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Old 04-06-2010, 08:08 PM
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DeVry - another for profit online school scam

It seems that everytime I hear about one of these "for profit" schools offering online education, I hear nothing but complaints.

Google University of Phoenix, ITT, Lincoln-Tech or ******. They all have dozens of consumer complaints. UOP is being investigated by the SEC.

Perhaps this is the reason why the Obama adminstration is looking into the for profit schools.

DeVry has been around based on their ads either 75 years or 78 years. They started off as a tech school and later expanded to offer other programs to increase their student base. DeVry reportedly has 80 or so campuses around the country.

There are many issues with DeVry. One is that when they get your contact information, you will be inundated with phone calls (as many as 8 per day), text messages and pages on your cell phone, email spam and they never let up. The endless contact infuriates consumers and even when told to be put on a do not call list, the calls and contacting continues or is simply passed off to another Admission Counselor (fancy name for a sales person. These online Admissions Conselors are really nothing but glorified telemarketers)

When you get a call from DeVry, you willbe subjected to high pressure sales tactics attempting to pressure you in paying an application fee and enrolling on a "first time close"

The reason is because even though these "Admission Counselors" are supposedly only earning a salary, they have carrots and incentives to induce to enroll as quickly as possible. It's called a "bump" Some of these Admission Counselors start at a salary of around $36,500 and are bumped to $85,000 or more based on student enrollments. This is exactly why UOP is being investigated.

With DeVry, there is also an issue in gettingyour application refund. If you ask about it in the initial interview, they will say, "We want to build on strength not weakness. Do you want to go to school and graduate or play games and get a quick refund?"

If you object, they will say;

"Maybe this isn't for you. We are not an open University and do not accept everyone."

In sales, and these people are salespeople regardless of the "Admission Counselor" title and usually come from backgrounds like Time Share, Pennystocks, Used Car Sales and so forth, this technique is known as "The Takeaway" They want to scare you and make you think that they might not accept you. Believe me, if you can come up with application fee, they will enroll you and take your application.

Getting your refund if you change your mind is another matter.

Another issue is what the application fee is for. The salesmen/salesladies will tell you that the app fee is an admistration fee that pays for the clerical costs of handling applications.

Folks, that is already covered in the already inflated cost of tuition. Keep in mind that DeVry is one of the most expensive schools and typically charges double what other online schools charge per class. They can easily drop the app fee, reduce tuition in 1/2 and still make a nice profit.

And there is the finance dept fiasco. Check this out:

DeVry University Financial Aid department at 877-496-9050 are the most incompetent individuals I have ever conducted business with.

I warn anyone that decides to attend DeVry University to be aware of the ignorant financial aid representative, escalation desk, and managers.

I’ve had to call DeVry 2-3 times per week for the last 4 months and prior to that I’ve encounter major financial aid issues.

What’s most disturbing about my issues is that they are very simple errors that result in major problems.

For instance, I enrolled into my classes as an undergraduate, but because I went and talk to someone about Keller graduate school, DeVry processed my financial aid as it I was a graduate, and I had not received my undergrad yet.

So FAFSA, was providing me with a larger amount of financial aid, and when I called for several weeks to DeVry they quoted me this amount never realizing that I am taking undergrad classes but I am packaged as a grad student.

Now still at this point I believe what the “professionally trained financial aid advisor” are telling me, but I began to wonder why had I not received any award letters yet?

So I begin calling DeVry for clarification, and they kept telling me that my loans are fine; I’m just waiting for disbursement.

They finally put a ticket in and realize that OPPS you’re an undergrad. Again I wait weeks to be repackaged, and during that time I have graduated.

Now I still have a balance on the account, and my loans are in limbo. I keep calling 2-3 times per week, and finally someone in escalation tells me you have to sign a master promissory note.

I then ask why and their answer was that due to the banks merging and the current economic times my grantor is no longer yielding my loans.

I ask why did I not receive any letters from DeVry or my grantor and they try to blame me for not knowing, after I’ve been calling them 2-3 times per week since I began school.

I then called my grantor and they advised me that they had sold some loans but the still had mine, and all DeVry had to do was send my information to them like normal.

So, I call DeVry again and tell them that I want my same grantor because they have money waiting and only needs the school to request it.

Well DeVry says that since I have graduated already the only option I have is to sign with another grantor, or pay for the classes out of pocket!!!! ( also, someone finally tells me that DeVry and my old grantor “have business relationship problems”) hint, hint. So DeVry picks my new grantor.

I sign the new master promissory note with DeVry’s chosen grantor because I am at my wits end. Next I had to contact my lender to see why it was taking so long for DeVry to receive the funds, and they tell me that they have released the funds to DeVry and

I need to contact DeVry, but of course DeVry is telling me that the lender has my loans on hold.

Eventually DeVry says “yes we have your loans and they are waiting to be disbursed”. Now weeks go by and DeVry feeds me that line that they have X amount of time to disburse the loans.

Finally the loans are disbursed and I have a credit on my account, and again they say we have up to 14 business days to send you the credit.

Throughout those 14 days I call as I said before 2-3 times per week because every time I call I get a totally different answer.

Then on the 10th business day I call and ask what happens if I don’t receive the funds on the 14th business day and the guy tells me we will put in a ticket.

I ask if he could go on and put one in now and he says no we have to wait. Then low-and-behold, the 14th business day I call and they say we will put in a ticket.

I call the next day to ensure that the ticket is in, and the girl tells me “I don’t know why ALL those people told you 14 business days you have graduated and it could take up to 30 days.”

So I keep calling day after day, and low and behold some guy now tells me that they have to mail a letter to me so that I can call a number on the letter to to approve the funds, for which they have already paid my balance with and allow them to send me my refund.

I ask him can you now give me the number and he says that no one in the office knows the number, I asked where and who generates the letter, and he can’t tell me.

Oh and did I mention that each time they put in a ticket to this mystery department or I call and they tell me I am waiting for X to happen it all leads back to this mysterious department that DeVry says doesn’t have phones and the only thing the financial aid reps and managers can do is EMAIL them. (I am beginning to think DeVry has some people in another country locked up in a room somewhere paying them $1.00 an hour to manage their financial aid)

Some other signs of terrible Management and decision making is that DeVry has several different databases, which cost millions of dollars, that obviously don’t communicate with one another because one system still shows I have a balance, when the other shows I have a credit.

I’ll update you on what happens next!

And if someone from DeVry reads this please do not reply, for that only shows everyone that instead of working on your institutions real problems and spending our tuition money on providing better training to your staff and service to your students, you’d rather employ bloggers, or have your staff waste time blogging trying to keep your schools reputation instead of having them dedicate time to improving your processes!

So help me God this all is true nothing added, and really who can make this up?

I also most forgot because of all the issues I decided not to go to DeVry and am now completing my MBA at a real college university!!!!!

But here something else DeVry is doing.

Like I said this whole thing started when I went to talk to someone about Keller, well they also added Keller to my FAFSA as a school code.

I went in and made the correction to my new Graduate School, then a few weeks later I checked my FAFSA to make sure my new school information had processed and guess what, Keller had taken my new college off and put Keller back on. I called FAFSA and they said not to worry that they had processed my FAFSA for the new college, I called the new college and they have my information.

But, what the heck is Keller doing? Why and how can they keep changing my school code when I delete them!!!!!

Stay away from DeVry and other for profit schools. For every one success story they can come up, there are hundreds of unsatisfied students and consumer complaints.


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Old 04-09-2010, 09:06 AM
Beware_of_scams Beware_of_scams is offline
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Stay away from DeVry/Keller University

DeVry was originally a tech school and according to ads, has been around since 1931. They expanded into business management and have several sister schools including Keller, Chamberlain Schoolof nursing and more.

We should have known better based on the bevy of ads on tv and on the internet, but nonetheless, my husband had been out of work and bought into the hype. We both did at the time. I mean, only a fool would discredit the value of education right?

Over a year and a half ago, my husband enrolled in Devry's online program. Before he had completed two weeks of his first semester he decided to stop attending Devry for two reasons.

First, he kept receiving emails and phone calls requesting forms he had already turned in. After turning these forms in a third time (still getting emails stating he hadn't turned them in) he decided he didn't want to go to a school that was already showing signs of being, at best, extremely disorganized.

The second reason that my husband decided for not going to Devry was the quality of the classes he had signed up for. In one of the classes the instructor had ripped a problem from the pages of the Girl Scout Handbook, word for word. The answer was easily found online because the answer was also printed in the Girl Scout Handbook.

My husband called Devry and talked to a counselor. He explained that he no longer wanted to take classes there and he explained why. The counselor told him he could stop going to school in two ways. If he chose one way, he would owe Devry money. If he chose another, he wouldn't owe money. Which do you think he chose? Two weeks later he got a bill in the mail for around $1000. So began the headache and the nightmare. We have tried to reason with these people. We've tried to communicate with them in several ways: email, phone, dispute of bill, and snail mail. We finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau a little over a year ago. Devry chose not to respond to the complaint.

Now Devry says we owe them about $1500, thanks to "late fees" and accumulated interest. Devry has also started sending us letters threatening to report us to the credit agencies. This is especially frustrating for us because we have always paid our bills and been very careful about our credit score. We would like to buy a house soon and I don't see how we can accomplish this if Devry reports us to the credit agencies. We have sought legal counsel and are now in the process of sending letters of dispute to the credit agencies, to federal watchdog consumer protection groups, and to Devry itself. If Devry still doesn't respond we will have to sue. I feel passionately that this organization will not get one cent of the money they are trying to extort from us. It is my wish that as many people as possible know about our problem so that they can avoid the mistake we made in trusting Devry. This is not a college, folks. This is a business. And a corrupt one at that.

If you check, you will see that more and more of these "for profit" schools, especially the publicly traded ones like DeVry, ITT, University of Phoenix to name just a few and even private ones like ****** are coming under fire by the government.

Based on our brief experience with DeVry I can see why and know that it is only a matter of time before they get investigated too and I hope that day comes soon.

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