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Old 10-05-2005, 05:46 AM
vintageus vintageus is offline
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The Healing Codes (Is this a Scam?)

Has anyone heard of this and whether or not it is valid.

I know one of the Doctors, Dr Ben Johnson was associated with Ultimate HGH which I recently got a letter in the mail that a court case occurred and people were refunded money but the company denied any wrong doing.

The information on this site sounds great if its true but we will see. I tried doing a background check with the BBB in Memphis Tenessee and they have no records on the company

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Old 06-22-2009, 10:25 AM
Burt Burt is offline
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Re: The Healing Codes (Is this a Scam?)

The Healing Codes is definitely not a scam. I have the healing codes, and have been using them for several years. My wife and I have both experienced healing for several things. We had tried everything (probably 30 different things - including drugs) for my wife's depression over a 12 year period. The Healing Codes healed her depression very quickly. I only wish we had done it before spending time and money on many other things.

One way the codes were different from other things is that there is no code for the physical or emotional problem. All the codes are for the underlying source issues. In my opinion that may be why it worked when so many other things didn't.

Here are some of our results.

For me: acid reflux, lifelong allergies, dental issues, a hernia, and a number of emotional and relational issues.

For my wife: lifelong depression and anxiety. Much greater energy.

I would recommend the codes for anyone. They have a money back guarantee and live coaching is included if you need help.


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Old 05-11-2010, 12:21 PM
Shyla Shyla is offline
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Re: The Healing Codes (Is this a Scam?)

Hi Burt I have seen you on curezone I wrote you
a message in case you did not get it on that website here it is again
Hello Burt
I need your advice on the healing code. I am suffereing from two*
terrible diseases which doctors diagnose as incurable. I have been in and out of doctors office for the past 20 yrs and the only results I get are increased symptoms and illness. I have all so tried alternative methods and have spent hundreds if not thousands over the decades. The last product I purchased did not deliver on it's promise and once they received the money they had no response once I called back. I have been burned before by empty promises I do not work due to the illness and depend on family for help. But I am willing to do what it takes if I get results. But it is just so expensive if it is truly Gods work why such the high cost. *When Jesus healed he never required payment. I want to believe it's just that I have had past bad experiences. My mother helps to pay each time this time I have to be sure before I hand over
that amount of money.*
Please respond

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Old 06-03-2010, 04:54 PM
MagicalMindz MagicalMindz is offline
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Re: The Healing Codes (Is this a Scam?)

No. This is not a scam but perhaps it won't work for everyone in the same way. I bought the book a couple of months ago and have already seen some pretty remarkable changes in both a very sick cat (Pemphigus Foliaceus) and my lame Quarter horse. They're both making interesting progress but not cured. I haven't had great success for myself but I haven't given up yet either. I'm healing all the pets first. This is really simple to do and quite effective for huge numbers of people. I've read a lot about healing at the cellular level and this makes sense. The bigger package seems pricey but I'm sure it will go down eventually. They started at $800 and now it's $199. You don't need it. Just get the book. Good luck and good health to you all!

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Old 06-05-2011, 12:56 AM is offline
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Location: Sydney Australia
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Re: The Healing Codes (Is this a Scam?)

G'Day ( or Hi there as you say) to all concerned about The Healing Codes.
I have been using this system for 12 months,I have never used anything so powerful as this is, I honestly feel as though I have shed my old skin and been re-born, maybe... this is what a re-birth is, who knows?.
I have used so many methods in the last 20 years, but nothing like this, it seems as though all my other modalities have agreed that this system is so dynamic that they should all get together and support it.It seems as all the systems are working all at once.

There are so many things that have changed since I started doing The Codes,one of which is a fantastic feeling of not needing anything in particular, and a feeling of bliss most of the time.And you know what? I have not spent any great fortunes either.
Just a little time daily, and a "Gottawandoit" attitude. also I cannot emphisise enough the word INTENT even to yourself.
You want healing? This is the most non invasive, non medicating,and private system that I have ever used.
So I ask this question : How much do you want to heal?" because some people find a lot of comfort in discomfort ! this is only my opinion. I wish you all the success with The Healing Codes.
I I heal.
Love to everyone.
G.M.T from Down Under.

P.S. "Whatever you the book and register on the site" It's informative and interactive.

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Old 08-20-2011, 03:12 PM
Noreen Noreen is offline
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Re: The Healing Codes (Is this a Scam?)

i have read so many books , I almost feel like a self help guru. The Healing codes is the last book I ever need to buy on self help. I can't say enough about this book ( I only bought the book). If u are ready to change your life, this will do it for you. I say that comment because whether good or bad, change is hard and many of us resist change.
I don't know of a bank in the world ( I am Canadian) that wants you to take your money out of the bank, so I ask you what pharmaceutical company would ever want you to be healthy?

The Healing codes is not a scam, the drug companies are!!
Cancer isnt hereditary thoughts are. The healing codes will heal your heart. Between logic and the heart, the heart will always win. All those bad relationships you keep attracting even though your head says no, until you heal the heart issue you will keep repeating the pattern.
May you find the peace you seek

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Old 02-05-2012, 02:22 PM
CissyG CissyG is offline
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Re: The Healing Codes (Is this a Scam?)

I purchased the Healing Codes last year. I've been battling depression and anxiety for most of my life and tried so many different things. I thought this book was too good to be true. But I must admit it helped me greatly. It is such an easy read and the instructions are easy to follow. It does take practice though. There were things that I remembered as a child that I thought was completely forgotten. I always felt a sense of peace after applying the codes. It's something that I always go back to but for me it's made a tremendous change in my life. Be patient and it will happen for you..

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Old 02-11-2012, 01:50 AM
Karen MB Karen MB is offline
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Re: The Healing Codes (Is this a Scam?)

This is definitely NOT a scam. I've only been doing it for a few weeks and already I have found that I had a huge issue with non-forgiveness of people I thought I had totally forgiven many years ago. This has brought me immense peace. I've also been working on my fears and have released so much it's amazed me. My health has vastly improved in just a few weeks and I'm so greatly impressed that I've been buying a new book every few days to give to my loved ones & friends that have cancer & other serious ailments. It's true that you have to believe, and you have to genuinely want to be healed. Many of the people I speak to about the Healing Codes simply don't want to be healed or don't believe. I can just see it in their faces. Also, some people choose not to believe and disregard the information for their loved ones. It makes me wonder if they truly love the ones they are with. The reasoning behind the codes makes perfect logical sense. I am a toxicologist and have known for many years that medicines are poisons. Most surgeries are unnecessary and ineffective. The Big Pharma just wants us perpetually taking their drugs; they want our money and they definitely don't want us cured. How many times have you seen a doctor only to be prescribed meds that don't work & have horrible side effects. When you inquire about this they only want to prescribe you more meds to counteract the side effects, etc. This IS the real deal folks. Use it and heal yourself on a cellular level and be free of you own personal torments that come from false beliefs and lies you tell yourself that are embedded in your subconscious mind and instilled in your heart. Heal yourself and be free of your pain and agony the simple way - with the Healing Code. It's very simple and takes only a few minutes each day. Love and peace to all!

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Old 03-09-2012, 07:07 AM
Anjylkat Anjylkat is offline
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Re: The Healing Codes (Is this a Scam?)

Absolutely NOT a scam. I've been in the healing arts for the past 15 years. I am a Reiki master and have studied Chinese Medicine as it relates to the meridians of the body, EFT, Donna Eden's Energy Healing, Barbara Eden's Energy program, Carolyn Myss' Sacred Contracts, and several others along with the styles of massage/bodywork I've trained in. A few months ago I read about the Healing Codes and that was the first I'd heard of it. I ordered the book and have been reading it off and on for the past couple of months, but was kind of having trouble sticking with it. I did manage to get 3/4 of the way through the book with no codes revealed and was kinda losing interest. About a week and a half ago, my absolute favorite in the world cat was either hit by a car or attacked by a neighbor dog. It was so awful...ended up going to emergency cuz he looked sooooo bad. Vet said his jaw was broken, he had exposed bone and a missing tooth and needed surgery on his jaw. She said she didn't know if he had internal injuries or not but I would have to take him elsewhere the next day since this was an emergency after hours only place. She wanted to keep him overnight, but when I got the $600-$800 quote to do so, I broke down hysterically because there was no way in the world I could manage to pay that let alone take him to another vet the next day. There was another couple who came in right after me and she was really adamant with them that their poor puppy had to have surgery or his leg amputated...they had financial concerns as well and did have to put their pup down bless their heart still goes out to them! But the vet told me that I could go ahead and take my cat home rather than putting him down and see how he faired because cats are so resilient. I was really nervous to do that but I had recently picked up the healing codes again and was trying to finish it and had just read a testimonial about another pet in there so I had that in the back of my mind. I called a dear friend to send Reiki distance healing and came home and quickly found the part of the book that showed the codes and what to do. Being an energy worker, I just skimmed and and went right to work on my cat, Jack. His jaw was hanging, he had a gash on the bottom of his lip. Vet gave him a pain patch and antibiotic shot that was good for 14 days. I managed to get him home and being a massage therapist I could see all the swelling in his head and left quarter of his front leg. His right eye was closed and had been bleeding...the whites of it were blood red and the eye shot off to the right not focusing and he couldn't keep it open. His jaw just hung. I ended up staying up with him all night and doing the codes on him every hour on the hour. I kept having to check back to the book for the prayer script because I wanted to make sure I was doing everything perfect. We didn't know if he was going to make it through the night. His purr was rattley sounding. Each time I would do the codes about every hour, he seemed to come around a little more with each session. I would combine some Reiki with it too. Every time I left the room he would get a little anxious and that's about the only time he lifted his head up. I kept checking to make sure he was even still breathing. We had left the vets at about 11:30 pm and by 8 or 9 the next morning, Jack was hungry and up and moving telling me to get him food. He loves to eat! He tried going out to the garage and I had to keep him back and keep him inside, but he was acting like he wanted to go out. He ate 3 bites of soft wet catfood and that was all he could muster. He didn't stay up too long and I forced drops of water with chlorophyl drops in it throughout the day. I wasn't able to do as much of the healing codes and he seemed to be going downhill again. That night I did more and stayed awake with him half the night. By the next morning he was REALLY hungry and ate a whole serving of catfood. He did do a strangling kinda sound and I kept doing lymph massage along with the codes. He kinda clung to me quite a bit. He didn't want anyone touching near his face. By the next morning he was butting his head against me and his sister, Jessie. His eyes was wide open and the blood red was totally gone. His bottom lip/jaw closed and he even chewed the cat treats I get them. He did very little of the choking kind of thing and begged and pleaded to get out all day and all night. In checking up closer to his mouth it looked like the lip where the gash was and where I think she may have been seeing bone exposed had regenerated new tissue. He can't eat hard food completely yet, but he never quite ate it that good to begin with. He's even MORE spoiled now from all my attention...heheh. I believe the lymph massage helped him immensely along with the codes helping him miraculously.

With people you can see that the power of suggestion/placebo effect can bring about false results in clinical trial stuff, but with animals who have no idea what you're doing there's no denying the results. I am definitely going to look into becoming a practitioner. the codes is similar to EFT somewhat, in my opinion. I imagine the 2 combined will be amazing to utilize.

Each person's healing or not would totally be affected by their belief as discussed in The Healing Codes, and other books such as Bruce Lipton's Biology of Belief, so results are likely to vary with people and I would venture to say that pets have the trust in their master factor. I'm sure there are bodies (similar to my own mom) who have way too much damage done to reverse much of it. But then again, my own belief system supports spontaneous healing from anything and everything.

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