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Old 03-27-2006, 10:27 AM
sammycombs sammycombs is offline
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Investorama Inc Scam

You know what I can't stand be who try and get over on other people. I want to tell you about a company that is resigeter on When I went to look up the company name and address everything matched up except the phone number. I emailed the person back and found out that he wouldn't give me any information. I want to show you the email that I received and so this way no one else will get taken in with these people.

We are honored you considered our job application for the Investor Assistant
We assure you that it is perfectly legal and we will sign a contract (employment agreement),
which complies with all federal laws. We have private investors from all over the country
who want to protect their identities and need our company to protect and increase their
You will help us to increase their funds and you will get a 10% commission from the total
amount sent to your account. You can earn from $500 to $4000 each month sitting at your
All further money transfer charges and fees are covered
by our company. So you will be responsible just for making proper payments in time.
Each transaction will be made only after prior notification by phone call or e-mail.
Please let us know if you have available checking account where
our investors can wire the funds, also if you have a mailing address to receive cashier's
checks or money orders.
The transfer we manage are done using cashier's check, money order and wire transfers.
The wire transfer is fast and easy to use, and you can deduct your commission , easier than walking around the city to diferrent branches to cash the checks.
So it's easy for both of us to work with checking accounts.

If you think this is the right part-time job for you don't hesitate to continue with us.
Please send me a fax number where I can send you a copy of the Employment Agreement and
if you are willing to take this job please sign the agreement and fax it to
1 (347) 438-2928
We are waiting your soon reply!
Please let me know if you are interested because we need serious inquiries!

My name is John Allis and I am the Operations and Trading Manager at Investorama, Inc. .
The job we are offering is very simple to be done and it will take only a small
part of your time but the winnings are very consistent.
In other words we will wire certain amount of money to your checking account or
send you a certified check or a cashiers check to your address.
Your job will be to buy e-currency`s (such as e-gold, evocash, e-bullion,e-dough etc.).
At the moment you will cash a check or receive your wire transfer you will substract
the 10% from the amount you received which will be your commission leaving the rest of
the funds to be invested according to our instructions.This job is a part-time job
and does not require any special skills, but it does require dedication
when at all times.
Please let me know if you are interested and we will discuss further details!

Thank You.

John Allis

Operations and Trading Manager

Investorama, Inc.
609 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10014

Some of these people don't care who lives they mess up.

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Old 04-15-2006, 07:26 PM
kakarukeys kakarukeys is offline
Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 45
Interested in internet scam-fighting as a serious hobby?

If you seek the means to fight internet scams, join me.

If you think helping others brings happiness, join me.

If you think exposing/defeating scam, giving scammer a hard time are worth your time, join me.

If you have skills of an investigator, and want to use it do something meaningful, join me.

If you are expert in internet/computer skill, and want a chance to use it in a more challenging way, join me.

If you are interested in / have experience in scam baiting, join me.

If you feel disappointed with how incompetent your country's law-enforcement agency is at preventing internet scams, join me.

"Sirius", a non-profit organization is an attempt to combine the might and wisdom of all scam-fighting volunteers and use diverse methods ranging from education, filing scam reports, sending abuse complaints, exposing scam in public, scam baiting to combat internet scams.

To learn more, reply this thread, or send me a private message or email
Ponzi Scams are 100 to 1

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Old 04-29-2006, 04:52 AM
Deroll_Scarlett Deroll_Scarlett is offline
I am new at
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Investment scam with many names? *****-Traders.

04/27/2006 I have wired money from my Company account on two accounts in Washington Mutual Bank owned by Charlotte Weeks and Frank Hagman, later I knew from **** Ross, Manager of "*****-Traders" what one of their remote worker receive funds and don't want to send money for the account of the company. I contacted with local law enforcement agencies and they said this is a probably investment scam.

I think Steve McKinney and **** Ross is the same guy who trying to steal my money. Charlotte Weeks, Frank Hagman his scam artist friends.

Please advice what I need to do next, I just want my money back!

I do not want while to specify the full name of the company and names of managers. If it not fraud, I do not want to spoil fair people's life. I have specified only names of those people, which try to steal my money.
Deroll Scarlett,
FJC Security Services, Inc.

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Old 08-04-2006, 08:17 PM
Phinnly Slash Buster's Avatar
Phinnly Slash Buster Phinnly Slash Buster is offline
"You will respect my authority!"
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Billion-dollar Siberian pipeline scam foiled

Billion-dollar Siberian pipeline scam foiled

Whitefish Pilot

A $3 billion scam involving a phony Siberian oil pipeline and a long-lost Indian tribe recently surfaced in Whitefish when local police and FBI arrested John Juncal, 60, at the Whitefish Motel in March.

Federal agents arrested four alleged con men on March 23 after they were caught allegedly running a sting on a hedge fund operator in Long Island, N.Y., that began in November 2005.

Juncal, James Campbell Jr., Emerson Corsey and Rodney Sampson were charged with one count of mail fraud by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District in New York.

According to court records, the con men offered to back up a $3 billion loan from the hedge fund operator with $5 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds that they claimed the U.S. government had loaned to the Republic of Buryatia back in the 1990s as part of an economic development program.

The $5 billion in treasury bonds did not exist, but the Republic of Buryatia does. The 135-square-mile autonomous region lies along Lake Baikal in the mountainous Siberian region of the former Soviet Union. The republic's 1 million inhabitants include 100 different nationalities, mostly Russian.

Juncal allegedly claimed to be Buryatia's agent or "counsul extraordinare." He also claimed to represent two companies involved in the 2,500-mile long pipeline project -- Red Rock Dragons Ltd. and the Great Siberian Pipeline Corp.

According to wiretaps, the hedge fund operator was told that Juncal kept the actual treasury bonds in a bank in Vienna, Austria. The deal was to be done with "de facto" treasury bonds, and the hedge fund operator was told he couldn't see a copy of the bonds.

Corsey and Sampson allegedly claimed to represent a bank in Atlanta with $6.6 billion in assets called Magnolia International Bank and Trust, which had joined Juncal's companies in a joint venture for the pipeline project.

They claimed the bank was created by the Nu Altamaha Yamasee Nation, but neither Georgia nor the federal government recognizes the tribe, court records state. Historians note that the Yamasee Indians were known by European colonists from the 16th century through the early 19th century, but the tribe no longer exists.

Court records also claim Corey, Sampson and Magnolia International Bank and Trust are not registered with state of Georgia of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Buryatia pipeline project is not the first time Juncal has drawn government attention. In September 1997, the Arizona Corporation Commission ordered Juncal and others operating under the name Red Rock Dragons Ltd. to cease and desist in selling interests in U.S. Treasury securities.

Juncal and others had told potential buyers that Red Rock Dragons had on deposit more than $2 billion in U.S. Treasury securities, with Red Rock Dragons named as the sole beneficiary. Juncal and others also claimed that Red Rock Dragons had diplomatic immunity and was not subject to U.S. government regulations, such as the SEC.

Juncal was arrested in November 1997 and charged by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District in New York with two charges of wire fraud. Court documents indicated Juncal had suffered a stroke in 1987 and had severe diabetes. He required a wheelchair and medicine for high blood pressure.

Eight months later, Juncal was ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination to determine if he was mentally competent. A competency hearing was held in February 1999, and he was ordered to be treated at Butner Correctional Facility, in North Carolina.

Juncal was released on $50,000 bond in September 1999, and federal prosecutors dropped the case against him in June 2000.

Juncal had aroused interest with Whitefish Police ever since he arrived here in May 2001. Detective Sgt. Roger Bergstrom said Juncal tried to line up about $50 million in real estate options, claiming he had money lined up in other places, including Switzerland.

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Old 08-22-2006, 01:32 PM
madpup madpup is offline
I am new at
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ichance online scam

Hi there,
Has anybody heard about these scammers? I realise ichance online is something legitmate, but there are some people out there using their name illegally. My father has paid $5000 US to a guy claiming to be a Mathew Chase from California who said ichance online were doing an IPO. He later called back and said it didnt go through, but they are looking to do one in the future. There is so much opportunity here that if my father sends $45,000 US then it will become $150000 US as mutual fund investors. Well what a crock, considering my father recieved faxed crappy receipt for the first payment he gave. I feel embarrassed by my father for falling for this but he is a successful small business man who is naive about technology and places too much trust in people. He gave a website which I tracked. It was set up last year in Bangkok and a Thai company currently hosts it. I am a nice person, but I really want to hurt this man. Has anybody else come accross this ichance on-line fraud?


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Old 11-02-2006, 04:45 PM
seecomedian seecomedian is offline
I am new at
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Emergency Poll: Is DataEntryBusiness a scam?

This is an Emergency Poll. I didnt know that sites like these could be frauds until I came to this site. What I did before was that I subscribed to the site. I read everything, that it was a ppc forum based site. I gave them the money, but i was new at this.

So now I am asking u. Is this site a scam. I dont know, they seemed to be proven by Trust-e and its claimed as a secure site.

It does say that it has been on the news, but I dont trust that.

Please only vote after u have seen this site carefully or atleast read a little about it. Dont vote by instincts that all money asking sites are scams.

Last edited by seecomedian : 11-02-2006 at 04:50 PM.
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Old 12-03-2006, 04:29 PM
yaisis yaisis is offline
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Is an another smart scam with Golden Seal

Dear Cyber Friends,

It's an another smart scam with Golden Seal ? if anyone knows about any info please feel free to reply here.

Thanks alot
Isis ( Scam hater )

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Old 12-08-2006, 07:22 PM
Wishyouknew Wishyouknew is offline
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Nigerian Letter Scam/ To get Exposed tonight on 20/20

Everyone should watch these scum bags tonight..

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Old 12-20-2006, 06:37 AM
Jay321 Jay321 is offline
Newbie Member
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 9 scam or not??

can anyone look at this website and tell me if it is a scam or not? thank you

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Old 12-27-2006, 01:35 PM
loco 1 loco 1 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 2 are they a scam front

Originally Posted by loco 1
i have doubt about a company wanting to buy shares from me in the u.s. David Sy is the contact and they want tax paid prior to settlement as i am not registered for tax in the u, s.what help or information can you give me please .

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Old 01-29-2007, 09:39 PM
plainscape plainscape is offline
I am new at
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BANES SCAM / AAA D Limited : Please be advised.

We were just contacted by a group called AAA D Limited, based in the UK, who offered to invest in a startup company in the united states. After some research, we have discovered that AAA D Limited shares the same phone number as the former Banes Scam. We have also been finding that a user named JMPS Ltd has appeared on multiple forums apart from this site defending Banes.

The AAA D Limited scam seems to be set up the same way as the Banes scam - they state that they want arbitration through a law firm, whose email address will take you to a free email website. This is in the offering:
Someone on another website posted this:
I, too, received a communication from an "Investor" by the name of Scott John, who had retained AAA D LIMITED to manage his investment business. I received a LETTER of INTENT to fund my request posting. I was required to contact LAW for ALL who would prepare the legal documents and send them 1600 pounds for Notoraziation (750), Stamps-Duty (450) and 400 for their legal fees. I pursued them vigorously--to the point of getting all three parties on the phone (supposedly) and telling them I suspected a scam and would not be paying any up-front money to anyone. When I ask them to place the money in an escrow account and we would proceed from there, they disappeared.
Please be advised that the Banes scam was not discontinued, it seems to have been recreated under a different name.

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Old 02-01-2007, 12:10 AM
pty1341 pty1341 is offline
I am new at
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Guardian and Associates, Inc (SCAM)

Guardian and Associates, Inc.

Avoid any dealings with this company, IT IS A SCAM.

The company is NOT a licensed brokerage firm, it has NO physical offices in Panama and it NOT incorporated under Panamanian Law.
The logo and text were plagiarized from a real brokerage firm.

For any doubts, contact the Panamanian National Securities Commission.
Phone number is at the bottom.

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Old 02-06-2007, 05:15 AM
WPONDYU38 WPONDYU38 is offline
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Rosemary W King Scam

I Was First Contacted By Rosemary W King Wanting To Give Me 15 Million Dollars To Give To Chairity. Her So Called Lawyer Is Barrister Richard Demiane His Phone Number Was 44 704 019 1414 And Her Financial Bank Was Dunbar Group Of Companies( Dr Ashley Valentine Of The Uk) & (dunbar Security And Courier Company United Kingdom Office Phone 44 702 407 1650 Or 44 702 407 1733.
She Told Me She Was Dying Of Aids And Wanted To Give 70% To Charity And 30% To Me For Doing This For Her. Well If I Hadn't Found What I Did On The Internet I Would Really Be A Fool For They Wanted $500 Dollars Sent To Them Western Union And Was Going To "mail 2 Boxes Of Money To Me", I May Not Have Went To College But I Am Not Stupid Either. So Please Watch Out For Her And Her Little Group That She Has Working With Her. She Also Sent Me Pictures And A Copy Of The Death Certificate That Was Not Readable.
I Am Just Glad I Reasurched Them Before I Feel For Their Scam. So Please Be Careful You Never Know When She And Her Group Are Going To Show Up Again. Beware Of Anything In Question And Take It To Your Bank And Let Their Lawyer Look At It They Will Find Out If It Is A Scam Or Not. Please Please Be Careful.

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Old 03-27-2007, 06:40 PM
jmorris jmorris is offline
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Beware of "Wholesale" Scam

Watch Out for ‘Wholesale’ Scam

Purchase a real estate by wholesale, not retail. Every newbie investor has been hearing about but most newbies don’t know what a wholesale deal is. And there are a number of operators out there scamming newer investors with what they are representing as wholesale deals.

This is a common scam. Scam-Investor makes a deal with a builder or developer on 30 new homes that are "appraised" at $215,000, but really worth $200,000. If they were worth $215,000, they'd be selling regularly at $215,000. Scam-Investor can buy them wholesale from the builder for $185k. Scam-Investor approaches newbie investor and says he can buy wholesale homes with no money down. Scam-Investor buys home from builder at $185k and flips to newbie investor for $195k With the use of a travesty of fake down payments and passing money back to the buyer under the table, which is loan fraud, newbie investor ends up with a property worth $200k, with a "no money down" loan for $195k. Scam-Investor walks away with $10k, while newbie investor has a house with almost no equity, and he thinks he has $20k in equity. Newbie investor can't rent house for breakeven cash flow, then tries to sell it for $215k, finally coming to the realization property is only worth $200k Newbie investor dumps property for $180k, losing $15k
For the fast-talking scam artists who prey on the lazy, uneducated newbie investors, this kind of activity is very profitable. Scammers who prey on people are deplorable, but this must be a warning to the newbie. There's no shortcut to getting rich in real estate, and there's no substitute for hard work, education and doing your own homework.

Before you can figure out whether a deal is wholesale, you need to know what retail is. Retail is what someone is willing to pay for a property based on average time on the market for similar houses. So, you need to get access to the MLS or a paid listing service to research similar houses in the neighborhood that have been sold by ordinary means within the average time period for the market. Seller concessions, owner financing, builder concessions, financing concessions, real estate broker kickbacks and the like will skew the numbers, so look carefully.

Once you determine retail, then you can figure out wholesale. A house worth $200,000 retail is not a bargain at $192,000 in today's market. In fact, it's not a deal at $188,000 or even $185,000. In some market, a true wholesale deal means at least 15% off retail, closer to 20%. In your market, that might translate to 30% under market, or maybe 10% under market. The price range of houses you are dealing with also skews the figure, since higher-end homes tend to take longer to sell and you may need a larger discount. If the property needs repairs, then you need to get it even cheaper. So, the formula should be X% under retail, less repairs, using a very conservative high repair figure. Having a local real estate agent, investor or mentor to give you a reality check is often helpful. But make sure that person giving you advice does not have a stake on the deal..

Use your brain, and don't trust the values given to you by the person selling you the property. Do your own research and your own comps. If a person is telling you they have access to an unlimited number of "wholesale" deals, ask yourself, "How is this possible?" There's no shortcut to success.

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Old 04-13-2007, 08:38 AM
bryanswan bryanswan is offline
I am new at
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Posts: 4
University Lab Technologies Stock Scam

Beware of University Lab Technologies stock scam in Florida.

I am an ex-stock broker. I received an email about university lab Technologies, and their plans to raise money to go public, expand company growth and product development.
The email was from Steven Axelrod at 888-575-1700 x 12. The email persisted that it was a good investment. It gave four reasons to make the purchase. All four reasons related to the success, and merit of others, and did not rely on the merits of the company in question. Followed by a disclaimer, it was their opinion, an excellent investment, and that you owed it to yourself to invest.
I did some research, this is what I found.
The website is a private company, with CEO & mastermind George Theodore. President Dr. Jarret Morrow, a young doctor in Canada, and brother-in-law to George Theodore.

Below are some George Theodore claims and facts I verified;

1. He was co-founder of (this is a false claim)

2. George Theodore did not resign from Infolink in 2003, instead he was terminated as a director for false press releases, misleading shareholders, and not filing stock holdings, according to Infolink insiders

3. George Theodore is currently being sued by Infolink for $25,000,000.00 for conspiring to harm the company.

4. George Theodore is currently working at , a well known stock pump & dump operation, (Florida office) while he starts up the new scam.

5. University lab technologies is a private company, is just a “front” for pumping stock, with promises to go public soon. There is a “boiler room” sales team currently promoting and selling the UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES stock. There is no intention of the UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES vitamin products ever being produced and mass marketed. The sole purpose of UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES is to sell its stock, although it’s a private company.

6. UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES products are not FDA approved. (contrary to website claims)

7. UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES President lives in Canada, and does not operate the company. George Theodore is a Torontonian, trying to sell stock from the Florida office, and enjoying the “Florida Homestead law” to protect his assets, incase he gets sued. Theodore fled to Florida to avoid his debts in Toronto, Canada.

8. Main UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES Florida office belongs to, and is paid for, by Activecore, not University Lab Technologies.

9. The Other UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES Florida office happens to be George Theodore’s house or basement.

10. UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES Company was created, produced, setup and funded by Activecore. This is called misdirecting funds from a public company, to a private company, and to the personal benefit of George Theodore. Hence your UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES investment may have some ownership difficulties.

11. Currently the Royal Bank of Canada is pursuing George Theodore for repayment of a one Million dollar line of credit that has been exhausted and remains unpaid.

12. UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES assets consist of a website and several bottles of vitamin samples. UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES does not own an office, or have office space lease in its name. UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES shares its office inside Activecore Florida office, paid for by Activecore. UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES has no foundation, or commitment to anyone. Based on this evidence and Mr. George Theodore’s past, your investment will not be safe. They can close down next week, with little repercussion and your investment is gone, while George is protected by any lawsuit, with the use of the Florida Home Stead Law. They will proceed to open a new company, new website, change label on their vitamin samples, and start again.

13. Their frenzy of press releases is meant to legitimize their cause.

14. One such press release makes claim to two of their patents. Both patents have been researched in the US Patent & Trademark Office. Patents do not exist, therefore their press release is false, and the patent is also false. The particular patents in question are Arthroleve, and Zenstral, these are false.

15. The press release claims of a production run for May 1/2007 is false. . There are no customers, there is no distribution for the product, and there are no sales. Therefore, a production run to complete by May 1/2007 is also false, as no company would manufacture large quantities without distribution in place, since these products have a limited shelf life, and would spoil.

16. Four reasons they give, for you to buy stock;
a. The press release is listed on, therefore it must be legitimate. (REBUTTLE; Forbes does not check for validity of press releases, anyone that can pay will be listed)

b. They have a well respected bunch of medical advisors. (REBUTTLE; These doctors are friends of the young doctor J. Morrow, a recent graduate from medical school, and they don’t realize their credentials are being used for a stock scam)

c. Other competitors in the same industry have successfully gone public, with stock valued at $3 per share. (REBUTTLE; Other company’s successful management team, is not proof UNIVERSITY LAB TECHNOLOGIES will be successful. This is perceived value, there have been no sales, as yet, to indicate value of this company)

d. They claim to have reached 8 of 10 steps to list the company on American stock exchange. This 8-th step is a patent-pending for 2 products. (REBUTTLE; They do not list the first 7 steps, and there is NO patent-pending)

17. George Theodore is a Professional Con Artist, according to my research.

I may be reached for comment at

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Old 04-19-2007, 10:02 PM
triniman1855 triniman1855 is offline
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Posts: 4
Lance Hess woodchip syndicate scam

Has anyone run intoa guy from Austriala by the name of Lance Hess. He runs a scam that involves a wooddhip syndicate. He promoses great returns but at the end of the day it it a total scam

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Old 05-16-2007, 07:08 PM
aym772000 aym772000 is offline
I am new at
Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 1 scam?

Could someone tell me about would like to know how genuine is the biz.

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Old 06-22-2007, 02:44 PM
Mojo Bailey Mojo Bailey is offline
Its my Mojo, Baby
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 518
Jyske Bank Scam

Anyone thinking of opening an offshore bank account with 'Jyske Bank', DON'T.

I just heard from an old friend that they have the charming habit of suddenly deciding to 'confiscate' your account and whatever is in it.

He's lost 5 figs on this. Jyske bank, of course famous for being 'offshore' (and thus loved by tax dodgers :-) can do what they like because... who is he gonna complain to?


u hav bin warned!

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