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Old 04-08-2008, 07:01 AM
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Five Fundamentals Of Contemporary Ethics:

1) Returning Ocean and Rainforests, the vast wild herds, flocks, and pods of large mammals et al.

2) Global protection for women and children, from ALL cultural, corporate, church, medico, industrial, patriarchal violence!

3) Universal empowerment and protection for ALL wild, indigenous, native, aboriginal peoples AND the nonviolent aspects of their cultures, and their life in harmony with nature.

4) Global preservation of all CULTURES, respect for all peoples. Institution of global dialog, free-media, decisionmaking, interaction, collective reforestation, re-oceaning, working together, celebrating.

5) Universal suffrage, freedom from economic and ALL SERFDOMs ... universal DIRECT decision- making ... a world ANTI-GOVERNMENT! (NOT WORLD GOVERNMENT!) No more aristocracy of perverse power. We ALL become the aristocracy, where we ALL are restrained from violence and abuse & theft and fraud. A global, all-inclusive [not electoral] parliament, whose decisions ONLY apply to those who agree with them, guaranteed universal voluntaryism ... and a Global Council of Earth Elders (principally Natives and Women) to create and evolve a global constitution of a hundred ethical guidelines. [Planetary 'Songlines' ...]

Repeat 1) Mother Earth, 2) Women & Children, 3) World Culture, 4) Native Peoples, 5) Global End to Gov/Corporate/Church/M0ney...Slavery!

This is the prayer, awakening mantra, of now global divine spirituality.

Hear the song of collective unamity, the Adi-Shakti, Maitreyah, Maadi, Maschiak, Grid, Field, Global Consciousness, Messiah, Blue Star returned.

All our sacred relations,

Repeat 1) Mother Earth, 2) Women & Children,
3) World Culture, 4) Native Peoples, 5) Global
End to Gov/Corporate/Church Slavery!

Racketeer's Derivatives Surpass One Thousand Trillion, One Quadrilli

Benjamin Fulford told me on Thursday, that:

"We're reaching a turning point. Things will get
better. Now that Asia is waking up along with so
many people in the West, changes will follow."

I told him it sounds like more of Rockefeller's
newspeak. He also said "The short cut to changing
the planet is to change the heart of the man at
the top. You need to understand this."

When I again said you are only asking for more
newspeak from David Rockefeller, more government-
corporate gangsterism, he said:

"Our goals are identical even if we use different
words and stories to describe them. Please stay
tuned." He said that in response to my letter:


I ask you, if YOU are not telling the truth to
David Rockefeller, in the new Jeff Rense postings,
or in your world internet postings -- do YOU know
the truth yourself?

of the 99 percent level of eradication of the
whales and dolphins? the 97 percent eradication
of the rainforests? of the universal violence
against women, children, world culture, our
beloved planet's indigenous?

have you observed the video of the annual
dolphin mass murder in the North of Japan?

!! Dolphin Massacre in Japan !!

todays World is HORROR beyond words to tell!

are you speaking the truth, asking for the
sacred ways which will bring REAL change?

for all our loving relations, our sister/
brethren living creatures, on this our
Mother Earth!

Millennium Twain


Trillionaires Come Home To Roost:

Benjamin Fulford vs David Rockefeller Sr?

November 26, 2007
Rockefeller Summoned by The Emperor
By Amy de Miceli

Benjamin Fulford

was Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine
for seven years, until 2005 when he quit because
of the "extensive corporate censorship and mingling
of advertising and editorial at the magazine."

He currently lives in Tokyo Japan where his books
are waking up the Japanese people to 9/11 Truth

On November 13, 2007 Fulford received a tip that
David Rockefeller was on his turf, and without
hesitation Fulford arranged to meet with him to
ask some questions. It is not odd for a reporter
who's career has been filled with Financial News
jobs, to sit down with the former head of Chase
Bank, except when its Benjamin Fulford and
David Rockefeller.

Back Round:
Earlier this year Benjamin Fulford interviewed Heizo
Takenaka, a former finance minister in Japan and
confronted him about "having sold the Japanese
financial system over to the Rockefellers and
Rothschilds. "

According to Fulford this interview made a lot of
people angry. He says a professional assassin showed
up and told him to accept a job of great importance
or be killed. The following day Fulford claims to
have been contacted by a powerful Asian Secret Society
with more than 6 million members that have targeted
the Illuminati.

They asked Fulford to represent them, negotiate
for them, and offered him protection in return.
He came out with his story on the Jeff Rense
radio show this summer:

Fulford said that he could link Rockefeller to
crimes in Japan as a "part of his effort to take
over the Japanese financial system." This story
was picked up by the Colbert Report
As unlikely as it may seem David Rockefeller
agreed to meet with Benjamin Fulford on
November 14, 2007.

The two men sat down and Fulford began with the
topic of global government, saying that he had
heard some quotes by Rockefeller supportive of
the idea, but Rockefeller attempts to deny and
dodge the history books, saying he cannot imagine
the likelihood of any single government elected
by the people of the world would be desirable,
and he is visibly bothered, perhaps because of
his words on page 405 of his book, Memoirs...

"Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family)
are part of a secret cabal working against the
best interests of the USA, characterizing my
family and me as 'internationalists' and of
conspiring with others around the world to build
a more integrated global political and economic
structure -- one world, if you will.

If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am
proud of it."

At the mere mention of Ron Paul, Rockefeller
grinds his teeth, and acts as if he doesn't know
anything about him, but when Fulford says that
Ron Paul wants the powers of the Federal Reserve
returned to the United States government,
Rockefeller's eyes widen in amazement and dread,

"I would not look upon that as one of the great
issues that needs to be addressed."

Yet here we are, the dollar collapsing. He knows
who Ron Paul is. Fulford moves on. It is established
that David Rockefeller is in Japan to meet with the
Emperor, he claims to have been summoned by him and
he casually mentions that his family has been close
with Japan and the Royal family for many years.

Fulford breaks in the video throughout the interview
with some commentary, and at this point he tells
how he sees it,

"a Secret Representative of the Secret Government
of the United States meeting with the secret
government of Japan."

Fulford offers insight into his concerns for the
people of Asia, and about the role of Asia in the
world. He poses a question to Rockefeller about
the choices of the UN, why Asian countries are not
properly represented there, and to that Rockefeller
says that "someday," they will be.

Fulford makes it clear in the edit, that the Asian
people are tired of waiting, and an answer like
some day is as good as forever to them. But Fulford
continued asking tricky questions. Rockefeller
almost had a stroke trying to decide whether the
War on Terror or Global Warming were more important,
you could see the pain it would cause him to have
to choose, ultimately he could not, they are both
too important.

To prove a point as to why his questions were
not so aggressive towards Rockefeller, Fulford
asks about what he thought of people that believe
that he is "the secret ruler of the world," and
oddly enough Rockefeller thinks they are
"crack pots."

An interesting thing about Rockefeller, that
was strange, was throughout the interview,

is that he does not refer to his country of
origin as America, or the US, only "our country,"

at one point he even sort of corrects Fulford,
which is even more strange because Fulford is
not an American, but a Canadian living in Japan.

There has been some dispute as to the validity
of Benjamin Fulford's attention-gaining claims
but the interview with Rockefeller speaks for
itself, whether or not he is working with a Secret
Society in Asia, remains unverified.

He has a short speech after the interview that
is interesting to hear, he sends a message to the
elite, "you are just old fashioned aristocrats. ..
and armed peasants are at your door... you are
in grave danger..." and he sends another message
to the US 'citizen' slaves ...

"You will be free soon. Thank You."


Messiah Twain wrote:

Earth's principal index of economic theft and
political disenfranchisement, the interest-rate
derivative, grew to a record $347 trillion for
the first six months of 2007.

The market for derivatives grew at the fastest
pace in at least nine years to $516 trillion in
the first half of 2007, the Bank for International
Settlements admitted yesterday. That places the
annual derivatives market at over $1,000 trillion,
$1 quadrillion.

"Count 'em", one thousand thousand billions!


Benjamin Fulford replied to Seven-Seven:

"Boy, talk about a bubble ready to burst.
The world's annual GDP is only $45 trillion!"
The internet is the last light of truth and is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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Old 04-09-2008, 01:39 AM
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Re: Five Fundamentals Of Contemporary Ethics:

nuts. direct democracy is mob rule. the mob will go along with a good con man no matter what he does. our founding fathers were very clever about this and did not allow too much power in the hands of any one person. we have an adversarial form of government that has worked well for 200 years. congress can remove a president and court can over-rule congress and president.

you would replace this with a gong show ?

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Old 04-09-2008, 01:49 AM
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Re: Five Fundamentals Of Contemporary Ethics:

and you have some fantasy about primitive society. you think they were always just sitting around smiling at each other ?

in agrarian or other primitive society, most children born will die young. if there is famine here, there is no road and no truck to bring food from somewhere else. when the baby is sick, there is no hospital to go to, no 911 to call cause there is no phone service.

nothing that the left holds dear would exist. no abortion clinic, no social security, no gay bath house. if the chief don't like you, or he wants your wife, he will order you killed. he will not pay for a lawyer or build a courthouse and jail for you.

the things we do everyday with technology would have been magic a few years ago. ya think some primitive society would be mapping DNA to save your life ? no, they would be throwing virgins in the volcano to please the gods and give the chief a longer life. (i kinda like that part. hey baby, spend the night with me so ya won't get thrown in the volcano ?)

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