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Old 02-12-2007, 04:24 PM
Solve et Coagula Solve et Coagula is offline
Solve et Coagula
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: St.Gallen, Switzerland
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2012/13 Earth is Entering the Photonic Belt, The Photon Belt and the New Era Of Light

2012/13 Earth is Entering the Photonic Belt, The Photon Belt and the New Era Of Light


Due to the fact that Earth will enter the PHOTONIC BELT astrologists, scientists and historians believe and think that the next millennium will mark the beginning of a new stage for humanity. For Earth astrologists this new stage is the Aquarian Age, an epoch of vast changes in its science and technology and its consciousness. For the scientists and historians is an epoch of great difficulties, that its social and political structures could not be able to manage; in any case, it seems to be the prelude of a marvel or the moment of the extinction of Humanity (this moment is over, since the 144,000 necessary for the extinction not to take place were already obtained - clarification by Mónica Barbagallo).

The question remains standing: What role will the nearby PHOTONIC BELT play at these times? The Belt can be divided in three sections: First we enter in what is denominated the Null Zone that lasts approximately 5 or 6 days, including 72 hours, approximately, of total darkness (3 days of darkness); then, we pass to the main part of the BELT itself and it will be experienced a light of permanent day (24 hours a day). This trip will last around 2,000 years (Dramatic Prophesies of the Great Pyramid) and ends when the Solar System goes out from the other side of the Belt, crossing the Null zone for another 5- or 6-day period.


The arrival of the Photonic Belt is causing a great expectation and a great "stress" in all the Solar System. For the crucial moment there will be three sources of help:

1.- From the great spiritual helpers and angels of the many dimensions.
2.- Those in human form that help the celestial forces.
3.- It has been established energetic protective patterns around the planet.

All this set minimizes the seismic activity.

But there is another point that is also important to understand: You are at the brim of great changes and of new beginnings due to our future landings of "initial Contact" in your planet. This Spiritual Hierarchy and its first contact, led by the Sirian, will help all the solar system to take its place in the Galactic Federation so it converts in what we have finished describing, a galactic civilization. Through love and wisdom applied here on Earth, you can be assured that at any moment in the future you will be able to share your knowledge with other stellar systems, and then the sharing will continue before the presence and the ever-growing power of God. Really, you are at the brink of an astonishing and marvelous time.

Continue to read (watch out the great graphics):

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Old 02-13-2007, 01:16 AM
Solve et Coagula Solve et Coagula is offline
Solve et Coagula
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: St.Gallen, Switzerland
Posts: 503
Interdimensional Rescue Bubble

Interdimensional Rescue Bubble

Notwithstanding in this cycle, the Supreme Creative Force (God) has established that the Solar System go into an Interdimensional Rescue Bubble that will launch it outside the PHOTON BELT through the Fifth Dimension and will position it at about 3 light years from the Sirian Star System. (At present Sirius is, approximately, at 8.3 light years from Earth). This bubble will be reached at about the years 2012- 2013 when the Earth's orbit be totally inside the BELT.

There is an enormous barrier called the Null Zone around the PHOTON BELT that contains a region of incredible energy compression. It is a place where the magnetic fields are so strongly intertwine among themselves that it is impossible for any type of third dimensional magnetic field to go through without being altered. This fact means that the magnetic field of Earth and Sun must be transformed into a new type of interdimensional magnetism. Consequently you should expect a change in the electric, magnetic and gravitational fields of Earth, such change is currently happening.

In the last decades Earth's magnetic field has been gradually diminishing almost to zero. Many humans have used this phenomenon to prove that there will be a noticeable change of the Earth's polarity towards the end of the century. However, this Council and its Sirian scientists can assure you that it will not happen such change of polarity. The change is in the Earth's magnetic field, a secondary effect of the pressure exerted over your Solar System by the PHOTON BELT.

When the Photon Belt manifests totally will not allow any electrical appliance to work. This means that not even the accumulators of energy or batteries, nothing electronic, will operate when the Earth is inside the Belt. You will require a new form of energy —photonic— to make your electrical appliances work, which will soon be altered.

Another significant development that is expected to occur as you get closer to the Null Zone is an increase in the pressure on the planet's atmosphere and over its surface. This aspect also is starting to be noticed in the increment of the seismic activity all over the planet. Since 1960 the Earth has registered and entered into a period in which the seismic activities have increased all over the planet.


The same can be said in relationship with volcanism. Also there was a change in the climatic patterns of the planet which increase the pressure of the traditional water cycle. Consequently the dryness of California, the African Sub Sahara (the Sahal), South Central India and part of the Northeast of Chile are examples of how the strong winds and the inner streams of the oceans have been altered by this event.

Additionally, the rupture of the ozone layer at the end of the seventies and begining of the eighties points to another critical change created in part by the Photon Belt as it gets closer. Much more important is the effect of that next event over the cycle of solar spots and their deep effects over all the Solar System and even over the total temperatures of the Sun's surface.

Let's have a look at the Sun and see what it has been going through. In 1987 and 1988 the Sirian changed the polarity of the subtle bodies of the Sun in a way that the Photon Belt could not affect the Solar System in an adverse manner. First they changed the polarity of the subtle solar bodies realigning them with the new webs that are being created by the "Lords of Time" (the Supervisory Force of GOD that is in charge of the continuous creation of this physical universe). This will allow for a safe entrance of Earth into the Photon Belt. Secondly, the scientists of the Galactic Federation changed the synchronization of the solar spot cycle to facilitate the Sun adaptation to this new alignment of the subtle bodies. In an effort to create solar harmony they created a new type of Sun. This new Sun responded with an increment in the activities of the solar flares and with a general stellar cooling. By achieving this action the vast pressures of your Solar System have been eliminated.

There were two reasons by which the Sun was adjusting and positioning itself safely so that it could go directly into the Photon Belt. First, the Belt is an interdimensional event that requires that the Sun penetrate it in a position of approximate phase (the Sun must be at a level relatively low in activity and must be in conditions to easily adapt to the rapid changes that imply entering the Belt). Secondly, Earth must be supervised and procedures that align the interdimensional energetic bodies of your planet to the degree of the rapid changes that will take place before and immediately after entering the Belt must be executed by means of the use of an interdimensional hologram.

Without this change the Sun would have been destroyed by the Null Zone of the Photon Belt and the Earth would have been vaporized. In consequence, as the entrance of Earth into the Belt comes closer, you can feel at ease by the fact that your Sun has been changed in a significant manner and now it is able to successfully enter into the Belt. This interdimensional Light cover was placed around your Sun to properly align the Solar System with this new event (the Belt) and also to use the hologram to successfully regulate the entrance of Earth into the Belt.

The hologram will be used then to translate your Solar system to its new position near the star of our System (Sirius). In consequence, we had to adjust the entrance fields of the Sun enlarging the hologram of your planet in a way that it would include the Sun and the Solar System. This adjustment would allow a safe entry into the Photon Belt as well as into its new position in this galaxy.

These procedures were achieved by two important processes. First, the Sun polarity was changed. Second, the Galactic Federation has placed several atmospheric research spaceships and prepared scout personnel teams who integrated their activities with the actions of the interdimensional hologram of Earth. Their only purpose is to watch the ozone layer hole and be sure that it won't become intolerable for life on your planet. Besides, these spaceships and their crew are capable of supervising and correcting seismic activities that are showing up now as your planet and the Solar System approach and enter the Null Zone of the Photon Belt.

What may seem for you a waste will be really a benefit that will allow that the photon energy fields be altered at the subatomic level and will become the source of basic energy for your Solar System. Since all atoms and molecules change, the human beings will have modifications in their selfsame nature. You are becoming something totally different, upgraded, in an exciting way with respect to what you currently are.


You will enter in the Null Zone and will start the process of transformation. Not only you are in the dark but none of your electrical appliances will work. When the pumps stop operating and the water tanks get empty, water won't run and bathrooms won't function. Automobiles won't start. You'll find yourselves in a completely new world. Spite of these incredible difficulties, something will have happened in your bodies, something marvelous.



When the collapse of the planetary magnetic and electric fields occur a great change of darkness will be experienced as we approach such zone; suddenly the level of penumbra will be replaced by total darkness, sun and stars disappearing due to the Null Zone compression exerted over the solar and star light.

As the acceptance of the shock produced by the darkness is initiated we will see the inoperability of the electric appliances, batteries and automobiles, etc. A change in all atoms of Earth will show up. The atoms of your body will be modified to form a semi etheric body and the veil of consciousness around you will be lifted.

Now you'll be humans that live in the galactic light reality, with physical and extrasensory faculties that you should have had since the moment in which humans left for the first time the Lyran constellation to spread their knowledge and protection across all this galaxy. You'll have started the process of "returning home" to the Fifth Dimension.



When the atmosphere start to compress, around the second day, you will experience the sensation of being compacted by the Null Zone pressure in the Earth gravitational field and will feel dull, however, this dullness will last for only about two days. As your atmosphere is compressed and all materials turn denser, the great danger will be that presented by the nuclear materials since there is the possibility that chain reactions or lethal and radioactive explosions of the fusion elements start. This compression of nuclear energy could cause massive fire storms, besides explosions around the planet.

Continue to read:

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Old 02-13-2007, 01:55 AM
Solve et Coagula Solve et Coagula is offline
Solve et Coagula
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: St.Gallen, Switzerland
Posts: 503
The Photon Belt and the New Era Of Light

The Photon Belt and the New Era Of Light

Every 10,700 years, Our solar system passes through a 2100 year-wide belt of highly charged ion particles known as the photon belt. This belt is the "Holy Spirit" or God force of the universe stepped down from the Center of Creation.

Sol's passage through this belt happens twice during an approximate 26,000 year cycle -the time it takes to go around its greater sun(presumably Alcyon in the Pleaides). This huge vertical and doughnut-shaped belt presently appears(from Earth) to slice through the astrological ages of Leo and Aquarius. Since we are moving into the Age of Aquarius, we are also moving into the photon belt. The prediction is that we will officially and fully be inside the belt by 2012AD. When this happens(and it's already happening), the new energy will transform the planet and all life on/in it into higher dimensions or vibratory states. Those who cannot adapt to this higher, purer state, will die or be removed to another solar system.

The negative rulers of our planet can only do their dirty work here during the long night stages of each cycle. This means they have untill 2012 AD , before the Christ Light makes life here impossible for them. Under this invisible but powerful light, bodies and minds will be purified, and aging, sickness, and death will be no more. Neither will we need technologies of any kind; our full status as light beings will be reactivated, and and powers such as telepathy and teleportation will be the norm.

To help you make the transition, it is advisable to gradually purify your lifestyle in such areas as diet, conduct, and belief systems. Eating less and better, and adopting a more collective and humanitarian attitude is definitely the way to go. These trends can already be seen in the newer generations of children being born during the last two decades.

Humans are a sick species, having spent the last long night of 10,700 years, in general ignorance and fear, basically cut off from the divine flow. The last photonic Golden Age was in Atlantis during the Age of Leo(11,000 to 8,800 BC). As soon as we moved out of the belt, the negative forces infiltrated and destroyed this great empire, and a long dark night ensued. The reptillians and serpents who rule this planet do so because of the darkness(both literal and symbolic) and low vibratory rate(fear) we live in. The love or light vibration scares or repels them.

As the influx of love and light continues to bathe our planet in increasing intensity, its inner sun responds more feverishly, anxious to reconnect fully to its life-giving source. Earth's inner sun is presently excited and heating up causing the polar ice to melt at unprecedented levels. Full reconnection will only occur if there is an axial tilt exposing the inner sun directly(via the planet's polar opening) to our solar system sun as is somewhat the case with planets like Uranus or Pluto. This, however, would generate too much power and heat and could literally melt the planet's shell or crust. A partial or indirect exposure would suffice to substantially raise the planet's vibration.

The crust which has been building or thickening for thousands of years and all the garbage and damage therein is similar to what we our doing to our bodies; it's impeding or limiting the life force from flowing fully or naturally, resulting in sickness and even death. To correct this the planet is presently in fasting mode and we sould do the same. Eventually it too will achieve light body status and shine like a star. Untill then there is much work to do.


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Old 02-13-2007, 02:21 AM
Fizban "The Fabulous"
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Re: 2012/13 Earth is Entering the Photonic Belt, The Photon Belt and the New Era Of Light

Notwithstanding in this cycle, the Supreme Creative Force (God) has established that the Solar System go into an Interdimensional Rescue Bubble that will launch it outside the PHOTON BELT through the Fifth Dimension and will position it at about 3 light years from the Sirian Star System. (At present Sirius is, approximately, at 8.3 light years from Earth). This bubble will be reached at about the years 2012- 2013 when the Earth's orbit be totally inside the BELT.
Do they explain what the fifth dimension is ?, how it works ?, how future inventions will use this or is this just a word they use to make the article more interesting ?

You'll have started the process of "returning home" to the Fifth Dimension.
It is possible that the event can start and hasten this process.
But it will take a long time to happen, the 5th dimension is described best as a dimension of withinness - which will not be understood by humanity as a whole for many hundreds of years.

people must first learnt to think in this way first.
the lessons of the 5th dimension is coherency within achieved unity.

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