. Sweatin' With the Socialists
  4936. Obamaisms
  4937. 11 Most Expensive Catastrophes
  4938. Song Lyrics That Reflect The Times We Live In!
  4939. Liberalisms' Lies
  4940. Islamic Scum pt. 376
  4941. OBAMA needs BIG SCREEN TV for his teleprompter
  4942. Orde Wingate
  4943. Republican's Housing Plan. What do you all think?
  4944. Obama Whining
  4945. Vatican tightens screws on Jerusalem
  4946. This is how you Stimulate...
  4947. AIG ruckus: Fairness for the rich only!
  4948. Ron Paul with the Young Turks
  4949. Obama's next move to destroy US economy
  4950. Global warming 'skepticism' audio remix!
  4951. U.S. must sacrifice 2nd Amend. rights to help Mex.
  4952. Glenn Beck , a great American
  4953. Afro-centric hypocrites!
  4954. End the War on Drugs , Ron Paul
  4955. Climate Change: Mr. President, We Disagree
  4956. Whats with the hate?
  4957. Jews responsible for mass murder of Christians?
  4958. Are you American? This concerns you..
  4959. Lets give it away , were rolling in it!
  4960. Who is ruining and Running the USA?
  4961. You know you're a Muslim when?
  4962. Islamic scum pt. 378
  4963. What the FUCK is this?
  4964. WOW! THAT didn't take long...
  4965. Blacks in charge...what could go wrong?
  4966. Islamics Defend The Darfur Genocide--Of course
  4967. Quickly! Kill these "pirates" before obama...
  4968. Liberal success: 72% of black kids illegitimate
  4969. Obamaisms
  4970. Dollar Soon Irrelevant
  4971. The Death of Right and Wrong
  4972. A single nuke could destroy America?
  4973. Obama Using ACORN For Census
  4974. 2012 Update - Scam.com Forum Rules
  4975. Scam.com Moderator Incompetence, Cowardice
  4976. Police State America
  4977. The Liberal Way: The Audacity of Intolerance and A
  4978. Jerusalem's Nightmare!
  4979. Our Soldiers Labeled as Terrorists..
  4980. Dieting & Ideology: Delusional Duality?
  4981. AIPAC - A Scum Organization Get out of America
  4982. Needing everyone's opinion
  4983. States That Pay The Highest
  4984. Those Who Voted
  4985. Dylan Ratigan explains why H.R.1207 MUST be passed
  4986. Tea Party
  4987. A Man We All Should Listen To
  4988. The speech before JFK assanation
  4989. Racist Garofalo hides behind Obama's skin color
  4990. Border Patrol Agents Terrorize American Citizen
  4991. Some People Are More Equal Than Others
  4992. Rescue of Capt Phillips happened in spite of Obama
  4993. David Simon and "the wire"
  4994. Did you hear? Obamas cutting the budget!
  4995. DNA evidence frees black man convicted of murder
  4996. Hows this for a start
  4997. A Video Worth Watching...
  4998. Supreme Court hear case of strip searched 13yo
  4999. Liar from Duke case speaks on Social Injustice
  5000. Doesn't Israel STEAL Palestinian Lands?