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Old 09-15-2008, 08:04 PM
craigthinks craigthinks is offline
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Posts: 13 Newsletter scam

You may have seen this on links like
132.15% in 3 months
29 100% winners or

I almost bought this Stock Newsletter/service untill I saw this warning. It said 100% money back if you don't make your money back in a month. But the light gray fine print said, only for regular memberships. Super sale membership is $250/yr. but the regular membership is $110/mo, $300/qr or 1000/yr. So everybody gets the $250 super sale and can't get a refund.
Here is the fine print...
*Please note, our 30 day refund policy does not apply to Lifetime Memberships, Renewals, or Super Sale offers. Our guarantee only covers the first monthly membership payment of a regular rate monthly membership. Our guarantee is based on the performance of our Top Trade Recommendations (Our UGI Trader's Portfolio) and assumes all members follow these recommendations for 30 days using a minimum portfolio value of $2,000.

Here is one unsatified customer...
The Perfect Stock Alert website, owned by Under God Incorporated and Christian Williams, is not what it advertises.

I subscribed for $250 and here is what i learned:

Their percentage claims are achieved by saying all trades are made on margin so they double their percent gain.
They don't adjust their gains for commissions or margin interest.
They claim to be a site for stock traders but in the week I was subscribing there were no trades.
The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on the home page is disclaimed in the fine print.
The 30 day Risk Free Guarantee is disclaimed in the fine print.
To make the site look complete, they have links to other financial websites such as Yahoo! Finance and Stockcharts
If you complain they block your membership without refund
They encourage subscribers to buy all recomendations on 2X margin
They discourage subscribers against diversification telling them to buy only their picks

This site has no interest in satisfied subscribers. They only want to trick as many subscribers as possible and move on.

They scammed me. Shame on me. Hopefully this will make it harder for them to scam others.

Here is another...
Has anyone used stock picking service?

I have and would not recommend them. Especially at $110 a month. basically just has links to all the free sites like Yahoo finance, etc, and almost nothing of their own making. They give you a 30 day free trial (but it's not). They'll only refund the money if their picks get about 5% profit a month, not hard. But certainly not a 100% satisifaction guarantee like their site says. You can not get a refund within the 30 day period for any reason. Also you can only pay with PayPal which is another service i think should be avoided. At PayPal you have no rights to refute any services you purchased with PayPal, like

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Old 10-04-2008, 08:14 AM
trading4ever trading4ever is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam


Well here are some more bad points about Perfect Stock Alert.Com and these you will not believe.
First off let start at the beginning, First there was Power Stock Trades a small cap alert service that had a 110.00 a month membership price. For what I have heard none of his picks made any money.
Then came Perfect Stock Alerts so he then shut the first site down and all those members lost their money unless they sign up for the new site then he would give them extra time at Perfect Stock Alerts. That started out at 110.00 a month next the super sale so that the entire present members would join at 250.00 per year.

That sounded real sweet to these members. So they signed up but now the fun beginnings at first they were really making money until he said go long WFC and that mean 5,000.00 cash plus full margin. They sat on this all summer so by the time he said sell they didn’t really make to much money because of all the margins call. And it has been going down hill since.
He can’t stand for some to disagree with him so the way he handles that is tell them he is going to ban them from the chat room and they lose their money too. He thinks he always right and not a very Christian person as he claims to be. And to top it off he is very rude to his members.

They are losing a lot of money and want some answers from him. He doesn’t use stop losses and the member had taken a 40% loss on one of his recommendation alone.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago he opened the day trader site which he charges 1000.00 a year to join.
He states:
He will allow only 100 subscriptions to be purchased at $1,000 per year. Those who register in the first 100 have a locked in rate of $1,000 per year.

We are also allowing our day trade members to purchase more than one membership, as we have many members who feel it better to have less than 100 members in our day trade room, so the 100 available slots are going fast.

Once the 100 slots are filled we will raise the cost for new members to $5,000 per year, and only allow new members to join after an old member has left and with our track record those who leave will be few and far between.

But the kicker is he claims to have over 1700 member but there are only maybe 100 in both chat rooms daily. I did see that some of the member he claim are register came from the now closed Power Stock Trades site and never paid for the Perfect Stock Alert site.

Okay in the day trading site they are averaging about $.70 per share a day with an average of 5 to 8 trades. And he only trades the same stock that swing traders are in at the time. He is just not a good swing or day trader period. Now I know that good day trader make more than that with fewer trades.

When he comes to swing trading chat room, it is only to brag and try and get more members to give him 1000.00. Some have and I am sure they will be sorry soon enough. But the down side is he did leave his sister in charge of the chat room and of course she doesn’t have a clue and she thinks her brother can walk on water. Members are leaving and going to a different site that is more profitable. Now maybe they can make back all the money they have lost at

He is truly a con-artist!

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Old 10-09-2008, 01:12 PM
jennyscott jennyscott is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam


I fully agree with the above posts. Instead I would like to add few more things.

Recently there few trades that swiped away members brokerage account. Loss on EXM with 40% and WFC 30% and still going long on new trade on WFC from $39.20 At the time of writing this post, WFC is at 27.80 so almost 58% loss (that adds the margin). Same calculation he does for profits. E.g. If you invest $5000 +100% margin comes to $10,000 and if there is profit of 10%, he claims as 20% on original investment excluding cost of commissions and margin interest. I haven't seen him updating his 430% profit claims after loosing big trades... seems he is assuming he will cover the losses.

After EXM loss ... we fall into another big loss on WFC on Swing Traders member account. He started doing Day Trades on same Swing Traders forum .. doing good on small profits but because of one unruly member, he stopped doing Day Trades on Swing Traders account and opened new chat forum exclusive to Day Traders with $1000 as membership fee. He didn't had a courtesy to provide free accesss to Swing Traders to Day Trading account so that atleast they can recover their huge losses but instead he has fully dedicated himself to Day Trade and whenever he comes to Swing Trade chat room ... just tries to boast his performance at Day Trade Chat room to get more people there.

I still doubt on one more claim by him... he says he is still long on WFC from 39.20 and Day Trades on same stock. Christian, just to let you know... WFC (Wells Fargo) is not a volatile stock and it is restricted (at this time) to short on it.... Means... You just has an option to go long on WFC... and surprising you claim you Day Trade on it. I am sure, there will be totally different picture in Day Trade Room. Secondly, Christian suggests full investment amount + 100% margin, if you have done that than how can you day trade.

Above all, he never suggests to put stop loss. Biggest fool on planet.

Request to Christian:
- If you claim so, post the screen shot of your Brokerage Account here.
- If you are honest, update you front page with the latest losses as well. Atleast not misguiding new visitors
- Give access to Day Trade chat room to your Swing Trade Account Members... and show the truth.
- Or else atleat STOP bragging your Swing Trade Member to Day Trade membership.... this will atleast won't put salt on the wound you have given.
- Tell (your so called sister) Corrine to stop showing unnecessary support for you. (Now she has also started bragging for Day Trade membership although she herself is not a member)

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Old 10-09-2008, 02:05 PM
jennyscott jennyscott is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

Height of Impoliteness from Author of PSA:

Check replies from Christian... Author of PSA

Oct 09-20:02) KHKZ96 has left.
(Oct 09-20:02) HDUCKPOOCH has left.
(Oct 09-20:03) wmanor has joined.
(Oct 09-20:03) wmanor has left.
(Oct 09-20:03) wmanor has joined.
(Oct 09-20:06) extel has left.
(Oct 09-20:06) oaktree has left.
(Oct 09-20:06) jettank007 has left.
(Oct 09-20:06) albert has joined.
(Oct 09-20:06) albert: hello
(Oct 09-20:07) ntn4free has left.
(Oct 09-20:07) jec has left.
(Oct 09-20:07) dverrillo has joined.
(Oct 09-20:07) albert has left.
(Oct 09-20:07) albert went to room: Day_Trade_Alerts
(Oct 09-20:07) dverrillo: has everybody had enough
(Oct 09-20:07) rfcga2003 has left.
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(Oct 09-20:08) ss396 has left.
(Oct 09-20:08) dverrillo has left.
(Oct 09-20:08) dverrillo went to room: Day_Trade_Alerts
(Oct 09-20:09) bemo101: good bye
(Oct 09-20:09) wmanor has left.
(Oct 09-20:09) kotsaj has joined.
(Oct 09-20:09) TMC9: What a massacre
(Oct 09-20:09) sidth: very nice picture on dj... 3 years
(Oct 09-20:10) kotsaj:
(Oct 09-20:10) timmyb has left.
(Oct 09-20:10) sidth: and tonight asia and tomorrow europe and again...
(Oct 09-20:10) sidth: i would shoot bernankee bastard
(Oct 09-20:10) TMC9: SLU, you alright?
(Oct 09-20:11) kotsaj: Very big buy order on WFC came in at the end
(Oct 09-20:11) kotsaj: on CNBC
(Oct 09-20:11) sidth: that could be market makers
(Oct 09-20:11) dporta has joined.
(Oct 09-20:12) kotsaj: close 27+
(Oct 09-20:12) mlapis has left.
(Oct 09-20:12) SLUrh33: I've come to terms
(Oct 09-20:12) kotsaj: with...?
(Oct 09-20:12) SLUrh33: losing almost everything
(Oct 09-20:13) SLUrh33: and knowing that I'm still blessed
(Oct 09-20:13) joseph has joined.
(Oct 09-20:13) mlapis has joined.
(Oct 09-20:13) sidth: ok friends. logic does not work here. nobody knows, but may be tomorrow we will rally up...
(Oct 09-20:13) kotsaj:
(Oct 09-20:14) bemo101 has left.
(Oct 09-20:15) ps1357 has joined.
(Oct 09-20:15) albert has joined.
(Oct 09-20:16) albert: anyone around?
(Oct 09-20:16) TMC9: take what you have left and do something with it. Don't let it melt away to the market, don't get paralyzed
(Oct 09-20:16) ash has joined.
(Oct 09-20:16) kotsaj: Do something like buy PUTS?
(Oct 09-20:17) jmb has left.
(Oct 09-20:17) Jake has left.
(Oct 09-20:17) ash: i missed the whole chat
(Oct 09-20:17) sidth: no at these times
(Oct 09-20:17) mlapis has left.
(Oct 09-20:17) ash: any suggestions to buy or sell wfc
(Oct 09-20:18) ash: r we still long
(Oct 09-20:18) TMC9: Don't get a victim attitude
(Oct 09-20:18) ash: just asking
(Oct 09-20:20) kkaz has left.
(Oct 09-20:20) ash: i i have lost 70k
(Oct 09-20:21) ap88z has left.
(Oct 09-20:21) roboo2004 has left.
(Oct 09-20:22) mfcox581: TMC that is not the right thing to say to these members they trusted CW
(Oct 09-20:24) kotsaj: We're only down will come back
(Oct 09-20:25) kaushikb has joined.
(Oct 09-20:26) SLUrh33: well, I'm down 84% on this trade
(Oct 09-20:26) SLUrh33: with the margin calls
(Oct 09-20:26) mike has joined.
(Oct 09-20:26) kotsaj: Sorry to hear that
(Oct 09-20:26) kotsaj: Hopefully it will rebound
(Oct 09-20:27) SLUrh33: dunno
(Oct 09-20:27) sidth: hopefully results will help
(Oct 09-20:27) kotsaj has left.
(Oct 09-20:27) kotsaj went to room: Day_Trade_Alerts
(Oct 09-20:27) SLUrh33: earnings aren't till next week
(Oct 09-20:27) SLUrh33: we're at 27
(Oct 09-20:27) SLUrh33: it could easily fall to 25 at this point
(Oct 09-20:28) SLUrh33: and taht would be all she wrote for me
(Oct 09-20:28) SLUrh33: so I don't think I can hope any longer
(Oct 09-20:28) sidth: but when we win this battle, WFC with JPM will be kings
(Oct 09-20:29) cgc13ccgcgc13 has left.
(Oct 09-20:29) deafbusybee: hopefully it doesnt come down to 25 prior to the earning
(Oct 09-20:29) paul1234 has left.
(Oct 09-20:30) SLUrh33: well either way I'll get another margin call before then
(Oct 09-20:30) deafbusybee: if it goes up to 30 or something - sell some
(Oct 09-20:31) deafbusybee: save them for any next fall
(Oct 09-20:31) SLUrh33: but does it get there???
(Oct 09-20:31) ash: i sold today
(Oct 09-20:31) ash: in a great loss
(Oct 09-20:31) ash: thats it
(Oct 09-20:31) deafbusybee: ouch
(Oct 09-20:31) TMC9: mfcox, when a person goes from 20k to 2k trust is no longer a factor
(Oct 09-20:31) ash: money will come back but health cannot
(Oct 09-20:31) sidth: there is no instrument to heeelpp market. that is right. it will be faster to pass this crisis
(Oct 09-20:31) deafbusybee: ok
(Oct 09-20:31) Christian: feel free to leave anytime TMC
(Oct 09-20:31) Christian: no one keeping you here
(Oct 09-20:32) TMC9: I'm fine
(Oct 09-20:32) ash: its the fear factor
(Oct 09-20:32) ash: i think WFC is a good stock
(Oct 09-20:32) ash: its the enviorment
(Oct 09-20:32) sidth: and then it will be a lift
(Oct 09-20:32) TMC9: I know how to not lose 80%
(Oct 09-20:32) deafbusybee: yes it will - it is hard when u are on margin
(Oct 09-20:32) deafbusybee: harder*
(Oct 09-20:32) ash: how tmc
(Oct 09-20:33) Prateek has joined.
(Oct 09-20:33) ash: how not to loose money
(Oct 09-20:33) ash: any guess " WHERE IS THE BOTTOM"
(Oct 09-20:33) TMC9: never enter a trade without a stop/limit
(Oct 09-20:33) kotsaj has joined.
(Oct 09-20:34) sidth: cw, why do not you donate TM9? he needs help
(Oct 09-20:34) sidth:
(Oct 09-20:35) sidth:
(Oct 09-20:35) TMC9: I wouldn't jump out of a plane without a parachute, would you?
(Oct 09-20:35) Christian: TMC9, like everyone else here can make any call they like, but as we've proved before and seen many times... there are those who get shaken easily and take the loss, and those who know when to hold or buy more.
(Oct 09-20:35) Christian: We'll likely end up banning TMC9 before we are all said and done here
(Oct 09-20:36) Christian: he forgets he's in my place of business, and we don't want trash talkers here
(Oct 09-20:37) Alf: Never a dull moment.
(Oct 09-20:38) Christian: If you are really stupid enough to talk trash in a down day, you don't realize I will ban you just because I can faster on a down day than an up day.
(Oct 09-20:38) Christian: go ahead TMC9
(Oct 09-20:38) Christian: say something
(Oct 09-20:38) Christian: give me a reason
(Oct 09-20:38) Christian: ...
(Oct 09-20:38) Christian: ...
(Oct 09-20:38) Christian: ...
(Oct 09-20:40) deafbusybee: If the short ban did not happen last month, we would be here at this market level anyway..
(Oct 09-20:40) deafbusybee: or u think the ban made it worse
(Oct 09-20:40) wnc817 has joined.
(Oct 09-20:41) Christian: either way you would be covering the short and buying here, so why anyone sells here is beyound me.
(Oct 09-20:41) SLUrh33: the difference is...if the ban happened
(Oct 09-20:41) SLUrh33: hadn't happened
(Oct 09-20:41) Alf: Here's an element of encouragement... I just pulled up a ten-year chart of the DJIA. Every severe spike down (which we are in the middle of) is followed by an albeit, somewhat less severe spike up.
(Oct 09-20:41) SLUrh33: we would've made money on the short
(Oct 09-20:42) deafbusybee: yeah ofc we would make money on short, i m just wondering where the market would be if not for the ban... maybe the ban is totally meaningless..
(Oct 09-20:42) Alf: Further, the "smart money" who may have made the mad dash to treasuries are going to become sick and tired of earning less than 1%.
(Oct 09-20:42) Alf: The ban is not totally meaningless.
(Oct 09-20:43) Alf: The ban upset the market's ability to predictibly manage itself.
(Oct 09-20:43) deafbusybee: the market is badly down anyway
(Oct 09-20:43) Alf: What we are witnessing now is what the market would have done anyway. In other words, the market is still bigger than the government.
(Oct 09-20:44) Alf: This is the ugly - but efficient - side of capitalism.
(Oct 09-20:44) Alf: Survival of the fittest and yada, yada, yada...
(Oct 09-20:46) albert: Thanks for the encouragement earlier Alf.
(Oct 09-20:46) Alf: Now we owe a lot of money AND the market has applied what appears to be heat resistant breaks.
(Oct 09-20:47) Alf: The takeaway is that this is not the end of the world.
(Oct 09-20:47) albert: It looked to me like the Dow was getting very close now to the 20 year moving average or whatever that line is.
(Oct 09-20:47) albert: the bottom line on the yearly chart
(Oct 09-20:48) ash has left.
(Oct 09-20:49) kotsaj: All interesting points Alf
(Oct 09-20:49) Alf: 20 year?The 240-month moving average, as I see it, is 10,118.
(Oct 09-20:49) albert: hmmm
(Oct 09-20:50) Alf: When one looks at the DJIA in a very small time frame, it looks like Chicken Little is looking for cover. When you expand the time frame, this is a blip. Literally.
(Oct 09-20:50) Alf: And all blips are surrounded by one crisis or another.
(Oct 09-20:50) Alf: And no doubt, it sucks.
(Oct 09-20:51) Alf: A lot.
(Oct 09-20:51) Alf: But, the market - like a toilet - gets filled. A flushing now and then is healthy.

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Old 10-11-2008, 09:33 AM
bornfree bornfree is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

Beware! and please do not fall for his fraudulent advertisement he is a liar and a cheat!!!

Under God Incorporated I don't think so!
He may be the worlds greatest con artist!

He has just about bankrupt me and most members with his last 2 calls on EXM and WFC. Who in their right mind buys a stock close to the 52 week high in this market. And he has the nerve to tell us keep buying. I think he did this to try and force us to pay him more money!
He is very irresponsible, to let his members take this type of loss and then has to nerve to tell us to deal with it.
He uses no stop losses and any good trader uses stop losses to protect their money. That is how he is getting members to pay him 1000.00 for his Day Trading site. They are only making .06 a trade not counting all the commission they are paying...

Last edited by bornfree : 10-11-2008 at 09:46 AM.
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Old 10-11-2008, 12:55 PM
cowboytrader cowboytrader is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

Lets get this guy!!!!

You can also contact the Arkansas State Attorney General's office at Or directly:If you have a consumer-related complaint or a suspected scam you wish to report, you may file a consumer complaint online by returning to our homepage and selecting “Consumer Tips,” or “Complaint Form,” or you may ...
For those wishing to reach Mr. Williams personally, these search results, provided by "", may help. I think I just found a great free phone number search site.

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Old 10-12-2008, 08:52 PM
cowboytrader cowboytrader is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

Originally Posted by cowboytrader View Post
Lets get this guy!!!!

You can also contact the Arkansas State Attorney General's office at Or directly:If you have a consumer-related complaint or a suspected scam you wish to report, you may file a consumer complaint online by returning to our homepage and selecting “Consumer Tips,” or “Complaint Form,” or you may ...
For those wishing to reach Mr. Williams personally, these search results, provided by "", may help. I think I just found a great free phone number search site.

This is not true: has over 1,600 registered members and more than 30,000 investors visiting our site each and every month, and we are aggressively growing these numbers daily. In his user list there are only 650 user where are the other 950 user. Most of the users in the list are from the second time closed

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Old 10-15-2008, 08:05 AM
G.Gecco G.Gecco is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

I agree with all the above. These people are scammers. They have now closed down the daily chat for swing traders because there was too much negative talk regarding how this guy handles his swing trades which quickly turn into long term losing investments. He has tried to stifle any dissenting voices that his subscribers had regarding his services performance by threatening to bar them from the chat and or raising his prices for his day trading service to $1000.00 from the initial amount he had promised his existing subscribers of $250.00 per year because someone supposedly ticked him off. Is this guy an honest individual? I think not and to all you folks that may be contemplating joining his service please look for a better service to invest your hard earned dollars with. Beware Newsletter they will cost you dearly.

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Old 12-01-2008, 07:51 PM
cowboytrader cowboytrader is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

Here he goes again he is going to have a new web page up so that he has a new scam to run. This guy is relentlessness with the running of scams. When he gets to many complaints he just shuts down web sites and then starts new ones so he thinks that erases his bad track record...What a joke he is. Such a shame for the people who fall for his lies and tricks. Everything that he gives you for a trade can be found free online..

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Old 02-12-2009, 09:43 AM
kate05's Avatar
kate05 kate05 is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

I recommend that you run from this site - don't even consider subscribing!
I agree with all that's been posted.
Note these recent events:
He was absent from his daytrade chat room from a week before Thanksgiving to January 5 - almost 2 months.
99% of his trades are scalps - As many as 30 a day. After he posts them in the chat room, most cannot be duplicated for a profit by the members. For the members, most of these scalp trades are losers and only the broker gets rich off the commissions.
Lately, he has been spending less and less time in the chat room. Most of the time he stops posting within 1/2 hour after the open. He is usually done by 9:00am, est.
He has recently tried to sell "lifetime memberships" for $1000 each. I have yet to communicate with any current subscribers who have paid for this.
I specifically take offense with his posting Bible verses on his site. This leads the unsuspecting would-be subscriber to think he is ethical.
I am sorry that I subscribed.
I cannot stress strongly enough that if I could go back to the time I subscribed, I would not do it - I would avoid him & his site now and forever more into the future.

Last edited by kate05 : 02-12-2009 at 10:17 AM.
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Old 02-12-2009, 08:25 PM
bornfree bornfree is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

You can try for to get a refund by filing a complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General office at this link; I would also file a complaint with and paypal. They probably can't help with a refund but the complaint will be kept of file. If you need help contact me.

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Old 02-12-2009, 08:46 PM
trading4ever trading4ever is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

I also filed complaints with Arkansas Attorney General Office, and paypal. I did get a refund. He is a joke and a good con artist. That's about the nicest thing I can think to say about him... Stay away from this site...I have heard that he is up to old tricks again...Avoiding the chat room, making bad trades, and ignoring people. Next he close down this site and start a new one with fresh members and more money.

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Old 07-23-2009, 08:21 AM
omicron omicron is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

This Is A Huge Scam. By The Way, This Guy Was Buying Banks The Entire Way Down Last Fall - Anyone That Followed Him Was Absolutely Killed. The Also Refuse To Give Your Money Back. Stay Away!!!

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Old 02-24-2010, 05:03 PM
sharingan sharingan is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

I have to agree with the above comments about Christian's shenanigans. I subscribed to the service towards the end of 2008 and can confirm everything that has been said.

The site at the time had heavily advertised their return on the PSA Portfolio and that by subscribing you would be able to follow the swing trades. At one point their claimed return was in excess of 300% for that year.

Then came the EXM trade and a bad WF trade that erased almost half of that claimed gain. However, even though Christian was quickly to adjust the return percentage on the site when it was going up, he never adjusted it down after those bad trades.

Also, the email notification of the swing trades everyone was relying on NEVER worked. It was a daily occurrence to see members log into chat asking why they didn't receive the trade alert on their emails.

Christian constantly blamed external factors for this, the webserver wasn't doing a good job at handling the email tasks. Then it was his host the one who was the problem, etc... The bottom line is that at that time he started talking about setting a new website were the email notification feature would be fixed. Now, remember that.

By this time he had alienated the majority of the swing trade membership by basically not doing swing trades for over 2 months. One thing Christian can't handle is criticism, in any shape, way, form. What I know is that apparently some member was very outspoken about some of his decisions in the EXM trade that wiped a sizable amount of the member's money, and Christian basically behaved like a little child, took his ball and went home.

Fast forward to 2009, and the new site comes up. Then there are the 'new' services with a cool $1,000 attached to all of them. Personally I wasn't interested in any of the other stuff he was constantly advertising for an extra fee. I just wanted to recoup some of my loses by keep trading on the swing trade PSA portfolio.

Then came the announcement that really irritated me and eventually caused my dismissal.

Christian all of a sudden announced a 'new' service. The service was the access to the PSA portfolio which included receiving email alerts as trades in the portfolio were made for a cool $1000 PER QUARTER. I was like, wait a minute, isn't this what I paid for in the first place and what he said would be fixed on the new site.

So on the same forum thread he posted this announcement, in a very respectful matter, I expressed my concerns on this service being touted as new when many of the members were waiting on it to be fixed as he had promised.

This set off a flurry of replies from other members who shared my same point of view. Christian then made the absurd claim that on the old site, the ability to follow the PSA Portfolio trades was a 'freebie' and not part of the original agreement, which was quickly rebuked by everyone following the thread.

Though it was a tense exchange, everyone remained corteous, which is a lot to say in a internet forum. The thread was eventually locked by Christian stating that because of the feedback he was going to delay the rollout of this 'new' service until he could work out something that would be satisfactory. This happened at the end of day on a Friday.

Well low a behold, on Monday, he posts a NEW THREAD where he is essentially announcing the service AGAIN!!! Not only that but he DELETED THE OLD THREAD, to pretend it didn't happen. Also, he locked the announcement thread to prevent comments on it.

I opened a new thread in the members forum asking why this was happening and questioning the ethics of deleting threads that had any hint of negativity. it was quickly deleted too and a new thread came up where he imposed a 'forum code of conduct' that in essence boiled down to him stating that he reserved the right to delete and 'punish' those who posted something he didn't like.

At this point I know there's no point in going further, he is constantly checking who is posting and what. Its also at this point that it becomes apparent to me that he is just a con artist.

So I sent him a message via the forum where I simply expressed my frustration with his unethical behavior. Shortly after that he canceled my membership and refunded me for the remaining of it.

I feel sorry for anyone that falls for his scam and joins his site. All they'll see on the forums is a paradise of positive posts that distort the reality of things.

Stay away from this scammer.

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Old 05-09-2010, 11:56 AM
inxsfour inxsfour is offline
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Re: Newsletter scam

Here is the way this guy (christian) operates:

1. He is like an evil dictator. He asks you for a bunch of money and then if you ever voice dissent or criticism he revokes your membership, usually without a refund.

2. He makes poor stock recommendations and then when his portfolio is losing big he totally wipes out his website and all history of past failed trades and redesigns the entire thing, sometimes changing the web address. Now he does not have any historical losses to display his customers.

3. He is very manipulative in the way he sells his service ("this price will increase by $500 in one week").

4. He over-hypes his good returns and sweeps his bad ones under the rug.

5. His stock analysis is myopic, and does not take macro trends into account (only interested in oscillators, which don't tell you anything except what the stock did in the past, but he swears that a stock has to go down once an oscillator signals it to be "overbought".... hello NFLX, AAPL, and many trades he has lost money on).

A very good piece of advice: get some good FREE podcasts on investing from Itunes or some random free podcast downloader. They are far superior and FREE. Even if christian's website claims to be free, trust me, in the near future it will be totally redesigned and either cost money or cult membership, or something ridiculous and/or expensive.

I wasted $2,000 on his site for a "lifetime" membership which I'm certain would be revoked if I ever said anything bad about the site on their forums (SERIOUSLY, he is such a little dictator). Since then the site has been redesigned about 5 times, the web address has changed, it has become free (for the time being in its current design), and the trading activity is very low (like one trade a month).... oh, and did I mention its losing money? Yeah, He'll have to re-design again soon!

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Old 09-27-2010, 04:42 AM
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Re: Newsletter scam

I've been in Christian William's most recent trading room for about 4 months. I had lost a little money. But mostly on my account as it was a little risky getting into 3x's leveraged etf and it'd go down and I'd get out.
What some people have said about him--the negativity, well:
I haven't found anyone out there that explains the technicals the way he does, the videos on his site. Plus the nightly youtube updates are very informative.
I took the time to study every single aspect of the chart videos, actually created a pretty thick notebook from it and it's excellent info. that anyone can use to find their own trading method.
I have found that I don't need to trade the way he does. I don't need to be a bear if he is. I use his information and have come up and/or am coming up with my own trading style. And I see the potential of it. I'm more interested in short term long swing trades in a very volatile market. He makes you very aware of the volatility and tries to ward people from making wrong choices.
He can be late for the a.m. course. I had an issue with my computer not being able to get into the room at the very start of the course, and was emailing him incessantly that day to the point that he wanted to refund my money. That is understandable. He was probably thinking "this girl's a case, get rid of her!!". Bad start to it. But I wanted to stay in because I could clearly see what was available here that's not so readily available out there without having to read a ton of books or if there is even a course out there that gets into all this material.
He does need to think about recommending stops when you get into trades in such a volatile market. (Since he's a bear, I'm referring to the inverse etf's). I lost on this one. I know a very successful trader who's first point to me was, to be a successful trader, "do not lose money!". So he said make sure when you get into a stock that you set your stops for either 3% to 6% for long trades.

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Old 09-30-2010, 02:56 PM
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Re: Newsletter scam

I have been following Christian for about 2 months, and i don't understand all the whining on this thread. Well, actually, i do understand the whining because it's amazing the countless myriad of idiots who sign up with a stock picking service and then expect the money to magically pour in just by listening to some guy who promises you results...

All you need to pay attention to on his site is..

His daily video market analysis is excellent, and if u think it's wrong, then all you have to do is backtest his strategy of trading off the slow stoch n bollinger bands, confirming it with volume, the broader market, and candlestick reversal signs.

In the end, if you haven't spent 8-10 hours a day for 2-3 years learning how to properly trade, to learn discipline, money mgmnt skills, how to control your greed for more, what economic report is due out to move the market, an incredibly high level of patience, reading signals provided by the price movement of gold, oil and bond yields, not including a million other dynamics that are required to make money trading, then THAT'S why you're losing money, not because Christian lost your money.

99% of the people in this world are sheep. Only 2-3% of people who take up trading ever profit from it.

The whiners on this board are the sheep of the world. Until you take responsibility for your own actions, you will never make money. Part of being a good trader is syphoning thru all the info out there.

The secret to making money trading doesn't come from hitting the right stock picker, it's from doing your daily due diligence and investing the time required, which is massive. The secret doesn't lie within a subscription to a service.

Anyone who wasted their time whining on this board is not only a whiner, but a sheep, too...

There's no silver bullet or magic potion.

Follow the lessons of PRO traders, the ones who make money. Stop looking for the magic pill that you think some stockpicking service is gonna give you..

you're all sheep...

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Re: Newsletter scam

What !!!! the guy hasnt got a clue, he soooooo bearish I actually think he's called yogi LOL.

What has this guy called right in the last 1200 point rise, oooooOOOOO YESS 1200+ points when he is still saying short the markets, manipulation, etc... etc....
IF you listen too this guy Burneddddd, hey know actually FROZZLEDdddd!

Get urself a basic book on trading there is better information in it!


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