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Old 03-22-2008, 07:25 AM
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Beware of Wu-Yi Weight Loss System Slimming tea

I got an email from a Wu-Yi with false promises. They said that they'll give me a free trial with no catch and no need to buy anything first,they just want me to try their product first and just click the link for them to know where to ship the product and so I did but nothing happened. I have chat live with their customer service representative and this what happened. read below for details:

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Shane'

Shane: Welcome to Wu-Yi Source, I hope you have had a great day so far. I am happy to assist you with any questions you might have regarding the tea, which has helped countless people around the globe.
you: Hey shane,this is my 2nd message because I didn't receive any reply from you.
you: Is this some kind of a joke,i thought your 24/7 customer service
Shane: How can I help you?
you: have you read my previous message?
Shane: We offer 24/7 service.
Shane: Please let me know how can I help you?
you: i want to know if you have read my previous message that i got an email from your company
Shane: Could you please provide me with your full name and email address or your order number, so that I can pull up your details?
you: this is barbara and the email says that i have a free trial without ordering at no catch at all. Is this true? All i need to do is just click the icon because your company is asking where to ship the free trail.
Shane: When you started with a 14 day free trial with just a basic fee of $4.95, this includes the cost of the month supply tea and shipping.
Shane: You will be charged $29.95 (a 35% discount) as you complete the trial period frame.
Shane: After that, we'll ship you a fresh, three month supply every ninety days for the guaranteed low price of only $29.95 a month, even when the retail prices go up (a 35% discount again).
Shane: If you ever decide that our premium Wu-Yi slimming tea is not for you, simply call (866) 449-5567. There are no commitments or hassles, and you can cancel at any time. As well as, we offer 60-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can return the tea - even if most of it's been used - for a refund more than eight weeks after placing your order.
you: where can i email you the email letter that i got so that you'll have a reference because that's not what's indicated in the letter
you: your Company should comply with what's written and what you promised me or else you'll end up a scam.
Shane: You have to start with a 14 day free trial with just a basic fee of $4.95, this includes the cost of the month supply tea and shipping.
you: As much as I want to buy but I'd rather try your product for a free trial first before buying
Shane: Like I said, You have to start just a basic fee of $4.95.
you: Will i get a free trail or not? Or your telling me that i will get it but I have to pay the $4.95. I live in the Philippines,can you ship it here?
Shane: yes, we ship internationaly.
you: What shall i get from the $4.95 and how soon is the shipment because I'm always out and usually nobody's home
Shane: Shipping generally takes 5-7 business days for US customers. But, if it's international order, it will take 10-12 business days.
Shane: When you start the program we provide full month supply. And you got charged for it after you complete the free trial period.
you: What if I'm not interested after the trial?
Shane: You can cancel your order any time.
you: i just want to use the free trail 1st then I will decide,I don't want to give my credit card number 1st. I'll just give it if I'll order already
Shane: Wu-Yi tea is currently offered online and via phone. We take orders via phone - 5 AM to 8 PM MST on weekdays and 7 Am - 4 PM Saturday & Sunday. To make a purchase via phone, please call: 1-866-449-5567.
Shane: And, We prefer to accept payments through the following Credit Cards. 'Master Card' & 'Visa'.
Shane: And, we also accept debit cards that have the MasterCard or VISA logo on them.
you: So your email is not true because it says there that there's no catch,but actually there is. you have to give your credit card number,right?
Shane: Right
you: I am right that your email is not true,there's a catch?
you: Well i guess i should tell my friends that your offering something that's not true because I told a lot of friends of mine that you offer free trail
you: trial i mean
you: I want to file a complaint
Shane: When you start the program we will provide you one month supply and you get the 14 days to try it. If you get satisfy with it and want to continue with it after 14 days also. Then you get charged $29.95 for the tea that has been received by you.
you: For the 14days trial,that would would be how many tea bags kz it says in your add that it should be taken twice a day,so would that be 28 bags?
Shane: When you start the program we provide full month supply. And you got charged for it after you complete the free trial period.
you: Shane,i don't mean to be rude but your not answering my question,so your email is not true and its a lie?
Shane: Sorry, for the inconvenience, and you will not receive any more emails like that.
you: Well in that case,if you make such misrepresentation; It means that your a scam. am i right? The more that I should be afraid to try your product kz your company lies so what makes me believe that your product is effective kzfrom the beginning you already lie to your customers?
Shane: If for any reason you donít find the product to be satisfactory, you can always go for the 60 days money back guarantee that we back our product with, to help you serve better with a diligent product & service for your money.
you: Do you always do this misrepresentation to people? Customers should be treated well and word of mouth is very important
you: answer me shane
Shane: No, sorry for the inconvenience that you received the email.
Shane: And you will not receive any more email like that.
you: Unfortunately,apology not accepted because you fool people and that's not right. Are you aware of it? In fact its not even your fault because its your Company strategy to fool people
Shane: Okay. we will forward your complaint to the management persons.
you: Never mind because for sure its your management strategy to fool people,I'll just put your Company at so that you can no longer fool people who I pity alot because just like me were all desperate to lose weight and what do we get in return,a company like Wu-Yi who gives false hopes and broken promises
you: I'll even tell my cousin who is an fbi to make such investigation because you fool people and your company is a scam
Shane: We are pleased to inform you that, the Wu-Yi is certainly not any scam. And we are certainly a legitimate co. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our tea, we offer a 100% 60 days full Money-Back Guarantee.
you: I am a lawyer and i do understand the definition of a scam company,any misrepresentation of products on how it was marketed or sell is indeed a scam
you: Ok,you've refrain from responding. i'll do my very best to stop this kind of Companies like Wu-yi. i have lots of relatives in the States and been in and out of U.S. too,I'll make sure that people all over the world will know that your fooling peolpe
you: i'll act now so that this foolishness will be stop'
Chat session has ended.

i hope you've understand and read and got my point. the reason why i want to post such Company because I'm just concern with the public all over the world who might be victimized with this kind of misrepresentation. If you want a copy of the email,just let me know.


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Old 03-22-2008, 02:30 PM
brihar2012 brihar2012 is offline
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Re: Beware of Wu-Yi Weight Loss System Slimming te

Wow, sounds like you had a time with them. I'm pretty familiar with doing free trials like the one you mentioned. The first thing that would have taken care of everything else is that in the email they sent you there should have been a link to their site to make the transaction. Once at the site, that is where you should have found out about the need for credit card info and the $4.95 charge. That sounds like a typical shipping & handling charge which if it was they should have explained that properly to you. Most, but not all, trials require you to pay a shipping & handling fee but it is presented before you finalize your order. When doing any trial offer always and I mean always read the terms and conditions and/or private policy information. It should lay everything out for you that you need to know about the trial along with the cancellation process. But even if they worded things wrong to you, you have a right to be concerned with all the scams out there.

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