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Old 05-31-2011, 02:11 AM
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Creigslist's Most Wanted

Dear innocent, trusting, and unsuspecting creigslisters,

Yesterday, I received a response to my creigslist post from someone by the alias: "Jenny McRein", (email adress:", which magically just suddenly changed into Alex Mcrein According to his/her email, she's interested to purchase my creigslist item as a gift to her son. However, she's at sea working as a marine engineer, and would like for me to set-up a Paypal account, and give her my Paypal email address. She also added that she had no access to online banking. OH REALLY??? So I Googled "Jenny Mcrein", and low and behold: there she was also trying to scam another man on creigslist last April for a $4,000 ticket item, but she failed. I was totally flabbergasted, because only an idiot scammer would use the same alias twice. Furthermore, the body of her email to this unsuspecting victim was totally identical to mine, word-for-word. Was she running out of aliases or things to lie about? Perhaps, she has to meet a certain quota for the day, so she frantically just cut and pasted her emails to the millions of people she's about to scam, not even realizing who and what she's emailing anymore. Or maybe a computer program does the dirty work for her automatically. So all she had to do is simply sit back, and relax, while wait like a spider for a poor fly sap to get tangled into her web of lies.*

I still give everyone the benefit of a doubt, but she ranked like a dead rat a mile away, especially when she said she's away at sea, and will send for a pickup agent to collect the item from my house. Like I really need to tell a total stranger where I live. Okay!!! *So instead, I played along and called her bluff, telling her that I only do a person to person cash transaction, and require a signed bill of sale in the presence of my attorney, or a certified public notary officer, and if she's paying cash that we both be in front of a teller inside a bank to see to it that the cash she's about to give me is not counterfeit. Finally, I said to her that if that's ok with her, and she's still interested, then we certainly should meet in a public place, while she lets me video our entire transaction from start to finish for my personal safety, and for hard evidence in case of any future legal disputes that may arise. And if she graciously agree to all this, and she's still interested, then maybe, just maybe, she is indeed an honorable and legitimate *****slist buyer. A scammer's worst nightmare is a person who's on the know, and who's on to them, and their dirty little *tricks every step of the way. This may sound quite severe for any potential buyer, but can anyone blame me? Look how many innocent victims are there, because they didn't do their homework?

It's really sad that we have to go through all of that, simply because we are plagued with crazy criminals, relentless frauds, and liars everywhere. We always have to watch our backs, and constantly skim off the scums. We tell ourselves to trust no one, but there are good and honest people out there. Still no matter how good something looks, I don't get fooled, and if something's sounds too good to be true: I RUN *TO THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!!!*

These computer pigs must really be that good if they can snoop and phish with just your email response within *****slist's domain website even. Because,*I haven't even given her any important information, but my email account had already started acting funny since I corresponded with that cyber criminal. So I erased all my emails, changed my password and *****slist's email address right away. Now everything's back to normal.*

The nerve of some low life bottom feeders. The lowest of the low. These scheming scumsucking scammers really need to be skimmed off the face of the earth.*

Hopefully, their days are numbered, because everyone's on to them and their criminal activities.

Thanks for listening. I hope this bit of information may help you separate the real from the fake, the good from the bad, and avoid becoming another victim of fraud.
Fight back by being on the know. Still not everyone's a fake.

Good luck on your business transactions.

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